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No. 130.
JUUH!lli-m.ll..ll -UJ-l-i-
U?e to connect with wcern-biu id train leaves
at y.y p. m.
laje tocjnnri-.t With eistern-hounl triln lowes
at 3:30 p. ra.
Stij: to onnect with Qnyiui train leaves
at 8:30 a. ra.
"tage for Chtrleitan letv; at 8:30 a. m..
Sti'a for Uijbcs en at 6 a. m. (except Sun
days. J
0 Bee -49$ Allen Street, under Ocoldental
M .iCJ- I1 1 - -'.JU. - ' L ' - 1 '
1 This pffiMf 1 vlcapt on tllo t B. O. Date's
Jvertfln Agency, 04 -nd e5 Mer-J
o-anta' Kxohan, San Frncico, Cal ,
her contract for adrartlitng can ba
mad for It.
The banquet last evening, was a grand
success. t
Charley Driscoll arrived in Tombstone
yesterday and was warmly greeted by his
many friends in this city.
Marie A. Smith left fur Phenix yevcr
dsy, being called to that city by a tele
gram from Ben Goodrich.
A bill passed the Connecticut Legisla
ture prohibiting employers from dis
counting wages advanced to employes be
fore day pay.
Italians are crowding out the Chinese
as gardeners in Califoraia bring better
quilifiei (or the business and being fru
gal and industrious.
Charley Leach will purchase real
estate in Phenix, probtbly in connection
with Mr. Blinn. Tombstone people are
the leading purchasers in Maricopa
county at present.
George Washington is now in the Vir
ginia Pinitentinr, and in the hst year
James K. Polk, Henry Clay, John C.
Cilhnun, and Daniel Weastcr have been
his companions.
t In about lour months many of the men
who are leaving for pastures new, and
invetsing money gained in this camp,
will be wending their way back to the
old town, not quite so rich, but with a
heap of experience.
'Nathan E. Harrelson of Belton Mo.,
has been sued for breach of promise by
Lucy B. Honne a Kentucky Blue-Grass
belle, who thinks $15,003 will soothe her
wounded heart. She is 22 years old and
the Missourian is 86 and he is very
Ifotight to be eay bedding for the
Democratic p-r;y next year. From all
accounts the man KissHtie is tho fellow
who committed the crimes th-ti have all
along been laid at the do r of that his
toric organization.
Luge cattle ranges will strn be a
thing of the past in Arizona. The atten
tion of the eastern capitalists are ju t re
Inj.iinsctal -ovtrd. our T;rrit ry, an!
all the available lands will soon be
An era of good feeling has been ush
ered in at Omaha, where the retiring
postmaster cat down to a banquet with
his successor. It appears that the one
was ready to go and nobody ever ques
tioned the willingness of the other to
step in.
A record kept in one of the central
counties of Dakota shows but thirty-three
d iy when the thermometer was at sero
or below. The winter before had fif-y
two cold days, the one before that fi fty
and that of 1882-83 had ninety-one
d tys.
The Bru'herhood of Locomotive En
gineers has 3m divisions in the United
States and Canada, and a membership of
about jo.oco. The order is growing very
rapidly, and already over 90 per cent of
all the engineers of American are
The great success of Buff do Bill's eft
gtgement in London is assured. There
is nothing like cartering topeoples pre
judices. It is the belief of the mass of
the Britishers that the Americans are
half Indian and half grisly bear, and the
Wild West show is organized on this
The Supreme Court of the United
'States finally affirmed the validity l
the famous Maxwell grant and certain
Hollanders on whom the tract was un
loaded will npw gain title to 1,700,000
acres of land. If they have been watch
ing the drift of affairs of late, they will
sell as soon as they can, as the chances
are that the feeling agatnst alien land
lordism will presently result in legislation
which may have a depressing effect upon
A Social Gathering of Tombstone's Odd
Fellows and Ladies.
Yesterday bem the six'y-eig1 th an
niversary of the Indi pendent Order of
O Id Fellows, Cochise Lodp, follow ng
an nliltimecutinn ufthr Ord r, enter
tained its member'., their wives and all
visiting bro'hers at a binq 'ct at Sc ief
felm hall last evening. The spread wa,
prepared by the M.iUori D tree, and to
sav -that it was a hvish display of
tempting e li'lts, is driving it mild.
Thi fait u rj-itairait, noed for its fine
coiking and extreme good taste in the
selections of it-, viands f.ir lilwociStiions,
fairly distance J itself upon this occtsinn.
The invituions to the members of the
Order was responded o by nearly
every OJd Fellow in the city, nd with
their wives made a large and a very
select gathering. The hall and tables
were nicely decome.l, an 1 every possi
ble preaaratio 1 to mtke t'te binqueta
success was male by the om nittee in
charge of the a.Ti r. M B. A. Fickis
was the mister of ceremonies, and right
royally did h perf rm the duty assigned
him. Mr. A. L. Grow was the first
speaker of ths evening, he spoke in
response to the to 1st, " The Order." Mr.
Grow, who upon all occasions speaks
well and to the point, did the subject
credit, as probab y there is not another
man in the Territory who is so familiar
with the workings of this Order, as is
A.L. Gm-v, the Grand M tster of Arizona.
Toe next was the toast, "Cochise Lode,"
by A. V. Smith. Mr. Smithy is a
pleasant, flaent speaker, and he handled
the subject in a manner which was cre
ditable to himself and the Lodge, The
next in order was the "Unity Degree
Lodge." This delicate subject was
handled by Mr. Bradford, and his selec
tion for this occasion proved to be a
hippy one. Mr. Bradford is an old
OJd Fellow and a very intelligent
gentlcmtn, and he paid the Rebeccas
a very handsoma tribute. "Odds
fand Ends," brought to the floir that
o'd war h irse of oddfellowship Dav
id Cohn who in his usual clear and for
cible manner claimed the afention of
the gathering f.r several minutes. Mr
Cohn' is a very clever speaker and his
remtrks list evening were in remirkaole
gojd taste. "Sister Lodge" by W. D.
Mjimn mier is the orator of the Cochise
lolgcandhW mtiterly handling of the
sujectwas greeted by well merited
applaie. The sinking by Thomas Vin
cent and others was splendid but the
maateily iflbrt of the occasion was agent'
of a p lem by Mrs. D II. McNeil. This,
la ly. sh wed talent a- a.i elocutionist of a
high order an I the manner in which she
rendered the buutiful paein hst evening
was pleasi ig as it was surprising. Mr.
Etward Hjtop, nude the gall int res
ponse "to thi ladies." Mr. Hotup being
a great favorite with the fair st-x, this
duty was a very pl.-asinj one to him ami
he pud the f lif ones some very hand
some and telling c implim nts. Mr. M r
ins singing was superb. Wmt of time
and space prevents us for further men
tioning the pleasaut affair.
fJLll Briok Swindle.
An Ovl Tanks, N. M , dispatch to the
Sun says: The great fi.'ld "tor the gold
brick swindlers is at present in the south
west. The bricks arc mtie by a man
mmd Biggs, who lives in D.nver.
They are ch;ap affairs, made of a com
position covered with thick gold paint.
He sells the ordinary s zed bricks for
$375 each. Since the first of the year
three of those bricks hive been disposed
of by one man to Marshall, a stortke. per
oTC'Vihuahua, Mix., for Si ,900; one to a
well known Mexican at Paso del Norte,
f r $7,200, and another to an Arizona
ranchman nuned Tysoi, for $,500.
The operator is well known at El Paso,
Tex , and cin be constantly seen playing
faro in a ranch saloon on El Pa-o trect.
He belonged to the same outfit that
sold the gold brick to Senator Dorsey
for $40,000.
Maricopa County.
Dr. G. E. Goodfillow returned yester
day from Phenix, He says he has been
attending Johnny Bchan, and when he
left Mr. Behan was recovering, and that
unless some great change has occurred
in the list twenty-four hours, he is all
rignt. He is suffering from an abcess in
his side, but the Doctor thinks he is alt
safe. Dr. Goodfellow has also dabbled
in the general rush for Maricopi county
land, and he laughingly told an EPITAPH
reporter that he expected to "go broke
in the business." Notwithstanding his
assertion, the genial Doc.or don't believe
it, he is a sharp business man, and he
will undoubtedly reap a harvest in the
valley of tho sale
We Do Not Desire" ts Interfere in Courts
of Justice.
The everlasting twiddle of .1 contem
porary about Berry and his land frauds
are getting 5o.newhat stale in UiU com
munity, as.,f Jr o jr part we are llinn' 10
an iw tne courts 01 1 ne territory to ucciuc
issues submitted to then) for their deci
sion. We have no interest in Ju.lge Bsrij's
success in his land suits, other than to
see justice done to ill concerned! Tiittse
matters luvc long since been taken to
the courts for th.ir action and pending a
decision, no decent j mrnal would dis
cuss the issues, we h ive.au, iqrj, honor
able Judge in this district, and to his
ftirness and knowledge of eqiitv, ue
are willing to submit. We do nt, either
uphold Judge Berry nor defame tinn, as
we have before said, it is purely a q ies
lion for our courts to determine, lithe
settlers on the Mountain Maid desire to
resist the title, the courts is the on'y
place in which it can be done. A su 1
for this purpose has been instituted and
is now pending, and the Epitaph is in
hopes that justice will be dune. Judge
Beiry has nothing to do with the man
agement of this paper, Mr. C. S. Abbott
and its present manager, are the uvner$
and managers of its columns, and the
affairs of Mr. Berry are in no wise
mingled in our business. Our dealings
with Judge Berry have been agreeable
and fair, and the Epitaph shall nut take
it upon itself to abuse him nor any o her
tun for matters which the courts alone
have power to adjudicate. We, as well
as all other citizens, deplore the ever
lasting conflicts which have from lime to
time arose upon titles to real property in
this city, but further than see absolute
justice meted out to all parties, we have
no intetest. No man nor set of men can
contiol our columns, we will speak
plainly upon all subjects in which the
people have an interest, but as to inter
fcring with courts of justice, we never
Oholera in Qnaymas.
Cholera to an alarming extent it is
said is raging at Guaymas, five deaths
recently occurred at that place, three oj
the bodies being cremated to prevent
the spread of this dread disease. In a
conversation with Dr. Goodftllov he
have it as his opinion that should the
Cholera prevail at Guaymas it would be
a difficult matter to prevent its reaching
Tombstone. If this be the case our
authorities should take immediate steps
to. prevent its reaching this city. The
health of our citizens is uhat shou'd be
first aitended to, no matter what the cost
may be. Notwithstanding the fact that
Governor Torres denies that the Cholera
exists in Sonora. Parties direct from
Guaymas say it is there and that several
deaths have recenty occured there from
the disease.
Irish Humor
"Passive resistance" in Ir;'and has
some humor. At ,8 tllysimoe near
Limerick fourty-four head of catt'e were
advertised to be sold for non-payn.ent of
rent. Proceeded hy two donkeys, devi
ated with gay ribbons, the caule were
driven into Limerick followed by a gre it
crowd of jolly, boisterous people. The
auctioneer fearing the unmerciful guying
of the multitude refused to perform his
office. The Sheriff was appealed to, and
he also declined. Had a seller bten
found it is mortal.)' certain there wuld
have been no buyers. After a vain at
tempt to get an auctioneer ihe sale was
abandoned, and the cattle proceeded by
thf ir couriers and fo lowed by the rollick
ing rabble, were driven baot to the de
faulting tenants.
Judge Barnes.
Judge Barnes and his excellent wife
gave a party to their friends in Tucson at
their new residence, which was beauti
fully decortted with flowers for the
o-casion. The many warm friends of
our able, conscientious Judge, in this city
extend their gold wishes to the genial
couple in their new honw on the banks
of the Santa Cruz, and trust that life's
jurney will be made pleasant among
neir newly made friends in Arizona
The EPITAPH, recognizing the sterling
qualities of Judge Barnes as a judicial
officer and an honorable citizjn, heartly
joins in the wish.
There is a possibility that the Presi
dent is felicitating himself on the happy
effect of the interstate commerce ltw in
thinning out office seekers at the capital
before.he is fairly out of the woods. De
prived of a pass, it will take the office
seeker a little longer to get to Wash
ington, but when he reaches town he will
Unnecessary Hisory.
Probably as much misery conies from
habitual constipvion as from any dc
rangeuient of the functions of the body,
ar.d it is difficult to cure, for the reason
that no one likes to take the mfdicitvs
usually prescribed. HAMBURG FIGS
were preplred to nbiia'e this difficulty,
and they will be found pleasant to ih(
taste of ivonwi) arid children. 25 cents.
At all druggists. I. Mack & Co , pro
prietors, $ F
Eruit Trees.
-Peach, apneo', p um, cherry,, nectar
ine apple, pear, fig; qninc-, and urn
jrelli trees, gripevines, rose bushes,
cmill fruit 'j-rl dnitea nl inie -i-t U1U-
a,itii 11 uit nuu iiuujv. uiiji UUU UUIU3
,soip oyj. ri. 1 utile, 2a street, netiveen
Allen and Fremont, Tombstone. '
Iru.t Trees
The finest two-year old fruit trees,
quinces, p;ach,p 'apricot, apple, pears:
plums, prun'-s, nectarinus, (persimmon
Jap in), chesnut, olives, almond, pome-g-anate--,mountcypress;
also fifty different
roses, pinks a d ma ly other plants for
sale by Willi im Brauch, Fulton street,
bitween Second "an" I Third, Tombstone,
A izom. Orders by mail promptly at
tended Our motto is honest dealing,
Fput boxes pot plants received fcv
express to day, most all in bloom, wis
taria, Lady Washington, heliotrope,
primroses, carnation, begonias and many
ouier plants,
' Indigestion or Oonstipation
A few HAMBURG FiGS are all that
is necessary for the cure of the severest
cases of indigestion or constipation and
one taken occasionally will prevent the
develo jment of these affections 25 cents.
At all druggists. J. J. Mack & Co. pro
prietors, S. F.
P. &A. M. -King
Sololomon Lode No. 5, F. & A.
M., holds state! meetings on the third
Situ-day night in each month in
Masonic hall at 7:30 p. m. Special
meetings hel 1 whenever blue fl ig is
hoisted. Visiting brothers are cordially
invited to attend. David Cohn.
W. M.
H. B. Maxson'. Secretary.
Spring anJ Summer Goods
I im in receipt of a fine line of Spring
and Summer go ids which will be made
up to orler on short notice and .11
reasonable prices. All 'orders promptly
attended to. B. HaiTICH,
Allen bet. Fifth and Sixth Sts.
Go 10 M mmonirr's forstationery hi o' s
toj, picture frames, wall paper, arti-.i
iiLiten il & etc, 2v
Just received at Jsie Hoefler's, a car
oad of the celebraied Stockton crown
brand flour and a quantity of fresh gr.i
eerie au27-lf
Wanted A position to docooking and
generalhouse work in a nice fami'y by
a German lady. Address M. A., EPI
TAPH office.
We are now prepared to draw draft'
dnect, iisue letters of credit, and transfer
money by m dl, and cable, on all points
of Europe Asia, Africa and Australia.
- R. W. Wood.
Bink of Tombstone
Occidental Hotel.
This is the only first-classhotel in
Tombstone. It ts handsomely furnished
with ill modern improvements. Trav
elers who stop at this house will find
every comfort and attention. Private
rooms for commercial travelers at reason
able rate?. A splendid billiard table
and a card room. The bar is supplied
with pure brands of -wines, liquors and
cigars ti
The G. A. H.
The meeings of the Burnside Post G.
A. R. No. 36 will take pi ice the second
and fourth Saturdays of each month at
the City Hall a 8 p. m.
A. L. Grow,
Adjutant. tf.
New Goods.
A full line of Spring and Summer
giods have just been received by Harris,
the Tailor, and they will be made to suit
customers nr no piy demanded. Call
and examine my s'ock before ordering
elsewhere. Harris The Tailor.
more lives by timely use, and has
kept from suicide or the insane asylum
more victims of nervous disorders than
all ihe physicians with their pet methods
of treatment. At druggists $1.50. Des
criptive treatise with each, bottle; or ad
dress J. J, Mack & Co., S. F.
Leave your orders for books, papers,
end cug&aiucs, at Montaotticr's 3w
i3r te::e
treets of Tombstone
But on ths contrary, sensible, careful buyers, claim tfm
nowhere can good qualities in
11 y
low prices
We Cheat and Swindle
None, not even our worst enemy,
but we give you a Plump'
Dollar Value in Honest
Goods, for every hun
dred cents you
bring us.
Sam M, Barrow's
Carpets, latest paterns, 20cts, 50cts and $1
per yard. Eastern Prices.
Furniture, Rockers, Bedsteads, Dressers,
Mirrors . Eastern Prices.
"Window Shades 40cts, Kitchen Safes, Wash
stands. Eastern Prices.
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes at Eastern Prices,
A full and complete line of
GENTS' Furnishing GOODS
Dinner, Breakfast and Soup Plates, 80cts,"
per doz. Eastern Prices.
Cups and Saucers $1.50 per doz., Floor Oil
Cloths, 40cs, 50cts per yd.
Harness, Tinware, and Glassware, always on
hand at reasonable prices.
Wagon Covers, Tents, Guns and Ammuni
tion at Eastern Prices.
Wall paper of every
25, 30 and $1,25 per
am M.
be bought at such wonderfully
as at our store. '
style and description,

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