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Vol. ,TH.
.No lsJH.
fb 1 5Sltf
' 'MI.
Ttt 'A"
Monday, January 4th, 1886.
Retiring from the Dry Goods Business in Tombr
stone, the entire stock, which is1 complete in every
department, will be
Away below cost.
sale, as our prices
I will redeem all Warrants
drawn on the County General
Fund from Nos. 1590 to 1947,
both inclusive, if presented
within ten days.
County Treasurer.
Tombstone, Dec 26, 1885.
Two Houses and Lots, No.
218, on Eighth street, below
Fremont. This property will
be sold cheap. For particu
lars, enquire on the premises,
or at G. S. Bradshaw's Saloon.
Fremont Street,
Real EstttvIines. Money and
Ileal Katatn Bought. Sold and ltented, Col
lodions nude. Taxes paid, etc.
Mlneo Boughut and Bold,
Money Loans Negotiated and Investments
Insurauco Fire, Accident and Idle.
-A. I1 T3
Books, Tovs, Stationery
Musical Instruments,
Magazines, Etc.
Allen Street, la Grand Hotel HmUl
Begins st tlxo
This is no humbug, but a bona fide
will show.
The Travelers Insurance Co,
Pay Indemnity.
Mr. Jones ItecetvrM S500 71 for Ii
juries 'rpfivcd.
Aspen, Col., Dec. 17, 1885.
J. V. Vickers, Tombstone, A. T., Agent
ol the Travelers Insurance Co., Etc.:
Dear Friend: Yours of the 8th inst.
is at hand. Enclosed please find your
receipt, signed, for $560.71, so promptly
paid on account of my accident in'Bis
bee in June last.
Your kindness in advancing me $160
before I was able to present my claim,
and the promptness of the company in
the settlement of my claim, I shall never
forget. Yes, renew my policy when it
runs out and send me a bill for the pre
mium to this place. I am now engaged
in superintending James Carr's business
in this place, and collecting and keeping
his accounts. If necessary, change my
rate accordingly. Yours very truly. '
Thos. J. Jones.
Thos. J. Jones paid $25 premium. His
policy assured his wife $5,000 in case of
his accidental death, and him $25 a week
if accidentally disabled. By accidental
discharge of a rifle he was totally dis
abled for about twenty-two weeks.
Therefore he received from the old relia
ble Travelers $560.71.
Insurance is cheap, and the best is the
cheapest. J. V. Vickers,
Our delayed grass and garden seeds of
all kinds have at last arrived, and are
now ready for delivery at Joe Hoefler's
corner Fifth and Fremont streets.
Just rccieved last evening at the Sum
merfield Bros, a large assortment of gen
tlemen's hats.
The finest Sonora oranges for sale for
35 cents per dozen, at Djar & Baldwins,
Fremont street. f
Meals two bits and . upward,
Crystal Palace Chop House.
Parker, proprietor.
at the
Summerfield Bros, have just received
a large assortment of intial handkerchiefs,
for ladies and gentlemen.
The most complete stock of fancy arti
cles ever brought to Tombstone can be
seen at the Union news depot,
New suitings, at Harris.'
Frcih nuts and cmidlcs at Fitts Bros, f
Summerfield Bros, just received a fine
lot of choice overcoats which they will
sell at a reasonable price. t
i 1
Louisiana molasses at $1.25 per gallon
also a fine assortment of Louisiana
sugar, just received at Joe Hoefler's.
For the best lager beer in Arizona, go
to the Oriental.
Buy your Thanksgiving turkey at the
Los Angeles Fruit store.
Gents' underwear in great variety, at
Summerfield Bros.
The finest brandy in Arizona at the
Oriental. f
Mince meat and plum pudding at R
P. Mansfield's.
This 'year's sugar-cured hams and ba
con at Fitts Bros. f
Fine live turkeys at the Los Angeles
Fruit Store. t
Booth's Baltimore oysters at the Los
Angeles Fruit Store.
All shades of ladies cloths, fricos and
flannels at Summerfield Bros. t
Dressed turkey, ducks, and chickens
at the Los Angeles Fruit Store. j
On account of want of space I will sell
toys, games and dolls at cost. Sol Is
rael. ,
There are 25 tickets yet unsold on the
doll at Sol Israel's. The raffle will take
place in a few days. Parties desiring
chances had better purchase tickets at
' '
A set of composition billiard balls for
sale at a bargain, at the Elite.
Fresh Sonoro oranges for sale at Dyar
& Baldwin's for 25 cents a dozen.
A full lino ot nuts, this year's crop, jus
received at YapleM candy factory. tf
Two sets of composition billiard balls
for sale, at a bargain, at the "Elite."
The best lunches in town at the Crystal
Palace Chop House. f
The best stock of embroidery will be
seen at Summe field f
Hot meals at all hours at the Crystal
Palace Chop House, Fred Parker, proprietor.
A Ludicrous Frnctlro In Which Jinny
Ocean Traveler arc Compelled
to Take Fart.
A Cambridgo undergraduate, now on
his,'way to thocapo in a trading vessel,
sands' thoiollowing interesting commu
nication to the Pall Mall Gazette: Ono
of tho oldest customs of the sea lately
came under" 'iAynotice, and in such a
way as I amnot likely to forget. As
Hciinl offer rtEfv l rjnlnnl tnn wn wnrn
seated in tho slloon enjo ing our gamo
of cribbajre, vw
11 a blast tram mo log
eh the de.td, put an end
"horn, fit to awl
to our cards.
Hurriedly wo mado for
tho deck, wbefrts a sight never to bo for
gotten met our eyes. The evening was
dark and cloudy, tho moon entirely hid
den, but the deck was brilliantly illu
minated with blue lights. From tho fore
castle was issuing a procession that
bdfllcs description. First walked Father
Neptune himself, leading on his arm hfa
voung and beautiful wife, Ainphtritj.
Neptuno was dressed in long, white
flowing robes that is, .1 nightshirt;
around his head waved his gray looks,
blowing beforo tho wind in every direc-.
tion; his beard reached bclpw his waist;
on his head ho wore a miter of such"
tremendous size as to drive any bishop'
yt'M with envy; in his hand ho boro his
His wife's dress was evidently on tlfe,
plan of "beauty unadorned," for soma
red paint, a small red flag,, and a pair
of red bathing-drawers constituted her
costume. Her llacn hair in curly
masses reached ker knees. Following
this august couple walked tho hero of
,tho evening the barber. Dressed all in
white, wearing' a hat tho shano of a
dice-box-, half white, half black, with
curly white hair and whiskers, ho was
sublimo; but the sublime changed into
tho awful when ono pcrccneil that ho
carried in his hands instruments of tor
ture rivaling ill their latent cruelty; even
thoso of tho Inquisition. Imagino stand
ing and gazing upon a bucket of Hour
and water mixed to about tho thickness
of liquid glue, of which you know jou
will receive a large share on your head.
Recover, if you can, from that bight, arid
look again. In his other hahd ho holds
a razor of such magnitude that it would .
not bo ill amiss for felling trees, and
think that soon that edge of rough,
rusty iron will bo plowing its meander
ing course over your innocent jaws.
Following tills torturer camo two
policemen armed with cudgels and dark
lanterns. Behind them crowded the
crow. In spite of the awful solemnity
of the scene, ono could not but admiio
tho dark, cloudy sky, tho sea a blaze of
phosphorescence, tho flickering summer
lifi'htnine'. tho CTOiminfr Of tho actors.
'Halting before the after deck, Neptune,
in a louu voice, witn kucuxiuj disre
gard asfiereT"e tfisHTfwftnld3
this ship
they 'avo not yet crossed tho loine, and
bin baptoized, my sons, I ham 'ero to
seo them done so." Evidently Nep
tune's intercourse with British sailors
has been to tho disadvantage of his elo
quence. Tho sailors, at tho finish of Neptune's
speech, cheered loudly, whilo from their
midst stepped tho two brawny police
men,, ono of whom was a nigger from
Demerara, and seized upon T. Mean
while tho torturer was not idle. Ho had
seated himself upon a low stool, with
his bucket beforo him, in his left hand a
brush like a housemaid's broom, whilo
with his right ho was sharpening his
razor on the companion-ladder raiPmgs.
Alas for poor T. Ho stood smiling be
foro his executioner, wiio, evidently
thinking tho occasion far too solemn to
smile at, put an end to his innocent
merriment by inserting as much as ho
possibly could of his mixture into his
mouth. Whilo he was engaged in
choking and spitting out what ho could
of tho concoction, Tiis head was being
covered to such an extent as to render
his features quite indistinguishable.
Then that awful razor camo into use, its
broad, rusty edge scraping away the
dough liko a plow in a clay soil. But
how difficult it is to take tho dough out
of one's eyes and mouth with a razor?
uiuuu inruu met UI1g ouu can iiui im
agine till one has tried! His Satanic
majesty, I mean the barber, having
scraped off as much as pleased Ins
fancy, the two policemen came to tho
foro again, armed with buckets of cold
water, which, utterly regardless of what
part of the victim's body received the
water, they threw in quick succession
over him.
I was tho next victim, and went
through the same tcrriblo routine; but
at last it was all over, and I issued from
the cold-water euro quite ready to seo
tho fun in treating tho others to their
dose. It was a novel experience, and
ono not likely to bo forgotten. Then
followed tho others who had not crossed
the lino, somo half-dozen of them, but
two were missing. Tho police wero
soon after them, but it was an hour be
foro the first was found, Ijing under
neath tho boilers in about the temper
ature of tho place I had wKhed the bar
ber in when I was being sha ed. All
this ho endured rather than faco his
shaving, or, I should say, shaving his
face, lie was quickly dragged upon
the scene, and paid tho penalty of his
fear by receiving a double dose. Soon
after tins tho other, a boy, was found
concealed in a sail in tho rigging; he,
too, got what he deserved for trj ing to
escape justice. After all wero baptized,
wo had somo songs and dances, the bar
ber being especially good at tho latter,
and giving us somo excellent clog-dances
and breakdowns. Poor Neptuno had
tcrriblo trouble with his wife, who, sud
denly discovering herself among a lot
of sailors, becamo "skittish" naturally,
what woman would not? Tho songs
and dancing finished, grog handed all
round, anil with three cheers for us
from the cre.w, wo retired to our cabins
miiKU auv luu&swu uuiuur iuiu.111 11 is
grave, gave' ufte'ran'oe" "Earing that
somo of the crow of this' ship Is such as
ro pni on ury cioines, ana to tear out
handfuls of hair in endeavoring to rid
our heads of donghr
tho line.
"And so we crossed
. George Sheridan's Joke. ,
Gen. George H. Sheridan, "of Louisi
ana," lives now at tho Union Squaro
hotel and is coming to be known as a
Union Squaro notability. Ho has had a
checkered political career, but he has
had a good living through it all, evi
dently, for ho has grown stouter and
stouter with each succeeding year, until
his short figure now carries upward of
250 pounds of flesh. As a stump speaker
ho has been andstilHs in great demand.
His talks are a mixture' of witty stories
and eloquence which is taking with the
people. A politician of Ohio related to
mo yesterday an incident of ono of
Sheridan's engagements which had a
ludicrous ending. Sheridan was posted
tor a speech, in a manufacturing town
in northern Ohio. It was an off year,
and tho Democrats were expecting to
.cany the county through Republican in-
UUicrence anil ttio labor vote. -They
didn't want Sheridan to make a speech
for fear ho would rouse up all the Repub
licans, but how to keep him away was
a problem. They hit upon' a plan'at
last, and wlten Sheridan" arrived ho was
surprised to moet a cordial reception
ft 0111 bcvcral Democratic acquaintances
who pressed him with invitations to go
out and "smile.-" Ho- filially went out
with them and was conducted to a
saloon whero ho found a number of
other choice spirits, but all Democrats.
They began to ply him with invitations
to drink, and it soon pobped into his
head that they had. a scheme to make
him drunk and let the meeting bo a
failuro because of his uon-attQndance.
When ho became satisfied that this was
their gamo ho went in for as much fun
as anyone. It was 2 o'clockwhen they
went into the saloon. At half-past 7 )m
walked out with a slightly unsteady
step, but with a perfect control of his
motions, while every other man of tho
crowd was under the table. He went to
tho hall where ho was to speak and de
livered ono of tho finest efforts of .his
life, not forgetting to tell tho story of
how tho enemy had tried to trip him up.
Tho county rang with his speech for a
week, and was carried for the Republi
cans. iV. Y. Tribune.
Actresses and Their Appctltet.
"There are few actresses," says Sam
uel Stockvis in tho Cook, "who do not
appreciate a good-dinner or know how
to select one. Adelaide Ncilsou was a
devotco of gourmandism; ato often and
LhuVs, was feted, dined, and wined on
Eevory hand, loved nothing better than
(to be-invitcu out socially, ami actually
died from feeding too much. Cham
pagne was her favorite wino. Patti 1st a
light cater all singers arc but goes fa
for porter and Burgundy with a will.
The fact that Mmiuc. Scalchi refused, to
sing last season and compelled a
"change of bill" on the ground that she
had eaten too lato will not soon bo for
gotten by the chronicler of the capric
ious records of prima donnas. Lillian
Russell is very fond of salads, and will
not eat a dinner irTwhich they do not
occupy a prominent position. Clara
Louiso Kellogg's fondness for pork and
beans is thought by somo to bo her only
fault. Mrs. Langtry is very fohd of
Blue Points on the half-shell, and is very
particular about tho cooking of Ker
viands. Tho special weakness of tho
English beauty is a fondness for brandy
and soda, with a distinct underlying
tendency toward beer. Selina Dolaro,
liko most English women of the stage,
has fallen into tho habit of taking her
tea at 5 o'clock, whether she has an en
gagement or not. Marie Prcscott keeps
house in a flat, has a German cook,
knows how to prepare a dainty meal
herself, and has an able assistant in her
husband. Roso Coglan doesn't liko
a heavy wine liko sherry if slio is going
to play, and usually indulges in cham
pagne instead. Sho is a 6 o'clock diner,
feeds well, and when chicken is on tho
board calls for the white meat Ellen
Terry, whilo on tho road, always has
her mcals scrve( in hcr roollli as do Mre
Langtry and Margaret Mather. Tho
latter young lady does not dine out
much. Miss Mather always takes an
iced lemonade befc re going on in tho
balcony scene of "Romeo and Juliet."
Nothing that Mile. Sarah Bernhardt has
ever eaten has had a tendency to make
her grow stouter, The great French
tragedienne always takes a glass of old
cognac beforo going on the stage, dines
in the afternoon, and take3 a supper af
ter tho performance. Mmc. Desclee, tho
renowned French actress, lived for tho
last year of her existence, when cancer
was drawing her inevitably to her grave,
entirely upon grapes and milk. Mme.
Judic is said to bo a very good feeder,
and hcr embonpoint gives no denial of
tho statement. Mile. Aimco is highly
appreciative of tho pleasures of tho table,
but of lato years, conscious of her in
creasing btoutness, seeks to temper ap
petite with judgment When in tho
City sho always dines at a favorite table
d'hoto inTwenty-seventh street. Mine.
Rhea 1 .!' has been fctcdalmost enough
to undermine her constitution, but keeps
up bravely. Mine. Janish loves a good
meal and never fails to get ono when
the selection of the dishes is left to her
self, when sho takes good care to re
member tho solidly good things of fader
land." It may interest the fair wearers of seal
sacimes to know how many big, round,
liquid eyes havo been shut by tho cruel
lanco of commerce in tho North Atlantic
this year. Of tho Dundee fleet of steam
ers soven went to Newfoundland and
captured 73,890 seals, as against 34,329
last year. Four ships went to Greenland
and slaughtered 10,760, as against
17,119 last year. J
Cutlery, Stationery and
Constantly on HaniC,-", Jtf.
Sole Agents tor the "SLOTE (JIGA.'
Cor. Allen and Fifth Sts.
Small Fox Marls
Can Be Removed.
le:on & GQ.,
London, Perfumers to II. .11. the Queen, hTe
tin en ted and patentid ibe world renowned
WhI a remi. ea SmU Por Marks of however
long randlCk The appllcai.on ia simple and
barm s. cai es no Inconvenience and contains
notbl g Idju ous. Price S2.50
Leon & Co.'s "Depilatory,"
Removes Superfluous Hair In a few minutes
without pain or unpleasant sedation never to
prow again, blmple and harmes. Full direc
tions sent by mall. Prlco 1.
Geo. W. Shaw, General Agent,
210 Trcmont St., Boston, aian.
Smelting & Lead Co.
416 Montgomery Street,
Bah Fba&cisco, OAuro&rTM.
Sold and Silver Refinery and
Assay Office.
Highest Prices Paid for Gold, Silver and
Lead Ores and Sulphurets
Manufacturers of Uluestone, also Lead
Pipe, Sheet Lead, Bhot, Etc.
This Company has tho Beet Faculties on the
uoasi lor wording
uiu, ouvor uuu ueuu urus JUit
liulliou. y
- ,-?lrE!''lB8, hsiSy, snt
Smelting and
ig cony.
Sampling works at Deminer,
N. M. Fnv lull information ap
ply to
M.G. FAGRIE, Agent,
Tombstone. omcp:wIthTJudgeBob.
Inson, un Fourth'.lSlreet.
Fourth Street, Oppostc Occi
dental Hotel,
Tombsfone, - - - Arizona.
324.Fremont St.. Tombstone.
Brands of Kentucky Whisky, and grain oral
kinds kept constantly on band and sold at lowes
f3T A full Hue of Assayers,' Supplies constantly
PRa NK T. AUSTIN Pronrintnr.
Codse County Bant
Tombstone. Ariz.
Transacts a gentral Banking business1
lots on tho nrfaceofthe Mountain Maid mln-
np claim In Toobftone. andwhohave net here.
tofnre obtained tbo mlnlna title, are hereby re
quested to call upon uy attorney, Geo. G Cernr,
at bis office In Tombstone, and make arrange
mints to obtain the same if tbey wish to avoid
miration. KOHDICE ROFEK.
Temestone JD, 12.1883.

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