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No. 88.
tftvw Mexio5 and Arizona
road Company.
Paclflo time SO minutes slower than
ocal tlmo. All trains daily.
tn-im Central Depot 11.30 am 1:30 pm
H"i-on it;aoam 1:45 pm
Canisteo 10:151111 2:10 pm
Contrmioa titasnm ?I45 pm
ralrhank toiioani 300 pm
Brooklin...,, 9:25am 3:45 pm
Jluachuiu oooam 4:15 pm
lil'ia ,.... 8:20am 500 pm
Sonoit. 7:50 am 5:3S1"
.. r,(;.. I i 6:4 m J 6:20 pm
C.atnti9a....L 7J,am j 6;40 j,m
Sanford'i ,. 6:00am 7:25 pm
Calabasas 5 2', am 8.05 pm
Nogal-s 41'Sam 8:45 pm
CO connect lth VTwttttn bound train Isavvs
S:16 o'clock a. m.
Btaito to conuert witt Ea.teri bound train leavi
8.10 clock, m,
Suite to connect witJo Cuayinaa trail. at 2
o' lock p. m.
Stajro for Charleston loavct l 1 a , m.
ait (or Blatat luvaa at 8 a. .(excipt 8umlj).
OHm-403 AlUuitmt, uider Occidental Hotol.
rhla papor Is leapt on file at E. O. Date's
AUrez-tlglng Aeenov. 04 and 05 Mer
chants' Kxchange, San Francisco, Cal,
where contract for advortlsln? can b
niudo for It.
Young as the Canadian confederation
is, it has a debt of $281, 000,000.
The opera ticket speculator is an ab
oinination, but it seems next o impost -Lie
to abate the nuisance
A small r lie of civil service rrform is
kept for a show in the New York cuitom
As will besrci bynnr disp itches Par
nell was d fetrd in his assault upon the
Queen's spe- ch.
The mining superintendents are once
more cungi elating,
This looks like bus-
Mrs. Jos. iUchily entT'aired a party
of her I.ty friend- yes crday, it bcii ihe
occasion of her birthday.
Grorue I'liahiir), ol bnldier Holes
r.mcli, is rusticating among the boys in
The council voted to krep intact the
office- of commissioner of immigration.
Parish dM il with Ills li'llc whip.
The democrats can shout louder and
prfurm less than anv other combination
on earth outside of Furepaugh't circus.
While Germeny ai-d France are still
talking peace, eath is using tveiy effort
to outdo the other in getting ready far
Terrific storms and cyclnucs are iray
ersing the western stales at the picsent
limr, doing ser.ous damage in their
H. M. Hanson, a vvell-kniivvn miniug
man of Arizona, arrived from the Cana
rca mines Yesterday, and i- regi-urid at
the Occidental.
"Ihe Hoard ol Supei visors mil h Id an
adjourned meeting, Mond.iy next. It is
thought that Thco. F. White will be
here by tint lime
J. H. While, superintendent of ihe
Contention mine, and on? of the sterling
old-timers in camp, will airive in Tomb
stone this evening.
It were easier to move a mountain with
a crowbar than to induce ladies in the
street cars to "move up"1 and make room
for another lady.
Including Sundays the torty-ninth con
gress has twenty.eight days more of life.
We suspect that it will shi ffl off before
the Chicago anarchists go hence.
T. L. Stiles, one of ihi: brightest altor
neys in Pima county, arrived in Tomb
stone yesterday. Mr Stilts is here in
attendance upon the District Court.
The labor troubles in the east are fast
being brought to a close. The strikers
are refused assistance from the men who
are obliged to work to support their fam
ilies. Zulick carried the day against the com
bined wisdom of the house, but the as
sembly his the last say upon the appro
priation bills, and there is a probability
that he will yet receive a set back.
Cochise county can justly compliment
itself upon its law abiding community,
There are now only five persons confined
in the county jail. This is without doubt
a better showing than any county can
show in the territory and we challenge
"The unregenerated old hypocrite from
Massachusetts" that's what the Atlanta
Constitution calls Senator Hoar. The
"new south" is very like the old, and
Brer Grady is its prophet.
The Indiana republicans stick to their
decision to contest Turpie's right to a
seat in the senate. It remains to be seen
whether the United States senate Will
consent to share the Turpietude of this
transaction with the Indiina democrats.
Mr. Turpie owes his alleged election
to the votes ol ( ne man who was never
elected, and of two others vlio were
counted in by outrageous fraud. But he
is not seated yet.
A bill now pending in the Indiana leg
islature.proposes to make it merely a mis
demeanor, punishable by fine, for a rela
tive of a betrayed woman to kill her be
trayer, the law had better be let alone
as granting license to commit murder is
a scrions thing.
San Bernardino county, Cal., embraces
a larger tenitory than the states of Mass
achusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and
New Jersey. It would make "the eyes
of Delaware'' to protrude to ga on such
a county.
The Morris Comedy combination
which performed here last night are ac
cnmpl'shed stage people, having for the
p 1st fifteen ye -trs 1 lyed in most of the
cities of the United States. While here
our theater-loving people showed their
appreciation by liberally patronizing
Quijotoa stocks which h ive beon so
low and at times not quoted on the stock
board, are now being delt in at San Fran
cisco, by the stock bmkers daily. It
looks as if they were trying to boom the
stock. By refeience to our telegraph
disp itches it will be observed th.it all of
the Quijotn.i storks ire now qiMttd.
The democratic council ate very desir-
011, of .ibclishinL' the different county
courts in the teintory on the fl in
text of economy, but ei They rtf
ip fl ins pre
fuse to
abolish a woitlih-ss office v'hidi costs the
territory $4,500 a )ear, and does not
bring hi r mie dollar in rclurn. Truly
the va of the refoimers aie difficult.
Messrs. Herrera & McClure have not
gone out of business in Tombstone as
before mentioned; they have simply taken
Mr Sydow into pirtncrship, and the bus
iness will continue as of old. The past tri
fling difficulties of the firm have all
been amicably arranged, and they arc
now in good condition to go on with theii
Mr. Henry Watterson can't tear himself
away from Washington. He is still there,
making himself as agreeable .is ever. List
Sunday cveninghe dined at Represent
ative Hitt's with Miss Margaret Blaine,
and in ten minutrs after he was introdu
ced 10 her he was sitting on a pale blue
sofa by her side, talking music and
Rossetti's poetry to her and winning over
the daughter of his oM enemy.
Once more has our three hun
dred pound President placed his
seal of condemnation upon the
proposition to assist the wives of
dead Union soldiers, by vetoing a bill
for their rell f. This gallant man, who
maint.iined his equilibrium in
and around Buffalo, New York,
during the late unpleasantness, is
fierce ia his efforts to cripple the Union
As the strike fizzles out the leader ate
getting desperate. They piopose tiow to
pi ty their their listtiump "o rail out
all the stationary engim crs and firemen
in the city some cold night, and leave
New York in frigid d.ukness. How this
would help them does not appe.ir to he
ordinary mind. If rousing a just public
anger against them would get back their
places anil procure them more wages and
less work they would have had it before
During the past week Colonel Haffnrd
added some ten birds to his collection of
the feathered tribes of Arizona, among
whice is a very r.ire specimen of the
hawk family called the "dtvil luwk" by
the Mexicans. It is a bird of the hand
somest plumage, at the same tin e it has
a most ugly head and vicious talons, be
sides its I e.ik is almost as sharp as a
needle and nearly a- strnnir -isthe larcest
hawk. This bud, but fn its head, when
on the wing woud pass tor a pigeon.
When seeking his prey he plays pigeon
and fl'es in among them unnoticed on ac
count of his similarity, and easily cap
tures what he wants. He is the pictute
of grace, beauty and speed Happily for
our featheied family this kind are phe
nomenally rare, so rare that it is estim
ated that there are not more than a dozen
of them in the territory. The Mexicans
are superstitious about him and regard
his appearance as an evil omen.
District Court.
Following arc the proceedings in the
District Court for the week ending Friday.
The case of the Arizona Copper Piince
Company vs. The Queen. This case
was continued upon motion of the
plaintiff. i
Gerwin vs. Goldbaum, det:rc"fof fore
closure granted.
James Cole vs. Charles Melgren, City
Treasurer, injunction dissolved.
Bayley vs. Watt, judgement for plain
tiff. Dailey vs. Raffertv, et al., judgment
for plaintifffor $44.
Escoboza vs.. Montgomery, judgment
for plaintiff.
Reaney vs. Stevens, judgment for plain
tiff. ' "
Copper Queen mining company, vs.
the Prince, demurrer overruled.
County Eecords-
The fi llnwinglinsiiuments were recor
ded at thelolTice of the County Recorder's
locations. Mary Em.a mine, Sil
ver camp district, re-located and will
hereafter be known as the K yjtone
mine, locatorSjThomas.II.utiin, J .s Hat
ton and J. Trippett. Burdict mine, Gal
eyville district, re-located by W. Gray
son. Relocated mine, sou h cast one
half mile fiom the Great Eastern mine,
Tombstone district ill hereafter be
known as the June Bug mine. Re-located
mine, b untied on the north by
Southern Cross, south east,Ground Hog
and Bell Mountain mines, and will here
after be known as the Lucky Minerva
mino, Peter Bute, J. H. Hart and Chas.
Knapp, re-lorati rs. Home Stake mine,
Tevis district, north Dos Cabezas Peaks
renamed Chester mine, M E Kinchola re
locator. Berlin Mine, same district as
above, renamed Dand.-onjmine, M. E.
Kinchola reloca'or. y
deeds. Cave m ne, B sbce, E! Rogers
to J. W. Goddard, consideration $1.
Mountain Maid niin.ng Co., to Jos.
Stumpf lot No. 11, in block 17, $100.
Eeminded of Home
' By gravy,' said a Chicago man the other
night at the Chinese ball, during supper,
''This reminds me of my' native heath.'',
"You don't have any th'ng like this in
your town, do you?" inquired a fellow
"Well, not exactly; but we have some
very fair-sized hopacking establishments
in our town you knmv.
The Tombjtone foundry is doing more
work th in for a long lime past. During
the past month they have done consider
able work fir the ChaileslonsmJter. At
present they are making .1 large pan of
tiventy-two hundred weight for the Guard
mill. Busitics-. has so increased of late
that they are now short of hands.
Information Wanted
As to the whereabouts of Andrew
Jackson and George Robinson. I have
business of importance to communicate
to both of them which will be of great
benifit for them to know.
Mrs. Laura J. F. Short.
Ruby Valley Nevada.
February 10. 1887.
F. h A. M.
King Sololomon Lode No. 5, F. & A.
M., holds slated meetings on the third
Saturday night in each month in
Masonic hall at 7:30 p. m. Special
meetings held whenever blue flag is
hoisted. Visiting brothers aie cordially
invited to attend. David Cohn,
W. M.
H. B. Maxso.v. Secretary.
AU persons indebted to me on mer
chants accounts or otherwise are hereby
notified to pay such accounts to me in
person. And such persons aie further
notified that I am the owner of all such
accounts, and will hold the debtor res
ponsible if such accounts are p ml to any
other person whits ver.
jsS 30J. W. W. Baldwin.
Dress goods five, six seven and eight
yards for $1 Palace.
A r.irload of Irish canned goods has
been received, also a Iresh lot of bran,
wheat, barley, etc., at Joe Hofflei'
Pioneei store.
On account of rapidly increasing busi
ness Dr. Liebig & Co. will not be able to
visit Tombstone this year. All persons
desiring medical treatment will please
address or call upon Dr. Liebig & Co.
400 Geary street San 1- rancisco Cal.
NoonetaIkedtodeath.no one urged
to buy the goods commend themselves
to evary bargain seeker Palace.
, NewTimo Table-
Stage leaves Tombstone for Fairbank
to connect with irain for Nogales at
8 30 a. m.
Stage leaves Tombstone at 3 30 p. m,
foi F.iirbank to connect with East and
West bound train at Benson. Aruve at
'"","'"""' ""t)""1" T Yf
stage lor u.narieston leavesiomosior.e
at 12,15 P-2L '
Attr-'' j.
On and aftet th, . he regular
Company meetings will be called by nine
taps of the Fire-bell, one half hour
before meeting, and nine taps when the
meeting is caded 1 1 order.
G. S. Bradshaw,
4t President.
m .
for Sale Cheap.
Three fine 2 inch Redwood tanks, 1200
gallons capacity, three 2 inch Redwood
tanks, 500 gallons capacity; also a lot
lumber. For particulars apply at the
residence of Daniel O'Connor, Third
S'reet, next to Episcopil church, Tomb
stone Arizona. mjl7tf
o- .
for Sale.
At a bargain, stock and fixtures of the
"Red Store;" also one good horse, wagon
and harness. Parties desiring to engage
in the grocery business in Tombstone
would do well to call upon me for par
ticulars. R. P. Mansfield,
tf "Red Store," Fifih street.
A Black Walnut bed room set
cheap. For pirticulars apply
for sale
at this
The Beginning Of The End.
The beginning of disease is a slight
debility or disorder of some of the vital
organs, the stomach, the liver or the bow
els usually. Thereare despeptic sympt
oms, the livet is troablesome, the skin
grows tawney and unhealthy looking,
there are pains in the right side or
through the right shoulder blade. The
climax is often an utter prostration of the
physical energies, perhaps a fatal issue.
But if the difficulty is met in time with
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which is al
ways effective as a remedy, and it should
be resorted to at a 1 early stage, there
will be no reason to apprehend those in
jurious substquent effects upon the s)S
teni often entailed by entirely cured dis
eases. Far better is it, al o, to employ
this safe remedial agent in fever and ague
and other malarial complaints, than qui
nine and other potent drugs, which even
when they do prove effectual for a time,
uiin the stomach and impair the general
Sheriffs Sale.
Py virtue of an order ol sale issued out of the
County court of Cochise county in and for the
County ot Cochise, Teintory of Arizona, tome
directed and delivered on a j idgmciit rendered
in said court on the 2d diy o( Decemlxr,
18S6, in favor of J. W. Hooper and against J. V.
Stump and H. V. Stump, wherein lam com
minded to mike the sum of $3 963 dumges
with interest ihireon froix due of judgment
at the raie cf 24 per cnt pt annum until
p ud, toguher with $525 56 costs and accruing
costs. 1 have this day lened upon thefo'Iow
inp drsinbed property, to wit Those cert un
mining cl inns hearing gold and siher and other
111 tals situated lu the Huichuci Mountains,
Cochise County, Anzora, and known as the
Green, Mary R, Summit, Silver C'ont ict. Poor
I'rospecur, Outlook, Stella Helton, Sobmnte,
Kcirsing, Hooper, Blue II: 1 K ension, Golden
Lily and '81, together wit'i all aid singular the
right, tenements, hereditaments, improvements
and appurtenances to the same belonging or in
any wiseiiuidenl or appertaining. Public no
ti.eis liercby given thit on Ihursday, the 3d
day of March, 1887, between the hours of 9 a.
111 -ind 4 p in , in front of the Sheriff's ollice,
in ihe nty of To.nbjtone, I ochis.- county, An
z jiia Terntry, I will sell all the right, tit c and
interest of the sniJ . V. Stump and li. V.
Stump :n ami to the above described property pt
pulJie auction, to the hil &t a"d best bidder,
lor cish, liwm.1 nionc ot the L'uited State", to
satisfy slid judgment, older ofsile and allcojt-.
Dated this the 7II1 iUy ol February, 1887.
1. II. Shugiuvu, !u'rtf.
A. Siiattuck, Under Sheriff.
I!) li
Sheriff's Sale.
Hy virtue of an order of sile sv.t d out rf the
lhsin t Court of the 1st Judicial Uisiriitm and
for ihe Coma of Cochiv, termor) o'Aiizona,
to me directed and d-hvered on a judgment
rendered in said Court on the 8J1 diy ol IVb
ruirv, 1837, in fivorof II. Geruun and against
Sara GcMhauui and Mra Ueldbutm i- admin
istratrix of the estate of M. Gol II aum d ceased,
and guaiihan of his minor ihildnn, ai.d Joseph
. Gohlbium, Julius Goldbaum and I.' mil Gold
baum, adult heir, and Divid Goldbiuni, Solo
mon Gcldbaum, Fanny Goldbaum and Abrani
Goldbiuni, minor heirs of said M. Goldbaum,
deceased, defend int, wherein I am commmded
to mike the sum of $642.15 daiini.es wi h
interest thereon from date of judgment at the
rate of 2 per cent, per month until paid; to
gelh r wall $33 50 costs and accruing costs,
and attorney's lees of $mo and legal interest,
fiom dale of judgment, I have this day lev.cd
upon the following described properly, to-wit.
Lots numbered 7, 8, 9 and 10 in Hlock number
2t according to the official map of the town of
Benson, Cochise Couivv, Arizona, situated in
said tovn, together Witti the improvements
thereon, known as the livoli Gardens. Public
notice is hereby given that on the 5th day cf
March, 1887, between the hours of 9 a. 111. and
4 p. m., 111 front of the Sheriffs olTiie, in the city
of Tombstone, Cochise County, Atizon 1 Terri
tory, I will sell all the rmht, tit e and interest of
the said defendants above named 111 and to the
above described property at pub.ic auction, to
the highest and best bidder, for cash, lawful
money of the.Umted Mates, to satisfy said evo
lution and all costs.
Dated this the 9th dayof February, 1887.
J. II. M.AVGI1TLK, Sheriff
By K. A. SlIATruCK, Under Sheriff.
Live & Let Live.
ffl KaSlSP
Corner Allen and Fourth Streets,
Goods for tliB People at Poplar Prices !
H. K. Tweed desires to call the attention of the Tombstone
public to his immense and varied stock of
Which he is now offering at prices that place the goodB within
the reach of everyone.
All Eastern Goods 'purchased direct in the East, not
second hand through California firms.
Among the thousand and one articles which fill this
mammoth store will be found
Of every description. Finest California canned goods. Eu
ropean and California dried fruit. Table delicacies. Choice
coffee roasted and ground on the premises. Colgate's toile
and other well known brands of soap.
Clothing and Furnishing Goods
Of which a large assortment of both Eastern and California
goods will be found at very moderate prices.
The latest styles of everything in these lines cheaper than
you can purchase in San Francisco.
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Of choice imported and California brands by the cask, hot
tie or gallon. Finest American and imported liquors. High
grade cigars, tobaccos and cigarettes.
Also a full assortment of staple articles ol
And everything usually kepi in a first-class General
chandise Establishment.
Most Complete stock
No old goods. Everything fresh and new. Before you
make your purchases take a walk through
Oor .Allen cfe Foiartlx Sts.
At Low Prices
of Goods in Arizoia.

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