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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, December 22, 1885, Image 2

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Daily Tombstone Epitaph
anu CocuisK County Bkoobp.
acBscurnos ruca:
Dally (DmKd by carrier. ) 85coUp.iw.ek
Uiilyonejcar,. .-(JO
Duly, mx month. yjjj
UE.'fwrin the!R!lW"Ktiilto
,1 . O. OUNB It. Kditor & Prop.
t'rt-.nuiti xiM-t, OiuiimUc City HMl.
f a'i is Ijhihh Oouutv. Ariron
Therk is now a prospect that the
ptesidential succession question will be
settled liy Connres at an early day.
Our meek Goternor is only biding his
time. He will evidently become an
. tTtnsie partisan when he gets the bit.
The fact that troop's have been sent to
Salt Lake cilv, is a sufficient guarantee
that no danger exists of an uprising of the
The telegraph informs us that the
sacred white elephant of Mandalay is
dt.ul. As to what effect this depressing
new.-, will have on the cod-fish market in
Portugal, we are unable to say.
IT i said that Governor Zulick will
vacate all Territorial offices now being
held by Republicans after his confirma
tion by the Senate has been effected.
Look out, Bro. Churchill, this means
mischief for you.
Tut present strained condition of af
fairs in England over the Irish question,
may result in the downfall of the present
ministry. Of one thing, however, there
can be little doubt. Parnell stock is in
the ascendancy,and home rule for Ireland
is the only measure that can bring peace
to Hold Hinghland.
The blessings of this world are tem
pered, as it were, to those who can afford
the strain. Hut the luxury of gas, es
pecially unadulterated Tombstone gas,
warranted not to rip. run down at the
heel or burst the meter, is a consumation
of ethereal bliss not often vouchsafed the
humble denizens of this mundane sphere.
Dakota is nothing unless original.
With a flourish of trumpets she announ
ces to the world th.it hc is a S:ate, with
a big S. C.rres may, ptrhaps, take a
different view of the subject, and con
clude that a few years of waiilrj in a
territorial com lition, may knock a lu'Ie
freshness out of the would be statesmen
in that delictablt clinie.
The recent visit of the vice-president
of Honduras to the United States, is sig
nificant, inasnvich as England for years
has monopolized the trade of the South
American states to the detriment of this
country. The object of Senor Zelaya
is to cultivate more friendly relations be
tween the two countrie'and perfect abet
ter system of commercial relations.
THE Indian raids, it is said, is having
a depressing effect on the small mining
men and prospectors in Grant and Sierra
counties, New Mexico. The men are
afraid to go out in small numbers, and
the result is that numberless claims have
been permitted to go unworked. It is
hoped that the company of rangers now
being organized in that section will aid in
restoring peace and quiet to the disturb
ed community.
The board of Supervisors of Cochise
-county at their meeting last night author
ized Sheriff Hatch to engage suitable
men for the purpose of circulating the
petition amongst the citizens of the vari
ous towns in the county, petitioning Gov.
Zulick to call an extra session of the
Legislature for the object of putting out
one or two companies of rangers in the
field to protect the property and lives of
our people. This action of the board will
meet the approval of our citizens, and the
Epitaph trusts that our governor, who
has had some experience with ithe
Apaches, and has told the people of Co
chise county that he will use every hon
orable means at his command to bring
peace and quietness to our borders, wiil
give this matter his sanction, as by this
and this method only we can expect re
lief. The Epitaph has "no harsh or un
:ust criticisms of the soldiers of our gov
ment the cause of their inactivity lies
tt. the department at Washington.
"Wi'liY1? nuntre ant' fifty determined
the field in pursuit of the In
Givn.d peace will soon come to the
he Epitaph is of the opinion that this
movement of calling an extra session of the
Legislature will meet with opposition in
certain portions of our Territory; but we
will say to those people, that Cochise
county is a large and prosperous portion
of Arizona. We pay into the territorial
government a large amount of money as
our share of the territorial tax; we have
been in existence as a county six years,
and this is the first time in the history of
the county that we have ever asked any
thing from the government. Our last
Legislature made large appropriations
for diffe:ent sections of the Territory. To
ibis we never demurred. Now all we ask
si' n umc.ciii 9ci.uui ui wc i ciTUory. 10 I "ft """"I -"- 'uubai x. latuD m.i, -m HB k J t n 14 , 4A
is fair treatment at the hands of our
neighboring counties. Our homes are
being destroyed and our citizens murder
ed. The Apaches are allowed to roam
and plunder at will through our county,
and in the name of fair play, which
should be guaranteed every citizen be
neath the American flag, we ask that
something be done for our relief. We
have waited long and patiently lor some
action on the part of the military which
would lead us to, believe that those
troubles would be put down, but in vain.
Every day brings its harvest of killing;
some of our citizens are laid low by the
duel hand of the Apaches, justice de
fied and humanity outraged and trampled
beneath the cruel feet of the Apaches.
The American flag, which is synonymous
with freedom and liberty, is here re
garded witrik derision and disdain and
railed in the mire to the tune of the
murderous songs of the San Carlos In
dians. A rteaflUK Sektaae.
A Casa Grande correspondent of the
Florence Enterprise says it becomes his
painful duty to inform the public of an
other atrocity committed by Indian
Agent Wheeler, of the Pima agency, that
surpasses in fiendish cruelty any devilish
ingenuity any of his dark deeds thathave
yet been brought to light. It is a fact
easily proved that Wheeler has imported
from the East a large number of rolling
pins of the latest and most deadly
model, and it is his intention to furnish
every squaw on the reservation with one
of these formidable weapons of offensive
warfare. The result is easily foretold.
The destruction of all tribal laws and the
inauguration of a reign of anarchy and
bloodshed will be but a question of a
short time. The boasted liberty of the
noble red man will become a thing of the
past and he will be reduced to the same
pitiable condition of subjection and court
plaster as his pale face brothers. It is
an inopportune moment to champion the
cause of the Indian, but surely civilized
and Christian men will not stand passive
when such a doom menaces a tribe of
inoffensive and peaceful red men. Im
mediate action can alone save them from
a fate a thousand times worse than
O. F. Thornton, a former Tombstone
mining and newspaper man, arrived yes
terday evening form P henix, after an ab
sence of nearly three years. Mr. Thorn
tpn has a host of friends in this city from
whom he will receive a most cordial wel
come during his sojourn among us.
An Epitaph rock sharp was yester
day shown a piece of oie from the bot
tom of the Contention shaft. It was a
specimen calculated to gladden the eye
of a vtteran prospector white quartz,
literally bespangled with the glistening
yellow metal in all its virgin purity. With
plenty of such "truck" in the lower lev
els, no fears of a close down need be en
tertained. The new Democratic fandling has at
last found sponsors in the persons of
Messrs. Brawley and Tomlinion, both
practical newspaper men. If those boys
don't succeed in rattling the dried bones
of the old defunct Democratic party of
this county we shall be terribly mistaken.
You will haye to slave very hard, boys,
to get any coin, as they are notorious for
holding on to everything but "wind;" in
fact that is what they fought their last
aampaign on, and that is what they had
leit when it was over, and the supply is
not yet exhausted.
tfor Krnt.
Two or more handsomely furnished
rooms in adobe building on Fourth and
Bruce streets. Two furnished rooms for
gentlemen; low price. One five-roomed
cottage. One three-roomed house. In
quire on premises corner Fourth and
Bruce streets or of Robt. Eccleston, City
Wood & Coal Yard, Fourth and Touijh
nut streets.
The Catholic church social, which will
take place Dec. 22, promises to be a
splendid affair, as the promoters are spar
ing no efforts to make it an enjoyable
time. After the raffle ha taken place
dancing will begin and all are expected
to do their utmost to make the time pass
pleasantly. The best quality of refresh
ments will be served and the finest music
to be had will be engaged for the occa
sion. With the small charge of 50 cents
admision the hall will undoubtedly be
well filled. The object for which this so
cial is given is a worthy one that of pay
ing off the debt of the church. The so
cial will be held at Schierfeiin
Wanted '-ooltlwn aaTraehrr or Tutor
A highly recommended, professional
and literary gentleman of great luitional
experience and good address, an ac
knowledged great classical and mathe
matical scholar, with high European and
American university distinctions, most
successful in preparing backward pupils
for American and English universities
and colleges (an author, and lecturer), de
sires a position as teacher in a good
school or as private tutor in a family.
Subjects: Latin and Greek classics,
mathematics, sciences, French, German,
Spaaish, Hebrew, etc. Address B.
Christian, P. O. box 106, Saa Diego, CaL
To tbe Ore B pant h oft.aU on the ''Way
Up" Mltilng Claim Murraee.
I have heretofore notified you that I
own three-fifths of the surface ground of
the Way Up mine. I now notifiy you
that I claim no right to said ground
against any one who has been in posses
sion of a lot or lots thereon for five years,
as I think the five years statute of limita
tion commenced to run on September
22, 1880, when the patent to the town-site-issued.
But, in any event, I would
not disturb any one who has improve
ments on a lot for several years; unless,
in the case of one who has indentified
himself with those who fraudulently ob
tained the townsite title from A'der Ran
dall, mayor, or who now buys or has late
ly boucht of them or given them aid or
But, as to all of the lots on said Way
Up mine now vacant or unoccupied, or
that have lately been settled on or bought
from the townsite claimants, or claimants
under the Way Up mine, I will assert
my rights, but will sell at a reasonable
price, reserving my right to refuse to sell
to any one who, by purchasing lots as
aforesaid from other claimants and pay
ing for more than two-fifths thereof
has indentified himself with the frauds.
M. B. The two-fifihs interest in said
Way Up surface which I do not own or
claim, does not belong 10 any one in
Tombstone, as near as 1 can find out by
the records of the countv.
ames Reilly.
firauil (aift Ku'erprine
At H. Schmieding's jewelry store,
something worth while to get away with.
Twelve eleg. nt prizes now on exhibition
in tne show window of H. Schmieding's
jewelry store, will be given away on the
following conditions: Every person pur
chasing goods at the above named
jewelry store will receive one ticket for
every three dollars' worth of purchase,
which entitles the holder to a chance in
any of the prices. All .lie prizes will be
given away to the luck., holders of win
ing tickets on D v. 31 s;. 1885.
Job Sranians & Son announce to their
many patrons that the have in stock
the most elegant and artistic display of
diamonds and Christmas presents, etc.,
etc., that has ever been offered to the
citizens of Tombstone. They desire
further to inform the public that their
reputat on for upright, square and legiti
mate dealing is so well established that
they are not driven to resort to decep-
tion hanging out the " red flag,'' or ad
vertising " snide prize packages," but on
the contrary, they give a "fee i.niple'
to every article sold by them. A No. I
goods, genuine articles and small profits
for cash is their motto.
Mrs. H. G. Howe will open her schoo
again on January 5th. Pupils of all
grades are solicited and parents desiring
private instructions or their children,
may be assured that every attention
necessary for their advantage will be
thoroughly given, as Mrs. Howe is a
teacher of many years' experience. Ap
ply at residence on Ficth street, between
Third and Fourth.
Music, skating and dancing Saturday
evening at the skating pivillmn. The
proprietors are desirous of pleasing the
Tombstone public and no expense wiil
be spared to accomplish this.
New citron, orange, lemon peel and
currants at R. P. Mansfield's.
Received yesterday: New pants pat
tenia, winter suitings. Cull and examine,
at Harris', the tailor. Fourth street. It
costs nothing to stop uti'l examine these
m m
A first-class baker, apply at the Amer
ican bakery.
A Resolution
of the City of Tombstone, of ton Territory of
Arlzena,!D rela'.loii to report-of City otBccrn.
Be It reolmi liy the Mayor and Common
Council of the Cltr of tombstone: TLat all
cfOceTAOf tbc Cj'j of Tomb-tone shall, on or be
fore tbc Srt Wednesday of each month, make
and file v.'th thr'lty Avdltornn lemlzed report
of the I.usiLtst traoractd Is tbelr respective
offices daring he prev'oa month; ca each of
ald City officers rhall, a', all time, Uee.i their
KKik ported up to rate, and a.ibjcct to the ex
amination of the Mayor and Common Council or
any comml'tre appointed by the Mayor and
Common Council for that purpose.
Be It farther resolved, that Ihii resolution
shall titku UJVct and be in force from and after
approved and dne publication approved as to
November 12 18S3.
W. fl. SAVAGE,
City Attorney.
Approved. C. N.THOMAS, Mayor.
Altear J I. CLCM, CIrrk.
Notice of Forfeiture,
Moore, A. Ur.,-. E. II. FordUan, W. A. Heck
bam, It. O. Falres, I!. Moore, J. II Chtmberr,
Z. T. llotran, S B. Garrett, B. If lizht, B. Cocke,
A. L. Sli-le and P. Caron. You are hereby
notified that we have expended one hnnrf.ed dol
lars tn labor and Improvements on the liercnles
lode and rninlnjr clilm. situated In the D
Cabezas, now known at the Tevi- mining dis
trict. Com tyofCoch's- and Territory of Arizona;
location notice recorded Ii.oook3, papulli), of
transcribed records of Cochise county, A. T., in
order to hold th claim (or the year inaljp
Dro-mVt, Hi!5, under the provision ft section
3.324, Ke vised Stat'-le of the United States.
Thtrre'orc, If within ninety days from publication
of this notice, yoc fail or refute to conUinnte.
each of yen, your proportion of ..aid expenditure
amdeoH of this publication a co-owners, yonr
Interest in said mine or claim will become the
property of the underslmed. oncer section 234.
Tombeta, September at, 1W9.
On Wednesday, December 9, 1885, -we will commence our
GRAND HOLIDAY SALE, comprising the Finest and Most
Appropriate Goods for the
TM niTnPDUTaJ1 AT) we Posifcivclytakethc lead, having in stock a full line of Vicuna XXX, Cam
Ill II ill 111 II If M Ail el's narBB, genuine Australian, California Flannels, and the celebrated full
111 U UiJJJILIf JJ111L finished New Brunswick Underwear. These goods must be seen to be appreciated.
We have just received and will offer at the Lowest Prices a full
From now till Christmas we will
of Ladies' Cloaks, Dolmans and New Markets
at Cost, as we do no wishjto carry
same in stock another
season. Call
at once and examine
these goods, as no lady need be
without a cloak at such prices as these goods
are offered. carry in stock the finest line of
Ever brought to Arizona, comprising
the genuine Perrins, Rosenstock, Porters
SoUers' tipp, in fact all leading brands
that we offer at astonisning low prices.
We could quote Buneross other lines of Gonrlq wh.vi. -,. 1 , .
prevents us? so we will merely INVITE You E AND aTl l, ?' 7
examine what we have on hands, purchase ifvouwsh and ifnt -n I "u-1"? "J
to see yon and consider it .o tromble to show our gTods VS PlC
J 1 1 1
jua -L
we have just received a full line of Corkscrews in all shades, Diagnols, Piquets,
Beavers, Broadcloths, Doeskins, Miltons and Cassimeres, which we ofier at prices
that defy competition.
in all shades and styles, besides being agents for the celebrated John
B. Stetson Manufactory, whose goods are too well known for
Overshirts, White Shirts, Socks, otc, we need not speak of, as our reputation
for carrying the finest stock of the foregoing named goods is too well
Jttussian .Leather, rlusn, bealskm, Velvet, eta
Velvets, Brocades, Grosgrain Silks; Tricots, Ladies' Cloths, Camels' Hair,
Satins, Plaid Flannels and Cachameres, we offer at prices that cannot be
equaled in Arizona.
"line of Hand Bags, comprising the
sell our Fine Iiine
las mM U II m aJ . H
kjw M

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