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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, March 11, 1887, Image 1

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SUrtocoinrctwth';aern-VJuiIaul ''" I
th jiem.v-"v aul w I
T!?!!; ,.i. n ,,.,,. laws'
414VC IW valine. " M-7.. .
at 1:30 111
Su;e for Ctmlnton leaves .U 8:30 a. m.
Su$ for IS sb.
lewcs at a. m (except un
Omce-45 Alton Street, under Ocoldcntal
rW pper t kept on flle it H. O. Ottke.'
--Vorttartua Afreaoy, 64 and 65 Mor
U&ats' Bxouunue, San Francisco, Col,
vik contracts for advortUlna can bm
for It.
Our county officers will rest easy after
Lou Aubry has returned from his trip
to Socorro.
B. A. Fickas will take his departure
to-day from Prescott to San Bernardino.
J. R. Johnson, a prominent mining
roan of New Mexico, is stopping at the
Occidental hotel.
'Charles Anschults and John O. White,
f Bisbee, are in town, and are at the
Occidental hotel
The Holiness Mission will hold 1 meet
Jog at their new hall on Fifth street to
night. Bowen, the well known Tombstone
chiropodist, has located in the flourisiiing
town of San Diego.
The Fourteenth, wilj be a. well 'ctis
ied"body of individuals, if they succeed
in passing the fee bill.
Dont fail to attend the special meetng
of Cochise Lodge I. O. O. F. this eve
ning, as a full attendance is desired.
he Fourteenth Legislature, is a thing
of the past so is Tom Fatish and the
office ol Commissioner of Immigration.
The Cochise delegation will return to
their homes at onse. Mr. Blinn will tary
a day or two in Phenix en routciur
The eagle eye of our police has been so
efficient in the pursoit of that human
evil, the tramp, that it his rid Tombstone
of every last one of them.
Densmore and Burrcll, accused cf
dynamiting Mercers store out of existance
at Tnbac, were examined in Tucson, and
Frank Bulardo returned yesterday from
Volcano city, at which place he is doin
business. Frank reports everything
looks favorable for a good permanent
mining camp at the Volcano district.
Thomas Dunbar, of Ires Alamos, is
.visiting Tombstone on a business trip.
The Epitaph is always glad to greet our
worthy brother, whose only fault is his
Frank Dcatherige, of the Democrat,
.returned last evening from Nogah s, at
which place he has been in the interest
of his paper. Mr. Deatherige report
Nogales as quite a thriving little com
munity. The blacksmith shop of the Vuina
Mining Company, at the foot of Fourth
street, burned down yesterday. The fire
companies were promptly en hand and
did effective service, for so small a fire.
Loss about Sico.
Three burglars broke into the house of
Rev. Father McEnrue, of Freeprot, Pa,
the other night, and the plucky priest
knocked one down, and is ths others ran
shot at then them with his revolver. All
escaped apparently unharmed.
In the college slang of Princeton a
perfect recitation is called a" tear," of
Harvard a" squirt of Bowdoin a'1 s lil" ot
Williams a " rake," of Hamilton .V'blood,
and of Amherst a" cold rush." Failures
are called "slumps." " stumps," Flunks"
It appears that Professor Wiggins pre
dicted the Italian etrthquake as long ago
1 last September. H locatod it in the
Southern States and named a day in
October, but a slight discrepancies of
three or four thousand miles in distance
or of six months in time do not figure
much in his calculations.
Senator Fair, of Nevada, during his six
yeirs' term has not said enough in the
Senate chamber to fill a page of the Con
gressional Record. Strangely enough
his successor, ex-Senator Stewart, was
during his former strv'ca as a legislator,
one of the most loquacious membes the
United States Senate ever had.
He Gome to Stay.
A dashing young Tucson merchant,
who, bv the wav, is very fond of a
neighboring merchani'3 wife.drpveup his
spanking deliver) te.im to the door of the
house of his friendTor the purpose of de-
. . i-.i . i
livtnni; 'Olllt neeucu grurenci vu wc
familv. As the insinuating young gro-
eery mn entered the husband quietly
iibdre, lhi.iking he wo'dd like to learn
how mu ') time hU fneud would ton-ume
on his business errand. The merchar.t
waited p.itit ntly fr upwards f '.v half
hour Another half hour sl.pp d away
and Mill the horse siood guard at the
door of the waiting husband. Afier
three hours had elapsed he concluded
that his friend h.id come to stay, conse
quently he approached the horse and un
harnessed him from the wagon, and
leading him to the nearest stable erdered
him put up and cared for during the
night. Soon the swain emerged from
the premises, and jude of his astonish
ment at finding the horse had disap
peared. Why, d n the old fool, he
muttered, "he has gone away and left
me before, but this is the first time that
he ever unharnessed himself." The rrer
chant left the premises, swearing that if
that family ever wanted groceries from
him they would come to his business
Sale of Smuggler' Proporty.
A street sale of a condemned, confis
cated smugglers' outfit took place yester
day in front of the United States Cus
tom House in Tombstone. The proper
ty for sale were animals seized by U. S.
officers, who caught one Jesus, near La
Noria, trying to smuggle contraband
goods, principally mescal, over the line.
Three burros and one horse were sold.
The burros were knocked down to the
highest bidder for the insignicant sum
of $s, $8.2; and $10 each. The horse
only brougt $9. Mr. V. C. Wilson, the
Custom House officer, was much dis
gusted at the low price the animals
brought. They were worth much more
than sold for. All goods or property of
a smuggled character is kept for a term
of eight days, and if no legal action is
instituted to recover the same, the U. S.
laws .require it to be sold at public auc
tion. A Oat Story.
A tremendous commotion has been
-.wed 111 Philadelphia by a lawsuit be
'een two wealthy fanvlies growing out
of a dispute as to a tat. One fa-nily
as fond of cats and the other detested
ihcm. The family which doted on tabby
had a choice mouaer, and one day not
long ag, as he was promenading in the
back yard, a member of the other familj
oho! him deid. First there were arrests
for disorderly conduct, trespass, etc., and
ow both sides have damage suits pend
ng. For the information of Western
people it may be explained that old cats
cut more of a figure in Eastern society
than they do anywhere else on this con
tinent. No Doubt About That.
General Lord WoUeley asserts that
General Lee would have captured Wash
ington after the first battle of Hull Run if
he had not been controlled by the politi
cal leaders of the Confederacy.' Such a
claim is questionable, to say the least; but
there can be no doubt whatever that El
Mahdi would have captured General
Lord WoUslcy in Egypt if the latter had
not been controlled by a piir of legs
4'hich took him out of the coun'ry with a
rapidity never surpassed in the annals ol
rnil.tay rearward movements.
A Mayor of tie Bight Kind.
It u impossible not to admire the pluck
of the Mayor of Nice, who undertook to
restore the confidence of the frightened
people by giving his official assuranct
immediately after the earthquake tha
the worst was over and that they had
nothing to fear. A Mayor who can
guarantee a city against an earthquake
shock is a Mayor worth having.
The most extravagant stories of the
heroism of ths Prince of Wales, who
was in the earthquake rcigon at the time
of the shake, are told In England, where
the people shed tears of joy. Albert
Edward was in bed when the shock came
and valicntly refused to move. Entrea
ties were in vain. The walls trembled,
but he closed his eyes and bade his friends
depart. No oae but a prince of blood or,
a bloody prince who had been up hte
the night before, could have shown such
With fifty- five feet of water in the
Ohio River and hall of the inhabitants of
Cincinnati living on the roofs of their
houses, it is in order for the genial M.
Hahtend to remark again that the Pro
hibiponists arc "white bellied skunks,
sc-king to destroy the country and restort
Jot? Davis' Confederacy.
The new Duchcse !- Din, f rmerly
dele Lvmton and thrn Mrs. Stevtn-,
of New York, "ns a rastle nra- 4'ir.s,
for lnch she paid $i7S,"P,
' .
The late H.ry'Anl I'.et-rl.er and
Mr. Bnwn, ot the N-w Vi.rk Indepen
dent, have n t spoken ri't;tn year,
although tl.e liwd uthiri ab'ockotcach
Senator Wilson, of loi a, m i?J3
a journeyman harnfsmaler in Ohio,
and his wife was tne daughter of A'pheus
Jcwett, a tilacksmi'h of N-vark, O
Thomas Nast's young daughter cr oktd
the entire dinner the other day for a
dozen of her father's caricaturist friends
at the family's home in Morristown,
New Jersey.
John Harrigan and his rope have be
come famous in San Francisco. With
the same piece of rope he has pulled
twenty-eight people out of the water in
the last three years.
Theodora Thomas walks ten miles
every day and the Boston Herald thinks
that this gives his legs about the same
amount of exercise that overture gives
his arms.
John Whittaker, the colored cadet, who
was charged some years ago with mutilat
ing his own ears whiie at West Point, is
now a member of a successful law firm in
Chsrleston, S. C.
It is said in Washington that General
Viele, of New York, will probably be
sent as minister 10 .Turkcv, and that
Generrt Lawton will receive the mission
to Austria.
Congressman J. Thomas Sprigs is
quoted as saying thit before July tst,
President, Cleveland will leave,a letter in
the hands of the 'National Demcratic
Committee declining to be a candidate
for re-election.
Edward DeLong, a nephew of Gen.
Beauregard, and a son of the late Gov.
DeLong, of Nebraska, turned up in
Louisville recently a total wreck in
health and fortuncar.J wild with delirium
Edwin Arno'd, an hor if 'The Light
of Asia,' who was n.nij'rl d to retire
from his duii. s as ed.ior of she Lopil ji
Telegr.ph soir.e time ago and t-k- ii
his residence at tl-tr seaside, is rrp rlu
in better heat h.
During all of Congressman'-. C-u's ill
ness nobody at the While 11 u-c In
ever sent over to inqtiur nli ut him ant
it is on'y three blocks font the Prcs'
dent's office to the distinguished Deaio
ciatic statesman's .siik chamber.
A letter from Missouri has be.en re
ceived at the Interior Department ai
Washington addressed to "Hon. Robt.
McClelland." Mr. McClelland was Se
cretary under President Pierce from 1853
The body of Frederick Morris, who
claimedjto be a brother of Clara Morris,
the actress, who (ell into the river at
Huntington, Pa., last Saturday while in
a state of intoxication, has been recover
ed and identified. He had lived for
years under an assumed name because of
his dissolute habits.
AttectiouLO. 0-F.
There will be a special meeting of Co
chise Lodge, I. O. O. F., at 7:30 this
evening. All brothers ate requested to
oe in attendance. W. C oilN'-O.S',
N. G.
. Secretaiv.
W. L. Whepky, Grand Master of the
Arizona Lodge of I. O. O. F., and one of
the leading merchant of Phenix, arrived
in Tombstone )csterdy, Mr. Whepley
comes on a fraternal isit to Cochise
Lodge, which will meet this evening in
honor of his arrival. He is one of the
foremost men of the Territory, a deserv
ing, popular ger.Mcman, r.nd the EPI
TAPH bids him welcome to nur city.
Oik stster county, Pima, like Tomb
stoiii , seems to have prospects ahead.
The San Xavier mines are impioving
right along; they arc about twenty miles
south of Tucson. Mr. Hinke, of this
city, is mining there. He reports con
siderable chloriding going on and all
doing well. Quijotoa is looking up and
the piospects are that it may become a
live camp in the near futur-.
John S. Wise, of Vergima, on his an
nual announcement that his state is to be
Republican from this time forth. The
trouble is that ise and Virginia :ue two
ililTerent and ditnet in ti.u' mis. 'Iiic
Republicans cati W v. mi' 1 1 o.s ,hut
the DumocMU luvj oL.i.rui)g Vit-
The Italian earthquake came along
just in time to help the scientists out of a
dilemma relative to the Charlston uphea
val. They had carried the'r arjusments
on that disturbance to a point vljere per
sr.nal hostilities were m order, and they
uii-it have taken placd :he subject had
not been changed, it h pre-unvd that
the inve ligation of the European quakj
will busy them Uiitil t'-c upeni; g of the
cyclone season
In his recent piper 1 n Gene.al R. E.
Lee .he Ensjli-.. Ge .al Vufcl il c
himself on recjret aj 3 ill 01 the opinion
that the Amencin states have a r.i?ht o
secede. Up in Dakota there. 1 re some
itate-builders who believe that territories
may secede. The mass of the American
people will agree with both of these pro
positions under one condition. The e
cedersjnust whip their way out.
Unnecessary iseiy.
Probably as much misery comes from
habitual constipation as from any de
rangement of the functions of the body,
and it is difficult to cure, for the reason
that no one likes to take the medicines
usually prescribed. HAMBURG FIGS
were prepared to obviate this difficulty,
and they will be found pleasant to the
taste of women and children, a; cents.
At all druggists. T. Mack Co , pro
prietors, S. F
The Board of Supervisors of the
County of Cochise will receive bids for
carrying the insane to the Territorial
Asylum at Phenix The contract to be
awarded will run to January 10, 1888.
The bids must be accompanied with a
good and sufficient bond in the sum of
$;oo, conditioned that the bidder will
enter into a contract within ten days
should the same be awarded him, the
same must.nal be filed with the Clerk of
the Board before April, 4th, 1887, at
which time the bids will be opened. The
Board reserves the right to reject any
Dated March 2nd, 18S7.
By order of the Board,
A, R. English, Clerk.
Summer clothing at cost at Tweed's
m 0
Rapid Bst'ng of tho Heart
Whenever ou tet an aneasiness in
the region of the heart, a slight pain in
the shoulder, arm, or under the shoulder
Vad', or when jo 1 find jourself short o
irc.v.h -..l.en exercising, or your heart has
leriod'- of beating fast, yr u have heat
Uea-e, and should take Dr. Flint's
Heart Remedy. At druggists. $1.50
D scriptive treatise with each bottle or
iddress J. J. Mack & Co., S. T.
..1 i.i 1 ..
A meeting of the stockhr.l crs of the
Old Guard Mining Company will be held
m Thursday, April 7th, 1887, at 2 p. m ,
at the ofike of J. V. Vickers in Tomb
stone, Arizona", for the purpose of elect
nig Directors av.d authorizing sale anu
conveyance of the property of said com
pany. Dated March 3, 1887.
J. V. Vickers, Secretary.
Directors' Meet inc. A meeting of
the Directors of the Old Guard Mining
Company will be held at the office of
J. V. Vickers in Tombstone, Arizona, at
2:30 p. m., April 7th, 1887.
B. A. Packard,
Dated March 3rd, 1887.
J. V. Vickfrs, Secretary.
The Western Settler's Ohosen Specific.
With every advance of emigration in
to the Far West, a new demand is cre
ated for Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
Newly peopled regions are frequently
less salubrious than older settled locali
ties, on account of the miasma which
rises from recently cleared land, particu
larly along the banks of rivers that are
subject to freshtts. The agricultural or
mining emigrant soon learns, when he
does not already know, that the Bitters
afford the only sure protection against
malaria, and these disorders of the stom
ach, liver and bowels, to which climate
changes, exposure, and unaccustomed or
unhealthy water or diet subject him.
Consequently, he places an estimate up
on this great household specific and pre
ventive commensurate with its intrinsic
merits, and is careful to keep on hand a
restorative and promoter of health so im
plicitly to be relied upon in time of need.
A cold may be a dangerous thing or
not, depending upon the means at hand
to combat it. It is a wise precaution to
provide against emergencies that are
liable to arise in every family. In sud
den attacks of cold, group, asthma, etc.,
Ayer's Cheiry Pectoral w.ll ptote tho
quickest and most effective cure, and
I vour best friend.
' I is anu icu.,la of the latest designs it
SBfl5vfer' i3&ffs J
We do not want the World I
Modest prices are Satisfactory,
Moderate patronage is Acceptable;
Small profits are Sufficient.
If e do not sava you money e vill make sjeio oaa else sell ju Lor.
-. . .lleAnrmv vrhpn din rptnrta tn
falie nIr and dye, Is a soureo of con
stant anxiety to her. The very persons
from whom she most desires to hide tuo
wanluz of her charms are tho onrs most
likely to make the discovery. But there
Is uo reason why she should not regain
irad retsin all the beauty of balr that was
her pride In youth. Let her use Ayek s
lLuit Vicon, and, not only will her hair
cease to fall out, but a new growth will
appear where tho ncalp has been denuded ;
and locks that are turning gray, or hae
actually grown white, will return to tliulr
pristine freshness and hrjUIance of color.
AVEll'S IUllt ViGOK curta
Hereditary Baidnosa.
GEoncr. Mayer. Flatonia, Texas.wai
bald nt 23 vears of age, as his ancestors
had been for several generation". Ono
bottle of Ilallt Vicon started a growth of
oft, downy hair all ocr Ids f-calp, wlikh
oon became thick, long, and Igowus.
Ayer's flair Vigor
Is no a Iye, but, by healthful Bthmilai Ion
of the roots mid color glands, Nierdhy
mtore? to Its orisdmd color hair that Is
Turning Cray.
Mns. Catherine Deami-.r, roint of
nocks, Mil, had her hair fcuddenly
hlauched by fright, durlnjr the lato ilvil
war. AYKit's IIaik Vigor restored It
to Its natural color, and made It softer,
glossier, aud moro abundant thau It had
been before.
Scalp DIsoasos
Which causo dryness, brlttlcnes, and fall
Inir of tho hair, dandruff, Itching, and
annoylnz sores, nro all quickly cured by
Ayer's Hair Vigor. itcurcdllKitnnnT
Boyd, Minneapolis, Minn., of Intoler
able Itching or the Scalp; J. 1. Car
ter, Jr., Occomian, Va of Scald
Head: Mrs. D. v. S. Lovelace, Lnve
laceotile, Ky.t of Tetter Sores; Miss
Hessie II. Bkdloe, Burlinnlon, VUat
Scalp Disenso and Dandruff. Tor
pidity of tho roots of tho hair, which. If
neglected, may result In Incurable halt!
ness, la readily cured by Ayer's Hiia
Vigor. As
A Toilet Luxury
Ayer's Hair Vigor has no rqiml. Tt
Is colorless, cleanly, dcIighlliMj p-i'-fumed,
and has the effect of raalhr t!:o
Imlr .soft, pliant, and glossy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co- Iowell, 2Um.
' 'SyT.loM by U Pr"gg W' .
I. J "-ni
0. MiM 4 CO.,
Corner Lh and Allen Strrt
Old Fi'i-Hfh i4.
Ocilerf in ill K.ads of
The Refcl QiulitY f
$.Cnst..nt!y on Hanoi;
Best of treatment ccor.Vd to C"tMteiF
T.c'v Goods.
A full line of Spring ani' S inHter
goods Ii.iv juv been r ce ved h Hnrris,
thcTii'iir, and tli- ii 1 hi made 10 bait
ciii'iiiii-r ( r mi p demarded. Call
i and :iinius :ii) sock I r'oie ordering
f tnlicre.
IIakkis Ihr Tailw.
Oae p ! Jii. ap i iOp '
Fnrniti r, am aii sccnni.twd ear
pets, p cturr-, muiii; miciuro, w.eJow
h id s, t h'c ul ih tit, tin ir-, thru
ie n i.i -i!-. o nt rl' ii . Every
hin fruiii i tiot;il' to .in anchor. iva
uc one tri.il and be ronvinnd.
UiU i. K 11L3U,
l.a 0(ip..i.c jj.ru .da. TtCilre.

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