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No. I3g.
ti?e to connect with western-bouud train leaves
at 3:30 p. m.
ta?e to connect with eastem-bouad train leaves
at 3:30 p. m.
Staje to connect with Guaymis train leaves
at 1:30 a. ra.
ta for Charleston leavei at 8:30 a. tm.
Staje for Bisbtfl leaves at 6 a. ra. (except Sun
days. ) .. . .
Office 40ft Allen Street, uader Ocoidentai
m. ' ... --A-,-"M.iUJt -1 JU-a -L-'J"J
rui yayar la aepiori nU atE.O.Daka'a
Advertlatn -.irtnoy. 84 and 05 Mer
chaaW -xahanca, San Franoiaoa, Oal ,
waara eaatraota for avrtUln can ba
mad a for It.
Officer Weiser was on duty last night.
Ice cream every day at Yaple's candy
factory. The first of the season.
windy day.
was another disagreeable
The Los Angeles Times
suit on hand.
has a libel
How anxious some dames are to get
itheir names in print.
ftie parade on decoration day. pram
Ises to be a splendid affair.
There were but few arrivals on yester
days stage.
A. J. Kyle of El Paso is in the city and
occupies rooms in the Occidental hotel.
The officers are endeavoring to keep
the.trai robbery very quiet.
The sale of the Abbott ranch, to an
Eastern syndicate, is an assured fact.
The sporting fraternity complain of
dull times, in their particular line of bus
iness. Allen Walker i doinjj a live business
in taking orders for a New York clothing
Nellie Caiinman has leased the Victoria
"hotel at Kingston, commencing the first
of May.
The Vandever-Lynch contest still
drags its slimy way through the courts
of Los Angeles.
E-uthquake shocks were felt Friday
at several points in Washington Ter
ritory. Look out for the Weekly Epitaph
to-morrow morning. It will be a daisy
and fill a long-felt want.
The doctors say that this community
is distressingly healthy at this particular
Senator Beck says Cleveland and Al
lison will be the candidates in 1888, and
e is at least half right.
The city public school was closed yes
terday .for want of funds to conduct
Constable Fred Dodge who has been
an an official visit to the country returned
to the city yesterday.
It looks as though the anarchists would
dance in mid air ere many months roll
The buildings on the Witbeck ranch
in Ramsey's canyon, are said to be the
best in the Territory.
W. A. Fuller arrived in the city from
his ranch yesterday, and is registered at
the Occidental.
. Stockmen say the crop of calves this
spring is fine and that cattle as a gener
al thing are in tine condition.
From a Democratic point of view, Mr
Cleveland's nomination is necessary.
His party has no other.mm so available.
The exerciess at the pnblic school
yesterday, was a decided success. The.
teachers are both efficient and industrous.
Wade Boynes foreman of Bauet's ranch
at Antelope Springs is in the city, the
guest of A, Bauer.
Merchants generally say that business
during this month so far shows a decided
ncrease over last month.
H. J. Peto is devoting his spare time to
the cultivation of rare plants and flowers
and his store presents the appearance of
r beautiful conservatory.
The earthquake was quite severe at El
Paso and according to the tmies produc
ed great consternation among the Inhabi
From parties who were in Los Angeles
ot tht tima of the earthquake here, it is
learned tbara was na shaking fall In that
What was Said and Done on the
Last Day.
Yesterday bein? the closing day of the
city school, the scholars of the different
departments spent the day in recitations,
songs, and social intercourse. Under the
management of Professor Metcalf, and
and his able corps of assistants, the
Tombstone public school has become one
of its most credtiible institutions and
one of which every inhabitant should feel
rjpud. Tv,piIowing,i3 the programme
as carried 'Hvryesterday:
Song by the school entitled, "Milt
May." '
Recitation "Speech of Brutus," by
Clarence CofTman.
Recitation "Freckled faced girl" by
Miss May McHenry.
Reading "A rill from the town pump"
by Misses Addie Slaughter and Lillie
Song "Far Away" by 'the school.
Recitation "The ride of Jennie Mc
Neil" by Miss. Tillie Callahan.
Recitation "The five Knaves" by Miss
Eva McNeil.
Song "Bird Song" by the school.
Recitation "Artie's Amen" by Ralph
Recitation By Miss Rosa Proops.
Recitation ''Just So" by Frank Mc
Allister. Song By the school.
Recitation. "Little Bennie," by Miss
Rosa Hattich.
Recitation. "The Newsboy's Debt,"
by Miss Katie Hattich.
Recitation By Erba Woods.
Recitation 'Taking up the Carpet" by
Jesse Lowry.
The exercises were closed with some
beautiful songs by the school. Every
thing passed of pleasantly and in a man
ner highly creditable to each participant
While the bPITAPH has not the space to
eulogize each of the students whose name
appears on the programme, it cannot
forbear making mention of Frank and
Lillie McAllister and Rosa Proops whose
reading and recitations were perfectly
lected any of the opportunities afforded
them in the school room. After the con
elusion of the days excercises, the ch'l
dren departed to their homes in a reluc
tant manner, ,to think of the many
happy hours spent in fitting themselves
for th: responsibilities of positions of
usefulness to which they will in the iutnre
be called to act their part.
Not Settled.
The Supreme Court of Kansas has
decided that when a woman marries she
need not take her husband's name unless
she chooses. Probably the Supreme
Court of Kansas thinks it's done it now.
This may be a great decision, but it isn't
of enough practical value to pay for
recording. The old question when a
woman marries of "Who's boss?" still
remains unsettled.
The action of the Supervisors in pre
paring to fund the county indebtedness
meets the hearty approval of the tax
payers of the county. This will not only
place the business of the county in a
more tangible shape, but will reduce
the present rate of interest. The tep is
well taken and we feel that no difficulty
will be experienced in selling the bonds
to a good advantage.
When the earthquake shock reached
Splomonville, Judge Barnes was holding
court. He hurriedly adjourned and the
bailiff, in charge of a jury, fled from his
post of duty leaving them locked up. It
was only the woik of a moment for that
augist body to fiad a speedy exit thrnugh
a small window, and all hands, met
on the street. Ir is not known whether
or not the jurymen were fined for con
tempt of court.
Some six or seven men from Down
ings canyon, will make their affidavit
that Jim. Barrock, was at the Downing
saw mill, during the day and night of the
train robbery. In fact some of them
have already filed their depositions to
this effect, and it looks as though a teri
ble effort will be made to prove an alibi
in his case.
New Mexico strikers are making des
perate efforts to prevent our cattlemen
jfrom getting a trail across their border
nto Montana, but their opposition is
is (utile the trail will be made.
The Grand Central company will put a
force of men on the Grand Dipper mine,
within the next few days. This company
has lately been putting extra men on sev
eral other properties, all of which augurs
yaad for the camp.
Supervisor T. J. White, went down to
Benson yesterday to be gone sever.l
days looking after his cettle interest on
the San Pedro.
The Interstate Commerce bill is just
about as popular with theatrical and
circus people as civil service reform is
with the average Democrat.
Muscle is coming down. The John L.
Sullivan combination now spars for
50 cents.. Amission. It is on the broad
road ta the museums.
Cattlemen are busily engaged in brand
ing calves, in consequence of which but
few of the boys have been in town for
several days.
The "J. H. White" brand of butter.
the leading California dairy production
is constantly kept on hand and for sale
at Wolcott's.
It is amusing to hear the many flimsy
excuses given by a majority of men when
examined as to their qualifications as
Mr. Lou Williams one of the Copper
yueen magnates o: uisoec came over
from that village yesterday and was cir
culating among his friends.
Mr.-William Goult, route agent for the
Well's Fargo express Company arrived in
the city yesterday, remaining only a few
hours. He left on the evening coach.
Health officer Chapman says that the
sanitary condition of the city is good
and that he also intends keeping it
The den of an organized, band of horse
and cattle thieves, numbering 25 or 30
men, has been found in Idaho about 200
miles east of Baker City Oregon.
French Frank, who was arrested
Thursday night for fighting, was tried
before recorder Crowley, and fined fifteen
dollars. He paid his fine and was. dis
charged. Marshal W. K. Meade, is still engaged
working up the train robber case and
it is almost certain that he will not let up
until they are all run in.
Mrs. H. B. Adington, of Fairbank, is
ington can repair their house which
was wrecked by the earthquake.
Jaseph Paschocy's knawledge of the
French language was called into requisi
tion yesterday, before Justice Shearer,
and he acquitted himself right honorably
as an iatrepreter.
Read the advertisement of Johnny
Dean in this issue. And when you want
liquid refreshments, go to the Fashon,
and call for etfe ef Johnny's gnm drop
Several cars on the west-bound A. &
P. train were derailed near Coolidge,
west of Albuquerque, Monday. No one
was injured, but there was a delay of
fifteen hours.
Governar Bartlett has offered a reward
of $250 for the arrest and conviction of
the murderer of J. F. Klumpf, who was
assassinated at Sacramento during last
The Maison Doree, has an attractive
advertisement in this mornings Epitaph.
This resort is one of Tombstones oldest
institutions, and has won a justly deserv
ing reputation as being the best res
taurants in the Jerri tory.
County Records.
The following documents were filed
nthe County Recorder's office yester
erey to Earnest Storms, certain real es
tate in this city consideration 5900.
Deeds of Mines. S. B. Strong to J
V. Vickers, three fourths interest in Sioux
mining claim situated in Tombstone dis
trict $5.
Next Sunday morning the Epitaph
will resume the issuance of its weekly
edition and will continue there
after to issue each week a similar
edition made up from the Daily
Epitaph. Sunday's paper will contain
a full and complete account of the earth
quake, and parties desiring extra copies
will confer a favor by leaving their orders
at the office. It will be a seven-column
paper and will be made the best general
newspaper in the Territory, suited alike
to the business man, the rancher and
the family circle. Persons desiring a
first-class weekly county paper cannot
,fail to realise the superior advantages
of the Weekly Epitaph over any other
published in Southern Arirona, and we
hope to meet with a liberal patronage at
the hands of the reading public, assuring
them that they will get value received for
I their money.
The encampment of the G. A. posts of
Northern California, at Chico, was ad
dressed last Friday by Gen. Saloman
and Adjutant-General Lovell. A parade
of the members present took place in the
What the country really needs at the
present time-is not an increased number
of voters, but an increase of intelligence
and honest, discriminating regard for the
general welfare among those who do
The Democratic roosters that are
crowing over Rhode Island's 'permanent
conversion to Democracy apparently for
get that, as a geiseral thing, there are
more eggs in the setting-than there are
chickens in the brood.
Some exchange says the fact has been
developed that a flea is hatched from an
egg. This may be true, but we are
inclined to doubt it, from the fact that,
from our knowledge of that insect, It
seems it would be a difficult matter for a
flea to stay still long enough to lay an
The nights now arc of that lovely char
acter when the lovesick swains and
lasses linger at the front gate and pledge
themselves to be true through thick and
thin or at least until the old man appears
on the scene and adjourns the meeting
sine die, using his No. 10 boot as a
The fight over the license law has been
commenced in Prescott, by the arrest of
one of the prominent saloon men of that
city, on a charge of violating the law.
Both the Territory and the liquor dealers
have able counsel, and the contest will
no doubt be an interesting and hotly con
tested one.
Chinamen continue to land in Sin
Francisco, in open violation of the restri
ction act.
The Ne Reliable.
The Dexter stables has maintained its
supremacy over all other competitors in
this city for years, has ence more been
thrown open to the public under the
management of Brang.fo7irtheoiWcsT
liveryman m.Tom'Gtone. Mr. Browns
horses are not old worn out plugs, that
have hammered the roads of Arizona for
the past quarter of a century, but young
spirited thorrougbred hotses, fresh from
the pastures of Illinois and Kentucky.
His carriages are direct from the manu
factories and are new and stylish. The
harness and saddles are of the latest
patterns and made expressly for Arirona
use, all in all Mr. Brown has the most
complete and perfect livery outfit ever
brought to this Territory, and a visit to
his stables will convince our people of
this fact. Particular attention given to
Sonora travel. Mules and strong dura
ble horses provided for this business.
The best butter in town at Wolcotts.
The J. H. White brand at 75 cents a rolli
-.-.M. - m - ,
Fruit Trees.
Peach, apricot, plum, cherry, nectar
ine, apple, pear, fig, quince, and um
brella trees, grapevines, rose bushes,
small fruit and house plants and bulbs
sold by J. H. Tuttle, 2d street, between
Allen and Fremont, Tombstone.
Whiskey brings more misery upon the
human family than war, famine and pesti
lence combined. There is but one rati
onal course to persu for the inebriate
and that is a treatment that destroys the
appetite for rum. Such is the Acme.
Read their advertisement in an other
. '
for Sale
A furnished house oi six rooms in a
good location. This property will be
sold cheap. There are three lots con
nected with the premises, and a perfect
title to all of them. The house is splen
didly furnished with all of the modem
improvements, bath tubs, etc., with hot
and cold water connections. The prop
erty is insured up to February, 1888.
Parties desiring a bargain should make
application at this office at once.
On and after April 1st, weekly ice tick
ets will be sold for $1 'and upwards. Ice
to weekly customers will not be delivered
without ttckets.
tf. Southwestern Ice Co.
All that can be supplied towards mak
ing the natural hair beautiful and abun
dant is contained in Ayers Hair Vigor,
In keeps the scalp free from dandruff,
prevents the hair from becoming dry and
harsh, and and makes it flexible and
glossy. In stimulates the roots to the
healthy action, and promotes a healthy
igirmis growth
Streets of
But on the contrary,' sensible, careful buyers, claim th
nowhere can good qualities in
II MS' cumi
low prices
We Cheat and Swindle
None, not even our worst enemy,
but we give you a Plump
Dollar Value in Honest
Goods, for every hun
dred cents you
bring us.
Sam M. Barrow's
Carpets, latest paterns, 20cts, 50cts and $1
per yard. Eastern Prices.
Furniture, Rockers, Bedsteads, Dressers,
Mirrors . Eastern Prices.
Window Shades 40cts, Kitchen Safes, Wash
s ta nd s. Eastern Prices.
Hats, Gaps, Boots, Shoes at Eastern Prices,
A full and complete line of
Dinner, Breakfast and Soup Plates, 80cts,
per doz. Eastern Prices.
Cups and Saucers $1.50 per doz., Floor 03
Cloths, 40cs, 50cts per yd.
Harness, Tinware, and Glassware, always on
hand at reasonable prices.
Wagon Covers, Tents, Guns and Ammuni
tion at Eastern Prices.
Wall paper of every
25, 30 and $1,25 per
Sam M. Barrow,
be bought at such wonderfliliy
as at our store.
& BB(L
style and description,
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