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Tombstone daily epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1890, August 02, 1889, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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f sm
Adrcrtiiing rates made Jmovraat this, Csfiicr.
resr-errtei mocks.
The Postoffice ts ojiea for ueuir.il dcutrery
rem 8 a. m. to 6 p. tn.
Meaey order Department open from 3 a. m.
op. m.
From East and West at 12 p-, depirts 3
. m.
tiiibccuuil departs 6 a. m ;arme6 p. m.
A- 4 8. E. E. B TIHE OABD.
Bisb-e. 7.o. a. m. " rhtnlc, 9 30 a. m.
Fajthakjiivn-vv Ba,-"i.33p. .
Daily, except Sjnia).
P. O. a. of A. to-night.
Latest periodicals at Munmonie r's. '
Seamans' thermomotor
registered 97.
Adam Synderhaut ilieil last Tuesday
at Fort Huacluica.
Sam Friedman came up from Con
tention yesterday.
City Council meets this evening at
8 o'clock.
Judge Fcrrin, Dae Colin and Mr.
Keefe arrived from E-sbee la-t nigUi.
A new lot of dry -roods rpceived at
Sydow A Kieke's jesterday. Call
around and inspect. 8 2
lion. Geo. W. Cheyncy and wife
have Rone to California."' They will
remain several months.
The .$3,500 transfer from the general
fund to the contingent fund was suffi
cient to pay all warrants up to date.
Ingrain carpet ialtems of China
matting latest styles at Geo. E.
Solder's. 30-10t
Supervisor While came up 'front
Benson yesterday. He will return to
day. ' .
Tombstone Typog:sph:cal Union
hold their regular mt-eCng nart Sun
day afternoon at 3 o'clock.
G. W. Bryant, postmaster at Ben
eon, was a witness yesterday in the
case d Ilafner vs. Wilson. Ho left
on the afternoon stage.
Stevenson &. Walter are the author
iied agents for Louisiana lottery tick
ets in this city. By investing 1 you
have a chance of winning a fortune, tf
This office was the recipient of a
basket of delicious peaches last night.
They were the gi't ot Joe Eignon and
were raised at his residence in this
The case of Hafner vs. Wilson was
on trial before Justice Easton yester
day afternoon. All the witnesses were
examined, testimony taken and the
case takcp under advisement.
The peculiar state of the isros
pberc culminated last ovening in a
alight storm. Abont ft quarter of air;
inch of rain fell, cooling the air and
making slumber very comfortable.
The Elite Theater Company gave an
illuminated parade last night on Al
len street. Different colored lights
were burned and the small boy specta
tor was in his glory.
The Sterling Silver mill will drop
.stamps tfek morning. It has been
shutdown several days, owing to the
Bfply of' quicksilver becoming ex-
hjttmtod- The order had been sent,
ht fee quicksilver failed to
Sis Gte Foj Inpititl.
Tlie case of the City v. Miss Gee
Foy occupied the entire attention of
Judge Hauke yes tenia) afternoon. A
jury of twelve was summoned and sat
throughout the trial in grave delibera
tion. Although our Chinese popula
tion is not large, yet enough vvilneseos
and spectators of the tribo of Con
fucius were present to take posses
sion of u South ea Island. The tes
timony was direct and diametrically
opposite. Witnesses whose veraii y
has never below been questioned un
qualifiedly swore one way, and the
representatives of U10 sin companies
swotc just as liard the other way. Tho
Court indulged very frequently in
copious" dra;ghts of ice water and-
looked as though he would like no h
iog letter than to be at the ?foi
pole, or some other equal! desirable
spot, whore police cou.-is are unknown
und vvliorc mankind is at peace with
nil the world unless ho liapnors to
possess a mirror. Tho attornoys for
bolh sides weie postivc of each other's
total depravity and masler'nl argu
meats were made that (surprised the
roof of the building. When tl'e cafe
was given to the jr that august loJy
decided that the fair plaitnitr was in
noceot of any woo-doing. and she
was discharged. The ca attracted
conridc,oble attention and was a test
case of the city o:d'uance. Itmigbl
be a good idea for (he City Fathers to
pass an o.-dinance that would not ad
mit of debaie on cases of a similar
D.strict Attorncv Slilwcll and fam
ily, accompanied by the two Haynes
brothers, who arVived here a few weeks
ago from Philadelphia in search of a
healthy climate, will leave to-day for
the Huachuca moumain3 on a pleas
ure tour. The party will remain in
the mountains about ten days and
propose lo have a jolly time. They
will be supplied with everything in the
way of food and drink, -and as the
Ifaynes brothers are first class physi
cians and surgeons, there is no fear of
their not re;urn"ng much improved
by their outing.
Ed. C. Williams has returned from
a trip to Washington Territory and
Oregon, and says he woul much prefer
Arizona than the boasted Northern
Territories. Like many old-timers he
has made a square comparison of Ari
zona with other Territories and finds
that the land of eternal sunshine is
far in the lead for opportunities.
"Intramural aestivation" i3 what
the Watcrburyltepublican calls stay
ing in town when you would like to
be at the sea shore. When you must
be cooped up inside brick walls it is so
comforting, you know, to tell youratc
quaintonccs that you have an attack
of "intramural aestivation." Boston
Globe. " '
Owing lo the storm and consequent
derangement of the wires, the Daily
ErvriPH is unable to present 'its read
ers with its usual telegraphic news
this morning. However, it makes no
difference to the bladder, as its bull
team specials come right along.
r Mrs. Attorney-General Cliurchiii is
recovering from a singular and pain
ful cafe of poisoning by cucumbers.
Her hand swelled up enormously, and
for several days she suffered as ttough
beset by half a dozcn, felons. PJicnix
Nesbit's poultry powder and Fo.-rest
cholera cure for chickens. For sale at
Wolcott's. tf
PeiperHcidsickandhoneshoe chew
ing tobacco at Sydow it Kieke's. 23
3. H. White's ncb butter at ,Wol-
The TraasirfiMs ef the DoarJ of Sajtmsore
r Co-kltt I'susfv. (
Tomijsio.vk, Augusl, 1689.
Board met pursuant to adjourn men t
at 2 p. m.
Present U.S. Coffman.-chairmsjn;
T. J. White and John Montgomery,
Minutes of previous meeting read
and approved.
The following bills were allowed and
warrants ordered drawn 011 tho several
G. C. Willis, county phyMCtan ?125 00
J. It. I'r.Mv.'ii, Bturvuni ... . 75 LU
G. C. ViLH, for cook and
washer 50 00
Geo. FairinstoB. tailor 155 00
Tha3. A. Howell, guard J21 00
W. W. Low'hcr, j "lor at BJs- ''
W. SliHiiam, jailor at Bonspn.
F. O. OadweHJfllor r.t Wilkox
Florence Hcmpseth, jnitrj:.
F. Castle, clerk '. . .
G. II. Daily, cHscrict clork . .
20 00
0 00
20 00
75 00
41 70
75 00
qh&maj. tt:;i.
Hy Walker, jus'ice feoa 17 CO
W. ShillisTii, ooastable ftes. . . 7 50
W. Shtliam, eaniiary few 1C 00'
G. II. Willy, clerk dist court,
fees.. '. 51 55
II. C. Stelhnaii and other;?,'
coroner's jury 48 00
Adam Borg, meals for coro
ner's iuv 0 00
Frank Frary, berUd of inili
gent it
31 50
Hate & Page, team hire 20 00
W. II. SQwell, expenses . . . . 35 75
Manuel Coroaao, lion taiip. . 15 00
John C Kasion, jmtk-e fees . . 71 95
Board uiijoorncd until the 2d, at 10
B. S. Corniis,
F15ED CAfilXE,
Gately's Universal .Educator and
Business Guide is a solid, carefully
prepared and thoroughly usoful book.
It .gives in a clear and brief form
everything which a person would or
dinarily care to know and for which
they would generally consult an ency
clopedia, a form book, or some techni
cal work on special science. It is a
book of reference, a dictionary, a text
book and a business guide all in one
and its 1200 pages are profusely illu
strated with colored maps and good
engravings. It consists of three vol
umes bound in one. Vol. I, contains
an account of the plants and animals
of the earth, its surroundings, its for
mation, and ils principal minerals and
metals; a history of its peoples and a
popular treatise upon law. Vol. II,
includes a treatise on the science of
numbers; instruction in all kinds of
drawing; an article upon -agricultural
chemistry and the plainest and most
practical realise. of physics and me
chanics ever issued ; and an article on
family.mcdicine.covcrine more ground
titan any other single book. Vol. Ill, j
relates principally to business, social
and domestic subjects.: complete in
structions are given in penmanslyp,
phonography, bookkeeping, dress
making and millinery, and the house
hold department with its practical
cook book and numerous recipes is
sure to interest every housewife.
It is sold only upon the subscription
plan by The J. Dewing Company, 813
Market street, San Francisco, Califor
nia, who Offer liberal terms to agents
and arc now receiving applcations for
Ab, Tktre! .
Call at the Crystal Palace for your
six-year-old Slater luskey and Old
Virginia liye the finest article ever
keptinTofflbstoae." II
inolhcr Oraae Crave
The following is an extract from a
letter received by the l'henix Herald
from a Californian:
'Thanks for tho two sample copies.
Kindly send me at once, per mail or
express, twentyi-fiveor fifty copies of
your Central and Southwestern pam
phlcts ; I am interested in your coun
ty. Tho Citrus Water Company of
San Bernardino owns property near
Gila Bend and wo mean rapid develop
ment of that end of Maricopa county.
Our canal is nearly completed. In
sizo it equals that of Itiverside, and
we are coming right to the front in
vsncyaruo 314 inMiutciiit'iiig. uttr
valley is a choice nook on the opposite
tide, pf the river fro.n Gila Bend, that
lias so long lain idle ou account of
wator rights not being obtained from'
(lie government across the Indian re
servation. The writer got the bill
through last session, and we are the
company of California horticulturists
that you vvaiW. Wtt know our busi
ness practically, and pioposo to place
as fine a colony of Al men, leading
the enterprise ourselves, as there is in
California or Arizona. I own tho best
budded and most valuable Washing
ton Xavel orange grown in America,
of its size, in Itiverside, and !olievc I
can dttplicato it in our warm valley at
Gila Bend.
When one visits the tea shore he is
reminded of the words of Keats that
I he was happy as le sat on tho prom
ontory till thought destioycd his para
dise and he saw "Too far into the sea
where every maw, the greater or tho
less, feeds evermore." The deep bel
lowing ocean winds around the solid
world like a huge anaconda hurled
down from the black clouds, writhing
till all ils strength is uonc. And so
all the financial centers of the world
are -all Holed with the boa constrictor
of contraction. Tho debtor is in the
grinninjrjaw-! of the creditor, silver m
demonetized and money is thus made
to increase in buying power. Finan
cial and Mining ltecord.
There is somo talk of getting up a
home in Tucson for destitute chil
dren. 2fo better project could be car
ried in'o cSccL Tucson has-a number
of public spiiiied women who would,
no doubt, be glad to aid such an insti
tution. There are many little boys
and g!rls in Tucson and vicinity who
should be provided with the fostering
caro that such an institution would
afford. Star.
Urs. 11. S.Th(iTaj
Teacher of piano, organ and banjo.
Vocal culture a specialty; thorough
instructions guaranteed; instruments
furnished for practice. Residence on
Seventh street, next to Methodist par
sonage. 4
Xew river potatoes at Sydow fc
Kieko's. 23
Buy & Louisiana lottery ticket at
Jos. Lippert's barber shop. tf
Absolutely Pur.
This powder never varies. A marvel
ol purity, strength and wholesomeness
More economical then the ordinary kinds
and cannot be sold in competioii with the
multitade of low test, short weight alum
or phosphate powders. Sold only in cans.
Royal Baking Powder Co o6 Wall
St., N. Y.
tan Froa M4ttgt,
Mr Clias. Dyke, of Beddington, was
in the city yesterday. He is engaged
in the stock business and reports that
the stock interests of the San Pedro
are in a most satisfactory condition.
The increase of the season was much
larger than usual, and the stock is all
in good condition. He thinks the San
Pedro valley is a fine stock raising
eouutry as the pasturage is generally
good and the stock is well protected.
The crops in the farming sections of
tho valley are very good. Most excel
lent beans, potatoes and other vegeta
bles are raised and produce good
crops. iitere Is comparatively little
fruit in tho valley but a large number
of young fruit trees planted are in a
thrifty condition. Mr. Dyke says that
those old enough to bear produce good
cfops. Star.
, Fonnil
A plain gold wedding ring, between
Xucosari and the old Nicholas ranch,
in Sonora, about fifteen days ago.
The owner can have the same by call
ing on Henry' Campbell, at the Pony
saloon, in this city, proving property
and paying for this advertisement.
Fre.h buttermilk at the Can Can.
Baby carriages, toys, brushes, books,
etc., at Monmonier's. .
Fresh fish and fresh oysters every
day at the Maison Dore.
Fresh oysters at the Can Can every
Stationery, paints, oils, etc., at Mon
monier's. 7-20
Pictures, picture frames, mouldings
and artists' materials at Monmonier's.
The D- M. Osborne mowers and the
Halladay windmills for sale at Wol
cott's. 3-3tf
m 1
Why not go to Harris, the tailor, and
get a good suit of clothes. tf
Latest style of cloth for Summer
suits at Harris' tailor shop. tf
The very finest coffee at the Maison
Dore restaurant.
Try some of Crosse fe Blackwell's
Jams. For sale at Wolcott's. tf
If you want to get fresh telegraphic
(no grapevine) news, read the Epitaph.
m m
Look out for something startling at
the Crystal Palace in the near future.
Broiled steaks and chops a specialty
at the Maison Dore.
The best way to stop Harris, the
tailor, from talking, is to order a suit
of clothes fiom him. tf
If you wanticc cold St. Lous draught
beer out of a genuine German pump
call on Julius Caesar at the Crystal
Palace. tf
Pioneer Establishment.'
(Ritter Building)
PKAEY & Co,. Managers.
The Iarjt ""t fint jtock of UndertaHcg
Good In Anion v 7e are prepared to do alt
uork ia ou Ioe n a iifet class manner. ALL
Bodies Embalmed
Or temporarily preserved at a trifling
expense for shipment.
Satisfaction Given in All Raspecfe.
"Orders left at the O. K. Stable
will receive prompt attention.
tXext to Elite Tbemler)
Tomostone, Arizona-
The Choices. Brands of
kiyuwna ,---
'and CrQAIIt
Al-wmys om
' i
. ,"i
.1 V
' i

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