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Tombstone daily epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1890, September 19, 1889, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Adveitiing rate nude Lnon.it this ottice.
fott.otmv. iioik-.
The Poitoiiice is open for cener.il delivery
0111 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Mcney ordr Department 0x-n from 3 a. lit.
6 p. m.
From tit vid West at 12 m , departs 3
. in.
Uihee null departs 6 1. rn . arrives 6 p. m.
A. & 3. E. B. B-TIME OAKD.
isbee, 7.00 a. m. KairUink. g 30 a. .in.
Kiiro.ink, 12 00 noon. Hi!k 2 30 p. in.
Da ly, except'SunJi)
A. O. U. W. to-night.
1'. O. S. of A. to-morrow night.
Mayor Thomas returned Vfutcnl.iv.
Tlie thermometer ul Su.11n.1n1' store
registered "." yesterday.
Buy a Ioiii-iana lottery ticket nt
Jo.. Lipiert's barlier shop. tf
U.iby carriage?, toys, brushes, books,
etc., at Monmonier's.
Several divorce iush will occupy the
attention of the uet term of court.
The ery liucrt cotlte at the .Mai.-on
Dore rert.iur.int.
Fresh tish and fresh oysters cery
dav at the Mai-011 Dore.
Fresh oysters at the Can Can every
1'ictnre-, picture frames, mouldings
and artists materials at Moumonicr'e.
A fall of rain ata.-ted in last night at
1 :'.',0 o'clock witli indications of con
tinuing the remainder of thj night.
Oil, noWles!, attachments and parts
for repairing all the leading sew in
machines iSlYaple's Candy Factory.1-1
The journal of proceedings of the
Fifteenth Legislature is now printed
and in general circulation.
Kemember the agency for Clark's
"O. X. T." sikkjI cotton i- at Sydow A
Kieke's. 12
V. K. Fitzgerald, of the El Pa-o
Smelting Company, is in the city, on
his way to Tunpioise district.
Everything in the line of teaching
the young idea how to shoot can be
found at Monmonier's.
I). A. -Millar, of the Ilhode Island
mining company, of California district,
is in the city.
The D- M. Osborne mowers and the
Halladay windmills for sale at Wol-
cott's. 3-3tf
J. Myers, of the firm of J. Myers A
Ilro., of tlits city, left yesterday for
.San Francisco.
Housekeepers will take notice that
a complete Mock of glassware, lamp-",
"i.e., '.v:!l shoitiy arrive at Sydow A:
Kieke's. 18
Tickets for tlie nest drawing of the
Louisiana lottery ran be procured at
Stevenson fc Walker's or of Jo-). Liji-
.- .
Stevenson fe Walker are tlie author
tied agents for Louisiana lottery tick
et in this city. By investing $ l you
have a chance of winning a fortune, tf
It will le advantageous for ladies to
wait until the arrival of our now lot
of goods before purchasing their win
ter supply. Sydow & Kiekc. 18
Our buyer has just completed the
purchase of the largest and finest lot
-of mens' furnishing goods ever brought
to Tombstone. Sydow & Kieke. 18
Juta KiMnjN I'rcMoii.
11. N. Ai.hXAMihH lot: rut: Tkkk torn
Oh AliUONA Vs. TlloMA- IkollK-:
I'pon a nlea in abatrmi'iit tiled by
the Icfcndaiit heroin, the court tind
for ncfemlant, and it U therefore or
dered and adjudged that thi- action do
abate and bo discontinued.
September VA, IhJ.
Jo-i:rn KiiniKY, Judge.
Time until the I'.lth of September,
lSVJ, is given to either party to pre-
pare and present exception-.
J. Xobilc is making many rejKtiis
and improvements to hi.- residence
prepmitory to the arrival of his
mother and brother.
Tombstone lias -'enteon -alooit-,
all making expense.-and some of them
much more. And et our citizens
complain of dull time. Supjio-e there
Here seventeen churches!
Vic Wilson returned from Texas
vcstenlav and will remain until re
lieved, after which Ik will return to
the Ixuic Star State, to reside in fu
ture. William and Walter Walsh and
William Kirlcu will leave thi- morn
ing on a hunting trip up the San
1'edro river. They will go as far us
Hereford .tin! will !m absent several
All stock men rctmrt that the recent
rain- hae greatly benefited the ranges,
but not .-o much a if the fail li.id oc
curred a month ago. However, good
winter feed seem- as-ured.
A .Mexican brought in from the ?i-errita-
several day- since '?"J worth of
gold, and says there are aliotit twenty
live men at work there, washing out
the yellow metal to the amount of
-? I.."0 and upwards per day each. There
is plenty of water. Star.
Some one wea'idg a man'.- habiliment-,
but who should mo'e ji'operly
be classed as a brute, gave vent to his
general cus-edne.s la-t evening by
cutting oil' the tail of a dog belonging
to a well known citizen. The animal
was valuable and will probably die
from theellects of the wound.
Ccrisiileiabie work is bung done on
the mines at Clark-burg, thi- district,
at present. The State of M.ii-ie i
working ten men and taking out .-titli-cient
ore to pay e.-peiises. A winze i
now being sunk from the sixth to the
seventh level and so far ha.- Ken i.i
ore. Shipments are made almut once
a month. There are several good
mine in that vicinity on which work
is being done with good results.
William John-on, a West Chester
painter of considerable corpulency,
lias leen engaged in renovating the
Willistown school house and a few
days ago he sat down at one of the
desks to eat his noonday meal. When
he finihed lie found himself so fghtly
wedged that he could not get up and
he would have len held .1 pri-oner
but that he had his screw driver within
reach and witli the aid of this lie took
the chair and desk apart.
F. C. liicknell is in from Cave creek
and brought witli him the snug little
bunch of seven ounces of gold, taken
out by C. Flemming in a two weeks'
run on his rastra. Tlie ore is from hi
Compress mine. He lias made a com
fortable living for twelve years out of
this lode, working it at intervals his
notion suited him. Should systematic
development le inaugurated heavy re
turns could lc had regularly from this
undoubtedly rich projicrty. I'hcnix
Fresli buttermilk at the Can Can.
Latest style of cloth for Summer
suits at Harris' tailor shop. tf
Ihe Gnu J Ctuii uf the Cultirmlo.
This remarkable phenomenon of
nature extend- over -K) mile-' along the
Colorado river, varying in width from
ten to fifteen miles, in depth from
KKK) to S.'.OO feet, riing in series of ter
ace.s. often beautifully colored and
marked and frequently castelated ami
jveaked. The channel is winding and
sometimes ery narrow, who-e somber
rcces-es the .-litis ray rarely visit. Tlie
river i broken by numerous falN of
from lifty to 200 feet in de-cent, and
countless rapid-, wliirliwiols, swirling
eddie- and miniature maelstrom-,
wherein lie bowlders, which are oft
time churned ulottt like pebbles in -.
mill-race by the tierce current.
The Grand cannon is -Hunted in very
rough country, thinly settled and out
of the beaten paths of travel, and that
with the extreme ditlicultv of entering
it either from above or by the perilous
water- below have con-pired to keep
one ot the groate.-t wonder- of the
world a veritable terra iticogni:. A
careful examination of ihe country
and its forma. ion has comi.iccd the
w -iter that the old theory, as tauulit
in our text looks of geology, that the
Grand canon i- the result of the ero-ion
of water for many millions ot years,
and the at.empt of some to apptoxi
mate the age of the globe by calculation-,
upon the -upio-ed time ncce
sary to wear 7M0 or MAX) feet of stone.
is altogether untenable and incon-i
tent with our pre-cnt knowledge of
tojiography. The whole region gives
unuii-takable p-oof of oice le:'ig a
.-ea-botto.ii by the wate--vvo-n rock-deiMit.-
of salt, fos-ils, coia', etc., to !
found everywheve. It now ha- an
altitude of .00 to HOC feet, the re-ult
of volcanic upheavals, a id it i- to this
that we can look for an explanation of
the Grand c-ifion. Tip- gig.vu'c ii
lifting of the earth's crut cau-ed huge
ti-siircs to occur in the soft sand and
silt through which ihe torrents of es
caping waters tore wuh irre-istible
fury gouging out the upper part of
the exi-iing channel in a comparative
ly short time. This accounts for it
great width from -ide tu side and also
explain- the cleavage of the I!uck-k:ii
mountains, which rise 2000 feet above
the level of the canon's banks and
could never have been the work of
erosion. The basaltic foiiual-oii in
many parts of the canon, the immense
!ieds of scoria.- known as malp.ii rock,
which everywhere abounds, the silici
lied forc-rtsand the great craters of ex
tinct volcanoes in northern Arizona,
all tKiint to a time of volcanic activ
ity, when those twin monster.- of the
primal world lire and water con
tended for mastery.
The lirst stratum of the cafio.i,
which extends down several hundred
fet, is u sandsione; ne:.t comes a
shale, or slaty, formation and under
neath lies a bed of limes'one which, in
some places, notably Marble Canon,
stum to be much deeper than at others.
In this limestone silver is more or le-s
to ' found. Next comes a s r.i.uin
of -alt. That near the junction of the
Little Colorado with tin- parent stream
has liecn mined for many years by the
Supia, Moqui and Ed Ciiy Indians.
Below h:s rock salt comes the p'inie
val g-anitc, ha-d as adamant and bear
ing gold in some places.
The.-e canons have a pecubar inter
est to tlie ethnologist, they having once
been tlie home of prehistoric man.
Many ruins of these Cliir Dwellers are
to bo seen and sometimes a rare find
rewards the patient explorer in tlie
shape of vniipie jwttery or curious
cepjer implements, hardened by an
admixture of silica, now a lost art.
Who were these mysterious people,
and what was ihe cause of their sud
den extinction? Whether an awful
Iestilcucc swept them into oblivion or
tlie armed hordes of some fiercer tri I it
tore them from their peaceful home
will always be one of the dark sccret-
of that strange land. Many of their
habitations are almost imu-ee-silile
perched on some dizy clitl', neto i
tating the Use of ropes to reach them.
What is needed in Arizona is a set
tlement of this othcial muddle. It is
not so much a- to who gets the otlice-
as to have the propo-ition stttled.
1'heni.v Gaette.
Two spiritual medium-, Mrs. Kieh,
of lie-ton, and the wife of Ir. J. W.
Fletcher, a lopul.ir speaker on the
spiritual platform, utilized their "spirit
controls" very advantageously la-t
race day at Saratoga. They claim to
have been directed to go to the race
that d.iv and bet on certain horst .
which they were asjured would be the
winner-. They did as they were
directed and each of the l.tdie- wa- the
lucky winner of more than l.i.'OO.
Parents should be careful that their
children do not contract cold- during
the fall or early winter month-. Such
cold- weaken- the lungs and air pa
ages, making the child much more
likely to contract oilier colds du.ing
the winter. It i- thi- sticee ion oi
cold- that cati-c.- catairh and htoii
ehitU or pave.- the way for coiisiimp
tion. Should a cold be cimliin ted,
loose no time but cure it a- tpiiekly a
po-sible. A fifty cent lwittle of ( ham
berlain'n Cough Itemedy will cine any
cold in a few days and leave the rt--piratory
organs strong and healthy.
For .-ale bv II. .1. I'elo.
Our .lrlM.
Thoma Del.iney will enlarge photograph.--,
do sketch)-- and sign paint
ing at rea-onable rates. Leave orders
at the Daily Ei-itai-ii ollice.
A plain gold wedding ring, between
Xacos.iri and the old Nichola- ranch,
in Sonora, about httcen ilavs ago.
The owner can have the same by call
ing on Henry Campbell, at the I'ony
saloon, in this city, proving property
and paying for this advertisement.
.M.iiM'ii llure-Thi-
oh! lime and popular re-taurant
still maintains it.- po-ition a- a favor
te place for our citizens to legale
them-el -es on ail the table delicacies
which are prepared in a too:h-ome
manner and -erved by polite and at
tentive waiters. This restaurant makes
a -pecialty of broiled steak.- anil cut
lets, and impoits cotl'ce of extra ipial
ity, tint- being able to furnish the best
cup of cotlee obtainable in the city.
Fresh fish every day, anil an elegant
chicken dinner every Sunday.
Xe-ibit's poultry powder and Forrest
cholera cure for chickens. For sale at
Wolcott's. tf
-- m
If you want to get fresh telegraphic
(no grapevine) news, read the KriTAril.
Carriage Painter,
With L. E. I'age, is now ready to do a.1 l.nds
of n oik peruming to Ins trade lie rnaku a
! prcialty also ot
Sign & House Painting-
PnpiT Hanging Neatly Done.
Montezuma House
LF.0 Li:i:iKLI, lYoi.riftor.
First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Ilarroom supplied ith
Choice Foreign and Domesli; Liquors.
Livery Stable in Connection.
liwiiaiii; l!i;:!it Alpg.
An ex-Californiim, now it'siding iu
I'hcnix, !etu-neil vesterd.tv from Har-
piii Hala A new .-haft has been sunk
20 feet iu the open cut tecently made
for a black-mith .-Imp anil the main
working-. This .-haft is all in ore,
which .-hows frit- gold thickly disse
minated. It is broken down with u
pick ami -hoveled out for the mill
which run- iii-ht anil dav. Our in
formant say.- he has numerous letters
of impiiry daily, front California min
ing men, about the Bonanza projicr
ties ami that i'acilic coa-t men gen
erally are deeply interested iu develop
ments there. The I'hcnix expert
label- the piope.ty, as it stands to
day, :r2(,'y00. 1'hcnix Herald.
Swept by the Tide of Popularity.
Tu the topmo-t pinnacle of success,
Hostcttcr's Stomach Bitters stands a
-hininv: proof of what genuine merit,
backed by the living force of proven
fact-, can attain. The North and
South American continents, Europe,
Au-trali.i. the We.-t Indies, Guatemala
and Mexico have all contributed vvido
patronage ami testimony of the most
favorable kind but un-olieited to
swell the reputation of this sterling
remedy. Among the maladies for
which the mo-t convincing public and
prol .--ioiutl testimony proves that it
is a lo'tiigu curative, are chill.- anil
fever, billions remittent, dumb agu
and ague cake, dy.-pep-ia, liver com
plaint, iicrvoii-ne--, debility, kidnev
.mil Madder complaint-. It mitigates
the infirmities of age, hastens con-valiscent-e,
ha-s a tendency to prevent
ill con-opiences from expo-tire and
cxhau-tiou. I'er-otts of sedentary
habits and laltorious occupations will
find it an ever useful tonic.
Do you want to be happy, healthy,
wealthy and wi.-e? Drop into the
I'ony Saloon anil a-k Henry for some
of that tine old hand made so sli
Uottrbon Whisky and Will and Hills'
Spring of '. He also ha-j on hand
Hermitage liourbon, J. II. McBraver
IJourlKin, Kippy and Guckenheimer
Uyes all pure, straight old goods; to
gether witli all kind of imported
Urandie-, Wine-, Ales anil Porters of
the most celebrated brand-). His Cali
fornia ISr.tndy cannot be surpassed
anywhere. All kinds of fancy mixed
drink.- a specialty ; the Carman Key
We-t Cigar c-auuot be beat, for the
money, in any pl.ue. St. Iouis An-hi-u-er
Hu-ch Eager lSeer, ice cold, on
draught. Call and he convinced,
tf Hkxkv Cami'iiki.i., Proprietor.
A Hale Old l'an.
A Iiale olil man. Mr. .la-. Wilson of
Allen- Spring-, III., who is oer sixty
year- of age, says. "I have in my time
trieil a great many medicines, some of
excellent quality; but never before
did I find any that would so com
pletely do nil that i-i claimed for it as
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhea Itemedy. It is truly a won
derful medicine." For -ale by II. J.
Pioneer Establishment.
(Hitter Building)
FHARY & Co,. Managers.
the Largest and finest stock of Undertaking
Uoodsin Anzonn. Wc arc prepared to do all
work in our line in a first class manner. ALL
Bodies Embalmed
Or temporarily prcsrred at a trifling
cipensc for shipment.
Satisfaction Given in All Respects.
("Orders left at the O. K. Stable
will receive prompt attention.
If you want a line shine on your
lioots or shoes call at ISaron'a barber
shop. The artist ia the best in town
and guarantees good work or no pay. S
Broiled steaks and chops a gpccialty
at the Miuson Dote.

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