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SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1920.
JUpvbllcaa Nominee at Notifies,
tion Ceremonies Discusses
Problem Confronting
Advocates Party Responsibility as Dis
tinguished from Dictatorial and Au
tocratlc Personal Rule In Referring
te League of Nations, Says, We Do
Not Mean to Shun a Single Respon
sibility of the Republic to World
Civilization Favors Protective Tar
iff, Merchant Marine, a Small Army,
Woman Suffrage and National Bud.
"Marlon, Ohio (Special) July 22.
'Warren G. Harding was officially no
tified here of his nomination as the Re
publican candidate for the Presidency.
His speech-of acceptance Is, in, part, as
follows :
Chairman Lodge, members of noti
fication committee, members of na
tional committee, ladles and gentle
imen: The message which you have
formally conveyed brings to me a real
ization of responsibility which la not
underestimated. It Is a supreme task;
to Interpret the covenant of a great
;polItJcal party, the activities of which
are so woven into the history of this
-public, and a very sacred and solemn
undertaking to utter the faith and as
pirations of the many millions who ad--hare
to that party. The party plat
form has charred the way, yet, some-'
-bow, we have come to expect that In
terpretation which voices the faith of
nominees who must assume specific
tasks. Let me be understood clearly
from the very beginning. I believe In
3arty sponsorship In government. I be
lieve In party government as dis
tinguished from personal government,
individual dictatorial, autocratic or
-what not. A '
Mo man Is big enough to run this
yreat republic. There never has been
one. Such domination was never In
tended. Tranquillity, stability, depend
ability all are assured In party spon
sorship, and we mean to renew the as
surances which were rended in the
cataclysmal war.
Our first committal Is the restora
tion or representative popular govern
ment, under the constitution, through
the agency of the Republican party.
Oar vision Includes more than a chief
executive, we believe In a cabinet of
highest capacity, equal to the respon
sibilities which our system contem
plates, in whose councils the Vice
President, second official of the repub
lic shall bo asked to participate. The
same vision includes a cordial under
standing and, co-ordinated activities
with a house of Congress, fresh from
the people, voicing the convictions
which members being from direct con
tact with the electorate, and cordial
operation along with the restored func
tions of the Senate, fitted to be the
greatest deliberative body In the
It is not difficult, Chairman Lodge,
to make ourselves clear on the question
of international relationship. We Re
publicans of the Senate, conscious of
our solemn oaths and mindful of our
institutional obligation when we saw
the structure of a world super govern
ment taking visionary form Joined in a
becoming warning of our devotion to
this republic. 'If the torch of consti
tutionalism had not been dimmed, the
delayed peace of the world and the
tragedy of disappointment and Eu
rope's misunderstanding of America
easily might have been avoided. The
Republicans of the Senate halted the
barter of independent American emi
nence and Influence, which It was pro
posed to exchange for an obscure and
unequal place in the merged govern
ment of the world. Our party means
to hold the heritage of American na
tionality unimpaired and unsurrend
ered. The world will not misconstrue. We
do not mean to hold aloof; we do not
mean to shun a single responsibility of
this republic to world civilization.
There is no hate In the American
heart We have no onvy, no suspicion,
bo aversion for any people In the
world. We hold to our rights and
mean to defend, aye, we mean to sus
tain the rights of this nation and our(
citizens alike, everywhere under the
shining sun. Yet there Is the concord
W amity and sympathy and fraternity
la every resolution. There Is a genu
ine aspiration In every American
breast for a tranqnll friendship with
all the world.
One may readily sense the conscienee
of our America. I am sure I under
stand the purpose of the dominant
group of the Senate. We were not
seeking to defeat a world aspiration,
wewere resolved to safeguard Amer
ica. We were resolved then, even as
we are today and will be tomorrow, to
preserve this free and Independent re
public. '
In the call of the conscience of
America Is peace, peace that closes the
gaping wound of world war, and si
lences the Impassioned voices of Inter
national envy and distrust. Heeding
this call and knowing as I do the dis
position of the Congress, I promise you
formal and effective peace so quickly
as a Republican Congress can pass its
declaration for a Republican execu
tive to sign.
It is better to be the free and disin
terested agent of international Justice
and advancing civilization with the
covenant of conscience, than be shack
led by a written compact which sur
renders our freedom of action and
gives to a military alliance the right
to proclaim America's duty to the
world. No surrender of rights to a
world council or Its military alliance,
no assumed mandatory however ap
pealing, ever shall summon the sons
of this republic to war. Their supreme
sacrifice shall only be asked for Amer
ica and its call of honor. There Is a
sanctity In that right we will not del
egate. Disposed as we are, the way Is very
simple. Let the failure attending as
sumption, obstinacy, Impracticability
and delay be recognized and let us find
the big, practical, unselfish way to do
our part, neither covetous because of
ambition nor hesitant through fear, but
ready to serve ourselves, humanity and
God. With a Senate advising as the
constitution contemplates, I would
hopefully approach the natione of Eu
rope and of the earth, proposing that
understanding which makes us a will
ing participant In the consecration of
nations to a new relationship to com
mit the moral forces of the world,
America Included, to peace and Inter
national Justice, still leaving America
free, Independent and self reliant, but
offering friendship to all the world.
It Is folly to close our eyes to out
standing facts. Humanity Is restive,
much of the world Is In revolution, the
agents of discord and destruction have
wrought their tragedy In pathetic Rus-
XT . v JsSSsE&fiSMSSl jSBBBek
sla, have lighted their torches among
other peoples, and hope to see America
as a part of the great red conflagra
tion. Ours Is the temple of liberty un
der the law, and It Is ours to call the
sons of opportunity to Its defense.
America must not only save herself,
but ours must be the appealing voice
to sober the world.
It must be understood that toll alone
makes for accomplishment and ad
vancement, and righteous possession" is
the reward of toll and Its incentive!.
There Is no progress except in the
stimulus of competition.
The chief trouble today Is that the
World War wrought the destruction of
healthful competition, left our store
houses empty, and there is a minimum
production when our need Is maximum.
Muxlmums, not miniraums, is the call
of America. It Isn't a new story, be
cause war never falls to leave deplet
ed storehouses and always Impairs the
efficiency of production. War also es
tablishes Its higher standards for
wnges, and they abide. I wish the
higher wage to abide, on one explicit
condition that the wage earner will
give full return for the wages re
ceived. I want, somehow, to appeal to the
sons and daughters of the republic, to
every producer, to join hand and brain
In production, more production, honest
production, patriotic production, be
cause patriotic production is no less
a defense of our best civilization than
that of armed force. Profiteering' is a
i crime of commission, under production
Is a crime of omission. We must work
our most and best, else the destructive
reaction will come.
The menacing tendency of the pres
ent day is not chargeable wholly to the
unsettled and chaotic conditions caused
by the war. The manifest weakness In
popular government lies in the tempta
tion to appeal to grouped citizenship
for political advantage. It would be
(the blindness of folly to ignore to the
activities In our own country which
are aimed to destroy our economic sys
tem, and to commit us to the colossal
tragedy which has destroyed all free
dom and made Russia Impotent This
movement Is not to be halted In throt
tled liberties. We must not abridge
the freedom of speech, the freedom of
press, or the freedom of assembly,
because there Is no promise In re
pression. These liberties are as sacred
as the freedom of religious belief, as
inviolable as the rl;:hts of 'life and the
pursuit of happiness. We hold to the
right to crush sedition, to stifle a men
acing contempt for law, to stamp out
a peril to the safety of the republic or
lta people when emergency calls, be
cause Fecurlty nnd the majesty of the
law arS the1 first essentials of liberty.
Ha who threatens destruction of the
government by force or flaunts his
contempt, for lawful authority ceases
to be ; loyal citizen and forfeits his
rights to the freedom of the republic.
No party ! Indifferent to the wefe
fare of the wage-earner. To us his
Igood fortune Is of deepest concern,
and we seek to make that good for
tune permanent. We do not oppose,
but approve, collective bargaining, be
cause that is an outstanding right, but
we art unalterably Insistent that Its
exercise must not destroy the equally
sacred right of the individual in hi
necessary pursuit of livelihood. Any
American has the right to quit his em
ployment; so has every American the
right to seek employment. The group
must not endanger the Individual and
we must discourage groups preying
upon one another, and none shall be
allowed to forget that the govern
ment's obligations are alike to all the
We are so confident that much of
the present-day insufficiency and In
efficiency of transportation are due to
the withering hand of government op
eration that we emphasize anew our
opposition to government ownership
We want to expedite the reparation
and make sure the mistake is not re
peated. A state of inadequate transporta
tion facilities, mainly chargeable to
the failure of governmental experi
ment Is losing millions to agriculture;
It Is hindering Industry; It Is menac
ing the American people with a fuel
shortage little less than a peril. It
emphasizes the present-day problem
and suggests that spirit of encourage
ment and assistance which commits all
America to relieve such an emergency.
Gross expansion of currency and
credit have depreciated the dollar Just
as expansion and inflation have dis
credited the coins of the world. We
Inflated In haste; we must deflate in
dellberatldn. We debased the dollar
In reckless finance; we must restore
In honesty.
In all sincerity we promise the pre
vention of unreasonable profits ; we
challenge profiteering with all the
moral foree and the legal powers of
government and people, but It Is fair
aye. It Is timely to give reminder
that law Is not the sole corrective of
our economic ills.
Let us call to all the people for
thrift and economy, for denial and sac
rifice If need be, for simplicity of liv
ing to that prudent and normal plan
of life which is the health of the re
public. New conditions which attend amaz
ing growth and extraordinary Indus
trial development call for a new and
forward-looking program.
The American farmer had a hun
dred and twenty millions to feed In the
home market, and heard the cry of the
world for food and answered It, though
he faced an appalling task amid handi
caps never encountered before.
Contemplating the defenselessness
of the Individual farmer to meet the
organized buyers of his products and
the distributors of the things the farmer
buys, I hold that farmers should not
only be permitted but encouraged to
join In co-operative association to reap
the just measure of reward merited
by their arduous toll.
Our platform Is an earnest pledge
of renewed concern for this most es
sential and elemental Industry and In
both appreciation and Interest we
plejjge effective expression In law and
practice. We will hail that co-operation
which again will nuike profitable and
desirable the ownership and operation
of comparatively small farms inten
sively cultivated and which will facili
tate the caring for the products of
farm and orchard without the lament
able waste under present conditions.
America would look with anxiety on
the discouragement of farming act
ivity either through the government's
neglect or Its paralysis by Socialistic
practices. A Republican administra
tion will be committed to renewed re
gard for agriculture and seek the par
ticipation of farmers in curing the Ills
justly complained of and aim to place
the American farm where It ought to
be, highly ranked In American activi
ties and fully sharing the highest good
fortunes of American life.
Becomingly associated with this sub
ject are the policies of irrigation and
reclamation so essential to agricultural
expansion and the continued develop
ment of the great and wonderful west.
It is our purpose to continue and en
large federal aid not In sectional par
tiality but for the good of all America.
I believe the budget system will ef
fect n necessary helpful reformation
and reveal business methods to govern
ment business.
I believe Federal Departments
should be made more business-like and
send back to productive effort thou
sands of federal employes who are
either duplicating work or not essen
tial at all.
I believe In the protective tariff
policy and know we will be calling for
Its saving Americanism again.
I believe In a great Merchant Mar
ine. I would have this republic the
leading maritime nation of the world.
I believe In a navy ample to protect
it and able to assure us dependable de
fense. I believe In a small army, but
the best In the world, worth a mind
fulness for preparedness which will
avoid the unutterable cost of our pre
vious neglect.
I believe in our eminence In trade
abroad, which the government should,
aid in expanding, both in revealing,
markets and speeding cargoes. I be
lieve In establishing standards for lm-S
migration, which are concerned with
the future citizenship of the republic,
not with mere man-power In industry.
I believe that every man who dons
the garb of American citizenship and
walks on the light of American op
portunity, must become American In
heart and soul.
I believe In holding fast to .every
forward step in unshackling child
labor and elevating conditions of
woman's employment I believe the
Federal Government should stamp out
lynching and remove that stain from
the fair name of America. I believe
the Federal Government should give its
effective aid In solving the problem of
ample and becoming housing of Its
I believe this government should
make Its Liberty and Victory Bonds
worth all that its patriotic citizens
paid in purchasing them. I believe the
tax burden Imposed for the war
emergency must be revised to the
needs of peace and In the Interest of
Iniquity in distribution of the burden.
I believe the negro citizens of Amer
ica should be guaranteed the enjoy
ment of all their rights that they
"I pledge fidelity to our
country and God, and accept
the nomination of the Repup-
lican party for the presidency
of the United States.
"The human element comes
first and I want the employers
In Industry to understand the
I aspirations, the convictions, the
yearnings of millions of Amer-
lean wage-earners.
"The constitution contem-
plates no class and recognizes
no group. It broadly Includes
all the people, with specific
recognition for none.
f "We approve collective bar-
"Gross expansion of currency
and credits has depreciated the
dollar. We will attempt intelll-
gent and courageous deflation.
"When competition natural,
fair, Impelling competition Is
suppressed, whether by law,
compact or conspiracy, we halt
the march of progress, silence
the voice of aspiration and par-
alyze the will for achievement.
"I promise you formal and
effective peace as quickly as a
Republican Congress can pass ,
Its declaration for a Hepub-
llcan executive to sign.
"I can hear the call of con-
science, an Insistent voice for
largely reduced armaments
throughout the world.
"Our vision Includes more
than a chief executive. We be-
Have In a cabinet of highest
capacity, equal to the responsl-
btlltles which our system con-
templates, whose councils the
vice president, second official
O of the republic, shall be asked
to participate."
have earned the full measure of citi
zenship bestowed, that their sacrifices
In blood, on the battlefields of the re
public have entitled them to all of
freedom and opportunity, all of sympa
thy and aid that the American spirit
of fairness and justice demands. I
believe there Is an easy and open path
to righteous relationship with Mexico.
It has seemed to me that our undevel
oped, uncertain and Infirm policy has
made us a culpable party to the gov
ernmental 'misfortunes In that land.
Our relations ought to be both friendly
and sympathetic. We would like to ac
claim a stable government there and
offer a neighborly hand In pointing out
the way to greater progress. I believe
In law enforcement. If elected I mean
to be a constitutional President, and it
is impossible to Ignore the constitution,
unthinkable to evade the law, when
our every committal Is to orderly gov
ernment. , A
The four million defenders on land
and sea were worthy of the best tra
ditions of a people never warlike in
peace and never pacifist In war. They
commanded our pride, they have our
gratitude which must have genuine ex
pression. It is not only a duty, it Is a
privilege to see that the sacrifices
made shall be requited and that those
still suffering from casualties nnd dis
abilities shall be abundantly aided and
restored to the highest capabilities of
citizenship and Its enjoyment.
The womanhood of America, always
Its glory, Its Inspiration and potent up
lifting force in its social and spiritual
development Is about to. be, enfran-
Imo-1 I t k3H
3. "V -ssiHisK
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H rette in the world at any price!
,rfBeB Cunoltaro mold ormrTwhoroicioiiiemOj aitd STBi
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HHsr MsJgM. lV cmrton. Wo ttrontty roeomeoood tki otrton tor K
4r k. V or office attpply or whon jon frivol. BH -H
t, .. ,. Z' stsMsSalfSgSaaWisst .. , i . i. ,
' 4.
' ' ' ( .
cliised. Insofar as Congress can go
the fact is already accomplished by
party edict, by my recorded vote, by
personal conviction I am committed to
this measure of justice. It Is my earn
est hope, my sincere desire that the
one needed state vote be quickly re
corded In the affirmation of the right
of equal suffrage and that the vote of
every citizen shall be cast (and counted
In the approaching election.
And to the great number of noble
women who have opposed in conviction
this tremendous change in the ancient
relation of the sexes as applied to gov
ernment I venture to plead that they
will accept the full responsibility of
enlarged citizenship and give to the
best in the republic their suffrage and
support. Ours Is not only a fortunate
people but a very common sense peo
ple with vision high, but their feet on
the earth, with belief in themselves
and faith In God. Whether enemies
threaten from without or menaces
arise from within, there is some Inde
finable voice saying, "Have confidence
In the republic; Amerca will go on."
New Modern Plant
Phone Blue 127
Reading advertisements
has helped to make
this a united country
Jim Hawkins props his feet on the roee festooned porch
railing in an Oregon suburb and reads the same moter car
advertisement that Cousin Peter is studying as he rides
home from work in the New York subway.
In Arizona you can buy the same tooth paste and tobacco
that are used by the folks in Maine.
California fruit growers advertise their oranges and lem
ons to the people of the East. New Hampshire factories
make ice cream freezers for Tekas households.
There can be no diversion in a coantrr so bound together
by taste, habit and custom. You can meet up with any
body in the United States and osackly get on a conversa
tional footing because you both read the same advertise-
Advertising is the guide to what's good to buy... Adver
tisements give you the latest news from the front of bus-
tness progress.
Reading advertisements enables- you to get more for your
money because they tell you. where, (what and when to buy.
And it is a 'well-known fact that advertised goods are
more reliable and better value than the unadvertised kinds.
It's dollars
to doughnuts
no man ever smoked a better
cigarette at any price!
CAMELS quality, and their expert, blend!
of choice Turkish and choice Domestic
tobaccos hand you a cigarette that will sat-
isfy every smoke desire you ever expressed
You will prefer this Camel blend to, either
kind smoked straight!
Camels mellow-mildness will certainly
: appeal to you. The "body" is all there and
that smoothness! It's a delight!
Go the limit wim Camels! They will not
tire your taste. And, they leave no unpleas
ant cigaretty aftertaste nor unpleasant ciga
retty odor!
Every-day Clothes
"One finds it difficult in these tim
es to dress as one ought."
"Oh, I don't know. I have a suit
of clothes for every day in the week."
"Yes, this is it" Tit-Bits (Lon
don). His Limit
"You refuse to buy me a new cos
tume! (Sob) Yet you used to say
you'd go through fire and water for
"But, my darling! I never said I'd
go through the bankruptcy court!"
Passing Show (London).
Mr. Harding, Please Answer
Our forman says he hates lika
thunder to see a first-class printer
wasted on the Presidency while the
need for' them down in the composing-room
is so great. Yakima Republic.
One Block East
Arizona Central Bank

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