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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, January 06, 1886, Image 2

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Daily Tombstonk Epitaph
uiucumox ruci:
Ballr (PcllTcrcd by wrier, ) IS eeols prwk
IHlly on year, 1-J2
tilly, six months
ituly, Wires monthi
Filtered In tho Tombstone Poitorlos M teeead class
J.O. UUVBA.K. Editor Prop.
Vremiint Htrtwt, Opposite City Hall
r nbitaM, 0M Countr,ifaoa
The htrd timrs have had one good
effect in Pima county. A number of
men have set to work chloriding aroind
the Santa Ritas and the ore shipments
are now quite considerable from that
district. All the miners are reported to
be making money.
Gov. Zui.lCK, in his endeavors to ex
plain away that proclamation, is line a
m.in trying to struggle out of a mud-hole.
Every step he takes sends him deeper
into the mire. Perhaps the best thing
he could do would be to say nothing
more about the matter.
IN our telegraphic column will be
found an interesting message from Lon
don, vhich Intimates that the government
contemplate the introduction of a bill
imposing moderate duties oa imports.
Stiuuld this be done, it would remove
one of the strongest arguments of the
American free-traders.
Tucson is now promised, for certain,
the commencement of her two proposed
railroads the Calabasas and Narrow
Gauge within a few weeks. What
troubles the citizens of the ancient pu
eblo is not so much the commencement,
as the completion of these roads.
A correspondent of the Citizen,
writing from Gila county, says that it is
universally believed among the settlers
in that neighborhood that the renegades
will soon make an attack an the reserva
tion in force, for the purpose of regain
ing possession of their squaws.
It appears that the Apache squaw,
now in durance vile in this city, was held
by the Indians against her will and de
sired to get away, so that we cannot
regard this as a legitimate capture. We
may still however point with pride to
that papoose, who was taken ia Graham
county at the beginning of the "war,"
The Epitaph
council will make
trusts that the city
a proper showing to
Mr. Sanford, the holder of city bonds, at
their meeting this, evening. The bonds
matured on the first day of this month,
and strange to observe, no provision at
all has been made to meet their
pajment. For the good name and honor
of our city, this matter should at once
receive prompt attention.
OUR evening contemporary announces
in a very prominent manner that it is
the official paper of Cochise county.
Our e. c. is a little premature in this mat
ters. Firstly, the mere fact of having
the proceedings of the board of super
visors to print, does not make a journal
the official paper of the county, and
secondly, the contract does not go into
effect for ten days yet. Our neighbor
should go a leedle slow.
Zullrkon in.e"Ttalrteth."
Washington, Jan. 4. In i?Iy to a
request from Senator Morrill, cha rman
of the Senate committee on territories,
Gov. Zulick of Arizona has furnished a
statement of the territorial debt and how
incurred. The statement shows the ter
ritory has outstanding warrants amount
ing to $120,948, upon which it pays in
terest at the rate of 10 per cent, per an
num. In the tabulated statement ef the
bonded indebtedness appear the follow
ing items: Insane asylum, $100,000;
Gila river bridge, $15,000; territorial uni
versity, $25,000. The expenses of the
last legislative assembly, in excess of the
congressional appropriations, are shown
10 h tve been $51,152. The indebtedness'
of the several counties of the territory
aggregate $1,101,626. In concluding his
report, Zulick says th enormous debt
caused by bonds and appropriations may
be ptoperly characterized as useless and
extravagant legislation; "a wanton mis
np. lopriaticm of public funds to pur
poses from which the people derived no
corresponding benefit. The insane of
the territory are cared tor at the asylum
at Stockton, Cal., for six dollars per week
for each patient, which is much lets than
wc could keep them for ourselves had we
the asylum built. We require no univer
sity nor a normal school; the wagon
road and bridge bonds are properly coui
ty and not te.Titorial charges; the appro
priations for the expenses of the last ter
ritorial assembly in excess of the con
gressional appropriations for that purpose,
arc in my judgment, clear violations of
the federal statutes. Wc have
a debt when all the appropria
tions of the last assembly are prov.dcd
fjr, of nearly $700,000, upon which the
turitoiy must pay an annual interest of
over $50,000, a result of recklessness and
extravagance of the legislative government."
i'ru'eriiou tor Great llrltnln
LoNnov, Jan. 4. It is rumored that
the cabinet has reached a decision on
the tariff question. A bill, it is asserted,
is to be prepared for introduction into
parli'iment authorizing the imposition of
duties on imports into Great Britain from
countries imposing duties on British
goods. The measure will be founded on
the rep irt of Lord Iddesleih's commis
sion on the state of trade, which finds
first, that English depression is due pri
marily to foreign competition, and dis
poses of the previously accepted doctrine
of exceptional causes, such as temporary
overstocking; second, that successful
foreign competition results from a fiscal
policy prohibitive of imports of English
imports; third, that the rise of rents and
necessaries isproporti nately greater than
that of wages, the standard of wages be
ing kept low by effect on Br'tish indus
tries of foreign competition; fourth, that
1 wide distress prevails in the manufactur
ing districts, resulting from dearth of
employment and inadequate wages for
those who are "'empl-yed. The govern
ment recognizes the fact that a system of
purely protective duties will not be sanc
tioned by public opinion. A cautious re
arrangement of the import tariff with the
view of compelling producing countries
to concede favorable treatment to British
products is demanded by a powerful and
growing commercial element, by tin
middle classes generally, and more
largely than is generally supposed, by
the masses.
The Epitaph was in error yesterday
In its statement, that the soldier had been
held to answer before the U. S. grand
jury. The facts are that Commissioner
Adam had his case under advisement and
yesterday morning turned him loose.
There not being sufficient evidence to
warrant his being helri to answer.
Harry Brook, one of the most widely
and favorably known newspaper men on
the'eoast, accepted a position on the
Epitaph to-day, and in the future will
chronicle the good deeds of our christian
The King of Dahomey has 8,C00 wives.
The missionaries are after him.
An English silver penny of modern
dato is worth 60 cents.
Tho now Washinjton mansion of
Colonel John Hay has cost him 8100,
000. Anthracito coal mined in Pennsyl
vania sells for $25 a ton in tho City of
A new town in Russia has been named
Now York in honor of the American
An iron pior 3,166 feet in length is
being built at Boston. It will be the
longest in tho world.
A Cleveland paper gives prominence
to tho report that Mrs. Garfield is writ
ing a biography of her husband.
In a riopiilnr American cyclopedia, in
the section devoted to important rivers,
no mention is" made of tho Ohio.
Recent experiments have shown that
tho first choice among colors of all
children under soven years of age is
Mr. John Henry Grimes, a native of
Nova Scotia, resident of San Francisco,
has four perfectly developed and ser
viceable ears.
A subterranean outlet to the Great
Salt Lake of Utah has recently been
found. Tho lake was discovered bv
Colonel John C. Fremont in 186.
Mrs. Livcrmoro thinks tho future of
New England is behind her, and that
the hope of progress now lies in the
Western States settled from New En
gland stock.
In 1883 an American farm was estab
lished In Corea, whereon nothing was
to be grown but American vegetables.
A recent report says tho enterprise has
proved an entire success.
A Chineso banker. Han Oua. of Can.
ton, is said to bo tho wealthiest man in
tho world. Ho pays taxes upon an es
tate of 8450,000,000, nnd is estimated to
be worth 31,400,000,000.
Some ono wrote Gen. Sherman a let
ter requesting a lock of his hair and an
autograph. In reply tho general said:
"I regret to stale that, as my orderly is
bald, and as tho man who formerly
wroto my autogiaphs has been dis
missed, I cannot comply with your re
quest" This was mailed without his
At tho recent meeting of a philosophi
cal association in New York, tho presi
dent, Mr. Latimer, read a paper on the
"Migration of Races," in which he
maintained that tho Anglo-Saxons are
the remains of the lost tribes of Israel,
though he acknowledged tho proof of
the statement to be a littlo difficult of
comprehension to tho ordinary mind.
Tho Fronch government would like to
give tho army tho privilege of wearing
beards, but feels tho necessity of first
consulting several high military author
ities, as the opinions on tho subject are
contradictorv. Meanwhile the nriwa
falls back on history, and finds that tho
conquerors of all ages were about equally
divided between the shorn and unshorn.
Tho great Mexican volcano Popocate
petl has just been rcmeasured and found
to bo 17,800 feet above the sea. Tho
crater, which is completely obscured
within by sulphurous vapor, is about
two nnd one-half miles in circuit and
1,000 feet deep. Tho entiro center of
the top of tho mountain seems to be
lolid sulphur, which is deposited at the
rato of a ton a day.
Stirrups of solid silver, silver pommel
and ornaments worth thousands of dol
lars may bo seen on the saddle of tho
gaucho, tho most picturesque character
in the two Americas. Some saddles of
tho sort weigh as much as the riders,
nbont whoso belts lows of silver jingle.
Tho gaucho always catrics tobacco,
paper, flint and steol, and ho rolls his
diraretto at full jmllos.
A Good Illustration.
A Marietta, Gn., correspondent writes
to tho Atlanta Constitution the follow
ing: Cobb superior court met hero last
Monday, Judge Joel Branham, of Rome,
presiding. Judge 5rowji was disquali
fied from presiding. Judge Branham
has won many golden opinions from
our people by the impartial charges to
tho juries and his just but lenient sen
tences. Tho chargo of Judge Branham to tbe
grand jury was strikingly forcible, and
particularly so in expounding the duties
of working tho public roads. In regard
to breaking up tho practice of carrying
concealed weapons, he gave an illustra
tion that came under his observation
whilo a practicing attorney in Rome.
He had a clerk in his office who was in
tho habit of carrying a derringer pistol
in each of his vent pockets. This he
tried to persuade him not to do, but he
was persistent in his purpose. A client
made a remark to tho clerk after ho
(Branham) had lost his case that ho
mado no effort to ' do his duty in tho
matter. On accosting tho client about
it he denied making the statement. Tho
clerk and tho client and Judge Bran-"
ham all met in the law office, when the
clerk wanted to know of the client if he
denied making tho aforesaid remark.
Tho client emphatically denied it, when
tho clerk, who was seated at tho table
writing, looked up and simply remark
ed: "You have lied, that's all." The
client, who was a large, muscular fel
low, picked urj the tortgs and was in
tending to brain tho clerk, when the
aforesaid clerk placed his fingers in his
vest pocket and pulled out a derringer,
and, without getting up from his seat,
rested his hand on thottablo and ex
claimed: "You put down thoso tongs!"
Tho man very prudently put down tho
tongs. When he had left the clerk said
to Judge Branham: "You have always
insisted that I should not carry a pistol,
as I would havo no need of it Now,
suppose that I had not had that weapon
that fellow would have killed mo with
thoso tongs." "Not at all probable,"
replied Judge Branham. "Why?" in
terrogated tho surprised clerk. "Bo
cause," replied Judgo Branham, "If
you had been without a pistol you would
not havo called tho fellow a liar." This
was a revelation to tho clerk, and ho
abandoned the practice of carrying con
cealed weapons.
Man for Master.
A good btory is told about town at this
moment says a Pittsburg Dispatch cor
respondent There is a great demand
for persons connected with the foreign
logation. They nro invited everywhere.
Young attaches who could not get in
side of a fashionable door in London,
Paris, Berlin, or the city from whence
they came, aro hero lionized to a degreo
that makes their heads swim. They aro
naturally delighted with America, and
float along on tho surfa'ce of tho fashion
able current of Washington as big as
Nowtown pippins. Some of theso fel
lows actually live on their invitations to
dinner, only paying for tho breakfast at
some cafe. Well, tho story goes that
ono of them was asked to dinner by a
family, the heads of which were total
8trangors to him. Ho knew that invita
tions had been extended to others of his
set who had declined, so he was quite
certain it was not his person that was
wanted. Meeting another young fellow
the latter suggested that an experiment
be tried.
"Give it to your valet," said his merry
friend. "I'll wager they will never dis
cover the difference; he's such a bloody
Englishman. They don't know you.
All they want Is somebody there, you
know. Bv Jovp! what a lark!"
"I'll do it." said the other. And he
did. Instructing his valet, who is fully
as polite and genteel looking as his
master, tho latter posted off to tho resi
dence at the proper hour in the legation
What transpired there may be, imag
ined, from the fact that among the din
ner guc-ts given in the society papers
was tho name of tho young secretary,
and from tho accountof tho affair which
has leaked out through other servants
to whom the valet confided the story, it
would seem from tho latter that the
valet got along very well until tho wine
began coming aVound to him too fre
quently. Ho knew all about his mas
ter's affairs, and discoursed on diplo
matic matters with exceeding volubility.
As ho got mellow, however, his dignity
gavo way, and his gossip became that
interesting stuff retailed by servants be
low stairs. To anybody who had been
accustomed to movo in diplomatic socie
ty, his talk would havo betrayed the
real state of tho case; but the parvenucs
who were entertaining htm wero igno
rant, and accepted his vulgarity as tho
eccentricity of foreigners. They piled
every courtesy upon tne valet until lie
could no longer bear them, but was fin
ally interrupted in the act of making
lovo to one of tho ladies of tho house,
put into his carriage quietly, and sent
home. To tho credit of tho family, it
ma' bo added that the young secretary
never got another invitation.
In his recent talk to tho Yale Kent
Club Prof. Sumner said that no State
should bo compelled, to educate tho
children of its citizens "And no man
should marry," ho continued, "unless
ho can afford to support and educate his
possible children. People talk about
the rights of the parent and tho duty of
the child, but I tell you that a man who
is tho cause of his child's existence owes
the child everything instead of being
owed everything by tho child. Birth is
a. aire misiortuno lor many children,
and their parents cannot do enough for
them In return for the inherited diseases
and misfortunes which they bestow up
on them. One of these duties is educa
tion, and no man should marry who
cannot carry this out!
... 1
Mr. Howells Is catching it again. A
number of Boston women are rising up
uud saying that ull his female charac
ters are libels on the sex, and asking
him what ho means by such conduct
Such a storm always arises after Mr.
iiowells has written a book.
One man was asked by another, with
wiiora he was not on tho best of terms,
where he had taken ud his abnrin. nu l
shouto be delighted if jou would draa
in eom.e Tenia"
-r the Occupants of tots on the
" I have heretofore notified vou that
own three-fifths of the surface ground of
the Way Up mine. I now notifiy you
that I claim no right to said ground
against any one who has been in posses
sion of a lot or lots thereon for five years,
as I think the five years statute of limita
tion commenced to run on September
22, 1880, when the patent to the town
site issued. But, in any event, I would
not disturb any one who has improve
ments on a lot for several years; unless,
in the case of one who has indenlified
himself with those who fraudulently ob
tained the townsite title from Aider Ran
dall, mayor, or who now buys or has late
ly bought of them or given them aid or
But, as to all of the lots on said Way
Up mine now vacant or unoccupied, or
that have lately been settled oryr bought
from the townsite claimants, or claimants
under the Way Up mine, I will assert
my rights, but will sell at a reasonable
price, reserving my right to refuse to sell
to any one who, by purchasing lots as
aforesaid from other claimants and pay
ing for more than two-fifths thereof
has indentified himself with the frauds.
N. B. The two-fifihs interest in said
Way Up surface which I do not own or
claim, does not belong to any one in
Tombstone, as near as I can find out by
the records of the county.
AMES Reillv.
Just received, 500 shell oysters "at the
Maison Dore. f
Everybody get bargains at Summcrflcld
Only first class goods sold at Summer
Meld li.os.
Fresh eastern ojsters at the Los Angeles
Fruit store, .Filth street.
Ladies Princes nnd other shoes at $5.50
lit Summerfleld Bros.
Call around and inspect our stock ot
hoots and shoes at Summerfield Bros.
Just received at the Los Angeles Fruii
-lote a large shipment of dressed poultry.
Tbe finest la the market r
At jhe Fouutmu yon can tin game
fish, ojrtlcrs, choice s'teaks, and treh
eggs, cooked in ev. n style.
Profit no object at the Fifth Street
News Depot. I have goods and want to
sell them. .
Call at the Oriental and let friend
Mellgren bring a smile to your face by
sipping some of his famous hot Scotch, t
For the finest whisky, the purest
brandy and the most choice cigars, go to
the Oriental. f
A pair of 124 extra heavy white blank
ets, worth 12, can be bought at the
closing out sale of the Mechanics' store
for 8. - f
Received yesterday: New pants pat
tern, winter suitings. Call and cxamiue,
ut Harris the tailor, Fourth btrcet. It
costs nothing to stop and examine these
- .
If you want to make your girl a pres
ent, go to the Fifth Street News Depot
and buy something for$i that looks as
if it cost $5.
A lot or that fine ranch batter Just
received by Klt'B Bros., Allen street,
between Firth and MIxtu
Messrs. Caesar & Wehrfrilz have Just
received anether car load of tbe famous
Letup's, tit. Louis beer, and it is said to
be the finest that has ever reached thib
Music, skating and dancing Saturday
evening at the skating pavilhon. The
proprietors are desirous of pleasing the
Tombstone public and no expense will
be spared to accomplish this.
J. A. Rokhol has just received an in
voice of southern cigars, called, ''The
Silver Grey," "Rouch Diamond No. 1."
"La Mell" and "Rough Diamond No. 3.
Mr. Rokhol has made arrangements with
the manufacturer to keep these cigars
constantly on hand.
At a meeting of the board of directors
of the public library held on Tuesday, it
was decided to close the free reading
rooms evenings for the present. The
library will open on Wednesday and
Saturday afternoons from 2 to 4 o'clock,
to holders of tickets to exchange books
and renew subscriptions.
The soil and climate of Tombstone
are well adapted to the culture of many
kinds of fruits and flowers. Mr. William
Branche, whose nursery is on Fulton
street, near Second, has just received a
choice assortment, well suited to the
neighborhood of Tombstone. A full
stock of fruit trees, grape vines, and all
kinds of small fruit constantly on hand.t
Mrs. H. G. Howe will open her school
again on January 5th. Pupils of all
grades are solicited and parent desiring
private instructions or their children,
may be assured that every attention
necessary for their, advantage will be
thoroughly given, as Mrs. Hoe is
teacher of many years experience. Ap
ply at residence on Ficth street, between
Third and Fourth,
Cutlery, Stationery and
Constantly .on Hand.
Meerschaum and amber good
Sole Agents for the "SLOTE CIGAR.'
Cor. Allen and Fifth Sts.
Small Pox Marks
Can Be MRemoved.
LEON &i CO.,
LiEdon, Perfnmers to H..M. tbe Quen, hare
invrnted and patented the world renown, d
Whlf a removes Small Pox Harks of however
loup s.aridlng. Tbe appltcai.on it simple and
harmless, cant es no Inconvenience and contains
nothing Injurious. Price $2.50
Leon & Co.'s "Depilatory,"
Removes Superfluous Hair In a few mlnitrs
wltbout pain or unpleasant sensation nev r tu
grow apiin. Simple and harmless. Full illrec
tions sent by mall. Price $1.
Geo. W. Shaw, General Agtmt,
410 Treniont St., Boston, Was.
nrr 0 T
II x. I U
ii& a null!! u
416 Montsiinery Street,
Ban Francisco,
Jold and Silver Refinery and
Assay Office.
Highest Prices Paid for Gold, Silver and
Lead Ores and Bulphuretg
Manufacturers of Bluestone, also Lead
Pipe, Sheet Lead, Shot, Etc.
This Company has tho Best Facilities on tbe
Coast for working
Gold, Silver and Lead Ores and
eitENTI88 KELBY. Supt
p tjes:bii.o
Smelting and
Sampling works at Deminer,
N. M. For full information ap
ply to
M.G.'FAGRIE, Agent,
Tombstone. omcKwith Judge Ilob-
liiNon.un Fourth Mtreet.
324.FremontSt.. Tombstone
HfA full line of Aseayers' Supplies constantly
on hand.
Pit A NIC U. ATJMTIN Pronrlotor.
Fourth Street, Opposto.Occl.
dental Hotel,
Tombslone, - - - - Arizona.
Wise County Bank
Toi"bstonei Ariz.
Transacts a general Bunking business.
LinjJBIi M. JACOBS, Pres.
lots on the urface of the Mountain Maid min
ing claim In Tombstone, and who have not here
forore ohtalntd tbe mlnlne title, are hereby re
quested to call upon say attorney, Geo. G Berry,
at hlsoffc In Tombftone, and make arrangr'
ments to obtain the same if they wish to avoid
litigation. FOKDICE BOPER.
'lcmbetone Jan, 12. 1885.
Real Estate, Mines, Money
and Insurance.
lections Hade. Taxes Palo etc.
Mines Bought and Sold.
Money Loans Negotiated and InTutBtui
Insurance Ft e, Accident Mfd Life.
At a reeular meeting of the
Board of Supervisors of the
County of Cochise, held De
cember 1st, 1884 the District
Attorney in and for said coun
ty was ordered and directed to
immediately proceed bv suit
or action against all persons in
said county, and doing busi
ness therein, who have not
paid their licenses.
In compliance with said Res
olution, 1 hereby give notice to
all persons who have not paid
their licenses at, required by
law, that on January 10th, A.
D. 1886, 1 will proceed to col
lect all unpaid licenses in the
manner provided for by Sec
tion 15, Laws 1883, which
reads as follows, to-wit:
To amend Section 15 of Chap
ter XLIX of the Compiled
Laws of the Territory of
Be it enacted by the Legisla
tive Assembly of the Terri
tory of Arixona:
Section 1. That Section 15
of Chapter XLIX of the Com
piled Laws be amended so as
to read as follows:
Section 15. Whenever any
person shall violate the pro
visions of this Act, by trans
acting any business whatever
for which a license is required
by the provisions of this Act,
he shall be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and, upon con
vietion, shall be flued in any
sum not more than three hund
red dollars and not less than
the amouut. of such delinquent
license tax, together wiih costs
of suit, and the judgraeut im
posing such fine shall specify
lhat in default of the paynent
of the line imposed thereby,
the defendant shall be impris
oned in tho County Jail of the
proper county for a definite pe
riod of time, which in no event
shall exceed the period of three
months, and out of the money
received from such fine the
officer before whom the case is
tried shall pay the amount due
for such license to the County
Treasurer, and any lesidue
after payment of all costs,
shall be paid into the County
Treasury for the use of the
General Fund of said county.
Sec, 2. 'All Acts and parts
of Acts in conflict with this
Act are hereby repealed.
Sec. 3. This Act shall take
eifect and be m force from and
after its passapv.
Approved March Gth,1883.
District Attorney.
Assessment Notice,
Bowie Station, Arizona Tin
January Si, ist6. ' f
, I, Charles Lnbmuller. do solemn y swear that I
have ri-ally end .ulv ex cuted asfee-mnu work
amounllni to one hundnd dollars (JlCOlonthe
S11?..kn.0,fn ",nth0 Hercules," fn Cochlsl
county, Arizona 'Pernio y.
wi,n.... t r ,, CllAS- LOIIMOLLKR.
witness : J. w. Ubttl' .k.
Bnbscrlbed and sworn to before me this 17th
dav of September, 1SS5.
Notary Public

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