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Mohave County miner and our mineral wealth. (Kingman, Ariz.) 1918-1922, October 13, 1922, Image 1

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Vol XL
Evelyn Mensch Blanche El
liott and Helen Fox in
Close Pursuit Only
Bonus Offer of Contest
On For 10 Days Starting
Vera Imus 658000
Evelyn Mensch 625000
Blanche Elliott 600000
Helen Fox 300000
Mrs Fred Swenson 84000
Helen Gray 5000
Miss Davis 5000
Lila Reid 5000
The third week of the Mohave
County Miners subscription contest
ends with the three leading candidates
fighting stubbornly for first place
Miss Vera Imus local high school miss
tops the list with a poll of 658000
votes Evelyn Mensch comes up from
third place last week to second this
-week polling strong with 625000 and
Blanche Elliott drops from the first
down to third with 600000 votes
Helen Fov is runner up with 300000
votes At the start of the fourth
week of the contest today Friday the
Thirteenth it is anybodys race Each
candidate and her friends are confi
dent of winning The enthusiasm of
the public is one of the outstanding
features of the contest During the
day the Miner office receives numer
ous telephone calls as to the standing
of their favorite candidate Callers
-are frequent and many subscriptions
have been left for the different can
didates by their friends
Right behind Special Week and its
gifts comes the only club offer of
the contest the 100 Club To every
candidate during the ten days begin
ning Friday the Thirteenth and end
ing Friday October 20th turning into
-the Miner office 100 in cash for bon
Contlnned on Faff 8
Edwarjl L Broods consulting en
gineer for the Oatman Gold spent
several hours in Kingman yesterday
Mr Brooks had just returned from an
examination of Bacca number 5 float
south of Seligman This morning he
left for the Thumb Butte for which
property Mr Brooks has acted as con
sulting engineer for several years
Several days of ldst week he spent
-at the Oatman Gold property going
over the very interesting situation
there He has advised the continuing
of the north crosscut and the drifting
west on the Hammond vein The drift
on the Hammond vein has already
been productive of results and the
north crosscut may open a very im
portant vein within the next 20
Mr Brooks has been associated with
Mohave County properties for a num
ber of years and is always a welcome
visitor here
Jt The Kingman Boy Scouts will give
a special program Thursday night
October 19at 730 P M The meet
ing is to be held in tho M E Church
and promises to be of special interest
to the parents of the scouts The
program is as follow
Flag Ceremony
Prayer by Rev Dodd
Scout Law by the troop
Roll Call
Applications Received
Report of Committees
First Aid by Dr T R White
Physical Drill
Songs or Yells
Flag Ceremonies
Scout Oath by troop
300 a Year
Mrs Robert Dunn arrived hee Wed
nesday from Williams to join her hus
band Bob Dunn former Kingman
ball player who is now again withj
the Arizona Barber shop Mrs Dunn
made the trip overland in company
with her brother Leroy Rinehardt of
The news of his marriage came as
a surjirise to friends of Babe Ruth
Dunn former heavy sticker for the
llocal ball team The bride was Violet
Rinehardt and the wedding was two
months ago in Flagstaff Dunn met
his bride in Williams where he was
playing ball the latter part of the
Mr and Mrs Dunn have rented an
apartment from Mrs Olander
The fund for the triplets bank ac
count is on its way A few donations
have already reached the Miner office
and we are informed that several
others will be forthcoming An Oat
man man was in the first of the week
and said he was going to Oatman to
see what could be done there He had
just come from the hospital where he
had the pleasure of meeting all three
of the young ladies personally He
doubled up his fist and said Do
you know their little heads were not
half as big as that
The mothers of the county will es
pecially realize the amount of atten
tion thrtf mtiof Inn rrit avt fka fttaa lif
Last week Monday at Winslow
Arthur Wilcox shot to death Mrs
The west drift from the- 500 level
of the Oatman Gold has been carried
out 40 feet and a crosscut disclosed a
vein that carried fairly good values
This vein has been opened 55 feet from
the crosscut showing 18 inches of
commercial ore and good values across
the balance of the vein material The
higher grade ore shows increasing
width the average in the face being
5V4 feet and is well defined between
two andesite walls This vein will be
developed as fast as possible
In the crosscut from the shaft to
the north the heading is now in 100
feet and is going ahead rapidly This
pact of the vein is now in andesite
more than 100 feet of rhyolite haviilg
been cut through The management
expects to enter the big vein within
the next 100 feet where important
ore is known to be The work is go
ing forward with all possible despatch
the crew that has done the biff work
I on the property the past year making
the same ratio of progress The faith
of the people of Oatman in the ulti
mate development of a big property in
the Oatman Gold is prophetic They
know that tjie drills of the Oatman
United have bit into the same vein
which is the objective of the Oatman
Gold and that there was encountered
nine feet of splendid ore This
tie shavers They can multiply thelf0 J8 suPPsedhaYf been e
trouble they had raising one by three
and then some for the members ofl mtory
a trio are never so strong as their
little brothers and sisters who are II AT II HOU I HPL
- M MUlnLlM
uuuavc tuuiiby is piuuu ui aer nip
lets and we all want them to live and
grow up into healthy young ladies
This is not a charity plea but one for
bringing river an unexpected situation
Also there is an element of pride in
Mohave countys first triplets
Here is a list of the donations to
the triplets bank account so far re
Mohave County Miner 500
DeLuxe Pool Room 275
C R Van Marter 100
LeRoy Robinson 200
Barney Google 100
C M Leonard 100
Allen E Ware 100
Central Bank
much larger No big donations but
lots of them
H L Homer Ora Gruninger Bob
Jacobson and Axel Ericson returned
this morning from a hunting trip on
the reservation While there they laid
out a golf course among the rocks
and pines this was not an African
golf course according to reliable in
formation and had a wonderful time
They didnt bring in any venison
Ted Garter Tom Devine and T W
Devihe also enjoyed a pieafeant trip
to the reservation without nnv resnlts
Total 13 75 j The latter part of last week Bill
This money has been placed in an Mackev missed thvoutrh her with the
account for the triplets at the Arizona argest DUCk of the season a 250
inuai wee iu yi ue i pounder
In last weeks paper we reported
that Paul Long had brought in the
first meat but had his name spelled
wrong through a typographical error
so some of his friends may not have
recognized it
Phil Smith Bill Klein Ed Knowles
and Harry Price hunted down in Yav
apai county without any results They
came in Saturday night
Now the attention of the hunters
is turning toward quail The season
Catherine Hungerford in her room at opens Sunday and a great number
the Winslow hotel Mrs Hungerford from Kingman will be out early Sun-
had been married only a short time I llav g
but owing to a disagreement left the
lmsband and took up her home with
Wilcox who was employed as a steam j
shovel man at one of the railroad
camps below Kingman Tiring of
Wilcox and having effected a recon
ciliation with her husband Mrs Hun
gerford returned to Winslow Wilcox
followed her and is supposed to have
Prepaiations are being made for a
big dance at Chloride on Oct 31st
tried to induce her to return to him I Powells eight piece jazz orchestra
but failed whereupon he fired a 32 1 from Los Angeles will furnish the
caliber revolver into her bi east kill- music and the Davis Hall which has
ing her almost instantly He must a fine maple floor will be used
have had his arm around her when The Chloride people are boosting
the shot wu fired as the bullet went for a big crowd from Kingman and
through the fleshy part of Ids own j Oatman and have gone to considerable
arm In trying to protect herself the expense to make the occasion a suc
flesh was shot away from her finger cess
leaving her wedding ring to encircle With assurance that the Tennessee
the bone jand White Hills will be operating
Wilcox had broken down the door within the very near future Chloride
to the womans room probably hav pvill start the hall rolling with this
ing been refused admission He was dance ani the Chloride boosters de
a big fellow weighing about 225 clare this U the initial move in a pro
pounds After shooting the woman he gram to put the camn on the man in
turneu tne weapon upon mmscii and capital letters
fired four bullets into his body none
of which is believed to have caused a Rev- E- T- Mabley Rector of St
mortal wound as at last accounts he Stephens Church Winslow Arkansas
was still alive Wilcox is said to have and Warden of the Helen Dunlop
a wife and two children somewhere in t Memorial School for Mountain Girls
California was visiting in Kingman and vicinity
last week He spent a few days with
C B Bell president of the his dniurhtpr Mr Tvnh cnnMi nf
land Mining company this week re- Kingman and called on friends in
turned from a two weeks incursion in- town Mr Mabley returned home on
to tho Wyoming oil belt Monday on No 10
Kingman Arizona Friday October 13 1922
Development work on the
Range and Nellie arrangement will
now be pushed as fast as possible
Due to the fact that the Nellie
property has not been operated for a
considerable length of Unit it has been
necessary to do a certain amount of
preliminary work in preparation
This work is now completed A
new shaft collar has been put in and
the shaft retimbered Several tons of
waste have been removed and placed
about the new collar
A new compressor has been install
ed and lined up so that all that re
mains to be done is the unwatering
of the shaft This will be started at
once Mr Keating believes this can
be done in a few day
At the completion of this task the
driving of the drift to Ihe Black
Range objective will immediately be
started and pushed forward with all
possible speed
This drift will reach into the area
containing the continuation of the
Black rarge Vein and it is the present
intention of the management to drift
alungthe vein unul well vitin he
Jlluck Range property at whia me
it luay be found expedient i raise
the Black Range shaft Tills plan
may be a tered however at any time
arilipiiatHns conunued though ile
Nelhe slisft
It is the firm conviction of Mr
Keating that as soon as the prelim
inary work is completed and he utan
niaic fiom the i re of under-
gr und workings o the NelUe ein
ull 1 I r ached in iv 20 I
The many friends of Mr and Mrs
J H Montgomery were sorry to hear
of the death of Mrs Montgomery last
Friday night The Montgomerys were
living at the McCracken mine Friday
Mrs Montgomerys condition became
acute and she was rushed to the hos
pital at Kingman She died on the
way m
The deceased was born at Taylors
ville Illinois August 18 1895 She
was a member of the A M E Church
and a graduate of Lincoln University
at Kaunas Citv in 1915 Besides the
husband a small son Jafckv fjeft
to mourn ner less -
Mr Montgomery had purchased his
wife a beautiful new car but to his
legret she was never able to use it
He and little Jack after the funeral
left overland for Los Angeles to be
gone about two weeks
The meeting of the Northern Ari
zona District Federation of Womenfs
Clubs takes place at Williams Ari
zona October 13 and 14 The Thurs
day Afternoon Club of Kingman was
well represented sending as delegates
Mrs Wm Tafel Mrs Charles Wan-
derhch Mrs- M B Dudley Mrs
Thomas Devine and Blanche Parsons
Mrs Todt is the official representa
tive of the Kingman Club and will
give the annual report of the work
accomplished during tne past year
Tuesday of this week a fire on the
Ward and Blakely ranch on the Sandy
destroyed 8600 worth of grain and
a threshing machine
How the file started is not known
After the threshing machine had
first started to burn the fire was put
out supposedly and the men went in
to dinner While they were eating fire
again broke out and practically burn
ed the machine to the ground The
threshing machine was owned by
Carrow Brothers
The grain loss was covered by 2000
10c Per Copy
I There will be an important meeting
I of the Mohave County Democratic
Committee at the courthouse in King
man on the evening of Wfednesday
October 18 1922 at the our of 730
I to which meeting all candidates are
Black requested Business of importance to
the party and the candidates them
selves is ot be transacted
It is expected that a number of im
portant speakers will visit this coun
ty in the near future and these men
will visit many of the small towns for
the purpose of telling the people why
the democratic party should be rein
forced in congress and extending the
party control down into county affairs
Candidates should take an active part
in these affairs and help along the
good work
Edwin 0 Daue general manager of
the Dardanelles mine at Chloride
was a Kingman visitor this week
Some years ago Mr Daue was in Mo
have county representing the Mines
Company of America coming here
from Old Mexico At that time the
company was operating the Arabian
mines over in the Union Pass sec
tion He comes here now to take the
place of E Ford Eaton who has left
here to enter business on his own ac
count in California
For several years he was in South
America for the General Development
company on the Amazon and last year
I he was jr Central America He is a
mineralogist ot note ana tne Darda
nelles is lucky in securing his ser
vices During the Spanish American
war he was one of the boys who took
part in suppressing the Filipino insur
rection and saw much service in the
islands and elsewhere
We understand that the Dardanelles
is contemplating a big campaign of
development of the property the erec
tion of a milling plant and other bet
terments The development shaft is
to be sunk to a depth of better than
500 feet and the mine put in shape
for outputting It is now in shape
to make a small output but the sink
ing of the new shaft will makepossi
ble the reaching into the ore bodies
at a low depth and then connection
may be made with the old works for
safety and air purposes
Playing a round in a foursome with
Scotty Stewart George Williston and
Lou Robinson last Sunday Carl Smith
set a record for the local course which
will stand for some time In his first
round he scored a 38 and came back
with a 40 a total of 78 for the eigh
teen holes
Owing to the condition of the
grounds especially that about the put
ting greens it is a test of golf to
score anywhere near the par figures
of 35 but Smith was only three strokes
over the first round and five the sec
ond par for the eighteen holes being
70 The score by holes was as fol
First Round
Par 53444434 435
Smith 54445534 438
Second Round
Par 53444434 435-35-70
Smith 63564435 440-38-78
The hunting season is drawing most
of the players away these days but
this will not last very long as one
having once been stung by the Golf
Bug never ceases having a desire to
hit the little white ball chase it and
hit it again The lure of hunting quail
ceases after they have been shot at
awhile for it takes a combination of
a sprinter and a shooter to bag the
limit then
A meeting of the Board of Direc
tors of the Club will be called some
time next week at which time several
important matters will be discussed
the most important one being the erec
tion of a Club House
Bert Boalan is in charge of the
work at the Klondyke and Red Gap Li
stead of an Oatman property as re
ported last week
State Llbrarr
No 50
As the Drift Approaches
Tom Reed Ground Ore Be
comes iRcher Crosscut
on 600 Continues
The west drift from the 400 level
of the Telluride which has been
driven toward the Tom Reed terri
tory is said to have broken into im
mensely rich material This drift was
in high grade mill rock when the won
derful new ore body was reached It
is from this level that ore is being
sent to the Tom Reed mill and which
is making a return of about 35 per
The development of the Telluride at
the 600 level is going on with all
possible rapidity A crosscut from
the bottom of the shaft that will enter
the ore body at that depth approxi
mately 100 feet below the lowest level
of the mine will open one of the larg
est lenzes of ore that has been found
in the east end territory This ore
body was opened in the winze from th
550 level nine feet of splendid ore be
ing cut and drifted upon The main
shaft was sunk to the new level to
reach the ore body and provide a ready
means of carrying on development and
care for production This shaft has
just been equipped
with larger ma
chinery and wiil be soon in shape to
care for any eventuality
j Tlie development of the Telluride
so ciose to the Tom Reed estate has
caused the mother company of the
camp to get busy with development
that has brought in a wonderful ore
body This ore will now be opened
at a lower horizon in the Reed estate
and we predict that the opening of the
vein at new and deeper levels will
leaven the whole district
Sheriff Mahoneys deputies have
had quite a successful week picking
up automobile and motorcycle thief
suspects this week
Early Wednesday morning the Dyer
Brothers three of them riding
motorcycles were picked up on sus
picion and landed in the county jail
Advices from Des Moines Iowa later
gave the information that these men
were wanted there on a motorcycle
stealing charge and they are being
neid in the county jail awaiting of
ficers from tha tplace
The same morning at about 4 oclock
a man giving his name as W B Wise
was also picked up on suspicion He
was driving a Ford car Inquiries
made at Perry Oklahoma disclosed
the fact that he was wanted there
Wise whose real name is Bill Allen
says he had bought the car on time
and left the state He was accom
panied by a woman and another man
The officers believe he stole the car
He has waived extradition and is in
jail also awaiting officers from the
middle west
Both arrests were made by McGee
and Imus and to say the least these
officers in making the arrests with
out any advices from elsewhere have
shown some ability at picking up sus
This is not the first time auto thiev
es have traveled across the conti
nent unmolested by officers to be
picked up by the Mohave County
Sheriff office It is quite a common
The Kingman Drug Company this
week installed a new set of show
cases the latest thing in drug store
The new cases are narrower than
the old ones taking up less floor
space and higher giving more and bet
ter display space The show eases
formerly used will be shipped to Ash-
fork to Dr Cartwcll

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