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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, January 13, 1886, Image 2

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Daily Tombstone Epitaph
and Cochise County Record.
apsscHtrnoN meat
Bally (lMivered by carrier, ) i5cnUp week
Dl!y ono year
tUUy, six mont,.. -
Ji.ily, tlifM month, ; "VL"i ,.,:
Entered lu the Tombstone I'ottofflis eocond elaw
J. O. lUNAlt. Editor A Prop.
Vreuiont Street, Opposite City Hall.
Tj.nbstono, Cochise Oountv, Artwna
Congress will stand by the dollar of
our Daddies and silver will become the
circulating medium of the world.
There will never be permanent. peace
in Arizona as long as the military have
control at San Carlos.
THE method adopted by the govern
ment for the sub ection of the Indians is
a disgrace to a civilized nation.
A Tucson paper informs us that "the
initial step toward the construction of the
Tucson and Calabasas railroad was
taken on Monday." We thought the
"initial step" in this enterprise was taken
more than six months ago.
Governor Znlick is likely to be called
nn for sohie more "explanations" in re
gard to the affairs of the New Jersey and
Sonora Mining Company, some particu
lars in regard to which donbtful enter
prise were given some days ago, in the
telegraphic columns of the EPITAPH.
The Committee on Postofficcs has re
ported favorably the bill to prohibit the
mailing of newspapers and other publi
cations, containing lottery advertisements.
Should this bill pass, it will put the fin
ishing touch on the operations of these
swindling enterprisee.
Gen. Crook's system of tagging the
Indians is too ridiculous to mention, it
i said that one Indian frequently re-
nrrvntt from five tO twenty of his
brethren by bringing in their "tag.'
When once Crook get a fixed idea in his
cranium, nothing can remove it.
Cities and towns at a distance are
always reported to be in a flourishing
conditioni but parties leaving this nick-of-woods
invariably return satisfied with
its surroundines and condition. Tomb
stone to-day is the best business city i.f
its sue to be found on the Pacihc coast.
Croakers and growlers to the contrary.
The Star says that General Crook is
the only soldier who can settle the Indian
business. The majority of Ariionans
think that eight months is a pretty good
time for one-third of the army ol the
Untied States to get away with seventy
Apaches. So far there is not an authentic
report of a single male Indian having
been killed or captured.
An excursion party is in the Salt River
valley investigating the agricultural re
sources of that section. Were it not for
the present Apache outbreak, Arizona
would now be experiencing an imimgra
tion boom. Outsiders are beginning to
discover that they can get land here,
equal to anything in Southern California,
at one-tenth of the price. Let the Indian
question once be settled and the Terri
tory will take a start which will astonish
the most fervent believers in her wonder
ful resources.
The publisher of the Lone Star at El
Paso says that he will suspend publica
tion. He says El Paso is oyer-crowded
with newspapers and intimates that other
suspensions will follow. El Paso, like
San Diego, is a town that has too heavily
discounted its future. It has been a large
city on paper for many years but the ex
pectations ot its enterprising citizens
have not yet been realized. It will doubt
less become an important place in course
of time. At present, howevei, there
seems to be ample population there for
the work that is to be performed.
One difficulty in obtaining a speedy
and effectual settlement of the Indian
troubles is the lack of unanimity of
opinion among our people as to the best
means to be adopted to achieve the de
sired end. A majority of the papjrs pub
lished in the Territory, reflecting the
opinions of the inhabitants of the sec
tions where they are published, demand
the abolition of the San Carlos reserva
tion and the removal of the Indians from
the Territory. The nearer one gets to
the reservation, however, the less popu
lar is this proposal, and it will be found
that a number of large stockmen and
others even those who have suffered
losses by the outbreak are entirely op
posed to such a step. It would conflict
too seriously with theirfinancial interest.
When, in addition to this, it is considered
that there are always a number of inter
ested parlies at Washington, who strive
to create the impression that the Indians
ar martyrs, suffering from white perse
cution, it is not all marvelous that the
Government finds it somewhat difficult to
comprehend the true condition of affairs'.
Crook's Removal Not
Yet Confirmed.
Senator Pugh's Speech on the
Silver Question.
Extensive Boycottluff of the Cbi
neso in California,
The Man Fraaciac Hand Lot Mroren a
Favorable Point,
Mot Conflimed Vet.
Tucson, Jan. 12. (Special). Thus far
there has been no positive confirmation
of General Crook's removal, though there
seems to be little doubt that Gerieral
Miles is the "coming man."
A Chinaman x- atarallaod.
Portland, Or., Jan. 12. Naturaliza
tion papers were issued tfO-dy to Jim
Westfall, the Chinese contractor on the
Oregon Pacific railroad. This is the
first Chinaman ever naturalized in Ore
gon, and it is stated to be contrary to
A HtrliiKcut Ordinance.
Sacramen'IO, Jan. 12. An ordinance
was submiuedto the city trustees to-day
by the anti-Chinese association which,
if passed, will make it an offense for any
Chinaman to reside 1:1 Sacramento. It
was laid over for one ueek.
FUltll ou J.lvir.
Washington, Jan. 12. Pugh called
up Heck's resolution and addressed the
Senate: "Congress was confronted, he
said, with an official announcement that
our business relations had reached a
crisis in which we must suspend the
coinage ot silver if we would secure an
internationaf ratio between gold and sil
ver. The real point involved,' Pugh be
lieved, to be not the suspension, but the
total stoppage of silver coin, and if sil
ver coinage were suspended now it
would be a blow that would directly and
speedily result in an organized conspira
cy of capitalists to secure absolute con
trol of all our currency and their regula
tion of the volume and consequent pur
chasing power. Pugh believed that he
spoke for the southern people when he
said that three-fourths of them would to
day if the opportunity were given vote
against the proposition to suspend sil
ver coinage. Petitions that came to con
gress favoring suspensions were alt on
printed blanks and signed mainly by
bankers. Pugh criticises the arguments
of the secretary of the treasury and of
the president. He enquired whether we
were to take the dictum of the president
on this matter and insisted that the ex
ecutive officers were under obligation to
enforce the laws of congress. Why had
those laws been hourly violated? Had
congress abdicated its powers to the ex
cutive department of the government?
The natioaal banks who were fiscal
agents of the government should not,
Pugh thought, have been allowed to be
come members of a clearing home that
discredited the siiver certificates of the
government. The national banks had
evaded the law of congress by agreeing
that they would not offer silver certifi
cates to the clearing house and therefore
none had actually been refused by the
clearing house. A New York newspaper,
he said, had squarely identified the rea
son why silver was opposed by the na
tional banks, it was because silver was
the only medium of our currency which
they could not control. Stop the coin
age of silver, said Pugh, and those banks
will become absolute monarchs of all
the money. Moth metals Pngh insisted
were necessary in order 10 counteract
the constant tendency of money to con
tract under the vast increase of the
values of the world.
Chine Help IMschargrd.
Sacramento, Cal., Jar. 11. All the
Chinese help at the Pioneer, Sacramenlo
and Phoenix flour mills, Capital Woolen
mills, and the American Laundry have
been discharged, which secures work for
300 unemployed men. Local boycotting
is carried on to such an extent that the
Chinamen are unable to secure employ
ment and are emigrating to other lo
calities. Business for the Chinese laun
dries and hucksters is dwindling away to
The Hand Lot Meetings.
San Francisco, Jan. 12. The ordin
ance introduced in the City Council Mon
day last, by Suporvisor Farwell, prohib
iting "sand lot meetings," came up for
final action and was defeated by a vote
of 8 to 4, on the ground that it was in
contravention to the Constitution of the
United States to trench on the rights of
free speech.
IndUfttrlnua Joxroh.
Washington. Ian. 12. DeWate In.
srph, of New Mexico, has introduced the
Ijllowing bills: Providing for the courts
of New Mexico; also to provide for ihe
organization of a regiment of volunteers
in Arizona and New Mexico for the pur
pose of suppressing Indian hostilities;
alo for the relief of heirs of Christopher
Carson; also for the appointment of a
commission of three members to investi
gate the conduct of the campaign against
the hostile Apaches in Arizona and New
Mexico, as conducted by Gen. Crook.
A Jnpaneso judge lately lined a news
paper man for not crediting an articlo
clipped from a contemporary.
Nearly 600 newspapers in tho United
States bear tho namo of News, of which
thirty-four are located in Pennsylvania.
There is a demand from China for
150 Christian missionaries at once. Con
verts are multiplying in all parts of tho
An English loekmaker has construct
ed n key which ho says is capable of
opening- 22,600 patent lover locks, all of
which differ In their combinations.
Dr. Albert Thompson, a young Irish
physician, has been presented with the
Albert medal for removing poison in a
case of diphtheria by sucking it away.
M. do Lcsseps Is said to look wonder
fully well, although for several months
past ho has been harassed by puny syn
dicates gotten up for tho purpose of
ousting him from his position as presi
dent of tho InteroccaniO Canal associa
tion. Mr. Goorgo W. Childs, of Philadelphia,
has added an interesting item to Ameri
can annals by his discovery that Com
modore Stewart, grandfather of Charles
Stewart Parnell, is tho ono who induced
Joseph Bonaparte to buy land and build
his houso at IJordcntown, N. J.
A boy in Cleveland fell from a trco
and dislocated his neck. A surgeon
was sent for, who replaced tho disjoint
ed vertebras so skillfully that tho boy re
covered, and is to-day as well as over.
This operation has been frequently at
tempted, but very seldom with success.
Judging from a paragraph now going
tho rounds of tho medical press, tho
higher education of women docs not
conduce to connubiality and fecundity.
Of 759 female college graduates only 196
are married. Of these, 66 have no chil
dren, and 180 have had 263 children, of
which 232 aro living.
A well-known scientist says tho feel
ing of ono while standing on a high
mountain or on tho edge of a deep abyss
Is to fly. Instances aro noted where
persons, unable to resist this impulse,
havo cast themselves headlong into dark,
yawning chasms, in tho belief that they
would reach tho bottom in safety.
Of all the eminent jurists who havo
sat upon the Supreme Court bench of
tho United states from the organization
of tho government to tho present time,
only ono of them has been impeached
Samuel Chase, in 1804. Ho was accused
of unjust, tyrannical and arbitrary con
duct at certain trials, but was acquit
ted. By an automatio tea or coffee-pot used
by the Frcncli army it is impossible to
obtain a drop of coffee unless tho water
is boiling. Tho water is underneath
the coffee but when it boils it rises up
through a central tube and falls over
tho coffee or tea, percolates, goes down
to tho lower part- of tho apparatus, is
wanned again and once more travels
Near Odessa two Greek merchants by
mistake purchased the same lot in a
cemetery. The matter was referred, after
a warm disputo, to tho District Judge,
who decided "first come, first served,"
and that whichever died first should
have the coveted resting-place, it being
understood that neither would tako an
unfair advantage of the other by com
mitting suicide.
Tho Prussian Ministry of Agriculturo
is just now engaged in prosecuting an
interesting and thorough inquiry into
tho most advantageous "way of dealing
with tho estates and agricultural pro-
Jierties belonging to the State. Tho ob
ect is to ascertain whether it would be
most profitable to cut tip and sell these
properties outright or permanently to let
them on lease. , ,
Mrs..Livermoro is an enthusiastic ad
vocato of co-operativo housekeeping.
Sho, with sonio fifty other families, has
experimented with a co-operativo laun
dry, and has been able to reduco the
cost of her washing and ironing to 27
cents a dozen, including dresses and the
most difficult pieces. She says the same
economic results have been obtained in
other departments of housekeeping.
Mme. Adelina Patti will bo married to
Sig. Nicolini in Juno next that is to
say, in tho legal period of ten months
after her divorce from tho Marquis do
Caux. Nicolini's real namo is Ernest
Nicholas, and ho belongs to a humblo
Frcncli family. His wife, from whom
he has just been divorced by mutual
consent, and from whom ho had been
separated many years, is an Italian lady
named Maria Annata.
Tho ministers, it seems, trouble tho
librarians ns much as any other class of
persons. At a recent conference of libra
rians in Now York Dr. Bucl, Librarian
ot union .theological Seminary, was
asked how lie got along. Ho said ho
was afraid that ministers were as bad as
any one else, for sineo ho hail been lib
rarian more than 1,000 volumes had
been taken. "One minister," ho said,
"kept a book twenty-three years, but
finally returned it, with a noto to the
eflect that ho needed the book no longer,
as ho had obtained a better edition.'7
A romantic marriage took place at
Blakely a day or two ago. Miss Mamie
Haddock of Damascus M-as engaged to
marry a popular young society man of
Arlington Sunday. Last night Edward
S. Shepherd, a former sweetheart of hers,
paid a call to offer his congratulations.
Ho laughingly said: "Are you not sorry
you didn't marry mu?" Sho replied:
"Yes," when lie proposed that they get
married anyway. Sho assented. " Fri
day morning bright and early thoy slip
ped away and were married by the Rev.
R. L. Wiggins. Sauaimah (Oa.) News.
Whilo I am on tho subiect of her.ildrv
let mo recall a good story credited to
William R. Travers. It was told that
when A. T. Stewart conceived tho idea
of setting up a coat of anas, he went to
1CIO mTTl ntnm
:. xxli .DJbOJL
-A.ssets '- - - -
RICHARD A, Mc CURDY, President.
J, V. VICKERS Agent.
The Oldest, Largest, Strongest, Safest,
In which to insure, its large dividend
It is the best Company in which to
ft-, & w..w. iiiiiiiuciaiu, iitaui.irti micuwi, uusuiuic scuuruy, iiuu uin
cheapest insurance that is honestly possible undei any contract which has a definite
value to the beneficiary.
Its new policy is the most liberal ever offered by any Insurance Company. It
placesno restrictions upon 1 ravfx, Occupation or Residence, after being two
years in force'. Being non-forfeiiable and practicably INCONTESTABLE.
TSTot .A. I.aw S-u.it.
It is 'the simplest and most comprehensive form of insurance contract ever
issued. If the policy-holder pays liis premiums, while he lives, the Company will
pay the full value of his policy when he dies.
No Premium-Notes or Loans.
The premium-note or loan system
cinrr Incur'inra
Pra Cinrr TncuranrA
w " atw Awt tvjaatwWt
mose wno aesire safe life insurance at Lowest Cost, are invited
nnlit In
to apply to
J. V.
A. B.Forhes, General Agent,
214 St ion Htree',
San Francisco, Cal.
Mr. -.Travers tor auvicc.
suggested an employer rampant, chas
ing a lazjr salesman with a yardstick;
aim lur. otcwart uitt not speak to him
again for a month. This anecdote is
probably about as authentic as tho
other, which states that Mr. Stewart, be
ing extremely loquacious at a State ban
quet at Delmonico's, Mr. Travers silenc
ed him by calling tho length of tho table,
''Cash!"-JV. Y. Today.
Agriculturo is tho basis of tho prosper
ity of tho world. If ho who makes two
blades of grass grow where only ono
sprang up before deserves well of his
country, then Mr. Mitchell Hcnrv. M. P.
for Galway County, deserves a statuo as
a public benefactor. On his estate at
Kylemorc, Connemara, he has planted
"tho Caucasian variety of tho prickly
Comfrcy (Symphytum aspeenmuni),
and from it has already produced this
year, by five cuttings, forty tons to tho
aero, and another cutting is yet to come.
This has been grown upon reclaimed
peat land, of which millions of acres
could bo had in Ireland, and is excellent
for fattening. Cattle eat it greedily; it
is excellent for dairy cows; it fattens
pheasants, ducks, and all sorts of fowls,
and in feeding them saves two-thirds of
tho grain that could not otherwise bo
used. English paper.
Others besides Miss Anderson havo
suffered from tho too fervent idolatry of
Dublin worshippers. Titions relates
that one night there sho plavcd Kicua in
Weber's "Oberon".for her benefit. But
a wholo evening of tuneful Weber was
not enough for tho Dublinites. In tho
middle of the opera tho cantatrico had
to sing a few verses written to the tuno
of "St. Patrick's Day" by a local poet.
This performance aroused tho enthusi
asm and flattered the vanity of tho audi
ence. and "Tho Last Rose of Summer"
was demanded. Already overtaxed, sho
bowed and bowed again and shook her
head. But tho gods wcro inexorable.
She was forced to comply. At tho end of
of tho opera, sho was dragged, as usual, by
a great crowd, as Mary Anderson was, to
tho Shelbourno Hotel. When sho appear
ed at tho window to bow her thanks,
shouts came from hundreds of voices of
"Tho Last Rose." "Gentlemen, I am
extremely obliged, but I am too tired to
sing," spoko tho exhausted diva. But
all In vain. Her gallant Irish admirers
remained shouting "Roso" until a depu
tation of would-be sleepers from tho
hotel begged her to sing the air for tho
sake of quiet, and sho had to comply.
The New England Farmer gives th
following simple plan for utilizing
Kiionen neat lor evaporating npple.?:
"Make a framo 24x10 inches out of
laths; put a pieca across the center to
strengthen; stretch over tho top strong
cord or,co in six inches, and over this
nail common screen cloth; hang over
the cookstovo, high enough to walk
under. This framo will hold a lar'o
milkpan-ful of sliced apples, and will
make one and a half pounds of drico
apples in ono day. Tho apple is tho
best if sl'ctl thin and put up in the
morniri.T ornr a hot fire. You would
be surpriM d to sec how quick the pa
per bags guS filled with nico light-col-urod
A Boston chemist has discovered a
way of extracting; an essential oil from
onions, with which tears can bo pro
duced at nleasure. Ono dron of this oil
on a handkerchief will produce a copious
nooa. ane ou bias lair to Havo a largo
-m . .. - -
JUjQlJt'.LN X . Sttl
returns reducing the cost of insurance
insure, as it combines all the advantages of
means increasing cash payments and de
Tombstone, A, T.
i Everybody get bargains at Summerfleld
Only first class goods sold at Summer
Held I!. os.
Ladies Princes nnd other shoes at 5.50
at Summerfleld Bros.
Call around aod inspect our stock ot
boots and shoes at Summerfleld Bros.
At ihe Fouiitiiln yon cn Rai game
flsli, oysters, choice steaks, and trch
eggs, cooked in every style.
Profit no object at the Fifth Street
News DeDOt. I hav onnit anH mni in
I sell tfiem.
Call at the Oriental and let friend
Mellgren bring a smile to your face by
sipping some of his famous hot Scotch, t
For the finest whisky, the purest
brandy and the most choice cigars, go to
the Oriental. f
The Pioneer Mills Flour from 8acra
memo, at Wolcott & Mcsick's Cash
Lemp's St. Louis beer and all kinds of
sandwitches at the Crystal Palace lunch
parlors. f
Oysters in every style at the Crysta
Palace Lunch Parlors. Entrance on
Fifth street. f
Take your lunJies at the Crystal
Palace Lunch Parlors. Fred Parker,
proprietor. f
Received yesterday: New pauts pat
Uiu, v.iutcr suitiugi. Cull and eiaruiue,
at Hurris', the tailor, Fourth street It
ciists nothing to stop and examine these
If you want to make your girl a pres
ent, go to the Fifth Street News Depot
and buy something for $i that looks as
if it cost $5.
At a meeting of the board of directors
- '- p "
of the public library held on Tuesday, it
was decided to close the free reading
rooms evenings for the present. The
library will open on Wednesday and
Saturday afternoons from 2 to 4 o'clock,
to holders of tickets to exchange books
and renew subscriptions.
The soil and climate of Tombstone
are well adapted to the culture of many
kinds of fruits and flowers. Mr. William
Branche, whose nursery is on Fulton
street, near Second, has just received a
choice assortment, well suited to the
neighborhood of Tombstone. A full
stock of fruit trees, grape vines, and all
kinds of small fruit constantly on h'and.f
Mrs. H. G. Howe will open her school
again on January 5th. Pupils of all
grades are solicited and parents desuing
private instructions or their children,
may be assured that every attention
necessary tor their advantage will be
thoroughly given, as Mrs. Howe is
teacher of many years' experience. Ap
piy at residence on Ficth street, between
Third and Fourth.
Between Fourth and Fifth.
The best and most elegantly appointed Restau
rant Is the city. All the delicacies of
the sea- on served, btrlcly
First Class.
Allen IStreet, between Third
and Fourth.
EeepslConstantly on Hand the
McBreyer an
Tea Kettle
Also the famous
"Which ik Manufactured
Especially Jfor Me.
( . S. BRADSHAW. FfODfietor.
Good variety of RuBEles, Carriaccs an&
Wagons, with teams to match. Eleven-passenger
excursion coach, suitable fo' plcnlcf or other
parties. Orders sent by mall or telegraph lor
outfits will be promptly attended lo.
John Montgomery, 1'roprleter
lie t Ween AIIenunl Fremont Htreftta.
Bread, 'Cake, Pies.
324 Fremont St.. Tombstone.
-Brands of Kentucky Whisky, and grain of al
kinds kept constantly on band and sold at lowea
dTA full line of Assaters'
on hand.
Supplies constantly
PKANK B. ATJNT1N PronrJetor.
Books, Tovs, Stationery
Musical Instruments,
Magazines, Etc.
Allen Mtreecln Hrand Uotel HulliUng
County and City Warrants
and Jurors' Certificates, ac
cepted accepted accounts
against the City or County
bought at the highest mirket
price at the Cochise County
Fremont Street,
Real Estate, Mines, Money and
Ileal KRtate BoueH, Sold and Rented, Col-
.wi.m'ub uiauc, mua JJUIU, eic,
Mlnrn Bonghut and Hold,
Monty Loans Negotiated and Investments
Insaranro-Flre, ActMent and Lite.
Administrator's Notice
Notice Is hereby Rtcn that the underrHenrd
admln-strator of this e.imcnf Jim.. 1 ui,..'
decieascd, will sell, atyrhau- le. on n,ii,
wwv-cvw, ..... rtiii a. filter i. jp. oil Cr Alter
the, & AV, ' rebiuary, 86- " be blghrJl
and best bidder for o rh. nn undMd A onhair
. in eresr in tt mine knmin as the "White Tn
Feed stub)
I'ccr" mine, situated In the Warren mtnlnedla.
tnct. Cochin county. Ar'iona, """"If "
Byorrlerof thePiohate comt. made ou the ;th
day ol January, 1880. ALtX REM N.

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