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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, April 27, 1887, Image 2

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(.t-irat Publication, Jan. 18, 1887.
Notice or .Ipiillratlun Tor I'. 8. Inleut to the
Central Milling Claim No. 463.
Tucsoi. Arironi. I in it 1887. I
Notice is hereby given thit Charles W. I.each'
and W. J. la) lor, 01 I omb.tonc, Cochise Co.j
Aruont, hive hied an amplication fcr patent
1500 leet of th Centrilvcin, lole, ordipo-it,
b"ann silver, situated in Tombstone mining
district, CochUe Co , Arizona, more particu
arly descnb d in the li Id notes and plat of the
orfichl survey No. 739, on hie in this ollice, des
iijn.it d as lot No 182, a follows, to-wit:
Ueginninin.; at tlu initial monument at the
southwest centT tnd of claim, at a pot 5 ft
Ionian! 1 in s rr 111 moan I of stone', nnrk-d
I M Cenlr 1 N.) t, from which initial monu
ment of th'June'.tt M C bears N 30 34' W
27.11ft di-tint, and U S M M No 2 bears N
5) 10' li. U S M M No 6 bears S3j"oa' li
6391 ft di-tint. and S-c Cor between Sect 1 and
a, N bounliry, Tp 20, S k 21 li, bears N 33
25' K, t8.o3j ft di.tint; tlwnce N 43 43' west
300 ft to .1 po-t ; ft long 4 in sir in mound of
S'onj, at S V cor, in irked C M C Mo 2;
th nc- N 4V i3' E 1500 ft to 1 p)st 5 ft long, 4
in sir, set In mo-inl ofemh and stones, at NV
cor, in irke I 1 I C, No 3; dunce S 43' 43' E,
330 ft to N li center end pest 5 ft long, 4 in sqr.
In mou 1 1 of earth ami ston-s, marked C M C
No 4; ill -nee on the simj cour-e 301 It to N E
co not, 5 ft ,0-1'. 4 in sa,r. sel ' mound of
stones. marked C t C N9 s; thence S 6 18" W
1511 ft to -v E cor po-t, sit long, 4 in sip, in
m jund of st jnes, m .iked C M C No 6; thence
N 4j 4a' W 300 ft to initial monument and
pi ice ot banning. Variation u"43'E;con-aiim-;
a i.65a,res.
Tne i.npiovements made by the owners or
their grantors upon s lid claim consist ot a shait
4x5 ft, too ft deep; 1 tunnel 5x6 and 20 tt long;
s winze in tunnel 4x6 in.l 3.1 ft deep; an incline
sh ift 4x6 end 12 It dee J, and stopes 30 ft long,
5 ft wide and 30 ft lecp, said claim b.'ing du.y
rce irded in th o-Sce of the County Recorder
of Cochise county, Timb.tone, Arizona, as
show by lm abstract of title filed in this office.
Any and all persons cl urn ng adversi ly ths
wholi or any portion of said Lcntrd mining
sli'm are required to file their adverse claim in
this offioe during the prriod of sixty days' pub
lic uion hereof, or they wilt bi birred by v.rtue
of the p oviiiom of the stttute
It ii n reby ordered that the foregoing notice
bj puiiishsd sixtv diys in the El'lTAWt, a daily
n-vv-pipT puoiiihed at Tombstone, Cochise
cojnty, Arizona. C. E. DAlLbY,
I First Publication, Jan. 13, 1887,
Notice of Appllcatlui for IT. s. Patent to
the Chance Mining C'lnlui o. 40S.
Tucsov, Anzona.Jan. 13, 1887. f
Notice Is hereby given that Charles V.
Leach, of Tom sione. Cochise county, Ari
zoni, lits hid hied an application for patent to
1501 lineir te-t of t hi Chinee vein, lodeorde
josi , h'.tr)nf Mlver and gold, with surface
ground 600 feet in width, situited in Tombstone
ra nin district CochUe county, Arizona, more
pirnculirly leicribed in the field notes and pla
of thiotrklal survey, No. 793, on file in this
office, and designated as lot No. 18;, as fol
lows, to-wit:
Brining at the initial monument, situated at
the northwest en I center ot claim at 11 post "ft.
I ig, 4x1 in 'hfs sqr, in a mound of stones and
eert.i, ntirked I M. Chance M. C. No. 1,
from which a shift ovrr too ft deep bears S 7
3a' W, 134 ft distint; thence N 64 28', W 58 7
to .1 4 Incn post marked S center Bonanza,
and thence on same course 300 (t to N V cor.
po'.t, 5 ft long, 4 ins sqr, in mound of stones,
mimed C. M. C No 2; thence S 3140' W
1500 ft to S V cor. post, 5 ft long, 4 ins sqr, in
mound of siones, mirkrd CMC No 3; thence
S 6i 28' E 300 ft to s W end center post, 5 ft
long, 4 ins sqr. in a mound of stones.
mirkd CMC No 4, from which croppings
bear N 3 i 40' E 400 ft distant: thence S 6a'
38' E 303 ft to S E cor post, 5 ft long, 4 ins sqr,
in a m-iund of stones, m irked C M C No 3,
from which U S M M No 3 bears N 45 48' W
7,095 ft distant U S M M No. 6 bears S 70
40' ii and corner to vMions 1 and 2, noith
boundary of Tp 20, S R 22 E, bears N 4302'
E 18,013 a distant; thence N 3340' E 1500
ft to N K cor post, 5 ft long, 4 ins sqr. in a
mound of stones, mirked C M C No 6, thence
N 64 aS' vV 144 7 ft", to post in 1 ne marking the
S E cor of Djiniui M .', an 4 300 feel to post
No t and place of beginning. Variation, n
43' E; area, 20.66 acre-. Slid claim being lo
cited ab ut 2 iml-s so Uhweslcrly from the town
of Tombi'one and about 500 yards southeast,
erly from the Merrimac M C. and is bounded on
fie N E by the Ujnanza M C; the same being
duly rccoiued In the office of the county re
corder at lomb ton", Cochi-e county. Anzona,
as s lown by his cvrtiSid abstract of title filed in
this otlu-e
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
whole or any portion of said Chance mining
cltlnt are required to present their advert"
clumsinthU otifice during the period of sixty
dayi pu ilicaiion hereof, or fiey will be birred
y virtne of the provisions of the s'alute.
It IS hereby ord-r-d tint the forcoins! notice
be published lor the period of sixty d-tys in the
Tombs'one Epitaph, a daily newspaper pub
lished at Tombstone, Cochise county Arizona.
C. E. DAI LEY. Register.
First publication April 5. 1887.
Xotlci- or Ippllc illon rr U, .H; rate nt to the
31 jlloiii-r .Ulnlnittl.iliii .No. Ut.
United SrATts Lasd Office, )
Tu s,ov, 'nt, March 31, 1887.
Notice is hereby given ihat K. L Au.tin, of
Tucson, Anzoni, for im-clf and co-claiinai ts
S M V its de and V A. R uterty, adminis
trator ol the rsute of H. F. Winchester, Ins
maJe app I a ion lorpit.-nt to 1240. 5 linear feet
of the Mijfl wer vein, .ode or dep sit b-anng
silver and gold, wth s i f ce gr und 603 eet in
wid h, s ua ed in T m'j tens Mining Di-tnct,
Cjche coanty, rijjia. mje pirtkulirty
described in tie field note- and plat of fie
official surty 0.1 file ,n this fficc, designated as
Lo No 193, as folio vi to wl :
IJegmning at the 1111 ial man-'m'tit at a poit
Si fee. Iig4 inc'ui q ate in .1 monnd of
sto.e. mirk-d I. M. MavOiwer M. C. No. 1
fronwiilcn U. S M. M No 1 heirs S. 55
V. 124 feet dt.'ant nn i t ,e corner to sec ions
1 and 2 north bo ind ,ry of I p 20 S. R 23 E
beirs No4'j'E. 9630 f it distant; the center
li.ie of c -iiiii hears 3. 4227' W and N 442
h.j 01 tins nn-) south 8 5 fietand 5 ftct to
tig it is the d.s ov ry sh i'i 4x6 and Co feet
de j, soa h 533 le.:t .in 1 ( Irct to left is inc i ed
nhafi 4x6 ana 93 fu d-ep and scufl 6 5 feet
and 9 .. . t dI. It 1, sh ft 4x0 and 12 f. ei d--p;
taciue from irttiil tu.inumint N. 44 27' E
alo g center lni'4s' J f-vl loa pot 1 1 mound
o stjncsnn -V. sid-line ol buph iret M.C.
milked 1. F. M. t. N 1. 2 at a p int N 3
13' W 1056 fet diai.t tr.mi u 4 inch post
ma ked M C. No 3. 62; feet rro-s mnn
wati" piae leading to loin'i-ttn. 710 feet to
wash undir point 1 f dump and 750 lett to Hunt
drsc itx-rt ir, s ip, lenieni.il notice as ro th tnd
ce .tcr of e aii' en wrst snpe of waste oump of
in iiu sh ift 1 f ihe nulphu ct M.C where pot
and inoni.m nt are coveiedup by dump which
is on p te t il Ian i returning to louth sie In e
of Si'pliuret M. C. cm center line ol the
MufUwe- at po-t No. 3 run N. 33 16' W.
along S3Uth side line of tu1phurrt 347 feet to
N. W corner po t4 iichis squire in mound
o s ones mirW l. F M C. No. 3. which is
al-o tne N.E. of La t Chmcc, No 1 M. C.
thenceij 45" 33' K 2to3fcet to an iron pin 1
inch in diaine er .11 inters itlon of c n or line at
point N 4427" E 565 fiet from post No 2
returning to po t N 1 3 tun S. 47 13' W. along
wji wuc 1111c ui 11 urn 193 reel 10 in crse to
lin- ot the r lemont M c. at a point N. 72 38'
K 15J feet fro-n the N.E corner of the Herald
M t ,onamecourse3jtfeet to a 9x4 inch post
nnrk ng the NE corner ol Li-t C'hanie M. C ,
557 5 l,;et to wih dra rung N. N. h ,7655
leet and 17 3 feet to 1-lt top st nnikul F. M.C.
No 1. the initial mu 'in -nt of the Fremont
M C, I3t7 3 leet and 6.7 feet to leit to po.t
marked F. M. C. No. e, u being theKW.
center of Tre'iront M C. and 1340.5 feet to
S. W corner post 4 inch s jqaire in mound of
jtonci znvk(J M. . M. C N. a; vbrasf S.
45 33' E. 107 fef t to intersection of S V. end
line of Fremont M. C. at a point N. 52 16' VV.
137 feet from post rratked K. M. C No. 4,
247 feet to intersection ot SE, side line 01
Fremont M. C. at a point N. 54 16' E. 32 feet
fiom E. corner po-t of the Fremont and 300
feet to a 4 inch po-t $ feet long in a mound ot
stones, at the V. end center ol clmn niatked
F. M. C. No. 5 Irom which a 4 inch post
marked A. M. C r o. 2 at N.W. corner ol
Addie bears S. 44 27 V. 28 feet distant;
thence S. 4533' E. 10 feet to intersection of
N.W. s.ide line uf Addie M. C. at aoint N. 65
2s' E. 29 6 feet distant from S. W. corner po.
No. 2, 50 feet to intersection of N.W. side line
of Aha M. C. at a point S. 4a 41' W. 30 feet
from N.W. corner po t of Alia marled A.M C.
No. 5, 170 feet to jntrrse Hon of N.E, end line
of Alt 1 at a point S. 31 43' E. 124 feet from
post No. 5 238 feet to intei section of N.W.
side line of Sdver Dollar M. C at a point b. 31
33' W. 143 feet from N.W. corner post marked
A. U. M. C. No. 5 and 300 Icet to S.E. corner
post $'A fret lo-g 4 inch s square marked
M, F. C. No. 6; thence N. 44 27' E, a ong
h. E. side line of claim 8 j feet to head o wsli
dr lining northerly 15811 tointe section of N E.
en I hue of Silver Dohar M. C. at a point . 62
oi' E. 67 teetfrom N.W corner post mirked
S. D. M. C. No 5, 213 f.et to intersection o
N.W side line of Ron Ton M.C, at a point
S. 36 38' W. 585 feet from N. W. corner.
678.5 feel to intersection with N.E. end line of
Addie M. C. at a point S. ta 34' E. 17 feet
from N.E. corner post marked A. M. C. No. 3,
817.8 fett to intersection ot N.K end line of
Hon Ton M. C. at a point S. 6143' fc. 83.8
feet from N.W. cornsr of Bon Ton, 847 feet 10
1 pott sM feet long 4 inch square marked
M. F. M. No. 7 at intersection of west side line
of Flora Morrison M. C. at a point S, 25 24' W.
302.; feet from a 4 inch post at an angle ol the
N.W, side line of Flora Morrison marked
F. M. M. C. No. 4, which is also the S.L
corner of the Sulphuret, marked t. M. No. 3.
and the N.E. corner of M-ijflsWr niarkea
M. F. M. C, No. 8; thence on samt course
1337.7 lect to a point on S.li. side line to an
iron pin one inch in diameter dmen into the
ground, fiom which to-.t No. 8 being a witness
to corner bears S. 88 16' V. 143 feet distant;
thence N. 45 33' W. 7a feet to intersection of
southeiS' end i.n: of balphure' M, C. at a point
N. 58 15' E. 107 fee; from S.E. corner post
m irked b. M. C. No. 3, an) on same course
300 feet to iron pin at nr.rtreast end c ntcr
marking the point of l-eijinniiig oi the rxierior
survty of cliim; variatbn 11" 43' ewt; otal
arc 1 16, 333 acres; less conflct with the Sul
phuret M.C. Lot 48 Lot cUi'iicd, 0.559 acres;
le-s c nflict with the Mora MonUcn M C.
1 ot No. 74, not chimed 0.538 hens; net area
15 135 acres; conflict with the ramont Lot
No. 75, wiihthe Alta Lot No. 109; with the
Addie Lot No. 6t; with the Bon 1 on I xt No.
135; and with the Silver Dollar M. C. are
claimed and included in this application; said
mining claim is loc ited about 300 yards (list int
itom the Contention M. 1 . and is bounded upon
the north hy the Sulphuret, on the east by the
Flora Mornsot and Ad fie, on the south by the
Alta, and on the west by the Fremont mining
claims, and is duly recorded in the office of the
County Recorder at Tombstone Cochise county,
Arizona, as shown by certified abs'Mct of till
hied in this office. Anv and all per-ons claim
ing adversely the whole or any portion of the
Mayflower mining claim, t re required, to present
ih-iradve'se claims in this office during the
.ixtv da) s pe lo 1 ot publication hercol, or they
will be barred by virtue or the provu ons of the
It is hereby o-dered that the foregoing notice
be published for the period of sixty days in the
TomDstonc Epitaph, adiily n-wspaper pub
lished at Timhs'one. Cocnisr county. Ariz.na,
by me designated as the paper puhhshsd nearest
to said claim, C, E. Daii.kv,
First publication Mareh 30, 1887.J
Police or Application Ibr V. . Talent to
the Nornlutffttnr Milting Claim .u.49.
United States Land Office, )
Tucsd'n, Arizona, March a8, 1887. 1
Notice it hereby given tnat the Moining Star
Consolidated Miniig Company, by B. L Peel,
attorney in fact, of l ombstone, Coihise county,
A izona, has made appli ation for patent to
1420 linear feet of the Morning Star vein, lode
or deposit bearing silver ant gold with surfa. e
ground 600 feel in width, situated in Tombstone
Mining Disiiict, Cochise county, Arizona, more
parti. ulaily described in the field nots and plat
01 the offic al survey, designated as tot No. 188,
a fo lows to-wit:
Beginning at the initial monument described
in location notice at a post 5 feet long 4 inches
square in a mound of stones marked I. M.
Mor .ing Star M. G No. 1, from which U.S.
M. M. No. t bears N. 44 26' W. 2867 f.rt dis
tant, the a section corner between sections 13
and i8 east boundary to Tp 20 S. R 23 E bear
ing S. 84 46' E. 8467 fc l distant, an incline
shaft (dips east) 4x6 feet and no feet deep b ars
S. 3 o' E 15 feet di taut and an incline shaft
4x6 feet and 30 feet dei p bears N. at 50' E 6t
fc t distance; thence Sat 56' W. 420 feet to
wash draining N,W. and 700 feet to the S.W.
end center post 5 feet lo 'g 4 inches square in a
mound of sroncs and erth marked M. S. M.C.
No. a; thence N. 68 04' W. 6a feet to inter-s-ction
of north line of Wide West M. C. lot
o 180 at a point N. 84 aa' E. 400 feet f om
N.W. comer post marked W. W. M. C No 3
and eonti uing on same course 300 feet to S. W .
corner post 01 el dm 5 feet, long and 4 inches
squaie in mound ol stones marked M S. M C.
No, 3; thenceN. ais6' E 1430 feet to NW
corner post 5 fe l long 4 inches square in mound
of ea th aid stones muked M S. M. C. No. 4;
thence S. 68" 04' E. 60 to ore road irom
Emerald mine 250 feet to wash draining north
easterly and 100 eel to N E. end center post
5 feet long 4 imhes squire in a monnd of stones
and earth marked M. S. M. C No 5 and on
same course 600 Icet to N.t. corner tost 5 leet
long 4 in has square in a mound of earth and
stot e marked M. S. M. C. No 6; th-nc.' S. at
56' W 1323 feet to intersection cf 1 01th line of
Wida West M. C 1333 fei t to a wash drain n
northeily and 1430 Icet to s E, c irnr tost 5
feet loi g 4 i .chis square in a n.ound of st nes
and earth muked M. S M. C. p. 7 from
which the initial monument of the Wi ie West
M. C. S 18 20' E. 135 feet distant; th nee N.
68 04' W. 300 feel 10 S. W end center pot No.
2nntl.irc of begmmng of extiror suney of
da m; variation 1143 E; arei 19.559 acres less
lorflict with the Wide Wrst 797acr ; netarei
18 762 acres. Said mining claim being dulv
re o'ded in the office of the County Recorder at
Tomb torn-, ochise county, Arizom, as shown
by le-nficd abstract of till on file in tl.is offi e.
Any and all persons claiming adicrs'ly the
w'.oleor any portion of said mining claim are
request d to present their adverse cl urns in this
offi e during the sixty days period of the pub
li.ation herrof, or they will bi-barred by virtue
of the provisions of ihe statut-.
Ins herrby ordered ihat the foregoing noiice
be published for the period of Sixty da) s in the
lomb tone Epitaph, a d,ily newspaper pub
hshe I at Tombstone, Cochise coun'y", 1 y me
de ignated as the paper puhlish-d n arest to
said claim. C. E. Dailey,
Notice of Forfeiture.
To John M. Collins: You are hereby noti
fied that the undersigned hare expended, dur.
ing the year ending Dei-ember 31, 1886, one
hundred dollars in the performance ol the an
nud labor upon the Queen of tl.e Hill minr
situated in the Turquois mining distr.ct, county
of Ci clitse, Territory of Anzcna. in order to
hold the same, as required bySxtion 3,324 of
the Revised Statt.tes of the United States, and
your proportion of the amount so expended and
due to the undersigned is fifty dollars, and il
yru, your heirs or nssigni, fail or refuse to con
tribute your proportion of the sum expended,
within ninety diys after the publication of this
notic, your interest in the said The Queen of
the Hill mine will become the property of jour
co-owners.the undersigned who h-ive made such
expenditure, JOHN McMAHON.
Pt TVjtcn, woazy if, 1887,
Firstjpublicatlon April 1, 1887.)
Notice or Application for V. S. FateutU tht
Lowell Mluloz Halm .No. 410.
United States Land Officf, 1
Tucson, Anz., March 29, 1887. J
Notice is heieby given that Charles W.
Leacn, of Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizona,
has made applicuion for patent to 1495 linear
leet of the Lowell ein, lode or neposit bearing
silver and go d with suiface ground 6 feet in
wid h, situated in Tombstone Mining Di.trict,
CochUe county, Arizsna, iiiori p.rdularly
de'ibid in tne field notes and pi it of the
cfficial survty on file in thisofii e and designated
as lot No. 189, as follows to wit:
Beginning wiih the initial monument at a
post, as d scribed tn location not ce. at the
ten-erand east-rly erd ol c'aiin. pho-dina
mound of stones marl ed I . M. L M. C. No. 1
Irom which U. s. M. M. No. 3 bears N 180
39' W 3561 feet d stjnt and the corner to Sec
tions 1 and 2 N bouncary of I pso S R. 22 E
bears N 54 1 E 199 4 leet distant; thence S
3 48' k 300 feet to a 4 i-ich post in mound of
stones at Ne. co ner m triad L M. C. No. 2;
thence 59 12' W 690 feet to a wash draining
southerly anil on same course 1495 feet to Sfc.
corm r p j-t 4 inches squaie in mound of stones
situated in a small wash draining southerly
m irked L. M. ( , No. 3; thence N 3048' W
301 fe t to.-V center end po t 4 inches squere
ill miunJ of stones marked L M. C. No 4;
ti ence N 30 48' W a,oo fet t to SW correr p t
4 inches squaie mi mound of stones on south
slope of hill and about 300 feet souih of summit
post marked L. M. C, No 5; thence N 59 13' E
100 feet to summit 860 feet to small wash drain
ing north 1200 feet to fp of ridge bearing
north 1417, 5 to post 2x4 inches Squire in
mound of Hones 3 feet left of line marked
Quien babe No 4 1487 feet to 84 inch post irf
mound of stones S ot M No. 2 "pi,st 5" on
north face on south face Quien abe No. 3
and 1495 feet to 4 inch post in mound of stones
marked U M. C. No. 6 at NW corner of claim;
thence S 30 48' E 300 feet to post No. 1 and
place of beginning of the exterior boundary of
chini; variation n 43' E, area 20.59 acres;
saidcl im being siluued ab.ut 3 miles ,sV from
Tombstone a out 800 yirds SW from
St to of M tin -mi e mi about 130 feet SW
fn m the Uroiher Jon ithan M. 0,, the improve
ments consisting ofashat 4x8x18 fet, a shaft
4x6x10 feet, a shaft 4x10x8 feet, incine shaft
4x6x15 le-1, incl ne shatt 4x6x10 feet, and a
sbait46xi ftct deep; the same b ing duly
record, d in thf office of the C ounty R ccrder at
Tonibst jne, I ocl i e counts, Arizona, as shown
by certified a Str ct of title on file in this office.
Any and ..II per ons claim ng adveis ly the
w oleoran paitofsaid Lowili m ning c'aim
are req lired t present their adverse claims in
this olhce during the sixty days period of ub
lication hereof, or they wi 1 be barred by wriue
of the p ovisious of the statute.
It is hereby ordered that the forcing notice
be pub ished for thf p ri'd of si ty days in the
Tombstone Hpitaph a daily nespapi-r pub
lished at Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizo-ia,
by me designated as the paper pu hshed nearest
to said cl .im. C. E. Dailey.
Trustees Sale.
To whom it may concern: Notice is hereby
given that I will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder fori ash, on Mon ay the 18th
lay of April, 1887, at the hour of one o'clock
p m. in front of tht court hons in 'Tombstone,
Cochise county, Arizona Territory, the following
described real estate, S'tua'ed in Dos Cabezas
Mining District, Co hNe county, Arizona Termor)-,
and more particularly described as, the
Old Man mine and the Old Woman m,nc, be
ing the continu-ition of th-; same ledgr, and
each rlaim I .eing fifteen hundred feet in length
by six hundred fet in wiith; also the Ph. It el
pliia min ng ihim, being 590 leet in length by
six hundred fett inwdtii; also the Tornado
mining claim, being 1500 feet in length by 600
in width; also th- Ashby mining claim, being
1500 feet -n len ,th by 600 in width; a so the
First Chinee mining claim, being 1500 feet in
lengih by 600 in widih; also the Hidd n
'Ti ensure mine, being 1500 feet in length by
600 feet in wi 1th; also one nii'Isne on which is
luilt a tm-st-imp mill adjoining the tovnsite
of Dos Cabezas; al-o one house ol five rooms,
and lot on which the same, is situated, it being
in the townsitn of Dos Obczis, together with
all and singular the improvements and appurie.
nances upon any pail of the above described
premises. Geo G. Ukrky,
Tombston, March 28, 1887.
Physician and Surgeon,
The above well-known and long-established
pectalist having many patients in this and sur
rrunding 10unt.es, have decided to open an
office at
EL PASO. Fehruiry ad, 3d and 4th.
ALBUQUERQUE. Feb. 6th and 7th.
SANT.A FE, reb. 8ih and 9th.
T At lFri'lt" 1. -.1 .l
I lino vlwao, rcu. 10111 anu inn.
Tombstone, Feb. 13th.
TUCS JN, Feb. 141I1, 15th and i6.h.
YUMA, Feb. 17th anl 18th.
Where they will have private oficeson theabove
davs nly, and where all wh 1 des re to consult
w..h the Renowned Aie&alisis wi 1 have the op
portumty of do ng so FREEOF CHARGE.
Notice. On account of rapidly increasing
business Dr. I.iebig & Co wil not be able to
vis.t Tombstone t is year. All persons desiring
medical treatment wih please address or call
upon Dr. Liibig & Co, 400 GeirySt., San
Francuco, Cal.
The I.iebig D'sr;cns.iry for the featrrent of
all Chronic, I'. ivae and 1 "onipuvated di-tises,
has been estabhsled in Sin Fianci c for nearly
.1 quirie' o a century. I he Disjjensary bu Id
mg occ-p e. thr entire cormr ot Uniry and Ma
son streits, an F ancis. o, and is the only Med
ic larid Surged Institute on the Pacific Coast
lint has its own elegant Drug Store in Dispen
sary building, employing registered Chemists
and scientinc "-urgicil Instrument makers to
m inu acture all Surgi al Instruments for the pi
tients of the Liebig . ispensar); also to prepare
the celebrated Dr. Lebig's wondenul German
Invigorator. To the maivelous cures and dis
coveries mide by Dr. Lieb g & Co., are due all
the great successes they have had In 1E81
they eti-covered the complicated Prostatorrhea,
lesultini; irom youthful imprudence and excesses
of mitunty or unskill ully treated cases of a
special nature, th.it from lime immemonal hid
1 revented thousands fiom being cured of ner
vous debility, physical weik ess and unnatural
losses from th- system, resulting Irom fol les of
youth Dr. Lieb'g & Co. u e eveiy successlul
remedia' agtnt known to moiern icienti ts, fa
vi n ig the schoo s o Hi meopathy and EKct ic
ism, taking from the Allopathic all that is aseful,
and adapting surgical instruments to the various
ailments anddeforml i-s, attaching to appliances
m-tfcne'i m and, electricity. Successlul t eat
ment guaranteed in all curable eases or no ees
req lired.
The Doctors will ijve personal attention to
diseases of the Chest, Head and Throat, Ca
tarrh, diseases of the Liver and Kidneys; also
to deformities requiring Surgical appliances.
Balance of treatment conducted from tht Liblg
TMf my Sea rri. C1.
Going to Tubstio
G & CO,
Sheriff's Sale.
By ilrtue of -an execjtlon issue J out of
the District couit. First Judiciil di-tnct,
lenitory ol Arizona, to ine direete.l and
delivered en a judgment rendeied in
said court on the 13th diyof pll 1887, in
favor of D. H. Smith & C j.. and aair.st H. H.
Carpenter, wherii 1 lam cmhi ai.ded to make
the sum ut 1,212.94 dim ge. w.th int. rest
th'reonlrom date ot judgmmt at the rate 01
10 per c- nt per anaum until paid, toeth r w th
$.j.oo costs an1 accrunn; costs. I laie this
diy lrv ed upon t e 'oil jw i ig described property
to-wit: One twenty-st imp qmrp null and ais .
five hcm of Ian1 1 11 which s id mill is sian ing,
known ai the Golden Rule m II an I milU.t.-.
Public notice is hereby giveu tlm on Si urday
the 7th day of May 1187 betwcei the houis of
9 a. m. and 4 p. m. in front of the Shei ffs
office, in the city of Tombstone, Ccci i.e c univ,
Aii.ona lenitory, I will .sell all the rgnt. tide
and int. rest of the said H. H. Ca p nt rin and
to the above de.cn bed property at public
auction, to the highest and best bidder or ca-h,
lawful money of 'hs United S atej, to sati'ly
said execution and a'l cos's.
Dated this the 3 h diy o April, 1987,
J. H. SL-'UGHIER, Slunff.
By fc, A. SHATTUCK. Und rSh.nff.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To John M. Collins: You are hereby noti
fied that the undersigned has expended during
the year ending December 31, 1886, one hund
red dollars in the performance of the nuual
labor upon the Whoop Up mine, situited in the
Turquois mining district, County of Cochi-e,
Territory of Anzona, in order to hold the same
as required by Section 2 334 01 the Revis d
Statutes of th United States; and vour proior
lion of the amount so expended and cue to the
undersigned is fifty dollars; and il ou you
IHrs or assigns, fail to contribute vi ur pro
portion of the sum expended ithin ninety days
after the publication 01 th s notice, your inter
est in Slid Whoop Up mine will b-come ih.
property of )our --o-iwiief, the mdersun d
who has mide such ex endiiure.
Dated Tombstone, anuary 15, 1887.
Notice of Forfeiture.
ToR. P. Man fi-ld you are heieby notfi'd
that the unde signed has expended d'iring the
year ending Dece nber 31, 1886, one hundred
($100) dollars in the performance of the annual
lalior upon the Southern Cross mine, situeied in
theTomb!tone Mining district, Coch'S- county
lerntory of Ariz .na, in order to hold the sim
as required by Section 2324 of the Revis d
5'atutes of the United States, and our propor
tion of thr amount so expended and due to the
undersigned i filty ($50) dollus, and if ou 01
your heirs or assigns fail or refine to contribute
yoir proportion of the sum expend' d within
ninety days after the publication of this notice,
)cur interest in the said south rn Cross mine
will become the property ol t e underdgi.ed
who has made such expenditure.
Dated Tombstone, Ian. 24. 1887
PfcTER Pute
Notice of Forfeiture.
To Geo. W. Stewart: You are hereby ns
tified that the undersigned lias expended one
hundred dollars on the E ten oss mine, situ
ated in Tombstone Mining District, county ol
Cochise, Territory of Arizona, for the veir erd
ing December 31st. 1886, in order to held -ame,
as required by Section 2324 of Revised Statutes
of the United Stites. Your proportion ol
amount expended and due the undersigned is
twelve and fifty one-hundredths dollars, and if
you or your hers or as-igns fail to contribute
your proportion of the sum s, expended, to
gether with the expense of this notice, w.thin
ninety days after the first p. bhcati n of this no
tice, )our interest in said Elen I.os mine will
become the property of yo-r co-owner, who has
made said expendi.ure.
H. L. FisiltR.
Dated Tombstone, Feb. ,4 1887.
Notice of Forfeiture.
ToS. . Mulberry, you are hereby noticed
that the undersigned has expended one hundred
(J too) dollars durimr the vears 1883-188.1- 88c
and 1886 in the performance o' the annual labor
upon tne hodman-Magnate and Vanguard
miring claims, situated in the Tombstone Min
ing district, Cochise county, Anzona Territory
in order to hold the same as required by Section
3334, Revised Statutes jf the United Mates
and your proportion of said sum so expended
and due to the undersigned is one-sixth of the
amount so expended on each of the above men
tioned claims, ainl if )ou your heirs or assigns
fail or refu-e to contribute your proportion of the
sum expended within ninety days after the
publication of this notice, your in erest in the
said mines will become the proerty of the
undersigned, who has made such expenditure.
'I immas Ogden
Tombstone, Feb I, 1887.
Notice of Fnrf-itiife.
ToT. D. Byrne tnd ) A. Ru-khoMcr co
owners in the 'omSott mine -itintrd in thf
Tu quois mining ilit'nct Ci.ihiseri.-mtv Ter
ritory of Anzon . Yn.ir h.-r. Inn nfi.-d thai
1 have exp nded on, linn 1 -.1 ($ 09) do Lis m I
labor and impmv. in-nt-up n ile-ih - mm il j
mining cli n nu' nc ihe ve.ir 1x86 in order 1
holdthesune i vId lo-ation a ri-cp red by
Section 23,34 Revise Statutes of the Unite I
States 1 h-rt-fore if wi hin ninety ici ) rly
after and trom this publication you fap or refuv
to contribute your proper portion of s id ex
penditures and the cost of this publication, as
co-owners, your Interest in aid mi e will lie.
come the propel tv of the undersivred under
said section 3314. Si H. BkyaT,
Tombstone, Ian. ti. 1887.
A N D-
All Kinds or Mill and Mining Macti'ncry,
neTv L0 Light Ctftinm of I ten mid Urate
nude to Order on ' hori Notice H arm,. Pins,
Settlers, Betorte, Ctge. Cur Skcete, Ualitng
racki-. Etc., from Later! Orslgnu, Puruble
Hoisting Engines, 2 Slump Pr- rpectom' Mtllr
Marli 10 Driver. Sineii, ot ill DercrlplloLr
Panched or lotted, gnglnee lrdlcstid and .l-lur-tcd.
Agentu 'or Alhany LLhr'ritirv Con.,
rvnud". Cylinder, Nplndltard Hive oils, U"n-.
In 'home Automntle Knirlr.e in ji J to 200
Hone Power iinrt all clio In the Machine atid
Foundry Line. Also
It IS Sllifiirlfl J "electa-iy cl tho miui7 forms
jliaUUItilUQ 0 i)cart dliuo. though tinny do ro
from iguui.uj e. Lead D.. Hint's treatiso on Hears
Disease, at.d If you have any rymptoma therein cct
forth, tako Dr. luxx's Hur.i lluizsr.
Sp,1 SlP.lfnPQQ & Ftc' nsaRT Rimedt I3 a
Qgtl OIUKIIC&O, nicdlcliio whkh h s beca founJ
.inii.ulariy elficaclnus In camj of Bea-slckncs, aa
t ai onco Btops the terrihlo v omitlng, throbbing L-i
the teinplca, rmu enables the patient to eccuro rvpoto.
TqVo M Id Timn nan wrio presents an r
jdaDltlll 1 HIIU. nm.-a ol debility, whocc
countenance is anxious, and who la subject t tpclls
cl fa ntnesa, is liable to cuddnn deatu from heart
d'seaso. Let him tako Da. Fuvr'a IIzkt Itxucin
ccforo It Is too late , ,
At Dniygl"'- 1.50. Descriptive treatlso with
:ach bottle, or mailed free upon application.
Ton ladle and children whoan tutu ran.
not be offended with Impunity, HAMBURG
F103 form r remedy tor constipation, In
digestion, piles and liver compl&inta v hich.
li ca ilcaaant to talca as it U eifoctlvo in
At oil Drugglste ; or address
J. J. MACK & CO.,
0 and II Front St.. 3an Francisco, Calt
" "Bros.
Proposals and'Specifications
for Building a Bridge.
Will be received hy the Boanl of
Supervisors, of the Comity of
Cochise, at the office of the Clerk
in Tombstone, A. T., up to May 2d,
18S7, at 2 o'clock p. m , for the
furnishing of all material and the
construction of a bridge, across tho
San Pedro river at Benson; such
bids, proposals and specifications
mu-t be accompanied by a good
and sufficient bond in the sum of
$500, conditioned that the bidder
will enter into contract and bond
for the faithful performance there
of, in such a sum as the Board
may designate, wunmten (,iu; clays
from the time he is notilied that
his bid is accepted. Bids will be
opened May 2d, 1887, at 2 p. in.
The Board reserves the right to
rej.ct any and all bids without
By order of the Board,
A9 Clerk.
$1.00 FOR 25c.
To any one who will send us 25c and net as
our agent vve will send the following goods, thi'
could not be bought elsewhere for less than
$1.00: 1 Dozen Sheets ol Superfine Commcrcia'
Paper, 1 Dozen Envelopes to match, 2 xtra
fip.j Indies' Steel Pens, i Gents' Colden Pen,
18k ROLLED GOLD RING, worth more thin
we charge for the package; 1 Dixon Lead Pen
cil, 1 Faber's Pencil Rubber, all first-class goods,
t Sheet of Blottine Paper, t Rolled Gold Plated
Collar Button, 1 Set of Roiltd Gold Cuff But
tons. We have stated that the goods bought
separately could not be bought for less than
$1.00, but to secur-new agents we will sell them
put up in a package for 25a
Essex, Conn.
A Safe
The fatal rapidity uhli whi.h sltnlu.
Colds, and Coughs ficiiuciiilv develop
Into the gravest iimladic-i of the lliro.it
mid uii.UatouiidirutloiiUiiiiiiahoUid
impel every prudent perr-on to keep at
hiiiul. its u household remedv , n bottle' of
Nothing el-e gives Mich linmc-ilmte relief
and works , sure a cure In nil nflectlom
of till- cla. Tliat eminent plivMcIuu,
I'rof. F. Sivcetzcr, of the Jlntiic ilnKcal
School, BriuiKwdc'L, lie., mii:
"Mcdloal science haa pmdueed no other nno
dviu expecturnnt tu eoo.l aa Arm's CnEnr.T
1'ECTonAL. JiIk Invaluable fur diaiaanef the
tlircsit aud lunga.f
The came opinion I expressed bv the
u ell-!.novv 11 Dr. L. J. Addison, of Chicago,
111., ulioMtyn:
"I have never found, In thlrty.flve years ef
continuous atudy and practice of midleine, any
preparation cf .o ureal v Blue a. Al ik'h C'liKitnr
PscTOnAL, fur treatment of diseases of the
throat and lungs. It not only breaks up eolJs
and cures severe coughs, bnt Is more fijectlve
than anything else In relieving even tne niort
serious bronchial and pulmonary afiectlo&a."
Cherry Pectoral
Is not a new claimant for popular confi
dence, but a medicine which Is to-tla
Bailmrtlic lives of the third generation
who have come into being since It was
fir-d offered to the public.
There U not n liouehoM In which till
lmaluublc remedv has once been in
troduced where Its use Inn ever been
abandoned, nnil there is not 11 person
who lias ever given It n proper trial
for any throat or Ittnjr dUcac suscep
tible of cure, who has not been made
well hv it.
in numbeilexs Instances, cured obstinate
cases of ihronic Bronchitis, LarnyKitis,
and even acute Pneumonia, und lius
s.ned many pntients in the tailicr Kt:irt"i
of Pulmonary Consumption. It Is 11
mctlli'Inc Hint only rcqulrex lo be taken In
fmull doses, Is plciis.int to the lastc, mid li
neeilcil In eiery house where there arc
children, ai there N nothing to pood as
AYER'S CIinnilY rnCTOtlAL for treat
ment of Croup and Whooping Cough.
Thee are nil nlaln facta, which can be
verified bv anylioelv. and should be re
memberal by ever) body.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
Dr. J. O. Ayer A Co., Lowell, Mase.
Sold br ilII dnijalsu.
Caen tlio Unlvsrsnl Conaumptloa kt)
Suooeakfxillf TraatedT
Dr. Borgeon, a leading French doctor,
has a new treatment for consump ton.
He uives an enema of carbonic acid
lulphnrcttrd hydrogen gases, the lattei
gas carrying tho former into every part
of the tliro.it and lungs.
This treatment, too, is directed al
effects the cause remains undisturbed.
What this caus eia iias been utated by
perhaps Hie highest pulmonary authority
tn the world, t. e., the Brompton Hoi
pital for Coniutnptives, in London, Eng,
This malady every year carries off from
one-seventh to one-lifth of the entire
population of England!
Dr. Payne, M.D., M.U.C.P., London, it
authority for this statement.
The wiiiio or a greater proportion ol
deaths obtains in America.
Dr. Payne also says that one-half the
total number of deaths from all other
causes have seeds of this disease in the
system which only require some irritant
to develop!
Dr. Hermann Brehmer. an eminent
German authority, says that consump
tion is caused by deficient nutrition oi
the lungs, by poor blood.
These authorities cannot be disputed.
The medical world recognizes them. The
uric acid is the irritant in the blood that
causes tho development of the seeds
which Dr. Brehmer says lie dorinaut io
the blood.
Every particle of blood which passes
through the lungs and heart, also goes
through the kidneys, and il they arc In
tl.e leat deiatiged they cannot rid the
blood of its killing poison. The thousand
little ha:r-liku sewer tubes of tne kidneyi
very easily get blocked up and diseased:
and when they do, they corrupt instead
of purifying the blood. Kidney disease
may exist, and yet no pain occur in that
organ, because it is deficient in nerres ol
Dip your finger in acid every day and
it soon festers and is destroyed. Send
acid poisoned blood through the lunft
every second, aud they soon give way.
The Biompton Hospital investigation
showed that 52 per cent, of the victims
of consumption were afflicted with de
ranged kidneys, which permitted theurio
acid poihon to remain in the blood aDd
irritate the lungs. This uric acid is al
nays lighting every vital organ, and if
there be any inherent weakness in the
luns it inevitably causes pneumonia,
cough and cumuuiption.
The real cause of puitnonary troubles
being. so authoritatively shown to be
laultyjnen though uusu-pected action of
the kluiitys, explains why, in order Jo
matter the dreaded consumption, ons
must rid the blood of the uric acid irri
tant which intiatnes and burns up the
lung Mibstunee. Tor this purpose thers
! nothing equal lo that great specific,
Warner's i-afe cure. This remedy has
now the favor of medical men all over
the world purely on its merits. We havs
no duubt tnat 11 the kidneys are kept in
natural action, consumption and a great
many other diseases, caused by uric acid,
will not only be cured but will be pre
vented. When the kidney is healthy, no albu
men appeal's in ihe water, but albumen
is foi.ud in ihe water of more than half
of those who die of consumption!
Tiiin, then, is the condition of thine
that always precedes consumption:
First, weakened kidneys; second, re
tained uric acid, poisoning the blood;
third, the development of disease in
the lungs by the iiriiant acids parsing
through them. Then there is a. little
cough in the morning; soon thick, yellow
matter is spit up, lollowed bv loss of '
flesh and stienglh, with dreadful night
sweats; and when the patient goes to his ,
echool physician for help, he is put on
cod-liver oil which his stomach, weak
ened also by uric acid in the blood, can- -
not digei-t. Because there is no pain
present in the kidneys, the patient does
not think they are affected, but the kid
ney acid is doing its work every minute
every hour, day and night, and by-aud-by
the disease of the lungs has advanced
until pus is developed, then come hemor- -rhages,
and at last the glassy stare which
denotes that the end is near 1
A post-mortem examination of such
eases shows that the terrible uric acid
has completely destroyed the substance
of the lung.
It is impossible to cure lung diseasa
when the blood is poisoned with uric '
Know all men by these present, that the
partrership hereto'ore existing beiween the
un crvgned n he eby dissolved b) mutual con-
nt. k A Abbott,
W H. Peck.
Dated Tombston.-A. T., March 14, 1887.
Just Received.
Received 10-day a fresh supply of the
celebrated Buffalo brand of Hams and
Bicon, which will be sold at lowest mar
ket price at H. K Tweid'S.
A carload of fresh canned goods has
been teceived, also a fresh lot of bran,
wheat, barley, etc., at Joe HoUler1
P store.
for Sale.
A furnished house ol six rooms in a
goodj location. Tins property will be
sold cheap. There are three 1 ts con
nected with the premises, and a perfect;
title to all of them. The house ii splen
didly furnished with all of the modem:
improvements, b.tth tubs, etc., with hot
and rold vater connections. The prop
erty is insured up to February, 188&
Partit s dc-inng a bargain should make
application at this office at once.
$250 Reward.
The above reward will be paid
for the arrcbt and conviction of
any person or persons unlawfully
handling any of my stock' "Brand
H G on left hip.
H. W. Hashelgren.
Chnrlwton.AX ;I3-ly'
v t

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