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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, January 07, 1886, Image 1

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Vol. Til.
N"o. 125.
01 H,inm,ift
trlK- . -
, .1 '- i Kli yl fai'ij'i) " ,
T i ... . j J - I r I
Retiring from the Dry Goods Business in Tomb
stone, the entire stock, which is complete in every
department, will be ;.;
Away below cost. This is no humbug, but a bona fide
sale, as our prices will show,
. , i
U w
.II, -fai.I'I !.:.
f imti .n -m -1
I will redeem all Warrants
drawn on the County General
Fund from Nos. 1590 to 1947
both inclusive, if presented
within ten days.
County Treasurer.
Tombstone, Dec. 26, 1885.
Two Houses and Lots, No.
218, on Eighth street, below
Fremont. This property will
bo sold cheap. For particu
lars, enquire on the premises,
or atG. S. Bradshaw's Saloon.
Fremont Struct,
Real Estate, Mines, Money and
Ileal KHtat-B'Hiel t Bold i ml Rented, Col.
I vtU.ns maJr, 'J'iixuk paid, etc,
Mini'"-! uugliut ntid "o J,
tlun y I.iuas rK tUtod m& Invuatmcntf
iuftui unco Fire, Ac.Ment and Ulc
jo. r
Books, Tovs, Stationery
Musical Instruments,
Magazines, Etc
AUea Street, In Unua Motel Smtldla
S0L)J10N ISRAEL. Pro. "
Begins gl tlxo
January 4tK 1886,
The Travelers Insurance Co,
Pays Indemnity.
air. Jones Itet-v.iv S500.71 for Ii:
JurlfM Ivrd. "
Aspen, Cl., Dec. 17, 1885.
J. V. Vickers, Tombstone, A. T., Agent
oi the Travelers Insurance Co., Etc.:
Dear Friend: Yours of the 8th inst.
is at hand. Enclosed please find your
receipt, signed, for $560.71, so promptly
paid on account of my accident in Bis
bee in June last.
Your kindness in advancing me $160
before I was able to present my claim,
and the promptness of the company in
the settlement of my .claim, I shall never
forget. Yes, renew my policy when it
runs out and send me a bill for the pre
mium to this place. I am now engaged
in superintending James Carr's business
in this place, and collecting and keeping
his accounts. If necessary, change my
rate accordingly. Yours very truly.
Thos. J. Jones.
Thos. J. Jones paid $25 premium. His
policy assured his wife $5,000 in case of
his accidental death, and him $25 a week
if accidentally disabled. By-accidental
discharge of a rifle he was totally dis
abled for about twenty-two weeks.
Therefore he received from the old relia
ble Travelers $560.71.
Insurance is cheap, and the best is the
cheapest. J. v. Vickers,
Our delayed grass and garden seeds of
all kinds have at last arrived, and are
now ready for delivery at Joe Hoefler's
corner Fifth and Fremont streets.
A plmn gold rine, with iuitiuls "H. A."
Inside. Finder will ba suitnhly rewurded
If restored to Sumraerrlelil Bros. f
A set of composition billiard balls lor
sale at a bargain, at the Elite.
Fresh Sonoro oranges for sale at Dyar
& Baldwin's for 25 cents a dozen.
-' ' m
A ful line 01 nuts, this oir'n crop, jus
received at Yuple'a candy fiictory. if
Two sets of composition billiard balls
for sale, at a bargain, at the "Elite."
.. ... .
The best lunches in town at the Crystal
Palace Chop House. f
, The best stock of embroidery will be
seen at Summe field f
fuod 1(21'
, rutq d ,0('
8? 1ti
New suitings, at Harris.'
Fieih nuts and candies at Fitts Bros, t
The Crystal Palace Cho , Hou.e is the
latest. '
.For the best lager beer in Arizona, go
to the Oriental.
1 i
Buy your Thanksgiving turkey at the
Los Angeles Fruit store.
Gents' underwear in great variety, at
Summerfield Bros.
The finest brandy in Arizona at the
Oriental. f
Mince meat and plum pudding at R.
P. Mansfield's.
' . '
This year's sugar-cured hums and bi
cun at Pitts Bros. f
Fine live turkeys at the Los Angeles
Fruit Store. f
Booth's Baltimore oysters at the Los
Angeles Fruit Store.
1 -
All shades of ladies cloths, fncos and
flannels at Summerfield Bros. f
Dressed turkey, ducks, and chickens
at the Los Angeles Fruit Store. t
i '
On account of want of space I will sell
toys, games and dolls at cost. Sol Is
rael. .
There are 25 tickets yet un.,old on the
doll at Sol Israel's. The raffle will take
place in a few days. Parties desiring
chances had better purchase tickets at
once. ,
Hot meals at all hours at the Crystal
Palace Chop House. Fred Parker, pro
prietor. - w
Tliu Pioneer Mills Flour trom Sacra
mento, at Wolcott & Mustek's. Cash
Stole. .
Lemp's St. Louis beer and all kinds of
sandwitches'ai the Crystal Palace lunch
parlors. f
Oysters in every style at the Crysta
Palace Lunch Parlors. Entrance on
Fifth street. f
. .-
Take your lunches at the Crystal
Palace Lunch Parlors. Fred Parker,
For Male
A first-class restaurant business lo
cated in the best part of Tombstone.
The business must be sold at once, as
the present owner intends to leave th
J. city. For particulars inquire at the Epi-
Xaph oflica. f
Alllrthday Story.
It is surely more blessed to give
to.recoive. Arthur is decidedly not of
thAfc opinion. I would give you his en
tiromamo and the name of his friend,
the'general, but you will readily seo why
I had bettor omit them. Arthur js hieh-
1 ly discontented. Poor Arthur! The gen-
cvaronu trio general's who ana Artnur
areas much one as the fingers of the
band. ' Whoever seer one invariably
seen one of tho othor two almost imme-
fdlatclji after. But, by a singular chance,
tontr sees Artnur ana the general s wife
together more frequently than Arthur
iWa.tno general, it is eviaent mat one.
;fflusthelp fortune, a little, and then she
Ttttll smB$ upon one,
it "'TheTrenerars wife is 28. Such a beau-
vtiiul age & With, .her intimate acquain
tances sne answers- to tho charming
name of Genevieve. Sho had served five
years in the great army of married peo
ple beforo sho knew Arthtnv Sho was
married at 20, Five and three are eight
The last thrco years may bo counted as
spent in tho reserve corps. As her birth
dav was near at hand tho general took
his friend Arthur aside and said to him:
"My young friend, if I do not prevent it
you may perpfetrato the same folly this
year that you did last year, by remem
bering my wife in a senseless extrava
gant manner. That would bo highly
disagrecablo to nic. Wo aro on too
friendly terms for mo to hesitate to speak
my mind plainly to you, aro we not?
Last year you gave mj wife a magnifi
cent vase, set with rubies, valued by
connoisseurs at 2,500 francs, at tho least.
That is too much."
"But my means wanant "
"Something handsome, but not ex
travagance.1' 'I assure you "
"As an intimate friend of tho house
you have a right to remember a birth
day with the usual conventional polite
ness by some substantial gift I consent
to that willingly. But I do not under
stand how it comes that you should re
pay tenfold the littlo dinners and sup
pers you have received at our house."
"And tho kindness and affectionate
consideration that surround one in your
home! Do they count for nothing?"
"My dear boy, that is given freely.
You would not wish to pay us for that?
But in a word, I do not wish you to
spend more than .300 francs for my
wife. That is a responsible amount"
"You put me in a very embarrassing
Eosition. Nothing respectable can bo
ad for that amount It is a beggarly
"Bah! I never spend more for my sis
ter, and what is good enough for her
will do for my wife."
"Let me go as high as 600 francs at
"Five hundred then?"
"No! No!"
"Four humlrodiand fifty?''
"Four hundred; that is the utmost; if
your present costs 450 francs I will re
turn it If it costu 500 francs, I shall be
angry. If it cots 11101 0 than that, it will
be tho last of o;ir ir Win."
Genevievo continually discovered new
fallings in her husband. She had long
had a consuming desiro to possess a
beautiful littlo bronze candelabra that
cost 1,800 francs. Indeed, her husband
carried his authority a little too far.
What right had ho" to meddlo with her
private matters? Did sho troubl , her
self about the payment of the boldiers
in tho brigade? No! Then why did he
not observe a similar discretion in re
gard to her affairs? Was sho not old
enough to decide what sho should re
ceive and what refuse? On this ground
she paid no attention, but dealt with her
friend as if her husband had treated her
wishes in the most congenial spirit
"Do you remember what I said to you
last year when you gave mo that ex
quisite littlo present? 'Dear Arthur, you
go beyond all reason.' Thoso were my
very words,wero they not? I have been
afraid you would repeat that folly, and
so I have in view something more mod
est, that you might present to mo if you
are bent upon doing something."
"This thoughtfulness was entirely un
necessary. My affection "
"Your affection needs no proof of that
"Genevievo, O Genevievo!"
"Tell me what you have in view."
"Well, my friend, after long search,
I found at last a little candelabrum at
Barbizon's; a candelabrum, mind, and
it is a superb piece. Louis XV. style.
And, just think, it costs oply 1,800
francs. You see my husband's inter
ference was unnecessary. I am reason
able myself; but if I do not mistake, the
general went still further. He fixed the
limit for you, did ho hot?"
"Yes,-400 francs."
"That is certainly modest, but moro
than enough."
Arthur declared ho would revolt
against the general's order, but sho
would not hear to it However, he hold
to his resolution in spito of her oppo
sition. Finally they camo to an agree
ment It was .settled that ho should tcnd
the candelabrum to his dear Genevieve,
but should assert and maintain to tho
general that it did not cost over 400
When Arthur made his call of con
gratulation on the birthday of tho gener
al's wife he was angrily received by tho
"You seem. to have forgotten our re
cent conversation entirely."
"Why, what is the matter,- general?"
"Ah! And this candelabrum?"
"Well, what of it? Perhaps you don't
Deneych This canaeiaorum am not cost
ft saul5yej;,40Q francs."
oniease.". j '
enough, mough.to Una theni; 1 swore at
you not a little."
"Impossible; where did you rake up
Buch a fabulously cheap thing?"
"At but it is of no importance."
"It is a pure curiosity whero?"
"At Barbizon's." ,
"And yet people say that Barbizon is
the dearest bronze-dealer in Paris. Four
hundred francs? Incredible!"
"You do not doubt my words?"
"So little that within an hour I shall
order one like It at Barbizon's. For
four weeks I have nearly split my head
trying to think of something to buy for"
my sister's christening anniversary.Now
I have it She w ill dote on the candel
abrum.'' , Arthur entered Barbizon's jjreath
less. "Sir, vesterday morninar vou sold ' mo
ift.iLouisi.XV, candelabrum for '1,800
francs. Do you remember me?"
"Certainly, Herr Baron."
"A gentleman is coming to you who
ivishes to order ono like it You must
tell him tha$ you have no more in the
"Impossible, sir; we have three for
"How unfortunate! But listen. I
havo a request You must render me
. littlo service. A singular circum
stance, which I have no time to explain,
;ompeiled me to declare to this person
that tho candelabrum bought here cost
only 400 francs."
"And ho believed it?"
"Strong reasons you hear very
strong reasons force me to conceal the
truth. If he wishes a similar candel
abrum do not charge him more than
20 louis d'or; I will pay the difference."
"That is satisfactory."
Ten minutes later a gentleman en-
loruu me srore ana wisncu to ouy one
of tho three candelabra. Faithful to his
agreement Barbizon asked only 400
francs. The purchaser looked very
much astonished. "Four hundred francs!
Pleaso send mo two." Barbizon trem
bled at this unexpected double order,
but ho remembered Arthur's anxiety,
and wrote down the order in his book
iifteen minutes later the general en
tered the shop with his sister. "One of
my friends bought a candelabrum of
you yesterday. I seo you have moro of
the same kind. My friend told me ho
paid 400 francs for it Is that right?"
"Saperlot!" thought tho dealer. "I
have got myself into a nice fix. The
Eurchaser who was just here was not the
aron's man. So much the worse for
him. How could I know?"
"Yes, sir," turning to tho general af
ter his brief monologue. "It is right
Tho candelabrum costs 400 francs."
"Wonderful! Very wonderful! Will
you havo the goodness to send one of
them to my sister? She will give you
her address."
"Yes," said tho lady, much pleased,
"and I will take tho other two with me
into the country."
"The other two, madame? They are
sold," replied the Barbizon.
"There is no hurry. I have time. If
you can have them in five months it
will do. By that time you can get some
"We wish to present them to our
friends, Herr Barbizon," added the gen
eral. "The French industry must be
encouraged. You can safely order fire
or six. Ipledge myself to take them."
"But at that rate the order stands
seven candelabra for the Herr General
and two for madame. Have I under
stood you correctly?"
"To make an even amount I will say
ten; that makes only 4,000 francs!"
Poor Arthur! During the following
week he went back and forth between
the general's hotel and Barbizon's shop
oftener than ever. The orders fairly
poured down. Tho story cost him not
less than 35,000 francs.
I do not know whether Genevieve's af
fection was ically worth so much to him
or not. Translaledfrom the Qerman by
Margaret O. Polk.
The late Dr. Humnhrev Sandwith. of
Kars, when he stood for Marylebone
some years ago, was told ut an election
eering meeting that ho wasn't a work
ingman. "I don't know exactly what
you mean by workingman," was the
cheery reply, "but I havo worked hard
nil my life. For several months I
groomed my own horse, and, what is
more, I ate him afterward."
Some men while fishing in White
river, Indiana, ono night recently, built
a fixe, using for a backlog what they
thought was a section of a large elm
tree. As the fire grew hotter one of the
men noticed that tho "backlog" kept
cracking, and finally burst open, or
rather transversely across. Investiga
tion revealed the fact that tho "back
log" was bono a hugo femur of a mas
todon. In a paper on the rule of the road,
from a scientific standpoint, Gcorgo
Campbell, a member of the English
parliament maintains that the most
natural and convenient method for all
right-handed people is to turn to the
left on meeting others on the road, as is
done in Great Britain, instead of turn
ing to the right, as wo do in this coun
try. He opposes the proposition to make
a chango in Englantt.
In ancient times cobblers made shoes
out of hides, flax, silk, cloth, wood, iron,
silver and gold, and in groat variety of
shapes, plain and ornamental. In the
eleventh century the upper part of the
shoe was made of leather and tho solq
wood. Tho Saxons wore shoes with
thonirs. In thn vmp 1000 in tlin roiirn
of William Rufus, tho great dandy Rob
ert was called "the hornet" becauso ho
woro shoes with long points, stuffed,
turned up and twisted like horns. Tho
clergy waged war on this fashion until
it was discontinued.
Cutlery, Stationery and
Constantly on Hand.
SoU Agents tor the H(SLoTE CIGAR,'
Cor. Allen and Fifth Sts. v
SuQ P11 Marls
Can Be Removed.
London, Perfumers to II..M. the Queen, htye
Invented and patented the world renowned
Whkn remo cs Small Pox Mark of however
Ion (larding. The appl'cav.on 1 simple and
natmleta, causes no Inconvenience and contains
nothing ltjiuiona. Price $2.M)
Leon & Co.'s "Depilatory,"
Removes Snperflnons Hair in a few minutes
without pain or unpleasant eei eatkn nev r to
grow again, taimple and harmless. Full direc
tions sent by mall. Price 51.
Geo. W. Shaw, General Agent,
210 Tremont Ht Boston, JHomr.
11 & Lead Go.
416 Montgomery Street)
San Fbahcisco, California.
Sold and Silver Refinerv and
Assav Office.
Highest Prices Paid for Gold, Silver and
Lead Ores and Sulphurtts
Manufacturers of milestone, also Lead
Pipe, Sheet Lead, Shot, Etc.
This Company has tho Beet Facilities on the
Coast for working
Gold, Silver and Lead Ores and
HRRy'lsq WELBY. Supt.
Smelting and
ins u'oipany.
Sampling works at Dentine,
Nf. M. For full information ap
ply to
M.G.1FAGRIE, Agent,
Tombstone. Oftlcevlih rjudseltob-
lnwon, im Fourth' wtreet.
324;FremontBSt.. Tombstone.
Brands of Kentucky Whisky, and grain of al
kinds kept constant!) on hand and sold at lowes
BTA full line of Assayers" Supplies constantly
on band.
FRANK B. AT7XT1TJ Pnmriflfi.r.
Fonrth Street, Oppiste;Occl
dental Hoi el,
Tombsfone, - - - - Arizona.
Cochise County Bank
Tombstone, Ariz.
Transacts a general Banking business.
lots on tho nrfaceof the Mountain Maid min-
irgrjaim m Tomostnne, andhohivi- ri there
'ofore obtained thi-mlnlnE title, a. e hereby re
quested to call upon my attorni'v, Geo. G BerTTruL.
at his office In Tombttime, and make nrrangr
ments to obtain the same If they wish to avoid
litigation. FORDIOE ROPER.
Temlistone Jan, 12,ieS5.

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