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t?e to connect with western-bouud train leaves
tit 3:30 p. m. ...
Ue to connect with e-Jtem-hound train learej
nt 3:30 p. m.
Stage to connect witk Guaymu trim leaves
at 8:30 a. ra. -
uge for Charleito- leave at 8:30 a. -.
Stine for Bhbea leivei at C a. m. (except Sun-
Omc'e-ioS Allen Street, 'under OcoWental
1 11 hi 1 1 1 1 ' " 1 11 1 11 '
. hU paper 1b kept oa, flla at K.O. Dake'a
i-ertlslni. A.mcy. e4 and 66 Mer
chant' Bxohtmge. San Pranolaoo. Gal,
where oontraou for avertUln can be
tnade for It.
Col. William Herring is somewhat un
well but nothing of a serious nature.
The Los Angeles Times of yesterday
publishes the life and adventures of the
now famous Kissane.
The chances are very favorable that a
mail route will be established between
Tombstone andpchoaville.
For the best quality of bread, pies,
cakes and all kinds of first class pastry
call on the American Bakery.
It looks as though sheriff Slaughter
and his friends would survive the late
onslaught, of Judge Reilly.
Postmaster Clark it is thought will not
hand in. his resignation notwithstanding
the opposition of our neighbors.
Joseph Tasker, of the Soldier Holes
ranch, is in town. Joe is greeted by a
large number ot friends upon each visit.
Hon. A. A. Bean, still lingers in Tomb
stonej The Epitaph would be pleased
to see the colonel take up his residence
in our city.
When railroad thieving is found to
have descended to the level of larceny, as
in the case of the Panhandle employes,
it is viewed with much alarm. -
California produced 46,000,000 bush
els of wheat in 1886, and $85,665,000 in
gold and silver and the state has a bank
ing capital of $570,000,000.
Mlie. Maria Deralsmes is said to be
the only woman freemason in France.
She is a good speaker, a terse writer, and
a strong advocate of suffrage for
Mrs. Louisa Knapp who now edits the
Ladies Home Journal at a salary of $5,
000 a year, did her first editorial woik on
the household department of the Tribune
and Farmer.
The Knights ot "Labor," on making
arrangements for their parade which will
ta.e place on May 1st. Very wisely con
eluded to have no banner but the stars
and stripes.
The woman who lives with a man three
hundred and sixty-five days in a year is
not eoine to be degraded ta any alarm
ing extent by voting with him on the
three hundred and sixty-fifth.
Officially the Governor of Rhode lslaad
known as "Governor and Captain Gener
al of Rhode Island and Providence plan
tations." For a Democrat this is pretty
Followine closely on the heels of the
first ice cream poisnlng comes a report of
the initial explosion of a soda water re
tort. The defective flue and the car
stove are therefore out of date and sum
mer, with all its perils, is upon us.
Judge Peel, returned yesterday from
Bisbee, at which place he had been on a
visit to his friend Captain Heyne, The
Judge reports much activity in the copper
camp, and predicts a very prosperous
future lor the canyon city.
There is a strong probability that the
time of the departure and arrival of the
Bisbee mail will be changed. The change
is required by the people of Bisbee, and
will be much more convenient for the
cit'uens of that place.
Buffalo Bill is astonishing our Eng
lish uncles and cousins. The Londoa
Daily News tell it readers that "Buffalo
Bill is not a wild Indian, as many of
lhcm have snnnnned.but the Hon. W. F.
Cody, a member of the United States
The Epitaph is pained to learn of the
serious affliction of littlo Lula Gasper.
The character of her injuries necesltate
her removal to San Francisco for treat
vent. We trust the little patient will
toon raturn to Aritoaa smiling and
Is Within the Grasp of Oar Torabtoo
Can merchants and business men ex
tend their trade? In looking over tho
creat mineral wealth of this Southera
Aruona country one is to apt to forget its
other resources. The glamour that at
tends the delving into the bowels of the
eanh for the precious metals shown to
exist in large quantities, seems to have
turned the thoughts of most of the busi
ness men of Tombstone to.miniujj as the
only source of wealth. - The successful
men in trade are those who keep am rye
single to the advancewent of,, the court;
try in which they reside, opening new
avenues, offering greater facilities to
outlying districts. Let the business men
of Tombstone unite-demand of the gen
eral government better mail facilities,
show the prospector, miner, cattlemen,
rancher, that they are alive and working
for the interest of all, trade will increase.
How long cin Tombstone commaad any
portion of the trade of the great Sulpkur
Spring Valley, Rucker, White Water and
the Upper S.ta Pedro without effort.
Look at the future of that great belt of
country, east of the Sonora river to the
Sierra Madre mountains, one hundred
and fifty miles east and west by three hun
dred miles north and south, cut off from
the western portion of the
by ranges of mountains that makes the
San Pedro the natural outlet for that
whole country. Starting from Tomb
stone south along the San Pedro valley
to Ochoaville, thirty miles, with herds of
cattle and acres of agricultural land,
pass to the border custom house a little
east of south fifty miles will take you to
Fronteras with ranchesand cattle around
about, pass to Nacosari, one hundred and
forty miles from Tombstone, will be
found the San Pablo, San Pedro, Rosario,
Fortuna, lloody and other mines rich in
the precious metals, turn east, sixteen
miles, Jesiiquepa will appear with its
Ygnacia, Avido and San Antonio mines,
showing free gold, turn south twenty-four
miles to Oputo, and you will pass some
of the oldest and richest mines of the
Spaniards, being on the Bavispe river,
pass to Huasabas and Granadas, rest
here. In this district is crown some of
the finest tobacco in the world. Turn
cast by south to Nacosari. seventy miles
then fifteen miles south and view the
ground that drank the life blood of
heroic Crawford pass on twenty miles to
the border of the ranchos de Nacori, the
Grandes valley and stock ranges in all
the Sierra Madre, crystal water break
ing and bubbling wheiever you go. All
this time you have been traveling be
tween the Sierra Madres and a range of
mountains that exttnd from near the
Arizona line to the Yaqui river, this
being not quite half of the country spoken
of. Take the road for the
from the c ustom house traveling south
you pass the Ojo the Agua ranch, thirty
miles from the line, Uncle Bill Plaster,
further down the river you pass mines
and ranches to Bacuachi, one hundred
and five miles from Tombstone, then to
Cumpas, sixty miles, there you will find
the Beckertons, San Brannan, John Dart,
all rich in mines, well stocked with in
formation and take to the ways of the
country like a native, genial boys every
one. You are on the Moctezuma river
pass down twenty-one miles to Oposara,
you are in the orange region country,
seven mi'es more and you will reach
Tepachi, where oranges grow to per
fection. Twenty miles east to the Pro
montorio copper mine, the Seven Bells
at Oposura, those at Sahuaripa, Hua
sabas, Tepachi, that call the godly to
prayer are the product of this mine,
passing from Tepachi along the west
idR of the Promontorio mountains are
Lampasas and the Gabilan miaes, oa the
road to Sahuaripe you cross the Yaqui
sixty miles south to the La Trinidad.
La Trinidad mine was sold by that well
known mining expert, Alsua, to an
English company, who are turning out a
fortune. Tom Corrigan has a mine here
down the Yaqui from Sahuaripe sixty
miles to Sepachi, where 5he Mexicans do
congregate when they have business to
transact with thai wily chief, Cajeme,
whose possessions are still further west,
from the Gulf of Califorr.ia east, Cajeme
claims seventy miles of the Yaqui river
being protected on the north by a range
of mountains, hard to climb, reaching
from the Gulf to Syopi. Start from
Sahuaripe east up and south of the
Yaqui fifty miles and you are at the
Mulatos mine, the largest gold mine
known on the continent. Think of it
men of Tombstone, all this country should
draw its supplies from this dtv. Will
, you make an aff-rt for l-ls trait?
The Maxwell Grant.
The Epitaph don't presume to differ
with the decision of tho Suprene Court
on the famous Maxwell land grant, but
we do know that orignal title papers
onlycall for 96,000 acres, andthat through
the dishonest effort of 1 md officials lias
been increased to the enormous limits of
1,714,964 acres. This too is only one
instance in the wheles.le fraudelent con
veyances of government lands, during
the past ten years. And to-day all tn.t
stands between the settlers of this Ter
ritory and their homes is W. A. Sparks,
the cranky old land commissioner, C. E.
Dailey, of Tacson, and sterling old John
Hiie, Aritoaa'- Surveyor-General. Every
honest effort that' could be made to pro
tect our settlers-from the wholesale land
robbirs, has been made by these three
men, and the citizens of this territrry re
spect them for their honesty ad faithful
ness in their official capacity.
Kail Boutes
The second Assistant Pottmistei Gen
eral, in reply to a letter from P. M. Clark
has instructed him to change the sche
dule on the mail route from Tombstone
to Bisbee, to give Bisbee better mail
facilities east and west. Here is the re
sult, Moaday March 35th, mail will leave
Tombstone at 1 p m arrive at Bisbee at
6 p rr., leave Bisbee at 6 a m arrive at
Tombstone at 1 1 a m , This change
gives Bisbee the east and west mail the
same day that it reaches Tombstone, and
mail that leaves Bisbee for the east and
west will go out the same day with the
Tombstone mail. Now Mr. P M. get a
mail roota to Ochoaville, correct the
delays ia the mail between Tombstone
and Charleston, Fort Huachuca, Nogales
and you will confer a favor upon the com
munity. That'i Different.
The money is said to be fairly rolling
in to help pay far the gold belt studded
with diamonds, to be presented to John
L. Salliv-a by admirers in Baston, and
New York and Philadelphia. "A little
girl started a nickle prize package gift
enterprise in New York the other day to
help the Grant monument fund. She
took in fifteen cents during the first two
weeks and tbea was arrested for running
a lottery.
Friday night of this week, is to be set
apart by tkc lovers of fun, for tatending
the concert of the Peak Sisters, at S chief-
felin Hall. And we feel justified in pre
dicting a genuine treat to all who have
anything comic in their composition.
The ballads and operatic airs will be ren
dered with a spirit by "the gals" that
will entrance the audience. The symph
onies to be performed upon costly instu
ments of rare construction, cannot fail to
challenge the admiration of all those
who have any masic in their souls, td
It is reported that Cleveland has at
last decided tp make a western trip. He
may do it but we rather expect that when
he gets to Buffalo, New York, and looks
off across the wild and howling wilder
ness filled with ferocious beasts and lurk
ing savages, that lies west of there, his
courage will fail him again, and he'll get
no farther. A mam who ventures more
than a mile or so west of Buffalo does so
at his own peril anyhow.
The cashier of a Chinese bank tried to
leave with the funds for Japan or some
place, an the American plan, the other
day, bat it is net believed that the cus
tom will become popular. The govern
ment walled up the cashier in a cell to
starve to death and chopped the heads
off all his family. And next fill they are
going to decapitate every body in the em
pire bearing bis name.
Mary Clemmar once entered into a
contract to write a column a day for three
years on any subject assigned her. She
never failed for a dav to fulfiill her task.
which included every sort of subject from
book reviews and political articles to a
comman advertising paragraph. During
the last years of this contract she got a
salary of $5,000.
The regular annual settlement of the
Afghan boundry question by England and
Russia has just taken place in the usual
way, Russia gaining a big step without
fiehtinc for it. One of these days Afran-
istan' will dissapear under this process of
attrition and then settlements will be
somewhat more difficult.
Oointy BeoordB.
The following documents were filed
ia the County Recorder's office yester
day: Power ot attorney. From James
Morgan to R. B. Parks to collect money
on mail coatract.
Location. Maraoth, Warren district
7. N. Bradlv. Ohio, Warrn dlatrlet, P
Pruit Tresa
The finest two-year old fruit trees,
quinces, psach, apricot, appie, pears.
plums, prunes, necunnus, (persimmon
japan;, chesnut, olives, almond, pome
granates.tnountcypress; aUo fifty different
roses, pinks and many other plants tor
sale by William Brauch, Fulton street,
bstween Second and Third, Tombstone,
Arizona. Orders by rmil promptly at
tended Our motto U honest dealing.
Fout boxes pot plants received by
express to day, most all in blooms, wis
tarias, Lady Washington, heliotrope,
primroses, carnation, beronias and many
other, pla-'.s.
" 1 ... . .
We are now prepareuto draw drafts
direct, issue letters of credit, and transfer
money by mail, and cable, on all points
of Europe Asia, Africa apd Australia.
R. W. Woob.
Hank of Tombstone
Whiskey brings moire misery upon the
human family than war, famine and pesti
lence combined. There is but 6ne rati
onal course to persu for the inebriate
and that is a treatment that destroys the
appetite for rum. Such is the Acme
Read their advertisement in an other
Nw Goods.
A full line of Spring and Sn miner
goods have just been received by Harris,
the Tailor, and they will be made to suit
customers or no pay demanded. Call
and examine ,my stock before ordering
elsewhere. HARRIS Tbe Tailor.
Occidental Hot-el
This Is the only first-classhtrteJ lu
Tombstone. It is handsomely furnished
with all modern improvements. Trav
elers who stop at this house will find
every comfort and attention. Private
rooms for commercial travelers at reason
able rates. A splendid billiard table
and a card room. The bar is supplied
with pure brands of wines, liquors and
cigars t
fust received from Europe a quantity
of pure cow-pox virus.
Cor. 6thand Fremont, Tombstone.
Just received at Joe Hoefler'a, a car
oad of the celebrated Stockton crown
brand flour and a quantity of fresh gro
ceries ' u27-tf
The 6. A. B.
The meeings of the Burnside Post C.
A. R. No. 36 will take place the second
and fourth Saturdays of each month at
the City Hall a 8 p. m.
B. A Fickas,
A. L. Grow,
Adjutant. t.
F. & A. M.
King Sololomon Lodge No. 5, F. & A.
M., holds stated meetings on the third
Saturday night in each month in
Masonic hall at 7:30 p. m. Special
meetings held whenever blue flag is
hoisted. Visiting brothers are cordially
invited to attend. David Cohw,
- W. M.
H. B. Maxsok, Secretary.
Louisiana molasses at Si. .5 per gallon
also a fine assortment of Lo.Uiaaa
sugar, just received at foe Hoefler's.
Wanted A womaa to cook, liberal
wages paid; apply to Miners' Boarding
House. t
Indigestion or Constipation
A few HAMBURG FIGS are all that
is necessary for the cure of the severest
cases of indigestion or constipation and
one taken occasionally will prevent the
development of these affections J J cents.
At all druggists. J. J. Mack & Co. pro
nrietors. S. F. '
There is nothing equal to tbe Great
Acme Remedy to restore your nerves!
after excessive drinking, and what is .till
more creditable to the remedy, it will, if
used as directed, destroy the appetite for
rum and stimulating drinks.
Macneil & Moore are now receiving
by express regular shipments of the
world renowned J. E. D. brand of fresh
rancn butter.
Wanted A position to do cooking and
general house work in a nice family by
a German lady. Address M. A., En
taph office.
more lives by timely use, and has
kept from suicide or the insane asylum
more victims of nervous disorders than
all tho physicians with their pet methods
of treatment. At druggists $1.50. De
cripttra troatUo with oach bottloj or ad
c J.J, Mao-: Co, 8. F.
21, 1887.
But on the contrary, sensible, careful buyers, claim- -tha
nowhere can good qualities in
low prices asat our store. j
We Cheat and Swindle
None, not even our worst enemy,
but we give you a Plump
Dollar Value In Honest
Goods, for every hun
dred cents you
bring us.
Sam M. Barrow's
Carpets, latest patents, 20cts, SOcts and f 1
per yard. Eastern PrlceB.
Furniture, Rockers, Bedsteads, Dresser,
Mirrors . Eastern Prices.
Window Shades 40cts, Kitchen Safea, Wah
stands. Eastern Prices.
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes at Eastern Prices,
A full and complete line of
GENTS' Furnishing GOODS
Dinner, Breakfast and Soup Plates, 80ets,
per dox. Eastern Prices.
Cups and Saucers $1.50 per doz., Floor Oil
Cloths, 40cs, 50cts per yd.
Harness, Tinware, and Glassware, always on
hand at reasonable prices.
Wagon Covers, Tents, Guns and Ammuni
tion at Eastern Prices.
Wall paper of every
25, 30 and $1,25 per
bought at such wonderfully
style and descriptioa,

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