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Tombstone daily epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1890, November 27, 1889, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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(Mondays Excepted)
rtkito.betwei.rHnoxltadAUer!comn'-,na ,,w 'v'1 of ,he I0
tsmketeae. Cecal Cointr. Arkoni.
fit yrHl advance) Jio o
us months....... (a
Ttrr i Boeths 31
fi .rarest by Carriers for 35 cent per vtx
the only Daily Xeivspaper
published in Cochise coim
ty thai takes a regular1
telegraphic press report
tma does not use "uotier
It it mm a little iver a v ear -nice
tar last election w.i held : that
titar the Republican pariv a united,
and the result wan en in a Kepiibll
tan majority in the Igi-l.iturr. Thi
wan the true tert a- to the relative
strength of the two partie- in the Ter
ritory. Mr. uiith Yt.iv ltt ted hv rea
n of hi great cr.-oniil populautv,
a deal made b the ! mocnitu- putt
with the Mormons, and al- oin t
the fact that he had made x good rec
ord our Delegate during hi- lir-t
terw. tn the lij;ht of the.-e fact-, and
by reaeoti of the (bece-s of the flepub-I
Hcao party in the national ciniiai;n,
b Republiiaus of .Anoua rightly
aUrtained Btronp hopts of electing
their candidate for Conpres-. npit t ar
Up to and for some time after (mi
traor Wofley'e appointment the part
waa in (plemlid fi;htiiijr trim, and
juitly entertained hoes of carrxmp
the elections next year Although
there had been strong opposition to
Wolfley'a appointment, et -alien lit
waa inaugurated the party throughout
the Territory waa prepared to gitc
hiaa a Uyal aupport. But now all thi',
la chanfad. Itoon became ewdent
that the authorities at Washington
had been imposed on and made a mi?
tkj to bU appointment Governor
Wolfley, in a variety of wayx, haa
i.....ii I.;. ,,.,(-., 1 .1
sUmonatrated his unfitness for the po -
iOon beholds, lie has neither the
Mlitkal judiment, tact, ten.e nor in-
teUactOal ability that should be found
IB th peTlOa who attempts to rill the
. ft- ,r
ac ! CJnel esecutire. He ha.
,,. on making blunder after blun
der. -4 We of hi. action, would in-
dkU that they ware not merelv error.-
of judgment, but were undertaken tt,
aahsarT persenal ends or to benefit
. ,..,,., ,
fsaraonal or political friends, Without
i v-.Jl . ,. . .
ay regard to the effect such actions
aatffht havft on thp affaW. nf ih,. Tor
SBlfni nave on me atlairs Ol the I er-
ntorr. Ha liu at tum.olf nr n.k
. i
ajtd jury, aad in order to prevent the
fceldinf of a constitutional convention
h baa caused a doubt to be coat on
lb lef-lity of every law passed in the
Territory during the last eight years.
Xa order to reward personal friends he
appointed them to office without first
Inquiring aa to his authority to do so
Am a consequence we hav t two sets of
Territorial officials and the business
affairs of the Territory thrown into
such a chaotic condition that an act
f- Congress will be necessary to
atnifhtexi them out. The course of
otarnor Wolfley has already unneces
arily.eoat the Territory thousands of
4ollars, baa seriously impaired our
eradit, haa caused Territorial warrants
t fall from par to nothing, they not
baiag negotiable at "any price, and is
preraatiag the investment of capital
iasmr Territory. For these reasons,
lor tha benefit of the Territory and' for
welfare of the Republican party,
H the opinion of more than one
1 Jleputdicas 'that a strong and
unitcil ell'ort tdiould bo made to have
Governor Wolilev removed and feonie
capable nun appointed, one who has
not taken any part m the present un
fortunate dimensions in the Republi
can ranks, mm'. l.-' a man who would
irrespective of riy. It is our opin
ion that it a pUiii. unvarnished state
ment of the finU uhi uinde to the
President and istcretary Noble they
would hjltn to it Fur the welfare of
1 the TerriUr d good of the pirtv
' -uli a move cannot made too oon
V t ntlutsi.i- c railroad nir-cung
mi- Ik Id in I'lieuix on .-a:urdav ev. n-
I.i.-t, and in i v.ry short time
nirl -TU0,fH uu -tih- riled a
I guarantee funl K-r tin building of ihu
railroad t l"re-ott. It look -y
much as though this iiui- run. link
Hi the north and .-outh r-ilro.ul will
soon le in pro e; of -rntrtu ti n.
I In- portion of the uonh and -outh
niilriid has been the mo-t difficult to
Zi under w.i.hecau-e f tin gieat
co-t of building a road acro- tlic
mountain range- in YavatMi county
The reiiniinder of the road ! Cila
ba7at or Iten-on cm be ion-tni'ifi at
a roinKiratlel li;ht eo-t.
'llltto i. one thing ne hiiij Phenix
and M.irifOpa ic:uit the ki eion of,
and that i h-r jirore no ami .0
ahead citueni. Tliev ni u liht lit
i eat- xiid Ioj; on politic- and other
priifitnil''. but when all ine-tioii
ari-.e- that i- of vital interest to the
communitv at large theyclo-e uptheii
rank, -tand rhoiilder to -houldtr and
go down into their pickets to piirh thi
enterprire through, whatever it may
Ie. milIi a rpint of public enterprise
is louud to make i'henix the leading
citv of Arizona.
(First l"uMcation Sipttmbr 22 1SI9,)
Appllratlun ii Xmr a I'nlrni io th'
UiDzfellcM tllnlnx laltn.
L mud Statu, I.vnd Office, 1
1 vt son. Anon 1, ptrnirjcr 20 1S89 j
Nctict-is lrrt)r Blvn th l in p'Jrsuia.c 01
chapter six, till mm) 10, 01 the Kcibcd
fctttutrs of thr Liiitni -tal. W. f Hook,
whose iotoffice -Mresi is tombstone, Co
cbi count), Aruona, cUitmng the Lcrgfellov
mine, or vtin of minrrai, beanns gold or Silver
or otb-r metal, lwog an being snu.uect v,nhin
the 1 ombstoiv .Vimng D.tnct. cony of Co
chwe -vnd Terraor) o' Aruor.a. is about t
mike appLcitton to the United butr lor
piiem to the sKt Ixrgtt!lo rare, ulnch i
1 roor- full) destnocd to metes ai.d bouuas
. by pUl ,nd , lhes.une
l0'' ,"- o? "-'nty , the R,gM
1 of the L . .. Lt. i Offlc at Tucson, Aniens,
I hKh fi Id nous ci itmey iesenbe the boan-
ditm nnl extent of vud claim on the suKac
' wth misnetK venation at u tf east, as Io!
I Ios, to-vnt
Commenaai; at th miual icocumest, near
ihe center ot cLtim a 4x4 inch post nurLed I M
! Long'e low M C No i, tr ,m which US.MM
"iu U',2 SrLiT?
TCm$Z 3.?
f u l a ""' P"'1 mari-d LICM4,
Irene- N y ,0 v 232 5 11 to a 4-mch cos
marled I. Mt No 5 then N 75 40' E 865 ft
1 to a 4-rach post marked L M C No o, thence t
o 50 fc. 261 7 ft to 1 4-mch pot marked L M c
1 No a. and place of tjeginnnig urvey of extenor
j Ines. Containing 6 70 acres.
i Thesaid mining claim being of record in the
oft-.ee of the recorder of Cochisr county, Aniona
. Termor, at l'onibstone. in the county and
1 Temtory aforesaid and presumed grcera!
! course or (tirecooa of the said Longfellow vein,
lode or mineral deposit, beine shobn upon tbr
pht and posted herewith, as nnras can be de
termined frcm pn?ent devcopmenls. This
claim is ior eignt nuiareand sixty-nve linear!
lett thereof, together with
uruce grounc I
thnun nnnn th rtffiiat n!a, noctH I
shovn upon the official pUt posted
herewith, the SAui ein. Ind or mminp
prrr.ies hereb sought to be patented 1
EZ.JKZZlfZr'': ""u , ' -
upon the northwest by the Lucknow M C " 'ntllC.et. -he sjxic tr- the -hip
anyand at! persons claiming adversely the .
H. 1 US it, tlWUM'1, CI1I, liaiC, LitTlllI3M3 SJI ADI I
portion thereof, so desenbed. surveyed. pUtted
mining grouni, vein, lone, premises or any
and applied for, are heieb) notified that unless
th-ir adverse claims are duly hied according to
Uw and the rcgulat,ocs thereunder, within the
Ume presented ty law, with the Register of the
U. S. Land Office at Tucson, Arizona, they
ll be barred in virtue of tlie provisions of said
And It is hereby ordered that this notice
be published for ten (10) consecutive weeks
in the Tombstone TMilv Epitaph, a news
paper published at Tombstone, Cochise county,
territory of Arizona
Datcl this 20th day of September, tS8c
HbKKEKT BROWN, Regist-r.
Law. Office Allen street, between Fourth
and Fifth, Tombstone. Aiuena.
Freih fish and fresh oysters every
day at the .Maison Dore.
The very finest coffee at the Maison
Dore restaurant.
Fresh buttermilk at the Can Can.
Hold Up a Train aiul Make
1 !
a bll Hail!,
Another Rising Reported in Hayti
Railroad Accident Tvn Men
Slice Each Ot!i'- n.
1 Convolidaiwn.
Boston, Nov. 20 It is current in
dry good circles that a consolidation
of thu print works in New Hampshire,
Ma5., undei English control ha- been
1 Short j-r ia XtrtM.
BosTo.n, Nov. 2U. A special from
Ottawa "-ays tint a shortage of many
thouand dollar- Im bttn di-covercd
in the Provincial Crown Land Ollico
.it Cliarlottstown, Prince Edward'-
I -1m ml.
Killed Li an Kplci.R.
PlTTsHino, Nov 2H. By an explo
sion at Alleghany in the Be-stmrr
Iron Works thit morning William
Marshal, superintendent of the wire
railroad, and a man named Cooper
were killed, and a number of other
injured. Pension Clainv
We-lllNOTo.v, Nov. :!('. A-,istant
Secretary of the Interior Buey in hi
report concerning the adjudication of
pension claims, states tint K!!S a
peals have been considered during the
year, leaving 1900 appe-aled casts
pending July 1SSU.
The Train Robbers Get Atom $10,000.
Gainlgvillk, Texas, Nov. iC. In
the train robbery lat night the guard
of the train fired more than twenty
shots at the robbers. One of the gang
ia believed to be fatally wounded The
robbers got about f 10,000. Pa-sengers
and mail not molested.
Tkj Foojht With Knirts.
Rosstov, Texas, Nov. 2C Jo Col
lins, a farmer, and his hired hand had
a difficulty in the field Saturday even- '
ing. Both drew knives and cut each ,
other literally to piece-. Coh,r.s is
ding ni: 1 the other 1 dead.
Ksilroi'I IrriiVni.
. il'.IKMXrtl, No.. L'C. Til st
'leiilife-i-e, VirgiMH him! (.ieorm .s
senger train b;t the Track three t ,es
out ol Oicenvillt- this n, ir-in "ne
po-t-il, evpre-s, biggag.'. lirit and sec-otiJ-cl-s
cowrie- am! lw- i-lrejr-
otl. Engineer Dunn wa- fatally m
jurcd and the extro- me eng-'r and
four pa-engers were liadl hurt. The
jn-tal car ind contents were denoved.
I'a.sjea:tr :rnl frm Sju-,
. 1 "UiK, .vnv. :: liie .-tei-iiier
Eii'M-ne which irrivi li-re n,-.Ihv re-
., . . .. ... .
A ' F".ft"n, Liver,K.d f-r .N. ,v
York, which -l -n died, -Have on
lxiard the eiew and paeni;r- of the
Steamer MintiagO. all fife .-hip w.i !
de-trove by tire." The steamer re-!
ferreil to is probably the s earner $n- j
tiago which sailed hence November 17.
Jem From Ilatti.
Ntw Y'okk, Nov. 2G. -tramer
from Port-au-Prince of Not ember 20.
brings news of 1111 uprising in Havti
against Hyrtolite. It is reported that
5,XK) are engagejl in the movement.
Nkw Yokk, Nov. 20. At the otfice
of the Htearner all knowledge of the
insurrection on the i-dand is deniel.
Passengers on the steamer thought
some of their body started the rumor.
None of the passengers could be
Train Bvbkra Jsaiu.
St. Lolis, Mo , Nov. 20. About 12
o'clock hut night fifteen masked and
-"j "-
bound Toneka ami Santa Fe naimenper
train at Boryan, a small station in the
Indian Territory. They cut the en
gine, mail and express cars loose from
i the coaches, then ran the train south
1 two miles and threw the fireman off
j the locomotive. Two miles further on
j the engineer was thrown off, and after 1
running four miles further eteam was I
turned off and the locomotive killed. ,
Then the robbers began an attack on
the expres car guard. The messenger
fired some twen. shota but finally ,
gave in after the robbero had literally
riddled the car. The raor-ey stolen is I day aM FatUrdi) YUli JS t'lbl r
between 20,j00 and 30,000 dollars and !! AfterCCOns.
came principally from Chicago.
.1 Bis Firt.
Ia.v.v, Mass.. Nov. 2C. A conflagra-,
tion unequalled in jears is raging I
here. Th fire started at the four
etorv wooden buildine of Tower &
and it soon ignited the- brick 1
block in the rear. The fire is spread
ing fatt. Over hslf a mile burned
over Among the most prominent '
0 '
buildings burned are all those within
a quarter of a mile of Market street
deposit, including the Western Union
otlice, all of Lynn paper mill and
thirty-live -hoe factories.
Bo-to.v, Nov. 20. Steamers from
Hoetoti and neighboring cities have
gone tr Lynn on -(fecial train to as
sist in subduing the tiamen. At 3 p.
m. telegraphic communication with
that city was suspended owing, doubt-le-s
to the burning of the wires. It
is estimate-d here that the lota will
reach one million dollars.
Cosibinei the cice of the Blue Figs of
C.iiomn, sa laxxtire and nutritious,
with the medicinal virtues of pltcti
known to be most beneficial to th
human ivstem. forming the ONLY PER
FECT REMEDY to a.t gently y
promptly ca the
! Cleanse lis System Effectually,
Nsturslly follow. Every one is using it
.-a .11 ..-..i.Y..-a -...1. :. x .y. ...
...u.,,.,lu1,N.iu i.,,,!. n. juui 1
druggist for SYKUP OF FIGS. Mna- 1
factureJ only by the
5 ixancisco, ui. "
j Lot-iniix, Kr
in a recent article in me toutns
1 1 ry j vKjasr
r ,j,AD IB80. ! H -j k
-uiiiiuiuiu, u -now w cure a com, 1
., , , . . .
t lie writer auvi-es a not lemonaue to
betaken at led time. It is a danger-
treatment, especially during the'
J(Jere coM wea,her of the wjter
months, as it opens the pore, of the ,
skin and leaves the evstem in. such"
condition that another and much
, .t .-. t . . ...""" 1" '- luiritni-uuini UIKS
"uc """"" ceiwm 10
ho rnnlrArteH Afmix- vonra mmlinl '
. , ., . . . ... . (
e experience of thousands,
of all ages, has fully de-
' u?e ami me
0f persons
niontrated that there is nothing bet-j
ier mi a severe truiu mail v,nmnDer-i
! Iain's Cough Remedy. It acts in per
fect harmony with nature, relieves the
lungs liquefies the tough, tenacious
mucus, making it easier to expectorate,
and restores the system t a strong '
and healthy condition, fifty cent
bottles for sale by It. J. Teto.
Stationery, pain, oils, etc., at Mo. .
uiuuiur e. 4 -us
If you want to get fresh telegraphic
(no grapevine) news, read the EprrirH.
The Can Can restaurant haa the
finest varieties of iib freak erery dj.
Skating Carnival!
Thanksgiving J venirg, overter 28,
- T. "
Skating Rink.
Doors open at 7:0. '
Gr.tn.l Jhirch ;xt !)0.
lmici. s a: W.'.iO.
3P is5E.till" EWV McmlilV 1
Of Tne- in flic .i ;, 01 'l omb
htonf, Coil ty of t 1 1 lii c, V.
T., for. tin Yi-a 1N.!I.
I The fo lowing bic rit! ci , r n. ,v-
irgciy taxes, no. iiami'iint 1 .. , i.,r d
I 1. f T j-tTi ll,,r rH .
property upon u
V.I11 W 'Jt I1IVI '
cl -t .-i, ti n
such t ixt r c ttr. to.
gether with the in.f.iitct suet, dt4inQuei t tax
and the costs anc j-cjventag lor the vtar ISS9
Adam fo'in, lot 11, bfoc- 35, Jioo, total
tax and cost . . ; 1 ;S
BnIon ?' c. fc' 7. l- S. and im
ptovemei t?. SW. total tx and cost 70
BilfS J C, lot 2, b oi. 34 ar.i! iniroi r-
men is. sioo, to'l 1 1 find CCit.
Bomach C lot 2. bio- 25, and lmp'oie.
ments, $75; total tajr.inM cot 1 1$
Rag S e , lot 15 in u'ock 45 rtnd im.
proem-nts. J175, lot 10 in b!'l-3i,
and lmproenient, v6oo, puscnal
property, S2.700. toul J3 475; total
tax and ccst . . . . 51 y6
Cohn R, lot 1 in 'blocV 6 and improve
ments, jr.cco; rout tax and cost . . . 15 7j
Frej Htnry, lot 14 in block 15, and im
proement', $30; pi-rcrivl property.
525, total 75, total u nd cot,. . 1 iS
Hede Guf impr kernel ts on rear part of
lot 22 in block 20. $200; total lax and
cost. '. ... 3 lj
McGrew Uj ou 7 and 8, in block 57,
and imps J4507 Iot?l3 aad I4 in b'ock
71, and imps. Jjci; totaiv $oo; total
ui and cost ...,.
Nigro PasquaL wst half lot 13. block 20,
7 7
anu imps, o, iois 13, 14,'IS, IO. 17,
block. 20, aud imps Jl 700, lots 13. 14.
15 and 22. block 21, and imp, $350;
lot 8, block Xi, and imps, SI7.5: let :o,
block 15, and im(.s. jioo. Tots 18 and
19. block. 36 $50. lots 3 and 4, block 6,
and imps, 150, lot 7. bicck 20, and
imps, $300, lots 5 and 6 : block 20, and
urps. jaco, personal proprty, 51,175.
total, $3, ceo, total tax and cost 78
Old Guard Mining Co Old Guard mine,
lo acres. $50; Old Guard mill, $3,io;
personal property, J750, total, $.8,800,
.total tax and cost. . 13S
Reiley Jamrs. lot 13.' block 15, J50; nottli
30 fert ol lots 14, 15 and 16. block 16,
and imps. $130; lot 4 block 17, and
and imps. J150. lots 8 AnJ o'er 2o and
21, block 47, and Imps, J70J lot I7 in
blcs.k 16, and imps, Sioo; personal
proper!) , $480, total, jyxj; toul tar
and wt , 'S 43
Ritchie W m. south part of lots 8, 9 and
10. block 18 and imp. Si 000; total
tax and costs. , 15
jiorm r. ioi 19, oiocK. it anu imps,
x $150 toui tax and co-t.T '. . ; . , 2
vchu,terAT n t t-j b'oc-jo.,cd imp-.
Jicoj jiersot a r prt, $5c;.tot.J tlto;
totjl tax ami co .". . 337
Stump Mr Mar EL 1 Is 13 and 14 in
block 77. and 1 u s ty-jo, prrsoial pros
ertv, s; ; total j,lo, pta tax ar.ncost 6 3a
SwntonMrsC ts r. 2 ant 24, S&"x:k
74 a d imps sec , 01 1. x id Cwt-. 6 30
Thirvule J. 10 20. b. k 37 jo fotu
tax and cist .. . ' 70
Nonce is hrebv .ivfn th 1 I, the said Tax
Collector, wil a r 5 t)t. I 'iKOurt held
in and tor ihe s.u i co.r, y 1 i -. it the
next regu ar t-im 'rir f a r i vem-
ber term of ihe -aid curt. ar.o o ti . hra tay
of said term, tow 1, oicii.hc- Ii, ,Bt. or as
soon ihereaiier as co n-el can oe liard ior
judgment atainst tre ans. iv esiate anr. pr
sonal pr pern desc-ibrd in"1 lof-rtinj lt
for s.nd tax-v cost-and iii.f rest, ai d o- an r-
"-. ---""-..
aer to sen uw: -an.e lor tire: sat it ci i, 1 .or
And n'tice is hc-iby al ki-to uat on tie
Monday next -uccee4ne the said dy t - t.)
law rthecommrr.c,ii.niof such t mi of sud
court the land, redl e tateandpers nal ie-n,
ior me&tie p wn.cn an or- c H t r
IJ be exposed to puwic sal--" if- 1 . 1 ,
in vaul aty fo- t ,imo .. t .. 1 . ,1 t
I and costs du- n r--oii.
wuno- n.ytwnd thisnt. t r -0
r- ..'., ru .- f , -
3 . -w r vi.,w , i t Hrf
ana t jr the City of Tombsane T
01 1 JD
Carriage Painter,
With L. fc. I'.u now re dy -o do .. I kind
of work prttin.ng to his trace H in we, a
specialty also cl s
of work rrttin.ng to his trace H ,
specialty also cl s
- ., -,
Sign & HoilSG-Pailltinff.
Paper Hangiii- Neatly Done.
Montezuma House
LEO URRIjTJ, Proprietor.
I First Class Hotel in- Every Respect
Barroom supplied with
Choice Foreign" and Domestic Liquors,
Lively 8table in Connection.
-r. t- -

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