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By William P DeWolf
Kingman Arizona June 10 V J
Xoring president of the American
Mining Congress and a mining engi
neer of -world-wide experience visited
the new gold camp of Katherine in
Union Pass last week for the first
time Primarily the visit of the
aioted engineer was inspired by a de
sire to inspect the Sunbeam property
which he has purchased from Burt
Probasco several weeks ago and which
is soon to be the scene of extensive de
velopment A brief survey of the
camp however so thoroughly impress
ed him with its ore yielding possibili
ties that he took over another prom
isining property located between the
Sunbeam and Gold Chain estates As
in the first instance Burt Probasco
are on the selling end of the contract
Mr Loring expressed himself as be
ing particularly pleased with the size
and mineralization of the numerous
outcrops and returned to San Francis
co well satisfied that the acreage he
controls is equal to the best in the
camp The amount of development
work that is under way at so early
a stage in the camps history was also
favorably commented upon by him as
evidencing a sincere effort on the part
of the mine operators to demonstrate
its worth at the earliest possiDie time
Referring to the interest that is be
ing manifested in gbld mining Mr
Coring expressed the belief that it will
continue to grow in popular favor and
4hfc the dav when the gold miner will
again come into his own will be ex-
pedited oy congressional icwy
that will relieve the financial handi
cap under which he now labors The
McFadden bill to that end as now
mav be modified some-
tf KitTr Torfnp believes that
some form of remedial legislation will
TM nKahlv be enacted
Ed Chaffee field man for the Lor
TfrAats in this section
jj t Mot on the round of in
spection of the Katherine district and
together they went over the plans for
ftvoinnmont of the acreage ac
quired by Burtand Probasco Surface
trenching is now being done on the
Sunbeam property under the super
vision of Mr Chaffee and is to be
Cnnnwn bv the sinking of a double-
compartment shaft and the proving of
the property at deptn ine veins ou
the Sunbeam group carry very en-
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Under the management of the new-
1v onranlzed Arizona Rand Gold
Mines inc the Roadside mine is mak
ing good The water has been taken
irom the shaft and crosscuts and the
shaft retimbered to the 100 level An
examination of the 100 level suggested
to the management that the hanging
wall had not been reached and a round
of holes brought in a body of ore that
vras taken to be the wall by the old
management Since work was start
led 12 feet of mill ore has been cut
followed by 10 feet of vein filling of
no commercial value With the hang
ing wall not yet reached It is the
Impression that further crosscutting
-will bring to view a body of high grade
mill ore on the hanging wall The
ore body just opened and the old body
makes a total width of 39 feet of very
good mill ore On the level above the
ore body was found to be 50 feet wide
and it is possible that it will be found
much wider on the new level As soon
-as this wall has been reached other
crosscuts will be carried through the
vein at lower levels
The Roadside lies just west of the
Sheeptrail at one time a large pro-
ducer of rich ore and it is the impres
sion of the mining editor that the
Sheeptrail vein enters the Roadside
close to the shaft on the latter prop
erty The Roadside is one of the most
important veins m the Union Pass sec
tion being in a well mineralized ter
ritory and having well defined walls
and splendid ore bearing filling The
mine will be in the hands of men who
know how to develop a mine and we
soon expect to see it with thousands
of tons of mill grade ore ready for
Monday night of this week the
Masons conferred the third degree up
on the following candidates W J
Crowley Ed H Corey Arthur L Kier
and Earl M Bagley
At six oclock in the evening the
lodge members were treated to a de
lightful dinner at the hands of the
ladies of the Eastern Star More than
80 Masons enjoyed this dinner and the
entire lodge was grateful to the ladies
for this kindness
The Nancy Lee Mining company is
getting its treasury in shape to put
on a big campaign of development of
its property which is situate in Sec
ret Pass The company has secured
the pooling of its promotion stock
amounting to 350000 shares leaving
650000 shares in the treasury The
promotion stock was given in ex
change for property and the company
secured one of the finest groups of
mines in the district
The main vein of the Nancy Lee
shows on the surface for practically
the whole length of one claim and is
opened by adit tunnel for some dis
tance The most northerly of these
openings has been carried in on the
vein a distance or 3ZU teei aw ieei
of which distance it was in pay ore
The ore above the level was stoped
returning values in arastras of 20 to
the ton A winze was sunk in the
ore 80 feet and the vein found to be
17 feet 5 feet of which carried
values of 1650 while the pay vein
in tho drift above was smaller and
carried approximately the same val
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The development that is now being
carried on on the 700 level of the
Tom Reed Aztec vein is said to have
disclosed the most important body
mumori in that nrooertv in years So
important is it that the statement is
made that as soon as the big mill can
be put to work on the ore now being
developed that the company may be
enabled to pay dividends of 6 per
We take it that this i3 the ore hint
ed at by anonymous correspondent
prior to the annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Tom Reed last
month as this ore is said to havebeen
cut into more than two years ago al
though work in that part of the mine
was discontinued on the pretext that
the volume of water encountered was
f n oroat to handle Miners who work-
wi in th nrooertv had knowledge of
l i 4 1-
the big ore body ana tne iact mat uwi
ore had been found in the Aztec work-
folV in
i i MAWkA
ings on tnis levei waa cwimiuu wo
nt the time the work on the
crosscut was discontinued the belief
being that the company did not care
further its development until the
government excess profits and other
federal taxes were in a measure re
duced Whether this is true or not
we cannot say but that the rich ore
vtwn to exist on the deep level
of the Aztec is sure the miners of
Oatman bo informing the editor of
thiXpaper at the time
That the lorn Jteeu buuimu -been
and should stilt be a heavy pro
ducer of gold bullion is the opinion of
every miner of the Oatman distiet and
those who have held onto their shares
through thick and thin do not believe
that they have been rightly treated by
the management This is no reflec
tion o nthe local management of the
property as the local manage
ment simply carries out the instruc
tions of the directors and consulting
That the Tom Reed has
been hampered with this overhead
mnnno pmrnt is likelv and that the
management may be compelled to
come through with the further devel
opment of its ore bodies and the put
tine of the property on a dividend
basis if we take the rumbling that
is now in the air as a criterion The
Reed has one of the best estates in
the Oatman district and with proper
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Kingman Arizona Friday June 10 192JT
The citizens of Oatman are making
preparation for a big Fouith of July
celebration Mr Chas F Pugh has
been appointed chairman and the var
ious committees are busily engaged in
arranging a program which will with
in the next few days be announced
Tentative plans contemplate a full day
given over to a good time with ath
letic contests in the morning prize
fights in the afternoon followed by
a big dance in the evening Music
it is expected will be provided by the
Ft Mohave Indian School Band
High Wide and Handsome is the
slogan and those who are familiar
with the celebrations staged in the
big mining camp in the past are as
sured that this one will live up to
Kingman is not planning for any
celebration this year but will Join
hands with their sister town Oatman
to make it a big day
Last Tuesday Sheriff Mahoney de
parted to Prescott with Robert Sawn
and another prisoner who have been
held to the U S grand jury at this
term of the federal court Sawn was
arrested on the complaint of W M
Roberts commander of the Prescott
post of the American Legion for wear
inga uniform of the navy without be
ing entitled thereto During the time
he has been incarcerated in the Mo
have county jail he has been rather an
unruly prisoner vilifying the officers
and taking vigorous raps at the U
S Commissioner He claims that he
is being made a victim of bolshevism
and anarchism in this country and has
called upon every officer of the gov
ernment to get freedom for him The
fact is that Sawn found it easy to
go about the country prating of his
loyalty to the Nation and getting the
aid of organizations in his campaign
against unAmericanism and organi
zations that he thought would strike
the popularfancy He labeled him
self as Fighting Bob Sawn but his
fighting appears to have been in the
way of keeping himself out of the
draft during the war He served in
the navy for about a year in 1906 07
and then failed to get into the service
of Uncle Sam thereafter His various
stories awakened the suspicion of the
Prescott officers and they had him
Other prisoners from here will be
tried for bootlegging and having stills
in their possession
Last Friday evening Kingman
Lodge No 468 B P O Elks held
their last initiation in Kingman until
after tho summer months A class
of nine were instructed in the myster
ies of Elkdom Among those who
managed to liye through the ordeal
were W H Nelson J B hammers
Del Sherer R L McMillan J W
Guinn of Kingman and Geo Swan-
son Irving Kerns S K Barton ana
Louis Craig of Needles After the
initiation the lodge adjourned to its
banquet hall where the committee in
charge had prepared a bountiful
lunch During the evening the mem
bers were entertained with song and
music by the Misses Clack McCarty
and French
A number of Elks from Las Vegas
Nevada headed by Fred Pearce one
of the old timers of Kingman made
the trip from Las Vegas to attend the
initiation and banquet
On June 17th 18th the lodge will
go to Las Vegas where they will in
itiate a class of over seventy candi
dates The Elks of Las Vegas have
arranged an elaborate program for
the entertainment of their visitors
Rumors of a rich strike in the west
drift of the Katherine mine have been
percolating through to Kingman this
week and while there has been no
official verification of the rumor there
is no doubt that there is some foun
dation for the story and the Miner
gives the news as it comes to us
Gathering fame with every days
operations the Katheine mine has
again come into the limelight with
one of the most sensational strikes of
rich ore in the history of mining in
this county the discovery being in the
west drift on the 200 level about 700
feet from the shaft There the cross
cut was driven into 12 feet of ore
which it is understood averages above
500 to the ton while stringers
through the big vein mass are said
to run as high as 6000 Just how
large the vein is at that point has not
yet been ascertained but it is expect
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The tunnel of the Kingman Consol
idated Mining Company is now within
700 feet of the old shaft on the Prince
George vein and is fast nearing that
objective A crosscut of the vein re
vealed about 7 feet of good mill grade
ore stringers running through the
mass being quite rich It is expected
that as the tunnel gets farther and
farther under the hill this ore will in
crease in value until the main ore
shoot is entered The vein at the
point where crossed shows big bodies
of mineralized material although the
greater part has not enough value to
make it commercial ore The man
agement contemplates the sinking of
a winze from the 250 level of the mine
to connect with the tunnel for air
purposes and this work is expected to
be put under way shortly
Robert Linton consulting engineer
pf the company was at the mines
about ten days ago and was much
pleased with the progress that is be
ing made and with the outlook for the
development of large bodies of mill
grade ore He was in favor of the
connecting of the deep tunnel with
the surface openings for the purpose
of getting air into the mine and to
make the ore bodies developed in the
old shaft and drifts accessable These
ore bodies are worth while and may
be extracted and shipped at the pres
ent time at a profit
Will Halloran who is in charge of
development on this property has be
come convinced that the proposition
is one of the best in the district and
that further development is sure to
bring the deep operations into rich
pc lau uiupcviy xo getting yycu fi
nanced and are now assured of car
rying the project to completion
George Grantham has hit his stride
and is leading the pack Accrding to
dope just received Grantham who is
now playing short for Taeoma is
leading the batters of the northwest
so far this season He has four home
runs to his credit in 26 games 6 three
Daggers 10 two baggers and more
than 20 singles Besides this he is
playing his position on the infield in
big league style
George said he guessed he would
have to hit his way out of the north-
west league and he seems to have
atarted right now
Grantham by the way went from
the ranks of the Wildcats to the
Taeoma Tigers
IStub Nelson writing for the Ta
eoma Ledger has the following tp say
of Granthams work
George Grantham the speedy
youth who is the short stopping sen
sation of the Taeoma Tigers is show
ing the way to Pacific International
League batters for the first month of
the regular campaign according to of
ficial averages just released
Grantham js pounding the agate for
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Donald Tarr who was married to
Miss Marian Hayman in Los Angeles
last Thursday returned to Kingman
this week with his bride
The groom who is a son of Nathan
W Tarr is now an employee of the
Tarr McComb and Ware Commercial
The bride is a charming young lady
of Sierra Madra
Last Sunday the Wildcats shook
off the jinks that seemed to have set
tled on them and came back with a
real ball game beating Needles with
a score of 7 to 5 There was lots of
fight in the boys all through the game
and they needed it for Needles
brought the best team here that has
come out of Needles in years Rob
erat a southpaw fromXthe land of
Ukaleles had all kipdspj stuff on
the ball and the Needles boys gave
him pretty good support excepting at
short and behind the bat So the
line up that opposed the Wildcats was
not a weak one
The Wildcats showed up on the dia
mond with a lot of changes in their
line up OConnors at short was one
of the surprises Manager Dudley
picked this lad away from the other
Northern Arizona clubs while he was
still at school at Tucson Dudley had
seen him play last year when he held
d6wn the third sack for Flagstaff
OConnors is one of the neatest ball
players that has ever played onthe
Kingman lot and it is- hoped -that
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sixty ton capacity
completed soon
F C Aylwin returned from an ex
tended trip to the coast the first of
the week and immediately set about to
get matters under way at the new mill
of the Dean mine This mill has been
nnder construction by W W Elliott
a well known old time mill wright of
Prescott The mill has a capacity of
60 tons daily and is ready to go into
commission a trial run being sched
uled for next week The mill has the
K K flotation machines and other
features that are said to make for
high saving of values Men who have
had large experience in the milling
and concentrating of base orjes are to
be in charge of the mill and it is ex
pected that a great success will be
made of the handling of the Dean
The Dean mine has opened an enor
mous tonnage of ore during the past
year every stope and bunker being
filled with mill ore and thousands of
tons being in sight along the drifts
and raises This ore is all high grade
mill roc kand has been developed to
such an extent and the great ore
bodiei have been lined up so well that
future exploration can be carried on
with certainty The mine is situated
about 15 miles east of Kingman on
the north end of Wallapai mountain
where the big vein is reachable by
tunnel or shaft development to depth
The big pine trees above the mine are
suitable for mine timbers and water
of the purest is at hand for camp or
mine uses No more ideal camp site
Ka found in all the Wallapai
mountains which range is so prolific
of beautiful mining camp sites Ann
it has the ore to back the -beauties of
The 18 months old baby boy of Mr
and Mrs Fred LeBeau of Oatman
was buried at Mountain View Ceme
tery Monday of this week
The funeral was held from the home
of Charles Seeley in Kingman under
the supervision of funeral director C
R Van Marter
The cause of the childs death was
I WilUUpiIljJ tUUfcll
- 300
a Year
The work of drilling for bedrock and
ascertaining the wall structure at
Boujder Canyon has been discontinued
until early next September when the
final operations will be continued to
conclusion During the past year
about 40 men have heen employed in
the work of drilling and other work
necessary to the development of the
project in the obtaining of necessary
data to put up to the Interior Depart
ment and the government and when
work is resumed -this number -will be
greatly augmented and the work ex
F E Weymouth of Denver who
has charge of the project accompanied
by Director A P Davis of the Rec
lamation Service and consulting and
designing engineers were at the site
about three weeks ago and expressed
themselves more than pleased with
the results so far obtained Sections
of rock from the enclosing walls of
the canyon have been sent to the
petrologists for strength testing anji
classification and these tests have
been eminently satisfactory Between
three and four thousand feet of dia
mond drilling has so far been com
pleted and bedrock at satisfactory dis
tances has been found The impor
tant thing now is to ascertain Jhe
strength of tho walls that will have
to bear an enormous strain against
the massive volume of water that will
be impounded The first unit of the
dam is to be 400 feet high and will
care for the entire runoff of the river
for two years without withdrawing a
single foot of water As the
tionists bejow the dam will be -withdrawing
more and more ofthevolume
each year it would take fully 100
years to give the great project oppot
tunitv to overflow The lake that this
great mass of water would form would
be 34x40 miles as large as some of
the big lakes of the country and
would furnish enough water to re
claim 6000000 acres of arid land
The impounding of the water would
also cleanse it of its burden of silt
and when it passed through the power
house penstocks and back into the
river channel would be silt free which
would be important to the farm coun
try to the south although the silty
matter is rich in phosphates and soil
building materials
The building of this big dam would
also allow of the building of another
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The west drift on the 850 level of
the United American ran into 18 inches
of ore that ran better than 50 The
breaking into this ore is a surprise to
the management as it was not
thought that high grade ore would be
reached until the drift got under the
ore body found in the level above On
the level above the ore body had a
width of about five feet and it is the
impression that the streak will widen
as work progresses
In the east drift a raise is being
carried from the 850 level in five feet
of ore that runs from 18 to 20
The drift from the bottom of the
deep shaft on the United American
860 has been started westward a
larger volume of air having been in
stalled While it is not expected to
get directly under the ore shoot that
was opened on the 650 level until the
drift has been carried in 60 feet the
face of the drift new carriesValues of
from 15 to -49 in gold The shoot
on the 650 level extended 200 feet in
American ground and about 400 feet
in the Tom Reed and was high grade
mill rock all the way It would ap
pear that the shoot is still longer oa
the 850 level than on the level above
and further development may still
further reinforce the big ore body On
the 650 level the east drift is in ore
of goodimill values and the impres
sion among the knowing ones is that
a large ore body will be developed ia
that part of the mine
The United American lies in one of
the best sections of the district and
the opening of the ore bodies has had
an excellent effect in the stimulating
of mining in the camp

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