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With a view to the development of
the rich ore bodies in the Katherine
mine which have been opened on
four levels and to a depth of 400
feet and to their further development
at deeper levels a larger plant of
machinery has been ordered for the
mine The new equipment includes a
hoist with lifting capacity from a
depth of 1000 feet a large compres
sor a Cameron sinker pump and
accessories The new equipment will
probably be in commission on or be
fore November 1st at which time the
plant now in service at the collar of
the Katherine shaft will be removed
to the Pyramid property adjoining on
the southwest
From surface to a depth of 400
feet the blocked out ore in the Kath
erine mine has a value In excess of
two million dollars and an average
value of 1445 gold per ton On each
of the four levels already established
the ore bodies prevail strong and well
denned in the drift headings These
conditions demonstrate that the pos
sible ore which may be developed in
the areas beyond the blocked out re
serve will add at least two million
dollars to the value of the property
without taking into consideration the
ore that will be developed in the
downward extension of the immense
Katherine vein This vein has a
breadth of from 15 to 65 feet and an
average breadth of 33 feet It car
ries extensive lenses of ore which as
say from 80 to as high as 293 gold
a ton
On last Sunday the property was
visited and inspected by Cha Sutro
of San Francisco who dominates
Katherine affairs by E W Clark of
Los Angeles a prominent official of
the Union Oil Company and Ben
Goodwin a prominent insurance man
By William P De Wolf
Goldmining operations in the Kath
erine district were amplified this week
by the starting of crosscuts in the
Gold Chain and the Katherine Exten
sion workings by the placing of ma
chinery at the Katherine and Revenue
properties by a marked change of
formation and increase of gold values
in the Adams shaft by the discovery
of free gold ore for a length of 200
feet along the strike of the vein on
the Nevada Katherine property and
by the financing of a number of the
mining groups in Los Angeles and
other financial centers
At the Gold Chain mine where ap
proximately 1000000 worth of ore
is already in sight after less than a
years work a crosscut has been
started in the east drift on the 100
foot level at a point 350 feet from the
shaft There is a slight faulting of
the vein at this point hence the new
crosscut to and through the 46 foot
vein will be somewhat longer than the
two crosscuts already driven It will
serve to block out ore in a section 100
feet long in the area to tho east of
the crosscut that was driven to and
through the vein at a point about 125
feet from the shaft
The big east west bearing Gold
Chain vein was first crosscut directly
at the shaft and at that point cam
pled an average of approximately 16
nll n tnn TilrA values nrevail in the
second crosscut hrough the vein and
the mineraiogicai cunmwuus
the prevalence of like values at the
present point of operations
Crosscutting to the northeast con
tinuation or the rich Katherine vein
was started last Tuesday at a depth
of 250 feet in the Katherine Exten
sion shaft with the conditions favor
able for early contact therewith The
Katherine Extension property adjoins
the Katherine mine and in the opinion
of mining men will be the third prop
ixrtv in the Katherine district to open
and develop ore It is well equipped
with mining machinery and is Demg
worked under the supervision of Sam
Brethour formerly a successful mine
leaser and contractor at Cripple
Creek and other Colorado camps A
complete financing of the Katherine
Extension is said to have been accom
plisehd in Los Angeles
A 25 horsepower hoist and a No 5
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of San Francisco Messrs Clark and
Goodwin were very much impressed
with the extent and value of the ore
bodies and expressed the opinion that
the Katherine mine will become one
of the large gold producers of the
At the conclusion of the inspection
Mr Sutro stated that as soon as the
new surface equipment is in commis
sion the working force will be largely
increased and the property developed
on a scale fully in keeping with its
demonstrated worth This means that
the ore bodies exposed on each of the
four lovels will be further developed
laterally and that the downward ex
tension will be opened by means of the
winze now being sunk on the 400 foot
level and by the deepening of the
main shaft which at present has a
depth of 400 feet
To further development work in the
winze a 25 horse power hoist and a No
5 Cameron sinker pump have been in
stalled A 50 ton ore pocket has also
been erected near the collar of the
winze The objective of the winze is
a depth of 300 feet where a drift will
be extended to a point directly be
neath the shaft The shaft will then
be connected with the drift by a raise
The winze is being sunk in ore and at
a depth oi zo teet graD samples re-
a tonl From surface down the bonanza
Katherine vein has gradually in
creased in gold content and the fur
ther increase as demonstrated in the
bottom of the winze is accepted by
mining men as being indicative of a
I greater enrichment of the orejjody in
the area between tne 4w iooi ievei
and the proposed 700 foot level The
belief is general that the area be
tween these two points will hold at
least two million dollars worth of ore
Katherine shares are to be listed
on the New York curb and will prob
ably be called there for the first time
not later than November 15th Mr
Chas Sutro of San Francisco who is
in contiol of the Katherine Company
will represent Arizona at the Chicago
session of the American Mining Con
gress October 17 22 At the close
of the convention Mr Sutro will go
to New York and arrange for the
immediate listing and calling of
Katherine shares on the New York
The effect of the Jisting of Kather
ine stock in New York will it is be
lieved by Pacific Coast brokerage and
mining men be of inestimable bene
fit to the Katherine district as a
whole It will serve to bring to the
attention of Atlantic Coast investors
in mining securities the unusual
money making opportunities offered
by mining propositions in the Kath
erine district The fact that there is
better than two million dollars worth
of ore already blocked out in the
Katherine mine workings will be
called to the attention of the Eastern
ers by the brokerage houses which
may be selected to handle tho stock
on the curb and this will tend to
stimulate the interest there itt Kath
erine mining properties and interest
which has already been created by the
publicity given the Katherino district
in the Eastern press
Treasure Vault is another stock
that is scheduled for immediate list
ing on the San Francisco and Los An-
geles exchanges The property is
immediately adjacent to the bonanza
Katherine mine and at surface and
nominal depth yields gold values as
-hitch as 10 a ton It is being devel
oped under the supervision or barn
Brethour and old time Colorado min
ing man and is considered to be one
of the most promising partially devel
oped prospects in the Katherine dis
trict The development program calls
for the sinking of a double-compartment
and extensive lateral work To
expedite this work a powerful plant of
machinery is to be installed
Kingman Arizona Friday October 14 1921
One of the most brutal murders in
the annals of Mohave County was at
tempted last Sunday night by a 16-year-old
boy Leo Long upon the man
who had acted as his benefactor Dr
L Taylor The scene of the attempt
ed homicide was about 2 miles east
of Kingman where the principals
were camping near the highway
CamD had just been made and Dr
Taylor Was sitting in a half reclining
position near the camp fire when Long
came up from behind and attempted
to drive a pick into his head ine
first blow penetrated his scalp to me
skulL tearing a gash about two inches
long and then glancing off Long then
swung a second time and fortunately
hit the intended victims hand which
he had thrown up for protection This
time the point of the pick tore open
a fiinger and then glanced off onto
the doctors shoulder sinking in a
couple of inches
When the first blow was struck a
15-year-old lad who was also in the
party Clewett Champagne ran screm
ing to the Sargent home a few hun
dred feet away This evidently un
nerved the would be murderer and he
ran for the hills
The pick that was used in the at
tempted murder had been carried in
back of the doctors car for some
turn gold values of from 1640 to 320 J time and had a handle about 2 feet
long and prongs 7 or 8 inches in
length The prongs were exception
ally sharp and as the doctor after
ward said If he had landed a straight
Last Tuesday night the ladies of the
Thursday Afternoon Club were guests
at the meeting of the Chamber of
Manes and attended in full forc6 to
see what this organization was doing
They went away with a better under
standing of mining in Mohave County
President M B Dudley welcomed the
ladies and the president of that organ
ization Mrs C A Warren responded
A resolution was drawn up at last
Tuesdays meeting asking Congress to
not accept House Bill 7736 which
would change the mining laws of the
nation in a way that would be detri
mental to the prospector This reso
lution with a letter was sent on to
Washington The resolution was
drawn up by a committee consisting
of Carl G Krook R S Billings and
Ross Blakely
The meeting was sorry to hear that
M B Dudley who ha3 been selected
by Governor Campbell to represent the
State of Arizona at the American Min
ing Congress at Chicago next week
could not attend Mr Dudley had
wired his regrets to Governor Camp
bell upon finding that business pre
In the news of the week from Kath
erine City and Tristate the two new
towns in the Katherine section we
have the following P D Brown and
Vic Myers are opening a restaurant
at Tristate Both of these gentlemen
were in Kingman yesterday purchas
ing suDDlies for the snow business
Thev will conduct the restaurant m
the Cushman BuiinVieMyerstalt
inar active charge of the place
Work is now under way on moving
a large hotel building from Search
light to Tristate This hotel has 32
rooms It will bo torn down moved
and rebuilt at Tristate
J W Hoogue has purchased the old
Rawdin restaurant at Katherine City
and has already taken active charge
Mr Hogue it is understood is pur
chasing some lots at Katherine also
Hugh McCloud has opened a room
ing house at Katherine City and S H
Linka has put up a large garage
Chester Mills is now in charge of
the fruit and vegetable department of
the Arizona Stores Company
Mrs A G Cushman motored to
Jerome this week to spend a few
weeks with her sister
blow it would have sunk into my
skull and he would have had himself
a car The car was what the boy
was after and according to testimony
of the younger boy Long had planned
for two or three days to kill the doc
tor a big good natured Texan and
take his car He had told the little
boy of his plans threatening to kill
him if he told
Dr Taylor was riding alone in the
car when he picked Long up about ten
miles out of Barstow Long was on
the tramp and the doctor who lost a
son of his own a few years ag6 and
who naturally likes boys gave him a
ride The plan to murder his bene
factor using the pick developed soon
after At Ludlow the other little boy
was picked Up He was also on the
At each stopping place Long had
suggested to the doctor that they
camp out a little ways from the rest
of the campers but they did not do
so until they reached here After camp
had been made the doctor was sitting
near the fire and Long had taken the
pick out of themachine and was using
it to clear away the brush for a place
to make his bed The doctor noticed
the pick and told him he had better
put it back in the car so they would
not forget it in the morning A few
minutes after thiis the attempt at
murder was made The time was
about 7 in the evening
When Long beat it for the hills Doc
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vented his attending the convention
whereupon the Governor had wired
back asking him to suggest someone
in his place Mr Dudley suggested
R S Billings and his appointment was
later approved by the Governor The
meeting Tuesday night went on rec
ord as favoring Mr Billings appoint
ment A fund of several hundred dol
lars was raised for his expenses and
Mr Billings will leave tonight for
M I Powers president of the Ari
zona Central Bank was present at
Tuesdays meeting commending the
work of the organization Mr Pow
ers spoke optimistically concerning
the financial situation generally
throughout the state
The question of freight rates was
taken up again and a committee con
sisting of Carl G Krook R W Wilde
and I C Bateman was appointed to
draw up a resolution to send to Con
gress asking for lower freight rates
Maps and pamphlets are being sent
out from the Chamber of Mines daily
as well as many answers being sent to
those inquiring about the district
Attorney Carl G Kroock received
word yesterday from the Supreme
Court that their motion to dismiss the
appeal of Minnie Wilson in the George
Miller will case had been granted and
that the appeal -was dismissed This
finishes the Miller will case fight so
far as Minnie Wilson is concerned
and ends a period of several years
Hardwprk by Mr Krook and his
Mr Watkins the admin-
kmVm iA3TAa If IjRHaWd -will wtiifh
was admitted to probate March 26
1920 Robert E Morrison of Prescott
has been associated with Mr Krook
in this case The fight has been go
ing oa since 1917 The appeal was
taken from the order of the court de
nying the application of Minnie Wil
son to re open the case on the ground
as asserted in her petition that she
was the daughter of the deceased
Under the will admitted to probate
of which Mr Watkins is administra
tor Mr Miller left his entire estate
to the schools of Mohave County Min
nie Wilson firts claimed the estate un
der two separate and different instru
ments claimed to be the last will and
testament of George Miller both of
Which were adjudged to be forgeries
Failing in these two attempts
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Number Three shaft of the United
Eastern Company is the center of
mining interest boh in Oatman and
in mine investment circles on the
coast Numerous inquiries have been
received here from San Francisco
Los Angeles Chicago and other finan
cial centers as to the progress that is
being made in driving the new shaft
to the depth where crosscutting to the
Red Cloud vein will be started The
new shaft is located near the west line
of the United Eastern estate and be
tween the Red Cloud shaft of the Tom
Reed Company and the boundary of
the United Western Mines Company
property The increasing mine devel
opment now noticeable in the new
Katherine district is bound to stimu
late further the mining interests in
the Oatman district but Oatmanites
are depending upon Number Three
shaft of the United Eastern Company
to make a boom here
At a depth of 700 feet vaues are be
ing secured in the RedCloud shaft of
the Tom Reed Company This shoot
was also cut on the 400 and values
run about 700 This shaft is located
east of Number Three shaft of the
United Eastern Company and between
the main ore body of the United East
ern and the United Westerh proper
ties Several years ago a vein was
cut at a depth of 500 feet on the
United Western estate within a few
hundred feet west of the point where
Number Three shaft of the United
Eastern Company is being sunk Val
ues in the vein where opened in the
United Western workings were above
a milling average at points but the
vein itself is badly shattered there
Number Three shaft on the United
Eastern property was started with a
view to sinking a depth of 800 feet
and then crosscutting to the Red
Plans are rapidly taking shape for
the decelopment of the property of
the Comstock Consolidated Company
at depth The acreage adjoins the
million dollar Gold Chain mine and
the strike- of the Gold Chain vein is
directly through its center Where
opened in the Gold Chain workings
at depth of 100 feet the vein is 46
feet wide and is said to average
about 16 gold a ton
State Senator James Curtin re
turned to Kingman last Monday from
Los Angeles where he arranged for
the financing of the property He
has been given assurances that the
money necessary for the development
o the property will be available by
November 1st and at that time he
expects to inaugurate the campaign
of development The program as out
lined by him includes the selection of
a site for a working shaft and for the
machinery necessary for sinking it to
Thad M Boggs and John Sherman
Bagg of the Arizona Record returned
this morning from San Francisco Mr
Boggs having gone to the Bay City a
few weeks ago and Mr Bagg having
anent oeveral months there during
I which time he saw many of the big
men of Nevada and isamornia
They returned in a very optimistic
frame of mind The Katherine sec
tion is getting to be very well known
on the outside and attention of mining
men is turning toward gold which
makes a very good combination The
solid people of the West are interested
in the well defined gold veins of the
Katherine section
W P Carr and several other resi
dents of the Cedar Valley country are
rebuilding the old Cedar road to the
Big Sandy where connection will be
made with the main highway to King
man A road from Cedar would be
travelable all the year and the grades
to the Sandy would not be excessive
Bttelrr aosr
- - --
a Year
No 51
Cloud vein now however it has been
decided to sink the shaft to a depth
of 1000 feet before crosscutting dia
mond drilling operations having dem
onstrated that the vein crosses the
United Eastern estate and probably
the United Western property
At the thousand foot level in Num
ber Three Eastern shaft therefore a
large body of ore will probably be
encountered The belief is general
here that this ore body will be fully
as rich and extensive as the main
United Eastern ore body
The results which may be expected
as a result of development- work in
Number Three Eastern shaft will
have a direct bearing upon the ore
bodies in the Red Cloud holdings of
the Tom Reed Company Similarly
the property of the United Western
Company is concerned in this devel
opment work as the contiuation of
the vein is through Western ground
Dr Walter Harvey Weed the world-
noted geologist and mineralogist
made an inspection of the United
Western several years ago and sub
mitted a report to the management
stating that the continuation of the
Tom Reed United Eastern vein sys
tem would in his judgment be opened
at depth on the Western estate Uni
ted Western was a great favorite on
the exchange and curb during the
Oatman boom and is again showing
price animation
That the United Eastern Company
is conversant with underground con
ditions along the strike of the Red
Cloud vein is assured as had the dia
mond drilling operatons not shown
values there would have been no rea
son for the sinking of Number Three
shaft The management of the
United Western is preparing to re
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Interest in Mohave county mining
enterprises first stimulated by the
marked success which attended the
re opening and development of the old
C O D silver bonanza in the Cerbat
Range and which during the past few
months has been increased by the dis
covery of large bodies of gold bearing
ore in the new Katherine district is
now expanding to the more remote
mining sections of the county This
is particularly true of sections situ
ated along the course of the River
Range in which the highly productive
camp of Oatman is located Fifteen
miles to the north of Oatman gold
bearing ore of similar value and iden
tical in appearance with the Tom
Reed and United Eastern ores is be
ing mined in the Katherine and Gold
Chain workings
Portv five miles northwest of King
man in thp River Rantre the interest
in mining properties has been stimu
lated by the very satisiactory ore
nn the old Klondvke and Red
Gap properties These properties are
located about hiteen miies norm oi
the new Katherine district and their
hrvKps Viavp a ceolosrical relation
to those of the Katherine district As
at Katherine the ores are free mul
ing and lend themselves to treatment
w simnler reduction processes
The veins crossing them are strong
and well mineralized and can do
traced by their outcrops for consid
erable distances The section is easily
accessible over a well graded county
built highway
The ore conditions on the Klondyxa
property controlled by J S Withers
nt KinirmnrL riemonsirawj uuv mm
further development it will become a
large producer or mining grauo u
Title to the property is vested in the
Northern Consolidated Mines Com
pany with the stock held largely by
Kingman and other Arizona people
Former operators of the mine glory
holed the immense ledge from surface
rinVi nf shout thirty feet and
a son tnnR nf ore which mated
12 gold a ton This ore was treated
at a ten stamp mill on me oioraao
rimr nhnnt six miles distant from the
mine The larg chamber from
which the tonnage was removed
shows ore on all sides which could be
minoH nnH reduced at a very good
profit by the use of modern processes
Uontinud on rage

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