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piui). Tlu- Srhrdulr.
All train dill).
NO ill.
O ran J Central Depot....
Brooklmt' ..
11:20 a m
10 55 ft m
10.25 a m
1 :om
9.25 a m
9 00am
S:20 a m
7:50 a ia
0:'0 a ui
7.00 am
6.00 am
625 a m
4:45 am
1:30 pm
1:45 pm
2:10 p 3
2:45 p u
3.-00 pm
3:45 p in
4:15 pm
6:00 pm
5:35 p m
6:20 p m
6:40 pm
7:25 pm
8:05 pm
8:45 p m
sun o connect with Western bound train loavoe
at D.16 o'clock a. in.
9U(e to conuect with Eaitern bound train lea e
at 9:15 o'doclca.. m,
Statre to connect with Ouaj mas train oe at z
o'clock p. m.
8tage for Chirlcton !ca es at 7 a . m.
Sua ibtllbbeojcaie at Go. uueiccpt sundaji).
Otfioe 406 Allen treet. under Occidental Hotel.
Thia paper U kept on file at E. C. Dake's Aderli.
As-iicy. 64 and 65 Merchants' Excaiiige, San
rancisca. Cat., where contracts for adertimg can
c made for it.
Recorder Clum did a rushing business
The board of supervisor were in ses
sion last night.
A set of composition billiard balls for
sale at a bargain, at the Elite. t
Entrees for the athletic sports to take
place on Christmas day will be received
by H. Schmeiding.
A scrapping-match took place on the
street late last night, in which only bil
lins gate and fists figured.
Dick Rule is an applicant, we under
stand, for a position under a Democratic
Rule in Arizona. Success, Dick.
A Mexican yesterday created a little
excitement on Allen street, by firing off a
gun in the old Silver City corral.
TheiMcucan who was arrested Sun
day for drunkenness, was sentenced es
terday to fifteen days by Recorder Clum.
The Catholic feast heretofore adver
tised to take place at the Mining Ex
change, has been changed to Schieffelin
The water was lower in the mines yes
terday than it has been for many days.
In fact it was under complete control of
the pumps.
Colonel A. Lewis, who is a heavy
owner in the Prompter mine, has re
turned to the city after an absence of
some months.
The ore extracted from below water
level in the hill mines is wonderfully
rich, and gives courage to their owners
to prosecute work vigorously.
The counties of Sierra, Socorro land
Grant, New Mexico, in imitation of Ari
zona, are organizing a company to pro
tect their people against the Apaches.
The concert and f.tir to be given by
the Catholic church will take place to
night at Schieffelin hall, and not Mining
Exchange hall, as heretofore published.
The organization in this city of a so
ciety having for its obiect the planting of
suitable shade trees on our principal
streets, would be heartily supported by
our citizens.
The case of Wm. Muton, who was ar
rested for stealing a watch and chainf
knife and rifle from James Hawkins, a
few days since, was continued until 9
o'clock this morning.
A Mexican with a cargo of assorted
tanglefoot on board, amused the small
fry yesterday on Fremont street by at
tempting to ride a horse under full speed
w ith a wagon in tow.
The tendency to fight these days is at
tributable to the v.triegated quality of
beHezine imbibed by the parties interest
ed. The better plan is to stick to the
same old brand in small doses.
Although our enterprising business
men by their liberal spirit in advertising,
hare, in a measure, lightened the arduous
duties of ye reporter, the fact remains
that news items of any importance are
s scarce as ever.
The Great Western Minstrel troupe,
composed of colored soldiers from the
Tenth cavalry, stationed at Mescal
Springs, are in town, making arrange
ments for the concert to be given on the
25th of this month.
Bill McFarland, of the Aztec house,
r eturned yesterday evening from a few
days' sojourn in the Chiricahuas. He
brought with him the largest fish that
ever came from White river; weight, 130
T. L. Ward, ex-sheriff of Cochise coun
ty, but now a prosperous rancher of the
Salt River valley, arrived in Tombstone
last night. When he returns Mrs Ward,
who has been tarrying in Tombstone,
will accompany him to their new
The carnival at the skating rink, which
was to have taken place on Christmas
night, has been postponed on account of
the non-arrival of costumes. Due notice
will be given of the date of its occur
rence. On Christmas Eve an enjoyable
social will be given at the rink,
Charley Mellgren, of the Oriental,
wishes to correct an item in last evening's
Tombstone. He does not wish to be
understood as claiming to have the
"best" whiskey and cigars in the city;
but he does claim to have as good as can
be obtained either in Tombstone or else
where. Surveyor General Hise informs the
Star that he has been notified that the
annual appropriation for public surveys
in the territory is now available. Parties
in different parts of the territory desiring
surveys in their localities, would do well
to make their wants known to the Su-veyor-GeneraL
At the same time par
ties desiring surveys would do well to
fully describe the locality, accompanied
by a diagram as to the adjacent surveys
already made, general character of the
country, and their postoffice address.
Of unblushing thievery, the Tucson
Star is a bright and shining example. In
this infamous resptct there is certainly
no other Arizona journal that can ever
approach the Star. The EPITAPH doesn't
mind the wholesale purloining of news
items for which the Star is notorious
but when it comes to stealing outright a
carefully prepared mining article of half
a column or more, this paper feels im
pelled to call the thief to time. There
fore, Hughes, occasionally give credit
where credit is due.
The interest manifested in the forth
coming wrestling match between Prof.
Lucien Marc Christol and Peter Schu
maker, at Schieffelin hall, which will
take place Christmas night,
continues unabated. That one of the
most exciting exhibitions of manly
strength and skill will be afforded those
who attend can be safely promised.
Prof. Christol enjoys the reputation of
being one of the most expert wrestlers on
the Pacific Coast, and his presence in
Tombstone has lent an additionial zest to
the manly sports. Mr. Schumaker, al
though an amateur and but little known
beyond the limits of the Territory, cer
tainly possesses those staying qualities
of muscle and endurance necessary to
success. Of the many matches in which
he has heretofore engaged, in one only
has he been worsted. Tne friends of
Mr. Schumaker are nowise backward in
expressing the conviction of Mr. Christol
will be put to his best to down his oppo
nent. County KeeordH.
The following instruments have been
filed in the office of the county recorder:
A. Jordon to C. Mardoni, certain real
estate in Tombstone; $50.
Desperate Tblevm.
Last Friday evening Mr. George H.
Judd, of Wilcox, went out to see his
father, who is living on his ranch, about
eighteen miles from Wilcox. On ap
proaching the house he discovered that
the door had been broken open, and an
examination revealed the fact that some
one had ransacked the place, carrying
off everything of value, including the
wearing apparel of Mr. Judd. A search
of the premises was made and the tracks
of two or more parties were discovered.
Mr. Judd mounted his horse and started
in pursuit. The Mexicans, for such they
proved to be, were overtaken at the top
of the divide, in the very act of donning
the clothing stolen from the bouse. Mr.
J. ordered them to surrender, at the same
time drawing his revolver, but they were
too quick for him. They turned loose a
broadside and brake for the hills. A
searching party was soon organized and
started out with the intention of over
taking the thieves, but up to date no
news as to their whereabouts has been
Article of AfteeBeat;
We, the undersigned, agree to wrestle
Gricco-Roman style, two falls in three;
no foul allowed under any circumstances
meaning wrestle to a finish for the
amount of two hundred ($200) dollars a
side. Fifty (S50) dollars a side, as a for
feit, has been already deposited with Mr.
James Hennessey as a guarantee of good
faith, and either party failing or refusing
to appear will forfeit his fifty (S50) dol
lars now in the hands of Mr. James Hen
nessey. This wrestling match shall take place
on the 25th day of December, in the city of
Tombstone, Territory of Arizona, in some
suitable place, and shall be public
Winner takes gate and stake money
after all expenses are paid.
Also, that the said Lucien Marc Chris
tol will put two hundred ($200) dollars
to Peter SchumaKers one nunareuviou;
dollars that the said Schumaker will not
win one fall in the match.
And, that the balance of all moneys
shall be deposited with James Henessey
on the day of the 24th of December
and said Hennessy shall be final stake,
holder. . .
Ti..(mtn he aDDOinted en the
night of the day of the match, and the
referee's decisions to be final
And, that each ot tne principal . pi.. -
the same, and their decision shall be
Signed and delivered on this 21st day
of December, 1885.
Luciek Marc Christol,
Petkr Schumacker,
Pat Holland,
Ben Baron,
Witnesses. i.u-m--
judge, and, that in their failure to do this,
that J. O. Dunbar and W. A. Nash, edi-
ir .k. 1v.mr.0nnR naDcrs. shall piCtc
Breaking of the Pump-Rod at
tke Grand Central Mine-
What Sight Have Been a IMaavter
Prove Only aa Asaojrias Aecltteat.
A good deal of excitement was occa
sioned on the streets yesterday afternoon
by the announcement that a serious
breakdown had occurred at the Grand
Central works. The news spread like
wildfire, and was followed by the report
that the mines would necessarily be
closed down for a period of net less than
three months. An Epitaph emissary
was immediately dispatched to the scene
of the reported disaster. Arriving on
the hill, Superintendent Gage was found,
apparently irra very calm and unruffled
frame of mind, which gave instant reas
surance to the news gatherer. Upon in.
quiry it was learned that an accident had
occurred, but not of such serious import
as was at first feared. Noticing an ir
regularity in the working of the pumps,
the engineer in charge upon investiga
tion discovered tha't the ponderous
pump-rod, which is nxli square, solid
steel, weighing upwards of 90,000
pounds, and 500 feet in length, showed
signs oi a fracture near the top. The
machinery was stopped at once and a
thorough examination begun. It was
discovered that in addition to the frac
ture mentioned, there was
near the 100-foot level; while it is be
lieved yet another will be found near the
300-foot level. While the accident is to
be regretted and will necessitate an ex
penditure of about $15,000, yet the com
pany is to be congratulated that the flaw
was discovered before the rod had en
tirely parted. Had this not been the
case, the result would have been most
disastrous. Had the ponderous weight
been suddenly released while the ma
chinery was in full motion, complete
destruction of the fly-wheel, edgine, etc.,
must have resulted. The steel rod was
put in merely as an experiment, opinions
differing among first-class mining men as
to whether it would prove superior to the
tried and tested timber rods that have
heretofore been in vogue. The result
proves that the experiment, while a cost
ly one, has not proven a success. The
as soon as energy and money can ac
complish it. The new rod will be of
Puget Sound pine, a quality that has
stood the test of long usage, and which
is in use in many of the mines of Europe,
as well as those of this country. That a
solid steel shaft, with apparently little
direct strain upon it, should be broken
seems to the superficial observer almost
incredible. The cause assigned by com
petent engineers is the tremendous vibra
tion caused by the extreme length and
enormous weight of the shaft.
As before stated, when the news of the
accident reached town it caused quite a
panicky feeling among business men and
others, who saw in their minds a cessa
tion of operations at the mines and con
sequent depression and stagnation of all
kinds of business. However, the EPI
TAPH is in possession of facts which
happily prove these
fears without foundation.
Pending the putting in of the new rod,
there will in reality be employed a larger
number of men than at present. There
will be no draft of men from the work
ings of either mine. The accident will
"let out" only a few top men, engineers,
wipers, etc., while the repairs will require
a much larger number. So it will be
iesn that no cause for apprehension ex
ists. The Contention pumps will continue
as usual, and it is believed they will be
enabled to keep the water down to the
present level. Messrs. White and Gage
are not in the least discouraged by the
accident. They regard it merely as an
incident, and not as a disaster. As has
been previously stated by the EPITAPH,
the capacity of the pumps to control the
water and drain the mines has been am
ply demonstrated; and no tnvial accident
such as that of yesterday will prevent a
thorough exploitation of the unexplored
L. Lineberg, President of the Hebrew
Benevolent Association of Tombstone,
at the meeting of the association on
Sunday, tendered his resignation, which
was respectfully accepted. Mr. Line
berg's reason for resigning Is that he in
tends shortly changing his residence to
Our Mexican neighbors understand the
Indian question thoroughly. Twelve
days ago, three Indians, couriers from
Geronimo, entered Casa Grande for the
purpose of making peace with the Mexi
cans. The peace commissioners are now
in jail and strongly guarded. They will
be taken out and shot soon by retaliation
for murders committed in the past. They
will shortly climb the golden stair, and
become good Indians.
The Tombstone public library will, on
ad after Monday, Nov. 9th, be open froHi
6.t 9 o'clock p. aa.
I'ickkil piga feet and touguu at Fitts
Brrw f
.Fresh eggs u-celved daily at Fitts
Bros. f
The Crystal Palace Chop House is the
latest. t
For fresh shell oysters., go ot the Mai-
son Dote, f
Mince meat and plum pudding at R.
P. Mansfield's.
This year's sugar-cured hams and ba
con at Fms Bros. f
m m
Pure maple syrup in glass and tin at
R. P. Mansfield's.
Fresh fish direct from California on
ice at the Fountain.
Pineapple, Swiss aud Holland chette
Ht B. P. MunadelU'ii. f
The best lunches in town at the Crystal
Palace Chop House. t
m m
Heecker's self-raising buckwheat flour
at R. P. Mansfield's.
The best stock of embroidery will be
seen at Summcrfleld Biu-i.
All boades ot ladies cludis, fricos aud
daQii.-l at SuininertieUI IJr .
Fresh Sonoro oranci. tor sale at Dyar
& Baldwin's for 25 cents a dozen.
A full line 01 uuw, tins gear's crop, jus
received al Yaple'.-. candy factory. tf
m m
Two sets of composition billiard balls
for sale, at a bargain, at the "'Elite."
Profit no object at the Fifth Street
News Depot. I have goods and want to
sell them.
Hot meals at all hours at the Crystal
Palace Chop House. Fred Parker, pro
prietor. The Pioneer Mills Flour from Sacra
mento, at Wolcott & MeMck's Cash
Lemp's St. Louis beer and all kinds of
sandwitches at the Crystal Palace lunch
parlors. t
Oysters in every style at the Crysta
Palace Lunch Parlors. Entrance on
Fifth street. t
. .
Take your lunches at the Crystal
Palace Lunch Parlors. Fred Parker,
Just recieved last evening at the Sum-
me r field Bros, a large assortment of gen
tlemen's hats. .
The finest Sonora oranges for sale foi
3o cents per dozen, at Djar fc Baldwins,
Fremont street. f
Meals two bits and upward, at the
crystal faiace inop House. rreci
Parker, proprietor.
Summerfield Bro. have just received
a large assortment ot i..tal handkerchiefs,
for ladies and gentle en.
The most complete siut of fancy arti
cles ever brought to Tombstone can be
seen at the Union news depot.
Louisiana molasses at it. 25 per gallon
also a fine assortment of Louisiana
sugar, lust received at Joe Hoefler's.
Arnold' Wood Vara. Corner Klsh
and airurrl ntieetH.
Cord wood at f 9; stove wood $11. Ltav
orders with delivery wajron.
Choice lot of dried fruit of nil kinds.
Eastern Oat Meal, Uoininy, Dried Bett
Co tub and Extract Hoaey, etc , at Wolcot
& Mesick's Cash Store.
Salesman can add A. 1. line. Small
samples. Casb commissions. Colorado
igent earned $3,200; Illinoi aewnt $2,200
in 1834. P. O. box 1371, New York.
It you want your clothes propcrl
repaired or thoroughly cleaned, go to
Charles Harris, the tailor, Fourth street.
Bauer block. Prices to suit the times.
For Hale.
A first-class restaurant business lo
cated in the best part of Tombstone.
The business must be sold at once, as
the present owner intends to leave the
city. For particulars inquire at the Epi
taph offica.
Wrestling ..latch
Christmas Night.1
Champion Light Weight of the World,
The Well - Known Local Athlete,
Ttie rrestot exh'btiion of Green. Roman el
ace erer wltsetted by the people of Tombitone.
, !
Ever brought to Tombstone has Arrived and
is now on Exhibition at
Occidental Hotel Block - Allen Street.
Everybody invited to call and see the Grand Display of
Holidav goods.
Just Received at the
Pioneer Jewelry Store,
The Finest, Largest and Best Selected Stock of
Gold and Silver FiTgree Goods in Latest Designs,
Ever Brought to this Territory.
Prices Reduced to Suit the Times. Call and be
Thoroughly Refitted- Everything New.
"Eastern Waiters. White Cooks.
Board SG.00 per Week, in Advance. $6.50, if Paid Monthly.
Stoves, Tinware, Brass Goods, Etc,
Pipe and Pipe Fittings, Granite,
Ironware, San JosetPumps, Etc
Of the Finest Stock of
0! every Description,
The Latest Novelties ! The Host Masrnificent Combinations
Corner IFifth and.Frexnont.
Style and Pattern.

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