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With a majority of over a million
Florence Harris was declared the win
ner of the first prize in the Miners
of the contestants was fervent test
mony of their gratification for their
individual winnings and
tions were heartily exchanged among
The Miner wishes to thank the con
testants through its columns for the
splendid work they did during the con
test and the spirit of loyalty they
showed the paper in their efforts to
build up its subscription list We feel
that no other group of contestants
could have done the work half so
thorouehly nor obtained
fying results It is doubtful if there
is a home that was not visited by one
or more of the workers and so strong
an appeal did they make to the people
that the percentage of refusals was
practically nil
To the judges also we wish to ex
tend our thanks for the manner in
4 wljich the final count of the votes was
made and for their kindness in acting
in the capacity of final arbiters oitne
cohtest Their naming of winners
was accepted as unbiased rulings of
disinterested outsiders as was a fore
gone conclusion from the caliber and
standing of the men performing this
duty and all felt satisfied that the
money was distributed proportionately
to the business secured by the contes
Nor would we be unmindful of the
splendid support accorded the contes
tants and this newspaper by a gen
erous and loyal public without which
the whole carapaignmust have been a
failure To show you our apprecia
tion of this support it will ever be our
aim to give you a bigger and better
Mohave County Miner
The Miner can point with a just de
gree of pride to a subscription list
increased by more than 600 new pat
rons through the enterprise of Us con
testants Few if any papers cover
ing a field of this size can boast of
over oo per cent ot me cu ciunuuu
possessed by the Miner This not
only reflects credit to the paper but
to the community as well for to a
great extent the progressiveness of a
community is largely estimated by the
suonort riven the home paper
The Miner circulation means that
this paper goes into 95 per cent of the
homes of this county The wide
awake merchant will quickly grasp the
opportunity so offered to get before
the householders by the greater use
of its advertising columns to sing the
merj Jf his goods It is seldom that
coTJHmmty is covered so completely
by an QTi publication
Trusting that the winners will de
rive a full measure pf satisfaction
from the prUaa which through tfjeir
enegy and efforts they have so de
servedly won and thanking one and
all for the interest they have taken
and the efforts they have put forth
during the six weeks campaign the
curtain falls on the Miners 1921
Battle of Ballots
F W Mcintosh campaign manager
who handled the Miners subscription
contest comes in for a just amount
of commendation for the clean manner
In which he handled the contest Mr
Mcintosh who is a newspaperman of
manv vears experience had the inter
ests of both the newspaper and the
contestants at heart and handled the
campaign accordingly Mr and Mrs
Mcintosh left for the coast Wednes
day morning of this week
Continued From Page 1 A
ed that it may prove as large and
more potential than at any other place
on the property On the 100 level
drifts had been carried into the coun
try west of the shaft but it was
thought best not to do extensive ex
ploration at that depth owing to its
proximity to the surface beneath the
big mass of debris wherefore another
subscription last Saturday
campaign w some ore was un
night and was made the happy re
cipient of 350 Second prize of 150
went to Lily Schneider while Dora
Parks of Hackberry won third money
j 100 Beryl Mortlock was fourth
receiving 75 andISunt to Mar
garet Penney of Oatman Miss Mort
lock who started two weeks later than
the other contestants came within
4000 votes of making third place
Gertrude Dickerson Florence Parsons
and Vernice Shaffer each receive com
missions on the total of their cash
Florence Harris 2905875
Lilv Schneider 1741100
Dora Paries 1515100
Beryl Mortlock 1511125
Margaret Penney 1443425
Vernice Shaffer 831400
Florence Parsons 59685
Gertrude Dickerson 355225
The campaign was declared closed
promptly at 9 oclock when the ballot
box was given into the possession of
the judges Treasurer Wayne Hubbs
A L Horner and Jack Hemphill and
the counting of votes proceeded almost
5 The Miner office where the count
ing of votes was conducted was com
fortably filled with contestants and
their friends and good humor and
amiability were marked characteris
tics of -the event
They were not left long in doubt of
the outcome of their six weeks of
strenuous work thanks to the quick
decisive manner in which the judges
dlsnosed of the matter in hand
The contest was oneof friendly
rivalry throughout in which no fee-
ing of bitterness had a place the best
of relations existing among the con
testants at all times When the re
sults were announced the satisfaction
drift it was not until the crosscut was
driven into the vein that the extent
and richness of that end of the prop
erty became certain It is now prob
able that operations will be carried on
from this point the same as that in
the east end of the property cross
cutting the veinat intervals of 50feet
and exploiting the ore body as far
west as it may extend While this
ore body is richer than that opened
in any other part of the mine it is
pointed out that the ore bodir ft
same level to the east is one of the
mosf remarkable ore masses ever
opened in the state especially in a
gold property Here the body shows
a width of from 33 feet to 68 feet
practically all of it being pay rock On
the 400 the values are wonderful and
the ore continues without a break for
more than 1000 feet in lentrth a
far as opened the ultra conservative
estimate of the ore m sight is above
4000000 while each day adds to this
When the mines of GoidfteM n
being opened and showed ore bodies
far lessen size and no greater in value
me wnoie worm knew of it and the
rush there was unprecedented We
believe that when the country becom
es possessed of the knowledge of the
values in the Katherine and other
mines in that field and their nntenH
uuues mere wm oe a rush to the new
fields that will startle the world No
effort on the part of the management
of the Katherine has been made to ex
ploit their property with the public
everything being done to keep the
matter quiet because there was no
stock to go on the public market and
no reason for exciting the people with
stories of the magnitude richness and
extent of the massive ore bodies The
management has been quietly at work
developing the property the past- four
years and have brought in a mine that
will be heard from for many years
to come as one of the greatest gold
mines the world has ever known It
has all the well established earmarks
of a great mine the development hav
ing been carried to the 400 level with
out losing one particle of the potential
features shown in the 1 2 and 3rd
levels and in fact have reinforced the
showing on the deepest level of the
property both in richness and breadth
of ore
The mine js well situated being but
a little overa mile from the Colorado
river reachable over a good automo
bile road and at a point where the
plain breaks down toward the river
giving a wonderful site for a mill and
great expanse of wide washes for tail
ings pits without extra handling of
the tails from the mill A bill mill
is under consideration and when it is
in commission we expect to see bul
Jionspouring out of it in such quantity
that mining men from all parts of the
world will have to sit up and take
wildcats wallop
Needles 7 to 5
Continued From Page 1
Kingman will be able to hold him
through the season
Another boy that showed up strong
in the two innings he had to play was
Norville Norville formerly playrd at
Bfebee and ls exceptionally strong 0ri
ft He is a ten second man
bases ne time Up he st0s tw
ClflfZm th neW Pitcher om
was seen for the first time
n action and he more than lived un
Rf L receive for this speed
ball ptcher he
got by in excellent
shape only extending himself In he
lunches in- fipita of a f
wight was against him however Ba e
did very well behind the bat
Webb and Robinson were both back
n the game Ray
playing his usua
strong game and Webb making one of
the most sensational catches
ever wit
nessed here Webb started avr
what appeared to be an fmpossibie
shot and when he made the grade the
surprised grandstand stood up and
gave him an ovation Both Webb and
O Connors were put out of the game
t 7o1oWhen they coIlideJ in deep
O Connors was hurt the most
in the collision and it was necessary
w vane mm to the doctors office to
have some stitches taken where his
head was gashed over his right eye
He is getting along in good shaoe now
im win no aouot Do jn the gome
For the rest of the line up with
Hayes at right field Baldes at third
McMillan at center field and Harris
an second Captain Hook Smith had
a strong aggregation though there
will be one or two changes in Sun
days game it is understood
Sunday the Wildcats will tangle
vithAshfork When we say Ashfoik
the fans do not want to remember the
teams that formerly represented this
town ior tne men mat are coming here
aits tas strong an aggregation as have
faced Kingman this year With five
rames played they have not yet been
beaten They beat Williams twice
VTnslow twice and Prescott once and
so the Wildcats will have a harder
fijht on their hands than any yet
Last Tuesday morning Rev Fr
Vabre and Charles Woolfolk of Flag
staff appeared before the board of
supervisors in the interest of the Park
to Park highway Mr Woolfolk is
chairman of the board of -supervisors
in the interest of the Park to Park
highway Mr Woolfolk is chairman
of the board of supervisors of Coco
nino county and a prominent sheep
raiser of that county He is one of
the most enthusiastic road boosters
in the state and has put in a large
part of his time interesting the citi
zens in better roadways throughout
the country The gentlemen stated
their mission to the board and were
well received the members voting
400 to advance the cause of govern
mental roadbuilding between the
playgrounds of the republic
The Park to Park Association is
composed of the best men of the Na
tion The interests of the Interior
Department is concerned in the build
ing of a network of highways that
will eventually tie up every park and
National Monument and give the
pleasure grounds accessibility to the
people of the whole country Stephen
T Mather head of the National Parks
commission is behind the movement
for a highway that covers more than
6000 miles of roads leading from one
park to another the roads to be of
such a character that they may be
negotiated at any time of the year
These roads would let our people visit
the natural scenic places of America
which are grander in every respect
than any of the old world beauty
spots A visit to these places will
give to the people greater respect for
the things that are American than
any other thing because they will be
able to view them at will The tour-
ist will also get some idea of the mag
nitude of the country its possibilities
and its wonderful opportunities for
safe investments as well as getting
these magnificent natural views That
the roads will be built is but a mat
ter of a few years but the people
must not lay down on the proposition
but to keep working at all times until
the desired object is attained Coco
nino county is back of the movement
as is every county in the north and
the two men are the right fellows
to shove the subject into the proper
From Tombstone Epitah
Chas P Blanton a mining man of
Mohave county has taken over the
jrroun of mines known as the Gold
Camp in the Dragoon mountains about
16 miles from Tombstone and ac
cording to his announcement while in
Tombstone yesterday will start work
of developing the claims at once with
a view of producing gold ore
Mr Blanton who has followed gold
mining in Mohave county for years is
confident he states that there is good
gold ore in that district from
tions shown by the small amount of
work which has ben done on the
mines He will put a small force of
men at work at once cleaning out the
old shafts which were worked several
years ago by Joe Stanfield up to the
time of his death Good gold bearing
quartz was mined by Stanfield he
says and if he can locate the vein
there is no doubt but what tho Gold
Camp can be made a producer
Pauly and Smith of Tucson are at
present working some gold claims ad
joining the Gold Camp claims while
Herman Durand pioneer mining man
of Gleeson is also developing his
claims in that section and good show
ines are being made
The old Gold Camp was located a
number of years ago and was for
merly owned by Tombstone men until
the claims were allowed to lapse ac
cording to Mr Blanton who has filed
on them
Sundays game should be one of the
best this year
Following is the box score for last
Sundays game
Hayes rf 4 0 0 0 0
Baldes 3b 5 10 3 0
Bale c 4 1 0 12 0
Robinson lb 4 117 0
OConnors ss 22011
McMillan cf 4 110 0
Harris 2b 2 0 0 11
Webb If 3 0 0 3 0
McGowan p 2 110 0
George If 10 0 0 0
Norville ss 10 10 0
32 7 4 27 3
Ramsey 3b 5 0 10 0
H Reybura rf 2 0 0 2 0
Thompson If 5 10 2 9
J Snider ss 4 12 0 3
Cloe cf 4 0 0 2 0
Kisselbury 2b 4 2 2 2 0
J Claypool lb 4 10 2 0
Coleman c 10 0 4 0
Roberta p 4 0 0 10
Chief Bender c 3 0 17 1
36 6 6 24 4
Two base hits McMillan stolen
bases Norville 2 McGowan Bale
Kisselbury struck out by Roberta 11
by McGowan 11 bases on balls off
Roberta 5 off McGowan 3
Mrs Minnie E Sherman died at a
hospital in Los Angeles last Tuesday
night after a lingering illness She
was taken to Los Angeles from King
man about a year ago for au operation
for cancer and since that time has
been constantly under the care of
physicians Mr Sherman Mrs Scott
her sister and Gertrude Sherman a
daughter were at her bedside when
the end came
Mrs Sherman was born at Forrest
Hill Sonoma county California about
1862 her parents removing to Vir
ginia City Nevada during the boom
days In 1879 she was wedded to
Charles E Sherman and with him re
moved to Resting Springs California
where she resided for about a year
coming to Mohave county in 1880
Mrs Sherman had a host of friends
in this county who will learn of her
demise with regret She leaves two
daughters Mrs Newt Hart and Miss
Gertrude Sherman ana two sons a
husband and sister besides other rel
atives to mourn her loss The funeral
took place under the auspices of the
Eastern Star of which deceased was
a member and burial was in Forest
Lawn cemetery Los Angeles this
Edward Waldman and Miss Mary
Helen Compen were united m mar
riage last Saturday evening by Judge
S H Miller Miss Compen has been
a resident of Kingman about a year
and is an amiable and popular young
lady Mr Waldman is a recent ar
rival and is eretting into business here
The many friends of the young people
wish them a long and happy married
The American Legion is giving
dance tomorrow night to commemor
ate the battle of Chateau lluery
whiclfewas fought just three years ago
Everybody come and have a good
Wallace Iverson went to St George
Utah on business
The farmers are busy putting up the
second crop of hay
Miss Fern Reber of Santa Clara
Utah is here visiting
Miss Ethel Adams is here visiting
her sister Mrs Wallace Iverson
Joseph H Reber and daughter spent
Friday in St George on business
The cowboys are home again from
taking the cattle to the summer range
Mr and Mrs Carl Snyder and son
left Sunday for their home at Las
Vegas Nev after visiting here for
some time Mrs Snyders father J
W Pollock and sister Leona accom
panied them to St Thomas Nev
We were visited here last Thurs
day by W P Mahoney sheriff of
Mohave county and L J Parker one
of the merchants of Mohave county
We are always pleased to meet and
see friends from that section Our
only regrets are that they cant stay
longer and come oftener
Continued From Page 1
ues 300 feet from the portal of this
adit drift a shaft was carried to a
depth of 200 feet and drifts carried
off along the vein 30 feet to the north
and 25 feet south This shaft was
sunk between two ore shoots it being
the intention to drift north into the
main ore body that showed up so well
in the level above The shaft is
I equipped with a hoist and is in shape
to begin active development at a
moments notice A compressor and
machine drills are to be put in and
the mine hereafter all work will be
carried on with better equipment
Over the hill to the south there is
another important outcrop of the big
vein where values as high as 60 per
son are to be found This part of the
mine has been ignored but the new
management will carry development
into that quarter and see what can
be done to add to the tonnage of the
roperty before steps are taken to
equip it with milling facilities The
ore in this part of the mine is dissim
ilar to that farther north the vein
passing through some of the impor
tant dikes of that region The vein
is bisected by the Mamouth dike to
the south while the Eclipse dike one
of the most important in that region
crosses the big vein farther north
It is probably these dikes that have
enriched the veins of the Secret Pass
section and further development in
the region of the dikes is sure to dis
close important mineralization of the
big veins In the Nancy Lee tunnel
the ore shows free gold this rock be
ing highly colored with flourine and
being a mixture of calcite and quartz
while to the south tHe ore is practi
cally all quartz The work done on
the property was in the early days of
the war and discontinued because of
wartime conditions Everything was
left in fine shape for resumption of
work with little expense and as soon
as finances are gotten in proper
shaoe the management is to resume
operations where they were left off
several years ago The company has
a splendid directorate men who be
lieve in spending the money in the de
velopment and not in the payment of
salaries to an otnee lorce Jiivery
dollar that is invested in the shares
of the company will be paid out for
Business men of Kingman are be-
coming actively interested in the prop
erty and a large amount of money will
be invested by those who have seen
the mine and known the character of
the management R B Manson who
is secretary and treasurer of the com
pany and who has been sitting tight
since the close down of the property
several years ago is looking after the
financing of the treasury and who
will see that returns are obtained for
U S Mineral Surveyor
every dollar invested and that the in
terests of the old and new sharehold
ers are protected The -mining editor
of this paper knows the mines and
can highly recommend them to an in
vesting public The company has x
permit of the Arizona corporation
commission to sell 100000 shares of
the stock the proceeds to go into the
treasury for the carrying on of devel
opment on the property
Armour Bldg Kingman v Bank Bldg Oatman
Katherine City
Surface or Underground Surveys
First Cornet East of Bank
Kingman Arizona
lllllllllllllltlltltl4t tV
New Modern Plant
Phone Blue 127
One Block East
Arizona Central Bank
Pasluerized Milk
Delivered at Your Home Early Every Morning
in Time for Your Breakfast
Put Your Milk On The L
early Hot weather is now with us and if you
take your milk in when delivered and put it on
the ice it will keep cool and fresh
Kingman Dairy
Phone Blue 141
During the first five months of 1921 the volume of
business of
exceeded that of any other manufacturer except
Ford The Studebaker plants are running at full
capacity with unfilled orders on hand for over 7000
cars They will produce 21000 cars against 11000
in the corresponding period of last year This is
approximately an increase of 100 No other auto
mobile manufacturer is making a comparable show
ing It is the confidence of the buying public which
hasmade and is making this record possible Com
pare our sales records with any other automobile
dealer in Kingman and they wilTshow the wonderful
popularity of Studebaker cars in Mohave County
Another carload of Studebakers arrived here this
week and we can continue to make delivery on all
This is a- Studebaker Year
Beecher Robinson
West Front Street Kingman Arizona

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