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Tombstone daily epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1890, September 05, 1889, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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"P! M
r ti't-ij' rr -fW n - p -r r--r
pryrrt-"HWil4 1-
r j ' i i
L i ' i i ,m.mmaHtMmnr
Advertising rates in id? knoun.it tln. olhie.
!( r.01 in 1: hoiks.
The PtKtortice is o;en for uenrril deliver)
om 3 a. m. to 6 p. iil
Money order Ueputinent ojen from 8 a. m
6 p. ra.
Mill. AKKIl.ll.S.
rrom Kat imi West at l-i in , deiwits 3
Kul-e null ilinvuts 6cm, irnvej 6 p. in.
L. & 8. E. R. K-TIME OARD.
isbee. 7 cm 1. in Fiirbink. 9 30 1. m.
FairkinV, la ooaooi, Hisbce 3 33 1. 111.
U11I1 ftcept;san 1
M-a-u d-.i-m u-p
A. O. V W to-night
Latest periodical- at Monmonier'-'.
Fresh buttermilk at the Can Can.
The thermometer at win.m' -tore
registered .12 ve-terdav.
Oro sack-, lent- and wniion covtr
at Svdow .v Kieke'-. !
Xot a solitary drop of rain rell in
thi cit vesterday.
Buy a I.ioui-iaii.1 lottery ticket at
Jo-. Lippert's harler shop. tf
Adam Berg left ve-terday itftenioon
for his ranch.
Stone water buckets something
new, at sydow A Kieke'-. .'t
The authority and power of ecn the
Queen of England is not absolute.
Complete suit- of clothes for gentle
men, '-fl each, at j?doiv& KiekeV. '.i
Jailer Farrington is having a tussle
with rheumatism.
Mrs. Ben Goodrich armed jester
day and is the guest of Mrs. Bead.
Oil, needles, attachments and parts
for repairing all the leading sewing
machines at Yapb-'s Candy Factory.1-1
A nice batch of ricli ore will he
chipped from the Mav (lower mine this
morning by Louis Aubrey.
You am get a line baby buggy from
Joe Brown at Ies- price than an ordi
nary one elsewhere.
G. A. Kockfellow, the newly ap
pnintcd principal of our public school,
is in the city preparing to open school
next Monday.
The D- M. Osborne mower and the
Halladay windmill for sale at Wol
cott'a. 3-3tf
What'-s the matter -with Attorney
General Miller "Oh, lie's all right,
jou bet'" What's the matter with
W v? "Oh, '"
.Stevenson fc Walker arc the author
utd agentu for Louisiana lottery tick
ets in this city. By investing. ?1 you
have a chance of winning a fortune, tf
J. Mjers, of the firm of J. Mvers A
Bro., of this city, arrived jesterday, ac
companied by Hugh Foster, of the
San Francisco board of trade.
Jim Welch and Del Daves yesterday
found two "honey" trees a short dis
tance beyond Clarksburg, from which
4bey secured about fifty pounds of
JiODey and brought it to town.
The Protection boys are meeting
,rHh deserved success and the pro-
eds of the ball to-night will net them
neat sum. Everybody should go
1 .hnw their appreciation of the
who guard our city from being
Tk TnmuctiiniN of tLr Hoard of 5iitnivr
of (Vuc-r I umitj.
Tomij-iom- -cptenihir 1, ISM).
Board met pur-uant to adjournment
at 10 a. m.
1'resi'iit I!. S ("oilman, ihuirmaii,
John Montgomery, meiul-er.
Minute- of previous meeting read
and approved.
Ordered that tho Treasurer be in
structed to camel the h.m uient to
K. P. Hubbard, on hoii-e and lot in
St 1) iv. ids m 1&S7, as it was n-sessed
to M. II Merrill and tae- paid, al-o
to camel the a es-ment on hur.-e,
wagon and liarnu?-, a- they were re
moved from the Territory in lNi0.
Ordered that the a--e--ment foi
!"-: to Jacob Hoer-ch on -ee Id,
township 1" -011th, mnire 20 en-t, be
camelled, ,i1m the a-su meiit to
l'eter Church for IsSs, on -eo 10,
town-hip 17 -outh. range 20 eait, bi
cancelled, a- all of -aid land i- in
cluded 111 the town-ib- of Ben-on, and
is a-se wl toother parties al-o that
the ae-siiient to C M Hooper 111
hssb, on the Ej-of 'V and W4 !
XEJ, ee 7, townhip 10 sfiuth, ranire
20 ea-t. be cancelled, h- -aid land wa
ae.d to Antonia Grijnlhn
Orderwl that T. Alli-on be emplove!
.1- a istant to Clerk of the Board of
Supervisor- in making out the du
plicate tav. roll.
Ordered that there bo entered on
the duplicate as-es-ment roll for the
vear lSti, in the column headed Co1
leitors Fee, an amount equal to two
per cent of the t.es due from each
ta paver, based on four dollars and
one-fourth of one cent on each one
hundred dollar- valuation of hi- proj
t rty.
Ordered that the tae- of I J. .
Hatch for ls7, be -ettl'tl. and the
deed to the Territory be cimcelkd on
hi- p.ument to the County Trta-urer
the sum of twenty dollar-.
Ordered that the t-"C of M. M.
Welch for Is7, be -ettled, and the
deed to the Territory le cancelled on
his paving to the County Trea-urer
tle Mini of ten dollar's.
The following claim- were allowed
mid warrant- ordered drawn
Bank of Tombstone, jury ert 1 1 00
C. H. A, T. Co., eiipplie- tounty. 0 7."i
II. G. Howe, making map for
Senate committee B!7 00
S. Tribolet, -upplie; county I'.S 0"
Board adjourned to meet at 1 p. 111.
September ", lSblt.
B. S. Commas',
FkKIi C.VsTI k,
The dance at Turn Verein Hall to
night will be a grand allair and open
ing of the season. Over 100 tickets
have already been sold and the com
mittee expect"" to largely increase the
numler todav.
J. Myer- A Bro., of tin city, and do
ing business in Bisbee, yesttrday as
signed their entire property to Levi
Strauss and Abraham Weil, of San
Francisco. All outstanding accounts
are included in the transfer. Hugh
Foster, of San Francisco, is represent
ing the assignees. Allen U. English
is attorney for J. Myers A Bro.
Phil Sullivan arrived in Tombstone
Tuesday night from Gautemala, Cen
tral America. He says that country
is improving and considerable mining
is being done. The most important
work now being done in that country
is the building of a railway by private
individuals. About .'00 Mexicans are
at work on the road. Mr. Sullivan
will return to that a country in a few
Dl.l'AKTMOT up .JrviHT,
WAMiiNinors.Juiy 10, 188).,
7 the Honorable, the Sicretury
of the Interior:
Snr: I have examined
with '-are th letter of 'Jover-
nor Wolf ley, of Arizona, tinted
June 2(5th, and the letter of
the Secretary of Arizona Ter
ritory. Mr. X. 0. Murphy,
dated .June 2d. hoth of which
s-cein to haveleen referred hy
you to Ai-tant Attorney
(leneral Shield-, and have
lieen hv him liroii'jht to me
for consideration and an opin
ion. I am unable to find in
either, any iietion of law
which i- not covered hv the
opinion-of thi- Dejiartment.
rendered to vou under date.- of
March 10th. May 2i)h and
dune HHli. 1S80. The fir-t
of the-e opinion- wa- to the
effect that, under the Act of
Connie--, which i- tl Or
ganic law of the Territory.
the section of the LejiUiture of
Arizona is limited to SIXTY
consecutive duts. I he corol
lary of this conclu-ion -eem-
elear that any attempted leir-
i.-lation after that time would
lie litigatory. The -econd
opinion wa to the effect that
under the Organic law of Ari
zona Territory the Governor
ha.i no power to call an extra ses
sion of the Legislature. And
the third opinion wa to the
effect that THE LEGISLA
the wisdom of such legislation
no opinion in expressed, and
in discussing the power it is
of course, assumed that the
legislation takes place within
the sixty days allowed by lair
for the session. If, upon an
examination, you are of the
opinion that there is any
question involved in either of
these papers, or connected
with them, upon which you
wish an opinion from this
Department, if you will he
good enough to state the sjime
J will be glad to reconsider
the question and furnish such
I return herewith the two
Kespect'ly yours,
W. H. H. MlLLEB,
Do you want to be happy, healthy,
wealthy and vvi-e? Drop into tla
I'ony Saloon and ak Henry foi soiiu
of that tine old hand made So sh
Bourbon Whi-kv and Will and Hills'
Spring of 'bO. lle.d-o ha- on hand
Hermitage Bourbon, J II. Meliravcr
Bourbon, Hippy and (lukcnheimcr
Hvt all pute, sti. light old good; to
gether with all kiiidr of imiiorted
Braudie-, Wiius, AU-and Porter of
tho mo-t c lelirated brand-. 1 1 1 - Cali
fornia Brandv annot be stirpu-M-i
anywhere. All kinds of fancy iui.ed
drinks a -peci.dtv , the Caruiuu Kev
West Cigar lanuot be bent, for III
money, in any pi !. M. Loin.- Au
heiiser Bu-ch Lager Beer, ice cold, on
draught. Call and be convinced,
tf llbMtY Cwinihu., Proprietor.
Prom a gentleman who itc ntly ar -
rived from .-onora, .Me.viio, we learn
that the Omega miuelia elo-ed down,
throwing fortv one men out of employ
ment. The i.iu-e stem- to be a
-canity of water for the smelter.
Plentv of water i- to be had a .hort
di-taiue below the mines but i- hImjiiI
.1W feet lower and will have to be
pumped up. The owner, Mr. Whit
more, has gone to California to pro
cure a boiler ami sufficient piping for
that purpo-e.as other neces-ary pump
ing machinerv is already on the
ground. The ore hute- are all tilliti
with ore -oine of which a-sav
twenty-tight ptr cent in lead and over
.'!("( ounce-in silver. There i- plenty
of gcod ore in -ight a mountain of it,
in fact and it i- -tated that the mine
will be working m full blast within
three month- and probably within a
There was a terrible epidemic of
dv-entery ami bloodv flux in Pope
County, Illiuoi-, la-t slimmer. A
many a- five death- occurred in one
day. Mes-r-. Walter Brother-, of Walter-burg,
sold over :0 bottles of
Chamberlain'- Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhea Itemedv during tin- epideuiK
and -avs they never heard 'if it- fail
ing in any ca-e when the dircition
were followed. It was the only mid
icine Used tint did cure the wor-i
cases. Many persons were cured by
it after the doctor- had given them up
2."i and .10 cent bottles for sale bv II
J. Peto.
Fresh ii-h anil fresh ovsters everv
day at the Mai-on Dore.
Fre h oy-iter- it the Can Cm every
'- i1
Absolutely Pure.
. ... u... uw. .,. tniikj jfc I.t.a.C
if purity, s'rength ind wholesomencss
More eronomic.il then the ordmarv k nds
and cmnot be sold in competion with the
multitude of low test, short weight alum
r phosphate powders. Sold onl in cms.
Roval Baking Powder Co., 106 Wall
St., X. Y
500 Fat Steers.
I'ersons wishing to buy fat
cattle, can purchase the same
from Messrs. Jose Maria and
Mtinuel Elias, at their ranch
in San Pedro, Palominas, So
nora, Mexico, who have now
on hand 500 fat steers. They
will be sold at moderate prices.
For further particulars in
quire at the above named
w G3
I ranch.
9-1 -1 in
The following were tlleil in the
Countv Kt order's oltice ve-terday:
.1. Mver- A Biu to Levi Straus- and
Abraham Weil, merchandise in trust
lor ciclilorii.
A. X. Culm to X Xobile, real etute
in Tomb-tone; I.
11.(5. Howe, inilar) puliHe; 0. II.
MaeXeil ami E K Monk Mtieties.
iovu.k tn rruK.vnY.
I!vi Straush ami Abraham Weil to
Hugh Foter.
If Mr. WolHey refu-es to make the
call under the law, of the Territory
ho wilt have an opportunity of ex-
plaining to the court his rea-otis for
di-obeving the laws. Pheni. Gazette.
Broiled -teaks and chops a specialty
at the Maisuli Dore.
If ou want ice cold St. Loin draught
beer out of a genuine Oirmanpump
call on Julius Caesar at the Crystal
Palace. tf
J.H.White's ranch butter at Wol
cott's. tf
Baby carriage-, tov-, bnishe-, books,
etc., at .MonmonierV.
Picture-, picture frame-, mouldings
and artj-t-' material-" at Monmoiiier's.
Mi-s Wood gives concerts at the
Crvslal Pal ici torn ert hull every night.
Go and hear her fe Utf
Stationery, paint-, oil-, etc., at Mon-monier'-.
X'e-bit'- poultry iniwdcr and Forre-t
cholera cure for chicken-. For -ale at
Wolcott's. tf
Swiutnn'- indcihblc marker, for
clothing -iinl all other fabric-, is for
sale at Minmuit r -
Pioneer Establishment.
(Ritter Building)
FHARY&; Co,. Managers.
I"he lari:-t and firi t ck of Uudertakinff
OootU in rion u i m n pared to do ail
work in our Iim m 1 irt t'l nunntrr ALL
Bodies Embalmed
Or ttrij-or nl f r nnl tt a trilling
t- I tor hipment
Satisfaction Given in All Respects.
3rOrders 1' ft at the O. K'. Stable
will receive prompt attention.
Aim ttiiAn:. run:L weettob.
To be given by
Protection Hose Co., No. 3,
Skating Rink
Tlnirsilay, JSept. 5, 1S89.
Tombstone Firt Department.
Frank Kjan, ieo. Nodilin,
Jos. I.ipi-ert, V. Ileal ,
S. Wa-hburn, T. Atchison,
Oeorge Watt, Win. Harwood,
J. haughnessy, II. Campbell,
I. Xobile, J. Montz,
.1. Hart, Hen Cook,
IS. Hjde, C. X. Thomas-,
George Walker, J. Prindiville,
A. C. Banning, W. Kirlevv,
Ed. Whinncn, J. B. Miano,
J. Hoetller, L. Graf,
T. rimith, II. Jenkins.
fi)oi: JIANAGEK.
Fred Herrera,
II. Conlon, J. Nichols,
It. Hennessy, J. Welch,
Al. Staniger, C. Crouch.
Grand March at 8 0 sharp.
(J. Garcia, leader.)
Tickets. - . - - $'
-ojetl ly C'e-

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