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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, January 07, 1886, Image 3

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Me iv Jlexlco ud Arlsnun KulUoml
Piicltlc time, sa minutes slower thau local time.
All twins dally.
Q-iiut Central Depot...,
Orlttenlon j;
11:S0 a m
11:20 a m
10 56 a m
10:25 am
11:10 am
9:25 am
9:00 am
6:10 a in
7:00 am
6:00 am
6:25 a m
4:15 a m
1:30 pm
1:45 p m
2:10 p m
26 pm
3:00 pm
8:45 p m
4:16 p m
6:00 p m
6:36 p m
6:20 p m
6:40 p la
7:25 p m
8:05 pm
8:45 p m
du to conne.t with Western bound train leaves
at 0:15 o'clock a. m. ,
Bura to uoiiuoJt with Extern bound train loaves
at 0:15 o'clock a. m.
Stazo to connect with OuaymM train emes at 2
o'clock p. m.
Suite Mr Clwleiton loaves at 7 a . m.
Stajo lor lllibje leaves tt 6 a. m.lexoopt Bundays).
Office 408 Allen street, under Oooldf ntal Hotel.
hU pi;urU ktfpiucnie ai it. O. DibHj ..U
TjrtUlug.Wcucj, 61 ud 83 Merchants' Exchange,
.Mft Fmicsoi, Cil., where coultaclf lor ac!cr
tlsluc can be made lor It.
i,oovL n;te3.
Democracy am on the
quiet boys, keep quiel!
Snow still lies in a few sheltered
places aronnil Tombstone.
Judge Street made the conttables of
this county happy .by his decision of
Joe Brown has been confined to his
bed for several days past with an attack
of bilious fever.
McSwegan is rapidly re
covering Irom the serious injury ne re
ceived from falling on the ice.
The raffle for the crazy quilt will take
place to-morrow evening at 7:30 at the
Occidental Hotel Parlors.
The Tombstone Amateurs will hold
a rehearsal at 8 o'clock shaip this even
ing at Schiefliin'Hall. All are requested
to atlend.
The Apache squaw was allowed to sun
h:r:iclfin thcjail yard this afternoon, a
privilege which the child of freedom
seemed to appreciate.
The suprerme court of the territory
ordered a rehearing in the case of the
Copper Queen vs. the Copper Prince.
This will nndoubtedly reopen the entire
Chirley Nichols, son of our fellow
townsmtn "Nappa Nick" arrived in the
city last evening from Oregon. Mr.
Nichols is a plumber by trade, and will
work with Mr. Fredricks.
J. V. Virkers has for free distribution
at his office on Fremont street some
magnificent calendars for the year 1886.
Mr. Vickers will be pleased to accom
modate parties calling fir same.
Travel is very light on the Southern
Pacific road. The recent change in the
time schedule of the Atchison road has
diverted considerable travel to the At
lantic & Pacific.
4 Mrs. Elizabeth Billings, an aged lady,
died last evening at her residence, be
tween SafTord and Bruce streets on
Fourth street. Mrs. Billings will be
buried this afternoon at half-past two
from her late residence.
A Cohen, of the New York Store, has
employed ten policemen for the purpose
of presetving perlect order amongst the
eager surging crowd that surrounds his
establishment fdaily. This proves what
advertising in the EPITAPH will bring
When it comes to talking about a sani
tarium, no phce in the Territory can
compare with Tombstone. Her bracing
mountain air is a perfect corpse reviver.
Travelers in search of health should not
fail to visit the mining metropolis of
Prof. John A. Church and wife, well
and favorably known to the people of
Tombstone, are about to quit the sacred
precincts ofjhe capital. The Courier
says, Prof. Church and wife will very
soon bid their many friends good-by and
start for the Atlantic states.
The annual report of the City Auditor
shows that the floating indebtedness of
the city on the first of the present year
was $5,692.10, as against $8,670.52 on
January I, 1885, showing a reduction
during the year just ended of $2,978.43,
The bonded Indebtedness remains at
Will. Nichols departed yesterday for
Tucson for the purpose of meeting his
wife who arrived at that place last even
ing. Mrs. Nichols has been visiting
friends in California". The ouple will
arrive in Tombstone this evening. The
Epitaph welcomes
to her home.
the' little lady back
Gum says if there is a better looking
squaw-interpreter in town, turn him loose,
Why, Gum, you have succeeded by your
interpretation of the Apache languuge,
in holding the poor thing to answer to a
charge, of which she knows absolutely
nothing. What in the old Harry would
the other fellow do ?
THOSE $10,000 BONDS.
now, When ana Why They Were
A brief statement of facts in relation
to the $io,ooo-city bond question, which
is now agitating the Council, may be in
teresting to Epitaph readers.
The Twelfth Legislature, in 1883,
passed an act "to provide for the erec
tion of public buildings in the city of
Tombstone and other matters relating
thereto." This act authorized the Com
mon Council of Tombstone to issue
bonds not exceeding in the aggregate
$ 10,000, for the purpose of erecting a
city hall and jail, bonds to bear interest
at a rate not to exceed ten per cent, pay
able half yearly, the Mayor and Council
to levy annually a tax sufficient to pay
interest and a further additional tax as
may be required, to raise a sum sufficient
to pay and redeem not less than $2,000
of these bonds on January 1st of every
year, until the whole are paid and the
Treasurer of the city is required to set
apart, out of the general fund, every
year a sufficient sum to redeem $3,000 of
said bonds. Th. moneys so set apart
not to be used for any purpose other than
the redemption of said bonds,
These bonds were purchased by D. A.
Sanford of Tucson. The proceeds were
applied to the building of the city hall,
$6,000; engine house, $1,000, and the
balance to the fwater works. The old
Council set apart a fund for redemption,
in accordance with the law, but the pres
ent Counsel has omitted to do so. The
consequence is that now, when the bonds
are due, there is no money in the treas
ury with which to pay them
Mr. Sanford appeared before the
Council yesterday evening, on behalf of
the holders of these bonds. On hearing
.his statement, it was, on the suggestion
of the Mayor) resolved that the Council
should meet this morning at ten o'clock,
with Mr. Sanford, in committee of the
whole, to talk the matter over and en
deavor to arrive at some satisfactory
Th" unniv Captive.
The county court-room was again
filled at three o'clock yesterday after
noon, the hour fixed for resuming the
examination of the Apache squaw, Na-dis-ough.
Mr. Keith Preston was sworn for the
prosecution. He testified that he had
been employed as herder for Mr. Crouch,
and was engaged on his lanch in the
Mule mountains. Was at the ranch on
December 30th, the day the Indians
raided the ranch. He saw some of the
Indians. The next day he saw the pris
oner riding one of the horses stolen
fiom the ranch by the Indians. He was
one of the parties who captured the
This completed the evidence for the
Territory and the prosecution rested.
The defense objected to the -jurisdiction
of the court and submitted the case
without offering evidence or argument.
Judge Easton thereupon ordered that
the prisoner be held to answer before the
next county grand jury, and that her bail
be fixed at $1,000, which at this wntii.g
she has failed to furnish.
Mr. Gum, who is acting as interpreter
in the case, sent the,, following dispatch
to San Carlos yesterday morning:
" Tombstone, Jan 6, 1886.
Captain Pierce, Acting Indian Agent,
San Carlos, A. T:
Apache squaw in jail here' says she
was captured during a recent attack on
Reservation Indians by renegades. Says
her name is Na-dis-ough. Is relative of
Es-kin-os-pas. Can you verify this state
ment with aid of Es-kin-os-pas? Is
Klow-ga-kai Apache name for Fort
Apache or vicinity? How many were
killed and captured in renegade attack?
(Signed) John P. Clum.
This telegram was sent with a view if
identifying the prisoner, as well as 10
test the truth of her statements. In the
afternoon Mr. Clum received the follow
ing reply:
San Carlos, Jan. 6, 1885.
John P. Clum, Tombstone, A. T.:
Two squaws were captured, Nai-dis-ah
and Tea-tayzy. The first is related in
Es-kim-a-zhah-say and Goo-day-goo-yah.
Twenty-one White Mountain In
dians were killed. Klow-ga-ka means
Fort Apache and vicinity. The squaw's
story is undoubtedly true.
(Signed) Pierce, Captain Acting In
dian Agent.
This telegraphic correspondence at
least fixes the identity of the captured
squaw Na-dis-ough or Nai-dis-ah. Of
course there is no correct spelling of
Apache names. The sounds are repre
sented as nearly as possible. She told
Mr. Clum that her name was Na-dis-ough,
and that she was captured by the
renegades during a fight near Klou-ga-ka.
which Mr. Clum understood, from fur
ther conversation, was the Apache name
for Fort Apache. Captain Pierce in his
telegram says: "Nai-dis-ah was the
name of one of the squaws captured, and
that Klow.ga-ka means Fort Apache."
The captive had also mentioned as her
relatives tne Indians whose names are
given by Capt. Pierce. All her state
ments are undoubtedly true. He says
her father and two brothers were killed
in the attack on the camp and that her
mother escaped. When asked why she
did not escape from the renegades
sooner she said it was impossible, as at
night she was placed between two of her
captors and they grasped her by the
wrists to prevent her escape. In the day
time they led her horse or else one or
two of the Indians would precede the
captive on the trail and the remainder
would follow to hurry them along and
prevent their escape. A rough sketch of
the Reservation was drawn t by Mr.
Clum and the prisoner quickly located
fort Apache, Black River, San Carlos,
the Gila, the scene of the fight, trails,
roads, etc. She says .the captain of her
band is named Piel-clee. who is an In
dian well known to Mr. Clum and who
hss been upon the reservation at least
since 1874.
There is no doubt but that Na-dis-ough
has suffered as much at the hands
of the renegade Chiricahuas as has her
pale-f.ce neighbors.
A. Variety feasibility.
Tombstone may soon again enjoy the
delights of a variety theater. A repre
sentative of the Frush circus troupe ap
peared before the city council last night
and asked that body to make a reduction
in the monthly tax of $5 asked for a va
riety show. Should the councii agaee to
do tliis-, the troupe would open such an
entertainment in the Bird Cage. They
want to winter somewhere and would try
and make expenses this way, but say
they cannot afford to pay so high a li
cense. The matter was referred to the li
cense committee with power to act.
I'roreedlnss or the Iloard ot Super
visor. Tombstone, A, T., Jan. 6, 1886.,
Board met at 10 a. m. Full Board
Minutes of last meeting were read and
On motion, the following bills were
unanimously allowed:
G. Gordon Adams, fees.... ....$ 3000
J. C, Easton, ?ustice's fees 19 75
W. H. Westcoat, c't reporter. . . 48 50
A. Cohen, assigned 5960
A. D. Meacham, jury fees 18 20
W. F. Nichols, justice's fees.. . . 108 55
C. E. Alvord, justices' fees 28 90
John Richardson, justice's fees. 5 50
Epitaph, advertising 7 56
Epitaph, advertising 1 20 92
Ben James, constable 16; 20
A. J. Mehan, constable 77 77
J. F. Crowley, constable 149 90
Wolcottfc Mesick, s'pli's Co. H. 408 89
The report of Dr. Willis, County Phy
sician, was read and on motion approved,
and the doctor complimented upon the
condition of the Hospital and the clear
ness of his report.
The Board adjourned to meet at 2
p. m.
Full Board met at 2 p. m.
A communication frsm Messrs. Tom
linsnn & Brawley was read, and on
motion action on same was postponed
until January 7, 1886.
A communication from Mr. Tilden
asking permission to photograph Page
50, Vol. I, Proceedings Board of Super
visors, was read and permission granted.
Hon. Probate Judge Peel being pres
ent, the following bills were by him
John Montgomery, supervisor. .$ 90 00
J. P. McAllister, supervisor. ... 90 oa
Theo. F. White, supervisor.. ...) 68 00
C. H. & T. Co., h'dw'rc Co. H. . 22 16
On motion th'e Board adjourned to
meet at 10 a. m., Jan. 7, 1S86. ,
J. V. Vicker, Clerk.
In Good Ntandlnc
The present fiuancial condition of
Cochise county is very flattering. The
contingent fund stands at par, the gen
eral fund at 90 and upwards, salary war
rants are cash, and all other warrants
cash, or nearly so. This state of affairs
shows a gratifying amount of confidence
in our wonderful resources on the part
of capital and capital is proverbially
very careful and timid.
At a regular meeting of the Rescue
Hose Company held last evening, the
following-named officers were elected for
the ensuing term: G. S. Bradshaw;
President; A. J. Ritter, Vice-President;
James Coyle, Foreman; First Assistant,
H. K. Lee; Second Assistant, John
Noble; Treasurer, A. T. Jones; Secre
tary, Lewis Aaron; Steward, Frank
Ryan;. Committee of Finance Thomas
Summerfield and Cooke. The meeting
was very harmonious throughout, and
the best of feelings prevailed during the
election of officers. This company is
one of the best in the country, all being
active, energetic firemen, and are deserv
ing well of our citizens whose property
they so sacredly protect. The Epitaph
wishes the boys success.
Mrs. Jones, of the International, and
Miss Nellie Cashman, of the Russ
House, are both going to embark in the
hotel and restaurant business at No
gales. Tombstone will be sorry to lose
these popular ladies.
H. Summerfield, senior member of the
firm of Summerfield Bros., arrived in
Tombstone from San Francisco yester
day. Herman is an old 'and reliable
citizen of Tombstone afid the Epitaph
takes pleasure in welcoming him to our
The City Father- Trail suet Consider
able Biis1i.cmh. 1
A regular meoting of the city council
was held at 8:30 o'clock last evening.
An unusual feature of the meeting was
the presence of the full city council and
the further fact that the honorable body
was present in the council chamber fully
one-quarter of an hour before the time
appointed for the meeting. -.
After the reading of the minutes, the
monthly and annual reports of the ctty
officers were rtad and ordered on file.
The following bills were then read and
referred to the finance committee:
j. j. ration & Co $ 12 00
Record-Epitaph P. & P. Co.... 3100
Huachuca Water Co 10 00
Huachuca Water Co 137 00
John Alby 1600
Tombstone Gas Co 137 00
W. D. Monmonier 5 00
Button Fire Engine Co 1 1 30
A warrant in favor of W. D. Coleman
for $5 was ordered drawn on the con
tingent fund, for board of prisoners.
A warrant for $6 was ordered drawn
on the salary fund, for pay of special po
liceman on duty Christmas'night.
Tha finance committee reported favor
ably on the bill of the Maison Doree, for
$12,50, and a warrant was ordered drawn
on the general fund in payment thereof.
It was ordered that two warrants,
drawn on the general fund, in favor of
the Cochise Hardware and Trading Co.,
amounting. to $16, be canceled and a new
warrant for the amount be drawn on the
contingent fund.
The drawing of a warrant for $8 on
the contingent fund, in payment of ex
pressage on fire apparatus, was approved.
A communication was received from
the Library committee and referred to
the building committee, with instructions
to report at the next meeting.
The committee on water works report
ed progress and were instructed to take
more effective action.
Itwas ordered that $150 be transferred
from the general to the contingent fund.
Mr. Sanford then appeared, in regard
to'the $10,000 city bonds, now payable.
Further reference to this ma'tter will be
found in another column of the Epitaph.
A representative of Mr. Taylor Frush
appeared before the council, in reference
to the license for a variety show. The
matter was referred to the committee on
licenses, with full power to act, and in
structions to report at next meeting.
Council adjourned to meet at 10 a. m.,
January 7th-
circus will depart to-day for
Summerfield Bros, just received a fine
lot of choice overcoats which they will
sell at a reasonable price. f
' County and city warrants, jurors' cer
tificates, accepted accounts against the
city or county bought at the highest
market price at the Cochise County
W I'tit- (I.
"A good girl to do general house work.
House and everything new; good home.
Apply at the Epitaph office for particu
lars. Chas. D. Cole,
I Dragoon Summit.
City Wood and Coal Yard.
Is now running uud offers for sale all
kinds of wood, in any quantity, and c1
oy the ton or sackat moderate prices, fo
cash. Satisfaction given. Wood cawed
to order. Leave orders at tbo office,
Toughnut and Fourth streets, at Joe
Hoefier's store, or with A.J. Brown'
stand at Cochise Hardware store. tf
Louisiaua molasses at $1.25 per gallon
also a fine assortment of Louisiana
sugar, just received at Joe Hoefier's.
Choice lot of dried fruit of all kinds.
Eastern Oat Meal, Hominy, Dried Beet
Comb and Extract Honey, etc., at VVolcnt
& Mesick's Cash Store.
The sports that were advertised to
come off New Year's day will be post
poned until Sunday, Jan. 10, 1886.
Salesman can add A. 1. line. Small
samples. Cnsli commissions. Colorado
agent earned $2,200; Illinois aeent $2,200
In 1884. P. O. box 1371, New York.
Two thousand feet of second-hand
inch or inch and a half pipe. Inquire at
Joe Hoefier's, Tombstone. t
Arnold's Wood Vard, Corner Eight
and "-afford otieets.
Cord wood at $9; ptve wood $11. Leav
orders with delivery nueon.
For Sale.
A good buggy-horse and set of har
ness (new). 'I he horse is sound, gentle
and a good traveler. Apply to John O.
If you want your clothes properly
repaired or thoroughly cleaned, go to
Charles Harris, the tailor, Fourth street,
Bauer block. Prices to suit the times.
Fur Kent.
Two or more handsomely furnished
rooms in adobe building on Fourth and
Bruce streets. Two furnished rooms for
gentlemen; low price. One five-roomed
cottage. One three-roomed house. In
quire on premises corner Fourth and
Bruce streets orof Robt. Eccleston, City
X7Nl Sir Cn V.nl ITnuil. nnA TM,.t.
nut streets.
Ever brought to Tombstone has Arrived and
is now on Exhibition at
Occidental Hotel Blook - Allen Street.
Everybody invited to call and ' see the .Grand Display of
Holidav goods.
Just Received at the
Pioneer Jewelry Store,
The Finest, Largest and Best Seleoted Stook of
Gold and Silver Filigree Goods in Latest Designs,
Ever Brought to this Territory.
Prices Reduced to Suit the Times. Call and be
Thoroughly Refitted. Everything New.
Eastern Waiters. White Cooks.
Board 86. 00 per Week, in Advance. 86.50, if Paid Monthly.
Stoves, Tinware, Brass Goods, Etc,
Pipe and Pipe Fittings, Granite,
Ironware, San Jose Pumps, Etc
Oithe Finest Stock of
oflevery Description,
The Latest Novelties ! The Most Maeniflcent Combinations
Corner Fifth and Fremont.
Style and Pattern.

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