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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, January 05, 1886, Image 3

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Sow Mexico ami ArlKfinn Knllrouil
Pactllo time, 84 mluut kIow.t than local time.
AU trains dally.
ooinu I uoua
LHAVIt. 1 niATK.
CrlUcn.Un i L
SanforvlV. . ..
11:30 a in
11:20 a m
10 5.1 a m
1:30 pm
1:45 p in
2.10 p m
2:45 p ro
8.00 p in
3:" P m
4:15 pm
6:00 pm
6:35 p in
6:20 p lu
6:10 pm
7:25 pm
8.05 p id
8:45 p m
10.25 a m
11:10 am
0.25 a m
0.00 am
8.20 am
7:60 a in
(j'10 a m
7:00 a m
0.00 a in
5:25 a m
4:46 a in
JM'-Y l" srAUE UM5.
j, n connoct With Wutorn bound train loavot
"jSJiB 'conuwt with Extern bound train leave.
Stauo to conneot with auajm" train eet at 2
o'clock p. m. .
8tao lor Charleston leaves at 7 a . m.
8w (or Ulxbea leaVei at 6 a. m.(cxeept Sunday,).
city tiuk.
(Wr 406 Allen utreet. under Oecldrnt&l Hotel
hU nijerUk uluum -Ui. O. !' V
"anFraiiCiioi. 61 , whero contract lor adver
tlalnj can bt undo lor u .
Have you seen the'eircus?
No Eastern mail last nigth.
Wno has not heard of the snow-clad
hills of Arizona?
The cold snap na played sad havoc
with the water pipes.
The sessions of the public schools
were resumed yesterday.
There was not a single case before the
police court-during the holidays. '
The skating rink is being well patron
ized by the ladies of Tombstone.
The injunction suit against the county
will be heard before Judge Street to-diy.
Herman Summerfield is expected to
arrive in Tombstone from San Francisco
in a few days.
The salaries of the various county of.
ficers were paid in coin to-day and yet
they are not happy.
The Epitaph w.i awarded the con
tract fordoing the county advertising
and job printing for the year 1886.
An entertainment for the benefit of the
public library was given last evening at
the residence of Mr. Robert Ecoelsion.
The city council will hold their regular
meeting to-morrow evening. The an
nu il reports ot all city officers will be
presented at that time.
The small boy was happy yesterday
when the circus band-wagon paraded the
streets, crowded with the gaily uni
formed musicians.
The Mail and Express says: Senator
Robb has been sent to France to study
forestry. Has the administration "taken
to the woods" again, or is it up a tree?
Chicago has a new magazine. It is
called The Hog, and the ChicJgo Inter
Ocean says its "enterprising" publishers
are pushing it to the front."
Frank Abbott and Tom Ewing are on
their way from Noales with several
hundred Mexican horses, which they will
place upon the Tombstone market for
C. S. Abbott and J. E. Durkee will
take'their departure this morning for
Tucson, for the puioose of examining
some mining property in that neighbor
hood that is said to be very promising.
Mayor Thomas has received a letter
from the pirty in Tucson holding the
5 10,000 city bonds. The holder of the
bonds wants the money. The city has
no money. What are wc going to do
about it?
The Bisbee stage brought in the re
port lait night that four Apaches were
seen in the neighborhood of Sandy
Hob's ranch yesterday. They are evi
dently laying in wail for the purpose of
capturing the sqaw, which was taken
prisoner there last Friday by Charley
Judge A. O. Wallace ye.terday ten
dered his resignation as clerk of the
board of supervisors and the same was
accepted by the board. Judge Wallace
has made a most efficient and obliging
clerk, and retires with the best wishes of
all with whom his official position
brought him in contact.
Joseph Tasker, an old and substantial
cit zen of Cochise county, is visiting
Tombstone. "oe" has renounced mer
chandizing and taken to raising fat cat
tli'. The Soldiers Hole ranch, with
which Mr. TasUer is connected, is one of
the best cattle ranches in Arizona, hav
ing water and grasi in abundance.
Our old townsmar, A, E, Fay, has
purchased a one-naif interest in the
Morning Hour, a laily paper published
in San Bernardino. Fay is one of the
ben journalists in tee country, a genial,
good fellow, and B,-o. Scanlanu was
fortunate in securing such a partner,
The Etitaph wishes tin new firm abun
dant success, and trusts the good people
of that charming city will e them the
patronage they deserve.
Facta friu Ici-OH Chn Iitn.
San Pedro, January 3, 1886.
It is said that Chief Engineer Kcefe,
while on his way to the interior of So
nora, partook of some of "Montezuma's
That mescal affects "gringos" in a
queer manner.
That Tom Atchison must have a bo
nanz in Sonora, judging from the outfit
that he put through the custom house a
short time ngn.
That the irrepressible George Warren
is a very lucky prospect ir, and that he
was at the helm in the aforesaid outfit.
That two Americans were tied and
taken to Bacuachi, accused of setting
fire to Wm. Miller's house, but for want
of evidence were discharged.
That San Pedro ought to be the "'No
gales" or "El Paso" of this portion of the
frontier, in time. ,,
That Mr. E. A. Price, the rhorough
business manager of the Cananea prop
erties, is taking a pump and a good lot of
supplies into the country 10 prosecute de
That the Sonora Land company keeps
"ye bloated Aztec land owner" hopping
around very lively, proving up titles and
That the Elias Brothers have fine cat
tle for sale at reasonable figures; and
also fine lands in this state which can
be acquired.
That the Mexican Treasury Depart
ment has imposed fines on every im- ,
porter through this custom house for the
months of September and October, 0.1
such technicalities as omitting a number
or a mark on a package, even on lots
that can he packed on a burro.
That the treasury officials realize a
handsome sum thereby, and on being in
terrogated on the wherefore, answer thai,
according to the new laws, their wages
were subject to a discount, and that they
must make up some way.
That Xmas was observed at Marks &
Dowell's in true orthodox style.
That the famous Pesqueira hacienda is
in a bad way sim.e the old gent.eman's
That a smelter would be a piying in
stitution at tin- head of thy Sonora
That this custom house is devoid of
regular officcers, with the exception of a
1 hat gold placers are said to exist at a
short distance from the San Pedro.
That the Mexican government em
ploys about 1,000 "mounted enstom in
spectors, besides the regular custom
house guards, at an enormous outlay,
with no reasonable returns.
That the Monitor, of Mexico, pub
lishes a list of newspapers that are sub
sidized by the government to defend it,
at a cost of $50,000 a month.
That the Mexican press is at a disad
vantage, as one half of its editors lan
guish in limbo most of the time, for crit
icizing official acts.
That there are rumblings heard in the
underground workings of Mexican poli
tics, and that an earthquake is not far
That Crook's darlings, after stealing
Sandy Bob's stock, came into the San
Jose mountains and killed one ol Mr. M.
Elias vaqueros, at a spring not further
than five miles from this place. The
herder had left his cattle and gone to the
spring for water. He drank and sat down
to rest, when the red devils shot him at
short range, putting four bullets into him.
They then took his pistol and horse and
retreated into the heart of the Sari Jose
mountains. The trailers report them to
be twenty in number, with large, well
shod horses.
That Uncle Sam's blues are in pursuit
of the Indians and that there was heavy
firing heard in the mountains.
That the "beautiful" fell in large quan
tities in San Pedio and surroundings,
and that a poem on that subject would
not be appreciated in this country.
Two thousand feet of second-hand
inch or inch and a half pipe. Inquire at
Joe Hoefler's, Tombstone.
L. W. Blinn left yesterday for Califor
nia. He will be absent some two weeks.
The Apache squaw will have a hear
ing before Judge Easton to-day at 10
o'clock, in the county court room.
The soldier who killed the Mexican
cattle thief at Fort Huachuca was tried
before Commissioner Adam yesterday,
and was held to answer before the
United States grand jury.
In the selection of Mr. Vickers as
their clerk, the board of supervisors
made a first-class appointment. Mr.
Vickers possesses splendid clerical abil
ity and will give satisfaction to all.
Max Marks ai rived in town from the
Custom House to-day, Messrs. Marks
& Dowell are doing a splendid mercan
tile business at that place. They are
both deserving gentlemen, and the EPI
TAPH wishes them success.
Well Planned and Successful
ly Carried Out.
Sul'e of the Treasury of Aiacbo
County ltobbed of $11,100,54
by Five Masked Men.
(SI. John, Herald. 1
On Sunday evening about 7 o'clock
five masked men went to the house of
Francisco Ba:a, deputy treasurer, and
forcing in the door, made a rush for the
bed where he was sleeping, and grabbing
his pants, commenced searnhing the
pockets, taking the keys f the in
side door and vault of the safe. ''Ihey
then at the point of the pistol compelled
him 10 get up and dress; two of the par
ty remaining to prevent the inmates from
giving an alarm. The others took him
to the treasurer's room in the court
houe and compelled him to open the
iafe, the outsidedoors of which is worked
by a combination lock. After the safe
had been opened the robbers ransacked
tne contents, taking over eleven thousand
doll irs in cash, itoout two thousand of
which was in gold ind silver coin. At
the tiin.' there was over fixe thousand
dollars in checks which the rubbers did
not get, probably not wishing to take the
risk of negotiating them, they all being
for sums ranging from $100 to $900.
After taking the funds from the safe,
the robbers went out the door of the
treasurer's room, and Mr. Baca immedi
ately gave the alarm, but the night being
dark and stoimy, notracecould be found
of them. As near as can be ascertained
the guard who stopped at the house of
Mr. Baca, left about the same time as did
the persons who did .the robbery at the
court-house. The robbery was evidently
well planned, as every movement seems
to have gone as smooth as clock work
the whole transaction occupying less than
half an hour.
The stfe in which the county money is
kept is of the Baird make, combination
lock on the outside doors, with inside or
day doors, and an inside screw door, iron
and steel vault, to which is fastened a
time-lock attachment, but the latter has
never been put in working order aincc
its arrival here.
Up to the present time, as far as we
can learn, no news has been obtained
as to who the robbers were, what direc
tion they took, or whether they have left
the town or not. Although the night was
stormy and it had rained just before the
robbery, no tracks have been found,
leaving the town in any direction, the en
tire town having been circled just after
day-break the next morning.
Deputy Sheriff Tom Hubbell, with a
party of men have been almost contsant
ly in the saddle since Monday moining
scouring the country for miles around,
with hopes of getting some clue or infor
mation as what manner tht robbers left
the town and in what direction.
Several warrants have been issued di
recting the sheriff to search houses both
in St. Johns, Springville and adjacent
ranches, but returns from those executed
fail to elicit any clue.
Warrants have been issued for the ar
rest of several parties, on suspicion of
being implicated in the robbery. Five
arrests have so far been made, with war
rants out for several more. The gentle
men who have been so unfortunate as to
be arrested on suspicion of being con
nected with the robbery are Messrs.
Phin Clanton, Ike Clanton, Ebn Stanley
and Lee Renfrow, of Springville, and
Mr. Buck Henderson, of St. Johns.
These gentlemen will probably have a
hearing on Friday or Saturday, the dis
trict attorney not being able to get the
information desired or witnesses before
that time.
' City Wood nnd Coal Yard.
Is now running and offers for sale, all
kinds of wood, in any quantity, and coal
oy the ton or sack, at moderate prices, fo
cash. Satisfaction given. Wood sawed
to order. Lcuve orders n the office,
TouRhnut and Fourth streets, at Joe
Hoefler's store, or with A.J. Bronn's
stand at Cochise Hardware store. tf
Job Seamans & Son announce to their
many patrons that they have in stock
the most elegant and artistic display of
diamonds and Christmas presents, etc.,
etc., that has ever been offered to the
citizens of Tombstone. They desire
further to inform the public that their
reputation for upright, square and legiti
mate dealing is so well established that
they are not driven to resort to decep
tion hanging out the " red flag," or ad
vertising " snide prize packages," but on
the contrary, they -give a "fee simple'
to every article sold by them. A No. 1
goods, genuine articles and small profits
for cash is their motto.
The following are the lucky numbers
that drew the prizes on exhibition at
Schmieding's jewelry store: 113, 173,
63, 122, 200, 75, 130, 416, 385, 137, 167,
219. Fames holding these numbers will
please call at Mr. Schmieding's and pre
sent their tickets and receive their
respective prizes.
Zullck Hay Bhn will be Vleo-
rouiily I'rtM-t-ttiled AcnlriHt.
Prescott, Jan. 4, 1887
District Attorney Savage, Tomb
stone: SIR The squaw reported cap
tured with the stolen horses of Sandy
Bob should be promptly confined in the
county jail and proceeded against vig
orously according to law, which recog
nizes no distinction of race or sex for
crime. C. Meyer Ztlick, Governor.
The Phoenix Herald says Dilda, the
murderer of Deputy Sheriff Murphy, was
sentenced at 4 o'clock p. m., to-day, by
Chief Justice Shields to be hung Febru
ary 5th, between 10 a. m. and 2 p. m.
Dilda said that his triarwas so speedy
that he had no time to get his most im
portant witnesses, and that he was inno
cent of the crime for which he was con
victed. During the time that sentence
was being passed upon him he remained
absolutely unmoved.
New suitings, at Harris.'
Frerh nuts nnd candies nt Fltts Bros, f
Pickled pigs feet and tongue at Fitts
Bros , f
eggs received d ly it
The Crystal Palace Chop Hoiue is the
latest. t
Pnr trip hpst lairpr hppr in Arizona. fn
15 the, oriental.
Ladies Princes nnd oilier shoes at $5.60
at Sumuierrleld Bros.
Buy your Thanli-jjiviug
Los Augeles Fruit store.
at the
Gents underwear in great variety, at
Summerfield Bros.
The finest
brandy in Arizona at the
Mince meat and plum pudding
P. Mansfield's.
at R.
This year's sugar-cured, hams and ba
con at Fltts Bros.
Fine live turkeys at the
Fruit Store.
Booth's Baltimore oysters at the
Angeles Fruit Store.
AU shades of ladies cloths, fncos
flannels at Summerfield Bios.
Dressed turkey, ducks, and
at the Los Angeles Fruit Store.
On account of want of space I will sell
toys, games and dolls at cost. Sol Is
rael. Hot meals at all hours at . the Crystat
Palace Chop House. Fred Parker, pro
prietor. The Pioneer Mills Flour from Sacra
mento, at Wolcott & Mustek's Cash
Lemp's St. Louis beer and all kinds of
sand witches Tit the Crystal Palace lunch
Oysters in every style at the Crysta
Palace Lunch Parlors. Entrance on
Fifth street. . t
Take your lunches at the
Palace Lunch Parlors. Fred
Just recieved last evening at the Sum
merfield Bros, a targe assortment of gen
tlemen's hats.
The finest Souora oranpes for s'i'p for
35 cents per dneii, nt Djur & Baldwin?,
Fremout street f
Meals two bits and
Crystal Palace Chop
Parker, proprietor.
at the
Summerfield Bros, have just received
a large assortment of intial handkerchiefs,
for ladies and gentlemen.
The most complete.stock of fancy arti
cles ever brought to Tombstone can be
seen at the Union news depot.
Louisiana molasses at S1.25 per gallon
also a fine assortment of Louisiana
sugar, just received at Joe Hoefler's.
Choice lot of dried fruit of all kinds.
Eastern Oat Meal, Hominy, Dried Beet
Comb and Extract Honey, etc., at Wolcnt
& Mcslck's Cash Store.
The sports that were advertised lo
come off New Year's day will be post
poned until Sunday, Jan. 10, 1886.
Salesman can add A. 1. line. Small
samples. Cnnh commissions. Colorado
Hgent earned $2,200; Illinois ncent $2,200
In 1884. P. O. box 1371, New York.
Arnold's Wood Yard, Corner Eight
and -afTord ntrrelH.
Cord wood at $9; st ve wood $11. Leav
orders with delivery wagon.
For Male.
A good buggy-horse and. set of har
ness (new). 1 he horse is sound, gentle
and a good traveler. Apply to John O.
II you want your clothes properlj
repaired or thoroughly cleaned, go to
Charles -Harris, the tailor, Fourth street.
Bauer block. Prices to suit the limes
Vur Kent.
Two or more handsomely furnished
rooms in adobe building on Fourth and
Bruce streets. Two furnished rooms for
gentlemen jdow price. One five-roomed
cottage. One three-roomed house. In
quire on premises corner Fourth and
Br.ice streets or of Robt. Eccleston, City
Wood &"Coal Yard, Fourth and Tough
nut streets.
Ever brought to Tombstone has Arrived and
is now on Exhibition at
Occidental Hotel Block -Allen Street.
Everybody invited to call and see thejxraad Display tf
Holidav goods.
Just Received at the
Pioneer Jewelry Store,
The Finest, Largest and Best Selected Stock of
Gold and Silver Filigree Goods in Latest Designs,
Ever Brought to thin Territory.
Prices Reduced to Suit the Times. Call and be
Thoroughly Refitted- Everythiner New.
Eastern Waiters. White Cooks.
Board $6.00 per Week, in Advance. 80.50, if Paid Monthlv.
Stoves, Tinware, Brass Goods, Etc,
Pipe and Pipe Fittings, Granite,
Ironware, San Jose Pumps, Etc
Oilthe Finest Stock of
J" E"WE Ttt "2"
of Jevery Description, Style and Pattern.
The Latest Novelties ! The
Call and E3s:a,xxi.in !
Corner Fifth and Fremont.
Most Hacnificent Combinations

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