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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, January 08, 1886, Image 1

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Yol. yii.
No. 126.
m .
j,i zs. "
"V -
Retiring from the Dry Goods Business in Tomb
stone, the entire stock, which is complete in every
department, will be Jj. '
Away below cost. This is no humbug, but a bona fide
sale, as our prices will show.
.A.- COHEN,1
Treasurer s
I will redeem all Warrants
drawn on the Connty General
Fund from Nos. 1590 to 1947,
both inclusive, if presented
within ten days.
County Treasurer.
Tombstone, Dec. 26, 1885.
Two Houses and Lots, No.
218, on Eighth street, below
Fremont. This property will
be sold cheap. For particu
lars, enquire on the premises,
or at G. S. Bradshaw's Saloon.
Fremont Street,
Real Estate, Mines, Money and
Ileal Kstatn-Bonght. Sold and Heated, Col
lodions made, Talus paid, etc.
Mine Boughut and Mold,
Money Loans .cp;tlated and Investment!
Iiiuiiruiico Fire, Accident and Lite.
jSu"3? Txaan
Books, Tovs, Stationery
Musical Instruments,
Magazines, Etc
Allen Street, In Grand UuteJ Manillas
Bogrixxs t tlxe
L .
January 4th, 1886,1
The Travelers Insurance Co.
Pays Indemnity.
Mr. Jones Bccciv.a 8500.71 for In.
Juries Keeclved.
Aspen, Col., Dec. 17, 1885.
J. V. Vickers, Tombstone, A. T., Agent
ot the Travelers Insurance Co., Etc.:
Dear Friend: Yours of the 8th inst.
is at hand. Enclosed please find your
receipt, signed, for $560.71, so promptly
paid on account of my accident in Bis
bee in June last.
Your kindness in' advancing me $160
before I was able to present my claim,
and the promptness of the company in
the settlement of my claim, I shall never
forget. Yes, renew my policy when it
runs out and send me a bill for the pre
mium to this place. I am now engaged
in superintending James Can's business
in this place, and collecting and keeping
his accounts. If necessary, change my
rate accordingly. Yours ve.y truly.
Thos. J. Jones.
Thos. J. Jones paid $25 premium. His
policy assured his wife $5,000 in case of
his accidental death, and him $25 a week
if accidentally disabled. By accidental
discharge of a rifle he was totally dis
abled for about twenty-two weeks.
Therefore he received from the old relia
ble Travelers $560.71.
Insurance is cheap, and the best is the
cheapest. J. V. Vickers.
Our delayed grass and garden seeds of
all kinds have at last arrived, and are
now ready for delivery at Joe Hoefler's
corner Fifth and Fremont streets.
A plain gold rinir, with initials "H. A."
inside. Finder will be suitably rewarded
if restored to Summerfleld Bros. f
A set of composition billiard balls for
sale at a bargain, at the Elite. t
Fresh Sonoro oranges for sale at Dyar
& Baldwin's for 25 cents a doien.
A full line ot nuts, this year's crop, jus
received at Yaple'd candy factory. tf
Two sets of composition billiard balls
for sale, at a bargain, at the "Elite."
The best lunches in town at the Crystal
Palace Chop House. t
TKa tiACt ctnV stf jkmrtrMf im1I Vs
iw at Sum field ' t
New suiting?, at Harri".'
Fresh nuts and candies at Fitts Bros.
The Crystal Palace Chop House is the
Summerfleld Bros, just received a fine
lot of choice overcoats which they will
sell at a reasonable price.
' ... '
Louisiana molusse ac ii.25 per gallon
ilso a fine assortment of Louisiana
ugar, just received at Joe Hoefler's.
For the best lager beer in Arizona, go
to the Oriental.
Buy your Thank-Kiviug turkey nt thi
Los Angeles Fruit store. '
Gents' underwear in great variety, a
Summerfleld Bros.
The finest brandy in Arizona at the
Mince meat and plum pudding at R.
P. Mansfield's.
This year's sugar-cured hams and ba
con at Fitts Bios f
i Fine live turkeys at the Los Angeles
Fruit Store. t
Booth's Baltimore oysters at the Li's
Angeles Fruit More.
. -.
All shades of ladies cloths, fncos and
flannels at Summerfleld Bros.
Dressed turkey, uucks, and chickens
at the Los Angeles Fruit Store. ,t
On account of want of space I will sell
toys, games and dolls at cost. Sol Is
rael. There are 25 tickets yet unsold on tin
doll at Sol Israel's. The raffle will taki
place in a few days. Parties desiring
chances had better purchase tickets at
once. '
Hot meals at all hours at the Crysia
Palace Chop House. Fred Parker, pro
prietor. .
The Pionier A.il.s Fioui irom Sasr
mento, at Woleott & Alcalde's C"b
Lemp's St. Louis beer and all kinds of
sandwitches at the Crystal Palace lunch
parlors. f
Oysters in every style at the Crysta
Palace Lunch Parlors. Entrance on
Fifth street. f
Take your lunches at the Crystal
Palace Lunch Parlors. Fred Parker,
The Description of tlio Processes of Manu
facture of These Imitation Gems.'
.Tho workroom of tho pearl-blower,
says Sauzay in his "Glass-Making in
All Ages," just issued, is most simple.
It is composed of a small table about a
yard in length, on which is placed a
lamp with a largo wick. This lamp,
fed either with oil or lard, gives a long
jet of flamo blown by a pair of bellows
under tho table, which aro put in mo
tion with tho foot.
On this tnblo aro placed tubes of hol
low glass of two kinds some of com-1
mon glass, which servo for the manu
facture of common pearls; the others, of
a slightly, iridescent tint approaching'
op$, nr;(ironlljv employed for tho fTnerj
pearls; designated in jbonirncrco Oriental
pearls. tfeitTti
TlwBeprjHjDf tho composition of this;
latter-jrla&sduq to tho researches of M.
PicrrclotV''aJ7ch'cniist who died a fow
years -a'jfo, now belongs to tho firm of
Valez & Co.
Tho first material being known., let us
now seek to understand by what moans
from a tube of hollow glass, in every
respect liko thoso which children uso as
pea-shooters, tho makers succeed, with
out using any mold, in making pearls of
all sorts, from tho most common to
thoso which in shapo and opalescence
imitate perfectly the tnost splendid
pearls of tho East. (The only excep
tion to this is for the pearls called
fluted, which must be done in a mold.
As they aro now out of fashion, wo shall
say nothing more about their manufac
ture, which belongs more to the subjoct
of blown and molded glasses.)
Tho blower seated at his table has his
lamp beforo him, and at his right hand
are placed tubes of about one-third of
an inch in diameter and one foot in
length. Tho thickness of tho tube to bo
employed being necessarily in propor;
tion to the sizo of tho pearls to be made,
tho first labor of the blower is to draw
out tho tube that is to say, to increase
its length by, diminishing its thickness.'
When tho iubq is made of tho size de
sired he breaks it in fragments of from
four to six inches; afterward ho takes
one of these anPtbrings ono end of it
to tho lunrji. A1 soon as the glass be
gins to melt lie ""blows gently through
the tube, which,' although drawn out,
has always preserved its 'internal bore,
and, the air soon dilating tho heated ex
tremity, a ball appear. It is this ball
that is to become .i pearl, but it is still
only in 11 rudimentary state. Thrco
operations are. nu.essary to make t a
pearl: . .
First, tlio piercing of two holes for
round pearls intended to fonn a neck
lace, or'fcrf'ft single'oiio if-tlioy aro round
''ft?- nnnrTJsi atimkI . in lw Kif. nifltnr fnr
:rf ocKlabeW c'rA&rrTi'fgV, or for Button's" dr
pins, etc.
Second, to give tho form, round or
Third, tho interior coloring.
Tho doublo piercing, indispensable
for the cord to pass through which unites
the pearls and forms a necklace, is done
at the moment when the spherical glass
adhering to tho tubo is still ductile.
Tho first holo is made in tho lower part
of the pearl by the breath only of tho
workman, and tho second is naturally
formed by tho opening to tho tubo when
tlio pearl is separated from it by means
of a light blow.
This work is required in tho prepara
tion of all beads; but, beforo passing
on, wo would call tho attention of the
reader, and especially of ladies, to ono
kind wo mean Oriental pearls, which,
as their namo indicates, must bo the
most exact imitation possible of thoso
produced by Nature.
Although mado in exactly the samo
manner us the most ordinary beads,
these pearls aro yet distinguished from
them, not only by tho employment of
opalescent glass, but still more by the
care tho blower takes in their formation,
as well as by the different coloring they
receivo in tlio interior.
As for tlio shape, every ono knows how
raro it is to find a pearl without defect,
and defects not in material but in form,
and still mora in color. A singlo exam
ple will sufiico to show how difficult it is
to find many pearls almost alike in
form and tint. Tho pearl necklace be
longing to tho ex-Empress of tho French
is composed of only tliirty-thrco pearls,
and, in order to complete this limited
number, it is scarcely possible to believe
that, after having chosen from among
all tlio most perfect ones French mer
chants could offer, it was necessary to
havo recourso to those of England.
The work of the blower being, as wo
havo said, to imitate nature as much as
possible, his talent consists not only in
destroying tho exact regularity obtained
by the blowing, but also in producing
on the false pearl the defects usually
found in natural ones. This work re
quires much practice, and is only tlio
fruit of long observation. The good
blower, the artist, should be sufficiently
acquainted with natural pearls to exe
cutoon his own only the defects which
mav increase the value of his work by
skillfully prepared reflections. To ob
tain this important result, the blower,
profiting by tho moment when tho pearl
still adheres to tho tube, takes a very
small iron palet, with which ho strikes
lightly curtain parts of the small mal
leable pearl, and it is only by this last
operation, which places hero a protu
berance, there a flattening, both almost
imperceptible, that he succeeds in pro
ducing a pearl which, losing its mathe
matical regularity, becomes the perfect
imitation of nature.
Thcro tho work of tho blower ceases;
for it is then that the pearls which, it
should bo remarked, aro still only ob
jects in colorless glass are to pass into
tho hands of workwomen charged to
color each of them. But, beforo dis
missing the blower, wo must bo allowed
tojEa a, liitla into statistics TMreader.
nowever, need not bo alarmed; wo slia'U
be very brief. We merely wish to say
that a good workman can make 300
pearls in a day, and is paid from 2s to
2s Cd tho hundred.
Although tho work of coloring of
which wo aro about to speak is tho samo
for all pearls, it will be easily under
stood that, since pearls aro divided into
ordinary and Oriental pearls, it is nec
essary to have two sets of workpeople.
This labor is generally intrusted to wo
men somo specially employed in color
ing tho common, and others tho finer,
Wo shall only occupy ourselves with
tho work of tho latter, which, wo ro
:peatr merely differs from that, of tho
other from its greater finish'.
Each workwoman has beforo her a
series of small compartments, contain
ing altogether several thousand pearls,
arranged so that each of them should
present the side having tho orifice
pierced by tho blower.
Beforo introducing tho coloring sub
stance, which would bo too easily de
tached from tho glass if it were not by
somo means more firmly fixed, every
pearl has to receivo inside a very light
Coating of a gluo which is perfectly
colorless, being mado from parchment.
This layer being equally spread over the
interior of every pearl, tho workwoman
takes advantage- of tho moment when
the gluo is still damp and begins the
work of coloring, properly so called.
After having taken up the thin and
hollow tube, and soaking it in the bleak
paste, the workwoman introduces a
certain quantity into each of tho pearls
by her breath; and would you know
how many sho must do in a day to en
able her to earn the modest sum of
from 2s 7d to 8s 4d? Forty thousand!
For every thousand glued and filled
with tho paste is only paid at the rate of
about ono penny.
Colored beads Tiro dono'in exactly the
same way; but, instead of tho bleak
paste, a paste of tho color desired is
blown into thcin.
A Flexible Heart.
A story comes from Louisvillo which,
says tho Cincinnati Sun, on account of
tho presence in Cincinnati of tho parties
concerned,- makes it of local interest.
In MissEflio Ellslcr's company, playing
at tho Grand, are Mason Mitchell and
Miss Marjorio Bonner. Mr. Mitchell is a
nice-lo6kmg, sentimental, star-gazing
chap, who is very susceptiblo to the
charms of a pretty face, which is pos
sessed by Miss Bonner. Indeed, the
little lady is so charming that several
individuals of tho masculine gender
yearn to bask in her smiles. Tho fes
tivo Mitchell fell madly in love with her.
but was distressed by thtt hot fever .of
hope and fear and jealousy. The fair
""Marjofie; ho thought, took too muchaftff
terest in another member of the compa
ny. Mr. Mitchell demanded so a bell
boy stated who claimed to havo heard
the conversation that Miss Bonner
banish forever from her sight the other
fellow, who was causing Jieart-acljes
and ceaseless pain to tho ardent lover.
"I havo taken poison, and will kill niy
self unless you will promiso to bo mine
alone," was substantially tho despairing-
wail of tho sensitive Mitchell. Ho
rushed into his room, which was in close
proximity to tho apartment of his sweet
heart in the Gait house, and was about
to swallow four ounces of laudanum,
bottle and all, when friends interfered.
Mr. Mitchell still lives. Ho is a young
man who, if reports be true, has been
singularly unfortunate in his love affairs.
It is said that last winter ho was smit
ten with Sophie Eyre to such an extent
that upon learning tho news of that
lady's marriage to air. Winslow, of this
city, ho suddenly disappeared, and was
subsequently heard of in the Riel rebel
lion, whero it was rumored that ho had
been killed. He recovered from his un
requited passion and returned to Now
York, which necessitated a few lines
contradicting his obituary notices.
Members 01 Miss Ellsler's company
seemed to think that Miss Bonner is not
indifferent to Mitchell's attentions.
When notified of tho expose of tho little
scheme in the Louisville hotel tho young
man seemed inclined to annihilate tho
reporter. It was a miserable lie, all ex
cept tho taking of chloroform. Ho had
been a long sufferer from neuralgia,
and when tho pain camo on ho was ac
customed to inhalo chloroform, which
was tho only relief he could find. At
the timo at which tho attempted suicide
is said to havo occurred he was in tho
throes of neuralgia and was following
his usual prescription. Tho bell-boy
was an infernal little liar, a direct de
scendant of Ananias. "That Sophie
Eyro story is also a base falsehood," de
clared Mr. Mitchell, with much vehe
mence. "I was in the Riel campaign.
When I saw tho announcement of my
death in tho Winnepeg papers I at once
telegraphed a denial." 1 he young actor
expressed much concern lest the story in
circulation should compromise Miss
"Will Reform.
"Jim Webster, did you hear Parson
Bledsoe say in his sermon last Sunday
whar do chicken thieves war gwino to
spend dar vacation after dey had shuck
demselfs ob dis fleshy tabernacle?"
asked Uncle Mose.
"I did hear dat ar sermon and I was
mightily impressed wid it."
"Yer don't realize do troof ob it,
"Yes, I does realize it. Uncle Mose. I
realizes it so much dat I has mado up
my mind to quit stealing chickens.
From now on I lot do chickens rest in
peace and turns all my 'tentions to
turkeys and ducks." Texas Sifiings.
1 1 fc
A dying cabman being asked by the
minister who camo to consolo him if
ho had nover been to church, replied:
"No, but I've druv lota of folks ther?."
Cutlery, Stationery and
'" Constantly oh 'Hjuhd:1 k-i .
Sole Agents for the "SLoTE CIGAR,'
Cor. Allen and Fifth Sts.
Small Pox Marls
Can Be Removed.
London, Perlnnfcrs to H. M. the Queen, hr
invented and patenttd the world renowned
Whl.n renn. es Small Vox Mark of howerer
lonff -tardlnc The appl'cav.on u alnftile and
narmln. can-es no Inconvenience and contain
notbljg lnju.ioaa. Price S-'.M
Leon & Co.'s "Depilatory,"
Removes Snperflnonf Hair In a few mlnote
without pain or uupleai-am eciaatlcn ntvr to
grow again. Mmple oDd harmless Full dlres
tions aent by mall, l'ncc Jl.
Geo. W. Shaw, General Agea
810 Tremnnt St., UoMoa, ..
Smelting & Lead Co.
416 Montcromery Streetp
San FIiancisco, ? Oaltpobnu.
3old 'ahr" SlieFReflnervaatl
Assay Office.
Highest Prices Paid for Gold, Silver and
Lead Ores and SulphureU
Manufacturers of Bluestone, also lad
Pipe, Sheet Lead, Shot, Etc
This Company hu thu Beat Factlltica on the
Coast for working
Gold, silver and Lead Ores and
Smelting and
Sampling works at Dentine:,
N. 31. For full information ap
ply to
Tombstone. lOfltcOvUh tJudBeBob
Inaon.nn Kourt !', trerr.
Papap Cash store
324JFremont.St. Tinstone.
Brands of Kentucky Wblrky, and grata of al
klnde kept constantly on hand and sold at lowes
tyA fnll Hue of Ae()crs' Supplies constantly
on hand.
PRANK B. ATlSTliN pronrtotnr.
Fourth Street, Oppiste.Occi
dental Hotel,
Tombstone, - - - - Arizona.
Toibstonei Ariz.
Transacts a gentrnl Hanking business.
M OTCi'TSFItlNGER, Cashire
lots on the nrface of the Mountain Maid rnln
ingrlalm In Tombrtonf, andwhobave pot here
ofoi-e obtained tbrmlnlne till?, are hf reby re
quested to call upon my Bttorney, Geo. G llerrr,
at hl office In Tomttinp, and make nrrargr
ments to obtain the same If they wish to avoid
litigation. FORDICS BOPSB.
Tembstone Jan, I, 1686.

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