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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, May 05, 1887, Image 1

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No. 137.
tage to connect with western-bound train leaves
at 3:30 p. ra.
ta?e to connect with eastern-bounJ train leaves
at 3:30 p. m.
Stage to connect with Guaymas train leaves
at 8:30 a. di.
ctaje for Charleston leaves at 8:30 a. ra.
Staee for Bisbea leaves at 6 a. m. (except Sun-
days. )
Office 40 Allen Street, under Ocpidental
Hotel, -.
rtiii payar U kept on fllo at E. O. Date's
,dvertlln -genoy, 64 and 65 Mer
chants' Kxahan.o, San Pranolaco, Cal,
where oontraota for -dvertislnr can be
made for It.
Earthquake talk was all the go yester
day. The railroad will reach Phenix, about
July first.
.Tempe, will some day be a large pros
porous' town.
Suprevisor T. J. White will leave to
day far Benson.
The San Pedro custom officials still
linger in the city.
The water continues unabated on the
Abbott raneh.
The Interstate commerce law confin
es to make itself odious.
Ice cream every day .it Yipie's candy
factory. The first of the season.
Yesterdays outgoing stage was crowd
ed with passengers,
W. P. Wheatly and J. Vanhorn, of
"Charleston, were in the city yesterday.
There was a heavy demand for ex
tra copies of the Epitaph yester.day.
Hon. Brewster Cameron, left yester
day for an extensive trip through Texas.
Several slight shockb of earthquake
were felt at different intervals yesteday."
Bob Winders.has gne to Nogales
wnere he will remafn lissome time.
"Pinkeys" orignal earthquake joke
was the source of considerable amuse
ment yesterday,
The train dispatcher at Benson says:
A volcanic eruption is reported eighteen
miles south west of Nogales.
0. H. Christy, of Phenix, was among
yesterday's arrivals and is domiciled at
the Occidental.
Rev. Thomas W. Haskins left yester
day for Los Angeles whether he goes for
medical treatment.
Thomas Pidwell, had his broken leg
set by Dr. Willis, yestesday and is rest
ing quite comfortable.
The house of Thomas Dunbar, at Tres
Alamos, was very much wrecked by the
heavy shock of earthquake.
It behooves all members of the Rescue
'.Hose Company, to attend the special
mieeting of the company this evening.
It begins to look as though the
Arirona cattlemen would succeed, in es
tablishing a trail to Montana and Wyom
ing. Trouble is brewing in the fire depart
ment. The self constituted mouthy
leaders will succeed in disrupting that
useful institution.
Johnie Patton thinks he was awful sly,
but he is restectfully informed that his
Inclinations were known to more than
one individual in this city.
It is also reported that a volcano has
developed at Seirra Campo, a mountain
situated in the city of Hermosillo. And
that much damage was done by the late
There are twenty-one prisoners in the
county jail which fact speaks well for the
vigilance of Sheriff Slaughter. Criminals
will soon learn that they cannot operate
in this county unmolested.
W. P. McComas, of Bisbee, came over
from that village yesterday. He says
that the shock of Tuesday's was quite
severe there, but that no damage was
Governor Zulick, made an admirable
appointment in the person ofC. M. Bruce
as Sanitary Commissioner. Mr. Bruce,
is a thorough cattleman, and a gentleman
as well.
Willcox was in hopes that the recent
shake would make a rent between it, and
Tombstone, which would be. impassible.
We are of the opinion that nothing short
of an earthquake, will ever segregate
that burg from Tembstone.
The Four Train Kobbars Captured
at Bowie by Marshal Meade.
United States Marshal Meade passed
Benson Monday evening having in his
custody three of the men who robbed the
train near Pantano. Mr. Meade also
told a prominent railroad official that he
had the other one located, and could
place his hands on him at any time.
The three men were captured at Bowie
Station, and proved to be three well
known railroad men, and the fourth is
also said to be a former employe of the
Southern Pacific. James Barrock, was a
conductor on the A. & N. M. railroad,
running into Mexico. Barrock has al
ways been regarded as a boisterous
individual, but was never regarded in
the light of a highwaymen. The next is
a man by th& name of Cusack, at one
time a fireman on the road, and the
other is known by the title of "Red."
Barrock was given whisky freely en route
to Tucson in order to draw something
damaging from him, and it is reported
that he talked freely upon the subject.
Cusack, or Swain, as he is known by
many, has, it is thought, turned states
ev'dence against his companions, and
has made a complete disclosure of the
entire transaction. Marshal Meade says
that he has ample testimony to secure a
conviction of the whole gang. Mr.
Meade his labored like a Trojan to
capture and bring to justice these men,
and his sterling qualities as an officer
both vigilant and courageous was dis
played in the capture and pursuit of these
rascals. The EPITAPH has always main
tained that Mr. Meade was the most
efficient and competent Marshal Arizona
has ever had, and his actions in this
matter proves conclusively that the
administration made no mistake in his
appointment. The Epitaph extends
the t'u.n'is of the people of Arizona tp
Marshal Meade for his prompt and
energetic action in this matter.
Wedding Ohimes.
Yesterday afternoon at the residence
of the bnijs's m'ber, Mrs. J. S. Robin
son, was celebrated the nuptials of Mr.
J. J. Patton and Mrs. Edith Lowrey,
the ceremony being performed by the
Rev. G. L. Pearson. The groom is one
of Tombstone's most solid business men
and has always enjoyed the reputation of
being one of the most honored citizens.
He has been a resident of the Territory
for ten years, during which time he has
made many warm friends who will re
joice to know that he has secured one of
God's best gifts to man a lovely wife.
The beautiful young bride was one of
Tombstone's fairest jewels, possessing
all the qualities that go toward fitting
woman for her sphere of usefulness, both
in the society and family circles. No
doubt there are many stout hearts in this
city, whose rapid beats will inspire the
thought that "would it were mine to call
you wife," but who will have to content
themselves with the sad words, "it might
have been." The Epitaph congratulates
the happy couple in the realization of
their fondest hopes and wishes them a
long and useful life with no sorrows and
all the deserving sweets of well mated
The Shake at St. David.
From P. A. Lofgreen of St. David who
was in the city yesterday, the Epitaph
gained the following information relative
to the earthquake in that section. The
shock was very severe lasting fully three
minutes and destroying a number of
buildings, among others the school house
which is a complete wreck. As luck
would have it the school was not in ses
sion at the time thus averting the serious
comcquences that would have resulted
Irom the fallling walls. Mr. Lofgreen
says that the belfry of the house looked
as though it inclined as much as six or
eight feet in its swayings and the found
ation of the building was moved several
inches. The water in the canals was
thrown entirely out. All the buildings
in the community were more or less dam
aged but none so completely as the
schoolhouse. The Trustees were com
pelled to adjourn the school until another
house could be provided. They came to
town yesterday and laid the matter be
fose county Superintendent Monk who
instructed them to take immediate steps
to secure other quarters. Great excite
ment pievailed. The inhabitants
refusing to sleep indoors, so great
were the fears of a repitition of the
Mr. C. M. Bruce, will start for Prescott
Friday in answer to a summons from
Governor Zulick, to be present Monday
next, for the organazation of the board
I of Sanitary Stock Commissioners.
A Cheap Trail To a Splendid Cat
tle Market.
The committee appointed by the
Tombstone Stock Growers Association to
consider the advisability and practibility
of making a trail to Montana and Wyom
ing, consisting of Sheriff Slaughter, Brew
ster Cameron, and C. M. Bruce, these
gentlemen held a meeting yesterday and
submitted the following report:
Hon. I V. Vickers, President Tomb
stone Stock growers Association of Co
chise county, Arizona.
Sir: Your committee, appointed to
inquire into the feasibility of establishing
a cattle trail from this Territory to the
ranges of Wyoming and Montana beg to
submit ihe following report:
During the past four weeks we have
carefully examined into the question of
establishing a trail, upon information re
ceived from absolutely trustworthy sourc
es, we respectfully state that a cattle
trail from Arizona to Wyoming and
Montana is entirely practicable, there
being an abundance of grass and water
along the route, where the rights of set
tlers will not be encroached upon.
It will require about two months
to locate the trail and the approximate
cost will be one thousand dollars, as fol
lows to wit:
Services of two experienced men to lo
cate trail for 60 days, each at $3 per
day $ 360 00
Purchase of five horses at $40
each 200 00
Hire of packer 60 days 8000
Provisions 100 00
Barley on route for horses 60 00
The fare of three men returning
home 20000
Incidental expenses 100 00
. Si 100 00
Less amonnt received for horses
at end of trail 100 00
Approximate cost $1000 00
As a trail would inure alike to the
benefits of all the cattlemen of the Terri
tory, we FespectfCtty-suggest that the sev
eral local associations in Arizona be re
quested to pay an equal share of the ex
pense, there being seven associations in
Territory, the tax upon each would be
comparatively light. We therefore rec
comend that a committee be appointed
to represent to the several county and
local associations of the Territory, the
great importance to the live stock inter
ests of Arizona of establishing a cattle
trail to the north, and to solicit their aid
and co-operation to that end.
It is essential that the trail be located
before the coming winter, for the northern
buyers start cattle on the trail about the
first of February. The trail should also
be located as early as practicable, so that
a map of the same can can be submitted
to the cattle men of the north and buyers
be solicited to come here and purchase
in time for the drive in 1888.
Your committee are confident that the
superior class of cattle in Arizona and
their entire freedom from disease would
insure a constant demand forsteers at re
munerative prices, were a proper trail
established to the fattening ranges of
the north.
Very Restpectfully
C. M. Bruce.
John Slaughter.
Brewster Cameron.
G. W. Atkins, went down to Charles
ton yesterday, returning the same day.
He says that burg is the most woe be
gone looking place he ever saw, there
not being a single habitable house in the
place, and the people are forced to take
refuge wherever they can find it. None
of the houses are thrown down, but they
are so badly damaged as to render them
dangerous. The people are greatly ex
cited fearing a repetiton of the shock.
They say that looks as though the name
of Charleston, was an unlucky one and
and that they think Charleston A. T.
will almost baliance Charleston S. C.
Capt. W. H. Lawton and Lieut. Irwin,
of Fort Huachuca, were in the city yes
terday. They say that the post hospital
was considerably damaged andthatsome
of the walls will have to be rebuilt.
Captain Lawton informed the reporter
that he will seon go to Sonora to assume
control of a large body of land recently
purchased there by himself and a com
pany of capitalists. The Epitaph hopes
that the gallant Captain may reap a rich
reward from his possessions in the land
of God and liberty.
Parties from Charleston yesterday in
formed the Epitaph that not a single
residence in that village is habitable since
Tuesday's earthquake. Many of the
houses are completely ruined, fortunately
no ont was hurt.
County Records.
The following documents were filed
in the County Recorder's office yester
day: Locations. Hopkins Choice mine,
Dos Cabezas district, adjoining Black
Prince mine, E. J. White loca'or; Com
monwealth mine, Wood canyon, Dos
Cabezas district, E. J. White and J. J.
Savallo locators; Summit mine, Wood
Canyon, Dos Cebezas district, E. J. White
and J. J. Savallo re-locators; Baraboo
mine, Wood'Canyon, Dos Cabezas dis
trict, relocated by E. J. White and J. J.
Savalo. l
Bill of Sale. Mrs Kate Porter, to
Roger Bros. Benson, stock, consideration
Brand. Colon Cameron (IS)
We the undersigned members of the
Rescue Hose Company, respectfully re
quest that a special meeting of this com
pany be held May 5th 1887, at 7:30
o'clock p. m. to take action in reference
to the departure of chief Tribolet, with
the badge of the fire department.
Frank Ryan, J. J. Muntz, J. H Camp
bell, C. Knapp, A. Tuquet, J. O. Dunbar,
Ben. Hyde, and others.
It was whispered about the city last
evening, that the "firemen" had held an
impromtu meeting at Fairbank yester
day, and superinduced by Jerry Barton's
"bracer" proceeded to make Chief Trib
olet a present of the firemans badge.
Major J. E. Montanden, of Benson'
was in the city yesterday circulating
among his numerous friends. The Major
is always a welcame visitor to Tombstone
and the Epitaph would be pleased to
see him oftener.
Mrs. Fred Smith is seriously ill at Tuc
son and fears as to her recovery are en
tertained. Her many friends in this city
hope howevever that these fears are un
founded and that she may be spared to
spend many more days of usefulness
among them.
The Mexicans arrested some days
since on a charge of robbing a chinaman
near Fairbank were arranged yesterday
before justice Shearer and upon motion
oths Diatnct Attorney were discharged,
the evidence not being deemed sufficient
to warrant their further detention.
Wanted A nurse girl, apply to Mrs.
NcMutt at the hotel, at Fort Huachuca.
. 7t.
The New .Reliable. ,
The Dexter stables has maintained its
supremacy over all other competitors in
this city for years, has once more been
thrown open to the public under the
management of Bramer Brown the oldest
liveryman in Tombstone. Mr. Browns
horses are not old worn out plugs, that
have hammered the roads of Arizona for
the past quarter of a century, hut young
spirited thorrougbred horses, fresh from
the pastures of Illinois and Kentucky.
His carriages are direct from the manu
factories and are new and stylish. The
harness and saddles are of the latest
patterns and made expressly for Arizona
use, all in all Mr. Brown has the most
complete and perfect livery outfit ever
brought to this Territory, and a visit to
his stables will convince our people of
this fact. Particular attention given to
Sonora travel. Mules and strong dura
ble horses provided for this business.
Territory of Arizona,
Office of the Governor,
To all to whom these presents may
come, greeting:
Whereas, I am informed the United
States mail and express car of the
Southern Pacific company were stopped
and rebbed by four or five unknown
persons, at a point some seventeen miles
east of Tucson, Arizona, on the 27th
Now, therefore, I, C. Meyer Zulick,
Governor of the Territory of Arizona, by
virtue of the authority in me vested, do
heteby offer and proclaim a reward of
arrest and conviction of the aforesaid
mail and express robbers.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set and caused to be affixed the Great
Seal of the Territory of Arizona.
Done at Prescott this thirtieth day
of April, A. D. 1887.
By the Governor,
Acting Secretary of Territory.
All that can be supplied towards mak
ing the natural hair beautiful and abun
dant is contained in Ayers Hair Vigor,
In keeps the scalp free from dandruff,
prevents the hair from becoming dry and
harsh, and and makes it flexible and
glossy. In stimulates the roots to the
healthy action, and promotes a healthy
vigirous growth
Streets of Tombstone
But on the contrary, sensible, careful buyers, cjaim tha
nowhere can good qualities in
w ms' ami
low prices
We Cheat and Swindle
None, not even our worst enemy,
but we give you a Plump
Dollar Value In Honest
Goods, for every hun
dred cents you
bring us.
Sam M. Barrow's
Carpets, latest paterns, 20cts, 50cts and $1
per yard. Eastern Prices.
Furniture, Rockers, Bedsteads, Dressers)
Mirrors . Eastern Prices.
Window Shades 40cts, Kitchen Safes, Wash
stands. Eastern Prices.
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes at Eastern Prices,
A full and complete line of
GENTS' Furnishing GOODS
Dinner, Breakfast and Soup Plates, 80cts,
per doz. Eastern Prices.
Cups and Saucers $1.50 per doz., Floor Oil
Cloths, 40cs, 50cts per yd.
Harness, Tinware, and Glassware, always on
hand at reasonable prices.
Wagon Covers, Tents, Guns and Ammuni
tion at Eastern Prices.
Wall paper of every
25, 30 and $1,25 per
Sam M, Barrow.
be bought at such wonderfully
as at our store.
style and description,

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