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Julian Hfttvtliorno'a Ideas.
Mr. Julian Hawthorne, tho novelist,
vms recently interviewed by a Chicago
Daily Jfews reporter. Tho conversation
turned upon tho ettiniatiou placed by
Europeans on American works of fiction,
and tho question was: asked:
' "Do you think tho American novel is
growing in popularity abroad, and what
arc- its distinctive features thought to bo
by foreigners?"
'Tho American novel U certainly
growing in popularity abroad, especial
ly in England, as will bo seen by tho
fnfquent English reprints' of our better
novels. Tho reason for tills is that there
are at present so few tolcrablo novelists
in England. Tho English novel has
been written to death, and, as oven
novel-readers must havo occasional nov
elty, they turn to our books with relief.
Tho distinctive features of our work
probably appear to them to bo now sit
uations, social conditions, and types of
character and a certain minute accuracy
of troatmont from tho literary point of
view. Average English novel-writing
is very slip-shod andcareloss."
"What Is your opinion of the school
of 'mental vivisection'?"
"I am not myself in sympathy with
that school. 'Mental vivisection' is easy
writing, but hard writing. I think ft
is duo to a lack of mental energy and
of imagination in thoso who practico it.
It amounts to Importing your note
books into your story, instead 01 snow
ing only tho results and embodiment of
a previous analysis, and is dono by
Shakspearo and tho best writers."
"Do you consider this doparturo of
literature a part of tho progress of tho
time or a morbid outcomo of days too
prosperous for romanco?"
"I think it has nothing to do with tho
progress of tho timo. It only indicates
that our novelists make less uso of their
imagination than any other class of our
community. Perhaps tho recognition
thoy recolvo is too faint to stimulate
them. The difficulty is certainly not on
tho side of any deficiency of stirring
times. Timidity and lack of self-conh-denco
havo more to do with it. Our
- writers .consider their audienco too much ;
no audienco that thoy can reach is
worth oonsidcrlngs as a literary tri
bunal. 'Inspiration is deprecated, ni if
it must bo either untrustworthy or ill
bred. A masculino poet or novelist is
much needed, and it might be t ell, at
this stago of our literary liistoiy, tomnko
it a penal otl'enso for any woman to
write a story."
"Do modern novelists make their men
and women do nothing but sit still and
talk becauso there is nothing elso for
them to do?"
"I shall rather say becauso it is easjer
to write clover dialoguo than to portray
characteristic action."
'.'What aro your methods of working?
Do you depend principally upon your
observations or on your imagination?"
"Observation is always of assistance
In imaginative work if it can bo suffi
ciently emancipated from individual in
stances. On the other hand, nothing
spoils a fictitious character so surely an
to makes it conform too closely to any
real model. Tho requirements of tho
tory must bo allowed to mold and
adapt it or tho story will bo ruined."
'Do you havo regular hours for work
or do you wait for an inspiration?"
"I never wait for an inspiration, and
am not aware of having every been vis
ited by any. I generally take a walk in
tho morning and writo in tho afternoon
and evening. But I keep no strict rulo
in such matters."
"Doyou know what tho 'terriblo so
crct' of 'Tho Marble Faun' was, or what
tho 'mystery that surrounded Miriam?"
"If I know I would tell with pleasure.
My father nover explained it, becauso it
did not come within tho design of tho
story that tho secret' should bo anything
butn typical secret a human being
polluted: by Involuntary association with
tho sin of others. Tho Cenci tragedy is
an instanco'ef such an occurrence, and
Is therefore mado prominent in tho
story, but whether or not Miriam 'was
the victim of a similar castropho was
hor private business, and of no import
to the moral of tho tale."
Mark Twain s Dtfllcultios In Bocom
lug a Confederate.
In his paper in tho December Century,
"Tho Privato History oi a Campaign
that Failed," Mark Twain says:
"Out West thcro was a good deal of
confusion in men's minds during tho
first months of tho great trouble a good
deal of unsettledncss, of leaning first
this way, then that, then tho other way.
It was hard for us to get our bearings.
I call to mind an instanco of this. I was
piloting on tho Mississippi when tho
nows camo that South Carolina had
gone out of tho Union on tho 20th of
December, 18G0. My pilot-mato was a
New Yorker. Ho was strong for tho
Union; so was I. But ho would not lis
ten to mo with any patience; my loyalty
was smirched, to his eye, becauso my
father had owned slaves. I said, in
Kalliation of this dark fact, that I had
card my father say, somo years before
ho died, that slavery was a great wrong,
and that ho would froo tho solitary negro
ho then owned if ho could think It right
to give away tho property of tho family
when he was so straightened in means.
My mato retorted that a mere impulse
was nothing anybody could pretend to
a good impulse; and went on decrying
my Unionism and libeling my ancestry.
A month later tho secession atmosphere
hail, considerably thickened on tho
Lower Mississippi, and I becamoarobol;
so did ho. Wo wero together in New
Orleans, tho 26th of January, when Louis
iana went out of tho Union. Ho did his
full share of tho rebel shouting, but was
bitterly opposed to letting mo do mine.
Ho said that I camo of bad stock of
a father who had been willing to set
Blavcs free. In tho following summer
ho was piloting a Federal gun-boat and
shouting for tho Union again, and I was
in tho Confederato army. I held his
note for somo borrowed money. Ho was
ono of tho most upright men I over
knew; but ho repudiated that note with
out hesitation, becauso I was a rebel,
and tho son of a man who owned
It is estimated that thcro aro 320,000
young women in London eugaged in
Arizona Mail and Stage Line
HTAUB FOll lTAIUBAWK, connecting with eastern aad western bound talns on Souther
Pacific railroad leav. a atO:15t'elork. it. in. Stage leaves Falrbank opon arrival ot Sonora train
and leaves Tombstone to conni-cl with train to Sonora at X o'clock -. m.
Stago tut Falrbank by way uf I'harlemon, leave,) Tombstone Ui o'clock, a. m., and returns
upon irrlvat of Benson twin.
BTAUE FOB JllNUER leaves every morning at 6 o'clock, except Sundays.
406 Allen St., UnderlOcoidental Hotel.
Grand Queuing
1? Mm it
Fourth Street, Bet. Safford
and Bruce.-
Skating Every Afternoon niul
Garurt Wkatiue Carnival Christmas
Between Fourth and Fifth.
The beet and most elegantly appointed Restau
rant in tbe city. All the delicacies of
the e a on served, btricly
First Class.
LiYery & M Stat
Good variety of Buggies, Carriages anA
Wagons, with ttamB to match. Eleven-passenger
excursion coach, suitable for picnics or ojher
parties. Orders sent by mall or telegraph lor
outfits will be promptly attended lo.
John Montgomery, 1'roprletor
Allen IStreet, between Third
anil Fourth.
KeepsIConstuntlv on Hand the
McBreyer asi
Tea Kettle
Also tho famous
Which is Manufactured
Especially (or Me.
C. S. 6RADSHAW, Proprietor.
IlctWecn Alleiiniitl, Kremont Streets.
Bread, Cake, Pies.
.j t. mi r man ",IlJL
I'M II. ILforra tho public that I hnre opened a
lirsi-cltss thou In ovuy particuhr.
miles' Hnlr OtMufr find Mtiumpooin;;
A iirrialty.
Priiite tutrLnco In rear of tea hotel for ladles.
llltul B a BBIf lllIlBa
Fourth St, bet. Alien and Fremont.
A, BAUER, Propr.
Will sell the Cltict t Lot of
At Living Prices.
Custom House Brokers and
Commission Merchants.
Custom House p pre made out with neatness
and dlspitch at eisonablo flguroe.
Good Meals and Lodgings.
One day's drive from Tombetvne, Riving ample
time to to transact business with the Cnstem
Having purchased the rolling stock and horses
J . O. Dunbar, also making many additional pur
chases, I am now prepared to offer to the Tombstone
public the
Ever brought to the Territory, and
on Beasounble Terms.
Carefully Cared For.
ALLE ST., Bet. 3d and 4th.
A. T. JONES, Prop'r.
To All "Ve'niitinjj Employment.
We want live, energetic, end capable agents In
every county In the United States and Canada to
sell a patent urtlcle of great merit, on its merits
An article having a largo sale, paying oer 100
per cent profit, having no competition, and on
which tho agent is protected In tho exclusive
sale by a dtcd given for each and every coun'y be
may secuiofiomus With 11 these advantages
to our agents and the tact that it Is an article
that car. he sold to every house-owner it might
not be neces.ary to make an ''cztraordlnir oflVr"
to secure good agents at nce. but wo havo con
eluded to make it to f how, not only our cnfld enco
iu the merit of our Invention, but m Its saleahl
lity by any agent thst will handle It wi h i ni-rgy.
Our ag nu now at work ari making t'om SIM) to
$900 a morth clear, and tills fact mtca It safe
tor uj to make our offer to all who ars out of em
ployment. Auv agent that will cue our bui-lness
a thirty days' trial aod tali to cler at lea.t $100
in thin time, above all expcnucs, can icturn all
goods unsold to us and we will icfunit the money
paid for Ibem. Any ngent or general igent who
wouldllketcn or moro counties and work them
through sub aircnts for ninety days ad fall to
clear at leii-t g"50 above all e pen pes em return
al unsold ana get their money bark. No oilier
employer or agent ever dared to make Mich utters,
nor woull weif e did not know thst wo have
agents now making more than doublo tho amount
we guaranteed, and bn two sales a day would
glvH a profit of over $125 a month, and that one ot
our aeents took eighteen older in ono day. Our
largo dcscrrptlvo circulars explain our oiler fully,
at d these we wish tr send loovery one out of
eropioyment who will seid us tbreeonc-ccnt
stumps to secure postage. Send at once and
secure tho agency In tlmo lor tbe boom, and go
ti work o the terms namid In our ixtraordlnary
Offer. Wo Would llk to have tho addres of all
tno agents, sewiig machine solicitors and car
'enters In tho county, and ark any reader ol
this paper who rea sthls oiler, to send at once
thenamo and address of all such thov know.
Aidre.s at once, orjou will lnso the best cbanco
ever oflerred to 'hose out of employment to
makemoney: HENNEllMANUF'ING CO,
116 Smlthfleld St., Pittsbnrp, Fa
Allen Street.
ment, this ss-loon will contluun to retail
nothlni? butthoslr'ilglit gicde, nnch gave the
"cony" such a well-deserved lcputatlon. T. U.
Ilipy's celebrated Anderson County, Kentucky,
(four-year-old sour-mash) Bourbon, and J, M.
Athcrton's equally cckbrutcd 1 ca Kettlcjltyc, of
tno samo age, retailed at UVi cents.
The Pony,
The Best "Bit" Cigar to be had
in the City, a Specialty.
T. A. JOAIKH, Proprietor.
At a recular meeting of the
Board of Supervisors of the
Countv of Cochise, held De
cember 1st, 1884, the District
Attorney in and for said coun
ty was ordered and directed lo
immediately proceed bv suit
or action against all persons in
said county, and doing busi
ness therein, who havo not
paid their licenses.
In compliance with said Res
olution, 1 hereby give notice to
all persons who have not paid
their licenses au required by
law, that on 'January lOtti, A.
D. 1880, 1 will proceed to col
lect all unpaid licenses i:i the
manner provided for by i-action
lfi, Laws 1883, which
reads as follows, to-wit:
To amend Section 1 ft of Chap
ter XLIX of the Compiled
Laws of the Territory of
Be it enacted by the Legisla
tive Assembly of the Terri
tory of Arjxona:
Section 1. That Section 15
of Chapter XLIX of the Com
piled Laws be amended so as
to read as follows:
Section 15. Whenever any
person shall violate the pro
visions of this Act, by trans
acting any business whatever
for which a license is required
by the provisions of this Act,
he shall be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and, upon con
vietion, shall be flocd in any
sum not more than three hund
red dollars and not less than
the amouut of such delinquent
license tax, together with costs
of suit, and the judgment im
posing such fine shall specify
that in default of the paynent
of the line imposed thereby.
the defendant shall be impris
oned in tho County Jail of the
proper county for a definite pe
riod of time, which in no event
shall exceed the period of t hree
monthst and out of the money
received from such line the
officer before whom the case is
tried shall pay the amount due
for such license to. the County
Treasurer, and any residue8
after payment of all costs.
shall be paid into the County
Treasury for the use of the
General Fund of said county.
Sec. 2. All Acts and parts
of Acts in conilict with this
Act are hereby repealed.
Sec. 3. This Act shall take
effect and he in force from and
after its passage.
Approved March Gth, 1883.
District Attorney.
For Sale.
Work and Saddle Horses for
sale in quantities to suit pur
chasers at ABBOTTS' Ranch,
Sulphur Spring Valley. For
particulars apply at the office
of the Tombstone Epitaph.
o & t MC3.o.
0.0-3 Sj.g-
p.?i3 D S."
. a. - t-? i-
J-"-! oi-.m a
Alfalfa Hay,
200 tons Alfal
fa hay for sale by
the bale or ton.
Inquire at tho French Wine House
No. C09 Allen street. 6-m
Treasurer Iota
I will redeem all Warrants
drawn on the County Contin
gent Fund from Nos. 102 to
1 70, both inclusive, if pre
sented within ten days.
County Treasurer.
Tombstone, Dec. 26, 1885.
Headquarters of
Candiesand Toys
I have added a full line of Toys to my
store, such as. Doll carnages, Musical
Tops, Tin Toys, Bell Toys, Chimes,
rancy Match Holders, in lact every'
thing in the toy line. They are my own
selection and bought for cash, and I' will
sell them at bed-rock prices.
indlclBl district. Territory of Arlzoti
u nntv or Cbcbiee: Onrtav Anderson vs. Q
Itutlcdso ttal. All per. oni claiming or holding
llona on tho property hereafter described, are
notified to bo and appear in tbe above entitled
court on Monday, tho Slid day of November, lb5,
too same beme tuc iirm aay or ine next succeed
Idk tern of said court, and to cir.lblt them and
there ilio proof of their respective demands and
llc.'jj. The matter ot the hearine and delermlu
iiiusHlil claims and llena will be beard on same
day or attach other time as the same may be
anjoumcd to. This notice is given in an action
bruufh! by Uustav Anderson, plaintiff, against
Geo. llullcdgc and Jarnis 8. fruit, defendants,
ti recover, the stin. of 8609 with costs andatenr-ni-yV
fee", ar.il have such demand declared a lien
onlbcAlp mine, which is in the complaint
d-penbf d as follows .
Ikgtnnlngnttbcinit al monument on center
ofciKlm at a 4x1 pnst marked I. M. Alps M. C.
rso. l, pom m men u. a. mineral mununiuai nu i
bears 4J la' E 12T3 distant; thence 8 73' 9' K,
21)7 ftet to nost No. 2. thence S 4f 32' W B67 fiet
to pof t No. 3; thencn N 67 ! W 600 feet to poet
Jio 4; tncnci N '7 iDO rci ioposi.no. o;
thi nw S 07 48' E 519 fett to post No 6; thence
H 48 Si' W 697 feet to place of beginning. Said
mir-e is In the Tombstnne Mining District, and
U bounded on tho NK by the Grand I'cutrai
mine. W.II.BEAMAM8,
Clcik Dlttrict Court.
By C W. Clum, Deputy .lerk.
ClOODKlCn & SMITH AUvi..fur 1'iainilB.
Notice of Forfeiture.
rpo J. E. I'AITJKS, .1. 3. NEELY, G. G.
J. Moore, A l.a'.o. K II. Fordt-an M A. Beck
Irjm, II. O. FalreK. fc B. Moore. J. H Chamherp,
Z. T llngim, S I). Garrett, E.lUight, II Cocke,
A. L. biiln and l. Cor'on ou are hereby
i ot lied ihal we bae expended one hundred dof.
Urs tn labor and improvements on the Hercnles
lode aid mining claim, situated In tho Dcs
CaKvae, now Known us the Tevt mining dis
tilc', Com lyofCoch s' and Territory of Arizona;
locatlen notice ri-cordid in book 3, page 110, of
Irani-crlbtdrtcords ol Cochise county, A. T., in
order to hold tho ilalm lor the year tndljg
Dec, mb i, 18bS, under the proiKlons -I section
2,3Ji,'ltevUed blatLtis of tho United States.
There ore, If within ninety dajs from publication
of this notice, you fall or refnso to cost ibate.
cuchofjon, your proportion of said expenditure
and cost or this publication as co owners, your
In i ere ts In said mlno or claim will becopio tke
property or tho undcrr-lgue I, uneer section 2,324.
Tombstone, Septamber 89. I860.
to H
ttt O
? Kj
$500 REWARD.
Bv virtue of authority
vested in me by the Board ot
Supervisors of Cochise oounty
at a regular meeting ot said
Board, held on the Gth day ot
October, flR5, 1 hereby oil'er a
reward of 500 tor the anpre
hension, dead or alive, of the
renegade Apache Chief Gero
nimo. And by the same au
thority I oiler a further re-
wara ot9z5u',for the apprehen
sion, dead or alive, of any one
of said Geronimo's band of
renegade Indians who haye
been engaged with him in his
murderous raids through Co
chise Countv. Said apprenen
sion to earn the above rewai ds
must ue made by some person
or persons not in tne military
service ot the Imitea states,
Tombstone, Ariz., Oct. (i, 1885-
a " tifsTRA'1 -rfZt tto..jf VtfVjs&isyy
4TOft 7S86.,
trill be mill.il FI! E I', to .11 ipplic.nl, , .od to en, tootr, o:
lutrctr vltlioutord.rluclt It conulm kboat 130 ttbgex, '
6(0 UlnitraUoni, price., accurate 6.ir!ptlom anil Tala.bl.
dlrectlooe for planus-, all rarletle. of VEGETABLE
and FLOWi:C BtXDS, UULUS, eto. Is.ali.atiU
to aU, c,p.clallr to Market Gardeneri. Send tor lt
D. M. FERRY & CO., Detroit, Michigan.
Tllf. KI'K UlilM,
No. 11 Kearny Street, Sun Fran-
CirtCO, Cal.
Treats all Chhonic, Si-ecial and Pri
vate Diseases with Wokderfdl
a certain cure for
Vervousness, l'ro"lator
. ea, and all tbe evil
ffecta of ou hfulfolllea
fid exces.es, and in
inl:t g intoxicating
annrs Dr. Mlntie,
vho is a regular phynl
an gradual? fn m the
mversliy of Pensylya-
, will ugrce to Inrfelt
0 fur h ca-onfthln
ndlhe Vita! Ktstora
iH'iiiid ni r vice ndtreotmentjwll
no ore. $1 bOabolt'-, orfoir times th quan
llty $5. sent to any address on receir t of pncn or
C, ( D.. tn p-Ivate name If desired, by Dr.
rflntle, 11 Kearny St , r). Y. Cal. Send for list f
questions and namplet
will be sent to any one apphlng by leitcr, statin
symptom .stxacdage. Strict secrecy In regar
an business transactions.
Touchnut Ht., bet. Fourth Had Fifth.
Totnbwtonp, Arizona?
Charles G. Johoston,
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public.
J. E. Palmer,
Mr. Johnson will practice in all tbe courts ol
the ttrritory, in both civil and ciimmal cases
Mr. Palmer will devote bit alien ion as expert
in bookkeeping; also to bookkeeping, searching
of records, crpylng, abstracting, conveyancing
and all other business connected therewith.
For the convenience nf n'iness men and i then
hav no- past due nd other claims lor adj stnenl
and coll ction, this office (Hers unpaialledad
vantages Mr. Palmer will keep, for the bci cflt
of b filers ol teal estate, , special book for tho
entry of houses ai d lands for sale or to rer t.
Deeds, mortgsces and leases will be carefully
drawn and rents collected, and as both branches
of this office nectyoui patrovace. It la certainly
ilaken In conjunction with their long exciler.co
in the above hnsicesa specialties) a sufficient
guatantee of prrmi.t ess and economy. Mr.
t aimer will also transact, as agent In I ombttone,
business of any nature lor p rains living abread,
guaranteeing them sa.ety, sailrfaction and dis
patch. 111-lm
fcrrcd unto II. J Sadler the bu-inesa
s'ock of mcrchaunlse, book account and all
partnership itlecis bc'miglng tn us infer tho
firm name of lioibin, Tcd & Co., and i-ald co
partnership is dlesohed by mriual consent.
. 11. A TWEED.
Tombstone. Noy. 2. lb?5 731m
a. Uarutti.
good wapon and luo horses a fun l.licd
hou-o of three larce rooms, situated Inlhtiionn
ofBlfbee, Aria Also, oi c half or iheuho.eof
the Bon 'I on saloon, mm epi by Clark & Dunn,
the two building enllrgfur nemy tollars p.r
month, row Apply to HANK PI liSELl ,
-3m At Illsbee. Ariz.
Notice to Creditors.
iXagalrst thec-ttite of Jumn Rtjas. deeeand,
a.ehetchf nrt'fy toprt in U.c tt tie villi pro
per vouchers to me ti my s tori n Ft. mont
street, en ot beloru tte 8ih foi of Innnaiy
Admin etrulor.
For Pale.
furnished; fruit aud fl'iwer carders. I.octled
on Bruce i-lreet, bctwi-. n Fifth and bixih. For
ale at a bargain Enquire, ot
.1. V. VK KERB
Stockholders Meeting.
The regular annual rreetlrg of the stockholders
of the bauta Ana, San Juat, Baviisla ana Ilron
xosa mining companies, all of the Territory of
Arizona, for tbo ruction of olic rs trd directors
fortbeen.uink jear, will be held at the orfceof
the aid c mpanies, in Tombetouc, A. T on
Monday, Januaty 18, 116.
A. J. IINE'E, Secretary.
Tombstone, A. T., Dec. 29, 1682. 22dy

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