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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, February 12, 1887, Image 2

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Fir-t Publication. Jan. i8, 1887.
notice of Application for I'. H, l'atout lu
the Mirer TUrcail JHulns llaliii o.
Tucson, ArUoni, (an. 11, 1887. )
Notice Is hereby given that Chai V. Leaih,
of Tombstone, Cochise county, Ariioni, has
filed Ins apphoatio-1 lor pttent to 270 linear feet
of the Silver Thread vein, lolc, or cUposit, b ar
rig silver, together with the surface ground, .ta
feet in width, situated in Tombstone mini g a s.
trict, Cochise county, Arizona, more pai'jcu.
larly deseribsd in the field notes and pla tlu
official survey No 751', on fill in this oili ce, and
designated as lot No 183, as follows, to- wit :
Beginning at the location monument situated
Upon the north end line of claim, whic U h also
tne outli end line uf the S Iver Melt mimng
tlaim, at a monument of stones, from which the
initial or lotion monument of the Silver Kelt
bears N 170' 34' E 200 feet, the north end line
of claim btur ng N 73 36' '.V anl S ' 36' E;
this claim hiv.ng be-u overlaped and .1 mineral
bearing lead discovered, and tlu location monu
ment not being owr the lead or vein, a jftCt is.
set on the north tnd line over llulead.s It lone;,
4 ft scrx and one fool in the ground, on the
south side 01 a 4 in post marked S 11 M C No
a, in a monument of stones and earth 4 X ft at
txiic and 3 It high, ma ke I M Silver Thread
M C No 1, from which U S M M No 1 bears
5 39 05 W 36S3 tt distant, and the corner to
Sees t a id 3, north boundary ef Tp so. S K 22
E bears S 400' W 7571 It distant; thence N
7436' V 144.4 It to a monument of stones the
location monument 287 ft to a was'i draining
N W, and 303 ft to N W cor of cl lira, which is
also the S V cor of the Silver Belt, and east hid;
line of the Empire M C, to a post 5 ft long and
1 ft in the ground, on the south side of a 4 In
sqr post, marked S U M C No 3. in a monu
ment of stones 4 It at I use and 3 ft high,
muked ST M C No 2; thence S 17 24' W
along the east side line of the Emp re M C
378.1, ft to a 4x4 in pjst nurked E M C No 2,
and 395 a to intersection of NV sUc line of the
Tranquility M C, which bears N 54 10' E and
S 54 io' w, and at a distance of 273 ft from
post No 2 the S V cor of c'aim is estab i .lied by
a post 3 ft long, 4 in sqr and one foot in the
ground, su'rotin-led by a monument of stones
4 ft at btse and 3 ft high, muked STMC No
3, fitm which a 4 in post in monument of
stones, marked EM C No 2 bears S 17" 34' W
3.5 ft distant; thence S 64 36' E 17.3 to inter
section of NW side line of the Tranquility M
Cut a points si 10' W 210.4 ft fom 4 in
post marked T M C No 3, o a post s'i ft long.
4 in sqr. in a monument of stones, nurked ST
M C No 4, and continuing on same course at
412.8 ft to intersection 01 the NE end line of
Tranquility M C at a point S 3j ca' E 300 ft
from a 4 in post marked T M C .ro 2, and at
41x8 ft to lilerscction of west siic line of
North Po'iit M C to a post 5 Ji ft long, 4 in sqr,
in a mound of stones and earth, marked S T M
C vlo s. f'om which a shaft 4x6 and 106 ft deep
beirs N 28 54' W 93 ft distant; th.-nce N 23
33' E along the,east side line and west side line
of the Nrth Point M C 374.4 .ft to the NE cor
of claim, which is also the Sn,, fcor.ot tha Silver
Bill M C. to a post 3Ji ft long,11 3 in i-qr. in a
monument of stones on the south side of 4 in
post m irked SUM C No 7, said cor post be
ing m.vked S T M C No 6; whence N 74 36' W
along the north end line of claim, it being lso
the south end line of Silver Belt, 141.3 ft to
post No t and place of beginning, from which
an incline shift 4x6 and 89 fe t deep bears S 35
38' W 153 ft dUUnl, and a shaft 4)16 ft and 83
It deep b.-ari S 2144' E 101 ft distant. Varia
tion it 43' K; containing, exclusive of tor diet
wirti Tranquility mining claim, 2.13 aens, the
same being duly recorded, as shown by abstract
of tide, properly certified to by the County Re
corder oi Cochise county, Arizon.
Any and all p-saas c'alurng adversely the
whole or any portion of sild Sitae, Thread min
ing cUlm are required to file their advene claim
.q this offi e during the period of sixty days'
publ cation hereof, or they will be barred by
virtue of the provisions of the statute.
It Is hereby oidcicd thit the foregjing notice
be published sixty days in the Epitaph, a daily
' newspaper published at Tombstone. Cochise
county, Arizona. C, E. DAI LEY,
First Publication, Jan. 18, 1837,1
Notice or Application for I'. 8. ratcnt to the
Central Junius Clnliu-.o. 4413.
Tucson, Ariioni, Jan 11, 1887. J
Notice is hereby g.ven that Charles W. l.cach
and V. J, Taylor, of Tombstone, Cochise Co.,
Arizona, have filed an application for patent
to 1500 feet of th- Central vein, lole, or di posit,
bearing silver, situated in 'Tombstone mining
district, Cochise Co., Arizona, more particu
larly described in the field notes and plat of the
official survey No. 789, on file in this office, des
ignated as lot No. 182, as follows, to-wit:
Beginnining at the initial monument at the
southwest centT end of claim, at a poot 5 It
Ion? and 4 in sqr in mound of stone", mirkd
I M Centnl No 1, from which initial monu
ment of thejunetta MC bears N3034'W
3733 ft distant, and OSMM No 3 bears N
S3 16' E, U S M M No 6 bears S 83" oi' E
6S94 ft distant, and Sec Cor between Sees 1 and
3, N boundary, Tp 20, S R 22 E, b.irs N 30
35' li, 18,033 It distant; thence N 43" 42' west
300 ft to 11 post s ft long 4 in sqr in mound of
mones, at S W cor, marked o M C No 2;
thtnee N a6" i8 E 1500 ft to a past 5 ft long, 4
in sir, set in mound of cirth and stone, at Nv
cor, marked C M C, No 3; Ihence S 43' 42' E,
300 ft to N E center end pest 5 ft long, 4 in sqr,
in mount of earth and stones, marked C M C
No 4; thence on the sime course 303 it to N E
cor post, s ft Ion;, 4 in sqr, set in inoun 1 of
stones, marked C M C No 5; thence S 46 i8v W
1500 ft to S E cor po-t, 5 It long, 4 in sqr, in
mound of stones, m irked C M C No 6; thence
N 43 42' V 300 ft to initial monument and
place of beginning. Variation u" 43' E; con
fining 23.65 acres.
The improvements made by the owners or
their grantors upon said claim consiu ot a sha't
4x6 ft, 100 ft deep; a tunnel 5x6 and 20 tt long,
a winze In tunnel 4x6 and 30 ft deep; an incline
shaft 4x6 end 13 ft deep, and slopes so ft long,
5 ft wide nnd 30 ft deep, said claim b-ing duly
recorded in th- office of the County Recordir
of Cochise county, Tombstone, Arizona, as
shown by hli abstract of title filed in th s office.
Any and all person! cl unvng advers. ly tha
wholj or anv portion of siiil Lcntr.d mining
tlaim are required to file their anverse claim in
this office during the period of sixty days' pub
lication hereof, or thev will b barred by v rti.e
of the provision! of the statute.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
be published sixty diys in the Ei'Itaph, a daily
newspaper published at 'Tombstone, Cochise
county, Arizona. C E. DAI LEY,
First Publication, Jan. IS, 1887,!
Notice or Application Tor U.S. Patent to the
Huron Mining tiiilin o. 405.
TuciON, Arizona, Jan, 12, 1E87.
Notice is hereby given that Thomas Ogden,
of Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizona, 1ms
had filed an application for patent tu 1500 linear
feet of the Huron vein, lode, or deposit, bear
ing lilver and gold, w'th surfaco ground 600 ft
In width, situated in Tombston" mining distnet,
Cochise 10 .nty, Arizona, more panic d tlv de
scribed in he field notes and plat of the official
survey on file in this office, to-wit:
Beginning at the initial monument at the
south end center ot claim at a post 5 t-a ft long,
4x4 Ins sqr, marked I M Huron M C No 1,
trom which US M M No I bears S 25 4t' W
5180 ft distant, the cor U Sees I and 2. norlh
boundary of T p 20, S R 22 E, bears N 9 10'
W 6187 ft distant, and a shall 4x6 and 100 ft
deep beirs N 30 o' W 4 ft distant; thcico N
4.37,W87 ft to a wash draining NV, and
300 test to SW cor pot, which is also the NW
cor of the Siber Belt M C, 5 1-2 feet lon, 4x4
Ins sqr, in a mound of stones, marked IIMC
No 3; thence N 17 34' E 83a It to monument
o stones markicg NEcor of the Banner M C,
1395 ft to wash drjining N NW, and 1500 tt
to NW cor post, s 1-5 ft long, 414 ins sqr, in
mound of earth and stones, marked H M C No
thenco S 74" 36' E along north ond line 158
ff to intersect north line of Tombstone town
sue, and 300 ft to :.orlh and center post, 5 1-2
ft long 4x4 ins sqr, in mound of earth and
stones marked II M C Oo 4; thence S 74 36'
K 300 ft to NE cor posts '"a " long, 4x-t ms
sqr. in in ,und of earth and stones marked II
M C No 5; thcne s 17' W 57 It to inter
section 01 north line of Tombstone tonsite,
bearing S 67 la' E and 1500 IttoSE cor post,
S t-a ft long, 4x4 itn sqr, in mound of euth and
stones, marked 11 M C No o, sud corner being
alsotr.s NEcor of Silver IHt M C, with post
marked S U M C No G; thence N 74 36' W
300 ft to post No 1 and place of besinninj. Va
riation, ii 43' E; contm.ing 20 56 acres. Said
ch.imis situated inside of tl.o Uw.asite of Tomb
stone, with the cxcption of a small triancitlar
piec at N E comer of claim, and is bounded on
the south by the Silver Belt M C, on the west
by tile Banner and Standard M C, and is duly
recorded in tin o'Tice of the County Recorder
at Tombstone, Cochise c unly, vnz'jn.i, as
sriown by Ins ccrtlhed abjtr'.u ot title on tile 111
this office.
Any and all persons chining adversely the
who'eor any portion of said mining claim are
hereby notified that the) must present their a 1
vese c'a'ms in this olfijj withn die period of
sixty ua)S public U1011 hcieol, or th'.y will lie
barred by virtue of the pr.ivis'oa of the siatuie
It is hercb) ordered that ihe foregoing no'ic-;
lie published' for the (wriod of 60 diys in th.
Tombstone EptTAr.'t, a dly lu'ivi'mvi , 1
lUhed at Combitonc, Cochise coumy Anion 1
C. E. DAILEY, heh-iter.
First Publication, Jan. to. 1837.
NotlrnoC Ipplli-atlun rVTrr..-". I'alrnt lo tlio
llumicr MI11I112 Cl.iltn .. lliii.
Tucsos, A-itoni, Jan. 12, 1887.
otce is hereby given th. I Thomas Ogden,
01 Tombstone, Cochise countv. Arizona, has had
filed his application for a patent to 1500 linear
lectol till Banner cm, lode or deport, b anng
sliver and gold, with surf ice ground O30 feet in
width, siluited in the Tombstone mining dis
trict, Cochise county, Arizona, jno'c particu
larly described in the field notes end pit of the
oflicnl survey now on file in this o.fice, to-wit:
Begining at the initial monument situated at
ihe south end tenter of claim, at a 4x4 in post
muked I M Banner M C No 1, fiom v. Inch U
S M M No 1 bears S 19 t6' W 4498 ft distant,
and the corner to Se:s i and 2, nonh boundari
to Tp :o S R 22 E, bears N 1 58' W 6529 ft;
thence N 72 45' W 124 ft, intersect aE side
line of Way Up M C, lot No 33, and on same
course 300 it to SW cor. nnrk-d by an iron pin
1 ft long, nj-i ins in ilia, driven into the, round,
and at a distar.ee of 7.7 fi a pest 5 1-3 It long,
4 ins square, is set in a mound of c .nil nii
stones, m irked B M C No s, defining SvV cor
of claim; thenco N 17 24 879, ii.tcrsect NE
end line of Way I'p M C, on same c ur c 1500
ft to NW corner post, 5 1-2 fi lo' g, 4x4 ins sqr
in a mound of e;.ith ard stones, marked B M C
'o 3; thence S 72 45' E 30a ft to 1101 th end
cc ter of claim, to n post 3 t-a ft long, 4 ins
sqr in mound of stones and cirth, marked B M
C No 5; thence S 17 2 W alonij cast side line
of claim, which is alsi the west side lire of
thi Hu-on M C 882 It to SW cor rf Huron and
the NW cor of Silver Be t M C, and on same
course 1500 ft to SW or post, 4x4 ins sqr, in
mound of sto.-cs and earth, marked BMC No
6; Ill's pint is also the NE cor of the Emp.re
M C, defined by post marked E M C No 3;
thence N 73 45' W 300 ft to post No 1 and
place of beginning. Variation, 1143' E; con
taining, less CO' llict null the Way Up M C. lot
No 53, 13.94 acres. This cUi.11 is entirely in
fideof the line: of the townsilr of 'Tombstone,
and is bounded on the south by the Empiie M
C lot No 46, on tha west bv toi Wav Up M C
lot No 33, on the nor.h by the S andard M .
and on the east by the Huron and Silver Belt .i
C, the same beini; d ily lerorded i 1 the oft'to o
the County Recorder at Tomsto o Co h'se
county, Arizona, as shown by cer ilicd ab-'.rnt
of title fur ished by the County Rec. rder and vii
fiie in this office.
Any and all pers- ns chimm; adversely the
whole or anj pcrtio 1 of aid mining clj'ni a e
hereby notified that they must jascnt their ad
verse claims in this office within the period 01
sixty days' publication he-cof, or tlv y will he
barred by virtue of the provision of the statute.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing eotice
be publ shed for the pctkd of sixty das in t'ic
Tombstone Epitapa, a daily newspaper pub-
lishej nt Tombstone, Coih'Se count v, Arizona.
C. E. DAILEY, Rcji.tcr.
(First Publication, Jan. 18. 1BS7.
Ni.t. 1 or Application I'nr I'.S. S'ntriit to lite
h tier Kelt lllnlll t'l.ilm-.'.o. 407.
TUCSON, Arizona, Jan. 13, 1V87.
Notice is hereby given that Thomas Ogden,
of Tombstone, Cccluse couu y, Arizona, has had
fi'ed an application for pile it to 15 o linrr.il
feet of the Stiver elt vei 1, lode or dep it, bear
ing silver and gold, with suffice ground 600 feet
in width, situated in Tombstone mining district,
Coduse county, Arizona, more particularly de
scribed in the field notes and plat of the oltioi.11
survey No 793 on file in th s oih e, and de k
nattd as lot Do 186, as filljws, 10 w f
Begini i'lu at the initial inoi'inm lit of stone
describid in location iioikc, at a ptst5 It
long 4 ins sqr, in a mound of cirth and sione,
marked I M Silver Bull No 1 thence S 19 12'
E 239 ft lo.a post s i-2 ft long, ( i- s 'qr, et in a
nwuml of earth Rtid s one, Hulked S B M C No
1. from winch L's M M So 1 lit a-s S 29" 03'
3535 li distart, corner to St cs 1 and 3, north
boundary of Tp 20, S R 22 E, bears N 4 03'
W 7358 It d st Hit a shaft 4x6 and 19S It d ep
bears N 20" E 153 ft ilisi.inl, and shaft 4x6 ft and
14 It deep bears N 19 f no fi dtst.ant; thence
N 74 36 W 144 4 to the old location menu
num. 150 ft to a 3 ft cut, 3 ft lo the right, 179
ft to W end of cut, 8 ft to "the right, 287 ft to a
wash draining NW and 300 It to small monu
ment of stones upon s.ast line of Empire M C,
it lieing alio the NW cor of the Silver Tlucad
and the SW coi of the Silver Belt to a post
S 1-5 ft long, 4 ir.s sq, in mound of stones,
m irked S B M v No 3. from v SiSlIi ;i 4x4 in tost
marked E M C No 2 bears S 17" 24' V aji It
distant; thence N 17 24' E 33 ft to. 1 wash
draining N W, 371 ft to intersection cf sou It
line of Tomhstone townsiie, which bears S67
12' E 453 tt, and 95 ft to the light a sh.ft
4x4 and 30 ft deep, 527 ft to a sun wash
draining west, 882 ft to a 44 post marked li
M C No 3 and 1300 ft to N1 cor ost $A fi
long, 4 ins sqr. m a mound of earlh and
Hones, marked 11 M C No 4, from which U
S M M No 1 lejis S 2248' V 5174 fl fii 1,
anil a shaft 4x4 and 35 fl deep bears S 46 38"
E, 112.5 ft distant, thence S 7 1 35' E 213 f. 10
wa-h draining r.orth, and 500 It to north end
c-nter post 5H ft long, 4 ins sqr, in a niounj
of earth and stones, uiartud S I) M C No 5,
thence S 74 56' E 300 fl to NE cor post, 5 i-s
ft long, 4 ins sqr, in mound of earth and stones,
m irked SIIUC No 6; thence S 23 23' W
12 ji ft to intersection of south line of 'Iomh
stone towmite, K-ar ng m 67 is' E and 1515 It
n same course to SE cor post, 5 1-2 ft lorg, 4
ins sqr in a mound of stones, marked b II M
C No 7; thene N 74 3' W 33 It across Sh
cor of 'hifl 4x6 and 60 ft deep, 98 6 ft and 5 It
to the right, to a shaft 4x6 .ted 13 ft iktp. ami
141. 2 ft topot No 2 and place of beginning
the extension survey of claim. Variation, n
43 L; contamtrg 17.90 aer s
;sjii cuini is si. mud 1. 1st of the town of
Tombstone and is bounded on the south by ihe
Mier I lire a ,i i, on tne rili ny the Huron
M C, and on the e.tst ry the Nonh Point M C,
and s nd claim underhesa portion of the 'Tomb
stone tow 11 it ; the same licing duly recorded in
t o office of the 1 ounty Recorder at Tombstone,
Cochise ctunly, Arizona, as sh' wn by ctrtifn d
abstract 01 tide en file in this oflic.
Any and all persoas claiming udversc'y the
whole or ait) portion rf s.id Silver IVIt mining
cl dm .lie rcqui-ed to file ilmr adverse claims in
this office during the 0 days' period of publica
tion hereof, or thev will be b.itn.d by vutue f
the provisions of the statute.
It Is hereby ordered that the forego" -g notice
lie published for sixty daps in the Tombstone
Epitaph, a daily newspaper published in Tomb
stone, Cochise county, Arizona, by me desig
nated as the paper published near-st to said
claim. C. E. DAILEY, Register.
.First Publication, .tu. 15, 188.
Nolle1 or .ippllrall mi for V. . I".itcat tti
t!ic I'll inc.- ttluln: nulla -o. id.
Tircsov, Arizona, Jan. 13, 13J7. )
Notice is hereby given thit Charles W.
Leach, of Tonustone, CoJiise county, Ari
zoui, hishid hied an Dpplicitiou fur pifnt to
1500 linear leet of iljChan.-e vein, lobar de
posit, heariiij; ilv r and gol I, wiih surface
ground fioo Ivet in wi Ith, situated in T .nbstiiie
m.iiuig liistrn t Cocbi e coumy, Arizona, nuie
particularly lejcnbedin the fHd lutei ind ijIv
if lb offi lal survev, No. tjj, oti fie in this
jitite, anJ designated as lot No. 18 , as fol
lows, 10-wit:
Ueqin ng at the mill d liionu.nci.t, situ .ted at
ihe nortrmcsi cn', cuter ol e' 11 11 at a ost 1; ft.
lj''Bi 11 inch's qr, in a monnd of stones and
ertt , nurked I. M. Chana1 M. C No. 1,
from whuh ,1 shift ov r too ft dee,. liearS 7
32' W, 12411 distaM; ihentf N 64 23'. W 5S 7
10 a 4 inch post in.arktd S center lionarzi
anil thence on same co irse 303 U to N V,' cor.
post. 5 ft long, 4 ins sqr, 111 mend of s'jne,
mured '" M. '.'. N 2; tlunLe S 3 "40' -
1500 fl toS W cor. pjst, 5 It long, 1 in hi', in,
niiiun I of sio.ifs, 111 irk, d (' M C Mo 3, tiiviiri'
5(. 2S' E 300 ft to sWcni center pus;t ft
long 4 ins 'qr, in ,1 inoip d of stones,
m it k .1 1 MC No 4. trom which croppngs
b tr N 31 40' K $00 It tlutjiit; thence b 64
s4 fa 300 ft 10 S L for post, 5 ft long, J ins- sqr,
in a nioiiiid of stonei, mirkid C ii C No s,
frcm which U S mIm No 3 heart N 4548' V
7,096 ft distant USM M No. 6 bears S 7-.
40' . and tome to sections i and 2, notlli
boundary of l'p.20, S R 22 E, bears N 4302'
E 18.018 it distant; lli-nee N 3240' E isjo
ft to N E cor post, 5 ft Ion,;, 4 ins qr. in a
mouml of stones, marked C M C No 6; ihence
N 64 28' VV 144 7 it, to pf'tin I remarking iSe
S E cor of Bonanza M C, ant 3'x fut lofost
No land place of beginning Variation, n
43' U; area, ao. 66 acres. Said claim benglo.
cited ab uts niit-s sOitthwesii-rly tio.u the tovn
of Tombstone and about too ards southeast
erly from fie Mcrrimac .vl C. and is bo.ind d'.n
the N E by the Bananza M C; the same l-ing
duly tecorded in the office of the county re
corder at Tomb-tone, Cochise county. Are.om.
as siovvn by his curtifi -d alistract of tide fled m
this office.
nyandall persons claiming a-lvcrsely the
Hlule 01 any poriinti of sud Lb tn -e inin.ii!
cl in are rquifd 10 pre-ent th-ir advtrsr
cltimsinlhis office durin? 'the period ol sixl)
days pu 'hca ion hereof, or ttey will be birred
by virtue of the provis'rns of the s'atutc.
It is hereby ord-T-d th tt the foreoinj notke
b" published lor the ptriotl ol sixty diys i.i the
Tombstone Epitaph a doily mwpapcr ub-
lished at Tombtione. Corhi'J county. Arizona.
C. E DAILEY, Resist r.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To . Mulbcrrv. vou are horeby noticcd
that the undersigned has expended one lmiulred
($100) dollars during the )eirs 1V33-1884-S85
ind 1886 in the performance o the annual labor
upon the hodman Magnate, and Vanguard
miring Claims, situ it tl 111 the Tombstone Min
iii" di-tiict, Cochise county, Arizona 'territory
in order to hold the same as ritquired by Section
2324, Revised Stat'ites -f the United Mates
and jour propor ion o' stul sum so expended
and due to the undersigned i:. one-sixth of the
amount so expended on each of the above men
tioned claims and if yjuvo'ir heirs or assign;
f til or rcfu c lo contribute voer proportion of the
sum expended within ninety days after ti'c
publication of this nol'ce, vour in crest i th
said mines will be onie the propeily of the
undersigned, who has made sut.li cxpeiuliiu'e.
'Ill M.isUriDiS,
Tombstone, Feb. 1, 137.
VoMcu if 1 ru-eiaption 1'roof.
(Dccliraton Stitemsnt No. ioji.)
UNiTrnSrvrrs La mi Oi net., 1
TUi son, ri., Jan. 35, 13F7. J
Notice is herrbv pi en that the follow ng
named settler h is tiled notico of his intention to
make final proof in support of his Pre eiiiption
Claim 'o. 1091, and that said proof will be
made before the Register and Kcce.ver of the
U. S. I-antl Office at Tucson 'n ona, on
Thursday March 10, ISS7, vi , V CJ Teen
wood, ol Benson. Cochise co inty. A, I.. for the
i: V, of S. W. J and iv of S. 1 . of See
22, Tp 16 S. k. 2. !"., U. & S. K. M He
iianics the following witnesses to piove h's con
tinuous residence upon and c litivitiuli ol said
land viz: D II. og.an ew ton Smith, T. B
Is'obson r.nd 'Ihouias 'I crncr, all of Benson,
Cocht e county A. 1 .
C. I P.mi.ky Register.
First p'.lihcalion Jan. 31, t3 7.
Notice of Forfeiture
To Ji.lni M. Co.hns: Yon are h-rcl y 11 oti
fii rl that the i rtlt-sign. d h ts 1 x v iid-d n tng
ll e ear trditig iMiinhtr 31, 1880, one bun 1
rrrldolirs in ill: rf.trta c- of ihe n tu'
1 d.or up n the Wnoop Up mine, situ .t d m l'if
Tui(iii.,s niinii'g r.islnct, Lcinilv i.f C't lie e,
Tirutory of Anzoin. 1111 rder to lv 1 1 11 e same
as required bv Melon 2,a2a 01 the Rcvis tl
Mitut.sof th. UiikIM tt; and vo .r pro.H,i
don 01 the ani3ttiii so exiiinc'tii nd cue to ihe
uieleisi,iud is fifiy dol'irs; and iijou, joi
htirs or a'signs, fil to contrlule vour pro
port on of tl e sum t xpended mlhin ninety tlajs
after the public ilion nl th s notice, )o..rir.ter
1 St in sud Whoop Up mine will In-come the
properly of our ic-i.vnr-, tlu urdersinn'tl,
ho l.as mtdc siu.li ex trduure.
Dated Ton.bstrn- January 15, 1337.
In the Distrct (.ourt of ihe 1" rst Juliin
t istriet of the Territory of Aiizor.a in and fo:
tin. County or Cot h s-, J sej h H'jl!;r, plu utl
vs. George Rulledge, defendant Action
biought in the .' Ji-tric: 'ou't of the Firs, J11
tli n District of the 'lVnit. ry of Anzoni, in
and tor the County of LoJuse, and lh tont
pl lint fil tl in the s.iiJ loun y of 1 oJiise, in ihe
cllue of the l.'Unk cf said District Court. The
Icrntory ol Arizona s"ni!s gn'eting to Georg
Rutlede, deftr.dint. Yon are herebv rtqiprvd
to appe trin an action brought ,ngamt you by
the above n.imt d pi . i n t ' ,T, in the District C'our'
t.f the I'irtjudi(.'.il Di trict of thf 'Territory of
Arizona, in and loi the count) of On hi -, anil
tu answer tl.c coinpiimt tiled ihticin, wit! 111
twen'y dajs (exclusive of the rl i)"pf service) af
tei the service upon j u of this summons (if
served within this com,') ; or if served out of ihis
county, tip in th t distric within ilrny ''ays;
oihirwise wiihm iori) day-) 01 Judgment by de
fault will be taken .'g vmt jou arrotdirg to the
pa)crofs.aid complaint. Ihe said action is
l.n uht "o have ,1 tr 1st lee-1 construed a 111 H-
gifee, for the forccio-uie ol th same and fortl c
itcovir) ol $2,r, interest, I'anug s ind costs.
Ann vt u are hereby notili-'tt that it yt u lail to
appj-r an 1 answer the s.utl compliir.t. as above
retiiiired. the siid p'aintill wall t.akt judgmint
aet tult as prayru 'or in st m compi.tini.
Given under my han 1 .1 .1 ejl of the District
Coirl of the First udiUal District of the
Itrriloiy of Ailzon.i. in and for tnecoun-
I. s.1 ty of Cochpc, tins twentieth day of No
veiubtr, 111 t,'e etr of cur Lord, ot e
thousand eght hundred and eight) -s,ix.
II. A. FICKAS. Clerk.
First pubhcitic 11 Jan 4, 1886
Dissolution of Partnership.
The firm of Cummings & Bauer, under the
name of '1 he Wholesale Butcher Company, is I
hereby dissolved. Fred Castle will collect all !
accounts cue saw tirm ana piy an accounts uue
by said company.
Ci'mminos & Bauer
lombstonc, Jan. 26 1887
jN'olice of y.titi oi' iicnl Astute
Ad m i n i s tra tor's Sa lc.
Notice is he-eby gien that in otirsunnce of .i:
order or 'h- P- Sn- Ccurtot Cochise County,
Territo ) ! -vnzon.i, made on tne 21st diy ef
December, 1886. in the matter of the estate of
Ambrose Lal, deceased, tha aindersigned, the
administrator of the said eitite, will fell ,: ;-uh
lie auction, or pfvatu 'ale, todi tngliest bi-M r
for cash, goltUoin cf the United States, and
suijct t' corli-iuntionby tliusucces'crof thi
present I'rob..U' J u.l;e, ona.. d aftei batunla)
the 22ml tlay of Janii'ry, 187, between th.
hours of 9 a m. ar.d 4 p. 111. ol eaJi da) a ml
the intere4ts in tna ro.il -st it- nre saltl at Mb.it
is known a? the iliitne k tilth ol me hit. Am
brose Ltnll, deceased, in Co-nt -e eo inly, Aii
zon.alertiioiv, all the right title a.,d int-rc-t
and estito o! the s 11 1 Am'ir I .mil, decearetl,
ivl tl," time of his deit'i, an.i all tne I'ght lid'
and interest that the said est..te li .s by upira
li6r. of law or otherwise aapihed m aitl to al
th- pieces or pvc. 1, of and : tt. ate, iji .g and
being in tin s 111 cojniv of G.cV t, TerntO'V w
Anzona and ile&cri ed .n fo'l iv, t wit: I h
one-eighth rf what is krovrn ar th- c:rtl,r.s'
Holes I'anch ihn. one sixte n-i ol wh t i
knovvn as the II.lfRmch, aid ihe ouj mf ..
what is known .as tl-t Home Ruich less 2.-.
.'.ens set .ip.rt to the wdov and the laiusii
children, and the iaiproV-in-nls ther- in. Tilt
interests spt cilied are e ic'i undivided irtjrests
1 erms of sale. ash, go'd eom of the Unit-..
S-ates, to be paid to trie aJnunistraor on th.
day of sile, subject to the confirm it.o.n i.v th
couit. Died.it theexpjnse of thj purchaser
Shall Ijeio'd all to '.ether or in distinct parous,
os mi) be lor the best interest of the estate
Administrator of the Estate of Ambuss L),a'l
Attorney for Estate.
In the Cottn'y Court in and for the County nl
Cochi.-e, in the Tetnlo.-y ol Arizona. D. II
hm th anil John C l'l', ex co-partners in nann
of D II .niih&Co, p'lintirls, vs. H. H
Carpenl .. defemlint. Action brought in iht
ounty Court o Cc chi e, Territory of A izotia.
and the co ' plunt fied ii the 311 1 County o
Covluse, in the oflu e of iher'e lc of sa d ' ountv
( 'oJtt The Territory of Arizona -t n is g-eotinj.
to: H II Carpenter, defendant. You an
hertby rtqtiiretl to appctr in an acfoa brought
against ) oil by the nbov named pl.ain'ifi"., in
the Cou ity Court cf Cochie coun.y, Terntoiv
of Arizona a d to answer the c inplaint filet'
therein, wit iin twenty Hay (-x l..s-'veof the d.ty
of service) , fter the servtt e on you of hi- snm
nuns, if -er.id within this count", orif serve
utot ihs coi ntv. but in this d'stnet, withn
thirty da)s, orthi'rvvie within foryd.i)s, ot
judgment ly denult will bettken again t vol
accotdirg to tin pr yer of s.il complaint
Si'd .viinis brought to reovcr thuiy-on
linn red 1 nd 11 met) -six 04 100 dollars da..t.ige
foi tjoijls, w 1 cs mil ni'ichindisc fii'niihe
.in.lfor i-ionty paid out for de'endnt alhi
sp-chl itstince and requst as fill y npp-ar
by th. complaint I.I d herein, a duly cer.lfiei
co,y of which is hen unto ttt.ich-d AnJ yoi.
are hereby notified that if you fl 1 to appar ant'
anwer the said coirp'aint, as above requ-red
he saitl plainliffs will take judgment aganis
vou for the suin of three thousand r.e hundret
and ninjls-Mx 94-too do.lari t'geih r itl
si.atutorv per cntikC nnd ciisti cf su't.
Given ueder my ha id and teal of ihe fount;
Courl ol Co h'se Co. ntv, 'Irntrry of Arizot'f
ihis i7diof Dtveinber, A D. i835.
Nitiet; of p'orftiiam1.
To T. D. Brne nntl J A. Bit k'la'.'er i
owners in te Tcni S ott mine situat d in tr
Tu quoiv nil I'nj, di. trict, Coiluse countv, Tei
i -ry of Aiizunt. You ar; hertbv n .tifietl ih.i
1 h We exp-nocd one him .red ($109) I'o'lirs 1
labor and'invumments up n the ab .ve nun r
muting e dm dunrg the )ear 1 'Hi, 111 ord-r t
hold the atne tis val d location, a- ivqirred bv
e:tion 2521 Rev's." J Sututes of ihe Unitiv
Stit-s 'lhrefore if wi Inn 1 inetv 1,0 ) d .)
i't'T and irom this imbhcat'on vou fail or rcfus
to contnbite )oi:rp-rp-r yorion of s id ex
ptndutirts and ihe ensi of tin ptibheition, a
co-owner-, your inte-cst in said nil ewillbt-iiiii-
the prop-rty of the undersigned under
s-i -ti.tn23t. S H. Bkva'vt,
Tviu'istonc Jin. t(, 1837.
Nottice oi Forfeiture.
To R. P Man li Id vou are heiebv notfi'd
that the untie signed hat expend-d du'inj iht
y-M- enriui D -ce nbr 31, i836 one htindred
($100) tlii.ars in the t?rionn nice of the annuttl
la or u.jon th; ."s mdie-n Cross .nine, s tmtrtl in
ill- Tomb t n- I1nm4 cl s'r c:, Coch 5 county.
1 1 rntory of A-i mi, 1.1 ord- r to ho'd the sun
asrLqiiiied by Se.'tion 2121 of tlu Revis d
. atutes of ihe Un te 1 S'.itei, ind vonr propo--'i
in oftliP'xmt'ilut 3 expended n 1 tlu- to the
u ;cle--ignel is fi ly ($;o)dnl'tis an 1 if vou or
your h-irs r as'gn', 'ail or .eftl e to c 'ntribute
voir pi.i(Mi'ti in of 111! sin rxpenl'd wtlhit,
nmclv days ifter the pu'tho-.d n of this r.o'ice,
vour inteiest mtlie Slid S.,uth rn Criss nunc
will become- tin property ol t e und rsigned,
who hainnde such exp-nditure.
Dited Tomb. tone, Jan. 3 1887.
llY 1IIK
1 he A ::n : t-e itm ml t- 1 positive cure lor all
staires of V COiIOL'M, removing all crav
ings of the appetite lor ei her sp r:t'ius or malt
It c.in be taken at homi without interfering
with tlit" social or business affairs of life, and
i!I e:Te t a more si'Bl.iiy AND pexmanknt
cuki. t'un cin be dirived from .1 long and
expensive conrs of treatment at inebriate l,c
pit ds,
TncA'.Ml. trc itmerit is suuple 111 form and
inexpensive, coming within tlie means of eveky
UNhORTUSAir. xt . or woman that may have
contracted ,111 1 petnt ior strong drink.
It is cqtully pitent as a cure for the OPIUM
or MORPHINE habit or THE Ktrcssivi: USE
of NAiiconas or lobiceo.
Tor pciiodical SICK iitadaciie, nekvous
NfS? anil hysteria it stm.ls unnv lied when
use;! is cither .1 pkiakntative or .1 1 t)RK.
In the periods of ph)s:cil derangements and
mutual depression lint follow excfssive drink
ing, it peedil) restores the functions of nature,
and lends a s'mthini; and restful influence to the
disturbed mind. If the treatment is continued
from this stage of restoration the desire for stun-
uliting diiuk will in a brief tune be wholly erad
icated. In all eases of mental i atigue, coni u
sios of thought or n clouded memory, it is
particularly beneficial and most desirable in its
results. It .stivui.vtes the mi Kt.Lrcr, leav
ing the mind 111 a ct ear and r.x "I.ted state,
without cepicssion ol spirits or periods ot reac
tion after its use.
It is not a nauseating medicine and may lie
adinmisti red in cooling thinks or food. Its
presence cannot be detected by the most accute
palate or fastidious stomach.
If )ou do not find it at )our druggist's- send
$1.00 by postal order or postil ncte to Acme
Manufacturing Company, Box 141, Kansas
City, and you will receive one package cf the
Acme Remedy 111 plain package, secure l.om
All letters of enquiry containing stamp an
swered promptly.
Liberal discount to druggists and dealers.
Box 14 1, KaiLtas City, Mo.
Probate Notice.
In the Probate Court of Cochis: county,
Atizona, Terriio y; In tha nutter of thi estate of
W. J. Baldriile, deceased On reading and
hling Ihe petition ol Henry T. Bi'dnde, pray,
ingiorat ecree of distribution of tse pi oiul
estate of the said deeaav il to t e said jseutijuer
as ih J sole h.nr at law of ilK siiti ecased.
IiiiorI;red ih .'. a I en.ng of the s.ai.ia.v'i
t: moil be app tinted f tr Saturday, tl,- ;ih 'diy
o- J imiar, 1337, at 10 j'cl irk a. m ol ill it d ly
.11 1I1 c urt roni of ai J c -urt at V m .t .n ,
Coch.se county, A. I , mid ill a personal notice
of such app'icatnn be given tjh pricns m-trre-u-d
111 saM e.tile, il r-si 1 -.g in
1 i le -itory a.id if rvidug w-i"-oui tlu
Teirtury ih-ii liy p:M;,.a lo.n f this 01 I-r tor
it leas' lour we-ks intn" D-I o n loiu
Eptvh. ii-'or. t te.ini'ao onu 1 .V me hfcar
ng of trv -11 ifi .1 eition.
Dittd D.cember 7m, i315.
B. L, PKEL. P'ohte J11.V-.
Kofcice of Forfeiture.
To John M. Co'luu: You are Ivreby net
fied that the uadtftigne i hare cxpendei, dur
ing.the year endin De.vnibrr 31. i33 otic
hundrrddillars in the performance o' the aa
lud l.ilw- upDii thetjjen of tl.-- Mill Mine
-uuat'd in tlu Tu-q 101s miniiu di-trict, c ui.ty
of C ch s-, Terntiiy of Anzoni, in onler 10
tio'd the sam-, a3 rcqnired bySctltm 2.34 rf
the R.-vied Stati tes f ihe United States, itntl
vt.ur proponioa of the amount so ex eiijed and
due 10 Ihe undersigned is fifty dll irs. i-nln
vc u, yoar hei or assigns, fail or refuse to c m
inbateyjur proporti 11 or the sum cx,ieii el.
within ninety tl .y, afi.r tne imbhcation o1 ibis
notice, your lKl-rest i.i the said The Q em ,1
the Hill mine will li.-c.jme the propert) cl you
en-ovvrers, ihe undersigred. w ho luvv m 1 in su- h
fcxpentliture. OIIN McMAHON
Dated Tonibs'one, January it, 1837.
Aotioo of Piv(mi:!uu I'r.mf.
(Declaratory Statement No. iojo )
U. S. LamjUimcb atTccso.v, Ar"; I
D I'eniliT 24'h. i8l. J
No iee is here'iv givan tiit t i. li t fc
nam d se:tler h s filed not'o o- h.s i..t-irion n
uake fin il pro .f in sui p irt f his 1 m-rnip tor,
-lauii No. 1099, and lii-t sail proif w.ll N
in 1 u before the Rrg.sier.an I Ke.ur n Tu
son, Arizona, 1 n rrbruiry ii, 187, vz: Jnhli
iluft ker, of Trv- Htmoi, Coeliisj c iv, A
. . for th N'M of SEJ of S . 32. Tp 1 ; S
R. 20 E G. S ", I He nam -s tn 'o'lo v
ng witnesses to p'ove his lontitiu 1 s r sitlenc
'pon and cultivition ol faitl Ian 1, viz. 'Thorn 1
B ker, John IX. Allen Thou s I urn. r, 'J 11 rv
ninbar, all of Yr Alamo?, Coh se con t)
R gt wr.
First puhlicitton D s 119 IH36
$LOOFQR 25c.
To any one wh j wnl s-td us 25c a.l ct
our agent we will 'end die f.illwving ..-..ods, in
:ould not be liouht eSewnen; I r less tnai
Si.oo: 1 Dozen Sln ts 01 rsnp'rhneConiiiarci.
t'aper, 1 Doz"t) En v. lope, to much. 1 xtra
in: l-adits' Steel IVls, 1 -ei ts' Co'den ' 1, 1
iSk ROLLED GOLD ,s!NG, worth mow iImi
v-charge for the pu kue; t Dixon L-ad Pel
il, 1 Faber's Pencil Rubber, ill lir t-el tss rood
1 Sheet f B'ottini; l'.ap r, 1 o''ed tlold I'l.r
'oilar Button, 1 Set oi Roltd tinlil 1 ulf Bu
m. We h .ve snt.-,1 ih-tt th - goo Is Vaiv'
ep tritely co Id not b Ik,u,I,i 'fi-r less il.at
ti.oo, bu to senir n v agents e wi I s.l then
ml up in pjeL ige for 2. .
f'V3ex. Conn.
Noiico of f crfeitjro.
'To Geo. W. Sti ivakt: You are hereby no
tified that the undes'g' ed has exjx ntled one
hundred dalhrs on the E'lcn oss mine, itu
iie.1 in I omhstonc Milling District, county 01
,'ochise, 'Tc itoi y of A-nzon . for the year er d
mg Dereiuryr 31st, 1886, in order to held ramc,
is required by Section 2324 of Revised StataUs
of ihe United States Your proportion of
l.nount expended and due the unJersigned is
telve an 1 fifty oie hundredths dolla-s, and if
ion or vour be r o- is igus fail to contribute
vo ir proportion of the sum so cxpend-d, to
,'clher with ihe expense of this noti.-c, within
n nelj davsa'ter the first p tbliiati 11 of this no
.ice, your mte'C't in sud I. en I.o. mine wilt
lecoiue the proiAj't; ol vo r co-omkt, who has
made said cvp-nditu'e. '
H. I. Fisher.
Dated Tombstone, lb. .4 1837.
The S' ci-iffof i)v. County of
Cochise i. heivby authorized
to offer a reward of $250 for
the arrest and conviction of
the party or parties who at
tempted to kill J. S. Clark and
wife on the evening of January
4th, 1887.
John H. Slaughter,
Ii. A. Shattuci;.
Under Sheriff.
$250 Reward,
Tlte aliove rownrri will be puid
for the arrest and conviction of
any per.son or persoas unlawfully
hunt I ling an' ot my stock, uraiul
UG on left hip.
Cliarlust.tii. A. T je!2-lj
Inspector's Notice
To all parties wishing to cross the line
between Sonor.l and Ariz ma with cattle,
notice is hereby given tha: according to
the law of Arizona before entering said
Territory with caltlf, they must first be
inspected by the regularly appointed in
spector, whose office is in the Vizina
building, first door east of court house,
Tombstone, Ar'i7ona.
IS. A Packard,
-- ' i .
Occidental Hotel.
This is the only first-class hotel tti
Tombstone. It is handsomely furnished
with all modern improvements. Trav
elers who stop at this house will find
every comfort and attention. Private
rooms for commercial travelers at reason
able rates. A splendid billiard table
and a card room. The bar is supplied
with pure brands of wines, liquors and
cigars. tf
S H J" n, r
vwiJ' s
Row to Control Effectually All Sue
nor rib 1 Habits.
Roehuttr, X. y. Pcil-Erprm.
A gentleman who has spent the 8Utn
mer abroad, said to our reporter, thai
the thin that impressed him most ol
all was the number of holidays one en
counters abroad and the little anxiety
tho peop'o diMilav in the conduct i.f busi
ness aiLiirs. ''ifi'ii boast hoie," hasijid,
"that tlify work fur yeais without a day
oft"; i:i Kuropi! that would be eoiibiderod
Mr. II. H. Warner, who was present
at tin; urn?, naSd, " This is the tint sntn
mer in vt-ar 'hat I have not f-penton
tho water. Bopii too busy."
"Then, I Hiippofe ou liavo been ad
verti'inj oxtonsively?"
"Xot at all. We have always hereto
fore clOM'd our laboratory duun July,
Aug'nt ami deptoiiibor, hut this sum
mer vvc have ke;-t ii running tlav and
nittht lo supply the d"m.md, which has
been throe timeo jfrealor than ever be
fore in our history at thN hiwoii."
"Hon do ou riceouut for KiIh?"
"The inrrt'n-e han como fr -in tho tini
venal iccojr.iiion of (lie acelUnce of our
picpaia lui.i We have been nearly ten
ye.irf Morn Ihe public and the sale3 are
eoKston'ljj ihCi eiuii.g v hiln our no wh paper
advertising is eoutionllti diminishing.
Why, liin.fi seinntilif mid mctlical au
thorities, now publicly concede that our
Warner's Bate euro is tho only scientific
speeiflu fur kidney anil liver direases anil
for all the many diseases caused by
"Have yon evidence of this?"
"Almnilaneel Otvlv :i few weeks ago
Ir. J. L. fttcpiienst, o Lebanon, Ohio, a
8'eeialUt fur ihe cure of naieotic, etc.,
habits told me tlmt a nuiiiher of emi
nent wintillo in 'the il men hail been
esp' riiiipntiiic Ur year, telling and an
ulyzingnll hiiovvu rvinetlies for the kid
neys and l'uor, for, as you may he awaro.
the exrewivo use of all narcotics anil
stiiniilants de-tioys thou oi;ani, anil
until they can bo lettered to health the
habits cannot be broken up! Among
tho investigators w ro fuch men as J.
M. Hall, M. D, President of Ilia Slate
ISo.ud of Health of Iowa, and Alexaudor
Neil, M. D., Pnifo-sor of Surgery in the
colleire of Phyfiriaim and rfutirebasand
pieritlent of the Academy of Medicine at
Columbus, vrhn,aiteresliuustive inquiry,
rejiorted tli.it Hip"" was no remedy
known to hcIiooN or K."ieiitlfic inquiry
equal to Warner's safe euro!"
"Are many iicrsons addicted to the
tiso of deadly drugs?"
"There are forly millions of people in
the woil.l vv ho use opium alone, ant)
there are m my liundrctls of th'iusands
In this country who tiro victims of mor
phine. 1 pinni, quiiiliii' and encaine.
Thoy th. k they have no such It ibit
about them eo ma ty jmoplt' ;irt uncnu
foinus victims of ifies. h.-tliltf. Thoy
havo pains and syinptotns of what they
call malaria ami otln r di wasps, vvhcnju
reality it i ihi ilemiii.l in !ho bVbtero
for theHOtenilile dru,'-, a Krainl that
is causf.l largely bv 'nsrei.um'.resfrip
lions which lOiitiiln fo many hiujeroiM
driiK, and strong bpiriti-, and one that
mi'it Le answered or -'ileiu'cl in the kM
neys ami liver hr what Dr. .Stephens
stiys is the only kidney and liver spocifJc.
Ho also pays "that niol-" ale opium and
other dm file's, if th v sm'ain the
kidney and liver vior with (hat great
remedy, can keep up theuo habits in
"Well doe not this di-covcry giveyou
a new revelation of tli-. oor of Bofe
"No, pfr; for yeais I ham tried to con
vince tho public timt veit ly all Hit di
eatet of the human tyiieui oirgumte in
pome itiroider of the kidnevs or liver,
ami hence I have locillv declared that
if our specific were iwd, over ninety
per cent, of there ailments wm;Id disap
pear. The liver and kidneys om to
absorb theo pp!ons fnm thit blood and
become dc nivcd anil di-c.iod."
"When t,i"o eminent aiunoiitioalhus
publicly a iin.t that the.e is no ivtnrxly
like ours ! enublo the kidneys and liver
to thiow oil' tho f 1 ili t; til etfocts of all
deadly di tig-and exw-iwi uwo offtim
ulants it is an admission ! It- jioweras
great as any one could desire; for il
through its influence alone the opium,
morpliine, quinine, coeaine and liquor
habits can be overcome, what higher
testimonial of its specific power vould bo
ashptl f,i-?"
"You really believe then, Mr. Warner,
that Ihe majority of diseases come from
kidney and dvitr complaints?"
"J do! When y..ti ece a perann moping
anil g". vcling alioilt, half dead mid half
tthv.-. vtMr alter joir, yo i :u iv snroly
pit 'ti n ilniiii :is havitig'Jiime ki incyanu
liv 'tidhV."
1 i'lic oih": tiny 1 vias t.ilking with Ur.
Fc.v'rr, tlie . miitenl occulis! r.f lli.S city,
nl.o ui I tli it hall the patieiiUwliocam
to hi 11 !: cjv tn-a'tuont '".vie ad'.;eted
by advti: tt tl kidney dieas. Nowminv
peopl wii'l'T w hy in mitl lie lif.whefr
e-c sight !.-e :n 's :Kir V tlitroii,th
conr"o o' ireaf-n -it w ' Warner's safo
cure is vvhiit thev nri ninre 'hati a pair
of eye ida-nw. l'he iti.ipfj p.i.son nulla
blood aiv.'4'.i ait.iiii.s t,,.. Mcak'Mt part
of the body, w.;li s m? it atlects the
eyti', with others tho head; with others
the ttomach or the lungi, or rheumatic
disonlers follows and neuralgia tears
them in pieces, or they lose tho potcert
of taste , smell or bee )inu impo'.enl in other
functions of the body. Whtrt man would
not give his all to have the vigor of youth
at command?"
"The intelligent phyrician knows that
these complaints are but symptoms; they
are not the disorder, ami thuyare symp
toms not of disease of the head, the eyr
or stomach, or ol virility, necessarily,
but of Ihe kidney poifoa in the blood
and theymay prevail and no pain occur
in the kidneys."
It is not strange that the enthusiasm
which Mr. Warner displays in his ap
pieciation of his own reined v, which re
ftored him to health when the doctors
laid he could not live six months, should
become infectious and that tho entire
-orid should pay tribute to its power.
For as Mr. Warner sayj, the sales are
constantly increasing, wiiile tlie news
paper advertising is constantly diminish
mg. This speaks volumes in praise ol
the extraordinary merits ol his prepara
tions. Dissolution Notice.
1 lie partnership heretofore existing between
F. M. Tanner and The F.rie Cattle Company,
doing business under the firm name und style of
the Bisbee Butcher Company, is, tliis 13th day
of December, 1886, dissolved by mutual con
sent, and neither party will be responsible for
bills contracted by said firm from and after thi
date. F. M. TANNEK.
di8-30 By W. W. WHITNEY.

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