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Mohave County miner and our mineral wealth. (Kingman, Ariz.) 1918-1922, July 31, 1920, Image 9

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SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1920.
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The output of gold silver, copper,
lead and zinc from mines in Arizona
in 1919, according to the estimate of
Victor C. Heikes, of the U. S. geologi
cal survey, had a total value of about
$108,707,000, a decrease of $93,427,
880. There was a decrease in both the
.ijuntity and value of allthese metals,
lilt the largest decrease was that in
cfipper. During the first part of the
"yar there was a marked curtailment
of output, and in the Verde district
labor trouble closed the mines nearly
four months.
During the last three months of tiie
year many of the large companies
again curtailed production as a result
of market conditions.
The production of gold from mines
in Arizona decreased from $5,435,027
in 1918 to about $4,231,000 in 1919.
decrease, which amounted to $1,-
4,odW was a result of the general
cuwaiimenc in tne proaucuun ui cup-
r ore. More than half the output
of eold from Arizona came from the
gold ores of the Sari Francisco dis
trict of Mohave County, though there
was a decrease from this source as
well as from the copper ore3. The
"United Eastern company remained the
largest producer of gold in the state,
and the Tom Reed company continued
its large output. The Copper Chief
tin the Verde district, and the
Road mine, at Oatman, were
j ne mine output of silver decreased
Jrom 6,686,152 ounces in 1918 to
about 4,927,000 ounces in 1919. In
spite of the increase in the price of
silver, the value of the output de
creased from $6,686,152 to about $5,
479,800. The largest producers of silver were
the Calumet & Arizona, Copper Queen
United Verde, Magma and United
Verde Extension mines. Besides the
coWgr. mines, the largest producers
ojf silver were the Bunker Hill mine
4t Tombstone and the Commonwealth
iriine at Pearce.
The mine output of copper decreas
d from 764,855,874 pounds in 1918
to about 522,000,000 in 1919, a de
creae of nearly 32 per cent. The
value of the output decreased from
$188,919,401 in 1918 to about $98,296,
000 in 1919, and the average price of
copper decreased from 24.7 cents to
about 18.83 cents a pound. There
was a decrease in the output of each
of the smelting plants in the state ex-
f' the United Verde Extension
Iter at Verde. At Miami the out
of the International plant was
was close to the record of 1918. The
Shannon smelter at Clifton was clos
ed in January ,and the plant at Sasco
was closed early in the year. At Ajo
the New Cornelia Copper company
continued the leaching of copper ore,
but its output was reduced about 0
per cent. In the Warren district de
velopment work opened extensive ore
bodies on the Denn Arizona ground
and on leases on Copper Queen
The mine production of lead in Ari
zonps decreased from 12,503,089
rounds in 1918 to about 10,100,000 in
1919. The value of the output de
creased from $887,762 to about $575,
000. Large shipments; of lead were
made from the Shattuck mine, in the
Warren district, in spite of the de
lay caused by a fire on the 800-foot
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level in March. In Pinal county the
property of the Ray Silver-Lead com
pany produced considerable lead ore,
though less than in 1918.
The output of recoverable zinc de
creased from 2,269,643 pounds in 1918
to about 1,717,000 pounds in 1919.
The value decreased from $206,538 to
about $125,700. The Arizona Hillside
Mining company in Yavapai county
was the only important producer.
Dividends from Arizona mining
companies, during the first eleven
months of 1919 amounted to about
$19,841,000, exclusive of those of the
Phelps-Dodge corporation, which also
operates mines in Mexico and New
Mexico. In eluding the dividends of
the Phelps-Dodge corporation the to
tal was nearly $26,816,000. The com
panies that paid dividends were the
Miami, Inspiration, Iron Cap, Shat
tuck, United Eastern, United Verde,
United Verde Extension, Arizona
Copper, Calumet & Arizona, Magma,
Ray Consolidated, Arizona Bing
hampton and the Phelps-Dodge cor
poration. 0
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To Kill Ford Car
A bolt of lightening that struck a
Ford car Sunday night at 9 o'clock
on the Hereford road about a mile be
yond Don Luis rendered Reuben
Shearer unconscious for half an hour
but did not injure the rest of Shear
er's family, who were in the car, or
other people who were standing about.
Shearer was brought back to con
side of the road in the pouring rain
He said that he was reaching for
the crank .to start it again there was
a brilliant flash of lightening and he
saw a man named Black who was
standing near him, fall to the ground.
Frori the instant his hand touched the
crar.k he knew nothing more.
Shearer was brought gack to con
Bc.iousness again after half an hour.
It was found that, he aws not seri
ously hurt but he was badly shaken
and bruised. The magneto coil on the
car was burned out and it would not
run. Miles and Charles Merrill hap
pened to come along in a car at this
time and towed Shearer in his car into
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ted States show a deficit of close to
$26,000,000 for the month of April,
one of the heaviest losses in operation
of these roads ever known. And this
with the government guarantee of
better than $75,000,000 for all the
roads of the country. The operating
income and expense was far greater
than since the roads were taken over
by the government and the actual loss
was greater than that of the govern
ment any month during federal op
eration. When it is taken into con
sideration that the government paid
a big rental to the private owners and
then only sustained a loss of about
$480,000,000 for 26 months it will
readily be seen that the coordinating
of the trunk lines effected an enor
mous saving over the present plan of
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Kingman, Arizona.
J- v-v 4)
An event of great importance in the
mining industry of Arizona is de
clared to be the forthcoming installa
tion of a great sulphuric acid plant
and refinery in connection with the
International Smelter of Miami. The
following from the Silver Belt de
scribes the new plants which, it is
said, will employ many hundreds of
"The most important news in the
mining field that has broken in the
Miami district in several years came
today with the announcement that the
International Smelting company will
in the near future build both a com
plete refinery and a sulphuric acid
plant in connection with the Interna
tional Smelter of Miami, treating the
ores of the Inspiration Consolidated
Copper company, and the Miami Cop
per company, as well as custom ores
from various sources. The far-reaching
importance of this announcement
to the Miami district from an econom
ic viewpoint can scarcely be over es
timated. It will mean the construc
tion of large plants for the refining
of the copper matte that heretofore
has been shipped to refineries on the
eastern seaboard; and another plant
for the manufacture of sulphuric acid
from the smelter fumes and from the
sulphur content of the matte that has
heretofore gone to the eastern refin
eries. WJith the completion of the
plants, it will mean the employment
of hundreds of additional workmen
for their operation, with the corres
ponding increase in population and
growth 'of the district.
"The building of these new plants is
in the line of modern evolutiw in the
smelter industry, and in fact, in all
industry, to fully develop the possi
bilities for the recovery and utiliza
tion of by-products in connection with
the parent industry. Already large
orders for structural building steel
for the new plants have been placed
with the"' steel foundries. The plans
contemplate the refining of the cop
per output of the Old Dominion Cop
per company of Globe in the new re
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finery as well as the product of the
Inspiration and Miami Copper com
panies. The output of sulphuric acid
will be shipped to a great powder fac
tory near Benson, Ariz., where it will
be utilized in the manufacture of dy
namite by a new corporation which
will in the near future erect a plant
at that place. C. E. Mills, formerly
general manager of the Inspiration
Copper company, is president of the
powder manufacturing corporation,
which it is understood, is an associa
tion of the copper producers of Ari
zona, who will in the future manufac
ture the dynamite used in their mines
from the sulphuric acid output of
their own smelters.
"Following the erection of the Inj
spiration Consolidated Leaching plant
vast amounts of the by-product, sul
phuric acid, will be used for this pur
pose. While not generally known in
this district, it is a matter of record
that the Inspiration developed a satis
factory leaching treatment of their
oxidized ores and are now completing
plans for the installation of this new
mill. Miami Copper company is also
working on various leaching processes
and will undoubtedly use the acid
from this new plant as a source of
their leaching acids.
"The importance of this announce
ment to the district can best be under
stood, when it is stated that the pay
rolls of the new refinery, acid and
leaching plant' will equal that of a
producing copper mine, so their con
struction is really equivalent in im
portance to the district to the placing
on a producing basis of a big new cop
per property."
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Judge Samuel L. Pattee, candidate
for nomination for the supreme court
bench on the Democratic ticket, is one
of the most experienced members of
the bar in the southwest. Judge Pat
tee is at present superior court judge
of Pima county, to which office ne
was appointed in 1917 following the
death ot the late Judge William F.
Cooper. In 1918 he was elected to
this office without opposition, every
attorney in Pima county having pe
titioned him to become a candidate.
Judge Pattee has been! (a resident
of Arizona and has practiced law
continuously in this state since 1899,
when he moved west from Minnesota
and located in Yavapai county. In
1906 Judge Pattee moved to Tucson
and was for six years associate 1 in
law with the late Eugene S. Ives.
After Arizona was granted statehood,
Judge Pattee was selected to codify
the present statutes of Arizona. He
was later appointed assistant United
States Attorney and held this office
until he was named to succeed Judge
Cooper in Pima county.
Judge Pattee became a nationally
known court figure during the early
part of this year presiding for Judge
A. C. Lockwood, of Cochise county,
during the Wooten trial, first of the
Bisbee deportation cases, at Tomb
stone. The manner in which he pre
sided during the Wooten trial arous
ed the interest of hundreds of attor
neys in every part of the country and
created a big demand for copies of
decisions handed down by him during
the litigation. Prominent legal au
thorities, after examining the de
cisions carefully, have expressed the
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opinion that the rulings contained in
them are practically unassailable, in
spite of the fact that in practically
every case Judge Pattee had no pre
vious authorities along lines similar
to the legal points raised during the
Wooten trial, which he could consider
in making these rulings.
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