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Mohave County miner and our mineral wealth. (Kingman, Ariz.) 1918-1922, December 01, 1922, Image 6

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Co operation of S P With Mines Increases
Business and Population
The vast wealth laden terrltorj
west of the Rocky Mountains owes Its
development primarily to two agen
cies Mining and Railroading
The attention of the world was first
attracted to the West with the an
nouncoment of the discovery of gold
A great Influx of people followed and
the tales of the resources and possl
blllties In the West spread to all
parts of the globe
The one great obstacle in the way
of development was the lack of trans
portation facilities The long perl
Ions voyage around Cape Horn in
windjammers mitigated against an
considerable interchange of commerce
Fortunately there were captains ol
Industry and finance possessed ol
broad vision courage and sufficient
faith In the future of the West to con
celve and bring to completion great
systems of transcontinental railways
Among these the Southern Pacific
were the first lines
For many years there were nothing
but main lines of railroads through
the mininc territory and the ores and
rich minerals were transported to the
railways by mules donkeys and horses
from mines far back In the mountains
The placer mining camps of the early
days were about the only ones located
adjacent to the railroad
In the last twenty five years the
greater mining development on the
Southern Pacific has been in Nevada
and In Arizona and New Mexico Op
erations In these districts have re
suited In very heavy movements ol
mining supplies such as concentrating
smelting and other treating machinery
explosives timbers and fuel
There also has developed a very
heavy outbound tonnage of bullion
and other finished or semi completed
mineral products from the mines
3 P Co Operates
The policy of the Southern Pacific
always has been to co operate in the
development of these properties In
doing so It has followed the plan ol
publishing reasonable freight rates on
the materials and supplies used in the
mines and In the treatment of the
products of the mines with low rates
on the ores or on the manufactured
products out of the smelters
In the adjustment of rates on the
products of the mines It has been the
policy to establish schedules based
upon the values of the product The
principle has been recognized that a
producer of ore worth 100 a ton can
afford to pay a higher charge than
Can the producer of ore valued at 20
This bas been done in recognition
of the fact that the great bulk of the
ores transported would be ofalessei
value and with the view of encourag
ing the greatest possible production ol
low grade ores so that in the aggre
gate would be transported sufficient
Tolume of tonnage to afford a reason
table return on the Investment
The company also has encouraged
to the fullest extent the treatment
of minerals at the point of produc
These policies have resulted in the
maintenance of the closest possible
feeling of co operation between mine
owners and the railroad bringing
about constantly increasing popula
tion in the mountain and desert re
gions with development in the thriv
ing industrial cities where only a few
years ago there was nothing tut
struggling mining camps
Twenty five years ago both mining
and railroad development in Arizona
were in their infancy Then the as
sessed value of all railroads operating
within the state was less than 3000
000 while the assessed value of min
ing property of all description was lesi
than 2000000
The Key you get today in the Key
Kontest at Kingman Drug Co might
win the 12500 chest of silver
Medical reports show men are more
subject to appendicitis although many
sudden cases occur among women It
can be guarded against by preventing
intestinal infection The intestinal
antiseptic acts on BOTH
upper and lower bowel removing all
foul decaying matter which might
cause infection It brings out matter
you neve rthought was in your sys
tem and which may have been poison
ing you for months is
EXCELLENT for gas on the stomach
Kingman Drug Co Adv
No wonder the Rexall Store is pop
ular Kingman Drug Co is giving
away a 12500 set of silver and
everyone is given a chance
Since last Saturday close to 2000
head of cattle has been shipped from
Hackkberry Last Saturday George
W Miller shipped 600 head of fine
steers and the Fanchers Stephens
Duncans Bulkley and others are
shipping this week The cattle had
to be held the past two weeks await
ing cars and it is only at this time
that enough cars could be brought in
to supply the demand When taken
from the ranges the cattle are said to
have been in fine shape because of
the excellent condition of all ranges
in this county
If Russias children and adults
as well are to be saved from death
this winter from exposure1 after
the charity of America has brought
them through the famine of last
winter thSy must be supplied with
clothing This Is a concensus of
opinion of the American Relief Ad
ministration staff in Russia from
Colonel Haskell down to the in
spectors according to their reports
to Herbert Hoover head of the
From every part of rtussia where
the A R A has been feeding
children and adults and has been
instituting sanitation and medical
service and inoculations to save
literally millions of lives the story
Is the same that the children lack
even the barest essentials of under
wear shoes stockings or outer
wear with which to protect them
selves against th rigors of the
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also stated that of the number of
clubs heretofore founded there had not
yet been one failure and that though
Kingman was one of the smallest
towns io have a club no failure was
expected here
Rotary represents simply the idea
of service the chief pledge of its
members being to see that they shall
consider service before self and
that their example and their work for
the community their business or pro
fession and toward individuals they
shall give practical demonstration of
the fact that he profits most who
serves best
The eighty thousand Rotanans in
the world to which number a reprej
sentative group of business and proV
fessional men of this city have just
heen added developed in the last sev
enteen years from a meeting of four
men February 23 1905 m the office
of Paul P Harris a lawyer in Chi
Harris who is still a member of the
Chicago Rotary Club is looked upon
as the Father of Rotary He had
the original idea of forming a club
that would promulgate the spirit of
service and would be different from
any existing organization Associat
ed with him at that first meeting
were Silvester Schiele H E Shorey
and Gus A Loehr The test of the
idea came with another meeting
which drew to Rotary such men as
Harry Ruggles Rufe Chapin Charlie
Newton Will Jenson Doc Neff
Bernard Arntzen and Albert White
men who now as then represent a dy
namic force of organization and abil
ity which has been of inestimable
value to Rotary throughout the world
The idea they evolved and fostered
to the point where it actually became
a world force was an organization
which would consist of one man from
each business or profession who would
meet in rotation at various places at
frequent intervals and discuss various
questions that might come up from
time to time become better acquaint
ed with each other the problems of
the business of each as it affected the
life of the community and for good
fellowship It was agreed to promote
fellowship one important step would
be to call each man by his first name
or nickname to make it compulsory
that this should be done
The name Rotary Club was adopt
ed shortly after the first meeting be
cause the members met in rotation in
the offices of i each other
The Chicago Club continued to in
crease in membership In 1908 three
years after the first meetings the sec
ond Rotary club was organized in San
Francisco Other clubs followed on
the Pacific Coast and then the move
ment spread to the East and then to
the South until sixteen clubs had been
organized by the end of 1910
It was in 1910 that the first con
vention was held in Chicago and the
National Association formed At
this convention Chesley R Perry was
elected secretary and he continues to
Americas Food and Medicine May Go for
Naught it Kussians Cannot secure coining
t t v v v a vuiiu Vj ViAi j - V ta u - si
- ilBnK 1 H Ja JB flF
vVA lililiHiilllllaBiiailaHHHialalliillllllllllllllllllllHillB
Russian winter And the need of
aid in this direction for adults too
eently returned workers who state
that in cases where Russian em
ployes have been given a blanket
for extra services the blankets have
almost invariably been made into
overcoats Literally millions of
children say reports hae no shoes
an Item which in itself may make
It Impossible for them to go to Am
erican Relief child feeding kltch
ens Free shoes and stockings have
been provided for 250000 children
who are absolutely without foot
wear but the whole problem Is
beyond the reach of any general
funds now available-
The American Relief Administra
tion to meet this emergency has
put Into effect a Clothing Remit
tance functioning in every way as
does the now world famous Hoover
hold this office at the phesent time
Rotary emerged from a national or-
ganization to an international organi
zation two years later at the Duluth
convention A short time previous to
this convention a club had been or
ganized at Winnipeg Canada and
during the convention a cablegram
was received from the Rotary Club of
London England asking for a char
ter Rotary had thus quickly evolved
from one club in 1905 to an interna
tional organization in 1912
Since 1912 the organization has
grown even more rapidly than during
the first seven years Today there are
more than one thousand Rotary Clubs
in ie world Altho the greater num
ber are in the United States where
the movement originated there are
now Rotary clubs in Canada New
foundland Great Britain and Ireland
Cuba South America the Republic of
Panama China India Australia and
New Zealand This growth seems all
the more ramarkable when we realize
that the organization has never at any
time employed paid organizers And
in addition extreme care has always
been exercised in surveying cities and
towns applying for membership to
make sure that such communities are
ready for a Rotary Club and are of
sufficient size from which to secure
a membership of representative men
and still have the membership rer
stricted to one man from each busi
ness or profession
James A Roberts one of the heavy
shareholders in the Frisco Mines com
pany died at his home in New York
City last Sunday death being due to
old age and a complication of disor
ders Mr Roberts was controller of
the state of New York when the
writer was a young fellow working
on the newspapers of that state and
was considered one of the finest men
then in the political game For years
he was active in real estate and legal
affairs and had a wide circle of
friends He was well known in King
man having visited this place quite
often in the years gone by
Mr Roberts was a genial whole
souled fellow and his death will be
regretted by all who had the pleasure
of his acquaintance
J Harry Knight is the happiest
man in town this morning and all be
cause his wife presented him with a
bouncing baby boy last night Thanks
giving now has a double meaning to
A strange sight was seen Sunday
afternoon down by the Harvey House
This sight was a car with Danger
neep Away painted on the side and
well might that sign be where it was
for fastened on the track body of the
car was a number of cagea contain
ing one full grown mountain lion one
cub a large black bear and several
dogs Danger is right in this case
Evidently the owner of the car rested
in peace while he was away from his
car No fear of havinsr Wh ear sa1t
at all
Food Remittance For twenty dol
lars sent to the A R A at 42
Broadway New York the following
articles or their equivalent In val
ue will be delivered to any deslg
nated person In Russia 4 2 3 yards
fifty six inch twenty ounce dark
blue wool cloth t yards of thirty
two inch black cotton lining 8
yards of twenty seven inch flannel
16 yards of unbleached muslin 8
large black Ivory buttons 16 small
black Ivory buttons 16 small white
bone buttons 2 spools No 80 black
cotton thread 2 spools No 40 white
cotton thread
One package will clothe one adult
a mIiIIYat nil vrlntAr find T P
mlttances ordered for general relief
will be used for neediest cases
thousands of which are heart-breaking
By June Kingman
Tis the first of December and all
over town the people are hustling
and bustling around for Xmas is com
ing and the time is drawing near It
will be onjy three weeks until Santa
is here i
Get your Xmas list ready and begin
shopping today If you want any help
I would like to say at Elliotts they
have such a wonderful line of shirts
ties and sweaters and the best suits
youll find in the city of Kingman
and take my advice get something
good for Xmas regardless of price
If mother or sister should happen
to need a good looking dress or coat
take heed and buy it now dont delay
for pretty soon it will be Xmas day
Kimonas bath robes and mens
smoking coats too pretty framed mot
toes and Xmas cards that are es
pecially for you Silk underwear and
hose that are wonderful to see and
loads of little things that go on a tree
So get yoVr list ready and dont delay
for you only have three weeks until
Xmas day
Key Kontest at Xingman Drug Co
Rexall Store Double Keys with Sta
tionery from Dec 1 to Dec 8 Adv
Thursday Afternoon
The regular meeting of the club will
be held at Trinity Parish House on
Thursday afternoon December 7 at
3 oclock As this will be the only
club activity during the month of
December a full attendance is desired
Big shipment of Tanlac just receiv
ed Kingman Drug Co local agents
W P Carr and M A Sawyer this
week gave an option on their mining
claims in the Cedar Valley district
to T F McAvoy Mr McAvoy ex
pects to begin work on the claims
right away and will work the ore in
the Berkeley mill The ore carries
values in silver and lead and the vein
is important in size At the present
time Mr McAvoy is operating the
Berkeley property having unwatered
the old shaft and preparing for deep
er development
Some one has got to win that chest
of silver at Kingman Rexall Store It
might as well be you Adv
In the vicinity of the M C U High
School the key to the Windmills of
Holland Finder return to the door
keep Dec 8 and receive a free ticket
to the Musical Comedy given by the
boys and girls Glee Club of the school
Music will be furnished by the High
School 4 piece orchestra
The proceeds of the play are to be
used for the purchase of a Victrola
for use in the High School Auditorium
Thanksgiving with all its good
things is past and now there will be
but a few swiftly passing days until
the joyous Christmas time is iith us
once more My but there seems to
be numberless gifts to prepare but
dont forget that so many hours of
work may be saved if you will only
attend the Christmas Sale on Satur
day There you will find those lovely
hand made gifts you have been wish
ing for and at such attractive prices
that they will be within the reach of
everyone The ladies will be so glad
to show you appropriate gifts for all
including the kiddies
The mince meat is gaining a repu
tation such a good one in fact that
the Guild has been oSliged to make
more so they will be able to fill all
orders at the Sale The fruit cakes
will add the finishing touch to your
Christmas dinner so do not overlook
Remember the time and the place
Saturday at 2 P M at the Chocolate
The Ladies of Trinity Mission Guild
will appreciate your patronage
George N McBean who was ap
pointed receiver for the Tennessee
mine about two years ago but who
was unable o get possession of the
property through other proceedings
died last Wednesday at the state hos
pital at Phoenix Mr McBean was
stricken aDout d year ago and since
that time was confined in the hospi
tal in an incurable condition He had
resided in Arizona a number of years
and at the election two years ago was
an active supporter of Senator Ralph
Cameron He was a druggist by pro
fession and worked in drugstores at
Phoenix and Holbrook It is under
stood that he has a case in court
against Ralph Cole who was the op
tionee of the Tennessee mines a few
years ago this case growing out of
the trusteeship
J A Tans Garage has accumulat
ed a large number of Parts Cata
logues for your convenience Adv
The first cost Is the last We re
pair Dayton Tires and Tubes free
Black Elli Adv
Phone Blue 152
Grunninger Bldg Kingman Arizona
is a gift that can not be taken away once that it
has been given Give your wife a present of a
good electrical system in your home
A A Leader
Electrical Engineer
Phone Blue 53 or Blue 97
Army Goods
We have a specialprice on U S Government wheel harness
to Dec 10th 3500 per set collars included Also lead har
ness 2750 per set collars included Tliey are as good as
Brand new Government leather jerkins Only 500
Heavy brown duck reclaimed aviator wool lined overcoats
No patches no repairs They are as good as new and tougher
than a pigs nose Only 550
Long and short overcoats Just like new 1050 and 1250
A new army sheep lined coat Var 1075 Its a bear
Army issue laundry soap is getting scarce We can sell
you a box of 60 bars for 500 The last chance is as good as
the first if you are on time
New army unbreakable steel camp stoves Has an oven
19inches wide 10 inches high and 19 1 2 inches deep Let
us refer you to users Only 800
Call and see our good quality shoes 275 and 290 per
pair They are brand new and real workers
The Army Store
Where Your Dollars Do Their Duty
Arizona Branch Stores
Have you tried our
Made at Horne Pure Pork
With your Sunday morning flapjacks
Put up in 1 lb cartons at
You can tie the price but not the quality
Kingman Meat Market
Phone Blue 4

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