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-. 1
STOA'E'tllOM '
From The Torn tor j Coun
ty And The City Of
Two Apaohe Squawa Being:
Taken Bael- To The
The Apache Indians must go.
S-veral slight shower of rain to-day
J.. O. U. W. meet to-raorrow night.
Local items were very scarce to day.
Mr. J. V. Vickcrs departed for the
cast this morning on business. .
Mr. A!v K.dgers of Bsnson, arrived
in Inrni tliat burg yesterday.
Gn. Crook and Gen. Pope must go .
We want no more of them.
V. H. Igo was in town to day from hit
ranch in the Huschuens.
MubIc. singing and square games at the
Ciystal Palace, jeltf.
The thermometer registered 94 degrees
at noon to-day.
Faro, Keno, wines, liquors and cigar
at the Bink Exchange. aCtf
Head the advertisement of Sheriff's sale In
another column.
Anhuoscr Busch beer on draught, ice
told, at the Bink Etchcngj. 5-2-tt
Another blank in tlio County Itecordcr's
office to-day.
A. Schwartz's shoes fit 3 well tha
they make the baoies smite. je C.
For the prompt ana1 certain cure of crysip
clas, ue Ayers Safsaparilla, the specific en
dorsed by eminent medical authorities.
Drop Into the Crystal Palace for choice
Anheuser beer on draught, ice coU out of
the patent German fountain. jeltf
Company E. Fourth Cavalry, from Fort lie
Doirell camped last night at Fort Low ell, on
the march to Fort Quaehuca. Citizen.
Col. Haflord tvIII leave to-morrow
morning for Washington, via San Fran
Get a pair of A. Schwartz's gnts walk
ing shoes, and you will never need corn
doctor. je G.
General Forsythe has been relieved
from duty at Fort Lowell and ordered to
report at Fort Huacnuca for duty tit ones.
Schwartz only kccDS white men' good
unit tula la more than a great many others
"When you take your lady out, wear
Sshwirtz's shoes, aad you will feel caBt
and comfortable. je G.
A nam'icr of Arizon. spirt, wlia have
l.een rusticating here for tome time, depart
ed fcr the south this afternoon. Los ngcl
e F.vprc.
A tdegrara wa received this morning by
Mr. I.'kes.from Xe-ls Warrington stating that
1 e and his bride had armed s aftly in Los
Angeles, and in good health, .and nerc pre
paring to enjoy themselves.
W W. floovcr, Tucson; A. C. Risers,
Tisnson ; Wm. Johnson, Benson ; J. Dou
glass, Ifew York; Jos. Minnis, Gila: .!
W. Il'iwel', Bisboe;Thos Mitchell, city:
are registered at the Occidental hotel.
We are constantly r eceiving nqwadver.
tioemenls.as will be seen ny glancing over
our columns One of the latent being that
of Sandy Bob. The public are beginning to
appreciate The Tombstosc, for they know
that it Is the best local paper published in
this city.
AyeVa cathartic pills are suitod to'every
age. Being sugar coat they are easy to take,
and though mild and olcasinl inaction, are
thorough and ecarching in effect, Their ef.
flcacr In all disorders of the stomach and
bowels 1 certified to by eminent physicians,
and many of our best citizens.
Miss. Diisy Clark returned f.ram Lo
Angeles last vjng, wh re she has been
attending the Ellis seminary. The Los
Angeles papers speak very highly of
her musical Accomplishments at the
closing exercises on Friday last.
Many parents are improving the v.ici
tina by sending their childreu to the
Spanish school taught by Thomas Dowel
Ho h quite a large class now. Every
child in Tombstone should understacd
Opanish, in fact it absuld be taught ia the
public, schoob.
Kr. Otkes Murphy is backfrom. Cliiao
Station, where ho reports the two rail
road builders grading their road bed
side by side. lie is confident that
Messrs. Wilson' fc Hamilton intend
business, while Mr. Bullock is also de
termined to put the road throagh to com
pletion at an early day. We believe both
parties are anxious to build, tbc subsidy
making it a gcod thing far any corpor
ation who construct the read to Prescott.
W. 11. Peck came' in to flay" Tiom the
Lower San Pedro.
We would suggit to the citT council
hat they call a special meeting for the
purpose of appointing ncity treisiuer.
vice Frank Hatch. dcceasd. We hive
no fault to Cod with Mr. Ritttr the pre
sent appoiute, but think that it is no
more than right to Mr. Ritter and to the
people, that if lie is going to continue so
city treasurer, that he be requested to
give bonds.
A lot of armed Apaches were seen a day or
two ago ou the San Pedro, gutl-frlng cactus
fruit. It li not known whether thev are
lenegndej.San Carlo Indians out on passes,
or some of the followers of E-1:lm 1 :i-:en,
who Ins a ranch on the San Pedro. In any
eretiittiey have no right to enr-y Arms, and
should some excltcabie Indian exterminator
happen M c.me suddenly upon them, there
is no fortvlllnK Til. .t raiibt happen nfter be
Miiaoneor;v,oc! Hum. il lUey are n ser
.tion lndUtn tb y ought to bo arrested end j
aUnrtned. White ine'i are not allowed ot ,
their reservation and the Indians should not
l'e allowed lo e,o outside of its boundaiie:, J
The Phlhde'phiH Becord. says; A
innng the applictnts for gnrernoi of
Arizona territory is Mr. C- Mejer Znlick,
who had some cotinectiun with the in
tercal revenue service in this city during
the term of President John-nn. Mr.
Zulick is a resident of Newark. X. J ,
hut he lvis been for some weeks or inoti-,
tin in Arizona, and in tins way Icings ,
himself within-the rule that thisclis of i
appointments must Imi rouGnrd to citi
zens of teriitories. But the appointment
it un outright stranger would be a
much in the spirit of the rule ss or.c
made under a fale claim of nsidence,
and it would be less nfiens-ivu to the peo
pie of Arizona. If Arizona has no citi
zen more tit for its soverunrship than C.
Meyer Zulick, n great mistake Ka made
by congress in organizing the territory.
The following conumiaicttion to the
Tucson Citizen from a Doming corre
spondent gives some pUin fscts: Two
Indian sqniws guarded by four soldiers
passed through this il ice this morning
going by rail to tho Sin Carlos reserva
tion. The officer in charge explained
that they were Chiricahut squaws, a pan
of Geronimo's band, and were en route
with dispatches to the Mesculcros from
the hostiles. They were captured near
Fort Stanton. The oflicer stated that
they had a good outfit, both h.id five
guns and a large quantity of ammuni
tion. When captured the citizens wan
ted to shoot them, but ths joldiers threat
ened to shoot the firs: nun that fired a
shot. I want to say one word to your
readers. I have been in these mountains
and through these Indian mids for seven
years and to .my personal knowledge
those squaw are more cruel and blood-,
thirsty than the backs. When Jim Cooney
and Chicle were killed in the Mc.golnons in
I860, parties hidden siw tho squaws
stick pieces of wood into their bowels
while alive, and then crmh their bends
to a jelly with rocks. I myself saw a
bunch of twe'.va killed near Hillsborn
whom the sjutns had literally hscKed
to death with knives. Any man who
would not as qa:cl;ly kill a srmw, a3 a
ouck, knows nothing about them. But
o these squaws, they have bicn out four
weeks helping to torture ana mutilate
thosj whom their mta have shot down
tn Arizona and New Mexico. The
troops now are protccticg them and the
government is paymir ten cents per mi'c
railroad fare to put them back on the re
serve. By act of congress tl.esa territiu
ics have a right to take all renegades
regardless ot sex, frm the militaiy by
evil process, and punish them for Ihtdr
crimes. These two devilish sqnaws enco
back lfi safety and thoy will open the
way for all of them to bo put bick as
fast as captured. Spread tho news f
the opening of the military prognmmc.
Have ths militar y authorities by warrant
arr est, try, convict, as of tbe nostilo par
ty this would be insured, anil if not exe
cuted, sent to prison for as many yeais
as possible. If this is not done I tell
vou thev will all be back, and as the
military can not keep them there, next
year will sec fifty more of our citizens
Tl was BTecrder.
Wtller Ivccfc, fcr several vtcr'ics past
has been arguing that ice was harder
than an oils, and that it was impossible
to break an olla with frozen water. To
day to prove to the many wood butchers
that baunt his shop, be took a large
pieco of ice and threw it with consider
able forco into the olla. Wc won't say
anything about the olla, but Ton Kcefe
says be is out just $1,75 tht pries' of a
new one. Try it again Walter the Tapa
gp"; wi" wrrh;- r""
zrDLvr, jslaxz
Isere, With The Statue
Has Arrived
Grand Naval Demonstration
in' The New York Har-
JTrwToris, June 19. Tho day broke fiu.
pitiously fur tbe formal m-lcoicc ti Biriln
' di's gict stiitue of KUertv. Tbe sk was
cloudless and the ruys of a June
tun -vrcre
tempered by a gentle southeast Mud. Along
t.je ,ow,.r rfTer froIlt Slld Uleb.:terv wall
Kreat cU,uis ath, rii vnth . tl,, d;v A,
the im.ruini: wr.reoulhe ault.tudeMueaccl.
0ier the wutets v.l.Ich pail.I.-d OrUl.t'y, all
orts uf y.nlj deekid erafl sp-d liither" ai d
thuher. Tliei swarmed with human llfeiind
many carried T.l biiics tjf cu tic. The tall
green nutabiy tl.e ick ercliange, nml lUo
everJl of the dnelllng honset, diplajed
the btsrs and .'Inpes II jr untl t'ner a 'so
mlgiit be een UienHtl'jnal CjIjis of France.
GjTtrnor's ItUud looka liKv a great emer
ald ire.-n.
The rtene In thn harbor wrs one of the
liTehe-'t dc-cription. Nearly everv vcsi-1
small :ind hirg-, wavtd the tricolor and tlu
etar and tripe, and all were diewd U3.jo
lo sj.er.1:, fo the occi-lo-i
When ihe en-
sels t!i it ere -o escort the I-ere to Fedlot'
Imnd arrived in the lower br.y the watrr
wa-, swarming viitb er:.ft, and J3 far a the
ejecsnitacli tlirrt Mere vessels without
number. Lverv soit of craft had bien
pressed into service 1 amliitiou MhtbCcrs.
ftoo'i volume of smoke were bvKhing f r:h
the funnel of Hie I-ere,hcr propel lor bt-gi.ii
t.i revolve, and sue ua- in:, 'ed ii. tbt dircc
lion er B.(1I .e" Mn1. 'I bo Fnuch man. of
v. r L. Flore, hu.ic'eil 1 lie ( ro-rsiion Soon
her gunners oi'died the -tlu'e of honor by
tiring t,.ve,jtj-;,un:s in the :.oit pu of ix
t oi.e colds. Hard! had the saiu!;e cli-nr-efl
a-aay from her dtck when the Unlfd,
Svf.lln. mill -lfvtxr flm i 111 niianul Ti'l V. M
lIV lUUtt-Wa- Ul T4 41 IIIIM, IMIVIMII till U j
broadside, ll.en tl.e Alliance mid the I'o
hattaa tired off tl.cir gutie, Tliis gun of
Fort W.idworth thundered out a salute as
the naval procession pissed.
Such utcene a v. as thin 'presented lin
becn rarely presented in the l.ii.v. One hun
drt d steamers and yachts with Cviug f. igs
aim streamers, crowded with i.euple, lo!)o.
jdtbelsero. The niuie of a dozen bind
Coated over the water. While the war hips
lluiudcicd and the Forts re-echoert with
booming gun, th guots on the Atlantic
shouted themselves hoar. The Treiicli
ofheers of the Iere stood on the quarter
deck, bowing to the salutes they heard on
eTcry side. All the way up the harbor, un
til the Lead of the proie?:ou arrived otf
Bedloe's Islaal. the fckorcs of Sew Jtrey
and Long Island resounded with the crsh of
guns. It seemed like a battle at eei without
the disastrous cltcndiut (ircuuWances.
When tbe anchor of the Icre vva-. at length
lowered and had obtained a tlrm grip there
was more tiring of canon. Mowing of whistle
and shouting of eople. BedleeV Il tnd was
crowded with Ttetu'or. Men had climbed
to the top of the pedestal and seated them
selves en the huge stones. The Atlantic,
after a parting chcr to the otficcr of the
Iiere. proceeded on the way to the battery,
atid the party v-etit r-hhore.
Over two hcuis aftcrtr.crevericralic.es it
the last gun Lau ctn !en'd frri Castle
William, the boa beariigtho members of
the American coiit..lttee r 1 1 their z .tcts
Hie officers of the Ticnch navy, lareltd tthe
battery. Tbe JIaior,A!eniaii, "Jen. Sbaler
and staff, tho polite Commisloa-r? i.r.d oth
er civic digtilt,rie were in nailing, and as
Admiral LiCombe. strpped ahore, the Maj.
or gr.,sped him warmly by the hand. The
carnages were in waiting in the piaza and
were O'cupied. tbe Crt bv Mayor Grac
I'rar Admiral La Combe. Gen. fchalcr aad F.
It. Condert; the mcui.i1 by l'rr.Ideat Sanger,
.f the Board of Aldermiin, tbe commander
of tbe Itere, Brig. Gen. Ward aud Senator
Evart. In the other rarrbgea were differ,
ent city oUUiaU and the ottJcero ot tho La
Flore aud Iarre, Slid the mtmbers of the di.
vision and brirade etalfo. It was nearly S
o'eloek -when the procei-sion moved. The
line of the procession lay through Whit:
If all street to Broadway to ihe City Hall, and
thr route was liped wi b spectators. At the
City Hall the guesi were glv n a. banquet
tnd speeches were made bv Major Grace.
President Sanger and Frederick D. Condert.
Tbe Mayor and tl.e Aldermcnic committee
to-night escorted the officer of the Itre and
La Flore t. the Star theatre, where a special
conceat was given by the Mexican JTypIcal
Admiral LaCombe is in raptures over the
ovation extended to him and his brother
The World, which has raised by popular J
subscriptions ft very large sum for toe pedes
Isl fiikd,and wiilrh Iiai throe gaily decked
ctiamcra !n the proce-sion, says of the
French vessels. "On several occasions the
oQcera tookpalai to emphasize their appre
ciation of the courtesy of a passinf.Gtraas
vessel which ealuted them by lowering it
We were in eiroi ia our 3Iosdvr's ss
see in etating that oct of oar citizens
bad a few words with Mr. A". DeMardsi,
ia regard to a debt. The citizen ts
tiosed did not owe tbe aforesaid .jentlo-
C-occw'.r.ea shirts 5I.CJ r.t Vjr.
ii pivatsfor ?4.-.t...Mejer i.Uro
Ovcmlls "5 cents :er yclr it U-yjrs.
"r.na'.-'. iaderTrua: Car ?v5: a: Mey-,
7-a. Ze'.lle -rMsfcy v.t FaiTiitv's iWa
Si-oil fc-r your wn riea ut J.X.v-tn&
Co to Schwartz for yowi French hid
Ueno ever7 aixht at the Bank Ex
chaave. Eor genuine Tea Ketile rrhiskyotOjCap'.
Ratlertj s
Koau! Stop'er!! Hold!'! At tho Eauk
Fxchaiigo ti-uight.
i o'e !ci:ljr trunk given nway with
eve.. rurchiM; at J. Mej ers & Bros.
The bst 1'allrornta butter, t!0 cents a roll
at the CVsh store of Walcoit A MtsiCK.
Three dozen kks for SI, at tbe Cab. Store
of Was corr a. AltsicK.
ehwmiz Lteps the ouly first-cla'a ehoe
lore in lomiiiono.
Fi'.e Impel t'-d luoclic cl the Fouatal.
aleais cooked to Older.
All goods below cost at J. Meyers & Bro.
Alien :iU F!flli tlreetc.
Mrs, J.iae-i, the enterprising proprietress
nl the Interi'aliona! Keslaiiraiit, his secured
tho tervlcy of that monarch ef the cuisine,
A. ISuisii.tuul, who taM- tbe helm to-day.
CouUiuguoiio only In flral-e-lass 6tjlo at tbe
Old hours and plaCK
Fuit stnek rail UooU fur $ J at J. Mevorj i:
ftpiing heel ch'.id' .-"hoes in Kreat.varlety
at Sebwartz's alue sioie".
Gents' tan-boots from two to Cve dollar
ut Schwartz's shoe store.
fecwariz is selling baoti ard hoeR for lrs
'liai ny other ("caitr tn town.
I'lnniie juu- tn Lets fait he bij $22.50
kero poi.lo p.ke ;.l ice Sunday :aiariit.
The P.ni.r.er ssl'Is four, Sacrament. U tl.e
beit in tl'einaikct. Fur salj at tic Cash
atoie of 1oi.ooi-. ." MtnjjCi..
If ynn w-ir good p.istiinge for our hor-s.-s
Stfii.I iiiuin te- ! CaMlornia rtuch, 15
tn.V' n.inTo. lbstonf For tcr-us and par.
tien'jrrt apuiy t j J. M. ;j.h. at ihe F.cup'e
liake-iy on Allen strci-t. m2J li.
liotieeto tho Public
Having 'juen srvlilerij called l Jw Fran-el-'-o,
Dr I) im willniifnil to nv prtioiiU
and lliine who may need me during my b-i-snce,
which will be bit. a few diys.
C. L (iOODl XLLOW, it. D.
Xot ice:
IInr;c4 t-jkea on picture at reasonable
rati-", at tho rililoraia raaeli, r rules from
Tombstone, lijotl feed. v-at r and sh ide.
Fur particulars .iA to J.M. Nash, at thr
Ec-iipsj biXcri mi Allen street.
Give the new lailoiiug establishment n
call. I guarintee perfect satisfaction, or
no pay lomctnjd. All work done at
s-li rt notice. Iinn't tail lo see him.
Cii.is. Harris Biuer's hotel block on
Fuuith street.
Crook's Cam?, Jane 1.
MEssrcs.C.Lsv:; it WnmirjHTS. We have
ji.sii-aptiircd a iraiu !oi.d of wines, liquors,
Deer anu cigar-,
ne' iiatel.uiu out some to
el ler'.ihi Crui.
..: .:.. :: caieaes up
with nic. I a nt tn. i..i.amitei to von bv
i iiiKTo:;r:.unci.
M,t H'on OntEr-. Firvo recven the
get li, aid c.urs.loou is crm Jtd nightly by
p'oplefcigcr to r-"'cl.fe tVurA V. oiirfritz
Tiiu Bink Lclmngo s .loon i.rcp the
only genuine brand of Ta HettJe
wUlK&v r-Utf.
Don't Forg et
All kinds of tailoring done. Clothes
made, cleaned and repaired at tha lowest
living rates at tho tailoring establish
meat of Chas. Harris, in Bauer's
i.lock, ou Fourth street.
For Sale.
The counter, ehelvin.j.fto'.ls, range, and
in fact, all the fixtures'of the Cry ti 1'alace
R.-otaursnt. must be sold by the IStli. A rare
chance; will be sa.d cheap. Apply at the
Can Can restaurant. Je-10-S5
All persons knowing lhecu3clvc.- indebted
to tbe Iafs John Pascoc, am requested to
come forward and settle at once at iho Fash
ion saloon, or the accounts will be placed in
the hands of a collector.
Charles Hirrfs comes to the front. I
received to-day, the latest and finest and
best pants patterns ever seen in Totub
stono. If anv gcntlcrstn wrnts a pair
cf pints made of the 'latest goods end
perfect fit, I wilt guarantee it or uo pa?.
Pants made irora ?11 upto ?!!. Come
and examine mj-'vSOods. It daa't ccst
jos a cent o ciaiv say gooas.
siuer's Elcc!:, Fourth "St. Tf.nbtoss.
- V... 3-ttf.
Pot ths fisest raad pf igsccrt623e
hguors asd e.gsrs. the Posy slfl(feke
the cake. Xoa.csa jufcegy are itway.
glad xa rtect :r.r frtends, acd vou may
depsad on r:ttrie; h? 5sct kind of
rvair-. it j- SC-f
-TOT yjr Tfs.-ss. sx se
He "TTith His Mother""Aiid'"
Tvb "Sisters "77ere paph v
tUredbyThe iv - ".
Navajoe Indians When lie
Was But Thirteen Years
of Age.
Gerontma Kotaa Apache .
G-onimi, the Apache chief, is not an
iicl.e at all. II : was born In La Joya
thirty miles noith of Sosorro, ia thU
roiinty. When he had attaiaed hta thir
tetnth yesr he was one day returning
t'ron a vis't to Man7.anc, in company
with his mother aud two sisters, when
till' entire party was mptured by a party
of J.injoes. From bia carlit.t daya
young Gvrofi'mi) evinced a taste for
mountain lit, and waa never happier
than when on an excursion in quest t
on or g-trrn, at that time a hazardous
enterprie. oing to the numerous bands
of marauding Indmns. Tne yoetli vliis
in future years was destined to fill. hi
native land with wails of agony an
groans of horror, showed n his earliest
ae and unnatural degree of cruelty,
which, after his captivity grew into ue
Divuuded license of ciimv. 3-tii'i years
after his capture, Geronimo was separa
ted from his sisters and mother. K
never raw them agiin, end was sold.Ku
the Apaches, with whim, ho has sines re
mained. His cunning and ferocity, ad
ded to hit extr&ordiuary skill ou tho
rail aad dexterity in tho use ot arms,
sooa uvide him a leader atnoag the poo
pto of his ndoption, afid by degrees be
In; r:en ia rank until to-day he is their
ciii.'f and comm tader. lie talks Eng.
tish, Spauisii, and several Indian dialects
and combines all the detesttble trjitsof
the Inuim with the vilest attributes of
the superior race. Ger-inimo has noir
rrnahrd his 35tli year. He has vijittu!
Socorro several times and-his second in
cnuimnnd, Nana, once lived here la ,n
house owned by tho Hon Candolaria
G ireia, on the northwest corner oftlia
plaza. Socorrn Bullion. . a
O iltltxl Age.
As there has been numerous inquiries
at this ollicn concerning the date t a
certain mortgage givau un this pioperty
mil the time of the sale of the same,
leportcr today searched the records ip
the county rccoidet's ofiico and ascejTr
laincd the following: Oa the 20 rd day
of My, 1S31. Edwanl Field and IIo
ritio S. Sanford, gave a mortgage to C.
M. Straus, on the Gilded Age mine fo;
-., Knfl il,n ,nr,., I,..?,,.. .,i Af
". .,,. . "? " .. - I3
- i:iv i,.u- . . tiii. faia-M. .......xr..
UIAI, IWi.i Vll lllV CCWUHitlJ) Ul IJDJ--
teuib-r, 1881; Sheriff Wsrd sold tbe pro-
I-.ti? to Win. G.aut for ?3,C87, and tl.s
cer:incat9 of site mi ii,d Srpt-jinber
lStb, 1S31.
Attention Select KnighU.
You are hereby ordered to appear at
the armory building, formsrly We'U,
Fargo & Co.' office, oa Alioa streat, on
Wednesday evening at 7:39 p. m. for
drill. II. O. Howe,
Drill Mntcr.
Attention Knights of FfUhids:
A.I Members iu good standing ar; re
queued to bo present at their castlo hall
next Monday tilght, Juns 20. as an ebrtv
tion of officers w:d take place oa that
date. Br order of the lodga. td.
Attention A.. O. U. W. .
The election of officers-fit this lodge
will take pises oa Thursday venit
next. All members iu good standing are
requested to be present. '
. .
Mr. S. C. Hitcbcoik who is well
known in this city ae ono of the finest
wsgon makers and wood workers, has
purchased the interest of bis partner,
Mr. Bean, nod Is now preparer! to do
ulaeksmsih work of every description.
Wagons made ecd repaired, horses shod,
and in fact asy kind cf work that can be
doao iu ia a blacksmith or wigoi shop.
He has retained tbe eenricei f Mr.teta,
which i3 a guartctes that "that 'all wtji
done will bo urit-class. GiTo tJsaily s.
NlR'ejii ss cno csterertsioc; ciutc Jotsb
jtoc.,adtag:csri tmTt by.fcfd otweteg
up such a rci'ratxptfi C4Utl:!jtneat;riglK
vrlicrc tbe GraJ:'cjfficiUii:at was formcr
lr.' H6 keeps acthiog bat shoes. aV.
Schwartz lias full ccsdjozce ii Tuab
fo ic V rc.'sw' ty.

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