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Vol. VH.
Ko. 141.
w-fe - -.i..W
Patio ;.:
- i f. j -.
;Sflt: il'HllTr.'Ji'fl Cioiig1
,uZ ,;.! Una
tftt!of .b'fitH inu
Retiring from the Dry Goods Business in Tomb
stone, the entire stock, which is complete in every
department will be
Away below cost. This is no humbug, but a bona fide
sale, as our prices will show.
.A.- COHEN. -
For f aie.
famished; fral audfl wo gad di Licatcd
on Draco t net, be w.n n Kiftu und H xib. For
ale ai a bargain. Ennulro uf
1 notice that Leo Korner. partr-cr of late firm
ofKorner & Petereou, Keeps hi otnee aa cnK'om
house broker at the store of J. Goldwater Co ,
Fairbanks. LKO KOTKNUIt.
140 1m
lots on tho urfaco of the Mountain Maid min
ing rlalm InTomb'tone, auO who have not here
torore obtained tbo mtulng title, are hereby re
quested to call upon my attonoY, Geo. G UcrrT,
at hlsoluco In Tomli-tono, and mako arrangr
meats to obtain the name if they wish to avoid
litigation. l'OUDICE ROPBIt.
Tembstono Jan, 12. 18B5.
Notice to the Public.
Restaurant to Meiers. Rossi & Marcotti,
I Khali feel obliged ty all parties owing mo for
board to come forward and scttlo their account
as I Khali be leaving Tombstnna shortly. I also
desire to pay all my dbts nnd request nil person
to whom I am indebted to bring In their bills,
public- that I I1W0 th s day boon aupointed
ajetit and assignee wl Ih full power to soil, collect
and transfer a 1 porsontl and roll estate belong
ing to John Thetje, of Ujason Arizona. Also to
collect all b)0'x, u)te, etc., of every dlsciptlon
whatsoever. Thoe Indobted to said Tnoda Mill
please come and settle with the undersigned.
Benson, A. T., Jan. 15, 1900. Ira
Administrator's Notice-
Notice is hereby gh en that tho undersigned,
admin strator of the estate of James A. Mlloy,
drcioascd, will sell, at prlvntu i"le, on or nfitr
tho 4th dav of Febiuary, ISfcS, ti the highest
nd beet bidder for Cish, irn undivided one half
ln.eresi In tbo mino known aa tho "White Tall
Deer" mine, situated In tho Warren mining dis
trlct, OochUo county, Arizona,
By orderof the Probate court, madoon tho 4th
day ot January, 18S0. ALKX FKKEMN,
Cociise County Bat
Topibstone, Ariz.
Transacts a general Hanking business
iBeeriiis ett tlio
.I5J3? ZEIKZ , Szp'JLlCJb-cij
.January 4th, 1886.
Of the Territorial Normal
The Normal School building
located at Tempo, in Maricopa
county, is now completed, and it
is tho intention of the Board hav
ing the matter in charge, to open
tho school on the first Monday in
February next, and 'continue for a
period of IG weeks.
1. All applicants must bo not
less than IG years of age and of
good character.
2. Applicants must bo able to
pass an examination in tho '"First
Grade" laid down in the Course of
Study for Public Schools. See
appendix to School law.
3. Each member of tho Legis
lature is authorized to nominate
ono pupil who shall bo entitled to
free tuition. No charge will be
made for tuition to those who in
tend to follow the profession of
teaching. All others must pay u
monthly tuition .charge of four
4. Board and lodging can by
obtained in private families for
about S20 per month.
Tho Board intends to fnrnish
overy facility tothobo who attend,
for obtaining a thorough educa
tion. For further particulars address
0. T. Hayden or H. B. Farmer,
Tempo, Arizona Territory.
Joseph Campbell,
City Wood mill Coul Yard,
is now running and olfire for snle all
kiudsof nnncljn any quantity, and coal
y I ho ton or nc1c, at moderate; prices, for
wish. Sntlshctmn given.' Wood sawed
to order. Leuvo orders nt tho office,
Touuhnut and Fourth street', at Joo
II -ullur's Hnrr, or with A.J. Brown's
s'lind al Cochlso Hardware store. tf
To the Occupants ofLotH on the ".Wiiy
' Dp ' SUnlng Claim Murfarc
I have heretofore notified you that I
own three-fifths of the surface ground of
the Way Up mine. I now notifly you
that I claim no right to said ground
against any one who has been in posses
sion of a lot or lots thereon for five years,
as I think the five years statute of limita
tion commenced to run on September
22, 1880, when the patent to the town
site issued. But, in any event, I would
not disturb any one who has improve
ments on a lot for several years; unless,
in the case of one who has indentified
himself with those who fraudulently ob
tained the townsite title from A'derRan
dall, mayor, or who now buys or has late
ly bought of them or given them aid or
But, as to all of the lots on said Way
Up mine now vacant or unoccupied, or
that have lately been settled on or bought
from the townsite claimants, or claimants
under the Way Up mine, I will assert
my rights, but will sell at a reasonable
price, reserving my right to refuse to sell
to any one who, by purchasing lots as
aforesaid from other claimants and pay
ing for more than two-fifths thereof
has indentificd himself with the frauds.
N; B. The two-fifths interest in said
Way Up surface which I do not own or
claim, does not belong to any one in
Tombstone, as near as I can find out by
the records of the county.
.i ... i -i . i m ii i
The soil and climate of Tombstone
are well adapted to the culture of many
kinds of fruits and.flowers. Mr. William
Branche, whose nursery is on Fulton
street, near Second, has just received a
choice assortment, well suited to' the
neighborhood of Tombstone. A full
stock of fruit trees, grape vines, and all
kinds of small fruit constantly on hand.t
Mrs. H. G. Howe will open her school
again on January 5th. Pupils of all
grades are solicited and parent? deairing
private instructions or their children,
may be assured that every attention
necessary for their advantage will be
thoroughly given, as Mrs. Hone is a
teacher of many years' experience. Ap
ply at residence on Ficth street, between
Third and Fourth.
Drifting Apart. ,
A gap in tho crowd, nnd a moment wo stand
t'neo to faco and hand clasped In hand,
Wlilloyouroyes, that tiro light with a soulful
Awaken In mine own an answering gleam:
Uut a moment then not knowing whllhcr
wo'ro bound, '
As tho human tldo that Is surgtnjr around
tolls between, Vt e rush on with tho hurrying
And our friendship Is but a forgotten song,
Swiot while it lasted but soon forgot
A flowor that has faded a dream that Is not.
A firmer hold and a stronger clasp,
A kindly smile nnd a heartier grasp,
As tho crowd might have swept unheeded by
Hut who was to givo it j ou or I?
So a sweetness is gone from our lives, and tho
Whose beauty has gladdened us many an
Lies dead, and tho dream that wo might have
mado truo
Like a shade has fled. Who is to blame I or
Ah, tho world Is so wide, and day by day.
Wo drift from each other still further away.
So many around us with smiling npplauso
Thnt seemingly sates us, vt 0 novcr pause
To think ol a friendship that might have
Till a world-wldo dlstanco lies between.
And tho tldo has turned, and stranded
On tho baro, bleak shore, wo wearily moan
For tho lovo wo let pass unheeded by;
Then who is tho sadder you or I?
Tho Beacon.
Train Tnlk.
"This Phil Armour may bo a very
smart man," said the long-haired pas
senger from Wisconsin, "but I havo a
schemo which will mako a. million dol
lars whilo ho's making a cent a million
to his cent I say."
"What, yon?"
"Yes, mo. I'm tho very man that's
got tho scheme. Got it right hero in my
head, too. And if jou'll promiso not to
givo it away I'll tell you what it is. You
promise? All right. Well, to begin
with, wheat is a great staple, ain't it?
The wheat crop of tho northwest regu
lates tho prico in the world according to
its quantity, doesn't it? As soon ns
farmers get their ciops harvested they
thresh it out, don't they? The wheat
comes in as fast as it is needed and can
bo shipped, and so tho prico is regu
lated, not by what is offered, but by tho
quantity raised, ain't it? Now, see
here. Suppose I get up a company;
we incorporate under tho laws of several
states; we send out 1,000 agents, who
travel all over tho northwest during tho
first seven months of 188C; they each
see ten farmers a day, or 10,000 alto
gether, or 80,000 a week, or say 1,500,
000 farmers during the sevon months;
thoy get each ono of these farmers to join
our association, taking stock to the ox
tent of liis wheat crop, whatever it may
bo; every farmer agrees under penalty
not toxjll a bushel of wheat until the
price touches S2 at Chicago, nnd to give
tho association till ho gets over $2 arl
ousnei; tneso l.ouu.uou farmers will
grow foiu-fifths of the wheat crop of the
country, and thus we'll have the 1886
ciop in our pool; there'll be no wheat
offered in the market, and to bo had for
love, food or money; tho prico will go
sailing up to about 5 a bushel in less
than ten days after threshing begins;
the world must havo wheat, and we'll
havo a corner on about all tho wheat in
America. We'll make such regulations
as to tho quantities to ho sold that wo
can keep tho price at about S3 all fall
and winter. Millions i.. it? Why mill
ions are no name for it. Tho farmers
will fall over each other in their hasto
to get into our association. We'll bo
tho absolute masleis of tho grain mar
ket, and if the crop is 500,000,000 bush
els we'll mako about S500,000,000. Our
expenses will bo only-two millions. And
that ain't all. Wo'll sell railroad stocks
short, becauso if tho roads can't get any
wheat to carry they'll hae to pass their
dividends, and down will go thoir shares
fivo points at a jump."
"Great scheme."
"Great scheme! Why man, in two
ycars-Pll be able to buy Chicago. I'll
build a palaco tha walls of which sh.all
be $20 gold pieces. But say!"
"Lend mo half a dollar till after 1 get
my company started, will you?" Cii
cago Herald.
A Wonderful Scnrf-Pln.
Simon Wolf, a former Consul Gen
eral to Egypt, when ho was hero last
week showed a very beautiful scarf
pin which was giveu to him by ono of
tho higher officials in Egvpt. "This pin
is mado of tho body of a searabee.
This, in plain words, is a petrified
Egyptian beetle. It is over 4,000 years
old. It has a cutting upon tho back
representing one of tho high priests
standing before tho king. Tho color of
this scarnbeo is a faiut gieenish blue.
Tho marks of tho beetlo aro as perfect
in this petrifaction. This beautiful ob
ject was fouud in the .tomb of ono of
tho Pharoahs. It is ono of tho most
perfect specimens of theso very rare
and much coveted lolics. Mr. Wolf
says that ho was offered 1,000 for it
jy tho British Museum. A number of
peoplo havo tried to tumpt Mr. Wolf to
part with this keepsake, but ho refuses
to givo it up tor Iriondship or money.
Tho grateltil Egyptian official who
favo it to him had been befriended by
IrWolf to this extent. Tho IChedivo
was very friendly to Mr. Wolf, and it
was through the lnllttenco of tho latter
that tho Khedive gave tho ribbon of tho
Legion of Honor to tho ambitious
Egyptian official. He in his burst of
gratitudo for this favor pressed this
royal present upou Mr. Wolf. Ono eve
ning when Mr. Wolf was exhibiting
this jewel a beetlo identical in size,
shape, and marking lighted upon tho
dark coat sleeve of n gentleman who a
moment before had been looking at Mr.
Wolf's prize. This Saratoga beetlo was
a perfect specimen of tho Egyptian
searabee, save that the American beetle
was light yellow in color. It is possiblo
that tho process of petrifaction, how
ever, would havo changed this color.
From a Saratoga Letter.
Wonderful Bun Tracing!,
Thi Proccit of Solar Printing Adopted ky tta
Fenniylvanla Railroad.
The Pennsylvania Railroad company
has adopted a process of copying plans
and outlines so simple and yet so effec
tive as to have an important bearing on
all the methods of engiaving, litho
graphing, photography, and even raw
ing as at present conducted. It Is what
is known as tho "blue print proiess,"
nnd is a sort of easy photograph'y. by
means of which a more child may copy
in the most perfect and exact manner
any object whatever, the lines of which
can be embraced in tho dimensions of a
largo pano of window-glass, 'for in
stance. Larger outlines can be copied,
but require more caro and a little mora
A piece of pure, untinted paper is tak
en and made "sensitive" by means of a
chemical wash, consisting of 1J ounces
of red prussiato of potash nnd If ounces
of citric iron and ammonia, dissolved in
sixteen ounces of water. This, when
applied to the pappr in a dark closet by
means of a broad cloth brush, gives a
peculiar rich, glistening, yellow surface.
This paper, when dry, is ready, for
printing. If at this stago a fern leaf U
taken or"a few sprays of grass or
feather or any drawing executed on
translucent material, such as onion-skin
paper, it may bo perfectly copied in ev
ery minute detail within the space of
four or fivo minutes. Tho object is sim
ply laid on the paper and a piece of
glass laid over it to hold it in position
and then exposed to tho meridian sun.
Tho yellow paper then turns rapidly to
a dull blue, then to a light gray, where
upon, at tho expiration of about three
minutes, it is withdrawn. But one
thing remains to be done; the sensitive
paper is given a bath in pure water.and
instantly a perfect copy of tho fern leaf,
grass, or drawing appears on the klue
surface of tho paper, in white, as if
traced by hand. Tho philosophy of the
process is tnat tno niaok lines of the
drawing or the filaments of the grass or
fern are opaque, and consequently re
fuse admittance to the light, which op
erates upon the open sensitive spaces,
causing them to undergo a chemical
change. As utilircd by railroads, iron
companies, ship-builders, and architects
and artists, however, in multiplying
Iheir many maps and plans, anil even
circular letters, the process becomes a
little nioic complicated. Instead ot
merely placing the dnsign to be printed
over the sensitive sheet, and leaving the
rest to tho light, large glass frames,
with wooden lids, are -used,1" inside of
which the drawing is placed, face down
ward, and covered with the sensitive pa-
jppr. lhe fiame is then reversed, leav-
iug uio piau exposcu to mo llgnt. A
full bright sun U not absolutely requis
ite, out a longer time is roquireu lor ex
posure on a cloudy day. There is one
photographic liim that uses the clectrio
light entirely, and prints by night as
well as by day. A slepfurtherhas been
made also in producing a white back
ground with bluo lines. Philadelphia
Who Murray Drawl 11 (j-Itootu.
If tho interior of an English pub
Usher's homo were as easily accessible
as tho chief show places of British au
thorship Abbotsford and Newstead
and Shakspcaro's houso at Stratford
there is a drawing-room at tho West
End of London which would be eagerly
visited and explored by multitudes of
literary pilgrims, European and Ameri
can. It is that of Mr. John Murray,
tho eminent publisher of Albermarlo
Street, which was for years the daily
resort and meeting-place of ninny of
tho most illustrious authors of the cen
tury. Here Sir Waltor Scott and Lord
Byron, hero Southey and Crabbe, first
shook hands, and its fireplace is that in
which Byron's memoirs were com
mitted to tho llames. Here, in the
Juno of 1816, just after tho arrival of
tno news of the battlo of Waterloo,
George Ticknor, as he has recorded in
his journal, heard tho great victory dis
cussed in tho presence of Byron, who,
both as an ardent sympathizer with
Nupoleou, and as an anti-ministerialist,
"received tho satirical congratulations
of his ministerial friends. "Here,"
a more distinguished American visitor
than Ticknor, Washington Irving, some
"sixty years since," proudly informed
his friends at home, "I frequently meet
such personages as Gilford, Campbell,
Foscolo, Haflam, Southey, Milman,
Scott, Belzoni." How many shelves of
Hansard would not be gladly sacrificed
to procure a singlo volume of reports
of the brilliant or interesting talk
which went on for generations in that
upper chamber of No. 60 Albermarlo
Street, from Byron's days to Darwin's,
from Gilford's to Gladstone's? The
5 resent occupant of the house, the third
ohn of thu publishing dynasty of
Murray, has much to tell of the ce
lebrities who havo assembled there, and
many of whose portraits, painted ex
pressly for his father and himself,
adorn its walls. b '. Espiuasse, in liar'
per's Magazine for September.
m w
Sparrows as Pood.
Tho English sparrow, where he ha
become habituated, is usually regarded
as a nuisanco to bo abated or a pest to
be extirpated. Indeed, ono State, Mas
sachusetts, has enacted a statu to against
theso small birds, tc encourage tlioir
thinning out, if not their extermina
tion. Whatever may be the valuo of
the sparrow alive, there is but one
opinion about him when dead. The
sparrow or plea y of him makes do
licious pies. In Germany ami in Eng.
land tho sparrow is a gaino bird, and 11
sought after as food. He is so tame
that his capture requires very littlo skill,
nnd nftergtain gathering in August be
sWarms on the stubble so that one
charge of tine shot would bring dowD a
nitmlwir n( birda.
Fourth St, bet. Allen and Fremont.
A. BAUER, Propr.
Will 84)11 the Qtic Lot of
At Living- Prices.
Allen Street.
meat, this saloon will continue to retail
nothlnz but the straight poods, wh ch gave the
"rony"snch a well-deened reputation. T. B.
Rlpy'e celebrated Anderson County, Kentucky,
(four-year-old sour-math) Bourbon, and J. A.
Atherton's equally celebrated lea Kettle. Rye. of
tno same age, retailed at Via cent.
. The Pony,
The Best "Bit" Cigar to be had
in the City, a Specialty.
T. A. JOXWi, JProprletnr.
For Sale.
Work and Saddle Horsesibr
sale in qnantities to suit pur
chasers at ABBOTTS' Ranch,
Sulphur Spring Valley. For
particulars apply at the office
of the Tombstone Epitaph.
Alfalfa Hay.
200 tons Alfal
fa hay for sale by
the bale or ton.
Inquire at the French Wine House
No. 609 Allen street. 6-m
Small Pox larks
Can Be Removed.
London, Perfumers to H..M. the Queen, have
invented and patented the world renownid
Which removes Small Fox Marks of however
long ftflDdicR. The appl'cai.on Is simple and
harmless, cantes no Inconvenience and contains
nothing Injurious. Price 3.50
Leon & Co.'s "Depilatory,"
Iirmovea Superfluous Hair Id a few minutes
without pain or unpleasant sei eatlon nevr to
grow again, blmple and harmless. Full direc
tions sent by mall. Price $1.
Geo. W. Shaw, General Agent,
210 Tremont Ht., IlOHton, attuua.
n a.
I.o nicliiuM Golden lluUaiu I. . 1
dues Chancres, flr. and 8-coml a a- ,
Sores en tho Legs and Bidy; Sore hi ,
Kjcs, Nose, etc.. Copper c Ior-d Biolcho
SjiiallltlcfitTih. iiiscased Scalp, and 0.1
primary lo-as of the disease Lnown r.1
njplillis. J'rlre, 5QO per IloMl .
bo Rlcliait'a G-I1i-n Balaam No :
Cures Tc-tl ry, M"nmr!a' Syp'il.ltlc Rhc ..
matisni. Tu'in in tho Bones, rains in tl j
Head, back of tho Neck, Ulcerated Soro
Throit, Sj phlllt'c Hash, Lumps land con
tracted Con's, Stiffness of the Limbs, an
eradicates a'l d scare from the statu ,
whether caused by ind'rcton or aim s
of Mercury, lcatlng the blood pure ml
healthy. Prim t5 00 per I ottle.
T,o Hlcliau'ai Gnltlen S- an I all An i
doto for tho cure of Gonorrhoea, OI.-c
Irritation Cr.ivcl, and all Urinary or Con
tal disarrangements. Price 9 50 1 s
Bottlx. .
L.e TUchau'K Oolilen 8pnlah In
jection, for act ere cases of Gonorrhi
Inflammatory elect, Strlctures.ic. VrU
SI &t per Bottle.
!. Itlclinu'g Golden Oliitmcu'
for the effective heallncf Sjphihtlc h ;
and eruptions. Prico $1 CO prr Hoi
L,e nichau'a Golden Pit .Nr:t
and Brain treatment; loss of physical pov
cr, excess or ovcr-nrl. Prostration, i .
Price S3 OO per Box.
Tonic ni.cl Nervine,
Sent eerjherc, C. O. 1)., tocurelj packed
per express.
c. f. niciiAnns & co. , Aci,
427 & 43) bansome street. Corner 1 lj,
San Francisco, Cal.
tt,"AvMv 3?r
uriNV vjinmir

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