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The Tombstone. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1885, June 24, 1885, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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I by h'.'uorr-?&! : l&x.f.-s
.-. . . . . .
Office on Allen Street, corta side, bctwoca
Zbi;& aui Fourth.
Delivered by Carrier for 25 cents, a WeeV
The Qlobc Democrat says: The
chances -for peace ivc not a? yet
materially impaired by the change
in the British Administration, ad
ministration." though it is perhaps
too early to tell what the Torie.
will try to do when they have
once gathered. the reius and fitted
their feet to the stirrups. Even il
they prove to be belligerent; how
ever; it is out of their power to ac
complish anything of a wavlike na
ture yithout the consent of tl e
house, and the Liberals, who would
not go into a war on their own ac
count will hardly allow themselves
to ibe forced into one by the Con
servatives. Kor should it be for
gotten that, so far as the majority
is concerned, that is still practi
cally in the hands of the Gladstone
.party, so that without the consent
of their opponents the Tories are
power.ess to-go into a fight as a
man with his hands tied.
The largast banging bell in the world
is in a Buddhist monastry, near Can
ton China. It is eighteen feet high
and forty-five feet in circumference,
and is of solid bronze. It is one of
eight, great bells which were cast by
command.- of the Emperor Yung-lo
,s.bpul,A. D. I4C0, and is said to have
,ost the lives of eight men, who were
.killed during the process of casting.
The whole beU, both inside and out,
is-covcred with an inscription in em
bossed Chinese characters about half
an inch long, covering even the handle.
,the total numdur being 84,000. The
.characters tell a single htoryoue of
jtha Chinees classics.
Garfield was removed from washing
ion to T.lberoh for health hut fousd
death t jnsttH'J, and many leir that
4Jpji. !rnnt lm3 iien remove.! frcc
lieu' York to Mt. SI Gir-gor iiPrcr
to rctwrp, but his creapcfro.u the luat
of the city must bo lerded viith
satisfaction, raid his ictncnaJ was
p"iv:d throughout the nation.
Tke list of present". given bv
General Grant to the TJiiitJd Slat
es contains some rare and curious
relics which will grow move valu
able with each succeeding -rear. It
.is characteristic of the general that
he chooses to leave these mernen
,ioe3 of his-career, and ox the days
and-achievements which gave his
name '-its proudest lustre, to the
t whole people rathr than to his
family..- The spirit of confidence
p.nd affection -that possesses the
nation for its soldier-hero, that has
f urvived all the bitterness "of war
and the contentions of poiilics, and
hat .expresses itself so ' earnestly
hot, 'ir.ust impart to his lonely
jdays agra'teful sensc-of peace.
'The sne-spot fiend vrill be in Jiia
his glory, "tliis "summer. A whole
"belt ofAsjoHs , extends-clear across
the Suti'A dislc, and just coming, fnto
VieTr" on 'the eastern tdgctis a:chi
ntef of 'them that tjoats -tho record
Jof size and apparent acHyi'ty. If
ve don't have a 'succession' of torn
gdoea for two "weeks now, and
fiQ79 rsore :n the latter e-zds of
July and August, then thors i.-i no-
I i iir tin lhs i.jy-fi!yL 'isliv
C,-!o,oiy - ' '
ranv'i - pooch.
Dra, idoisiz. 31o , June 2.
There has bier.. m-c.i ducujs.oa of
hte in regard io Gen. Gran'.'j Dc-
-Joines speech, delivered in chis city,
at the rJrunioa of ths arrsv of Hi
Tennessee, ten yeare ego. 2ilr. J. S.
C!outson, who was tt that time post
master of Des llohies, exj In.t.s thi
nixnnwpjn which that famous tpeeili
caino to In' rnen. Ho states eoiik
intrc$t:ig foots not commonly kriowii
concerning Gr.au t'.s autnoiship.. lie
ays that on the afternoon of the
evening when the speech was clehveret.
n'ei). Oinnt, wearied by the crowds of
pcopiL' flocking aro'ind lum to bhaku
Hands, came into the Po-t Office c:sti
usUod for a chance to have a quttt
-.moke, free from iuteri ujition. s-itting
down, li? tulked for an hour about his
early lite "ai.d army experiences, a)id
then spokn of the iitii-:.u), i.en of
friend-, tiiat he drl not write his own
r.iei's, and Laid he never could under--.tmid
why so many peoplo were
unwilling to believe that ho wiotf
them himself. Ht&;.o!:eof the. ditfercut
men, from Gn. Kfiwhnsduwn to thut
time, who hail been accredited with
writing them, and ipoke of the 'teat
difference in ti.e st!e of exprciuti
of all these men in w rittng. "Every
body who cares to look into my papera
and examine them critically will see
f r himself they have all been written
by the same man and in the samostyle
of composition lie said it wa3 not
difficult for him to express himself in
writing, but that it was always erief
when he tried to make a speech, tay
ntj: "I can talk fairly well when s ttin
down, but when I get up on my feet be
fore a crowd of people eerythin
aeemi to go down into my boots."Then
he added: "The boys at these leuniom
a -3 always asking me to speak, never
eipectin' me to do it, but X um gounj
to disappoint them thi-j lime. I have,
some ideas on the subject of American
K:h)oIs that 1 intended t. put into my
nu-ssage as President last fall but I for
g3t it for some reason, and I have
thought that here in Des Moines, since
Iowa is so iutcdligent a stute, and so
noted for its school.) system is a fut vi
able places to put these ider.3 out tu
lite public, ard J intend to d i tlmt to
night. "Jle drew out, as ho i-po'ktr, a
small shr-t of paptr en ..hich v.as a
dcren linas or .so of memoranda, oi
head note-, and then briery ran ovei
them to t'.dl what hi. views were, and
ihey were all the same as lie sun-d
then, in Ids Jpeoo!i at n;gbt in a few
minuter, he went to take a ride and
about 5 oslock vent to hi- room unci
hastily wrote out hwspsceh a it ws
delivered in the evening. He rea.l it
from his own manuscript.
JLo$t tir istruyed.
One buLKjt.iii liur-it, lour y.-nrs olil.
ibuut 15 lunula tllyli, X brm.::
One . binck liore, 8 ;:us n!il, tiliuii
14 hinds Inli, il.-sisiii brum! mi i.:
nip nml J. II. on sliuuMer. Tlie i.li v
rtcr lust seen on the r.incli ofTlnini;
Dunbnr in Trd AIukh. A liU-ri.1 n
wnrd will be imid ier this reiurn'tu tin
Fliusmn Stntilc;.
Baled alfalfa, barley and naih e
hay for sale,rby the bale cr ton, at
the Fashion 'Stablas, Allen .street,
bctwen Tljird and Fourth.
Taken up at'Hlavin Gulch I'arclu one
Uaclc pinto mare, will l.tj hcrie coll. Mun
bramlea on left Unjrli, pt-rpuonicular. witli
clrt-le Joined by bu Jwlf cin-Ies; no Lr.md
on polt. Th(? owner cm li-.V tLc'eame. t
pruvin-; prppirty tind piy".o tliurti.
le 10 ., ' . -. V. V.. Coxxex.
OtFICE Ton-rhnut Street, Between Tlilrtl
tcdcsr strestc, Toisbitoac, A. T. je 13 t f
' '' ' V;lOnt Sil'eivt.
;,'..,! '.!, j.j, ff !.,., j.Wi.
KR CstrM B--nt.- Se.'i aui iitttc
f.i".nosK ;:ic,TiSBs r i, etc.
rIonoy--" :"r0-tli.,.tfi -.i JsvestT.cnn
5;i3Urarsco "l1 AccKs:: kzL
Nfttlci: tit CifiHtorn.
T75T.VIE OF P J. LYNCH, iteiej-rd. No
J j nee 1- 1 -rii icnt.li .i i In- iniri'T-i jn 1
..d ..ii.Is'raliT r ti.f (itati. (if 1". J. Lwx'ii.
It. e.t.tu. I tin i tv 'liHirs ut. nml t.l jTtH
h ivni4 rl li'ij !iL'i.ill't Ilir mtieuKd, 1" ex-
llilt tIKI'l Willi llie IlflU-jl A..lHl'l.
ultliin f'.nr nioiiili ult i tfi. vt I .l t. ; 1 1.-1.
..I ifiu ii.iin .-. ! iliuiuil ..iliuiui-tr.ii.il' .it tde
i)iu-ix ! S.i'imiIi, on Allen SO' c. Ill Tumi.
Ko::e. In tin 1 111111!) i f C.iliiii-.
U-tttit Jpe 1J tl. Ib0.
0r.:: i.w:j,
Adi.ilntialur if ilif itUu ni tii n.d -til
J. 3-J..-
Sheriif Sih'.
ivviKTrE of ..":; cutiox is-
f ill ill on ii -1 -i .1 iou t n
tin !' jailclul 1 - rici In ai.u fi.
m irni'it. if C..u. , I ;r o ; :
A-'I 'Ml, 1 Bltlir'CIi i 1I.A '. Il .J . lull.-
it lit cr.d 11 um t n ii i it 7 i .u. 1
.. 15 . ti 'l r i I .! II c Il r 11 tl
..j He W . rt '. , J. orirvi.u siu.t .
LV jT. l'ip;". mm; J. .N irn.l , bin -M
1 ." a J m l)-rtii Ci V. cvji .:.
i X mil c .mitu .d a t il.c1: n uui 1 Sfal! 0
duiinin. wit i n rt i i. .wm m il in. J lit,
a u i l i rdt? nf c p r i l I r ci i in. .. t:.
il'-: .s-.ti.riti 3JM9S t.tt a. d ni. lia .
I li v thl ! j I it.d ji" ill Jul' 'ii :.
tntvil ir ! i ' l: 1- " flant ' in i.
fiiii t il T.'iqi ! Ml.i.u. i ', l'tcii
c .'ii.t.. Ariz-- t e ti in i t ii iK--crivl
h imi- k . i'i a r.Il. ri-.i ra t lll; .1
- I lochia iuki f i.c "i a i." :ul .. .1
i fit. a In 'liirijitul-c Miii- Cisir ti, M ,h
n r z . . ri cord rt - lunre lul hi-
r! i i Uh !. u it. Hi r hi .i in .iv t
uil (oe w c il j 1" "''1.:- Uill " i'i! i.
. ini ri hi 'I in.j.ai 311 iii tli-ir ct. I-i-cLUd
c ''U l. A izc '. r.I.il r i i.i -r in!i u-
li il i I. ".L 1. lttc i-u. T :i -c i ! rt...d- m
Pimi cjti.ij, ArcZ'iiu. .tw.iu b 'a Cthl-
c u.i .
I'.iMi nir c I'll t '".' ii ha mi Tin 3 In.
i'i.- Klh Hii oi .'ti!. I b- b iw m i hi-1 i. c '! i
n. m. Hurt -1 p m.tii ui. i .i .u .-. u timce.
In fi riy f T mH! it. '. cui c-mii v An
z ii iri or.. I ' I io.l II "i- trti. till u
i.:(rc-i.i h. k i.lK-iiy.l I. oil In, ct 'i n
lud o it" ali v i :. t - 1 r itit ! p b.lo
ii.ictfo . lull. Ii'1!.! a i -i . ifl.ltir. fur c.'i'n.
H1j1 .irii. -t dl n t M.e'J Si'it.-, in p:i l-lv
ai xeji tio i lidallc. i.
Hr C. n It'rrT. n p i"v n riM.
'D ib it-1;: lul v r.f m. k."
Cojist.ibic's SliltS
nut or Ju-ti.u (l t 1ji V ( UUI.. inn i.i-i
One, '1.iiiIii:i. Cdiiiiiv of Coiin-i. Tt-rii-ior
! Ar.ri.n-i, iliiltit the 10t!i il.ij ut .linn ,
lS"i; in a termiu .s lion irtifiem A. J. Mil-
I. .1 ;'? I'l.iint:!!. rniirej juilintn;
am i.-t ln hi tin. tie) DelenUjnt. uu tin
lli.li (i ) i.I.hnu'. lbS.
I l.avi Itv e.l ujiom I'u- fiil!inii!i.' ile.rriliot'
j,l i.nei t. I.iuit: Tlie Ail.ey .Mint or .Mm
In' tla'un. .i:u ttt-il in '1'Hiili.tiint minir.j
.i-lru t, I'ni'iii-t- nuiit. An: ina liruli.rj.
.tml .il.mil 3 itiiL". niiuih wtsteilv fan. i tli
iiy i.f Ttniih.ii.n., A. 1'. and rtt s. iil.f.1 l.i
metis ttiiil liimi-d- a- fu!l.iv: CiiiiiRieiiein;
nt ii i'ti-t i'i iti-ii on S. W. ceiili'r fliilt.ft'i'iii;:,
Hinl m:.il.'(l A .M C. No. I. tli-n.-eN. -fide-sne,
30 i.iiirilif, !iW feel lo (in-i niuKel
A. M. N. Ii"-. Hi I tiit. V . i. i' 4
be.ir. N. "" ('ej-rio-, :" iniuu e-. rCircj In-. ;
iroiii in-t Nil 2 run N. 30 tl..Tt-,ls iiiiiiii.
let. I.'JI? ' ct uiari.e.i A. M ('. No :J.
tin in e ii. 43 tl' -ire. . .'l iiiinii.e. .Vi It 1 1 lo
in.-t mink, it A il C. No .. ili..e.' 5. ; ilf
lei-., '1" inii.'itei, 1,'ilT le 1 to pnl Hi.ukii!
A. M C N - Ci. tin-nte N JJili'jrt-'-. "a) iniuu.
le. Jill fi et pLiie of t'uniiiH':.ti'ii:i in.
Iliii rluliii :. hi., i Ml ami tSt .?. V. . l.j i.'iu
Ki.ul-li.in .i'iil "A", mi iitt.ri ::iiniii-r eLiiiii.
Nnlit'e i I.i'ii-'ij tr.voii ti.iit on ttif "ii i.ij
if .)iil. I!-."; two n'el.it '.:, . tn.n! tln.l
rfwy. in fro it 'f 'It i I'.'i'r t: .'. i?. t iik,
li.nii'i llf llie IV ill, l.i (lit CUV nf ll'3ltj.
-t.il.i-. Ciiui.lv .f '.!:. .A. .. "I win .-ell
nil Uu rubl.til'C aid lnu-ic-l tifsniu Ujniel
Uot'tte! Uef. I'd ml, I'i t.' '. I tie -ilu- ile
.enl; 1 jiioptriT. i'i" Il-.iin "it.n, Ii ri-li
I... HI ill .1'itset, .u .li. .;!.,.. .i.nl lie. li.t-
iler. lo -.it (' -iui e'.eil.ti nd ..lic.nl-.
i)it;J .It Toll.fjS.'i.'n;, ll.i- :Ti .1 it IV. i 'JuOf,
B5.N .TAJin,.
ISTHF T-T:C .sroi'lil TOv" 3-IIIPSJj
I U l-f ' t r 1? t r tml r.Mi..-
E'ftit Jt.'iU Hit 1'nrri-oil ,T.l-ll. e.if t c lV.il l
E Miiiiiiin.uH u..d .5. Mi.r..u, 1'uu.t :r- s
t'upi tm .nil- Mitiiiu Co. .it t ,'.rtt...ii tirjitii
lvd :t .ll is Stlli'' lln'lrr Lit- .J ..ft I l':-t.it
i' t.'.!i.r.inij, .nnl il in 'm-iin. in a ti
lOiiiiu t.f l,.i.'iijf, u fe. d ut I) nin.il, c OJ
inoTe'i I in Aiizuu-. -i i.:i;iffl ii; i,
Cipi er. jxni. illii.iiir loinpim. Def.'iit! .11.
nU me tii'ii tiv; r.ii.iitiiiiiit-it jiid r. cti. d
' .i;jh :ir l.i loir u e .it my iillire in Hie t ii.
"f loiilil'inii. l tmiily f Ct'ilis-. mi In-
-itli U.n ii! Jli ) A. U.-!t.'i. 3i M i.'i! .tk. A.
il li. n-w. r it. the ,ir.,..!iii of tic oti.it
3in'(l p-iiui.rlr. uno fieii.tiiiil ut Jen Ih.i.
i'uu.iie irn srli.e.i t" tln-M .n n,e -inn t.f (n
llnndnil (.ull.ir.-Ii.r i.i'.i.r i trfiirrn.d oil tin
C" per h.1.- Uiniii.; CLiiiii, ft i-iii-r tin
iiioa f l't-i'iiibci, A. 1). ISvl, ut ;i,c re.
fji.est of ti:d iniii'iuiijV ..sun.
A. d il ynu fil t .ijn e.ir ami sniper a d
it iiiil.iint us liL'ii'in nqu. ltd. tin- i lahil 1!
i:l ink.-jiieurct-nt :nni..-l i u itsitiiiumied
hi ri t't.r ;l i eo-ts tf I he -n.i.
liiifii l.in'ii ni h Hid ti-uiil to'nsl ip. tlir
CDliiiljro' May. I"35 Jou ii.r.ii tKus-.s-,
. amir of ll.e Ivart: ul f.i. Tiiwi.cl.ii.
Datitl MiA),1m.
L. Jl. Jaciij:1,
Treasicls a
Especial iittetitim: tiTin Jo all bm-lorn of
corrcpomleiit, and Ihiir inlcrrstt latcfui y
icri'td. Tnimal attention rjinraaleed to all
business t-ntrusltd to our cure.
1 on Urn una dutntstic Ksclian;e, County
mi. City 'Wjrrtoti, ad Mexican S.Her
oufibt a I sold. jtj3tf.
'OIL, y.Cli LJllL.V.Z. L.V.LL1..J III
Il Arizona Territory.
Corner Fourth, and Allen St.
Prerjatatcry to mdtinp; Fill purchasers we are now ofLiring onr large
anl well assorted stock of
lothlng Furnishing Goods, Boots &
Slices and Hats at Cost.
2s:o XjCW cs.-r3X2 osi .Tjrcx'iojtT ooors.
Miners and Hechanics will find
Cornjilete in excry Particelar,
We would especially cz the attention of ?ntc-nd;ng purchasers to our
.stork of the oJeb'-atcd
And single and double hnggics. Having on the road a car load of the
above nnmed wagons and to make room for the same wu -will
dispose of the stoek now on hand at eastern prices
freight added.
l "' Jt "I1 ',- 11 !... '. J1IIL.H..flH.I
SouthernPacific Co
Sale of Unclaimed Freight.
1 h' .o.Iow.n? ile.cr'.bcd proporty. luiYing liecn en hand and unclilmcd for urciicd of cia
(00) Ln..iir mure., slid lbe oiiicr. coii'iuet' mid cot:-i'.iiii' 1 iaIl: beic (111. Luii.o ii i. no
... i'ju. uih IvmmI a' pnbllt aucliiiii. s tin- Kreitl t I'ei ot in thi .oiul.eiu 1 uciCc nipt
its: i-or.. An -in T.Ti.tJi. o'i K1.IHAY. tLt-lIllUIJ day ot JL'LY, i.ce tLtiUFM d ii(.Lt i. u r
autl tl tv litre. (liSTO m Tea t W) o'clock a. ci.
"ni'il i, t it adttr.i-i-mi'iit. c! i iu-nt tun obuia their -iroportv en proving ouncriihip Sid
p.Tlii)rt:"hi .ludt-la ' ci..i .jtri.
- cv.'iigr 5pcprgi
CO.s .1.'
e:i, 1. t M i'u H 4 Dmta. MMjMvHleor raa 1 titr njiuin-;
rr nc-co. , l I
Gkik Mccaiitile Co. (Jlni'fii di'd iii. Co for rrauUlni.
i-. Car .: i.ie trrimn. ulll-A.cVoJii c Li, O-iCao, 1 I jiOcaees conl oil....
cot I j
a : hipler (ur A O !:) 1'l.i ! (
I hum j. VV.:i. oi ICo S-c:n, Cl t bsl hvilwar.. .,
I IIn tfi'i . V'licii tli. It lii-ii.-. I.tiriiii;r, .t 1 waRuii li
II (tltpn, Wiilc - jll I'itf. tlt) ir., ,.if in 1 ;i ira'iii, IV. box
ir II rvln , J n:c X .. il...lfri'ri .tltyUll ..
J l) ?iani,;ii, .lil.uit ,tu..itru rtaj-UnI
aiiife .Mliiusfc iillliisCo.
ifl.lcr.l Wk? Itlll
I'ole I'eai':. ciro rf buuriQ Cue lt Copper Co Draj;-C3
re K-u.'j.i ..- . . .-um air. Arizo . . ....lb s M6c
.1 ll I iu. ly.. kjii IM x 1 L ugf!c- Cal ... .1 biiaiii
J .1 It'll, ti - '4J 1S-K. sno.'k i. . Cal ... 1 lllifltu I-
il jli fiitfr. Ue on 'llawle) liro-, &u t Kr.ijci col ) w .e. up 1 p ovt p In.
I. A! eye r ei o. I5'u. a .... il . luriirr. "i".v ur 1 ir n ale
I t. I"i.ii- ii I.' . 'liiCMin. .r zona Ir.... 1 ,k ' Ur cu.ijii
'i .t -ttr z B n-o !.;XCi, in , Arizoua Ty S bcl- i-jhKi-
r V Irib r, i.onl l.cr n-i-HX - . Villist ... N lip rlrastf. barrnnr
I ;. liscn, Hr.iiiui .vuin'u itni. i a 11 . 1' CI
I' 1" rdoti. 1'c 1 (
K tin lltoti. I .-iiit z
J.'clrr, i I a ...
watr iuticpi,
. 1. 1..H! -ii i Co
.; W'.V'I Una i ' . iifinlbd
.1 l.'a.m ,'ti ii linld r
utiii. I fao ..
' l: ni.iiini. Ki 13-.
4r:Iue.KI a--
a n rf t "o. S
r.i r. Iti oa. A
'. -. V. Iu .ug
GWT. I..M Ae
i'3Kn tv , .Sjiit
EWiu (or Wius;). El li
IIn;; . M cey. hi I'.uti.
i. Ti r-i'l .; i ei'lvl I' iv . r (.riciiri n':i"rii vj c w II b- Wn
nc onni of ir-nr tare o. v z' ! 1 It r W i -ti ic Uli jjJ O K. J.'urii ; I box A! a . M AlcCl.iy .
b 1 a , r-ta-:t -i.'. Ilii I '.c:n u: .. In.; t on I.e J i" f iyl r, GJjs.'J n u
V k'.i'i.i. viiii;l'..t' u:l i,' l.t;I en ti , I c. n-pt itin . ' I" ia a uuaion i.
1 bo Ii .ti. is. 'j v. . ' li ;: I c 'i'u ttj ; I p: I ?i; .1. 1 pU' hjen. 1 oil (U
nt.o .I?'-! 1 irl I lt. em. -:ri i.lji em a,l o x pviir. I pi t.v b-an. I
no .t-chju '.. -, lUa .Jcbiln.l poci lia;. IllClIvRD OK.W.
- G tier 1 Fm'.gti' Agmt.
fCSaZatnjrtl' l 'I 'II.!.!'!. in" " '' tU ULIMJL .mj IUJUE-3BttiBa MUiJ... I ""
Atimm Mail aM .StssQ Liu6s
rom bston MsmmM
3tsc for I'lilrlei'ir.tonnectlnrforci.leru and wctern bound tritaj on Scu'bern T cjfic
'itilnod lenvrj t 9:15 o'rlo' k a. m j'jtz leaves Fairt-ailk uptni itrrlTRl Lf aoi.o.-a train,
and leave. Tiniititiie to connect witli, ttai.i o Soiiorh t i o'cioek p. n.
Stuse ifiT.ifrliank by wnj-i.f CI'.irlAto:i,leaVt- ronbjtoueatS)o'clo,k a. SB., iCd. re
turn upon crilvnl ..i Benio'i triii.
Stae lur HiiUec learea tvery moriiing at (1 o'clock, except Sundave.
406 Alien St. Under Occidental Hctel.
Robt, Crouch, Proprietor,
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1 -31U
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,om ciii dniet, 1 c"C!
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