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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, February 11, 1887, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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,r- I 1' .' s u". J-1"
'.jiiu ur ii.ii,Mui.i
. t-. t'.iiut 10 ,
11 tllllll X. I
llfa I'.r
I.A sUOKH' li,
. 1 .1 1 I n 11 i3J
i jiju .s im cj ., 1 ill t In'- W l-e
If V Mil ie, 1 u hi mi), Vri'nii n
filHn.i il-H o l-r en. 1 j w?o li 1 si
th suVr I Ins lx m to c rd-io-t 1 i
nS ilv .. UA tlio: a"1' ' -" ' l '' i' " ll1 ' H
fo-.t in .viel'.n, MiuituJ 1 1 I mil 1 t "1 mini K ' v
ttu-i, sJoJii' .vmt). vUini nwro part ia
Uny d-serib'U in t ,cn:U nol- in.i pi.aioi m
otfieh' -urV"y No 79 j, cm lit m t'li oitice, n i
iic gnated as lo' No t3 as loll i
Beginning at the lOCclioti ino'uini"tit sittu e 1 I
Ajwn Hie norm ejiu line 01 tin 11 wniain.i t
tlicfWUtn cna 1 ne 01 uie a nor uui mum
tUim, at a rnanu ucnt of stonei, from lucli 1 1
IflltUI orloilii nt inionuiMiit 01 Vw Siliei clt
bears N 170 iY E aoo fee , Hr north ml 1 11
of claim be irni Sjfd' 11 i 871:.'' !
thit cliim h v ng -;-n oiet i,w I and 1 in 1 eru
bilng 'eid diii; ed, .111 1 'h I vit o m inti
taent not bcinj; ofr thol.at or in 1 iot is
ut on the north I'nJhii' ovc lhl-ul 3li!on.,
ftscirand one,foJt il th ground on tho
louth sidj 01 a 4 in pjst nnrkeil Slll( No
a, in a monument of stones did cirth 4W 11 M
be and 3(1 high, mi ke4 1 M Sihtr Ihroid
M C No 1, from which U S M M No 1 l'irs
S 29 05' V 3&)3 ttdisnnt, and the cornti to
Sees 1 and a, north Lojndirj of 1 p 20, s U 22
Ebcari N 400' W 7571 ft distmt, ih-ucc N
74 36' VV 144 4 it to a monument of s'oiici -die
location monumcrcjri8 ft to a wa.li dri 11 ig
N W, and 300 ft to N W cor of cl urn w 1 h is
also the 5 V cor cf theSilver Hell, mil e i. id
Mne of the Empire M C, to a post 5 ft lo (; unci
t ft In the ground, on the south side o a 1 in
qr post, marked S II M C No 3 111 1 .ninu
raent of stonc3 4 X ft at b-ise and 3 II 1 14I1,
marked STMC No 2; thence . 17" 24' V
along the east side line of the Umpire M C
378 k ft to a 4x4 in p33t m-irked U M ' ' No
ana 293 11 co iuiri3cv uii v. .-. , a, , . -- .
Tranquility M C, which bears N t" 10 1. an
S 10' W. and at a d st-ince or 271 fi trci
post No a the S cor of claim isestabi lied by
a post a)i ft long, 4 It sqr and on lo t in tlio
ground, surroundsd by a mon im . o' s.one
4i ft at base and 3 ft high, mirked I M Mo
3, horn which a 4 111 po3t in monunvnt 01
Monu, m-irked V, M C No 2 beii s -7" 24' V
5.5 ft distant; thence S6t' 36' 1'. 17.3 to inte -section
of NW side line of the Irmquil ly M
C, a points st 10' W 210.4 ft fro " 4 '
post marked T M C No 2, to 1 post $ii u "" '.
4 in tqr. in a monument of iton s in.i.ked . 1
M C No 4, and continuing 01. same ure at
412.8 (t to intersection 01 the NU end lino of
Tranquility M C at a point S 3 j" t-' C 300 ft
fr.m a ) in post mirked T M 1 No 2, and ft
411.8 ft to ittersect'on ol west si'lo ilr.e of
North l'olnt M C to n post , i ft I01 . n 'qr,
in a mound of stones tmi t"i II m irknl ST M
C No Si from which a shift 46 and u6 tt dei p
bears N 2S'st' W 93 ft ilistvit: th 11 . 23"
j' Enlongtheeist side line.. nJ w. t side line
0? the North 1'oint M C s?i 4 ft to the Nl cor
of claim, which is aUo th; s,, tur o ill . -1 vi-r
Belt M C. to .1 pJ-t $Vi fl ton t in qi In
monument ofstoue3 o-i the oontli side ol tin
post marked SBM C No 7. s id cor p 1st 1 e
ing marked S r M C No 0; th- nee N 71 .y' V
along the north end luii of clum it being U
the south end hue of SiU r BH i(t 2 II to
nast No 1 and nhce of b-inuiiu f- "in w mh
An incline shaft 4x6 and 89 fe t doi p b-irs s -?
ftr w 133ft dunnt. na a sln:t 4o 11 ami hi
t deep beariS 2144' IC toi ftilistmt V'li'
tion ii4VC: contiintns', cve.usivc of coilli t
with Tranquility min-ng el u 11, 2 i. icres, ll
tame being duly recorded, as sl.ow n by ilntr ic'i
of title, properly ccrufiod to by the county Uc
carder oi Cochise co.nty, Anion.--
Any and all persons c'aiunn idv. rscl) tin.
whole orany portion of Slid Sihe. Thread m n
Jng claim are rciuired to file then adverse cl u n
j this office during the period of ski) dc a
pabhcatlon hereof, or the will be turret by
Yirtue of the provisions of the statute
It Is hereby oidered thit the foregoing notice
be published sixty days in the EriTAi'H, a .1 v'y
ewipapcr published at Tombstone, C nchLe
cmnty, Ariiona. C. U DA1LEY,
IFirst Publication, Jan. 18, 1887,
JUUce or Appltentlnn rr I'. S. I'nlc lit In Hie
Central Mlnlns llnliii u. 4ii.S.
TuciOV, Arirom, Jan n 1BQ7. J
Notice is hereby giren thit Cinrles W la ah
and W. J. Taylor, of Tombstone, I ocliisc la
Arizona, have filed an appliciliou fcr pitcnt
' to 1500 feet of the Central tin lol , or df po it,
bfciring silver, situited in Tombstone nulling
district, Cochise Co, Anzom, mor-pirn u-
Krry described in the field notes nnd pht of the
official survey No. 789, on file in tins olikt, i. .-
ignited as lot No. 182, as follows, 10-wit
Beginnlning at the initnl mominiciit at the
southwest centr end of chini, at a post s 't
long and 4 in sqr in mound of sionc , muk d
I M Central No 1, from which initial monu
ment of thejunelti MC benrs N3034'V
2733 ft distant, and USJ1.M No 2 Lc-irs '
S3 16' E, U S M M No 6 bars S 8302 I.
6894 ft distant, and Sc Co.- between "-ess 1 and
a, N boundary, Tp 20, b It 22 L, b i-s N 30
aj" E, 18,033 ft diumt, the nee N 43' 43" w.t
300 ft to a post s ft long 1 in sqr in moun I of
Mones, at SV cor, mirked - Ml xo i,
thence N 46 18' E 1500 ft to .1 pjst 5 ft long 4
in iqr, set in mound of cuth and stones, at NW
cor. marked C M C, No 3, theme s 4V 12' E,
300 ft to N E center end pest 5 ft lonij, 4 in sqr,
In mound of earth and ston-j, mnaiU MC
No 4; thence on the sims course 301 It to N' V.
cor post, S ft Ion?, 4 in sqr, set m mrundof
itones, marked C M C No 5; thei.ee S j&' 18' V
1500 ft to S E cor po-t, s It long, ia sqr, in
mound of stones, mirked I M C N 1 6, thence
N 43 42' W 300 ft to initial nionumuit ind
place ol beginning. Variation 1143' E, con
aining 20 66 acres.
The improvements made by the owners or
their grantors upon said chim consist 01 n shift
4x6 ft, 100 ft deep, a tunnel jb and 20 tt long;
' a winze in tunnel 4x6 and 30 ft deep, an incline
shaft 4x6 vnd 12 ft deep, and stope 20 It long,
3 ft wide and 30 ft deep, sail chim b nig duly
recorded In th office of ihe I ount tttcorder
sof"Cochise county, Tombstnn.. Aii'.ni i
khowa by his abstract of title tiled in th s 0IT1 e
Any and all persons claiming .idtcrs l th
whole or any portion of siid 1. enli d minui!
Ulm are required to file their nde v cl nm in
this office during the period of sitvdis pub
lication hereof, or they wil' b- haired l virtu
of the provisions of the rtatute
H U hereby ordered thit the fore-iini n.-n.
be published sixty di)s in the Cl'lT i 11 a il nlv
aewspaper published at Tombstone, ' odus
county, Ariiona. C V. D MLI'Y,
First Publication, Jan 18, 1887. '
Nolle of Application for U.S. I'nlciil lo Hie
Unroll Mining t'lalm o. tot.
! t
TUCtO", Anzom, Jan, 12, i7
Notice is hereby given tint T homas Ogdcn,
of Tombstone, Coc'is- county, Arioni, his
kd filed Vin application for rnicnt ti ijoohn.-nr
feet"bif the Huron sein, lole, or 1 pisii, b.-ir-rng
silver and go'd ith sur'u- giounl6ao ft
iti width, situated in Tcmbston- mining district,
Cochise county, Arizoni, more pirtlcnUrlv de
scribed in: he field notes and plat of the oihci il
mrvey on file In this office, to-wit
Beginning at the inilnl monument nt the
south end center ol claim at n pw.st 5 1-2 ft long,
4x4 ins sqr, marked 1 M Huron M C No 1,
from which USM M No I bears S 25 41' W
5180 ftdisUnt, the cor tt? Sees I ind 2 nr.nh
boundary ofr p 20, S R 22 L, bears N 1 10'
W 6187 ft distant, and a shalt46and iooic
deep bears N 30 o' V 44 f t distant, theme N
4.3 w 87 ft to a wash draining NW, and
jio Icet to bW cor po-it, which is aUo tl e 'V
cor of the Silver Belt M C, 5 1-2 feet lonsj, 44
las iqr, inn mound of stones, marked 11 M (
No a; thence N 17 24' E 882 (t lo monument
f stones markicg NU cor of the Banner M C,
139S fl to wash draining N NW, and 1500 it
to NW cor post, s 1-5 ft long, 424 ins sqr, in
aiound of earth and stones, marked II M C No
tbinwS 7436' E along north end line 158
1 '(Mil I "..v! II ) ill iTf t
n n 1 nl k t ,0 o til tlllil
loiui-imie toxin-
Oel.ll. lMsl, N 1-2
1 1 J . i j n Mir n weis. t
of i-.ilh .
smn j 1 urM 11 M 0 Oo 4
11 v "i 74
I. m 1 It 10 . c.ei m-t s i-j it lo'iif. 44 m
s r in 111 u il oi -t!i and a mu mniKecl il
M i ..:;, I'le-iuo I7ga4' v 37 1 M inter-se-e.li
:i - 11 nil ino nf lonlx n to-fuste-U.,r
11, s 6; 1 j ;. vi I 1500 1 co sti cor l-ost,
51 211 Ion,', 44 n scir, in 1110 mil o earth and
itoni's mirvil 'I ( No 6 s 1 1 corner beniif
alseit . Nl'cjr .iisiUtr IJ -It M i", xxith pst
nnrk.'il s It Ml. -o 6; thcnc N 74 31V VV
00 ft ; 1 exist N 1 and place ol e inning. Va
rulion, nv4,' '. contjn.ing 20 o Acres Said
culm is 'it ated inside of the t neMsitc of Timb
stone, with t c e-e plion ol asiinill tnm'uar
tiite- nt l- corner m claim, ana 15 uounaeu on
,lt. ioml, j.j ih, biUtr Belt M C. on the st
) llf liinnrr uM ntinaira i -, anu is -u )
recordul i 1 th 5 o'lice of fie County Recr tcr
at Tombstone, Cochise e uiity, xrlzDnn, as
shown li) his certified abstr et of title on file in
th's fillic
An) and all persons clni n ng adversely the
wnole or aiy portion of sn I mining claim are
here notifi ! tint they must present their a i-
vi'M-e'am.in tnls I'tiiM withn the per.o 1 ol
sii di)s piblictllm he c-of, or they will be
birred bv virtue of the pr vis ois of the statute.
' It is hereby ordered tint the foregoing notice
be publijied for the pr.o-iofo diys in the
Tombstone I riTArii. a d xily n -wspaper pub
lished at 1 ombatone, Cochise coun'y, Arizona.
C. E DAILEY. Register.
LTIrst Publication, Jan. Ip. 1837
Notice or tiiplleirtlon for I', k. rntent lo the
linnncr Ulitlus ilnliu Vi. 40U.
Tucsow, Atizonn, Ji .12, 1887.
Notce is hereby given that T ! 1 ins Ojden,
oj lomb.tone, Coch.se count, A.imnt, Ins hid
filed his ap hcation for a pato to 1500 l.n .1
feet of the Ruincr Kin, lode or it -posit, b anng
sihcr ind gold, with surf ice ground Cik feet in
width, stluUediu the 1'onitiiionj irunin cits
lnct, I oehivj count), Anzom, mo'o part .u
brl) described in the field notes 'ml pla o' thv
omenl survey now 1 a file in this o fice, to-wit
llegmmg it the ni'thl monanieiit situited at
ihe suiiih end center of claim .it a 4x4 in pu't
in uked I M Hanner M C No a from which U
li M M No 1 bears S 19 10' 449 ft distant,
ind th corner to Sees 1 and , nonh Voundiry
to I p 20 S K 22 E. bears N . 58' W 6s2o ft,
iIkik N 7245' W 12 1 ft, intersect Mi side
I, tie of Wa) Up M C, lot N'o 53, and on same
couiv 300 'it lo sW cor mirkVd b) an run pin
1 fl lung, 1 1 J-i insindn, drue unto Ihe rcnual,
ind u a distance of 7.7 ft 1 post 5 '5 't lng,
, n. squire, is set in a mound of earth and
stones, m irked II M C No 2, defining SW cor
-f claim; thence N 17 24 89, intersect NE
1 -i i Im of Wa) I'plif, on simc c 11" c 1500
fl 10 .N corner pest, e, i-'-' f' big, 4x4 ins sqr,
in a mound of earth and sloi es, marked B M C
No 1; lhei.ee s 72 4 j' I" od ft to no th end
ceiUr 01 chim, to n po-t 3 1-2 ft long, 4 ms
sqr i i 1110 in 1 of siones and earth, markiti ll M
I No s, tlienceS 1724' W along cast siiic line
of ilum which is also the west side hie of
th Hu-on M C 8S2 ft to SW cor 'f Huron and
ihe NW cor of .-iler Belt M I , and on same
cuurse 1300 ft to SWcor post a:4 ins qr, in
mound of sto-c-s and earth, nnrked 11 M C No
6. In s lxint is also the .JK cor of the E11 pirc
M I, denned by post mirked 1. M C No 3;
theme N 72 45' W 300 ft to yvst No I nd
plice of beginning. Variation, 1143' E, con
fining, "ess conflict with the W iv Up Ml 1 .t
N'o 53, 1304 leios. This claim is entirely in
udeol the line, of the townsite of Tombstone,
and is bui'mlcd on Ihe south by the Empire 1
C I t No 46 on tin west by to.- Way Up M C
Lit N'o 5- ontlienor.il by Ihe S andard MU
and . 11 the e-st by Ihe Huron and Siher Hell M
I , the saiee ' in;; d ll) recorded In the office of
tlpioun-) Recorder at Tonii'store lo lusc
coiiiii) Ari'oni, as shown by cepififd abstract
ot title fur ish"d b) theCounty Recorder and on
fiie m tins ortie"
n md nil pers 113 chimimc adserscly the
whole or anj pcrtion of sud mining claim are
hereb) eoliiicd tint they must pressnt th -ir ad
verse chinis in ilu oiliee within the pern .l of
six!) di)s' pubhcatiou he-cof, or thty willle
birre 1 by virtue of ihe provis'ons of the s'.itutc.
It is hereby ordcrid tint the loregomg 1 otice
be publ h-d for the pi ii d of sixty ("iss in the
Tombstone EriTAft, a daily newspeper pub
lished at Tombstoie. Cochise county, Arizona.
." E. DAILEY, Register.
first PnUication, Jan. 18, 1887.
1 oCtpiillttitlon for I'.H. l'nlent lo tlae
tier Ilell lllulns llnlm-No. 4fl.
TucseN, Arizona, (an. 13, 1887 )
Notice is hereby given that T homas Ogdcn,
of loinbstone, Cochise couniy, Arizona, has had
filed an application for pitcnt to 1500 linrral
feet of the S Iver Kelt vein, lode or deposit, bear
ing sibcr and gold, with surface ground 600 feet
in width, situated in Tombstone mining district,
Cochise countv, Arizona, more particularly de
scribed 111 the field notes and plat of the official
s.irsey No 793 on file in this oftVe, and dc i
nated as lot No 186. as follows, to wit
Beginning at the initial monumint of stone
d.scnbed in location notice, at a post $M It
long 4 ins sqr, n 11 mound of earth and stune,
mirked I M Silver Bilt No 1 thence S 19 12'
E 239 It to a post s 1-2 ft long, 4 ins sqr, set in a
nijimd of eanh and sione, marked S li M C No
2. from w hich US M M No 1 btars S 29 03' W
.1635 ft dUlart, cornir to Sees 1 and 2, north
bound try of Tp 20, S K 11 E, bears N 4 03'
W 7558 ft distint, a shift 4x6 and 198 It deep
bears 1 20 L 158 ft distint, and shaft 4x6 ft and
it It lieepbetrs N 19 If no fi distant; thence
N 74 36 W 144.4 to the old location monu
ment 150 ft to a a, ft cut. , ft to the right, 179
ft to W end of cut. 8 It to "the nght, 287 ft to a
wash draining NW anl3coltto small monu
niei.t of stones upen sist line of Empire M C,
it being also the NW cor of the Silver Thread
and the SW cor cf the Silver Belt, to a post
5 1 3 f 1 long, 4 ins sqs, in mound of stones,
iuirkeil S B M ( No 3. from which a 4x4 in post
marked E M C No a bears S 1724' W 27 ft
distant, thence N I724'E 33 ft to a wash
draining N W 974 ft to intersection of south
line of lenib-li ne townsite, which bears S67
12 L, 453 It, aid 95 It to th light a shaft
4x4 ard 30 It deep, 527 fl to a ma wash
draining west, 83i ft to a a4 post marked E
Ml No 3 and 1501 ft to NW cor post sJJ ft
long. 4 ins sqr in a mound of earth ,11 d
stones, ma'ked SIIS1C No 4, from which U
S M M No 1 bears b 2248' W 517 ft rist
an i si3ft 4x4 and 3; ft deep bears b 46 18
L, j 2 5 fl distant, thence b 7 " 36' E 213 ft 10
w.i-li draining noitn, and 300 it to north end
enter post, s' ft long, 4 ins sox, in a mound
of earth am! "-lot'es, marked b B M C No 5;
thence b 74' 56' E 300 ft to NE eor post, 5 1-3
It long, 4 ins sqr In mound 01 e. rlh and -tones,
nnikiil S B M C No 6; thence S a,' 21' W
1201 It to intersection of south line of loinb
stone townsite, bearingS 67 12' E ami 15IJ It
.11 sune course to SE cor post, 5 1-2 ft long, 4
ins sqr nil mound of stones, maiked b B M
C No 7, ihence N 74 36' W 38 tt across SE
cjr of shift 4S.6 and 60 ft deep, 98 6 fl and 5 It
to tilt right, 10. 1 Mi-tit .io .mil 13 it ueip. and
...... 1 ...... . J . S4...
.'o 2 and place of beginning
c) "f chim Variation, n
14 1.2 It to post .No 2
tin i-ten ion survci
43 L; conlainug 1700 aens
sjid chim is siiiuted i-ast of ihe town of
Tombstone and is bouiuled on the south by ihe
bil.er Thread MC, on the nonh hy the Huron
M 1 and on the cist by the North Point M C,
and s 1 1 claim underli via porlion of the Tomb
stun low n ite; the s mie being duly recorded in
t c office of the Cerunty Recordcrat Tombstone,
LjJusc couniy, Arizuna, as shown I y certified
alMrictoi title on hie in this offic.
Any and al per-ms cnimmg adierseythe
whole or an) portion cf id Silvc- Ilt mining
cl nm arc rcqm ed to fne dicir adierse chims in
t! is ott.ee tluiimj thecoi n)s' period of pubhea-ronle-io1
orthcvwiil b birrl by virtue if
ihe rri.Hsior.3 of the statu'e
It is'i rtby ordered thit the forego r notice
be pnbiWi d lor sixty dips in the Tomhuone
El'l r.UJl, a da,ly new spaper published in Tomb
stone, Cochi-c county, Arizona, by me deiig.
nated as the paper published nearest to said
claim. C. E. DAILEY, Register.
Km iniUhcatio i, an. 15. iBd-.
xui.lt-e of .1 tiillr ill u for il. -. I'.iH.at Iu
IU -I'liie-u Hluliisl'luleii -.., -MS.
U n LAND ul-rlCr.
Tucsi"N. nz,i.ni lau 11 18J7.
Noiie is heretiv given t'Mt unlet W,
i..-h. A 1 0111 .sun' Cobs' cianiy, An
zom, hcshid filed an appli ton fur pcl-ntto
i'Soj hecjr ie t c,f iiiiCicn. vein, loleorde
h.si . l I'ni ilcr nnJ 1. oil, with surface
ground too leec ia sci Ilh, siiuucd in l'mbsi ma
m nm 'list.-i t Cochi e count), Viconc, miie
pin ci larly Iccnlvd in the n-id iiai.-s md .h
flh on id siirsev. No 7J. 01 fi'e in 1 1
ithee, and designated as lot No 18 , as fit
lows, lo wit
B gin ng ut the urn d monu nent, ttu tied i
ills nurt'mcst en I cctuer ol '- 1 n at a , ot s 't
long, 4 1 inches sq-, ill no in 1 of stoni sand
e irfi, mirked I ,M, Ch mce M. c . No. 1
from w huh a shaft ,s r mo fi i'in bei s
32' W, 121 ft disti t, ihinie N 64 28', W 58 7
to a 4 inch post 1n1rk.nl S center llmtzi
and thence on same co irse jOolt to N co-.
osl, 5 tt long, 4 11 s sqr, in mound ol s'om i,
marked C M. C Ni 2; thence S 3 '40' W
1500 ft toS W cor. post, 5 ft long, 4 1111 q', 1.1
mniunl of stones, m ir!-.-l c M 0 No 3 uie ice
s 6v 28' E 300 fl to sv W end center p s 0 ft
long, 4 ins iqr n 1 mound o' t net,
111 irkrd C M C N'o 4. tr-111 whii h cru p 1 gs
brar N 31 40' E 400 ft distmt; theme kS 6'
28 K 300 ft to S L eor post, c; ft loin, 1 111s -.qr,
inn mound of stones, marl.ul f" Mf cS,
fiom which USM M No 3 lear, N 4 4S' V
7.09. fl distant USM M No 6 bears S 7
o' and corner 10 (M 0.1s 1 -md 2, north
Imundaiyol Ip,20, h K 2J 1., be. rs N 4j oa
K 18 01 J II distant; thence N 3240'!' 15JO
1 f N E cor post, 5 ft loi, 4 1.1s sqr in a
mound of stones nnrked C M C N'o 6, thence
N' 64 28' W 144 7 ft, to posiin 1 r t marking tir
S E coi of Bon inza M C, in. 100 fee t to uoit
N'o i and p'acc of beginning. VinaUon, 1 1
,, 1, aiei ac 6 acres. Srd ilum tK-ngln.
cl ab ut j uul-s ojihwes'erlv liom the town
lombstor.t ind about 500 ards s 11 he est-
11 from t r Mcrrnnic i C. ai.dis bound dun
r N E b th.- Bonanza M I , the s ui.e brim!
i ecor led in ll.e office cf the i.u-i'yr,-
coi-d rut lombjtone, Cochise countv irioni
s s own bi his csruh'sl abstract of title I -d in
this rftice.
Any and all persona claiming aJverscl) the
whole or any portion of said Ihcn c nnn-nir
cl i.n a-e required to pre-nt th'ir ailvcrs
cLiims in th.s iifficf during the period cf-ixt)
days pu'iliciuon hereof, orlnev will b birred
b) virtue of ihe provis-cns of the sill'
it is lientiy oruer-u in 11 tne lor mm; nonce
h- published for the pern d of sixiv d s in the
Tomhsicne Ei'lTAl'M a duly ur-w-pqer pub
hshed .11 Tomb.ione, Co hise County srizona
C. E. DAILEY Register
Notice of F.?rfeiture
Tob. "s. Mulberry )oa are hereby nolillcd
that ihe undersigned his expended ou hundred
($100) dollars during the )e.trs nl- 8.1( 1885
ind 18S6 in the perfoi mint eo' the .'nmiil hlior
upoi the kodniaii-M ignite, and Vinguard
mirmg c.iinis, bituitd in the To.n'jstone Min
ing district, Cochise county Arizona Ierntory
in order to hold the sune as requi ed b) Section
232J, Revised Statutes af the Unili-J Slates
and ) our proportion ot sud sum so expended
and due to the undersigned is one-sixth of the
amount so expended on eich of the ibove men
tioned clunis, ant if sou sour heirs or assigns
fill or rcfu e to contribute our proportion of ihe
sum expended within ninety diss after the
publication of this notice, )our in ere st in the
said mines will be ome the properly of the
undersigned, who Ins mide such cp"nditure.
Tombstone, Feb. I, 1887.
Noiico of ; re-einplii'ii Proof.
(Declaratory Statement No. 1091.)
UnitedStati-s Land Omci. 1
Tu toN, ru , Ian 2,, iSf7. i
Notice Is hereby given that the follow in
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make finil proof in support of his Pre emption
Claim No. 1091, and that said proof will lie
made before the Register and Receiver of the
U. S Land Office at Tucson Amoni, on
Thursday, March 10, 1887, vir; W. G. Green
wood, of Benson. Cochise count). A, T., for the
U H ol b. W. a and w 'A 01 b. r. K ot sec
28, Tp 16 S. R. 20 E , G. & S, K. M He
names the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation ot said
land viz. D H, ogan, .Newton bmitu, 1. u
Robson and Thomas Turner, all of Benson,
Cochise county, A. T.
C. K. DsllEY Register.
First publication Jan. 31, 18S7.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To lohn M, Collins: You are hereby noti
fied that the undersigned has expended during
the year ending Uecenmer 3t, itseo, one nuna
red dollars in the performance of the s-nnual
labor upon the Wnoop Up mine, situated in the
I urquois mining district, County 01 coeni'e,
Territory of Arizona, in order to hold the same
as required by Section 2 124 of the Rex is d
Statutes of tlv Unm-d Stiles: and jour propor
tion of the amount so expencVd and due to the
undersigned is nuy dollars; and it )ou, )our
heirs or assigns, fail to contrbtite xour pro
portion of the sum expendec' within ninety days
after the publication of th s notice, your inter
est in said Whoop Up mine will become the
property ot your co-owner, tne uraersigneu,
who has mide such expenditure.
Dated Tombstone, January 15. 1387.
In ihe Distnct Court of the First Judicial
Distnct of the Territory of Anzona in and for
the County 0' Cochise, Joseph HoeflVr, plaintjff
vs. lieorge Kutledge, delcnaant. Action
brought in the District Com t of the First Jn.
di 1 el Distnct of ihe Territory of Arizona, in
and t. r the "ninty of (ochiseand the com
plaint til -il in the siiJ eoun y v" ' ochise, in Ihe
office of theCleikof said D.stucl Court. The
Territory of Arizani s-nds greeting to Gecg-
Rutledge, deftndant You are hereby rcqUTcd
to appear in an action brought ac.unst )0i by
the aboxe named rl ilntit, in the Distnct Court
of the First Judicial District of the Territory of
anzona, in anu lor me couniy 01 eiirm-r, ami
to answer the complaint filed therein, within
twenty davs (exclusive of the rtaxVif senio 1 af-
lei the service upon )ou of this sun'mons (if
..-... .1.1. .,.; :..... .r .i ... ..r.t.i.
sr.xeci wiciuil iiu ce;iiui ot n scisruoui ui ems
county, but in th s istnct wuhm thirty -"aes;
olberwite wuhin forty days) orjuiigment by ci
fault will lie taken against you accoidit'g 10 ihe
pa)erofsaid eomplaint. lie said aoion is
brought to h ive a trust deed conitrued a Mort
gage, for the forec'osure of tho 'line and for the
reeoxery of $2,ccc, inteifst, damiges nnA. costs.
And you arc hereby notified th it 11 yea fail to
appe r and answer tne sa.d compla r.t as aboxe
reeiui'cd, the s,id p'aintiffwill lake- adgmnt
del ull as pnyi d or in "Jd complaint.
Given under my hand 1 .'. "-1 cf ihe District
Court of the I irst Juiliel.il Histnct of tn.i
Terntory of Ailzona, in and lor tliecoun.
L s.l ty of Cochi:e, this tetnlicthday of No
vember, in tie year of our Lo-d, o'e
thousand e ght hundred and eghty
six. B. A. FICKAS. Clerk.
First publication Jan 4, i885
Dissolution of Partnership.
The firm of Cummlnga &. Bauer unde the
rarae of The Wholesale Butcher Corupa, is
hereby dissolved. Fred Caste will collect id
account due said firm nnd pay al! accounts due
by said company.
CUMMINtYS &. Bauek
Tombstone, Jan. s6 1887
Nnticu of Sale of Real Kstute
Ailniinistrator's Hale.
Notice is he-'eby given that in pursuince of an
orleroflhe 1'rubuj Court o Cochise Coun's,
Trrrilory of Arizona, madecutiic 21st day if
1 1. ceruber, 1S86 m ihe metier of the c-suie of
Ambrose Lvall, decuesed, ihe unde-signed, the
administrator of the said estate, will sell at pub
he auction, or pnvatn sale, to ill, h ghest bid ler
l.ireish, gold coin of the United b:ati-s, nnd
usj'ct lo cjnfirinit 01 by the succes'or o' the
present Probate lude. on md after Saiurdav.
ihe 22nd day of Jmury, 18-17. between the
hoars of 9 a m ird 4 p. m. of ush day until
the interests In the reil estate are sold, at whit
is knovnai th-Home Rinch c-f the lat. Am
brose Lvall, deceised, in Cos hise county, Ar
zona Tern 01 . n.l the right t.llr and inn ret
and e-tate of the sal 1 Ambrose Ls ill, deceased,
at the time of his death, an I all the nghi nil
ami Interest tint the said estate h is by ra
lion of law or 01herw.se acquired" in ana lo all
the pieces or pircels of 'anj siti ate. Lug and
being in the s u I county of Cochi -. Te tmtory o."
Alizona and deecn ed as f o I vs tawn Ihe
one eighth of wnat is knoin as the rsoldiers.'
Holes Ranch Ihe one sixteenth of M is
known .11 the Hill Ranch, and ihe onlalf oi
what is known as the Home Ruch 1 ss 20
acres set ap irt to the vserio ant t''e minor
children, and the i 'iprov.m.nts thereon The
interests specified are each undivided 1 l -esis
lermsofsale- ash, godroin nf the United
Slates to be paid to the a l-mtiistri cr on ihe
day of si!., subject tithe coifirmifon l the
coun. Deed at the expense ol th' purchasei.
Shall liesod ill to eths-r or n disttmt pircels,
os mi be lor the b--t tnterit 01 th: 1 state
J 1 1 v I . I.Y-sL .
Administrator 01 il-e Estate ol Auibrese I.yal
Attorney tor r.sut-.
In the County Coii't in and lor Ihe County ot
Cochise, in the Te tttory of Arizona D. H,
Smith nnd John C Fell, ex co. pmners 111 name
of D. II, beiiihiCo. phuilifls, vs. I', H
Larpentrr, dileneliiit. Acilon brought Tl "13
e'ounty Court o, Cocln e, Teintory of A to a,
and the con pi lint fi ed in the sai i Coi y ot
Cochise, in tlie ofh.e of ihec'e k of sa d ( ounty
f'o-irt TheTerntor) of Arizona -ends gre. ting
to. 11 II ICerpcn'e', defendant. You are
hereby required to .is.i eir 111 an action brought
agunst )ou by the alicve miiie-d ilinuff". :n
thp Cou it) Court T fV.oSi-.e- eoun ) Terntory
of Arizona, and 'oansxver the e inpiaiut hld
th rcin.ssit in twenty i!-y (1 , 1 sixeol t'u diy
or service) iifte-r the .rx. c on)tu of his sum"
nuns if ser nl w,t' in ihts countv, or if sersei
outo! thscobiitx, bat 11, this district, within
thiriydt)-, on'ierwise xwlhm fcryiliy. or
ju'l),mcnit by de'a lit a ill lu liken ay.un t ou
aeco -lii.g to the pryir of sell complaint.
Si'd iciion is b-oight to rcover ihiity-one
hun red end ninet)-six 94 100 dollars ilaiMHgi-s
for goods, we es .nm I nu-rchindise fu-nishe;d
and 'or none-y paid out for deendant atl.is
speml I'.stmce md req i-st nsful) app-j-s
by the coinphmt hi i herein, a duly cer.iSed
Ce; ) ofwh'r!iis h'-riii'ito attach d And )oa
are hereby notified that if you fid to apvar and
asixxecr the said comp'aint, as alioxe required,
the said pl.iintifts will take judgment against
sou for the sum of three thousand 1 ne hnndred
and ninetx-sit 94.100 dollar! tiycth r xxith
st itutory pers.entahc and costs of suit.
Given under my hand nnd seal cf the Tount)
Court of Cochise County, Te rntory of Arizona,
this 17 dav of December, A D. 1886.
;si:ai.1 A. O WALLACE,
Notice of Forfeiture.
ToT. D. Byrne ind J. A. Burkho'der co
owners in the Tom Seott mine situated in the
T urquois mining district, Cochise county, Ter
liliry of Arizona. You are hereby notinrd that
I have expended one hun Ired ($109) dollars in
labor and improvements upon theabive named
mining c'ai n during the joar 1886, in orelrr to
hold the same as val d location, as required by
Section 2324 Revised btatutes of the United
Stites. Therefore if within ninety ejo) d)S
after and from this publication ) ou fail or refuse
to contribute ) our proper porlion of said ex
penditures and the cost of this publication, as
co-owners, your interest in mid mne will lie
come the property of the undersiened under
said section 23 24. Si H. Bkyant,
Tombstone, Jan. it, 1887.
Notice oi Forfeiture.
ToR. P. Mansfield, you are heieby notified
that the undersigned his expended during the
)ear ending December 31, 18S6, one hnndred
($100) dollars in the performance of the annual
labor upon the boulhern Cross mine, situated in
the Tombston- Mining distnct, Cochis' county,
T erntory of Arizona, in order to hold the sime
as required by Section 2324 of the Revis-d
Statutes of the United States, and your propor
tion of the amount so expended and due to the
undersigned is fifty ($50) doll us, and if )0U or
your heirs or assigns fail or lefuce to contribute
Jour proportion of tha sum expended xvithm
ninety days after the pubhestion of this notice,
)oar interest in the said Southern Cross mine
will become the property ol the undersigned,
who has made such expenditure.
Dated Tombstone, Jan. 24, 1887.
PtsTr.R Bute.
The Acme treatment Is a positive cure for all
stages of ALCOHOL'sM, removing nil crav
ings of the appetite for either spirituous or malt
It can be taken at Iwme xvithout interfering
vith the social or business affiirs of I fe, and
will effect 1 more irthUY anu ii-kmani.nt
CURE than can be derived trom a long and
expensive eours- of treitmnt it nehn He hos
P'tds, T HE Acme treatment is sanle in form and
inexpensive, coming w ithm the means of F.VFRV
UM-ORTUSATE xtAS or woman that may luxe
contneted an a petite for strong dnnk.
It is equally potent asa eure for tht OPIUM
or MORPHINE habit or rate E( kssive usr.
of NArtCOTlcs or tobacco
For period ca! sick hfadxche, sriuou.
NTSsind hystfria it stands unnv lie-. 1 when
uss-i as either a i'kevi-.ntati vn or a uke.
In the periods of physical deranijem' n:s nr d
mutual depression th it fol'ow r.xct ssivr. prink
ing. It snecdilv restores the functions ot mtiiri.
and ler.ds a soothing and restfuj influerce to the
disturbed mind If the treatment is continued
from this stage of restont'on the lesiie 'o' sum
clitmg drink will in a bnef tune l who'ly ervl
icaied. 11 all eses of xtesTAf. AtlGUE, cONru
S'oi or thought or a clouded memory, it is
particularly beneficial and most dcskanle in its
results. It sTIMUL lES Till. 'snTXLFCT, 'ecv
irg the mind in A clear and EfALThn statf,
without depression of spirits or periods of reac
tion after its use.
It is not a nauseating medicine and may l
administered in cooling drinxs or food. Its
presence eannot be detected by the most accu'e
p.late orlastidious stomath.
If you do not find it at your druggist's send
$!.oo by postal order or postal note to Acme
sianu.ariunng Company, Hox 141, Kansas
City, and you Will receive one package of the
4cme Remedy in plain package, secure loom
All letters of ehquir) containing stamp an
swered promptly.
Liberal discount to druggists and dealers.
Box 141, Kansas City. Mo,
Probate Noiice.
In tlw 1' in:.. Court of Cochise county,
Arizona, Tr 1 ), n the m liter of th estate of
W. J Ball! . . eleecavd im raiding and
hmglhervn. n V Henrv T !)j!dndSr. pray
nig o. acleci e. istribuuon of t-e p-i o-nl
est 1 of the s 1 i .vas it 10 t'e .i 1 pen Mr
a ihj sole ci ir it law of ihe Sei.i . es--ase-d.
Iti. ordered in 1 1 hearing of the sii I ampli
cation beapp . - 1 fjr Saturday, th- Mh d ty
o-J uiuary, iBi;. ,,t loo'clocka. m ol thitdiy
at the court r o n of ni 1 court at I m"sto 1
Coch se count) A T , and that pcrsjnil nones'
of such applica t vi liegixen tal p. rsons in
tercied in saiJ e-tate, if r.s'dn g In
iM Totitsry and if residug evutioui the
Terr tory ill.-1 liv ( iMicauoa of th s or-t -r lor
t least lour -iei lith- Did i on wane
Kptiph, b" 1 t i ,is apiwiui l for tne heir
i ot the si 1 e , .itioii.
D ted Dns-,11 ) th, i885.
It. I., PEEL, P oliitv Ju-tge.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To lohn M laluis. You are hir'jy not -tied
that the j id -i ieJ hire expense ! dur
ing the year euiti Diccmber ai, H80, one
hundrid dillt s mi'e performance o ihe an
nul! Uba up .11 in.-Quren oft'..- I lib nnne
situ Heel 111 the Tu i. m nin disir el n mux
of 1 ch s" I err 1 1' nzoiia, i, order to
ho'd iho same 1, ieqmc'1 by .Seci.011 nijof
the R xi rd iuii.e-s ..' he United S. les end
x urpri o im of tl.ea .niini soex,sn ...-1 end
I ie 10 th undt-e . .; ,e 1 s fifty doll .rs u 1 it
) u, y ir u j m se;is nil or rem, e-to c .n
inbuie y mr pro.i n n o "he su-1 cx,v n e I,
wuhm 1 iiinv diy. if r t e pubhe, 11.311 eit ilus
none', y iu.' interest 1 1 th- sud Tl'eii t-n t
t'l-s Hl.l 111 .0 will b 0 mie 1'ie pro,Kr,. I voai
c .-ii.vii.-rs 1I1 j uniiers-gii'l who hay. mi 1.-si li
es.pen.1i a-re. JOHN McMAHON
Dated loml.s'.xrt. Januaiy 15, 1887
toMcf of . '-111 t Isin I'rinf.
(Declin evx 'sli(sincnt No. ioo. )
U. S. LasDOiUCE AT lU.sns, R . I
December 24 h, 18J
Notice is hvehv given that t e filos'g
named sett'er h s tiled no' e- of his tut n'lo 10
make find ro finsurp r, f his 1 r. emp ion
cl um No 1009 aud
ill proof
111 1 1 bef re the Regis .
son, Anzona. n Frbr. i
Huff.ker, of T res Ali'ii.)
I fcrtii-VKofSlie.
R. 20 E. t. .4 R. M
big witmssis t iprove I
upon an', culuvation 1
B.kcr, John I) Al'en '
Dunlxar, all of Trefc Ah
1 1 ieccixcT -t 1 u
1 1887, viz J -Jill
. hise e-.untx. A
-, 32, I p 1 ; S
( 1 1111-3 th- o'lo e
'i .unuo s r S'dem
'md, xi : Tho n.
i s Turnr, I li t
1 .s, Co Ji se 1 o 1
R'gi ier.
Fi i inhlioitiun D
ij l so:.
$1.00 FOR 2
1 jauy one xshowill s -I .- 25c and ,cl es
our ag-nt xx- will send I. li. -eing goxls, 1 1 11
could not be bought i"''exx n-'- for less tlan
$100. 1 Dozen Sheets ol su rhneCominrrcio!
Paper, 1 Dczin Knxe!o( s 1 much, 2 M-i-fin;
Ladies' Steel Pens, 1 e'olelen P n 1
18k ROLLLD COLD RI N. , nh more than
Hi-clurge for the packos;. 1 ixon L-ad Pen
cil, 1 Fabcr's Pencil Kubbet, . 1 lirst-cliss goods,
1 Sheet of Blotting Papr, c i'oIIsi (loUl l'lai.d
Collar Button, 1 Set o( Ro h 1 .11 Cun But
tons. We luxe stated th 11 h oods bought
sepirately ro lid not be Um I r less th in
Ji.co, but to secur nexv agents a m i 1 sell tl em
put up in a package for 25c.
En sex, Conn.
Notice of Forfeii.jre.
To Gi.o, W. Stevx art: You are he-eby no
tified that the undersigned Ins exp.nded one
hundred dollars on the lidcn 1 oss mine, situ
ated in Tombstone Mining District, county of
Cochise, Territory of Anzona, for the xeir erd
ing December 31st. 18S6, in order to hold nme,
as required by Section 232 of Reused Statutes
of the United States. Your pro, ortion of
amount expended and due the unde rsigncd is
twelve and fifty onerhurdredths dollars, and if
you or your heirs or as-igns fail to contribute
your proportion of the turn so expended, to
gether with the expense of this notice, wuhm
ninety days after the first publication of this no
tice, )our interest in sud Ldcn Loss mine will
become the propert) of ) our co-owner, uho has
made said expenditure.
H. I. Fisher
Dated Tombstone, Feb. ,4 1887.
$250 Reward!
The Sheriff of the County of
Cochise is hereby authorize! 1
to offer a reward of $250 for
the arrest and conviction of
the party or parties who at
tempted to kill J. S. Clark and
wife on the evening of January
4th, 1887.
John H. Slaughter,
Under Sheriff.
$250 Reward.
Tho above rewrtrd will be jmi.l
for tho .vrri"-t ami oonviction nf
any person n . rs.m-s i:i!auf'Ml!
hantllin!' m of my 'Umk tin 1
Ff O on ltft hip.
H W. !1aoski,.!kkv
ChitrlH-ettm. A T.
Inspector's Notice
To all parties wishing to rroix ! r line
between Sonora nnd Ariznn i e n'i . ,uie.
notice is herebv j;ivcn that nr(.rrlitj. i
the law of Atizora befirr tni-rin' .n -Territnrv
xxith ca'fle. theiv muM lir i .
inspected bj the r puhtlv a", fun' i in
spector, whose office is in the Viiira
buildinr, tirt d-or .'t of c.vir I-i;-
Tombstone, Arrnna.
B. A PaCKxHT).
Ini -ctt.r.
- ' '
Occidental Hotel.
This is the anlv first-class heMel tt
Tornbitone. It s h tndsom!v furnish' -xsith
ill modern iriiprowriir Tin.
elers who stop at this hou-r -nil ni"
every comlort ind attention. Pnv
rooms for commerri altnvekr-s.it reiser.,
able ri'e. A splendid billiard t.v.
and a card room. Thf bar is siipplifd
with pure brands of nines, liquors and
cigars. tf
loConli.il I-IT-. tnalljr All 8ac
llorrlb Oibitii.
llixhflrr, 2i' 1', Put Krprris.
A jrpiitif iii in xvho )u- -;nt the sum.
mcrnbioiel, Mid to 01- reporter, that
tho thi,i tint -hnprwl him most of
all wim the number of holidays onsen"
coiintei.s abroad and tho little anxiotr
the poo 1 1 o display in the conduct of bus!
nesH ulTairs. "Mcnbo.ut hese," heeaid,
"that they work for ye.u s tx ithout a day
off; in Europe that wnu'.d bo considered
a crime."
Sir. II. II. Warner, xx ho xvas present
at the time, said, "This h the first sum
mer in years that I luivc not spent on
the xx atcr. Been too but-y ."
"Tlien, I fcuppo'c jou have been ad
vertisinn extensively?"
"Not at all. Wo have always hereto
fore closjd our 1 tboratory dti, ins" July,
AtiRiist anil eptotnber, but this sum
mer vxe have kept ii running day and
night to supply Iho d;munl, which lias
been three time1 greater than ever be
fore in our history at thi f-o..on."
"Hondo xo't.iccouut for this?"
"Tim ini'ri-i has com" ir m the ttnt
unal recu-jniiion of the excMenee of our
pupaialious We have been nearly ten
ye.iri IWore the public and theales are
eonttantli ineieasinj) xx bile our nejvpaper
advertiFitijj ii conitonlly dimiuukxng.
Why, hih .cientiiU anil medical -tliontioia,
now publialy concede that our
Warner's safe cure ii tho only scientific
specific for kidney and liver diseases ami
for all the many diseases caused by
"Haxe a-on evM tiie of this?"
"AlmmUtice! tilv n few weeks a
Dr. J. L. Stephen!, of Lebanon, Ohio, it
specialist for the, em e of narcotic, etc.,
hahitii told me that a number of emi
nent bci-'ntifie mudic.il men had been
experimenting for jean, testing and an
iilyiiifiall knovxis n-medies for the kid
neys and liver, for, as you may be aware,
the cxe'PMixe mho of "all narcotics aniL
stimulant-) dctioys tlmse organs, and
until they i an bo restored to health the
habits caunot be broken up! Amont;
the in-est'wators xxrro such men as J.
M. Hall, M." 1)., President of the Statu
Hu.it d of Health of Iowa, and Alexander
Neil, M. U., Irofees r of Surirery in tht
i'ollee of I'ln stci.ins and Surgeons and
P'euidcut of the Ac.iileuiy of Medieine at,
Columbus, who, afti'rexh'austivo inquiry,
repotted lint there xxa-s no remedy
known to ehooN or "-dentine inquiry'
equal to Vx'iirner's safe mne!"
"Aie many iior.siiiis .tdilicted to thi
use of deadly dm ?"
"There are lottv millions of people in.
the avorl.l xho u-e opium alone, ar.iC
Uiero are many hundred-sof thoitiandi
in this country" xx ho are victims of mor-
plu.'ic, e pi u in, quinine and cocaine,.
Thcv thiiiL. they have no such habit
about them no ma'ij perople are uncon
scioui victims of thcbi habits. They
haxe pains and symptoms of wli.it tliej
call malaria .vid othnr diwascs, ulion ii
reality it is th- denutid in the svsten
for these ten iiile drn . . demand thai
is cati'sP I largely bv ;i'ix jieians' precrip
tions xvhii li coiitiihi f-o n..uiy ilanonmn)
druiie. and strong spirils, and one time
ltinet be answered or silenooil in the ki
nexs and live bv xsh.it Dr. .,ni'inn-t
ys is the only kidney and hvei "KvinV.
He al-so Knvs tiiat male ate opium an t
.otliT drn o itoris, tf i a - i a n th
kidnev and lixer vior xxith ihn ;re4
remeify, ran keep up lhet' hab''s fc
"Well does not this di 'covers' t-irt you
a nexx revelation of th posx'er of sai
"No, sir; for yearn 1 have tried tocon
vinco the public th.it ready all lite diV
eases of Ihe human cjf'em orfs'ii'.itc hr
eoino itisorder of the kidnuxsi .ir liver,
and hence I have lo.c.illv declared thaa
if ourspeiifie were used, owr nineta'
per cont. of these ailments would disap
pear. The liver and kidneys seem tti
absorb these poisons from the blood antf
become depraved and die.ied."
"When these eminent authorities Ihir
publicly admit that theio is no remedj'i
like ours to enable the kidnev s and live.
to throw off tlie frightful eflectSjOf all
deadly diuga and excessive use of stim'
ulants it is an admission of its power a-
great as any one could desire; for if
through its influence alono tho opium,
morphine, quinine, cocaine and iiquor
habits can bo overcome, what hiicue
testimonial of its specific power -ould b t
asked for?"
"You really believe then, Mr. Warner,
that tho majority of diseases come fronti
kidney and liver complaints?"
"I do! When yott see a person mopin
and groveling about, half dctd and ha't
alive, year after vesr, you m-iv surel
put him down as having somo kidney ami
liver trouble."
"The other day I was talking withDri.
Fowler, the eminent occulist of this city,,
who said thathalf the patients xrhocinif
to'him for eye treatment wero sitreote (
by advanced'ktdney disease. Nocvmanr
people wonder vxhy in middle life their
eye sight becomes so poor. A tiioroucrlt
cuurse of treatment with Warner's saf.
cine is what they neod more than a pair
of eye plabsas The kidi'ey poison in tht
blood always attac-sS tiio weakest part;
of the body; with ttouie it atTocts thi1
eyes; with others the head; with other '
tlie stomach or the hmt, or rheumatia
disorders follows and neuralgia team
them in pieces, or they lose the poicert
of taste, smell or become impotent in othtr
functions of the body. What man would
not give his all to have the vigor of yontU
nt command?"
"The intelligent physician knows that
these complaints are but symptoms ; they"
are not the disorder, and thoy are syrap
toms not of disease of the head, the ey
or stomach, or of virility, necessaril) .
but of the kidney poison in the blood
and they may prevail and no pain occnf .
in tho kidneys."
It is not strango that tlia enthusiasm
which Mr. Warner displays in his ap.
preciation of his own remedy, which ro
ttored him to health when the doe-tort
said he ould not live sir months, should
Secome iiitoctious an.l that the entire)
Aorld should pay tribute to its power.'
For as Mr. Warner s.iy-i. ihe sales are)
constantly increasing, v title tho newts,
paper ad vertiMiu is constantly diminish
nig. This speaks volumes in praise ol
the extraoioin try merits of his prepara
Dissolution Notice.
1 he p .itnershi;
. M. Tanner ami
e-ctjfo.c: exisll sj Ivtixxfe.!
ne r.r,- i att'e roranin'. .
rio'-sp bistness undrr ihe tirm nama unci style of
ll i' l) "bre ISei'.clirr Cc-i,ny, Is, th s 13 h dx
01 i.'cs.cinocr lojei, aissQieeu Dy mutual COn
s-r.t. and neither part will he responsible for
bills cortracted bx said hrna from and after tbi
da-e K. M. TANNEU
di8.3o Dy W.W.WHITNEY.

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