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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, April 21, 1887, Image 2

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First Publication, Jan. i8, 1887,1
Notice or .tinillcallun r.ir I'. S. I'.itcnt to tbc
Central Mining I'lnliu -No. 4C3.
TuCiO-J, Anon 1, Jan n 1887. J
Notice is hereby giren tint Clnrlcs W. l.cicli
nnd W. 1. Tivlor. of rombstone, Cochise Co ,
Arizona, hue filod an application for patent
01300 fe-t of th Central vein, lode-, or deposit,
bearing silver, siunted in Tombstone mining
district, CochUe Co , Arizona, more partial
arly descnb -d in the fi-ld notes and plat of the
official suney No. 789, on file in this ollicc, des
ignated as. lot No 183, as follows, to-ut.
Degmnining at the initnl monument at the
southwest centT end of claim, at a post 5 ft
long and 4 Ja sqr in uiouni of stone nnrkfd
I M Centril No c, from whle-h Initial monu
ment of tlujunetta MC bears N303t'W
3723 ft diitmt, and U S M M No a beusN
S3 to' E. U S M I No 6 b;ars S 8302- h
63g t ft dituit, and Sac Cor between Sees t and
3, N boundary, Tp 20, S li ai 1- bears N 30"
35' E, i3,oJ3ft dl.tint. tlwnce N 43 43 west
300 ft to .1 post 5 ft long 4 in sqr, in mound of
sionis, at S V cor, marked C M C So 2,
th-nce N 46 18' E 1300 ft to a post 5 It long, a
in.ir pl
t in mound of eutri ana stones, at n w
rnr markeilllVMlC No a: ihenco S at 42' E,
- : - m . ' . '" .
joo ft to N E center end pest 5 tt long. 4 in sqr,
n ninn 1 1 nf earth anl stones, marked C SI C
Mr. ! ihpnce on tha itm3 course 300 It to N E
corpo.t, sftlon, 4 in sqr, set in mound of
nones.'marke IC.1 C No 5. thence S 46 i8( V
150a ft toS Kw'po.t, 5 it long, 4 in sqr, in
mound of stone, m aked CMC No 6, thence
N 43 42' V 300 ft to initial monument and
place ot beginning. Variation it" 43' E, con
aiamg ai.65a'ies.
The improemen's made b the owners or
their grantors upon s il I claim consist ot a sha't
4x6 ft, ioj ft deep; 1 tunnel $6 and 20 It long,
win m t'tnnol 6 in I 3 It deep, m incline
shift 4x5 uad 12 tt el-c .1 d stope 20 ft long,
5 ft w dean I jj ft te p. sail clunj b ingduy
reeird d in th 0T1M of the County Recorder
of CocliUe cjunty. T-mb tone Arizona, a
shi-v by hi aliitrict of mle fil -d in tins offue
Any ail all p-r.jin clum n.; adiers ly th
whob or aay pinion of sud .cnir.1 mining
slann are r'qunvd to file 'he r a lve.se claim in
this offi e during th.-'p riod of sixty days' pub
lic won h -re jf, or thy wil b b irred by v.rtue
ot thi p ovisioni of the st .tute
It U h rebv or lerjd tint the fnr-golnj notice
be puilishe I sixty di in the U'lTAl'H, a daily
new-.pipjr published at Tombstone, Cochise
county, Arizona. C. E. DAI LEY,
I First Publication, Jan. 15, 1887.J
Notice or .Ippllc.-illm Tor V. St. r.iteut to
tUc Ckauco Uiulns I'lalui-.'io. 411$.
Tucson, Arizona. Jan. 13, 1887. f
Notice 11 hereby given that Charles W.
Leach, of Tomistone. Cochise county, An
ion ,jis hid filed an application for patent to
l'5oo linear leet oft he Chance, vein, lodeorde
posit, bearing silver and gold, with surface
ground 600 feet in width, situated in Tombstone
raining district. Cochise county, Arizona, more
partlculirly lescnbed in the fie'd notes end pla
of the official survey, No. 790, on file in this
office, and designated as lot -No. 187, as fol
lows, to-w it: ,
Degining at the Initial monument, situated at
the northwest end center ol claim at a post 5 ft.
long, 4x4 inches sqr, in a mound of stones and
earth, marked I SI. Chance St. C. No. 1,
from which a shaft over too ft deep bears S 70
3a' W, 124 f' distant; thente N 64 28', W 58 7
to a 4 inch post marked S center Bonanza,
and thence on same course 300 ft to N W cor.
post, s ft long, 4 ins sqr, in mound of stones,
marked C M. C No 2; thtnee S 31 40' W
1300 ft to S W cor. post, s ft long, 4 ins sqr, in
mound of stones, marked C SI C No 3, thence
S 64' 28' E 300 ft to - W end center post, 3 ft
long, 4 ms sqr, in a mound of stones,
marked CSIC No 4, from which croppings
bear N 31. 40' E 400 ft distant; thence S 64
28' E 300 ft to S E cor post, 3 ft long, 4 ins sqr,
in a mound of stones, marked CMC No 5,
frorrrViIdtU S SI SI No 3 bean N (5 48' V,
7,096 ft distant ITS Sf f NO. 6 bears i.'o
40' E and corner to sections 1 and 2, noith
boundary of Tp 20, S R 22 E, beirs N 4302'
E 18.018 It distant, thence N 3240' E 1300
ft to N E cor post, 5 ft long, 4 ins sqi in a
mound of stones, marked C SI C Mo 6; thence
N 64 28' W 144 7 " ,0 Pstin line marking the
S E cor of Bonanza M C, an J 300 feet to post
No 1 and pi ice of beginning Variation, 1 1
43' E; area, 20 66 acres. Said claim being lo
cated ab ut 2 mil -3 soutliM esterly from the town
of Tombstone and about 500 )trds southeast
erly from the Slcrrimac M U and is bound:don
the N E by the Bonanza M C; the same being
duly recorded in the office of the county re
corder at Tombjtone, Cochise county Arizona,
as shown by his certified abstract of title filed in
this office.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
whole or any portion of said Chance mining
claim are required to present their adverse
claims in this office during the period of sixty
days publication hereof, or tVJy will be barred
by virtue of the provisions of the s'atiue.
It is hereby ordsrtd tint the foregoing notice
be published for the period of sixty di)s in the
Tombstone Epitaph, a daily newspaper pub
lished at Tombitone. Cchise county Arizona.
C. E DAI LEY. Register.
First publ cation Aprils, 1887.I
Notice or l;,illr itlon Tor V s. 1'airiil to the
jKjIIiumt Mlolullaliu (. HI.
U.niti dStvtfs Land Office, 1
Tu sov, riz., March 31, 18S7. J
Notice is hereby gtien ihat r L Austin, of
Tucsjn, Aruoni for iin tlf and co-claimai ts
S, SI Wilts tie an J W A. Rmeny, adnnn.s
trator ol the esuie of II F. Wi ic'iester, his
made appi alion for pit nl to 1240 3 linear teei
cf the Slifl nver vein, ode or dep s'l braring
silver and'guld, w th s 1 f ee gr und 60a eet 111
widih staaed iaT mi tcur Mining District,
Cochse county, Arizna, nun putKuhny
dcscnbeil in tie fijld not- and plat of tie
official sur.ey on file 11 this ffice, des.j,n ittd as
Ixl No 190, as follows to wii.
Beginning at the inuial monument at a post
SK feet long 4 inchei -q are in a mound of
stone marked I. SI SIayfloer M. C. No i
from winch U. S. SI M No 1 bears S. 331'
W. 1240 feet distant an i t ie corner to sections
1 and 2 north bound iry of 1 p 20 S. R 22 E
bears N 6" 46' E. 9620 f et distant, the center
line of claim bears S. 422 W and N 44
V.; on this line south 8 3 feet and 3 feet to
right is the discovery sln't 4x6 and 60 feet
de -p, sou h 363 feet and 6 feet to left is inc ined
shaft 416 and 90 feet deep and south 6 3 feet
and 9 feet to 1-U u sli ift 4x6 and 22 J. et deep,
thence from initial niuiiuiiKnt N. 44 27' L
along center linj 431 2 feet to a post in mound
of stones on s. W. side, line of Isulphuret St. C
marked M. F. SI. C No. 2 at a point N 32
6' W 203 6 feet distant from i 4 inch pot
marked S SI. C. No. 3, 625 feet cns miin
water pipe leading to Tomostone, 710 feet to
wash under point of dump, and 730 feet to v.oint
described in supplemental notice as noith end
center of claim on wrst slope of waste dump of
main shaft of the Sulphuret SI C where post
and monument are roiercd up bj dump which
is on patented land returning to south side line
of Sulphuret SI C. on center line of the
SIa flower at post NO. 2, nin N. 32 16' W.
along south side line of bulphuret 247 feet to
N.W corner post 4 inches square in mound
ot stones marked SI F. SI C. No 3, which is
also tne N.E. of Last Chance No 2 SI. C.
thence S, 43 33' E 340 3 feet to an iron pin 1
Inch in diameter at inters-ction of center line at
point N 44 27' E. 36 s feet from post No 2
returning to po.l No 3 run S. 47 13' W along
west side line of chim IQ2 feet to in erse fou
line of the hiemont SI C. at a point N 7238'
K. 152 feet from the N L corner of the Herald
M C , on same course 3 1 feet to a 2x4 Inch post
marking the S. E corner of I-a t Chance SI. C ,
557 3 feet to wash draining N. N. H ,7655
leet and 17.5 feet to leit to p st maiked F. SI.C.
No I, the initial monument of the Fremont
M. C , 1217 2 fc;t and 6.7 feet to left to post
marked F. SI. C. No. e,-Mt being the S.W.
center of Fremont M C. and 1240 3 feet to
b.W. corner post 4 Inches jquare In mound of
tor.ej mntked M, 1". M. C. No. 4; ih S.
43 33' E. 107 feet to intersection of S.W. end
lino of Fremont SI. C. at a point N. 2" 16' W.
137 feet from post marked F. M. C No. 4,
247 fiet to intersection ot S.E. side line ot
I remont SI. C. at a point N. 34 16' E. 32 feet
from b. E. corner post of the Fremont, and 300
feet to a a inch no,t s: M feet Ion c in a mound of
stones, at the S.W end center ot claim marked
F. SI. C. No. 5 from which a 4 inch post
marked A M C. o 2 at N.W. corner of
Addie bears S 44 27' V. 28 feet distant;
thence S 45 33' E. 10 teet to intersection of
V.W. side line of Addie M. C. at a point N. 65
2o' E. 2o.6 feet distant from 6 V. corner post
No. 2, 50 feet to intersection of N.W. side line
of Aha SI Cat a points 42 4 ' W. 30 leet
from N W. corner po,t ot Alia marked A. SI C.
No. s, 170 feet to intvrse tion of N.fc. end line
of Alu at a points. 31 4?' K. 124 feet from
post Mo s 268 ftet to intersection of N.W.
side line of Silver Dollar SI G at a point S. 31
30' W. 143 feet from N.W, corner post maiked
-1. D. SI. O No. s and 300 feet to S.E corner
post s! feet lo' g 4 inchrs squire narked
M. K C. No. 6; thence N. 44 7 E, along
. E. side line ol clum 80 teet to 11e.au 01 wasn
draining northerly 158 tt tointosiction ofN E.
11 i line of hilvcr Dollar M. C. at a point S. 62
01' h. 67 leet from N.W corner post marked
S, D. M. C No s, 213 feet to intersection 01
M.W side hue of Bon Ion SI. C. at a point
v cfi 18' W. ;8s feet from N. W. corner,
G78 s feet to intersection with S'.E. end line of
Uldio AI C. at a point S. 12 34' E. 17 feet
from N.U corner post marked A M. C. No. 3,
tji7 8 fed to intersection of N fc, end line of
Hon Ton ii. U at a point S. 6143' E. 83.8
feet troni N.W. corner of Bon Ton, 847 feet to
1 post si feet long 4 inch square marked
L F. M. No. 7 at intersection of west side line
of Mora Morrison M C at a point S. 25 24" W.
302 5 feet Ironi a 4 inch post at an angle 01 the
N.W, side line of Ilora Slornson marUd
P. M M I. No 4, which is also the SE
ornerof the Sulphuiet, m irked s. SI. No. 3,
tnd the N.E corner of M)flower marked
M. F. 31. C. No. 8; thence 011 same course
1237.7 leet 10 a point on S.E. side line to an
iron pin one men in diameter driven into the
ground, f om wnich o t No. 8 being a wnness
10 cornei be r S. 83' t6" W. 143 fert distant;
ilicnee N. 45 33' W. 72 feet to intersection of
sonth'"S end . 11-of t ilphure' 31. C at a. point
V 38 15' E 107 feet from S. b corner post
m irked s. SI. C. No. 1, an i on same course
300 feet to iron pin at northeast end c nter
111 irking tie point 01 I chinning oi ihe exterior
survey of Lliim; vmation ji 43' cut; lotal
aie 1 16. 23a acres, less conflet with the bul
phuret 31. C. Lot 48 1 ot claimed, 0.559 acres;
Us c nlhct with the Mora Morrison SI C.
Lot No. 74, not claimed o 538 acres, net area
15 135 acres; conflut with the iremont Lot
No. 73, wuh the Alia Lot No. 109; with the
Addie Lot N. 61; with the Bon Ionian No.
125; and with the Silver Dollar M. C. are
claimed and ineludsd in this application; said
mining elaim is locited about 300 yards distant
irom the Contention 31. 1 . and is bounded upon
the north by the Sulphuret, on the east by the
Flora Storrisou and AdJie, on the south by the
Alti, and on the rst bv the Fremont mining
claims, and is duly recorded in the office of the
County Recorder at Ionibstone Cochise county,
Anzona, as shown by certified abstract of ml
hied in this office. Any and all persons claim
ing adversely the whole or any portion of the
Ma flower mining tlaim, pre required to present
their adverse claims in this oltlce during the
sixty dajs pe iod of publication hereof, or they
will be barred by virtue of the provis.ons of the
It is hereby ordered that the foregoinir notice
be published for the penod of sixty Jays in the
Tomtistone FriTAPil, a daily newspiper pub
lished at Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizona,
by me designated as the paper publishsd nearest
to said claim. C. E. Daiu.y,
First public Uion Slareh 30, 1887. J
Vitlcc r Application for 1'. 8. Tntciit to
Hit .UornluK star Uiulns Claim JVo.JC'J.
. United Statcs Land OrriCF, 1
- Tucson, Arizona, Starch 28, 1887. I
Notice I hereby given mat the Slorning Star
Consolidated Mining Company, by B L. Peel,
attorney In fact, of 'Ionibstone, Cochise county,
AiUona, has made appltration for patent to
1420 linear feet of the Slorning Star vein, lode
or deposit bearing silier anc" gold with surf ice
ground 600 feet in width, situated in Tombstone
Mining Disifict, Cochise county, Arizona, more
particularly desenbed in the field notes and plat
of the official suney, designated as lot No. 188,
as fo lows to-wit:
Beginnuif .it tha initial monument described
In location notice at a post 3 feet long 4 inches
square 111 a mound of stones marked I. SI.
Slor.ing Star St. C. No 1, from which U. S
SI. SI No. i bears N. 4a 26' W. 2867 feet dis
tant, the Yi section corner between sections 13
and 18 cast boundary to Tp 20 S. R 22 E bear
ing S. 84 46' E 8467 feet distant, an incline
shaft (dips easi) 4x6 feet and no feet deep hi-are
& 3 o' E 15 feet di taut and an incline shaft
4x6 feet and 20 feet dei-p bears N. 21 36' E 61
feet distance; thence S 2156' W. 420 feet to
wash draining N,W. and 700 feet to the S.W.
end center post 5 feet lo"g 4 Indies square in a
mound of sionc, and earth marked M S. SI.C.
No 3, ihenc N 63 04' W. 62 feet to inter-s-ction
of north line of Wide West M. C. lot
o 180 at a i-oiiit N 842o'E. 400 feet fiom
N.W. comer post marked W W. St. C No 3
and conn uing on sinie cour e 310 feet tob W7
corner post 01 1 mi 5 ftet long i.nd 4 inches
squi e 111 n ound of stonis marked I S. SI C.
No, 3, thence N 2156' E 1420 feet to NW
corner post 5 fe t iong 4 inches quare 111 mound
ofea Hi a id stones m irked SI b. SI. C. No." 4,
thence S. 68 ot' L 60 to ore road Irom
Emerald mine 250 feet to wah draining north
eas erly and 00 eet to N E. tnd center post
5 feci long 4 inches squ ire in a monnd of stones
and earth marked M S M. C No 3 and on
sams course 600 feet to N E. corner ct 5 leet
long4in hs square in a mourn of earth and
sto e marled M. b. 1 C. No 6; ih-nc- S 31
s6' V 1328 feet to mtirsfc ion of noith 'ine of
Wid- West SI C 1322 feet to a Wash draining
northeily and 14SO leet to s h, c in r rost 3
feet log 4 inches square in a mound ol st nes
and earth nnrked SI S SI C o. 7 from
which the Initial monument of the WljeWest
SI. C. t 18 20' E 133 icet instant, thence N.
63 04' W. 300 feet tob W end center post No.
2 an pi ice of beginning of exterior suney of
claim; Variation 1143' arel l9 539 acres less
conflict with the Wide W st 797acre, net area
18 762 acres. Said mining claim being duly
recorded in the office of the County Recorder at
Tomb ton , ochise county, Arizona, as shown
by certified abstract of title on file m this office.
Any and till persons claiming adsersely the
wijole or any portion of said mining clum are
requested to present their udieriSe claims in this
oftii-e during the sixty Sajs period of the pub
hcation hereof, orlhey will be barred by virtue
of the provisions of the statute.
It is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice
be published for the period of sixty dajs in the
Tombstone Epitaph, a daily newspaper pub
lished at Tombstone, Cochise county, by me
designated as the paper published nearest to
said claim. C. E. DAlLtY,
Register. .
Notice of Forfeiture.
To lohn SI Collins: You are hereby noti
fied that the undersigned have expended, dur
ing the ear ending December 31, 1886, one
hundred dollars in the performance of the an
nual labor upon the Queen of tin- Hill mine,
situated in thoTurquois minim: district, county
of O cluse. Territory of Anzona, in order to
hold the same, as required by Section 2,324 of
the Revised Statues of the United States, and
cur proportion of the amount so expended and
due to the undersigned is fifty dollars, and if
you, jour heirs or assigns, fail or refuse to con
tnbute our proportion of the sum expended,
within ninety dsys after the publication of this
notice, your interest in the said The Queen of
the Hill mine will become the property of your
co-owners, the undersigned, whohasemade such
expenditure. JOHN StcSIAHON.
DatodTombstont, Janusry 13, 1887,
First jpublicatlon April 1, 1887. J
Notice or Appllentlou for U. S. Pa'tent to Ilia
Lowell allulns Claim .. 470.
Unitfd Siatf.s Land OrncE, 1
Tucson, Anz., SIarch29, 1887. J
Notice is hereby given that Charles W.
Leach, of Tombstone, Cochise county, Anzona,
has made application for patent to 1495 linear
leet of the Lowell vein, lode or deposit beanng
silier and gold with surface ground 600 feet in
width, situated In Tombstone Mining District,
Cochise county, Anzona, more piriieularly
desenbod in the field notes and plat of the
official survey on file in this office and designated
as lot No. 189, as follows to wit:
Beginning with the initial monument at a
post, as described in location notice, at the
tenter and easttrly end ol claim, placed in a
mound of stones marked I . SI. L M. C. No. 1
from which U. S. M. M. No. 3 bears N 180
39 " 3501 lect distant and the corner to sec
tions 1 and 2 N boundary of Tp 20 S R. 22 K
bears N 54 ij1 E 19934 feet distant; thence S
3 ' 48' E 300 feet to a 4 inch post in mound of
stones at NE corner nnrkrd L. M. C. No. 2;
thence S 59" 12' W 690 feet to a wash draining
southerly and on same course 1495 feet to Sh
corntr post 4 inches squaie in mound of stones
situated in a small wash draining southerly
marked L. SI. C, No. 3; thence N 30 4 W
300 feet toSW center end post 4 Inches square
in mound of stones, marked L SI. C. No 4;
thence N 30 48' W qoo feet to SW correr post
4 inches square in mound of stones on south
slope of hill and about 200 feet south of summit
post marked L. M. C, No 5; thence N 59 12' E
100 feet to summit 860 feet to small wash drain
inc north 1200 feet to top of ridge bearing
north 1417, s to post 2x4 inches square in
mound of stones 3 feet left of line marked
Quien Sabe No. 4, 1487 feet to 34 inch post in
mound of stones S of M No. 2 "post 5" on
north face on south face Quien vabe No. 3
and 1495 feet to 4 inch post irumound of stones
marked L. SI. 0. No. 6 at NW corner of claim;
thence S 30 48' E 300 feet to post No. 1 and
place of beginning of the cxtcnor boundary of
clilui; variation 11 43' E, area 20 59 acres;
said cl nn bting situated about 3 miles SW from
1 ombstone aout 800 yards SW from
St ite of SI line mine and about 130 feet SW
from the Brother Jonathan Si. C the improve
ments consisting ot a snait 4XSXIIS teet, asnan
4x6x10 feet, a shaft 4x10x8 feet, incline shaft
4x6x15 feet, incline shaft 4x6x10 feet, and a
shaft 4x6x10 feet deep; the same being duly
recordt d in the office of the County Recorder at
Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizona, as shown
by certified a stract of title on file In this office.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
whole or any part of said Lowell mining claim
are required to present their adverse claims in
this office during the sixty days period of yub
hcation hereof, or they will be barred by virtue
of the provisions of the statute.
It is hereby ordered that the foreing notice
.be published for the period of sinty days in the
Tombstone EriTAPH, a daily newspaper pub
lished at Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizona,
by me designated as the paper published nearest
to said claim. C. E. Dailey,
Trustees Sale.
To whom it may concern: Notice is hereby
given that I will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, on Monday the 18th
day of April, 1887, at the hour of one o'clock
p. m. in front of the court house in Tombstone,
Cochise county, Arizona Terntory, the following
desenbed real estate, situated in Dos Cabezas
Stinmg District, Cochise county, Anzona Ter
ntory, and more particularly desenbed as, the
Old Slan mine and the Old Woman mine, be
ing the continuation of the same ledge, and
eacli claim being tuteen nunared teet in lengtn
bv six hundred feet in width: also the Philadel
phia mining claim, being 990 leet in length by
six hundred feet in width; also the Tornado
mining claim, being two feet in length by 600
in width; also the Ashby mining claim, being
1300 feet in length by 600 in width; also the
First Chance mining claim, being 1300 feet in
length by 600 in width; also the Hidden
'treasure mine, being 1300 feet in length by
600 feet in width; also one millsite on which is
built a ten-stamp mill adjoining the townsite
of Dos Cabezas; also one house of five rooms,
and lot on which the same is situated, it beinK
in the townsite of Dos Cabezas, together with
all and singular the improvements and appurte
nances upon any part of the above described
premises. ueo. o. uekky,
Tombstone, Starch 28, 1887.
Gomingto Toistone
Physician and Surgeon,
The above well-known and long-established
Specialists having many patients in this and sur
rounding counties, haie decided to open an
office at
EL PASO, February 2d, 3d and 4th.
ALBUQUERQUE. Feb. 6th and 7th.
SANTA FE, Feb. 8th and 9th.
LAS VEGAS. Feb. loth and nth.
Tombstone, Feb. 13th.
TUCSJN, Feb. 14th, 15th and i6ih.
YU MA, Feb. 17th and 18th.
Where they will have private offices on theabove
davs roily aid where all who desire to consult
with the Renowned Specialisis will have the op
portunity of doing so TREE OF CHARGE.
Notice. On account of rapidly Increasing
business Dr. Liebig & Co. will not be ahle to
visit Tombstone this year. All persons desiring
medical treatment will please address or call
upon Dr. Liebig & Co., 400 Geary St., San
Francisco, Cal.
The Liebig Dispensary for the treatment of
all Chronic, Piivate and Complicated diseases,
has been established in San Francisco for nearly
a quarter of a century. The Dispensary build,
ing occupies the entire corner of Geary and Ma
son streets, tan Francisco, and is the only Med
ical and Surgical Institute on the Pacific Coast
that has its own elegant Drug Store in Dispen
sary building, employing registered Chemists
and scientific Surgical Instrument makers to
minulacture all Surgical Instruments for the p i
tients of the Liebig Dispensary; also to prepare
the celebrated Dr. Liebig's wondeuul Uerman
Invigorator. To the man clous cures and dis
coveries made by Dr. Liebig & Co., are due all
the great successes they have had. In t88t
they discovered the complicated Prostatorrhea,
resulting from youthful imprudence and excesses
of maturity or unskillfully treated cases f a
special nature, that from time immemorial had
prevented thousands fiom being cured of ner
vous debility, physical weakness and unnatural
losses from the system, resulting from follies of
youth Dr. Liebig & Co. use every successful
remedial agent known to modern scientists, fa
vonug the schools of Homeopathy and Electric
ism, taking from the Allopathic all that is aseful,
and adapting surgical instruments to the various
ailments and deformities, attaching to appliances
magnetism and electneity. Successful treat
men l guaranteed in all curable cases or no lees
req aired.
The Doctors will give personal attention to
diseases of the Chest, Head and Throat, Ca
tanh, diseases of the Liver and Kidneys; also
to deformities requiring Surgical appliances.
Balance of treatment conducted frm tho.LUblg
Ptiporwiry, San rIte. Cl
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an execution issued out of
the District court, First Judicial -district,
Territory of Arizona, to rue directed and
delivered on a judgment rendeied in
said court on the 13th day of April, 1887, in
favor of D. H. Smith & Co., and against H. H.
Carpenter, wherein I am commanded to make
the sum of $3 242.94 damages w.th interest
thereon from date of judgment at the rate of
10 per ctnt per anaum until paid, togethrr with
$2.00 costs and accruing costs. I have this
day leiied upon the follswmg described property
to-wit: One twenty-stamp quartz null, and also
five acres of land on which said mill is standing,
known as the Golden Rule mill and nnllsite.
Public notice is hereby giveu that on Saturday,
the 7th day ol Slay. 1887, between the hours of
9 a. m. and 4 p. m. in front of the Sheriffs
office, In the city of Tombstone, Cochise ciunty,
Anzona Terntory, I will sell all the nght. title
and interest of the said H. H. Carpenter in and
to the aboie desenbed property at public
auction, to the highest and best bidder for cash,
lawful money of the United States, to satisfy
said execution and all costs.
Dated this the 13th day of Apnl, 1837,
J. H. SHUGHiER, Sheriff
By E. A. SHATTUCK. Under Sheriff.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To John M. Collins: You are hereby noti
fied that the undersigned has expended dunng
the year ending December 31, 1886, one hund
red dollars in the performance of the annual
labor upon the Whoop Up mine, situated in the
Turquois mining district, County of Cochise,
Terntory of Arizona, in order to hold the same,
as required by Section 2,324 of the Revised
statutes 01 tha United states; and) our propor
tion of the amount so expended and due to the
undersigned is fifty dollars ; and if you your
heirs or assigns, fail to contribute your pro
portion of the sum expended within ninety days
after the publication of this notice, vour inter
est in said wnoop up mine will Become tne
property of your co-owner, the urdersigneet,
who has made such expenditure.
Dated Tombstone, January 13, 1887.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To R. P. Mansfield, you are heteby notified
that the undersigned has expended during the
year ending December 31, 1886, one hundred
($100) dollars In the performance of the. annual
labor upon the Southern Cross mine, situated in
the Tombstone Slining distnet, Cochise county
Ierntory of Arizona, in order to hold the same
as required by Section 2324 of the Revised
Statutes of the United States, and your propor
tion of the amount so expended and due to the
undersigned is fifty ($50) dollars, and if you 01
your heirs or assigns fail or refuse to contribute
your proportion of the sum expended within
ninety days after th publication of this notice,
your interest in the said Southern Cross mine
will become the property ol the undersigned,
who has made such expenditure.
Dated Tombstone, Jan. 34, 1887.
Peter Bute.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To Geo. W. Stewart: You are hereby no
tified that the undersigned has expended one
hundred dollars on the Eden I oss mine, situ
ated in Tombstone Mining Distnet, county ol
Cochise, Territory of Arizona, for the year erd
ing December 31st. 1886, in order to held same,
as required by Section 2324 of Revised Statutes
of the United States. Your proportion of
amount expended and due the undersigned is
twelve and fifty-one-hundredths dollars, and 1f
you or your heirs or assigns fail to contribute
) our proportion of the sum so expended, to
gether w ith the expense of this notice, within
ninety days after the first publication of this no
tice, your interest in said Eden Loss mine will
become the property of your co-owner, who lias
made said expend!. ure.
H. L. Fisher.
Dated Tombstone, Feb. ,4 1887.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To S. S. Slulberry, you are hereby notified
that the undersigned has expended one hundred
($100) dollars dunng the years 1883-1884-1885
and 1886 in the performance of the annual labor
upon the hodman-Slagnate, and Vanguard
miring claims, situated in the Tombstone Min
ing district, Cochise county, Arizona Terntory
in order to hold the same as required by Section
3324, Revised Statutes of the United Statcs
and your proportion of said sum so expended
and due to the undersigned is one-sixth of the
amount so expended on each of the above men
tioned claims, and if you your heirs or assigns
fail or refuse to contnbute your proportion of the
sum expended within ninety days after the
publication of this notice, your Interest in the
said mines will become the property ofthe
undersigned, who has made such expenditure.
Thomas Ogden.
Tombstone, Feb. I, 1887.
Notice of Forfeiture.
ToT. D. Byrne and J. A. Burkholder co
owners in the ' om Scott mine situated in the
Turquois mining district, Cochfse county, Ter
ntory of Arizona. You an hereby notified that
I have expended one humlied ($109) dollars in
labor and improvements upon the ab.v? named
mining claim during the year 1P86 in order to
hold the same as valid location, as reqi'rer by
bection 2324 Revised Statutes of the United
States Therefore if within ninety jc,r) diys
after and Irom this publication you fan or refuse
to contnbute your proper portion of sdd ex
penditures and the cost of thi- rubhcation, as
co-owners, your interest in said mil e will he
come the property of the undersigned under
said section 2314. Si H. Bryant,
Tombstone, Jan. 11, 1887.
All Kinds of Mill and Mining Machinery,
IUavj one Light Cmtlccs ot Iron und Bres
Made to Ordor on Hhorl Notice Stamps, Puns,
Buttlern, Retorts, Cages, Care. Steels, Balling
Tanks, Etc., from Latest Designs, Portable
Hoisting Engines, 2-Sump Prospectors' Mills
Made to Order. Screens of all Descriptions
Punched or lotted. Engines Indicated and Ad.
lusted. Agents 'or Albany Lubricating Com
pounds. Cylinder, Bplndls and Valve oils, West.
lnshonse Automatic Engines froui 2 to 200
Horse Power and all alio In the Machine and
Foundry Line. Also
Probably as mua miMry come fron
habitual constipation m from any derangs
ment of tha lunations ol the body, and U
la JIA.11H .a .m ..... .C .. .C-.
o U11U.U1, tj vu tu, .110 rcavuii mat no
'nn lllroa tj ..lra Ida n.slr-lA 1... t- ......1.
!y prescribed. Hamburg Ftes ft prepared ts
obviate this difficulty, and t&ej will t found cJ
Kctlve u well u pleasant to th tests of iromca
and children, ii csati.
Da. ruirr'i Hiaut Rhxdt banishes
from those afflicted vith heart dlse&M
all feat, either of sudden death, or the
development of those terrible brain di
seases which result In Insanity. It U
one of the best remedies known for
headache, whkh Is often dependent
upon disease cf the heart, sometlma
upon nervous disease, and sometimes
upon derangement of the circulation
(1 W Descriptive treatise with ecr
bottle, or mailed tn.
A t all Drusj-tsts, or address
J. J. MACK 4. CO.,
i and 11 Front St.. Sao Tranclico, Cal
Proposals and Specifications
for Building a Bridge.
Will be received by the Board of
Supervisors, of the County of
Cochise, at the office of the Clerk
in Tombstone, A. T., up to May 2d,
1887, at 2 o'clock p. m., for the
furnishing of all material and the
construction of a bridge, across the
San Pedro river at Benson; such
bids, proposals and specifications
mut be accompanied by a good
and sufficient bond in the sum of
S500, conditioned that the bidder
will enter into contract and bond
for the faithful performance there
of, in such a sum as the Board
may designate, within ten (10) days
from the time ho is notified that
his bid is accepted. Bids will be
opened May 2d, 1887, at 2 p. m.
The Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids without
By order of the Board,
A9 Clerk.
$1.00 FOR 25c.
To any one who will send us 35c and act as
our agent we will send tne louowing goods, that
could not be boueht elsewhere for less than
$1.00: 1 Dozen Sheets of Superfine Commercial
Paper, 1 Dozen imvelopes to matcn, a Kxtra
fine Ladies' Steel Pens. 1 Gents' Colden Pen, 1
iSk ROLLED GOLD RING, worth more than
we charge, for the package; 1 Dixon Lead Pen
cil. 1 Faber's Penal Rubber, all first-class eoods.
1 Sheet of Blotting Paper, 1 Rolled Gold Plated
Collar Button, 1 Set of Rolled Gold Cuff But
tons. We have stated that the goods bought
separately could not be bought for less than
$1.00, but to secure new agents we will sell them
put up in a package lor 25a
Essez, Conn.
nalr restoratlie in the world ta ILux'a
Hair Kknkwer. It cures all diseases of
tbo scalp, and stimulate the hair elands
to hcnltlifiil action. It stops the faLlliijof
the li ilr; p relents Its turnlnx rray ; CUTeB
baldness, nnd restores jouthfil color and
t resliuem of appearance to heads already
whl'e with age. The following aro a few
lllustratlona ol what li done by
"ireHetablB Sicilian
tV Mrs. Hcmsbzkst, 8i4 franklin Aft.,
Bivokljn,Jf. 1., after a sever attack of Kry.
slpelus In the head, found her balr already
trrny fulling- off so rapidly text she soon became
quite bald. One bottle of Hall's JIair Jti
NF.wrn brought It back m soft, brown and
thick as wben she vias a girl.
XS" Ma. Kxslino, aa old fanner, near Far
sale, Intl., had scarcely any half left, and what
little there was of It had become nearly white.
Ono bottle of Hall's Hair Rzniwxb stopped
Its falling out, and gave Mm a thick, luxuriant
head ef balr, as brov, n and frssh as he ever bad.
? Mrs. A. T. Waix, Grttnjltti, Chtihtrt,
ng , writes : "I have found tlie createst ben
nt from the use of Hall's Hair KXNawxB, It
having restored my hair, which was rspllr tall,
lug olT, and returned Its original color."
, Kf Dn. Emil Sup. Dttnlt, Mich., certifies
that "Hall's Hair Kihewzr Is excellent for
hair CTowing, and gives busk the natural coler
to faded and gray hair.1
K3- Mrs. S. K. Elliott, GUntllle, W. Ta.,
saja: "One bottle of Hall's Ha 111 Kemewib
restored my hair to Its natural, J oathful color."
No Injurious subitances enter Into the
composition of Hall's Hair Kenewer,
and It Is not a dye. Its efrctablo Ingre
dients render It In the highest decree bene
ficial to the scalp as a preventive ef dis
ease. Its effects are statural and lasting,
mid It docs not make the hair dry and
brashy, like the so-called restoratives com.
pounded with alcohol.
Buckingham's Dye
In, In four respects, superior to all other.
1st It will produce a rich, natural
color, brown or black, as desired.
2d The color so produced Is permanent,
cannot be washed off, and will not soil an)
thing with which It comes In contact.
3el It is a single preparation, and more
convenient of application than any other
hair or whisker dye.
4th It contains no deleterious Ingre
dients, as do many preparations 0 (Tried
for liko use.
II. P. ITALI1 A CO., Nashua, X. K.
Sold by all deJrs In ntdMne.
fT Niffl
Gtua the. Universal Consumption 1m
Suooossfully Treated?
Dr. Borgeon, a leading French doctor,
has a new treatment for consutnp'ion.
He Rives an enema of carbonic acid
ulphuretted hydrogen gases, the lattei
fas carrying the former into every part
ol the throat and lungs.
This treatment, too, is directed at
effects the causa remains undisturbed.
What this caus cis has been stated by
perhaps the highest pulmonary authority
in the world, t. ., the Brompton Hos
pital for Consumptives, in London, Eng.
This malady every year carries off from
one-seventh to one-fifth of the entire
population of England 1
Dr. Tayne, M.D., M.H.C.P., London, il
authority for this statement.
The fame or a greater proportion ol
deaths obtains in America.
Dr. Payne also says that one-half the
total number of deaths from all other
causes have seeds of this disease in the
system nhich only require some irritant
to develop!
Dr. Hermann Brehmer, an eminent
German authority, says that consump
tion is caused by deficient nutrition of
the lungs, by poor blood.
These authorities cannot bo disputed.
The medical world recognizes them. The
uric acid is the irritant in the blood that
causes the development of the seeds
which Dr. Brehmer says lie dormant in
the blood.
Every particle of blood which passes
through the lungs and heart, also goes
through the kidneys, and if they are in
the least deranged they cannot rid the
blood of its killing poison. The thousand
little hair-like sewer tubes of the kidneys
very easily get blocked up and diseased:
ana when they do, they corrupt instead
of purifying the blood. Kidney disease
may exist, and yet no pain occur in that
organ, because it is deficient in nerves of
Dip your finger in acid every day nnd
It soon festers and is destroyed. Send
acid poisoned blood through the lungs
every hecond, and they soon give way.
Tlio Bioinpton Hospital investigation
ihowed that 52 per cent, of the victims
of consumption were afflicted with de
ranged kidtieyp, which permitted the uric
acid poison to remain in the blood and
irritate the lungs. This uric acid is al
ways lighting every vital organ, and if
there bo any inherent weakness in the
lttn)js it inevitably causes pneumonia,
cough and com-umption.
The real cause of pulmonary trouble
beinir so authoritatively shown to be
faulty even though unsuspected action of
the kidneys, explains why, in order to
master the dreaded consumption, one
must rid the blood of the uric acid irri
tant which inflames and burns up the
lung substance. For this purpose there
is nothing equal to that great specific,
Warner's tafe cure. This remedy baa
now the favor of medical men all over
tbo world purely on its merits. We have
no doubt that if the kidneys are kept in
natural action, consumption and a great
many other diseases, caused by uric acid,
will not only be cured but will be pre
vented. When the kidney is healthy, no albu
men appeal's in tlie water, but albumen
is found in the water of more than half
of those who die of consumption I
This, then, is the condition of things
that always precedes consumption:
First, weakened kidneys; second, re
tained uric acid, poisoning the blood;
third, the development of disease in
the lungs by the irritant acids passing
through them. Then there is a little
cough in the morning ; soon thick, yellow
matter is spit up, followed by loss ol
flesh and strength, with dreadful night
sweats ; and when the patient goes to his
school physician for help, he is put on
cod-liver oil which his stomach, weak
ened also by uric acid in the blood, can
not digeBt. Because there is no pain
present in the kidneys, the patient does
not think they are affected, but the kid
ney acid is doing its work every minute,
every hour, day and night, and by-and-by
the disease of the lungs has advanced
until pus is developed, then come hemor
rhages, and at last the glassy stare which
denotes that the end is near!
A post-mortem examination of such
oases shows that the terrible uric acid
has completely destroyed the substance
U the lung.
It is impossible to cure lung disease
when the blood is poisoned with ario
Dissolution Notice.
Know all men by these presents, that the
partnership heretofore existing between tha
undersigned is hereby dissolved by mutual con
sent. F. A. Abbott,
W. H. Peck.
Dated Tombstone, A. T., March 14, 1887.
Just Keooived.
Received to-day a fresh supply of the
celebrated Buffalo brand of Hams and
Bacon, which will be sold at lowest mar
ket price at H. K Tweed's.
. m
A carload of fresh canned goods has
been received, also a iresh lot of bran,
wheat, barley, etc., at Joe Hoffler
P store.
for Bale
A furnished house of six rooms in a
good location. This property will be
sold cheap. There are three lots con
nected with the premises, and a perfect
title to all of thein. The house is splen
didly furnished with ail of the modem
improvements, bath tubs, etc., with hot
and cold water connections. The prop
erty is insured up to February, 1888.
Parties desiring a bargain should make
application at this office at once.
$250 Reward.
The above reward will be paid
for the arrest and conviction of
any person or persons uniawtully
handling any of my stock. Brand
H G on left hip.
H. W. Hasselgbev.
Sh&rl&ston.A.T, je!2-ly

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