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The Tombstone. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1885, June 16, 1885, Image 2

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ha Pioneer DaUT 01 the Cump.
.at-'i'E 10....
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(Rnndftj-t Excepted,)
Office on Allen Street, north side, between
Third and Fuurlh.
Dellrmi lr Carriers for 25 cents n Week
Hurrah for Juh- 4th.
THE latest hanging jn Texas was
attended by 3,000 people. It is
proper to explain that the crowd
would have been larger if a recent
rain had iipt marie several (if the
djacem creeks impossible,
Just as Tombstone and Cochise
vere again beginning to prospjrand
her people were wearing smiling
faces, knowing that the capitalist,
eager to invest, comes Crook and
his murdering pets, and knocks
even-thing in the head. Rut our
people from now on will take the
Jaw in their own hands and will
soon put a stop to these i.icnjes of
Sir, Crook.
"We feel warranted in predicting
ihot the. appointment of Geo. "W.
Julian as surveyor-general of New
Mexico will not be confirmed with
out opposition on the ground of
''offensive partisanship." The re
publican senators might possibly
ovei look the fact that he onco stig
matized the Democrats as "a lot of
Chrtstless whelps,', but certainly
the gentleman on the other side
can never condone a thing of that
Jt is not true, as the Democratic
papcis arc continually asserting,
that the Republicans are trying to
'-hold fast to the offices in spite of
ihc fact that their jr.rty has boen
beaten. They simply ask that
ihey shall superceded in an honest
and fair way, and not by means
tending to cast reproach upon them
jus citizens. No Republican claims
to have a vested and permanent
right to an office; but at ths same
lime no man likes to be removed
on false pertenses, and by reason
Of accusations that are merely trum
ped up to hide the real purpose of
the Administration. That is the
ivholc truth in the case.
It is proclaimed by authority
that the President proposes to ex
tend the "protection" of the civil
service law to many classes now
exempt from its provisions. Not
right away, however. lie believes,
it is added, that this should cot be
done until "after a proper propro
iion of tho offices shall have been
given to the Democrats." One of
the principal fcatiirc3 of Mr. -Cleveland's
course as a reformer is its
careful ayo'.dancc of anything like
suddenness: it is nothing if not lei
surely. A Republican office-holder was
recently removed on the ground
that lie had joined in giving "three
checra for Blaine" during the last
campaign; and nyw comes a report
another dismissal because a
man m solioited subscriptions
fpr a Republican newspapers.
2Jcxt, wc suppose, wc shall hear of
a man being turned out who was
iadifcrcet enough to sit on a fence
and watch a Republican procession
" Acoloratfo Ooki Line.
DtHVCn, Cou, June 1C.
Tlie Colorado Cattle-Growora' Asso
ciflt ion met in this city at 10 o'clock
tbiu morning at the call of the Presi
dent, for the purpose of considering the
question for establishing a cattle trail
acrocs the Sta e from the southern to
the northern boundaries. A larg
number of the roost prominent cattle
met of Colorado were present, and
there were representatives froti: Vyom
ing an: New Mexico, The various
cattle nssocir.tson and the counties in
ColorAdu through 'which it is proposed
the trail shall pass were represented ny
three delegates from eac! with the ex
eeption of Bent, whose delegates ari
delayed. The President stated that
the meeting was called owing to th-
action of tho Southwestern Iv:insa
Cattle-grovels' Association in locating
u cattle trail for the U3e of herds trav
Thins "Jie State of Kansas. Owing to
the non-arrival of the ISent County del
egation, no positive action was taken
to-day. The trail was discussed in all
its phases, The Southern Colorado
cattlemen are a unit in insisting that
the trail Miall not be opened, and thf
sentiment af the Northern men is divi
ded on the subject. The lands front
ing on the Arkansas River, and they
have ur.ifj&d themselves in their opposi
tion to permitting any Texas catt!e to
cross the river or entt.r tho State. Sev
eral herds, uinr.berir.g between 40,000
and 50,000 cattle, mostly destined for
Wyoming, have boen stopped on the
deadline, Northern New Mexico has
consequently been made ths feeding
grounds of this large herd, and the cat
tlemen of that region are kicking vig
orously. They insist that the cattle
m ust either he driven cr, or shippoc' en
by rail. For theso reasons it was ex
plained to the raieting today tha t
prompt action was necessary, Tho nor.
thern men want a trail to start in
about the southesutorn corner of the
State, running to Grenada and fVom
there to the Republican River, or down
the Reaver. Varions committees
were appointed, and then the meeting
adjourned until to-morrow. If the
trail is established it will onlv be after
bitter contest betwee n the Southern
and Northern cattlemen.
A telegram frum Trinidad to-night
says: "The committee of fifteen men
appointed by the Lai Animas County
Catt'o Association are holding thu
Trhichera Pass, en the Colorado and
New Mexico line, and will try by mor
al suasion to prevent an invasion by
the herds of Texas cattle now stopped
in Colfax County, New Mexico, If
they fuil by such u course they an
nounce that they will try prohibition.
Mr. Eddey, who has a herd cf cattle in
Colfax Conuty, came over tho pasi to
day to in'orm himself on the sitjation,
and was told that there was no r om
for him on this side of the Colorado
line, and no vacant ground for a Tex
as-Wyoming highway.
Mcncy rizklnz.
"WiSAiNGTo:?, D. C, JunelG.
The second epoch in the era of Demo
cratic reform 3c3 been reached. The
proof cf this appeared to.day in an ac
count which an offi:ial who Las recent
ly arrived from the. Territoriej gives
of Jus experience among a number of
new officials in the public service.
Said the gentleman to-day to one of his
friends: "You may believe I have had
a rich and interesting time to-day as I
went around the departments, I am
here to .file some reports There seem
od to be a belief that I knew all about
land matters and .Indian supplied, and
one after another questioned me as I
passed ajqrjg. The burden of all their
inquiries was ia relation to the modes
of making money. They said:
'Yon sec, we are .strand, we don't
rnrar Anrtlunir alvMtf 4llAa tllin r V.'tt
. , M..W- m..t j , ..... v-- .... .,v
I have got the offices, and. what we want I
now is to know how yon make money
out of them.'
"Now, how is money mr.de out of In
dians agencies?' aid one, and another
asked the sanie el'out post traders, and
still another wanted to fci-ar how mon
ycould be made out of surveying the
public lands, and out of 'and oGic po
sition. More asked about contract,
than tiny' other branch of the civil ser
vice. All said they vrerei -norant as
I yet ou all of these points, but excted
itiglv anxious to le.u-n all the rope.
And those who did this talking umde
no s 'cret of their settled purine to un
derstand these things as sauu as possi
ble." yutlce.
All pursoni l;nov.it. ilji-iusi.-Ives indebted
ti Hit: Lit .Inlin Ri.-co-, nr irque-U'it t
i-ulQC forw.ud mid "Itle at mire at tin- Itli
Kill s:ilouii, oi the :u-'iun: will be plated ii
he bauds ol u cullt-ivor.
Selivrart? only Cus ulniu men' z od
inil this t n;urc than a srut iniiuy mliei
SiS SSAak.
la n
!sS T3
III -- ii
Purot and Ftrocgcat Satcral Trait DarorA
Pieparedbrspbydi'i.ui wiih special regsrdU
OFFICE Toimhmit S'rcit, oclwccn Tl.ird
and Fourth Rtncls, Tumloiono, A. T. je 13 If.
Kotice to Creditors.
ESTATE OF P. J. LYNCH, dcicifi-J No
tice it hm-bj jjiven by iln iindir-i,:ord
administrator i( "ie ettato of 1. J. Ljm-h,
tlevuaswj, to thu creditors of. anil nil ju-ji.nt
having clnim L-la.t tin- deicuscd, t ex
liibit tlieui with the necessary vhucIhts.
ttltllin four ra0iilh Mftertlie liis- nub irntioli
of this notice, loUiD.-.iid uiiiiliiutr"trMt tl.e
Dragoon S.iloon, on Alien stv.t;, iii Tu;nt
stone, in tin- romitv i f CocliUe.
Dattd Juc 13id, 1S45.
Owkn I.TSCW,
Administrator of thf fStati; ol diniuid.
Ji-13 4.r
Frcjuont .Street,
Real Estate, Mines, Monev ano
Real Estate-Es'-t. o!d tnd KttirJ
"'I' Clions Made. Tare I'aid, cic.
M i DCS Ei upht tad o:d.
Money Luac Sf-c-tU:d u& Invcstmccti
Insuranco-n-o icci-iiat aad LI
AnoUicv I'all.
In Ice. After date ice will be
sold at 2 cents per pound
In piipi- il lei-. 'I lie R. utliwisteri
lec C In r".f!rr will lurnli In- :
F.uiii'ii'P, Sti-rr.-, Lii-'jj'ihj lli.ii-i-i.
Livry Siiiiiti-s ai.il niliir fn-.all cun
Jiimcrs, for
H. W. Wnou MiiMiaer.
a r
j a liljlj ccacentiatcil cstract o:
Sarsapariila trd ctlicr Llooil-purirj-lus
roots, coir.blnvtl ulib Iutliuo or I'otas
tlazi anil Iron, qlJ is tlo Eifcst.dOJt reli
able, tnd nicjt icoi.iLTical blooit-puriEcr that
can bo ins.-!. U ipvsr:ab!r cxptli all tlorvl
po!K3S ircia t'uc sj-stcm.cnrlclics acd rcnci.4
tlia tlroJ, and rcsuircs iu v!tn.irln; power.
It u the beet Li-.oun remedy for Scrofula
and all Scrofulons Cjmplaint, Erynip
elas, Enema, Kinrt,Torm, ClotcUca,
Sore, I'.oila, Tumors, and Eruption
of tfio SLIn, u also for all dljorJcrs caujel
by a tfcln and .iaipoTcriabcd, cr corrupted,
conilitlfu cf tbiblcoJ.sufh as RlieutnatUm,
Neuralgia, Jtheumot'4 Guut, Cencr&l
Debility, and Scrofulous Catarrh.
Inflatory Rheumatisin Cured.
"Avrn;; SnsArAr.JLiu-his ccred me of
thn Intlaimnatory Illieiimatlum, -Ylth
wbicli I have aullrrrd for nianv jcars.
V. II. Moons."
Datlum, la., Marer. 2, 152.
rscrAccn dy
Dr.J.C.Aycr it Co., Lowell, Mass.
EcV: t7 tU Drrjjtstt ; i l, i!x ts:tlt f :r '.A
VtV y jZ
Still in the Front,
5 C? CPc?S
Of Todies' MisffV and Children's Shoes and Sappers. Just TJeceivrd the lar
gest consignment ever made from New York to any one house in Ari
zona. o-.l bhipiied a: the Late Jteduced Bates. This will be the Now
Era in the
Shoe Business of Tombstone.
One Lot Ladies' Opera Slijipe-s at SJ a pair worth SI. 75; Ladies' Sandal
Slip; ersut Si. worth S2.; Ladies' Oximd Ties at 1.50, wo'tth U.50.:
Ladies Newport Ties nt 1.50, worth 2.50.; Mi ses' and Children a
SJipters at 7? cent:', worth 1.50.; Ladipa Amc-riean Kid Button Sho'-a
at 1 50, worth 2.50.; Lr dies' Pebble Goat Buttoned Shoes r.t 1.25;
worth 2.00.; UdieV Glove Kid IIih Cut with Tasseis at 2 50
worth 4.00.
Ail Elc.qunt StoeJt of FrencJi Kid SJwes and
Slippci's standard maJces, will be sold
50 Per Cent Below their "Value
Ladies lake Notice.
VTc have fitted up a parlor exclusively for the purpose of fitting on show.
Ladirs will find this to be a great convenience, as jt is entirely apnr4
from tha store.
Sale of Unclaimed Freight.
,. . rfce inllnwiaie'erilioa rropcrt? hnvin hefn on hand and nnclairaeil fo-r. crrlml of r.ir.cJr
(jujttaif Drnii.ri-.. end lb.- owrer. ccunDce sidcocvrof havipgliren ilniv nntUU-d In accnrdtccA
w.ili Ihw. -kI.I lirfu da- public nactlun. at tti- Frril t nciot of Hi,. bontV.frn J'acific Cc.n-p'in
Icn-un Atlii.ta Ttrntr.iv. FKIHAr. tbe THIRD dayof JULY, ou thoiuand lht hndil
iu mr'7 nm iz'v; ai ien I") o rift i. zz.
J"ii:li'i tlii iiCr'i-i.m!i.t tla ra-si: ma
'Jiligfttithi tLdfto igechaigcs.
no- i atc;af. u & S-JICo III J Bu.th. Marifvlllo crn,l ca
Miiicu Fr.nc'rco. C I .
Glolic .Vcicatli'.c To. Gloi ipj.-t dx-puit Cofor
') ar ic cicna. llii.J CCBt) E CO,
Ilip'sr fur A C I ) For-
Ilium e. fill ix IPO f.r rtn. fTnl
I. 11a rc'i;. Willc s II. D tnjrcli.'.Taid'brrc. Az
U,L" ' 'C x ii i.nn 1 o dbi.r?,
i. . r.inj. i i,ii;--i r.Sflrr. V. 3J lit)!
JD tptojg.c. Wil.ci x jhsucri. Waj-Viil
fiHf Ml"lrA JlllHipCo.l
"'1'cox jlf.st:raWeyril!
retc- I'einx. care ft theriffCrc' it? Copper To
.1 U K Ith Ii- noil ! a: llL'P Aieeiep
nl jMlivun - . inmruit- An?n u
J J Ki. K i so ,
11 A Slrrfinser. Dp -on .,
L Jlcyi- A. oii B in-, n .
II A . Ee i- r.
M A urlz !! nn
r F Ir ibT. Lord let!-..
11 A Twc-ii. Hrfi-iou Mim'ii Eak rt II S FC'!.
.-trun. -, iiiii
I" riTdot.i. I'en i sr
7 E lis- lllon. I ml. -
Uidir. I I Pa ,,. Tela..
G vVl Um i. r . l.t-nlic
I I!a ra- ,a eb M Hold r-
wncr Jljilci.pi,
A L liuesjit & Co
-. f I l'w
wnnimt. Ll Pa-o
A i. Mn. T.l
i: Wiu (or Vli pi. Kl I'aeo
Hug. ii ctry, hi las
C n-yf p 4 "o. fan
wa r. It on. A T
A - V. Io Auir I r.
GWT. Loi Ai-s
jl'n'n w . Snr.tn
tp nnii'.f"?15 l"'r rC e"Cr!b'lr' er'tf0trn'r"0' whIch,.tc.BDtnrinn)wbl:l w 11 ,'
aim., .- .. il A V. . . ul. hI
Given by tie
Fire Department
Of Tomcstpne on
SchieffelMi .Hall.
Tickets - - $100
1 box Ha war lot .bi.Tel-. i o ma k: llxix cijai tic ; I F H parkmc. 1 plovr leaia 1 odi f.ixi
.r.in.lpredi.rill dl. o e laat ertiu k.pc Cad LB, I Fbx pT,VdcrM &b a. 1 I
Lo.6cbo!u ci-ovf, 1 Itc. Ce St cbait,l pc c tli;. b Jfk HaRIi OKAY.
jjm,, .I.I.I...MU O cer 1 Krelgb. Afceat.
All Firemen will appear in Calico
Shirt and Uniform Eelt,
Further Particulars
Pacific Co.
obtain their piopertr oa proxinj: owae:(Lip tnd
-fr iSht
ululc; machine;)-..
CDCago, 1. 1..
-.0 caset coal ci!
Shblha-dwr .'...
1 wsri.ii box.., ,
1 ac frans t-, 1 box
1 afe -
Aiix ur
I 5 i ; cne drut-, 1 cae
jslarpar. I icrc 'ida. I box
tcirnx, 1 li x as d 3 bin' I.
Tare. 1 .os E Akh. 1 b x M
ijau.k Dracc-cn
60 3
'i v . mj..
ril '"'i hlrsnn " """
mJ '''.loik.o .Cl ichnto Is
Jliwlry IJru, tan Fraacl co 1 pi w e' up 1 oa- v la t
Ut.r..Vw irl. ia n afe
1 1I,C;"1, Arwaalr.... lifccDry ro da
t(i',,la CV,. ArzotaTj2 1'dlM farfc
kii u. r o a i ci:ag--i. hsrniw
I hming mjclii-.c ,
1 roll beddm;
1 a-l-AW Ul
1 oaehalfbM Oil Wine.
1 bdl CI ul? u
I can- hoi pebolrt gooa-...
-ibuxeaC UMnre?
o ogi rani VirlCLts,
A T..
N w
Fran Cai
L-f. Ci,l..
Aua. Cal....
3 "1
4 TC
1.1 .n
B iu"rJ .oDi-i; limi Jioa
31 SICtlor.
L. Jl..TACiE3, Alecks SruiNOEu,
Transacts a
Egpcciftl Httention civen to all buslnes l
corrcpondeiit.. and tuel'r interests carefully
sprvul. 1'romptatlcntion giiarantccdta all
liutinrss entrusted to our care.
Foreign nna domestic Exchange, Coun'y
ami City Warrant, and Mexican Silver
3m m' "-

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