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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, January 06, 1886, Image 1

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V- .i i i
'IW' iHd
i 'i
Vol. YII.
No. 124
.... 4 ... J
Begins art tifcL
Wonday; Jafiuary 4th, 1886.
Retiring from the Dry Goods Business in Tomb-?
stone, the entire stock, which is complete in every
department, will be
Away below cost. This is no humbug, but a bona fide
sale, as our prices will show. .
- - . '
Treasurer's Notice.
1 will redeem all Warrants
drawn on the County General
Fund from Nos. 1590 to 1947,
both inclusive, if presented
within tan days.
County Treasurer.
Tombstone, Dcc.2G, 1885.
Two Houses and Lots, No.
218, on Eighth street, below
Fremont. This property Avill
be sold cheap. For particu
lars, enquire on the premises,
or at G. S. Bradshaw's Saloon.
Fremont' Street,
Ileal Estate, JlineSi Money and
ileal Kntato Iliinfctt Sold and Healed, Col
k'tt una m&CV, Tuxue paid, etc, y
.'iIImck lli.uxbut ami Noii,
Mont-y Loans :k-K tlat-d and Investments
Di.i '.
I uHiirtmru Flro, Accident mid Llle,
1 nn
Books, Tovs, Stationery
Musical Instruments,
Magazines, Etc
AltenHtreet,ln Urnud Hotel Building
tT n ijTt
- a? "'r.
lFI3F"3C"ia: STREiKT,
The Travelers Insurance Co,
Pays Indemnity.
Joneo Iterilv. 8500.71 ror Ii
Jurlt'H Ivrd.
Aspen, CI, Dec. 17, 1883.
J. V. Vickers, Tombstone, A. T.( Agent
ol the Travelers Insurance Co., Etc.:
Dear Friend: Yours of the 8th inst.
is at hand. Enclosed please find your
receipt, signed, for $560.71, so promptly
paid oh account of my accident in Bis
bee in June last.
Your kindness in advancing me $160
before I was able to present my claim,
and the promptness of the company in
the settlement of my claim, I shall never
forget. Yes, renew my policy when it
runs out and send me a bill for the pre
mium to this place. I am now engaged
in superintending James Carr's business
in this place, and collecting and keeping
his accounts. If necessary, change my
rate accordingly. Yours ve.7 truly.
Thos. J. Jones.
Thos. J. Jones paid $23 premium. His
policy assured his wife $5,000 in case of
his accidental death, and him $25 a "week
if accidentally disabled. By accidental
discharge of a rifle he was totally dis
abled for about twenty-two weeks.
Therefore he received from the old relia
ble Travelers $560.71.
Insurance is cheap, and the best is the
cheapest. J. V. VlCKERS.
Our delayed grass and garden seeds of
all kinds have at jast arrived, and are
now ready for delivery at Joe Hoefler's
corner Fifth and Fremont streets.
A plum gold nue, with Initials "H. A."
insldo. Finder will bu suitably rewarded
if restored to Sunimerfield Bros. f
A set of composition billiard balls for
sale at a. bargain, at the Elite. t
Fresh Sonoro oranges for sale at Dyar
& Baldwin's for 25 cents a dozen.
- m
A full lino ot nuts, this vcir's crop, jus
received at Yaple'ij candy factory. tf
Two sets of composition billiard balls
for sale, at a bargain, at the "Elite."
' ...
The best lunchus in town at the Crystal
Palace Chop House.
9 m
The best stock of embroidery will be
teen at Summe field f
New suiting9, at Hnrrie.'
Fteth nuts and candies at Fitts Bros, t
... s '
Pickled pigs feet and tongue at Fit a
Brof. f
Fresh eggs received daily at Fitts
Bros. f
The Crystal Palace Chop House is the
latest. t
For the best lager beer in Arizona, go
to the Oriental.
Ladies Princes and other shoes at $5.50
at Summerfield Bros.
Buy your Thanksgiving turkey at the
Los Angeles Fruit store.
Gents' underwear in great variety, at
Summerfield Bros.
The finest brandy in Arizona at the
Mince meat and plum pudding at R.
P. Mansfield's.
This year's sugar-cured hams and ba
con ut Fitts Bros. f
Fine live turkeys at the Los Angeles
Fruit Store. t
Booth's Baltimore oysters at the Los
Angeles Fruit Store. t
All shades of ladies cloths, fncos and
flannels at Summerfield Bros. t
' .
Dressed turkey, ducks, and chickens
at the Los Angeles Fruit Store. t
On account of want of space I will sell
toys, games and dolls at cost. Sol Is
rael. Hot meals at all hours at the Crystal.
Palace Chop House. Fred Parker, pro
prietor. -
The Pioneer Millar Flour trom Sacra
memo, at Wolcott & Mesick's Cash
Store. I
Lemp's St. Louis beer and all kinds of
sandwitches at the Crystal Palace lunch
parlors. f
Oysters in every style at the Crysta
Palace Lunch Parlors. Entrance on
Fifth street.
Take your lunches at the Crystal
Palace Lunch Parlors. Fred Parker,
proprietor. '
For Sale.
A first-class restaurant business lo
cated in the best part of Tombstone.
The business must be sold at once, as
the present owner intends to leave the
city. For particulars inquire at.the Epi
taph offica. '.f J
No, "Constant Reader," tho lines read
ing, "How big was Alexander, pa?"
havo no reference to tho Bulgarian
Princo. Not by a Milan more.
Some of tho English newspapers de
clare that King Thcebaw is a "sanguin
ary madman." This looks like a pre
mature attempt to get tho old beast off
on the insanity dodge.
"Is Washington's .birthday observed
in Texas?" asked a New-Yorker who
was visiting San Antonio. "Observed!"
exclaimed tho astonished native; "why
it's venerated. It takes four car-loads
of beer to fill tho demand on that sacred
day." Texas Siftings.
Pornpano "Why do you work so.
hard, Bagloy? You slave from morning
until night''- Bagloy "I know I do. I
wish to get rich. I want to dio worth a
million." Pornpano "Well, there's no
accounting for tastes. Now, 1 would
ranch prefer to live worth half a mil-
lin." Philadelphia Call.
".Mamma (severely) "You are a bad,
nfiighty little boy, Bobby. I don't
knW what I shall havo to lo with you!"
Papa (who prides himself on his ability
to govern children) "I'll tell you what
we will do, mamma. If Bobby persists
in being naughty and wicked we won't
let him go to Sunday-school any more."
New York Times.
Minister (just before church service)
"How is our worthy brother, Deacon
Smith, getting on, doctor?" Physician
"He is in 11 very critical condition. I
was at his houso" thrco times yesterday
and once this morning." Minister
(with concern) "Indeed! I will ask
tho prayers of tho congregation in his
behalf." Philadelphia North American.
A dispatch has como to this ofiico an
nouncing that tho daughter of the
Compto do Paris is not betrothed to a
brother of tho Czar. This is very signi
ficant, it will be observed, and at tho
same time not at all unmaidenly. Wo
beg to say to tho lady in reply that we
are already married, but will always bo
a brother to her. Dinghamton Repub
lican. During tho alarm of fire last night
somo confusion was caused in 0110 of tho
churches by a number of the congrega
tion hurriedly leaving, which was soon
quieted, however, by tho preacher say
ing: uYou Alexandrians will got to a
hot fire soon enough." After this re
mark no one left tho church till tho ser
vices ''terminated. Alexandria (Va.)
Horse-car conductor (refusincr a Cana-
it a; lit- ; 1
sengor "Whyr ' uonuuetor "isccauso
they yron't take them from us at the of
fice." Passenger (with feigned sur-prise--l'JGobd
gracious, you don't mean
to sayhat It you take that from mo in
payment of my'faro they'll ever seo it at
tho office, do you?" '
Young Featherly "Of Shakspeare's
I think I prefer Uticuelieu."'
Clara "Er but Shakspearo did
not write 'Richelieu. Mr. ieatherly."
Young Featherly (with' an amused
smile) "Ah! I sec, Miss Clara. You
aro one of tho few left who beliovo that
Bacon wrote Shiikspcaro's plays. I
wonder if the question will ever' bo
satisfactorily settled. "New York Times.
Husband "Tho census-taker was in,
dear. Ho demanded tho ago of each of
the family, and I was obliged to givo
him 3 ours. Ho saul it was tho law."
Wife (enraged) "Law! What do I caro
for law? John Smith, did you tell that
man my agojll Husband (hurriedly)
"Yes, I told him you wero 23." Wife
(mollified) "Well, I suppose tho law
has got to bo respected." New York
A woman in Vineland, N. J., lives on
nino cents 11 day, repairs her own house,
carries tho mortar used up tho ladder,
and skillfully applies it. We suspect sho
receives about a dozen marriago pro
posals every day. With such a wife a
man might devote seventeen hour out
of the twenty-four down at tho corner
saloon explaining how a business boom
could bo started. Norristown Herald.
In a Texas hotel Landlady "Mr,
Winthrop, I've got you a nico bedfel
low." Intruder "Yes, stranger, tho
Cavortin Cataclasm of Calaveras Canon
is gwino ter bunk with yer ternight
Tho landlady says you como hero from
Bosting for yer health and aro scared of
Texas desperadoes, but none 'of them
will como near you when tho Cavortin
Cataclasm is in bed with yer." Texas
A certain Methodist preacher of this
county tolls it upon himself that while
on his travels recently ho stopped a
while before sundown at a house to
spend the night, and after entering the
houso 'the, dog camo in. approached him
good-naturedly, and then, as if ho had
ascertained who tho visitor was, im
mediately went out and got after tho
chickens in tho yard. Anderson (S.C.)
Scene Vestibule of n Templo of Alco
hol, Hanover .strpf. Barkeeper "No
election-day. You can't buy any liquor."
Thirsty citizen "Then I'll go for bien
nial elections." Barkeeper "And there
is tho special election coming, and after
that tho city election. Hang me, if tiieso
elections will let us make a. cent."
Thirsty citizen (huskily) "Biennial!
Confound Ihem, I'll go to make them
centennial!" Jio'ton Journal.
"This," said Fa. tnor Hayseed to his
city guest, as ho pointed to a largo field,
"is where wo keep our bull." "And aro
wo going in there?" asked tho guest
,"Yes, but you need not be afraid. Ho
is as gentle as a lamb except when ho
sees bright red. If you will take this
chalk and chalk your noso wo can pass
through in safety." And tho farmer
chuckled softly to himself that night as
he hoard his guest packing his grip.
It was a Sabbath morning jh tho early
autumn, and the sexton met him' in tho
vestibule of the sanctuary. "You appear
to bo a stranger, sir; shall I show you a
seat? Would you like to go down
front?" "Down front, is it? I should
rather say I did! I am tho regularly or
dained pastor of this church, and can
find tho pulpit myself." "He's got a
better memory than I.have," was all tho
sexton said,as ho turned away. Lowell
The editor of the Cotur tTAlepe Record
of Murray, Idaho, is in trouble. His
paper appears without a title, and ho
explains: "We've got a heading. Do
you want to seo it? So do we. It's at
Thompson. Subscribe quick, so we can
pay tho charges and get it here." It is
tone hoped that subscribers will como
in and .that the troubled editor of the
Record can get a head. He is not the
only man in Idaho who finds it hard'
work to get ahead.
A man carrying a cross-cut saw and a
broad-axo called at the office of a 2fpw
York daily paper, a tew days ago, and
applied for a position on the artistic
staff. Ho said ho was a lumberman
from Wisconsin, had had fifteen years'
experience in chopping wood, and ho
thought ho could hock out a few illustra
tions for tho paper which would bo a
marked improvement over thoso it had
recently published. As strange as it
may appear, ho was not engaged.
Brown "Then you havo given up the
idea of becoming a writer?" Robin
son "Yes." B. "I thought you had
all your plans matured; that you wero
going to avoid prolixity to writo no
thing but short, sharp, sententious sen
tences; in short, that you were going to
be a regular condenser?" R. "Yes,
that was my plan, and I attempted to
carry it out" B. "Well?" R.
''Well, I set out to write, but I'm blessed
if 1 could think of anything to con
dense." "Mr. Dusenberry, I'm shocked to seo
that you will persist in fishing. It is
horriblo to hurt tho littlo things in that
way. I declare I'll not let you bring
any of them into tho house." "Well,
my dear, I guess you aro about right It
is excessively cruel. Of courso the re
mark does not apply to that pretty littlo
South American bird in your hat Pos
siblv it was chloroformed. While it may
bo wrong to supply the demands of ap
petite, it is pcnectiy right to repona to
tho follies of fashion. If" "Mr. Du
senberry, you're a brute that's what
you are!" Philadelphia Call.
A Born Drnmmer.
"Do you think you are fitted to bo
come a canvasser, Walter?"
"I do."
"Well, suppose you wero calling on a
customer, should you consider it a hint
to leave if ho ordered you to clear out of
tho room?"
"I should consider that an invitation
to remain."
"Suppose ho kicked you down-stairs?"
"I should regard that as a pleasant
"What should you regard as a hint to
"I will toll you from my own exper
ience. Last winter, wishing to study
Greek, and having no money, I cast to
remain at the Presbyterian hospital as
an invalid. As ill-luck would have it I
grow so fat in a fortnight that groan as
loud as I would, they told me to leave.
I only clung the closer to my berth.
Tho good doctors then kicked mo out of
tho door, but I climbed back though tho
window. At length they told mo that
all tho beds wero taken, and that I must
sleep in the dissecting-room. I slept
liko a top for a week. But ono day a
drunken student came into the room
brandishing a huge knife, and cried
out: "Where's that new subject?" I
lay still till ho had thrust his knife two
or three inches into my side. Then,
fearing that all my members would se
cede unless I did something desperate. I
cried out 'I take the hint,1 and skipped."
1 '
A New Loom.
The Hunt loom, now in operation in
San Francisco, if all that is said of it
is true, is a most important contribution
to labor-saving machinery. As described
by a correspondent of the Baltimore
Sun, tho loom is noiseless, has no shut
tle, and weaves material four yards
wide, of any kind of goods, with tho
same hands and steam power now re
quired to make one yard. Tho labor is
so lightened that it is better adapted to
women than to mon, and women are
enabled to weave more and produce bet
ter work than men, with tho great ad
vantage that tho most delicate constitu
tions need not bo impaired. Cloth
woven three yards wide is mado so that
it can be cut apart after being woven,
making threo separate ana distinct
pieces of cloth for market Tho quality
of cloth is said to bu superior and easy
to recognize. Tho loom is now in prao-'
tical operation and does all it promises,
but "has every now and then littlo
breakages, so far easily repaired. Ex
perts and business men aro divided in
sentiment All agree that it must bo
all rightbut it may take more time than
calcinated to assure against the break
ing of small but essential parts."
Tho railroad restaurauton the Chi
cago ami Alton road at Joliet is keptbj
a veteran baker. A sprightly yonn
travuieV complained of one of his pies
tho other day. Tho old man became
angry. "Young man," ho said sevcroty,
"I made pies before you were born."
"Yes," responded tho traveler, "Iguess
this must bo one of thoso same pies
An analysis of some of Lord Ran
dolph Churchill's recent speeches shows
that he has spoken of Mr. Gladstone as:
"An unkenneled fox"; "a purblind and
sanctimonious Pharisee"; "that evil and
moonstruck Minister"; "tho Moloch of
MMlnt.Tiinn -"
Cutlery, Stationery and
Constantly on Hand.
SoU Agents for the "SLOTE CIGAR.'
Cor. Allen and Fifth Sts.
Small Pox I arte
Can Be SiRemoved.
London, Perfumere to II.. M. tho Qaeeo, haTe
invented and patented tht world renownid
Whlen remu cs Small Pox Marks of however
lone andiu. The eppllctu.ou Is elmple and
harmless, cautes nu Incnnvenieuce and contains
nothing liiju.loas. Price $2.60
Leon & Co.'s "Depilatory,"-
Removes SuperflDoup Hair Id a few rolnutea
without pain or uuplrapact eei sailcE ntv r to
Brow.ap.io. Mmple atid barmlens. Foil direc
tions eunt by mall. Price $1.
Geo. W. Shaw, General Agent,
219 Tremnnt St., lloMtoo, Mium.
s. tS-Sm
iBllil t Leai Co.
L '416 MontK-wnery Street,
San Francisco,
3dld siiid -SiiVerRefinenrakd
Assay Office.
Highest Prices Paid for Gold, Silver and
Lead Ores and Sulphurets
Manufacturers of Bluestone, also Lead
Pipe, Sheet Lead, Shot, Etc.
This Company has thu Best Facilities on the
Coast for working
Gold, Silver and Lead Ores and
t-UBNTiss SKLBT. Bnpt '
Smelting and
Mmi uiipy.
Sampliogjworks at Demine,
N. M. For full information ap
ply to
M.G.'FAGRIE, Agent,
Tombstone. Ofllcelwlth Judge Hoi).
Inson.un Fourth Ntreet.
324;FremontSt.. Tombstone.
Staple and fancy grookmes, choices
Brands of Kentucky Whisky, and grain of al
kinds kept constantly on hand and sold at Iowes
VA full Hoc of Assaycrs' Supplies constantly
on hand.
FRANK R. AUSTIN Pronrietnr.
Fonrth Street, Oppostc.Occi-
dentnl Hotel,
Tombstone, - - - - Arizona.
Tombstone. Ariz.
Transacts- a general Banking business.
lots on the urfaccrf the Moantatn Maid min
ing rlalm In Tom op lone, n ml "ho have net here
ofore obtained Ibumlutni: tllle, are hereby re
quested to call upon my aitornev, Geo. G Berrr.
at his office In Tombstone, and make arrange
ments 10 obtain the same If they wish toarold
litigation. F0RD1CE ROPER.
Tombstone Jan, 12, 1(85.
' 3MMkaMtfMUUiaM

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