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Daily Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1885-1887, May 07, 1887, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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MAY 7, X887O
Hrst Publication, Jan. i8, 1887,!
Wolle of AjipllCHllom tt C. " Ftt U
Central Milling i'toan-S. 3.
TucbQSAruoni, J,m,.t.iM7" (
Notice i hereby given thit Charlej W. Lecn
andV. 1. Taylor. o( Tombstone, pochlse Co..
Tirana, have filc-d an applicaUon. for .patent
1500 feot of th- Central ein. loJe. or deposit.
oeann" silver, situated In Tombjtons raining
district", Cochlva Co. Ariiona, raore.parUcu.
arty descrtb.-d in the field notes and plat of the
?!- irvcv No. 73o. on hie In thi"otnce, des-
Icniu-d as lot No 18a. a follows, to-wit .
IWinninitU at the initial monumental the
southwest CintT c-nd of claim, at a port's ft
lone ami. 4 In sqr in mound , of .stone., , marked
IMCentrd Not, from which initial monu
t of iwjunei'tt MC -bear., N-3QT34W
3723 ft diilint. and U SM M So tew N
IV .' K. U S M M No 6 bars S83'h
olat ft dl-tint. and Sec Cor between brcs i and
3. X boundary, Tp ao. S R(aj B. ..bears N 30
35' li. j8,o3j ft di.tmt; tlwnce, N 43' 42
303 ft 10 .1 post s ft lnf- 4 Tn sqr, in ttiottnd of
s.ones, at SW cor, marked CM C.Noa;
th-ncs N 46' i8 E 1500 ft to a post 5 ft lone, 4
insir. setin mound of earth andstdnes.at NW
cor". mukeJ 1: M-C. No 3; thence SajNfc,
3ooTt.to,N E center end post S ft long, 411 sqr,
in mou 1 1 of earth and stones, marked C M t.
No 4; thence on the stms ccwsujoo ft to N fc.
corpo,t. S 1(" J. 4 in sqr. set m mound of
stones. markeJ C M C No s: thence S 46 18" W
:si ft 10 S ii cor pot, 5 it lone. n sqr, in
mound of stjnes. ranked CM,C No 6; thence
w .-, ,v v rnn ft to Initial monument and
N ai 43' W 300
place ol beginning.
Variation 1143' E; con-
ainin axoiares.
The improvements made by the owners or
their grantor-, upon slid cliim consist ot a shaft
4x6 ft, 100 ft deep; a tunnel sxS and 30 It long;
?wlnie in tunnel 4x6 and 30 ft deep: an incline
shift 4x6 vnd 1a ft dee.J, and1 stopes 30 ft long.
5 ft wide an 133 ft deep, said claim being duly
rceord'd in th office of the County Recorder
of Cochite county, Tnb.ione. Arizona, as
showA by hit abstract of title filed in this office,
Any and all persons chiming adversely the
wholj or any5 portion of said Central mining
slaim are required to file.tbeir adyerse claim jn
this office during the period of sixty days' pub
lic uion hereof; or they will be barred by virtue
of the provisions of the statute.
It is h -reby ordered that the foregoing rustic
bs published sixty dys In the EplTAPH, a daily
new-.pip:r published, at Tombstone, Cochise
county. Arizona. C. E. DAILEY,
I First Publication, Jan. 15, 1887.
Notice of Application tor C. . IMteat
the t'biuce Hlnlutc tll-.Vo. M. '
U. & LAND OFTICfc. )
TUCSON, Arizona, Jan. 13. 1887. I
Notice Is hereby given that Charles w.
Leach, of Tom mone, Cochise county, Ari
zoni, has had tiled an application for patent to
1501 linuir teet of the Chinee vein, lode or de
posit, hearing' sliver and gold, with surface
ground 600 feet In width, situated in Tombstone
mining district, Cochise county, Arizona, more
particularly lescribed in the field notes and pla
of the orhcial survey. No. 790, on file in this
office, and designated as lot No. 1I7, as fol
lows, to-wlt: '
Brining at the initial monument, situated at
the.norlhweu end center ol claim at a post c, ft.
long, 4V ( Inches sqr, in a mound of stones and
eirtn, m irked I. M. Chance JL C-No. 1,
from which a shift over 100 ft deep bears- S 7
32' W. 34ft distint; thence N 64 38', W 58 7
to a 4 inch post mirked S center Bonanza,
and thence on same course 300 ft to N W cor.
post. 5 ft long, 4 ins sqr, in mound of stones,
marked C. M. C No a; thmce S 3240' W
1509 ft to S W cor. post, 5 ft long, 4 ins sqr, in
mound of stones, mirked C M C No 3; thence
S 6j 28' E 300 ft to fc V end center post, 5 ft
long. 4 ins sqr, ii a mound of stones,
marked CMC No 4. from whic c-vraines
bear N 31 o' G'40o ft distant; thence bcV
as li joo It to h h, cor post, 5 tt long, 4jns sqr,
Jc1 ji mo'ijj of stones, marked C M C No 5.
from wliich U S M M No bears N 4 48' W
7,095 ft distant U S M M Na 6 bears S 70
40' li and corner to sections t and a, noith
bound uy of Tp 20, S R 22 E, bears N 43 02'
E (,8,01a It distant; thence N 3240' E 1500
ft to N E cor post, 5 ft Ion?, 4 ins sqr, in a
mounii of stones, marked C M C No 6; thence
N 64 ay W I4t7 ft, to postin line marking the
S E cor of Bonanza M C, an4 300 feet to post
No 1 and place of beginning. Variation, it
13' E, area, 20.66 acres. Said claim being lo
cated about a miles southwesterly from the tov, n
of Tombstone and about ceo yards southeast
erly from the Merrimac M C, and is bound :d on
the N E by the Bonanza M C; the same being
duly recorded in the office of the county re
corder at Tombstone, Cochise county. Arizona,
at shown by his certified abstract of title filed in
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
whole or any portion of said Chance mining
cliim are required to present their adverse
clilmsin this office during the period of sixty
days publication hereof, or they will be barred
by virtue of the provisions uf the s'atute.
It it hereby ord -red thit the foregoing notice
be published for the period of sixty days in the
Tombstone Epitaph, a daily newspaper pub
lished at Tombstone. Cochise county, Arizona.
C. E. DAI LEY. Register.
First publication April 5, 1887.!
Notlre or Ipplleation Tar V. K Patent U the
Uartloivcr MlDlnjr Claim Ko. 1.
UnitrdStates Land Office, )
To.:sov, Ariz., ,7arrh 31, 1887
Notice is hereby given that F. ll Au.tm, of
Tucsan, Arizoni. for himelf and co-claimarts
S. M Wnltstde and W. A. Rarterly, adminfs
trator ol the estate of H. F. Winchester, his
made app 1 ation for pitent to 1340,5 linear feet
of the Al itfl wer vein, lode or deposit bearing
silver and gold, with s'rf ice ground 600 leet in
width, s tjaled in Tombstene Mining District,
Cochne county, Aritjru, more ptrticulariy
dejcribed in tie field notes and plat of the
official surey on file in this office, designated as
Lot No 193, as follow, to wl:
Beginning at the initial monument at a post
5H feet Ijng 4 inchel sq tare in a mound of
stoies marked I. M. Mayflower M. C. Na I
from wliich U. S. M. M. No 1 bears S. 5 51.'
W. 1240 feet distant anl tie corner to sections
1 and 2 north boundary of l'p 20 S. R 32 E
beirs N 6 46' E. 9620 f et distant; the center
line ofc'.aim bears S. 4227 W and N 4437"
K.; oi this line south 8 5 feet and 5 feet to
rlh! Is the discovery shalt 4x6 and 60 feel
icjj, sou h 563 feet and 6 feet to left is inc Ined
sliafi 4x6 and 90 feet deep and south 6.5 feet
and 9 leu 'o Wi li sh ift 4x6 and 22 ft ct deep;
thence from in tial monununt N. 44' 2 E
along center hnj 431.2 ft to a post in mound
01 stones on a. W. side line of Sulphuret M. C
marked t. r. M C No. a at a pAn N. 32
16' W 105 6 feet dis ant from it 4 inch post
marked S. M. C No. 3, 625 leet cros main
water p.pe leading to Tomtistone, 710 feet to
wash under point of dump, and 750 teet tovoinl
described in supplemental notice as north end
center of cairn on wist slope of waste dump of
miiu shaft of Ihe Sulphu et M. C where no t
and monununt are covered up by dump which
is on pitei.ted land returning to south side line
of Silphuret M. C. on center line of the
AtiifUMer at post No. 2. run N. 32 16V W.
along south side line of Sulphuret 347 feet to
N. W corner post 4 inches square in mound
ot stones marked M. F. M. C. No. 3. which is
al-o trie N.E. of Last Chanct No. t M. C.
thenciS,4533'E 3411 3 feet to an iron pin 1
inch in diame'ir at intersection of center line at
point N. 44 27' E 56 5 feet from pot No. 2
returning 10 pot No 3 run S. 47 13' W. along
west side line ol cliim 192 feet to in erse to
lin- of trie lernont M L. at a point N. 72 38'
E 151 fet from thj N.E. corner of the Herat"
M. t. , on -..ime c jurse 3 j t feet to a 2x4 Inch post
mirk-ng the XE coruerof Lvt Chance M. C ,
557.5 itet 10 wavj, draning N. N. 1 ,7655
leet and 17.5 'cet to 1-lt top .st marked F. M.u
No 1, the initial msnumint of the Fremont
M C, 117 2 teet and 6.7 feet to leit to po-t
marked F. M. C. No-5; it being thS.W.
center of I-ren-ont M- Q and, 1240.5 Jcet to
S. W. corner pott 4 Inchts wnanj In mound of
cornv pott
tofimd M, F, M. Ci wft 45 Wmo, $.
45 33' to7 feet to intersection of S W end
line of Fremont M, C. at a point N. 12 Iff V.
137 feet from post marked F. M. C No. 4,
347 feet to intellection ct J-.E. side line 01
Frcraent M. C. at point N. S4 ' & 32 fcet
from S. E. corner post of the breniont, and 300
feet to4 Inch'poit 5K feet long in a mound of
stones, at the S.W. end center ot chim marked
F. M. C. No. 5 from 'which a 4 Inch post
marked A. M. C No. 2 at N.W. corner of
Addie bean S. 44' 27' VV. aS feet distent;
thence S. 4533' Ej 10 feet to iutcreclbn of
N.W. side une of A'dlie M. C. nt a point N. 65'
2arE. 2o.6 feet distant from &.w. con.er po.
No. a, so feet to intersection of N.W. side line
ofAlia Al. C. ataDOintS. 42 41' W. 32 fret
from N.W. corner voA of Alta marked A.M C.
No. e., 170 feet to intirse-tlon of N.li end lino
of Alii at a point S. 31 4a , b.
hi at anoints. 11" 4i b. 124 lect trom
mm No. e 263 feet to intersection of N.W.
side line of S.lver Dollar M. C at a paint S. 31
30' V. 143 feet from N.W. corner post maiked
A. D. M. C No. 5. and 300 feet to S.E corner
po"-t 5H feet lo-g 4 inch.s square niark--d
M, F. C No. 6: thence N. 44 27 E, a ong
S.E. side line of claim 80 feet to head o wjsJi
dpfning northerly 158 ft to into section of N E.
end lun pf Silver Dolur M. C. at a pent b. 62
ot'K 67feetfro.m N.W. corner post mirktd
S, D. M. C. No. 5. ajj feet to intersection o
NW side line of Ron Ton M, C, tit a po'iit
3, 36 38' W. 585 feet from N. W. cuii) r,
678.5 feet to interjection vylth ,E. end ltnc ot
Addie If. C, a a pojut S. 12 3t E. 17 feet
fmm N.K. corner nost marked M. C. So. 3,
817.8 ftt to intersection of N.K ond Una of
lion Ton M. C, at a point S. 6i 43' ' f3 8
feet from N, w, corner 01 on i on, 047 itxi .u
a post sH fe, ,on? 4 lnc" 9,,sn! in.vke'1
M. F. M. No. 7 at intersection pf wet ldel u
nt Flora tforrison M. C. at a Domt S, 25 24' V.
303 5 feet from a 4 inch post at an angle 01 ilie
SI W. lfie line of Flora Morrison mark' d
K. M. M. C, No. 4, fthich is also thes.li
corner of the Sulphuret. marked i, M. No. 3,
and the N.E. corner of Myflowcr nwrkud
M. F. M. C. No, 8; thenco on same couise
1337.7 feet 10 a point on S,E- tide line to an
iroB pin one inch In diameter driven into the
ground, fiom which 1 ot No, 8 being a witness
to corner bears S. 83 I6 W. 143 ft diUnt;
thence N. 45 33" W, 7i feitt to interaction of
southeast end line of Sulphurs' M. C, at a point
N. s8i5'E. 107 feet from S.E. corner post
mirked . If. C. No. t. an 1 on same ourse
300 feet to iron pjn nt northeast end c nter
marKjnginepoinioi iinqn t; ui mc im.
survey of claim; variation if 43' ffv't; lotal
area ifi. 333 aews; eis' confUt uh )e Hul
phurttM. C. Lot 48 1 01 cl.in.cd, 0.559 acres;
lea c nflict with the Hura JJprnou Al U
Uot No. 74, not. claimed 0.538 aensi net arei
ie,i35 acre; conflict with the Fnmont Lot
No, 75; with the Alta Lot No, ton; with the
Addie Lot No. fii; with the lion ion J .01 Nw
125; and with the Silver Dollar M- C. are
elaimrrl and included In ih S aPDiicatinn; laid
nnln rlilm it Incited about too yards (iisttnt
tronj the Contention M. '. andls bounded upon
the north bVjlha Sulphuret, en the east by t'.e
Flora Mornso-landAiUie. on the south by ihe
Alta. and on the wfst by the Fremont mining
claims, and is duly recorded in the omca of the
County Recorder at 1 pniostone ocnise county,
Arizona, as shown by certiritd abstract of iM
hied In this office. Any and all ptr-pns claim
ing adversely the whole or any portion of iln
Mayflower mining claim, jre required to ptcscni
their adve'se claims in this cfiUe durint; the
sixty days pc ioS of publication hereof, or they
will be barred by virtue of the provis ons of the
, It Is hereby ordered that the foregoine not'ee
be published for thepenod of sxty Jay in t' c
Tombstone Ei'lTArtl, a daily n-:wspip'r piili
HsIirdatTTinbs'onc.CochUe county, Auz ra,
by me designated as the paper publihsd ntaicst
to said claimr C, E. Da I Li.V,
First publication ilareh 30, 1887.
Vollee or Application for V. . I'utenf In
the MornlucStarJlinlns t'lalui o. 40',).
United Statbs Land unMct:, 1
TUCSON, Arizona, March 28, 1887 I
Notice ii hereby given mat the M01 ninjj Star
Consolidated Mining Company, by Jl. L l'el,
attorney in fact, of Tombstone, Cotlnse count,
A'izona, has nude apph-ntion lor pitent to
1420 linear leet of the .Morning Star ein, lod.;
or deposit bearing silver auc gold with turfv e
ground 600 feel in width, situited iulombstone
Mining Disirict, Cochise county, Arizona, more
parti.ularly described in the field notes and plat
of the official survey, designated as iot No. 188,
as fodows to-wit:
Beginning at the initial monument described
In location notice at a post 5 feet long 4 inches
square in a mound of stones marked I. M.
Mor.ing Star'M. C No.i, from which U. S
M, M, No. 1 bears, N. 4a0 26' W. 2867 f-ct dis.
tant, the ( section corner between sections 13
and 18 east boundary to Tp 20 S. R 22 E bear
ing S. 8446' E. 8467 feet distant, an incline
shall (dips east) 4x6 feet and no leet deep b ars
S. 3o'E. 15 feet dMant and an incline fin ft
4x6 feel ad 20 feet deep bears N. 2i56'E Gi
feet distance (hence S. 2156' W. 420 feu to
wash draining N,W. and 700 feet to ihe S.W
nd center post 5 feet long 4 inches squaie in .1
mound of stones and earth marked M S. M ,C.
No. 2; thence N. 68 04' W. 62 feat o inter
section of north line of Wide West M. C. lot
No 180 at a point N. 84 20' E. 400 feet f om
N.W. corner posf marked W. W. M. C No. 3
and oontir.uinjE on same course 3C0 fett to S. WT
corner post 01 claim 5 fet long and 4 inches
squaie in mound of (tones-marked M b. M ('.
No, a; thence N. ai'so' E 1420 feet to N W
corner post 5 fee t long 4 inches square in mound
ol earth and stones marked M. S, M. C. No. t,
thence S. 63' 04' E. tVi to ore road Irpm
Emerald mine av feet to wash drainjn;: north
easterly and 300 leet to N E. end center post
5 feet long 4 inches squire in a mound of stom s
and earth mtrked M. S. M. C No 5 and on
same course 600 feet to N. E. corner i.ot 5 ieei
long 4 In lies square In a mound of earth and
stone marked M. S. M. C. No 6; thence S 21
56' W. 1333 feet to Intersection of 1 01th line cif
Wide West M. C. 1322 feet to a wash drainm.;
norlheily and 1420 teet to S.E. cirn r ost 5
feet lOrg 4 inches square in a mound of t' ncs
and earth marked Al. S M C. v 7 from
which the Initial monument of the Whe Wr-t
M. C. S 18 ac.E. 135 leet instant; tlvnce N
68 04' W. 300 feet toa. W end center post No
2 an (-lice of beginning of cxttror surey of
ciam; variation 1143 c.; arei 10.559 acris less
lorflict with the WidaW st 797'acr , net arm
18.762 acres. Slid mining claim being dul.
reiorded in the office of the Cou-.ty Recoider at
Tomb ton, oJiise. county, Arizona, as shown
by certified abstract of title on file. 111 tl is cfli e.
Any and all persons claiming aiUcrly the
whole or any portion of said mining cliim .tie
request d lo present their adverse claims in tins
office during the sixty days period of th- pub
lication hereof, or thev wi.l be band by wituc
of the provisions of the statuf.
his hertby ordered that the foregoing notice
be published for the period of sity day, 111 the
Tombstone EriT I'll, a d'lly newspaper j:iiIj
lishe I at Tombstone, Cochise caun y", I y 11 e
deignatdas the paper publish-M 11 n'c-t to
sajd claim. C. E. Dailly,
Notice of Forfeiture.
To John M. Collins: Yoa are hereby nt t -fied
that the undersigned liae expcndel, dur
ing the year ending Deembjr 31, ibiis, one
hundred dollars in the perlormance ol ilia an
nual labor upon the Queen of .i Hill mine
situated in the Turquois minim' district, county
of Crcluse. 'lerntory of Anzoni 111 order 'o
hold the ame. as required by S clion i, jjpf
the R-iscd Statues of ih-j United Stnes, und
your pro,' ortion of the amount so ex, ended and
due io Ihe undersigned 1$ hfty dohars an 1 U
you, your I eirs or assigns, fail or relume 10 ci n
tnbuteyour proportn n of the sum exp nteJ,
within ninety diys after the publication of this
notice, your interen in ihe sud 'I he Queen of
the Hill mine will become the properly ol jour
co-ow ners.the undersigned ho h iw made such
expenditure. )OHN McMAHON.
I CL,1 LlCUCtlliK.
I DafcVTbmbttoxie, Jtrruary 15, 1887.
Firs'Jpablic ttion April 1, 187 j
ftollcc of .Viillr-ill:t for I. S. J'.ijcnt lo flic .
x.omll j:inl;ix tialm An. i;j.
Unitf.d States Land Oitic", 1
'lucsov, Auz., AUrdi 29, 1337. j
Notice is hceliy gu-'n that clurles W.
Lc-acii, of Tombstone, CoJiiSu Cjuntv, Anzoni,
lias inadunpplisition for p item 10 1195 linear
le-t of the Lowel, vjiri, lodj or 1 p j?it octrmg
silver and go d wan -u tae g on id 6 jo feet in
wid h. timiii d i 1 lVm'istjie Aim ng Di,irn.t,J
cnciiic cjumy. nzani, nur p ir i.uiariy
dec 111 d in tue fie' J notes and pl.t i.f tlic
cifii.ial .urvi y on filf in I'nscfli c ami designated
aslotiNo 189, .1- lullons to uii:
Beginning uh the- initiil monument at a
post, as d scrii-cd In loc ition not ce, at the
ic-ntcrand east rly cm d cl 'aim, pi cdna
mound of Atones nnr.ed I. M. 1, Al. C. No, r
Horn which U. a. M. M. Nc. 3 bears N 180
39' W 3561 feet d stint and iliu ton cr 10 Mo
tions 1 and 2 N boniic.ii) of I p20 S l. 22 E
bear N 54 1,' E I99i leet distant; Uenee a
3 ,)8' E ;oo feet 111 a ) 1 ich pjst in mound of
stones .UN'- co iirr 111 rkid I. M. C. No. 2;
thence ;9 12' W 690 fe.-i tu a wa.li drairing
scutherl) tut on eau.e coi r e r 195 f et 10 bi
cenv r p,-t 4 inJi- sqmie in in iand of sto ics
Situated 11 a 5 n II a-h di,i,ig sontlie I)
ill nUed L.-M. ' , No j; ttvuee , 30 48' W
30 1 fa t tolV c liter en 1I11I4 n Iks ;quirj
m nuunl of vom-s in.rksil I. Al. C ,o 4;
t encc N 30 4S' W 500 fe t to S eV corrcr p ,st
4 iiio'ics 'fpiaip -n mouid ot s o.ies on scuth
slope if lijil and about u() f"et cuuli ol summit
xst nurked L. M. (', N'j 5, Uirnce N 59 13' E
100 feet to stiiii 1 i 86a feet to small uasu dra'n
mo; n nb 1300 fet to t of ii g- heiring
1 irlh '4t7, 5 to (pt a4 inclies square In
mound uf t mi-s 3 fo t K ft cf line inaikcd
(imea ?ab No 4 14X7 leet 10 ,14 inch post in
mound of clones S Ol Al .No 2 "p st 5" on
north fice on sou h fice iji, n nb No 3
and 1495 ieei to 4 inch 1 ost '11 mound of stone,
niarke-u L, M (J, No. 6 at NW corner of cla 111;
tl cue- S 3 1 48' U 300 leet 10 j-Q-t No, 1 and
place of brgui' ing 01 tl e cAtcnor bqundvy of
cldij variation 11 43' E, am 20,50 acres;
raid tl inib 11 g sliu le 1 ab tit 3 111 1 s .-W fi in
lomb-lone .1 out Soo yiids aW fion
St le of M 'n nil e .111 nlioilt 130 leet SW
from the Bigiher Jomt , D M, (J , the improve
liltt US ccn-islliig Ql a lia t 43iS fett, rthlfl
4s6iofea, a cliaft 4', o8 f tt, inc Ine shaft
4X6M5 (e t, incl n snail 4X6.X10 fict, and a
.shait 46t li Lt ciee'p; the siinc b Ing lul
ri',1 r'l (I in th." ofi'ic if tic ( ount) Ricuderat
I'on.bjf '0", l MC I r count , Arit in, a shown
by a rtified a Mr ci of nils 011 file in jliis office.
Apy a'id .-II per ( us tlainipg rlde s y ls
v, oU- r ,!,) paitof--a'd l.cw I inning cum
are nq iind t preittij ijjcir advuse iliiuis in
this o'lice during ihe sixty day, pciiod, pl mb
iidtin 1 lure, f, cr they wi 1 Le iuricd by virtue
ol the p ovlslon; cf the s aluto
It is liireby orduisl iiiifhfl fop-nig rotice
Ik pi)b jsh-d lor t.n- p n id of si ly days 111 the
TrnibsiUiic rpiTAPii a dai'y newspaper pub
ishcd t lombstoni", Oj-!ii? ciutitv, Anzo a,
by nieil'sycuteJas ihe pipe pit llshed neirest
Jy said cl .1111. C. E. D u UY.
t Register.
Trustees Sale.
To whom it ma conccn" Notice is hereby
giv n tint I will sill at public auiticn tJ the
li'ghet bidder formsli, on Mon ay ilie i8ih
tiayof Apn1, 1887, .it the hour of oric o'coek
p 111. in Irouttif th loan ho is- 111 loin stoic,
C oihi-c county, Arizona 1'c'rilorj, the fol'o ung
descrdieil real estate, s tuve 1 in Dos ( abet is
Mining District, I'o Ine count), Aiuoni 'ler
ntorj, and nioie 1 r.rticu'ar.y ihnriN-d n, the
O.d Alan nunc and the Old Won) m 111 ne, b
ing the communion of ill" sm." lede, and
cvh tlaini iviiigfil eenhun lrod led ill length
by six hundred feet in wi llh; aLo the I'h In el
plna uiln tig clum, lie ng 150 het in length by
six bundled fc-t inudti; also the lorn.v'n
inlnii g claim, being 1500 feet in cnglh by 6oo
in nlath; also tli- Ashhv mining cum, being
tsoo fict n lin fi hi Coo In width: aso the
Fir't ( himc m 1 mgcli m, bung 1501 ffel in
lentil by Coo 111 uldih; nlo th Hidd 11
Tll-a-Ure- mine-, LelMJ" i;oo feet in -nilll irt
600 fd t in Ml llh, also one ml Is e i(ii niicli Is
luilt a t, n st nip null adjoini g the tov nsne
of Dos Ciib-ziS! id o une I ojse o five rooms,
and lot on ulilch the- s.iiiV" i5 itiiaud, 11 biiii;
in the limn-it- of Dns iiltei i, io,etlie' Willi
all and singui ir the improvements and .ippur e
nineiii upon any pail ol tils abov- descr.bi'd
preuiis:s. Oi.O U 1)1 rkv,
Truster;. .
Tombston", March 23, iSJ.
Cflffliirt Toil
Physioian and Surgeon,
The above vecll-krown and lcng-establ'shcd
peeialms having inaiiv patients inlhis and sur-
rcu.iling Connies, have (Ic.iJcl to open uii
Office .jt
EL l'AS(), Fe'iruiry 2 1, 3d and4'h.
ALHUQtJEKQUL. F. li. tlh andjtli.
SAM I E, leb 8.I1 ard 9 li.
LAS VE(iS Feb. 101I1 aim nth
Tombstone, Feb. 13th.
TUCSjV, tco. 14. li, 151I1 and 16 h.
YUMA, Feb. 17th .m 1 10th
Whe-c they v.-ill have private o'Ticcson theabove
di.s nly a id who e a I va 1 iks re to eo suit
w.ih the Ki-ntin ned Tee.1l.s13 wi 1 have the op
porumny ol do ng sc rKLLOl- Cli iKGE.
N'iticf. On account of ripidly increasing
bueiness I)-. ijeb'g&Lo wi 1 not be" al le to
vist 1 e?Iib,ioiie t is voir. Ail p -rsoiis d suing
limited ire imenl wih ple-ise ad Ire s or cull
upjn Dr. I.Mbg & Co, 405 Ge.ryat. aan
1 ranci ,co, (. .1)
Th- L'eliig D s-ensary for I'M cTircut o'
all Chroii c, I' iv.i e ami ' ompi aied di enes
his I ceo e-s bli-.l ed 111 am Fi.mci c 1 for nei 1)
i.juuie o :i 11-iiiury. uie u speils.i'-j hu id-
lie, Mir 1 mire coin ro t, rt.v pid Ala.
eon sirnt., an I- ,i els o, and is the oi.lv Med
let and aurgc I hamuli- on t e l'acihe Coii
ih t lu. it- own e'egmt Diiy Mire 111 Disj,e -'.iry
b, tiding, unpl y ng ie'i tend t lie 1,1 ts
and seeutnc -11 gel !u-t u 1 cut linkers to
111 nu. ciuie.i'l aurjji al In-tiuuiei.is 101 t cp-li-r
ts of I'iu Lie- ij ispc s.uj; dsn t prejxi'o
ihe cclcbi ile I Dr. Lcbig's ondei ill lu-iiiian
I vg rito . To the nnivo'ous cures an-i dis
c .venes mule by lr. Lieb g & Co.. a e cue all
tne g eit siicee-sc, they have had In ib8i
tr-ey ui,covireU fnc roiuppLnted Prostatcrrh-a,
le ultiiw 'roin joinliii 1 nnprurlencc ind e-c sis
o! miiurity or unski I mlv treated ci'es of .1
special natute, th t irr.m ime imnic.i ond hul
irevmle" iliou ands horn licuiir cured of nr. .
vo is 1 ebility. phy, cil well, ess and tin' nniral
losses, fiom th s,s em, resultu g irom Ic 1 its o'
joutli Dr. L'ebg,.Co 11 e eve y iic,esslu'
runer'ii' agi nt l.imwn 10 1110 l 111 eicnti-ts, f.i
v, n ig I.l sphoo so II in opithv and I.I ct ic
im, tal ing from tho Allcpnliic all th it is aseful
and adap'in' urgicil msirumeirs to ihe varcus
11 ii""ni rt di'rfo ml i , ntti liiiig'oapplwntes
iinncini -mil ilecliM' S.cces-tul t e.t
n ct guirantcid 111 ill curable i.is.s or no 'ces
req drcd.
The Do to-s will uvc personal ntten'ion to
diseases of the Chest, He id and Ihrcat, Ca
tarrh, d sctcj of tl c I.iv.r and Kidneye; also
to (leforiniiies requiring S irgical appliances.
llalinee of frrn'mpi,f i-,i.,1iioia1 f,nm .I T :.e:
Dispensary San 1 rancisoo. CaL
CJU.:xp; -i " L " "
, By nr'ue of an exec it'on isttel out of
the Distiiu court, First Judicnl district,
lerniory of Anzoni, to rue dire:td and
delivered on .1 judgment rcnd.-icd in
'aU coin 01 th-j 13th d.yof ipr.l 1837, in
favor of 0. H. Smith & 0 .. and .ualnst H. H.
Uirpeiter, whcviii I im cjiimnndcil to mike;
the sum f $(212.94 dim gei w th inurest
ih reon from dil; ol judgment at the rale of
10 p.-r e nt per an.ium until paid, t meth r w th
$vi'oro,is 111 1 ajeruin costs. I have this
diy 1 ed upin t e olliiiigde',r-ibcd prop-rly
to-Mit: On-tienty-stimpqn.rt'niill, and alsj
fivfaensof ini n which s id mill is stan ling,
known a. the Gulden Rule mil anl mill.ite.
I'uShc i olice is hercbv giveu tint on Siturday.
1he7thd1yolAI.lv Ir87 between ihe hours of
9 a 111 and 4 t. m. in front of the Slier US
oflice, in the utynf rombstone, Cocnisecsunty,
Anonn 'erntory, I will ell all the rignt. title
and int rt st of inc s tM II. H Ca-p nlerinand
to the alicie decnbol property at public
aucfon, to the highest an 1 b-st bidJer tor cash,
lawful money of Mi- United Satci, to satiety
said cxteution and a'l cos s.
Dated this the 3 h diy o April. 1587,
J. H. hl.-ULiHIER. ShnirT.
Ry E. A, allArriCK Und rSh-iIff.
In the Di-lri -t Cou t of the First J11dc.1l
Distrut, ol ihs lerriiory ot Arizona, in an 1 for
the County of Coeiiiv", J. P. John on, planum,
v.. l-ord)ce Roper, ilefnidint Acton broujhl
in the Uis n t Com cf the First Judi ialDistiict
of die Teiriiory of Arizona, in .1111 for the
County of I och sc, nnd th - ro-n, la nt filed in
the sud Coumy of Coiluse, In tht cfii c oi the
clerk of said Di Inci Court 1 lis Turn jry of
Ailzona sen's g ue nig to rord)ce "O, er,
defendoni , u are hereby r q urtd to pp -ar
in an action brought aeainst 50a by the ahove
namid plaintifl", in tlu Di fict conn of ihe
I'i'St Judicial District of tie T rr t ry of
Aruoni, in an-' for die G unty of Cu.l in, nnd
to answer the compamt filed herein, within
twen y day., (exelusve o! Ihe di) of sen ice),
nltT tc tervi e on you o' this suminois (if
se-ied within this omty, or dseivel out of
thl, cumiti, bui In tins 1, tt ic within thirty
d.ys otlierwiS- wi h n lorty da s), or judgment
by it fiult will be tnk n acains' joi nicordng
lo the pratr of s id ccniphini. The slid
nctoii i bio gilt to ecover Inni yoj ti.esiim
, fihres liundrc I and twtlse aid tifty ($312.50)
clJlr, tiad out an I ijtpn.dcd for yuur me
,ui(t t'tnent at jour special Inst nn and requc-l
cno-.iho.it t di u.r 9th, i8$2, tojillv-r wi h
in'eic.t ther of to iat. A' d you a e here y
notified, iiat f ou frtl (o a, p nr and answer
trie sud ojiipla'nt, as abov- 'cquneJ, Ihe said
pluiitiff vmII til.ejiidjmjiit oy lefau tap ajed
for in .ud comp'.imt,
Given unit r my n mil and sell of ih Di tr ct
Cou t of the I'lrst Jud ci d Di t tit if th Ti r
nfry cf Ariz(Jia, in anl fcr the Co mty of
Uochl-e, this 26th day ofAp'il, in t'n: year ol
our Lord ons thousand ci,ht linndrui and
eight) -seven U.A. F.CKAS
By i-J
, T.lTON,
Dc'pu'y Oerk.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To John ,I Co'lin,: You are hereby noli,
fird that the undersigned Ins txpei.ded during
the yeir ending December 31, IB36, one hund
red dolus in ihe performance of the annual
libor up in tlu Wnoop Up mine, sinut--d in the
Turnii.!s mining district, County of Cocjii-e,
Itrtliory ol Allium, 111 order to hu) J the same
as required by vction 3 qja ot the Rcvis d
aiutts of th' UimedStite's; and our prpjw
ilon ot the am mnt so cxpindcd and due 10 the
tin lersinned is fifty dj'lar..; and if jou )our
rHrs or rtssinns, fdl to contrhute jour pro
p rl on of ti.o sum expendec' llluii ninety days
after the publication 01 tins notice, your inter
est in sud Whoop Up mine will becomgjhe
property of jour co-owner, M uidersigned,
who has 111 ide such ex t-nrliiiir(
I'Altilufi McMAHON,
Dated Torr.bstono -mury 15, 1887.
Notice oi Forfeiture.
To R. P. Man-fi-ld jou are lieieby notfi-d
that the undo siT,,.-d ha, expended daring ihe
ear en ling De nber 31, 1SS6, one hundred
($100) dohars in the! perlornimte of the annual
lahor upon the aouthern 1 ross mine, situated in
jlie'lomb ton-' Mining distr.ct, Coclns- county,
1 trritory of Ariz in, in order to hold the sum
asrcquired by Seition 23i of the Kevis-d
atatuies of the United atate. mi 1 jour propor.
Hon of the amount so expended and due to the
under-igned is filly ($-,o)dollus, and if jou or
jour hi ira or assigns tail or refu-e to contribute
joir proportion of the sum expended within
ninety clays after the public ition of this notice,
loar mteiest in the sud aouth rn Cross mine
will become the property ol tne undersigned,
who has mule such enpenditure.
Dated Tombstone, Jan. 24, 1887.
PiTER Duts
Notice of Forfeiture.
Fo Geo. W. Stevvakt- You are hereby no
tified lint the undersii ed has expended one
hundred doll ir on the E ten loss mine, situ
ated in lomhnpne All ing District, county ol
Cochise, lerntory of Anzjrn, for tlu vcar crd
ing December 31st. 1886, in o-der to held amc,
as rtijuncd by aectien 2324 cf Reviied Statutes
of the United Sutes. Your pro ortion ol
amount c;K.-nJed ind due the undersigned is
twelve anl luty one hundredths dollars, and if
jou or your hers or as igns fail to contribute
jour 1 roportion of the Him c. expended, to
gether with the expense of this notice, Within
ninety dajsafter the first pibluatt n of tins no
nce, jour interen in sud len Lo nine will
become the propenv of jo.r co-owner, who has
'nacie sum espendi.ure.
, H. L FisiiEK.
Dited Tombstone, Feb. ,4 1387.
Notice of Forfeiture.
ToS !. MulberrviCvo'j are hen-hv not! ,1
thit the undtisined Iras expended one h ndred
($ o-l elolla s duunj Ih- years 13-1084- 85
and iB3a in li.c i ei 101 ni'ance o theat.nuil labor
upon the hodnnn Manite and V.ngnard
impinge inn., situ it'd m the lomltone lin
in di tnct t-oJiisc co mty, Anznm Terr tory
in ouler to hold the sinu as rcqui ed byScctio'n
23Jj, Keviscd Mat tes jf thj United antes
Mild jour propor ion o' sud -urn so expended
and d ie to the undersigned is one-sixth of the
amount so e. ended on ich of the abo.c men
tioned clum,. an 1 if jou v our heirs or assigns
fail or lelu c to tontr bute vo ir proportion oUhe
eiim expended within finely diys alter the
publication if this nofce, your in eiest 111 the
said mines will lie ome the nro. env nfth
undersigned who has madj su. h espcnditure.
'I II 'MAS Ogul.n.
rombstone, Feb 1, 1887.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Tc-T D. Byrne and J. A. Burkho'der co-owner--in
the oni Sott mine situated in the
"1 11 qucis min ng district Cochise county, Ter-
Itiry of Arizona. Youir- heri-bv notified that
1 neve ej.p-nc.ca one iiun'fiecl ($109) dollars in
Ubortnd improvements upi n theabove mmed
mining ci dm during the year 1PK6, in oider to
hold tnesmie.i valid loeation, a n quired by
"Cettoti 2124 Revised Statutes of the United
States Therefore if within ninety 15c) diys
after and Irani this publication jru fail or refus?
to contribute your proper portion of siid cy-
iiiuiu.iaaiiu UIC coal ol llll- rUDIICailO", aS
co-owners, your interest in faid miiewillt.
come the propel ty of the undersiered under
saiH section 3334. Si H. Bbvant,
Tombstone, Jan. n, 1887.
!) in vriinitln to nolsefc anr ef tlio rnsn - forms
f 1 1 1m LVi ,1 7..I cf heart cUtxase, thpilgh roiuiy do ta.
IrnniTirihirun n l?ril TV Kll.i,' LielH,. rtn 1T
'Disease, and If. yon have any f-mptOi.3 therein set
zorwi iftKo v.: 1 usi a u&uit uuck.
Sffl Slfitll0?? F"-1T'8 IlEllCl
rortieuurly eincaclnus In cues of Son
beta found
it at onco stops tho tcrnblo v omltlnc, Abrobblnj In
the temples, and enables the patient to ceVura refweo.
l-SJiJiLiiSlH. pearanca of dotW'ty. whoaa
com.te-nnneo is anxious, ana who Is subr v spent
n? fantneaj. 19 liabla to euarien deatiiVtfrom heart
d'seno. Let him tike Di. I'uxi'a U2K1T Kmudt
lirfnrft It l tno lfttft
At DrutrKtsts. 81.E0. Descrlptlvo trvf
Itlso with
3acn uoitic, or maiica ireo upon eppucallo;
roil ladles and chftdrenwhoK. vita can.
not he oifcndcd with Impunity, llVTiSIBUBO
FIGS form rt remedy fcr conttl-vdon, Ic
ingestion, plloa and lirer complalnit' vbich
li tj vlcasaat tj tali as lt li aHaPtlvo la
ass. i-J ccs.
At all DrugUti: ; or address
J. J. MACK & CO.,
0 and II Front Gt., Snn Francisco. &Hd
T "" " HI IM c. o
- - -TM1T M ujlLULg
Meat Market,
Between All -n and Fremont, Y
' 1
All TTinrln nf PirAt-Pilnsq Mpnts nr
"" --- - .-. .
the louovnug
HEKF Ity the side oriiuarter 5 cents,
p r pouiiel.
VEAL 5 cents per piund.
p:r p iund.
Uy the carcass 8 cent
the side jo cents pfr
Meats Eetailod over the Block at
. Keduced Eates.
I do my own killing and raise and fitlei my
own cattle, sheep an 1 hog, and in
consequence cn. fyrnlsl)
Meats Cheaper
And better than any other market in the city,
A. BAUER, Proprietor.
$1.00 F6R 25c.
To any one who will send us ?jc and act xs
ciur agent vve will send the following goods, tha'
could not be bought elsewhere for less than
$1.00: 1 Dpzen Sheets ol Superfine Commercial
Paper, 1 Doien Envelopes to match, 2 ' xtra
fine ladies' Steel Pens, 1 Qjnts' Colden Pen, 1
iSk ROl,LKO GOL,D RING, worth more than
vve charge lor the packigej 1 Dixon Lead Pen
cil, 1 Fabcr's Pencil Rubber, all first-class goods,
t Sheet of Blotting Paper, 1 Rolled Gold Plated
Collar- riiitton, I Set of ho'led Gold Cuff But
tons. We hive stated that the goods bought
separately could not be bought for less than
Jt.oo. but to secure new agents we will sell them
put up in a package for aje.
Essex, Conn.
Was the name formerly given to Scnrfula
becauso of a superstition that Jt could bo
cured by a king's touch. The world It
vt Iscr now, and knows that
can only be cured by a thorough purifies,
tlon of the blood. If this Is neglected,
the dUease perpetuates its taint through
generation after generation. Among its
earlier symptomatic developments are
Eczema, Cutaneous Eruptions, Tu
mors, Bolls, Carbuncles, Kryslpolns,
Purulent Ulcers, Nervous aucl Pliy.
Blcal Collapse, etc. If allowed to con
tinue, Klieiimntism, Scrofulous Ca
ta""li, Kidney and Liver Diseases,
lubercular Consumption, and nri
ous other dangerous or fatal maladies, are
produced by It.
Ayer's Sarsaparilk
Is the onbi nntrrrfnf nml si?,.,.. rrLr..
blond-purify ing nedicine, It In tp (.flect
im an altenitiie that It rqiillcntcs from
the srtem Hereditary Scrofula, und
the kindred poUons of contuglous dKeues
ami mercury. At the nmo lime It en
rlchci and vitnllze the blood, restorliur
healthful iictlon to (he iltul organs and
rejuvenatini; the entire system, fhlsgrcat
Regenerative Medicine
Is composed of the genuine Honduras
narsaDaruln. with y7iin rth v.-r.
lingia, the lodtdtn of Potassium and
Iron, and other Ingredients of great po
tency, carefully and wlentlflcally com
pounded. Its formula Is generally known
to the medical profession, and tho best
physicians constantly 111 escribe Ayeh'5
SAKS.ip.irtlLI.A as an
Absolute Cure
For all diseases caused by tho vitiation of
the blood. It Is concentrated to the high,
est practicable degree, far beyond any
other preparation for which like effect
arc claimed, and Is therefore the cheapest,
as well as tho best blood purifying tnedl
cine, In tho world.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
Dr. J. C. Aer & Co., Lowell, Mast.
Analytical Chemists.
Sold by all Druggists irloa pis;
bottles for $6.
Can the TJnivorml Connnmptlon h
SnoccasfuUy Xraatod?
Dr. Borgron, a lending French doctor,
hai a new treatment for consuinp ion.
Hu t'.ivcs an enema of carbonic add
sulphuretted hydrogen Vmb, the Jattet
fM earrj-jng the former into every part
of tho throat and lungs.
This treatment, too, is directed al
effects the causa remains undisturbed.
What this caus eis has been staled by
perhaps the highest pulmonary authority
in tho -world, t. ., the Ilromplon Hos"
pital for Conumptives, in London, Eng.
This malady every year carries off from
one-seventh to one-lifth of tho entire
populalion of England!
Dr. Payne, M.D., M.R.C.P., London, I
authority for this etatement.
Tlie a!Ile or a water proportion ot
deaths obtains in America.
Dr. Payno also says that one-half the
total number of deaths from all olhtr
causes have seeds of this disease in the
system which only require some irritant
to develop I
Dr". "lieimann Brehmer, ftn emlm
German nuthoiity. Bays that coiinump
tion is caused by deficient nutrition of
the lungs, by poo'r blood.
These authorities cannot be disputed.
The medical world recognizes them. Tht
nric.acid is the irritant in the blood that
causes the development of the beeds
which Dr. Brehmer bays Ho dormant ia
tho blood.
Every particto of blood which passes
through the lun ; and heart, also goes.
through the kidnejs.and ii thuyaio in
the ka demised tht-y cannot lid tho
blood of its killing po.bon. The thousand
little hair-like n-wc-r mix: of the kidney
very easily gi blcvked up and diseased:
and when they do, they cunupt iii'siead
of purifying iliu blood. Jviduey dibease
may i"xit, und yet no pain occur in thai
orjn, livcaiike it is dcliiicnt in nerves ol
Dip yum finsier in ncid even- dav and
V it noon festers anil is de-droyed. end
hhcid io,soiied blood through the lunjs
I every tecond, and thev ooIl irive wav.
Tir. l( 11....:..! !.......;'.-
i,o AJiciuifiiiMi jieniii.ii lUVC'blllZailOU
showed that 52 pur cent.' cf the victim
lof coiiHiiniption were ulllicted with do.
pnedkuliieiM, which permitted the uric
faciei poison to it-main in the blood and
,'irrttdte the lungs. Ihi-s uric ncid hjal,
J wayd lighting every vital ov0'a; nd
I there lie ituy inherent weakness in the
Muias it inevitably caubes pneumonia.
Wuh and con.-uiiiptioii.
Tlifieal mute of puimonary troubles
Lcmi; f-o auiiionlatiseiy bhovvn to be
Utility een Ihotl.h unt-u-pi-cted action of
the L'idiicyi, explains wliv, in onier to
master the dreaded consumption. miA
mubt riil the hlood of tjw urfc'aciii irri
tant wliifl) luflanids and burns up the
lung Bubst.uu'v. 1'or this pitqioso there
Is nothuig ecjiul to that gieat specific,
"rtiner'n bHio cure. This remedy has
now tho favor of medic-al men all over
tho world puielyon its merits. We have
no doubt tiiat it the kidneys are lepj jn,
natural actum, consumptiqn. aid, a. gret
many other duc-agps, ciui.isd by'urio elj,
will w wly bo cured but will bo tre.
vectod. r
her. tl.ei kUUiGf Is Iiwallhy, no ulhu
men appeal's, in the water, but albumen
is found in tne water of more tlnm. hall
of those who die of consumption,!
Tl'ls, then, is tho condition of flings
tha,t ujuays precedes consuisption:
First, weakened kidneys; second, re
tained wric acid, poisoning the blood;
third, the development of disease in
tho lungs by the nritant acids parsing
through them. Then thero is a little
cough in the morning; soon thick, yellow
matter is spit up, follow od by loss ol
fleh nd stiength, with dreadful night
s' eats ; and w hen the patient goes to his
school physician for help, ho is put on
tod-livor oil which his stomach, weak-
eiiou-also Dy uric acia 111 tlie blood, can
not digest. Because there is no pain
present in tho kidneys, the patient d,oci
not think they are affected, but the kid
ney acid is doing its work everv minute
every hour, djiy and night, ami by-and-b-i
Um disease of the lungs has advance'vi
until pus is developed, then come Itemor
rhages, and at last the glassy stare whic!
denotes that tho cm In near!
A pObt-inoitem examination of tm
coses shows that the tenible uric acid
has completely destroyed the substance
of the lung.
It is impossible to cure lung diseanj
when the blood is uoisoued witli urio
11 -, . -
-A N D
All Kinds of .Mill aodMlnlnp Mullriur.
ttuDV alio LUhi CuetTnea ul Ircn ind Drtra
ttnduto Drde-r on Hon otlo riimif, Prtn.
scitlcrf, ItctorK, Cuikvn, care, Skectt, I lllre
I'lirjkc, Etc., Ircm Latest Dcjlgtii", 1'irlable
Holsllng Enciticn, 2-Stnmp Pr-.tpccten." MDU
Mal' 10 Oric-r.-Ecne-n, ot nil DiicirticLi
Hanchcel or lotted BDRlnes ind'catrii aid Ait
Inntcd. Agents 'or Aihany L lineal rut Con.
Hounds, t j Under, bpiLdlc and Valvcols, Wit.
iticbudre Aulninntlc EDclnef miui : to 200
Hcrse Pcwir mm all clio lu the MliLI&c and
fcuncrj Line. AUo
$250 Reward.
Tho above reward will Be paid
for the arrest and conviction of
any person or persons unlawfully
handling any of my stock. Brand
H G on left hip.
H. W. Hasselgren.
Charleston.A.T. jel?-Iy
st 5B29S ii s
. " veVf V 1 ' - -V,

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