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Mohave County miner and our mineral wealth. (Kingman, Ariz.) 1918-1922, October 06, 1922, Automobile Section, Image 12

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix Sept 21 The State Fair
commission has bid goodbye to the
Hula Hula girl its au revoir to the
Hoochi Koochi show and the can has
been tied to the naughty can can
likewise to the con man and the
thousand and one games of chance
There will be nothing of this shady
type of entertainment at the coming
state fair which opens October 30 at
Phoenix according to George A M auk
chairman of the commission who says
The fair management this year in
its desire to present an absolutely
clean entertainment has determined
to eliminate every objectionable show
and concession Instead of the usual
cheap attractions lotteries and doll
games which usually flourish along
the midway it is planned to put on
a high class industrial show similar
to the tent exposition which proved
so popular at Phoenix last year
Manufacturers and dealers in all
classes of merchandise are asked to
lend their cooperation in this move
ment by securing exhibitors space
Charles K Pishon who has been
named superintendent of concessions
announced today that the first block
of space had been sold to the Stand
ard Oil company which plans to stage
a most remarkable industrial exhibit
Space is on sae at the office of the
commission Columbia theatre building
This is the class of exhibits which
we are hopeful of securing this yeaj
said Pishon Every concessionnaire
will be required to sign a contract
guaranteeing to keep his space in ab
solutely sanitary condition The con
tract contains a elause also that if
a space is used at ny time for any
purpose other than that for which the
contract calls it will be subject to
ies wiuioui nonce Dy me iair com
In dustrial exhibits will occupy the
space beneath the grandstand and
along one side of the approach there
by avoiding the traffic congestion in
cident to booths flanking both sides
of the walk as heretofore
The Standard Oil company and its
subsidiaries have paid in dividends the
past nine months 86508797 a high
record ifor this big octopus On the
heels of these enormous dividends
comes a raise of three quarters of a
cent in the price of kerosene oil John
D and his associates and even the
bible teaching son are not averse to
taking profits whenever the opportun
ity presents itself Costs never en
ter into the minds of the Standard
people when profits are in view
Scrape battery terminals clean to
insure good connections
It is really remarkable the way
some newspapers howl over the action
of the railroad employees in striking
against working conditions wage and
other things but when it comes to
getting back at the railroads for low
er freights fpr their respective inter
ests they are there again Of course
like other communities Arizona has a
grievance against the railroad because
of the heavy burden imposed on the
mining interests thru high freight
rates and when the railroads are made
to stand and deliver we feel that they
are getting only what is coming to
them About three years agb the
railroads charged some of the- cop
per icompanies excessive rates on cop
perbullion alleging that the compan
ies could have waited until the rail
roads were ready to assign to them
suitable cars when in fact they were
furnished with cars thatShad limited
carrying capacity altho the
ies were charged with the maximum
It was this overcharge that the com
panies appealed from to the Interstate
Commerce Commission for relief and
the I C C ordered the railroads to
refund the excess The newspapers
that have -been knocking the workers
are jubilating over the knock the I
C C has administered to the rail
roads and at the same time are say
ing some of the really nasty things
about the inadequacy of the railroad
management It is the- same old
theory the shifting of the burden
to the other fellow It is all right
to make the laborer work for poor
wage if the big interests can get low
freight rates whle the whole people
know that to make prosperity hum la
bor and the bjg interests must have a
taste of the good things
The railroads have a poor system in
the matter of freights For instance
a ton of ore was shipped to the Selby
works near San Francisco at a cost
of 62 while the car rate is about
16 This is eminently unfair and
such rates need adjustment A miner
maybe in position to ship ten ton
lots of ore running 100 per ton and
would have to pay practically ev6ry
cent of it for freight and smelter
treatment i
Its so hard to spread a good idea
through a community and so easy to
spread measles mumps emall pox
chicken pox and lies Atchison Globe
The mines of California show an in
crease of about four per cent in the
recovery of gold during the past year
A young German engineering stud
ent experimenting with motorless air
planes rose to a height of 600 feet
lremained in the air more than two
hours and sailed six miles in a straight
JTJie Installation of electricity in your home will save you from a
t i waste of Money time labor and also immatnre old age caus
ed by doing work which electricity can do for you
A A Leader
Electrical Engineer
Phones Blue 101 or Blue 97
The Kingman Realty Syndicate
Telephone Bldg H C Phone Blue 78
Manager y -
Freight - Baggage - Express
Not Afraid of Work
The Harder the Better
Our Equipment will handle anything moveable
Crating Packing carefully done All work guar
anteed at reasonable price Estimates on rock
and gravel
Kingman Transfer Co
Blue ill
J FETTES Manager
Black 98
Whenever I see a faro bank said
the old timer I am reminded of a
story told on old Silverpeg a pros
pector He was a ticiturn man and
spent most of his time prospecting in
Sonora Mexico and Arizona He
got the nickname of Silverpeg from
th fact that om of his Ipo r had been
amputated at the knee necessitating
the wearing 01 a wooden peg and the
additional fact that h was alWavs
prospecting for a silver lode Silver-
peg- naa two ummuons in me one
was to strike a rich silver mine in
which event he swore he would make
a silver leg to replace the one he
hobbled around on the other was to
beat faro bank bv his svstem His
system was for certain cards to win
clear through and the others to lose
out in fact what was known as the
For years Silverpeg had spent his
summer in prospecting without find-
inc a rich silvpr mino On the ndvpnt
of winter he would come to town and
endeavor to break the faro bank with
his system The day the earthquake
came be was at Bavispa Sonora play
ing faro bank he was playing his sys
tem and had a coppered bet on the
Jack The jack had lost three times
Silverpeg was in a happy mood as
his system was winning He had cop
pered the jack to the limit feeling
sure that his system was due to win
out But before the dealer could make
cashed them in sayinc to the other
Boys I played faro bank before I
learned the Lords prayer I have
tackled brace games before but this
is the first time I ever struck a faro
game where providence stood in with
the house My system was all right
and had the Lord held back that shock
a few deals I would have broken the
bank I can beat the box1 but I caff t
beat providence I will never play
faro again the odds are too great
the tum the earthquake came the
walls of the house shook and the chairs
and tables were violently dashed
across the floor the frightened deal
ers and players rushing to the door
to get into the street When they
reached the highway the shock was
over Recovering from their fright
the players returned to the games
finding their checks and the layout
just as they had left it The dealer
made the turn and the jack lost But
the earthquake shock had knocked the
copper from SHverpegs bet and the
dealer took it in Seeinc what the
earthquake had done to him fhn rii
fellows disgust was intense and ga
rnering up nis remaining checks he
Cademus makes mention of a lamp
which together with an image of
Uinst was found at Edessa during
the reign of the Emneror Tiistininn
It was set over a certain gate and
sealed so as to exclude all air The
seal testified that these details were
carried out soon after the crucifix
ion when opened by the soldiers of
Chosroes King of Persia it was found
to be burning as brightly as when
first inclosed over 500 years before
The Persian force broke down the en
tire shrine and poured out the oil
that was still in the lamp an act
which is said to have -been followed by
a great plague
At the time when the old monaster
ies were dimolished in England a
lamp was found in a tomh whiVii
supposed to have been burning since
ttuvufc me year duu a u How these
things were accomplished has ever
been a mystery but it is well that
such things should remain so
only anichtmare
Dont you know that it is really fun
ny the way some people take to any-
thinc new psnprinllv mm t i
that will find goM in the rock lost-
nwaures ana sucn like Even the
alchemists dream of transmutation of
metals is eagerly backed by the
lrttltl StMAn I
- o wi wiien some
incompetent fel
low Dllts his nntnicifi
-- rtii ui we mar
ket A short time ago the Arizona
Bureau of Mines reported one of these
gold finders and while allowing that
If Umc nn tlwl J
s mi muicuie aiiair ana mat the
cost of oneratfnir if wo m i
possibility that it would not come into
BwiU uot nevercneiess was rep
resented to do the work Now comes
the Director of the United States Geo
logical Survey with the statement that
there is no instrument that you can
use to discover gold supposed to have
been buried in an iron pot or steel
Safety box Iron ni o Vo ij
over large areas have been prospected
IOr With Riirvnca k - f -
7 UKU w me so
u j
called din nepfilo W mrij It
would not indicate the
presence of a
pot or vessel in a particular spot
Neither is there any instrument that
would indicate thj presence of gold
and silver or their ores Iron attracts
the needle but gold and silver how
ever attractive to man are not mag
nui a invoice on the
grounds of incompatibility
iura say mat hes got
- fvvu 14UU1UI jnl
along with him Detroit Free Press
THE GIANTS Will They Win the Series
Uncle Si from across thef - road
watched Professor Jenks enter the
2 JVi -
Nobody knows how many- letters
hes entitled to write after his name
said some one
Uncle SJ nodded But what I cant
hist rhhlr Xiit it hnnr tiAcom A hv nil
hissmartnc88 PirtI mownone of
iuDtiunuvtua cvw wuvuuwu mi juuuii
in a litfrary way
What are jou taHdn about de
manded Lew Carker warmly You
knows wells I do that his father
could spell Nebuchadnezzer quicker
any other boy in school Philadel
phia Ledger
A guest hurried up to the hotel
clerks counter He bad just tea
utes to pay his bill reach the station
and board his train
Hang it he exclaimed IVe for
gotten something Here boy run op
to my room number 427 and see if
I left my pajamas and shaving ldt
Hurry IVe only five minutes now
The boy hurried In four minutes
he retained out of breath
Tea sir he panted you left
theinAmerie Legion Weekly

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