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Tombstone daily epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1887-1890, November 27, 1889, Image 3

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AdTsrusiog rates made ssowaat (bis oSca.
c c --, ' n '
The PojoSoe i o-xo !or getterr 'sbray
ora 8 A. m. to 6 p. m.
Money order Dcpartmeot open tras lei,
p. iel
from Ert aad Wot at la a., depart 3
. m.
Siibo: nuildroaro 5a. ra ; unra 6aa,
A. 4 3. 2. a. B.-TIME OAKD.
isbee, 7.00 a. m. Fairbaak, 4.30 a, to.
Fj.riA.lk, 1309030a. Biibe a. 30 p. ra.
Daily exo-pt Sunday.
O. A. R. to-night.
John Abby returned yesterday.
. B. Gage returned yesterday.
A. O. F. to-night at the city hall.
1 Thermometer 83 at Yonge'e drug
tore yesterday.
Large stock of fine, perfumes just
received at Monmonier's.
Justice Ea?ton returned from Tuc
son yesterday.
Hon. Geo. V. Cheyncy returned
from Washington Camp last evening.
Pictures, picture frames, mouldings
and artisU' materials at Monmonier's.
Mrs. Ben Goodrich is visi
W. C. Reads in this city.
Mr. Oickerson came in from Lewis' f
Springs hut evening. . ', . ...
Joe Brown will furnish the Weekly
Chronicle. Examiner, Cr-s Bulletin
t .
for 11.50 per year.
Colonel Weir -paid Tombstone- a
business visit yesterday. He leaves
for bis aaill this morning; f
Thanksgiving services will be held
in the Methodist church to-morrow
v morning at 10 :30 o'clock. ' ' . "
The carnival to-morrow night will
be well attended and will be a treat. to
iBeans, Boston style, and any Icind
J liquid refreshments at the Fashion
Bisbee ia reported quite lively. a.
full complement of men is working
and preparations are being made for
two new boilers.
Nothing has yet been heard from
the Huachuca nine, and our boys are
beginning to think there will be no
game on Thanksgiving day.
The Bond of Supervisors of Gila
county propose to issue bonds for the
funding of the county indebtedness,
which amounts to $25,000.
At the raffle at the Fashion saloon
last night Hi M. Thurnan threw 45,
winning the revolver and ahotgua.
There were four tiett on the lowest
throw for the rifle, which wae finally
won by Baraon Grijalva.
The finest assortment7 of holiday
goods, consisting of toys, wagons, ve
locipedes, dolls, books, plush goods,
"Xrruva cards, metal novelties, etc., etc,
-will be on exhibition at Joe Brown'a
m and after the 25th instant.
.- -The new singer at the Crystal Pal
- ace draws large crowds every sight
nd.is well worth bearing. Other at
tractions at this boose axe Ab
lager beer on draught, fines brandies,
whiskies and everything io refresh
the' inner nan. Call aasMai eat ier
. jmmmU.
It it often aaid that newspaper men
never return thanki for anything,
Cither in heaven above or in the o'her
place beneath. Such an assertion is
untrue and intended to deceive those
who never take and pay for their local
papers. Aa to-morrow id tin day to
offer thanks we will give them for
many things. Among others we will
give thanks (?) for the bleasin g of our
present governorship; we will give
thanks (?) for the chaou from which
Arizona may, in time, be freed; we
will give thanks (T) for the bleating of
ur present aot of Territorial officers
(we wouldn't hate known that we had
any Territorial officers if wc hadn't
been solemnly assured of the fact); we
will give genuine thankt for the ad
vance in the price of silver; and we
will give thanks (?) for nany other
things that wouldn't look well is print.
Oh, yes, we'll return thanks, mainly
because we have had so many given to three houses in t. n and eight inhab
us and they hare become a burden to Hants four men, three men and a lit-
us; and we are thankful to be able to
return them. Thanks.
Why eat at home on Thanksgiving
when you can get a nice turkey din
ner at Mining Exchange Hall for fifty
cents; hildren twenty-five cent. The
money for the purpose of purchB
ing a horary for the school children.
Pete White came in yesterday from
the Huachucas with a twenty-two-pound
turkey. Col. Ha fiord was the
purchaser, and will have it cooked at
the Maison Core and present it to the
school children at Mining Exchange
Hall to-morrew.
When you buy a Thaaksgiving tur
key it looms up something like this :
Bnt when you take it home the re
mainder of the family declare this is
about the size of it :
Tombstone will not be without at
tractions on Thanksgiving Day and
evening. There will be a tair during
the day and supper in the evening at
Mining Exchange Hall, under the
auipices of the young ladies of the
High School Society ; probably a game
of base ball in the afternoon ; services
at the Methodist church in the morn
ing; the carnival at the rink, which
will merge into a grand ball; and
added to all these will be the good
things to eat wherever you go.
Captain Charles Johansen, of Tac-
ema, Wash., is building a small boat
in which he proposes to sail around
the Horn to London and then return
to the States and exhibit the boat at
the world's fair. The boat will be
twenty feet long, built of native fir,
cedar and oak, and will be a model of
strength for so small a ship. She will
be provisioned for 250 days, and will
start about December 1st, stopping at
San Francisco. After rounding Cape
Horn the will take the usual course
of sailing vessels for London, where
Johansen expect t arrive in April or
Truman Barnes, of Three Oaks,
Michigan, waa in the attic of his house
the other day, "unbeknownst" to his
wife. He slipped and fell through the
plastering so that his legs like those
of the "good fat duck" in the nursery
rhyme "hung dangling down." Mrs.
Barnes thought the legs belonged to a
burglar and she grabbed them and
held on, naeant'se lifting up her voice
ia agonixing yells for help. The neigh
bors came ia, inspected the up-uirs
end of the suppeeed burglar, and all
is serene ia that house held once more.
fsp ts Woicetta fsr good geods at
Mt sewsjst pciessv
If jou want pure, utmight whiskey,
of the nitwt celebrated brundj, drop
into the Pony saloon and satisfy your
elf of thin fact. The Tony also car
ries the finest brand of domestic and
imported brandies and wines; als-o
porters and all kinds of liquors, Tom
and Jerry and hot Scotch ; hot spiced
ppiced rums a specialty; the Carman
Key West cigar the liuust for, .the
money to be had in Arizona; St Loui
Anheuser liu?ch lager beer on draught
at all times. Xo favorites. Come, all.
Ilfcsr.Y Campbell,
There is still ? 10,000 in tho hnnd
of the relief committee of Seattle,
Wash., and they don't know what to
do witti it.
The smallest town in the world to
support a newspaper is Orando, in IJig
Bend county, Oregon. There are
I tie girl vet the Xews is published
every week.
At an evidence of the prosperity of
the railroad- of the I'nited .States
every report made of earnings since
tne tall anu winter luisiness opened up and give thankt to God, who has pros
shows a healthy increase over the j pered u, on our wav and made our
earnings of the corresponding I lonth
of last year. This condition is not
confined to any particular section, but
is general all over the country.
.'laiven )itt.
This old time and popular restaurant
still maintains its position 11- a favor
to place for our citizens to regale
themselves on all the table delicacie,
which are prepared in a toothsome
manner and served by polite and at
tentive waiters. This restaurant makes
specialty of broiled steaks and cut
lets, and imports colTee of extra qual
ity, thus being able to furnish the best
cup of coffee obtainable in the city.
Fresh fish every day, and an elegant
chicken dinner every Sunday.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing syrup, for
children teething, is the prescription ot
one of the best female nurses and phj-si-ians
in the United States and ha
been used for over forty veir ith never
failing success by millions of mothers for
their children. During the process 01
teething its value is inc.-ilcc h!e. It
relieves the child of pdn, cures dvsrntery
and diarrhoea, griping in the bowels, and
wind colic. By giving health to thr
child it gives rest to the mother. Price
52 cents a bottlr ian;6-l
Harris, the Tuilur,
And practical cutter. Xobby
and pants a specialty.
My will is good, my work is jntt,
I use you well, but oak no tru-t.
Allen street, Timl.ston Arizona.
Whether on pleasuie bent or business j
should take en every trip a bottle of 1
Syrup of Figs as it acts most pleasantly i
and effectually on the kidneys, liver and .
bowels, preventing fevers, headaches and j
other forms of sickness. For sale tn ;oc '
and Sl.oo bottles by all leading druggist
Our Arftvf.
Thomas Delaney will enlarge pho
tographs, do sketches and sign paint
ing at reasonable rates. Leave orders
at the Dailv Epitaph office.
A plain cold wedding ring, between
Xaroaari and the old XichOl.is ranch,-!
in bonora, about rilteen days ago.
The owner can have the same bv call
ing on Henry Campbell, at" the Pony
saloon, in this city, proving property
and paying for this advertisement.
Stevenson & "Walker are the author
ized agents for Louisiana lottery tick
ets in this city. By investing $1 you
have a chance of winning a fortune.tf
Wanted. Agents for. the Economy
Fuel Burner. Cheap and best ot the kind
n tbe market. Address P. Ot;Box 583
Omahar Neb.
Timotbr seed, fresh at Hoefler's
ThjnLszitii! Day.
Whercn tho President of the United
States has designated the twenty
eighth djy of November as a day of
National Thanks-giving and prayer in
this following
"A highly favored people, mindful of
their dependence on the bounty of a
Divine Providence, should seek a fit
ting occasion to testify their gratitude
and ascribe praise to him who islhe
author of their many blessings. It
behooves them to look back with
thankful hearts over the put year and
bless God for his infinite mercy in
vouchsafing to our land enduring
peace; to our people freedom from
pestilence ami famine; to our bus-
bandmen abundant harvest, and to
tlioe that labor recompense for their
"Xovv therefore, I, Benjamin Harri
son, President of the United States of
America, do earnestly recommend
that Thursday, the 2Sth diy of this
present month, XovemWr, be get apart
as a day of .National Thanksgiving
and prayer, and that the people of our
country, ceasing from cares and labors
j of their working days, shall assemble
j in their rc-peetive places of worship
paths the paths of peace, and beseech'
j Him to blois the day to our present
! and future good, making it truly one
of thanksgiving for each reunited
home circle as a nation at large.
In witness whereof I have herennto
set my hand and caused the seal of
the United States to bo affixed.
Done at the city of Washington,
tins nrsi oay 01 -vovemoer, in tne year
of our I.ord 1SS9, and of the inde
pendence of the United States the
114th. IJe-vjami.m Harkibo.v.
By the President.
James G. Blai.se,
Secretary of State."
Xow therefcre, I, Lewis Wolfley,
Governor of the Territory of Arizona,
believing in this time honored custom,
do hereby proclaim and set apart the
said twenty-eighth day of November
as a specivl day of Thanksgiving, in
viting all to lay aside their business
and celebrate the same in such a
manner as each in his conscience may-
deem right and proper.
Done at the city of Phenix, this
eighth day of Xovember, A. D. 1889.
Lewis Wolfuet.
By the Governor.
Xathan O. Mdkphy,
Secretary of Arizona.
Absolutely Pur.
f his powder never varies. A marvel
! purity, strength and wholesoroeness
More economical then the ordinary kinds
and cannot be sold in com pet ion with the
multitude of low test, short weight alum
r phosphate powders. Sold only in cans.
Royal Baking Powder Co., 106 Wall
St., x. y.
Xesbit's poultry powder and Forrest
cholera cure for chickens. For sale at
WolcottV. tf
Fresh oysters at the Can Can very
Harris, the tailor, has received a
large stock of fall and winter goods of
the latest patterns. tf
Latent periodicals at If etrmeaier'a.
Aitrfliinn; lYimfaiill Mm !
Parties desiring to purchase wind
mills will do well to investigate the
merits of the AorhfoUir, which is the
latest improved, j?lKiimg an increase
of power of S3 p'lV'c't'nt. A 12-foot
wheel is gtiararUtil...to ,i0 ns much
work as any lC-foot wooden wheel ia
the market. In .all rpects it repre
sents the latest improvements of in
ventive skill. For further information
and circulars address HorF,
... Of Tucson.
Box 120, Tucvon, Arizona. 9 26tf
Among the incidents of childhood
that stand out in bold relief, as our
memory reverts to the days when we
were young, none are more prominent
than .severe sickness. The vou no-
mother vividly remembers that it was
I .hu ninwrl im' fVvtili l,.tn,l. .. 1
i,. , . ". .
her of croup, and in turn administers
it to her orvti nflVr.rine- n,t alv.
z ...,.JW
with the best oucccss. For salu by H,
J. Peto.
In the Justice Court o! precinct No. One,
county of Cochue, Territury of Arizona.
Beiore John C. Eatoo, a Justice of tbt
Otto MetchUe, plaintiff, vs 'H. R Maxson.
dcfcnd.int. Action or !ejt;. complaint tiled
in my office and summons iued.
The Territory of Arizona sends greeting:
To II. B. Maxson, defendant Vou are here
by summoned and required to appear at mr
orhce, in Precinct N'o. One, county of Cochin,
Territory of Arizona, to answer the complaint
of plaintiff, now on tile in my ottice, ithia
rive days, should this summons be served upon
j. 1.1 mi? jiicwiitij 11 cicu ujKjn you 111n
out this precinct, but witfcin.this county, tea
days; otherwise within twenty days (exclusive
of the day of service) from the day this sum
mons is served upon you.
Thi action is brought to recover 1 judgment
against you for the sum of.S74.23 for work
and services performed for you at your re
quest, as alleged in plainuffs- complaint now
on file in my office, to which, vou are referred
for further particulars, and costs' of suit; and
)ou are hereby notified that should vou fail to
appearand answer within the time stated ia
thi summons the plaintiff will bddIv to the
court for a judgment against you for said de
mand ana an costs.
Given under mv hand at mv office in said
precinct this 28th day of October. 1SS9.
030-3W Justice of the Peace.
Constable's Sale,
By virtue of an eiecut on iasurd out of lus
tice John C Easton's Court, el Pncmet No. r.
county of 1 o hise, lerutoiy of Arizona, dated
thea-ad day of October, 1SS9. in i'rtruin ac
ton b rein Amelia Tuijut t. aa LiuuirT, recov
ered juJgmenc ajainst frank Frafy, defendant,
for One Hundred and Eitfct do.W dtbt. and
Fourteen and 41.ru doUar;, ccts, of suit, oa
the 21st d.y of Octolr,;rS89. T'fuve levied
upon the following desenbed-proper ij, tc-wit:
first, on a certain mining location or claim in
l?e Tombstone Moid; district krurw.ias the
Blue Mineral mine, situated about, two miles
south of Tombstone; second, orrekven sacks of
ore at the mine; third, 03 said Frank Frary'i
interest in the partnership o- association known
as the Undertake' Association of the aty of
Tombstose. "
Notice is hereby eivn that .on Wednesday,
the 13th day of Sovtmber, 1889. at 12 o'clock
M. ol that day, in froil of the Court Rouse in
the city ot Tombstone, courty of Cochise, I
will sell all the n?ht, title and, lrees ot Frank
Frary in and to the atxjve d-scnbed ftioperty, at
public auction, tor ia-jh 10 I and. to the hiehest
and best bidder, to sausfy said rie-u.iion and
all costs. '''
Dated at Tombstone 'he 2a 1 d ,y ot October,
8S9. S. T. CAKR'. Constable.
Constable's Sale.
By virtue of an execution istfi'd out fcf Justice
lohn C Ea.ton's Court of No. 1 .Precinct.
county of Cochie, Territory of Arizona, dated
ne 2aa day 01 uctoter, 18S9, in a certain action
wherein Amelia Tuquet, as plaintiff, recovered
judgment against Thomas Frary, defendant, for
Ninety-nine Dollars debt, and Fouiteen and
40-100 dolUrs. costs 1 f su t. en the. 21st day of
October, 18S0, I have levfrd uoon the follow ir
described progeny, to-wiU. First, on -a certain
mining location or cl im in ihe Tombstore Min
ing dn.rict known as- BlueMihef ji -mfri.?. -itu-aied
about two miles sruth of Tomi-stonr, sec
ond, on eleven sack of ore at. the mine; third,
or said Thomas Frary 's interest in the .partner
ship or association know n as the' Undertakers'
Association of theCny of Tiimtxtoiv:
Notice is hereby riven that on Wednesdar.
the 13th day of No vi mb r 1389 at 13 ockek M.
of that day. in Irout 01 the Court House in the
city of Tombstone cr unty of Cocfiisr. . f will
sell all the right, title and interest of Thomas
frary in and to the Mure d; cnteu p-oueitv at
public auction, for cish in hand, to ihe highest
and best b.dder, to aufy said execution and
m costs.
Dated at Tombstone the sad day of October,
1889. S. T. CARR, Constable
Pioneer Establishment.
(Ritter Builtfog)
FRARY & Co,. Managers.
The largest and finest stock of- Undertaking
Goods in Arizona, We are prepared to & a9
work in our line in a first class manner.- ALL
Bodies Embalmed
Or temporarily presented at a trifling
expense for shipment,
Satis&ctioa Given , in 'All RespteU.
flsOrdera led at the O. K. Stabla
will receive prompt attention.
aim waub, nmu Nutm,
as '

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