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Tombstone daily epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1890, September 14, 1889, Image 2

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Fourth Street, between Fremont and AUeu
Tomltoue. Cochise Comity. Arizona.
ll( Itll'llON Kill.:
One Year (u. advance) . . $10 oo
Su months . 6 oo
Thr months . .... . . Jon
H .vcrd byJCVtrne-sfcr :$ ctnts perv.eek.
leKTERf D II TmI frolT OI Kl At fttCOSO CLASS wATTta.
the only Daily Scivspajicr
jiubli.slicd in Cochise coun
ty that taLi'f, a nynltir
teleyraphic jins n)nrt
ami dots not use "boiler
Ml ch obliged to the Citien for not
including u- in the t.itegorv of fil
"We cannot return the compliment a
long us the editor of the Cmen -o
jier-i-tentl trie- to make it- reader?
lu'lieve that white 1- black. It is
strange that onh one law i- picked
out a- being illegal, -linplv U'cau-e it
does not -nit a certain yang of iohti
cal marplot- Ihe lvli.Y F.htvih
i- fullv convinced that the (loveruor
deliberately -et toworktodcfe.it the
holding of a eon-titutional convention
becau-e. he had pood reasons for be
lieving that Arizona would have btn
admitted this winter, anil in that evi nt
he would not stand a glm-t of a show
for an sort of tohtic.il prcfermi nt.
and would be rebg.itid to the ob-cnr
ity from which he via- -o ltieon-ider-ately
.inked b the -trong arm of
Secretary Noble. And it i- unite
likely that the Governor did not wi-h
a come ntion to mtet for fear it might
pass a re-olution condemning his ac
tions since he has been in otlice, and
request his removal He ha- twisted
certain opinion- obtained on a deliber
ate mis-tatemeiit of fact-, and lefu-ed
to be guided bv others b cause they do
not suit him. Our jail- are full of
men who have di-ob.ved law- tli.it did
not suit their peculiar views
Thk strike that has ju-t been settled
in London was one of the largest and
most remarkable of modern tunc-. It
resulted in a victory for the striker:!,
which was mainly due tc thu splendid
management of a man bv the name
of John Burns, hitherto unknown, but
who in a few weeks has achieved world
wide celebrity. He ha- shown him
self to be a man of extraordinary
ability in that he has been able to hold
in control vast bodies of de-perate and,
in the main, ignorant men. and mould
them to his: will. In his position a
weak man would have lest control and
London would hive been plunged into
all the horrors of a not on an im
mense scale. There are many in
stances in history where labor, in its'
need, has developed leaders of com
manding ability, and not infrequently
therf fmve come from the ranks of the
toilers men who have impressed them
selves indelibly on the history of the
AitciiBisiioi' Sau-oi.nte, of New
Mexico, who formerly hied at Tucson,
ii taking an active part in the discus
sion of the school question now going
on in our neighboring Territory. From
what can be gathered of his plan from
the column? of the Albuquerque Dem
ocrat, it ig repugnant to American
ideas, and if he should succeed in hav
ing it adopted by the convention now
in session at Santa Fe it will act as an
effectual bar to the admission of New
Mexico as a Stale.
Tiik Democrats of Silver Bow
county, Montana, have, nominated a
lady for Superintendent of Schools
Tiik (iovernor ha- made another one
of hi- weekly trips to Tucson for ad
vice as to what he had better do in hii
present dilemma.
Thekk was a jiroposilion before the
constitutional convention of New Mex
ico to make the judiciary appointive,
but it i- not probable that it will pass.
It should not, for such u method of
fhoo-iiig othcer- 1- not republican. i
contrary to our -vstem of government,
and by such method corrupt men arc
more liable to get into places of honor
and trust than by the elective.
HaNoii lltrct.
'Ibis old tiiix and jiupiihirre-taurant
still maintains it.- lMi.-ition as a wvor-
te pi ice for our citizens to regale
themselves on all the table delicacies,
which are prepared in a tooth-oiiie
manner and served bv polite and at
tentive waiters. This restaurant makes
a -pecialt of broiled -teak- and out
lets, and imports cotlte of extra qual
it, thus being able to furnish the best
cup of colRe obtainable in the city.
Fresh lish every day, and an elegant
chicken dinner every Sunda.
Mr Moore, the I'o-t Ma-ter at Brad
shavt, Ya., after reading an advertise
ment of L'h.iiulierl.iiii'e Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Kcnictly, concluded to
irv a small IhjUIc of it. He say- "I
u-etl it in two ca-e- for colic and three
for diarrhea with perfect satisfaction.
One tlo-e gave relief m every case but
one, that was a bad case of colic and
required the second dose I have
handled a great deal of patent medicine
as agent and for my own use, but never
tried an that gave .is good results as
"Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhea Kcmctly." For sale at 23
and oO cents per bottle by H. J. I'cto.
There was a terrible epidemic of
dwntery ami bloody flux in I'oie
County, Illinois, last summer. As
man a-i live deaths occurred in one
day Messrs. Walter Brother-, of Wal-
tersburg, sold over 1560 bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhea Hemedy during this epidemic
and says they never heard of its fail
ing in any case when the directions
were followed. It wa the onlv med
icine used that did cure the worst
ca-es. Many persons were cured by
it after the doctors had given them up.
23 and 50 cent bottler for sale by II.
J. Feto.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing svrup, for
children teething, is the prescription ot
one of the best female nurses and phy
sicians in the United States and has
been Used for over forty years with never
failing success by millions oi mothers for
their children. During the process oi
teething its value is incalcuable. It
relieves the child of piin, cures dysentery
and diarrhoea, griping in the bowel, and
wind colic. By giving health to the
child it gives rest to the mother. Price
2J cents a bottle ian26-iy
Swinton's indellible marker, for
clothing and all other fabrics, is for
sale at Monmonier's.
.Ncsbit's poultry jiovvder and Forrest
cholera cure for chickens. For Bale at
Yolcott'. tf
The Cir. Can restaurant has the
finest varieties of fish frefk every day.
1-atest style of cloth for Summer
suits at Harris' tailor shop. tf
The very finest coffee at the Maison
Dore restaurant.
i -
Broiled steaks and chops a specialty
at the Maison Dore.
J. H. White's ranch butter at Wol
cott's. tf
Miss Wood gives concerts at the
Crystal Palace concert hall every night.
Go and hear her. 8 9tf
Stationery, paints, oils, etc., at Mon
monier's. 7-20
Baby carriages, toys, brushes, books,
etc., at Moomonier'i.
. , , , ,T tii
Resigns Just to Keep Noble
From Doing So.
VV A-1IIM. ION, M'pt. I.J. lo a rc
porter Tanner -aid to-dav The I're-i-
Senator Voorhees Sick A Millionaire
Murdered Cox's Funeral
The Neagle L'ase.
Will IktuJou lltr.
Atlantic City, Sept. 13. '1 he (ler
nuui ship Kustmunde i- aground mi
Absccon beach. She l- vcr heavy
and the crew will be obliged to aban
don her
Tie Mf-amer Atlanta SalV.
Nhvi-okt. B. I., Sept. 13. The I'
S. -tf-amer Atlanta arrived lien- tin-,
morning from New York, ."-he siillered
no damage irom tne storm it wa
teired -he had been lot.
Sent Back,
stx Dikoo, Sept. V.i. Four Chine-i
were arrested la-t night at Tia .Juana
while trvmg to cross the txiunil.irv be
tween the I'mted State- and Ixiwer
California. They were taken back
aero the line to-dav.
Fatal Collision.
Kkotkvill, Ontario, .-ept 1.?. The
steamer Iiothesav and tug Moera col
lided betu ecu here and Maitland last
night. Three lives were lo-t The
Moera -ank liiimediatelv The I'othe
sa hatl an excursion party on board
ind wa- beached.
Tbf w Jleilfo (ornentifin,
VNTA Fk, Sept. l.'J. In the consti
tutional convention to-day the rejiort
of the committee on the legislative
department was not amended in anv
material respect and adopted. It provide-,
among other things, for a com
plete school system.
K .Millionaire .Mnnltrtd.
New Yokk, Sept. V.i F. V. Ge
weiii, the millionaire tool manufact
urer, was murdered this morning b
Chri-tian Diehl. lie clumetl that
(Jt ivein defrauded him on patent
trail-actions. Diehl enured Gt wem's
ollice this morning and demamb-d
$."),XK); (Jcsswein refu-ed when Diehl
shot him through the heart. Diehl
war arrested, lie is about OO vt.irsl
old j
He Muses to Tail.
Washington, Sept. 13 Commis
sioner Tanner did not appear at the
Ptnsion otlice to-day. It is believttl'
he has taken a leave of ub-ence until
the time for him to turn over the.
otlice formally to his succe3-or Sec-1
retary Noble refused to say an thing
in regard to the report that Hon Wm.
Warner will he in Washington to-day
in re-on-e to a telegram sent bun in
regard lo his taking the ollice of Com
sioner of Pensions. (
Slot let DttMnl.
,an Fkavcuco, Sept. 13. Argu
ments in the Neagle case were r
Riipipd to-day before Judge Sawer
and Sabin. The attorney for Neagle
contended that the prisoner was jn-ti-
tied in law and reason for shooting
Terry, and asked the court to dismiss
him from custody. The district attor
ney of San Joaquin county argued on
behalf of the juri-diction of the State.
He claimed the crime was committed
on State M)il and that Neagle should
be tried by the State. White submit
ted the cafes after asking the court to
turn Neagle over to the State for trial.
The court then adjourned until tomorrow.
A .Sick Ndufor.
Nkvv Yokk, Sept. i:S. A Washing-
ton special says Senator Yoorht es is
'li'ite ill. He hid a congestive chill
CuiiiiiiivMuinT Tanner Talks.
nor did lie adw-e that I lesigu, iiuil he
a-siired me that the investigation into
the allairs of the Pen-inn ollice had
developed nothing that relletcd upon
my hone! or g(.od ii.ttn::. ".;, and
said that if I lemamed m othee Sec
retary Noble would resign I decided
that it wiii better that 1 should re-ign
Secretar Noble -aid there w:i- noth
ing personal m the c.iu-e-which led
to the -everauee ofotIui.il relation
between him-elf ami Tanner. It wa
eutirely due to dillerence of opinion
in regaitl to matters ot olhci il adiuiii-i-tration
S. S. IWs Fwitral.
NhW YaillK. Sept V.i The fitiu ral
of si .-. Cot occurred tiwl.iy The
church wa- crowded long before the
houi of -ervice. 'Ihe lloral tributes
were uiiu-ually nunierou- and elabor
ate including piece- -ent bv the letter
carrier- from variou- large eitie-. Tin
funeral cortege nit hided ev.-1're-nh nt
.Cleveland, Yice I're-ident Morton, (ten.
Sherman and cv-lioiernor Ibiatlley.
The -trvite- were -linplo and brief.
Addres-es were madi ly I! v Dr.
Decerns, I! v. Wilburn. Cliaplam of
the Hou-e of Bepre-entative-, and
Kev. T. Dewitt Talmadge The intei
ment took place at Greenwood.
Tlif Storm.
Nmv Ykkk. Sept 13. The -torm
on the Atlintic ctnst continues but
with greatly tlinnii'-hcd intensitv The
wind remains high along the roa-t
and the rain continues from Norfolk
to Boston The gile last night threw
all the incoming vessel- till their
eour-e-. .-ever.d days may elap-e be
fore they can return. The fog which
has envt loped the lower b iv for -ever.d
days has cli'ared away and the long
delayed steamships are toniing here
to-day. All overdue European -team-era
are crowded vtith sea-ick pi en
gers. The Cit til" Boiiie arrivetl this
morning he experiencetl a very
rough V0.igeand narrow e-c.ipe frtmi
a collision with an outward bound
-teamer in the lower bay. The
steamer Knickerbocker which was due
here TiH-aday arrived this morning
after a dangerous pas-ag
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vanes. A marvel
of purity, strength and wholesomeness
More economical then the ordinary kinds
and cannot be sold in competion with the
multitude of low test, short weight alum
or phosphate powders, bold only in cans.
Royal Baking Powdkr Co., 106 Wall
St, N. Y.
A plain gold wedding ring, lietwecn
Nacoari and the old Nicholas ranch,
in Sonora, alxnit fifteen days ago.
The owner can have the same by call
ing on Henry Campbell, at the Pony
saloon, in this city, proving property
and paying for this advertisement.
Fresh fish and fresh oysters every
day at the Maison Dore.
-mbinei the tuice of the Blue Figiof
.ndrnu, to laxative and nutritious,
iwth the mediunal virtues of pUrits
known to be most beneficial to tSe
liumn svsttm. forming the ON L.Y PER
FhCT REMEDY to act gently yet
promptly on the
Cicansetfie System Effectually,
Naturally follow. Every one n using it
and all are tielighteJ v. ith it. Ask your
druggist for SYRUP OK FIGS. Manu
fi:cturcd onlv by the
p. San Fkanusco, Cal. k
LovisviLLa. Kv !ewYok, N.Y
rimuthv seed. Ircsh i iloetlei's
!ice Spring guods Pants from 8 up,
suits from JjO up hee H irn' stock
imi eon.'incc vo.irself.
WaN'IKIi. Agents for the Economy
Fuel burnrr Lne.ipand best ot the kind
n the market. Add"-s P. O. Box 583
Omaha, Neb.
Mr. Hoeiler has received a lot of the
seed of the e-parsette-samloin, a forage
plant that is attracting a great deal ot
attention at the present tune. It is
claimed to be especially adapted to dry
countries, and is said to be superior to
lucerne or altalfi.
Whether on pleasure bent or business
should take en every trip a bottle ol
Sirup of Figs, as it acts most pleasantly
and eriectuallv on the kidnevs, liver and
b.mels, preventing fevers, headaches and
other forms of sickness. For sale in 50c
and S1.00 bottles b all leading druggists.
Sheriff's Sale.
liy virtue of an execution issued out of tht
District Court of the first Judicial Distnct, in
and lor tht County of Cochise. Territory ot
Arizona, to me directed and delivered on si
judniei.irtr.dered in saidCourt on the 15th day
of M i) I8S0, in favor of G G Eerrj and
ai;iinsi U.irc I'rict wit-rein 1 am commanded
to make tht Mini ot $203 damages with interest
lhreon from d te ot judgment at the rate of 3
p.r cert tr m r th for Sloo balance at 7 per
cent per annum until paid together with Sher
iff coils and at truing com
I h ivl t! is day luid ui,cn ttie following dis
sented property , to-ii ljicmrg at the north
west corner ot lot No eight (81 in block No.
thirtvtuo 13--) and running thence east along
the north line of said lot a distance of thirty
(30) feet, therce uth at nht angles eight (81
leet; thei ce west it right angles ekven (11) feet;
thence Kiuthat right angles thirtetn (13) feet;
th n- ei at right angles fhe (5) feet, thence
south at right angles to thi outh line of said
lot t igh: (8; feet, thence wrt along the south
hn- of said lot to the west line thereof, thence
north along the said west line of said lot to the
pLite of beginning. U-irg the same piece of
land deeded to sud Priest by Glover Kmgs-lie-ry,
who ucre the former owners of the hole
jf s.110 lot tight (8) in said block thirty-tuo (32),
as tl e samt is represented upon the official map
of the slid cn of Tombstc.nt, said county and
Territory, and appurtenances thtrtunto belong
ing. I'ubl-c notice is herebv given that on Monday,
the 23d dty of isrpteinbr, ISSg, retneen the
hours of 9 a, m. and 4p.n1, ramel), 2 o clock
p. m . in front of the MierifTs crhce, in the city
of tombstone, Coch'se county, Anzona Tern
torv I will -.ell 1 1 the right, title and interest of
tht suid Ward Priest in and to the ihm rf
scribed proiertv at public auction, to the high
est and best bid' er for cash, law ml money of
the United States, to satisfv said execution and
all costs.
Uilcd this, the oth day of August, 188q.
J II --LAUGH I ER. Sheriff.
By K. A. Miattcck L nder Sheriff.
Dry Concentrator.
TRATOR will concentrate from 15 to
25 tons of galena ore per day, and of
light sulphurets from 7 to 15 tons.
For Particulars address
Room 117 Phelan Building,
San Francisco, CaL
Location notices, Justices' blanks, af-
ilicable to the new Code, mining bonds
and deeds, and all blanks commonly '
use, for sale at this office.
r--Li, jEram
r.si t v iu?
, I

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