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Vol XL
Phenominal oie li now being taken
from the Tellurite vein in the Tom
Reed estate The drift is now in 100
feet on the vein on the 500 which
is synonomous with the 400 level of
the Telluride and 18 inches of oie
is being carried in the drift that gives
an average value of 500 per ton
The drift heading is still 125 feet from
the end line of the Telluride which
gives the Tom Reed company a big
block of this rich ground This strike
is one of the most Important l ever
made in the east end of the Tom Reed
-estate and i3 an indication of the big
things that part ofthe property may
bring forth under intensive develop-
As the Telluride has opened this
vein at the 500 level 150 feet belpw
the present level of the Tom Reed
where the vein was 8 feet wide and
carrying an average content of 35
is to be expected that the Reedvetn
will also be found larger and as good
at the lower depth The drift on this
important vein is sure to be a wonder
when complete development has been
carried out especially if it rakes to
the west which is the usual thing in
the mines of that camp The devel
opment of this ore body means great
things for the property because of
its association witlrthe paralleling
veins as it is possible that the other
Veins lying contiguous may be just
aa important in bearing ore bodies
A body of ore of the potentialities
jf the one just opened is one of the
most important items of news hat
has ever come out of the Oatman
The Tom Reed is also driving its
crosscut into the faulted segment of
the Aztec vein at the 300 and expects
300 a Year
ZZ mJ T 4rHBbeen made in the Tom iteed Tev
IT J1J HS beWlv T1 Wvlle -11 be S a luncheon that afternoon
Sufthre SSrmSJi V
that ore body With these two veins
outputting such wonderful ore it is
A complete underground servey of
the Gold Chain Mine was made this
week by E Ross Housholder the lo
cal mining engineer Maps of this
survey have been fonvarded to H J
Kinkade the Gold Chain engineer who
and brought back here in time to give-
tnem a supper at the Harvey House
after which they will take their de-
ed campaign of thata other poinfcof inlere
development will be
put on to search out the ore bodies
in that prolific territory toward the
east end of the estate of the company
Supt Phelps has been doing a wonder
ful work in bringing this part of the
property into the limelight and he
should be given a free hand to cam
on his explorations to a demonstrable
C A Patterson returned Wednesday
from Phoenix where he went to attend
the organization of the state commit
tee and the meeting of party council
P D Overfield was retained as
chairman and Ray Davidson as secre
At the party council plans for the
coming campaign were outlined
Last Saturday night the committee
met at the Court house in Kingman
and after considering the coming cam
paign adjoined to meet at Oatman
Thursday night
Thursday nights meeting was large
ly taken up with consideration of Gov
ernor Campbells trip here on the 3rd
Governor Campbell will arrive in Oat
man about noon October 3 He will
speak there and then come on to
Kingman for a night meeting Inas
much as the plans are not fully made
yet for these meetings announcements
will be made later thru circulars
Governor Campbell hau already opened
Ws campaign and is now touring the
The Oatman meeting was adjourn
ed to meet in Kingman Saturday night
at which time final action will be
taken on the plans for the coming
As far as can be determined now
there will be about twenty in the par
ty composed of the engineers and their
wives and it is expected that the own
ers of automobiles who have very gen
erously offered the use of their cars
will keep in touch with the arrival
pi the party which if the train is on
time will be here at five thirty
On account of the arrangements
made with the United Eastern it is
greatly to be desired that the imrtv
get away by eight oclock so that they
jwu oe at tne United Eastern
about Nine oclock
Wayne Hubbs Democratic candidnfo
L - I
Mr Hubbs will leave again Sunday
for Phoenix Tuesday Democratic
candidates will fire the opening gun
in the campaign at Phoenix with Wil
liam Jennings Bryan Senator As
hurst Congressman Carl Hayden and
George W P Hunt as the speakers
Wednesday morning they will divide
and the rest going north
which necessitated Tudsrp Rnllinopr in
nWilOpfe 1VA VAinf iviitaVi tnfAVsacfarT
which a high dam would be subjected
who are out for the publicity they may
get whether that publicity would be
good or bad and these fellows air their
views much as does the graduate of
the college when declaiming his vale
Grant McKesson has taken a lease
pn the highgiade part of the Gold
Trails vein or rather on one of the
veins of the group which lies about
J 500 feet away from the main vein
pf the property This vein was oper
ated by Mr McKesson about two years
ago and considerable high grade ore
was sliirmprl frnm if- tn thp cmolfov
bably the continuation of this streak
that the lessor nronnroa tn fnllnw
t i w V i lreasurer re ting matters shaped up for the
c y om a trip cover j opment of this block of ground Mr
ing several days in the southern part Siders is conversant with the ore de-
wa me aiuie
position in this property and expects
soon to have a shipment of the rich
stuff ready to go tothe smelter
The Gold Trail mines show a num
ber of small streaks of rich material
ore The opening of the main vein
has been under the management of J
M McMillan the past year and he has
forces a part of them going sout
- -
h -
oouy j ne mine is well equipped with
S nZ
The date they will reach Mohave
conipressor hoist and other machinery
Countv has not vp Wn anMJ
Jury Term First
Week in November
The trial jury that was called for
a jury session this week found that
there was no business for it and an
adjournment was taken to the third
Monday in November at which time
it is expected that all criminal and
civil business will be cleared up The
failure of the present jury session was
caused by the illness of attorneys who
had causes before the court and the
unpVeparedness of some of the law
yers Litigants were scattered and
unable to be present in other cases
Joseph McCarthy engineer of the
Yavapai county highway commission
and R E Moore of the commission
were in Kingman Monday last look
r i x
Kingman Arizona Friday September 29 1922
- m llano fiiiAii mm
The American Institute of Mining
and Metallurgical Engineers hiving
their national headquarters in New
York and branch sections throughout
the world are holding their annual
convention in San Francisco this
week At the end of their session
they are to be entertained in Los An
geles and throughout a number of
mining camps of Arizona
They are headed by -Mr Arthur S
Dwight the President who received a
iCross of the Legion of Honor from
France for distinguished services is
Vice President of the Federated Amer
ican Engineering Societies
They are to reach here Monday
morning in their own car attached to
Number Twenty Two and after a 1 ail
road breakfast or in their own car
they are to be taken charge of by the
Northern AlTzdifa section of theA T
Ml M E headed by Roy Moore
of the United Eastern who is local
eihairman R S Billings the
vice chairman and secretary is per
fecting arrangements to have them
driven to Oatman where they will in
spect the mill of the United Eastern
Quite a number of engineers both
of the federal government and the
J Southern California Ediscn have been
looking over the Glen Canyon Dia
mond Canyon and Boulder Canyon
damsites the past week Part of the
engineering force is under the direc
tion of E C LaRue who has been in
the hydrgraphic branch of the geolo
gical survey and who was recently
loaned to the state of Arizona for
the purpose of making a survey of
the possibilities- of the Colorado river
in relation to the reclamation of lands
in this state The work will be done
under the direction of the water com
missioner The engineers were accom
panied by Director Davis of the fed
eral reclamation service the secretary
to Sec Hoover and many other im
portant personages in the government
especially those having to do with re
clamation projects
The examination into the various
projects is of importance especially
when it is understood that many of
the men who are nowlooking into the
As the touch of fall starts to make
itself felt in the air the minds of
spoitimen turn to hunting and from
all indications thi3 is going to be a
gala year for hunters
A great number of hunting parties
have been organized for deer hunting
Some will go to Seligman some to the
Wallapais some to the reservation and
pne party at least will go across the
river Again this year there will be
keen competition as to who will bring
in the first buck
Quail are going to be bountiful this
fall Right along this line Gamewar
den Robinson was yesterday talking
Lover the shooting of quail out of sea
son Mr Robinson says this practice
muststop and that anyone caught do
ing it will be prosecuted Mr Robinson
has appointed R L McMillan deputy
game- warden and hunters of King
man have pledged themselves to help
jn the matter of seeing that this law
js observed
Another thing to be considered are
the turkeys in the Wallapais The
game laws say that turkeys may be
shot from October 1 on This does
not apply to Mohave County where
there has been a five year protection
the Glen Canyon proposition Mr Viniroted Anyone shooting a tur
LaRue favors the building of a loose key Mohave County is subject to
rock dam at Glen Canyon although
in this view he is opposed by practi
cally every engineer of repute in the
world It is this view of Mr LaRue
that has caused some comment by men
who know nothing of the condition of
the Colorado river and the immense
and the Tom Reed mine and mill I force of its current as opposed to the
going through the Big Jim shaft and currents of clear water streams From
jnto the Aztec and incidentally ex- j all sections of the country come en
amining the new big strike that has gineers with no knowledge of dam
building and the enormous strains to
The vote of the state at the recent
primary and special election was not
so heavy as anticipated there being
only about 60000 votes out of a pos
sible 80000 cast WJiile then has
been no tabluation of the vote on the
constitutional amendments it can be
j eadily seen that everyone of the pro
posed enactments have been defeated
Maricopa county voted a majority for
the cooperative marketing measure
but the majority was small there be
ing 5083for and 4138 against Every
other county voted against this act
as well as all the other propositions
The following is the total vote on all
state candidates
U S Senator
Ashurst Henry F D 30408
Boyle James P R 839
iMcClintock J H R C95
Representatives in Congress
Hayden Carl D 31191
Guild Mrs H A R 742
Judge of Supreme Court
The work done at that time opened a I Vaughn O J R 7068
nice look ntr vein of oip nnr it nm nenry lJ
Lyman Frank H D 22897
i For Governor
A Tom Cmpbell Thos E R
Siders has taken a lease an a
ing alter matters connected with the oyce Jesse L D
road building affairs of the county owe Chas R D
lhey are much pleased to find that
Mohave county passed through an im
portant road building campaign suc
cessfully and expects that Yavapai
county will soon have good roads to
Stephens Ed R
lrigligrade streak waru chaues u U itjso
of ore in the Midway
vein of the same group and is get j nunt beorge W I U 21243
Hill Wesley A R 3792
Hall Ei nest R R 6529
Kerby James H D 28281
For State Auditor i
Ramsey Richard H D 26900
Fairfield Charles R 16
For State Treasurer
as well as having a big vein of mill i S Jane R 7G6
capable of developing the property to
iuw leet
furasj wayne iU 526747
For Attorney General
Galbraith W J R 8694
Boyle Daniel P D 11553
Murphy John W D 19674
Sunt Public Instruction
Toles Elsie R 0118
Boehringer C Louise D 12494
Case C O D 18923
Corporation Commission
Kirk R A R 7753
Betts Amos A D 19203
Wheeler Chas de S D 13686
State Mine Inspector
White John F R 8575
PHagan Ed D 8876
Foster Tom C D 14729
Harper John D 9000
state lax Commission
- I Rrtni T V 1
nf mnnnr tlia eA0onM t1 1 U0WII lTiede nArrtrnn v
the year al1 important points Just at present Jones Cox and Desmond left
ie wviiiniissiuu is ouauing roaas irom jur me wtfute mountains
onJVflO has been rrescott to Ash rork and the mam a Dear hunt Rnsfnn mj
I0c Per Copy
i Iflfliiir AllllflliTl III
m kuunu ur
The last round of holes in the Oat
man Gold this morning showed a
change of formation The rhyolite has
almost entirely been replaced by
quartz The quartz has considerable
iron in it and consequently it was dif
ficult to say just what it ran i
Superintendent Pugh however thinks
it highly probable that he has the
vein though he would not say so
for a certainty yet He expected the
hanging wall of the vein to carry rhy
olite andesite forming the footwall
The next round will be shot this
afternoon and results will be known
tomorrow morning
Until the next round is shot and
assays are made it can not be stated
whether they have the expected vein
Last Tuesday the contest case of
George Connel against the Willows
Cattle coinpany covering a land en
try of what is known as the Knight
Creek ranch was before U S Com
missioner A H Smith J E Morgan
acted as official reporter in the mat
ter and volluminous testimony was
submitted the case going over into
Wednesday afternoon D V Mulhem
was counsel for contestant and D E
Morgan for contestee Both gentle
men were from Phoenix
The matters connected with this
cause was tried out early in the year
before a jury in the superior court the
jury finding for George Connel Mr
Connel made an entry on the lands
whichare claimed by the Willows Cat
tle company and it is now to be
heard before the register and receiver
of the U S Land Office at Phoenix on
submission of the testimony taken
Tuesday and Wednesday last The
property is over on Knight Creek
about twelve miles from the old Wil
lows Station A home ranch was es
tablished at that place a number of
years ago when H B Imus was con
nected with the cattle company Later
men were put on the ranch and it is
pupposed or asserted that there was an
abandonment of the place by the com
pany Anyway the place was entered
several times by homesteaders but
each one either abandoned his entry
or relinquished until it passed into
the hands of the present ehtryman
George Connel Just what the ruling
will Be on the entry cannot be pre
The crosscut from the 600 level of
jthe Telluride mine is in about 20 feet
and it is expected to enter the vein
within the next few days The entry
of the vein on the 600 level is con
sidered especially important as it will
be the deepest level in that part of
the territory especially on the veins
radiating out of the Tom Reed ground
being about 200 feet below the present
workings of the Reed In the winze
which stands at a depth of 550 feet
eight feet of clean ore running 35
per ton was cut this being the largest
vein ever opened in the DroDertv TIip
development of the mine at the deep
level indicates possibilities heretofore
unknown in that part of the district
it is announced that at the present
time the Telluride has in the npiolihm
hood of 800000 worth of ore in sight
tnis ore being developed during the
State Lthrary
No 48
Near the close of the first week of
the Mohave County Miners Mammoth
Prize Contest 3Iiss Blanche Elliott
and Evelyn Mensch are tied as leaders
with 175000 votes each Right be
hind the two leaders comes Miss Vera
Imus with 170000 votes Mrs Fred
W Swenson polling fourth with 84
000 votes
Of the votes polled up to date the
Kingman candidates are leading
strong however reports from Oat-
man indicate that Oatman is enter
ing a candidate as a dark horse to
win and bring the Capital prize the
New Maxwell to Oatman With this
report comes the warning to all can
didates within the county that
Oatman intends to make the race a
fast one
With entry of Miss Davis of the
Sandy comes the assurance of her
friends that she is in the race as a
The appearance of the demonstrator
of the Capital prize upon the streets
of nearly all towns of the county thi3
week has fired all candidates with
the desire to win This week the
Grand Prize the Baldwin Piano will
be placed upon display in the windows v
of the Central Commercial with it
will be the third prize the Victrola
Arrangements have been made with
the CentraljCommercial that all can
didates and their friends may call at
any time for a demonstration with
both piano and Victrola The fourth
prize the Ladies Wrist Wlatch has
been placed on display in the window
of the C B Johnson Jewelry store
The Capital Prize will be here this
week according to the advice of Mr
Black of Black Ellis xUpon its
arrival in Kingman the contest mana
ger will place upon it a seal that
will not be broken until the evening
of November 10th at 9 P M and then
by the winner of the contest herself
The Capital Prize wilt be on display
where all may see it To all candi
dates and their friends the contest
manager extends an imitation to
inspect the demonstrator now in King
man and each candidate will be given
a ride in the car upon receipt of a
call the contest manager arrang
ing for the same at the Miner Office
At the close of the first week has
come the nomination of many new
candidates The contest Is yet in its
infancy and these candidates are now
entering at the right moment If
you have not entered your candidate
do so at once Call the miner office
vtoday and place your nomination
Carrying his air of bravado to the
steps of the gallows Theodore West
lost his nerve and he had to be as
sisted in his climb to the gallows
where lip paid the death penalty for
the murder of Lem Smith in Mohave
county in July 1921
West maintained his claim of in
sanity to the last and steadfastly re
fused to make a confession The con
demned mans demeanor this morning
was in marked contrast to his behav
ior last night when he raged up and
down in the death cell cursing the
attendants and his fellow prisoners
This morning he was more subdued
and ate a light breakfast of soft boil
ed eggs He slept from 1030 last
night to 330 this morning when he
awakened and complained that he had
been disturbed After he had eaten
breakfast two clergymen were admit
ted to the death cell West refused
to recognize either of them although
they have been visiting him regularly
for several weeks
A few minutes before 5 oclock West
was led from the death cell to the
executjon chamber He asked that he
be allowed to make his own way up
tne stairway leading to the jrallows
His request was granted but he had
to be assisted in his climb as his
nerves appeared to be going Arriv
ing at the top of the stairs he be
came violent and began to wrestle
with his guards Finally he had to

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