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The Tombstone. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1885, August 10, 1885, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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' The Pioneer Daily oi Ike .Cujpp.
'ftusiar Excepted,)
JAM&S jr. ar4&BT.
-'-: Office on Allen Street, corth aide, between
Third andJFourth,, m i ..'
Peltvsred toy Carrlars for 5 cents a Week
".' 8andf Sob's Ste,ge Mnr
,. . tajreo connect with E-wtern j4 West
e,r bound train b-ares. it 9:15 a. m.
Stasjefor Bisbco let res' every 4T (excep
Cundar) at 6 a. tr... City time
t&usre to connect with Quaymas trcii.
jtvrea aisp.'rn. .
Suit for Charleston leaves at 7 a. m.
Ollcei 409 Allen, street, under Octliect j
JTotal. .
Postctfice Directory.
PostaEBci orta from 8 a. to. to S p. tn
ad oar hour alter distribution of evcnlnt.'
Stall. Registry, business fn-nj 8 a. m to fl
?. ei. jOQej oruer ousmesa iru-n 9 , m. i
p. ta. Oucn Sundavs from 1. 30 to 3 p. m.
ad ane hour -after dUtrihlition of otnlnd
DkaiL AH out.gainx icailt (except for Bis
Dae) Close at b a. m. At-il lor Uubee close
I10 p.m. Voatnl ocles isa-icd for an enn
from one cent to 84 W. Tee fur each note, t
ceats.' ' J01LN P. CLUM.
' ....' ' Postmfster.
Cgunty Officers.
auuJff,-.,,,,., ,,.,. R.-BRATCjn
.A.J. RlfTE
District Attorney. . . .
Perk District Court.
pbl'e Ai1mlni-'',rV3'
Fiobate Judtre
Count j Jaae 1,
...- ...A. T. JOSE
W. H. 5A.VAQI-,
V. M ftCAMAV.'
....... ... v..-.....-
.n. o. nun r
f ftttT -
, ii.h. t'EEl
j&mwjv ..
,.:.. .W. R. BCRKl
tonAim or xrpKitvunRS
i. F.WHITE : Membe
A' O. WALLACE . Clerkl
- Ity omoers
Councilman J. P. RAFFERTW
Couacllmia... j.. -.:. . D COIIV
Councilman..; PIDWELL
tyounbihnan..... .-.R. 8. KNI'JH:
Recorder ...LEE 6ASTON
CbteJ W Police JAS. CO?LhJ
Citj Treasarer J,. L..M,EL,GRE
Oliver Wtndell Holmes on Grand
M a diBBer-ctua tasKral-Oraat, Jalj 31, JSS
woen traaaoa Srt sesaa the atolfe
fiTbat crimsoned sea mat ftoct t
Tbe cation poured bar boarded Ufa
1 Oa fraadoiB threahiDK f. j;
Jfronj 4d and pralrje, cutund west,
Trom coaat and t,'-1' .ld pla a,
TSL"-"iT' of rlpanfBK manhood praised
tleh, was ta aarreit ; ii!i ta tree
. Aatvar battle tried;
Set ftfTctr atlll tbe eonfilet rrew,
' Tie Coor of death nor wide;
Ai. woo forget, ibat draalfal day
' Wboiu. blu. orrJ.ef and ahame,
four bluer yaar eore ifAih swky
( o sois of blcoi and amo I
Vain', uia tie Kticn' lofty boati-.
Vain all kvraaulleel
"G.t ma a oan to lead v kotc.
po.t-odln!)eaTac:" abe cries.
Habile battle wtdrla kla jualsssill.
Xod pliea bie wlnnew.ccfaa,
Sbitk fiia tbe cbeff oc T.ry zd.
Saa can aot Sad her tun!
Srsreiy tkey fnocht who tailed to via.
' Oarlaadera cAt-le-aeat e. T
Tifffltipf th bia:s of t-UVhd fin.
Bet alexin die alwava bard!
flam aot'tbe broken tooia uf God
That helped oar acrat otedi;
TbiaTpejQ, that martjr f t hva trod
Taa c4so,aaror'a steps he leid-.
h -
Bat now the heavena erow blaak with dosbt,
Tbe rsTeoa fill the err,
Prleedeplot witaia.foe atora wlthoat.
Bark uu.t deepiZring cry.
VWk'crala th heart, tbe hand, the brain.
To cue, tods. ta" lanl"
Ibo br"isi: Katlon abr.eks in tsIs-
bbo hit not tbacd ber rasa! '
X little ecKo at'rs tke air, '
Some ta. wbn,'r It be.
Of rebe'a rent d lb "heir Itir
Alnc th ' Ttoneatee.
7k- Hula eet-o epra t tad growl ,
" Asdsoea the tnras ef famo
Jlaa in.hl tha Aauon't fr.eada and foes
The man on boraeback" 'a Laoa.
Sawell his jjailike woc aped,
No f.-rtree talai retM
Ble kllif U-doui ofllspioc lead,
Tbe btyoSjtta In b a fl-t,
VI ib klii-ei from hi eanneni' moatk.
He made kit pesi'en knowa
7111 VickJbarf , TeUl of tbe Soath,
tfabsuod Uif wtrg.n aoae.
And still, where'er hie banner led
He eoaqaered as he csne,
Tbe tram lloj kosU of trtaaoa Ced
Before hit brnth of Caaa
Ana fame's atlll Catherine aehtet craw
Till k.'gk o'er iilchmond'e t .vteri
Tbe surry folde of fxavdoa Sew,
And all tbe land waa ours.
Welooaie frum nelde where tI o- focjkt
To faasta' where pleaacr wa ta;
A TJttion fit ri,a amile aabuneht
At kU feeropealaggateal
rorjlTe ma when we pro- a y oir hand
Tost war-wyrn feeioree eeaa :
Cod at yon to a hteediag Uad;
Oar Satlon ssd ita sua!
I e
375 pounds cf powder were coaaamcc
ia firinj salatcs om' Saturday last.
There wsre-nesrly 3,000 Tisitortif
this city on Saturday. .
' 'John P. Clnrn, of ToBbaVee, wrlWs a two
CoiaiB article tourers that he Is a Dear.
erst wfeea tfty cni worth o whUk wlW
aceetaflls tkesse waJt-rAUiCitrqBel'OOjn to-dsy with an account el tbe
jeUBeWsTa6BeeDrttst tbldrtweao-i
tleti em iirIT last was that tha tTf,r t0?"0
,?! T. F. HadD was not draped, and
that Ao'atlo Gorles wh bo iathe pro-
CMaifl. , l"
Qo to Tribolet's" tat xntfeet fed
eerier 4fitftl JU.
ipeclil to DittV Tot.9To1n
.San Fr.Ayci8cof Aug , 8.
The funersl procession in New York;
started ot 7 o'clock, a. xp. Pacific Cotst
New York,' A tig , 8.
12:50 p. a. ths head of procession ir
just entering ItiTewide Drive and is.
klistant; (roia starting potn$ 2 utiles.
NiH Yore, Aug , 8.
4:30 p. m., Catajfr.que just arrived
it Riverside Park. Our next bulls-
cm vill rive tee cxect time the
j&sket is placed in the -vault.
Nevt Yoke, Aug., 8,
8:57 p m., Gen. Grant'? casket Las
:LL moment been placed in the vault
n tit'e presence o! tltrce quarters of a
inillion people.
New York, Aug., 8.
The fuRora procession in tjiia city
ro-day vas tho largest ever known, tak
mg 4 hours to pass a given point, and
it TfAS raovinj; all tha time. Huaincss
f all kinds war, entirely suspended.
Los Amues, Aug, 8.
Precession sttrt0d to day at 1 p. ra
Los Angles time and which was "7 p. m
Sew York time and was tac largest
- m?vtir Been in urns city. i.t. iuo uai.
B l.: .... A .L.A ...j.
:li( a teats vre provided fo 6,000 pt-o
pic,ac.". iL-,uuu pcopio loiuiicu 10 iue-
i - rr ifr , l.-x 1 .- .1. 7
brjtion, iouin, niusw etc. - 15rsiuessaWKela ni taking ii wa'chta prcpari
as entirely suspended, end muiutoa
;uk Srcd avery hlf hour throughoutMrnnu assed " Koy much money do toui
Ithdd.'T. There was a catalfaaue inltellows wantt " On j,'..e us a mtie t
li.,n;m -
" 34KFASCicoAg,&
. . . ' , . . . . ., ,
This city and inter or to wm.through
out tha state", observed funeral obscquis
procession the longest and largest ever
e$n in this city. Guns were fired $ndj
iiells tolled all day. No Accidents oc -
oursd to mar tho event of the -day.
" Tt csojf Aug., 8.
The'people of tht3 city remained'
fcuietly at home and slept, or took theirj
tamilies and drove out into the co-:
try. ine day wns not generally oo-
erved here. '
&unty Court.
SHqu. Wibstsb Street, County Judzc
.u. Wallace.. v nerx
' J. J. Chandler vs. Graff ct at, case wa
ttied oa Friday last ia fa7rr of tho plain
iff is the cue of 3110, on motion cfth
efendaat a stay of SO days was KraaiedB3!' Tbo robbers were wVhed how
o prepire a motion for a new trial.
In the case of Jones vs. Smith, the
'endant demanded a jury tr.nl, and
ipcetal venire waa ordered ror 20 urorsB jtr. Hey man wvs both were thin spare
to sppiar ia tho county court at U ajAmericanj, one quito tail and the other
ociock, p. m. to-mnrruw.
Suit waa filed with tho clerk of the
listrict court in Aujast 6th, by .Umcs
Reilej vs. 3f. E. C-ark, to recover the
buil cf $293, and costs.
The Rescue Hose Company desire to
return thanks to Mrs; Givens, Mrs.
"Dr.Gcodfe'low, Mrs. Belyea, Mrs. A
r. Jones, Mrs. "Yro. Ives, Mrs. G. G
Berry and many others who so kindK
donated flowers and assisted in decorat
ing their hese carriage on Saturday,
Return IhanJ.a.
The rnembsrs of Tombstono Engire
Ca No. 1 dssire to return thanks to
Mrs. Chaee, Mrs. Finney Mrs. Mc
Collough, Mrs. Isaacs, Mrs. Woods,
Mrs. Paul Bahri ahd tho gentlemen
who donated flowers and assisted "in
the decaration of their hose carriage
last Saturday.
Tbe Tribolot Brothers have purchased
the batcher shop of Clifford & Riuss on
3th street. TUe.Tribolct Brothers do
their own slaughtering, and sre prepare 1
to sell the choicest of American, meatf
wholesale and retail
,"- Wo have taken up a great desiefout
Grant neaarial, which hu cro dtd, oat
terastlag local soUer which will ap
Hr. J. BothiB bat returned from a
uaiiaM trip to California
Uadsr, Sheriff Keppy and iwifer re
turned from a brief visit to California on
Friday lasjf.
Daring Mage Eobbtr.
-This morninir r.t nbntit cine o'cineif iw
th" MaeTvhvl left Manfiopn for Phe-
mr at 7JO ceared the pontofraonntnin
ibout seven miles this ft!d: of MsricopJ
it wis stopped by'two men with shot
guns, nad VTe'ls, Frxo Co.'s bo d
landed, the psssenrrs stood up la tJ
tow cad made to pungle.
There Trcre three passep?c: on bosrd,
nn;: of which was Jlr. IJ. HeyinsD.or the
linn of Schoenff Id & Heymnn, of tliit
place who was jiwt returaing frum a lone
trip to tho eastern cities; another wrs r
Bilr. Stern, a brotner of Dr. Stern, of thia
ii'nce, mid the third was a Mr. Brown, a:
irumraer, lrom n Fmncisca
Ou Rcienmnd L,ein r.iad for 'tha biuj
Mr. Heyasan who was oa the ouui le-j
eat with the driver jiropped it 'down
-quick.'' he ssys; the passengers wer-
theu ordered dcitfo and made tr hold up
'heir hapd pnrt of the lime though the
rc allcwcd to fee! thrji own piilett
lor coia. 3Ir. IIev,-n',n s-ij the gnu '
he rr.bbcrs were both doallle-bcrr'-led!
hot gutis full cocSid, an I as lie looked
iown into tha tnc72'e3, were cscecdirglj
Krge, but the way they bobbed r.rnuncl.
iw-trayed the fact -that til? men who held
ihem were eiceediocj ncrrous thern--.elTcs
and the passengers vrtio bidli
cnred -ib fact the fthule crowd scemh
co bs scared. "When each pascnc-r hutii
handed out about "what taney he thoa
sjhiho could sjwre. thi-y wire notsenrch-
!d or lurther dfinnd mude. Ihoscb
, me of tUt.A wcr. akins, ou: thiu
ory to a complete surrender. ISr. lief
'-." was the reply.- "Hero :? ?3 ou,
Bit Is ndollarIhTccur..dfor
lien years. I hate to ive it up, sa:ii
- 3 ., ., ,
Xivjli bt. jx.:i:i mt( o. iw r -.
mm, and Mr. Hey.nan got otT by turninj
over S JO, though he had a purse in biv
pocket with considerable money in it,
a fine gold watch and chain with
him. In all, the robbers got uctaooqi
11 from the passengers, though v:c ot:
thorn bad upward cf ?CQ0 about him.
After sretticj: tne money from tin
passeagers'tlic robbers turned tneir at
Jenlion to Wells, Fargo & Co.'s bor.
which they nude a passenger break open
ind then prceeded to tumba the conv
tents into a bag, so that the pjssenjerf
tdo sot know wlat they found in it
hey then spp;opriAted the lealers ol
the ctu team and told the driver and
passengers to " sit," with what was left
and so they d:d without further cere
lever; they mounted the- stage horacs J
da-Hhsre backtd, and struck out in aa est
Eerly direction
about tl)3 aver-ige height. All through
the operation it was apparent that th
Iraea were "very green hands at the busi
Iness Iron their ccrvousness and unusua
Jcarelrsness. If there had been a col
fighting rasa among the asseogera Mr
Herman says it tvou d have been no o1j
at all to haicgnt the drop on both and
taken them ia but ns it happened, co-
Hbody seemed to feel like fighting.
On the Quiet.
Cr ih. 'Xtth ft)w nt tntit T7inr.fi, flic
"T J
nuptials of 'Mr. Hurry Steward to MI"B
Carrie Parker, weio solemnised nt B(a-
son. Hr. Steward is a young gentleman'
n the employ of-Wells, Fargo & Co, as
a miseoger runsincr between Benson
and Quaymas, and tho lovely bride, Mist
Carrie Parker, is a uiecc of Mr. HcFar-
land, road master at Benson for tbe S
P. R. K. Tho ceremony was performed
at the residence of Mr. HcFarlaad, ana
waa a very quiet oae, none bnt the in
rerestiog parties and rotations knowntng
of the affair. The -resident of Benson
will be surprized el this news as will be
Mr. Ed Crumb, Cat Finuh and others
The ToitBSToxe with-tbe host uf friendr
of the bride and groom hope that thfir
matrimonial bark may glide smoothly
uver the troubled waters and that it Bay
never strike on a rock and that if troa
bles should oee to them thit-they may
be only ". li.ttie oaes.n. .
. ..
Charles Q. Johnston, Attorney at Law and
Hotayr Public, has established a law office
in Cbtrleaton In connection, with hu office
in Bisbec; will attend to boainesa In 'hotb
places. Also ti, ill practice in all tho Courts
in the Territory. All communication tilth
Mr. Johnston will be addressed to Charles-
ten, Cochise, Co, Aflsoaa. a.ujf.-Vr
Dop into tie Crjstnl 1'iltce forclio!c(l
AnWiuer brtr-on rtrftiijrtit? hnrtoJdut- oil
the pctept Ccr;na;i fpanulu.
Arnold's Wood Tnn?, Corner E!cUt aa
fcaBsrd Strist.s.
D;y cprd and st.T: wood et loresf rt'-
Leare orders with Arnold's espreta waj:ou
After breakfast, to make yourself fecJ
Happy, Co to A-htnun & Walker's Milof ;bUcejebrst7d beer on U: aught. Ice col
purchnre a choice imported cigar.
Mr. T- J. Qoell hap reduced th term o
(uUloii to $5 per moiit,li for cither 2pcuiU on
bguikteplutf to thoe Htte.idlnj; at his of
aw. '
The Pioneer allli Cijur. Sacramento. Is tLt
Hbejt la the market. For salt, at thcCsaii
store oi wolcott j, .ipssick.
Tljc In-st 'allforiiia and ratiche butter ai
the Casb Store of Walcoti A ilisicc.
Frch ckk 1TJ ' , hni ut ti'e Casl
Store of Walcott & Me1CK.
To be pntriotic mio tcust smoke, ai
the best mid cheapest place to purchas
your tobacco and cigars is at Ashmuu A
Q t tl Crystal pa1n:e saloon for i
Iiig Schooner of iie cold Auhauesc
beer trawn trom flie pitcnt (Jertdni
..laatain- Ot ly I'-il cent's per glass.
A of ice,
The copartnership htrcto.ore cxiftiu? Na
:cen the undersiemd, uhder the Urn: nanu'
And stjle of C'advrtll h'snuford, U tins U '
dissoUeil bi umtUJl -consent A. J. Rittci
tins this (!a b:.'a appointed ou-.iiiuiit to col
lect -"II tli'lnis due said firm, and to pay nl
!cbt o-wn by same Thi Slii.Iuly, ISbS.
A.I. Cautiell,
J s. A. Srofroiip.
All psrtons owlns the Crm of Cr-dwcll Jt
Stanford are hereby requa'ted to call ant
utile r.ime at on:e. otllery8c lecal prccoeil-
ins will be taken toenforic the colleetioi
thereof All persons having claims nirainti
said, firm will please present t,hora at once sd
I can settle came as fdt as funds come int
my hand for the purpose.
Tombstone, ArUpna, July 21t, 1885.
dissolution Notice.
The oar nerthto heretofore caietlt" uzder tbel
' ... v .. ... . . .-.. m
Urm name oi u i juurnu a u. iqtionKL&i
ii. V iie'rui.i, iiimnau, ana J a. uisir. in
the lnaibsr aid mill uctiuee. baM this dat been
dos iltttl by mniael concent, and the bosln-i
will be cumlncied In he fy ure bv BUir A Mcr
rili, mho will coll
collect all account nd piy all bill
O. U. Mtanin.
J. 11. liLAlJl
Ctr' Canyon, Ilatchnca Unsotaiiir, Anj, 1 6a
Co-Partnership Notice,
Wi the underf iirncd, hie this diy entered in
to a co-nartETHhip n dtrrtbc HtT'end s'lno f
Illalr It -Mc.illl. aud v. 11 c&J.wct all bl!ii end ps
lull iadebt edncss of the old zlrai.
O. H llriiui.L,
J. It. 13l.AIIt
Ctrv Caaj r.n, Uutcnb-a Monntaine Aug. I,'g5
" "Independeneo, TcV, S:pt- 23, tSU.
Ayer's Hair Vigor
Has been csd in my bosyholl lor tkxea
1st. To prevent f allir g ont of the bais.
2d. To prevent too rajid chtsgs of colo.
Si. As a dres3in.
It hax glren entire eatLsfaUioa 13 evsry
tastanse. lours respectfully,
Wa. Caiev Csase.; .
Jrom uncleanly, dicgerons, cr Injurious aub
Canoes.. It prevents the hair from taming
Cray, reatorca gray hair to its original color,
prevents baldness, preserves the balr and
promotes its groirtli, cores dandruff and,
all disease; ot the hair and acalp, and is,
at tbe came time, a very superior and
5!rabl9 drcsztoj.
Sold kj all Dracsists.
TDliift Space is Xfc-eser'veil 3f4or
S u m m e rf ie Id B r s.
mimmjm L;.npwi r . .H . l . mm aii.
'" Still Another. .
Tfj(rp:r--' Slnuehiressy'the pcpuUVprb.
irieturs of the KlIliTm "psrlorn, ou Allen si.
iiarlopiode crrautceicents ullh the proprl
iora ot the CelebMted tfehlltr Mllr.n.ukes
beer, have h:vka Poe ies chctt ereitea Ic
heir saloon and aro cow prepared tp serve
their numerous customers vrlth sclioorers
Drcp in and try Jt
QoodKnen :hirt$15 ; Meyers.
$6 pints for f4.it(J. Meers tt Bro
Overalls 7 cents pefjpalrjat Mejert.
Flennel uqderear Or;cost at Meycra
Tea Kettle whisky at Pjijerti's salqon
Shoes far jour uva price at J. Meyers 4
Eor xnulne Tea fettle whisky go to Capt.
Haflertist ' v
i le letther trunk given away with
tfc., pUreha- at J. Mejer iV Bros.
All irooda below cost ft J. Meyers Jt Brb
Mien andFifth, streets-'
Full stack -.alf bootr A 4 at J: Meyera'A
Jroi. ' -ii !JfA
V splenaid cabla. (rc of Oec. Qrnnt
mailed to uny address 01. Aj receipt of 50
ents. Addrtaj. C. S. Fly, tombt me. A. T
acjtS-lw ,
For Salel
Ons of te oldgst andbest pay
ng rstaurqnta in this city will be
hold, very, reasonable .if callec for
within the next; two ceks. Sick
ness causes the preset owner to
Itve the territory. For particu
lars call or address this office, where;
full information will l?c given,
Order of Uourt,
, . i . r..
In tbr mitur of Leo Korner and li. II. Teter.
ca, wbo hcreufsrV done batlaenv.aod r tha
drm same and style of Kof.r A.etreon, in
baid ctiuty and territory I atofwnt debtors
a ctiputy anaterriiory lacowmaeDivra,
bi court, tne r petition, tcbedcJe aad inTentory
hi court, tae r petition, schedule aad itirec
it ineolvencr bt which It appenrt that tlier an
iDsoivcntnebtore.th' aild LVo Kmer andll. H
?ttr.n are ucrcbv d clarrd to te Insolvent. Tha
SticrifT-of ibe Coun y of Cochise is hereby cH
rcc cd to lakc9CFesion or il the ett real
iti.d ;crotal of the eald l.cuK.orner and B. II.
Petirfon, dtbtora. whether, of a partnership or
personal character cc;.t rncb as msr be by law
exempt from execution, and ot nil their deeds
nrlit.-ra, books of accounts and pepera, and lo
Vern the name eatdy until the appointment of an
PMgnvcJl lac veiaie. Aii pcreQUB iwe inroia
len to pav any debts to tbe -aid irjo)r.t8 n
ritfier of them, or to deliver anv CfODertv be-
BloDglpg to thtm, or to any person, fltpi or corpor
al on or s-toclitton for their ase. The eaiddebt
r arc hereby forbidden to transfer or dcliter
I any property until the further ordtr or ttU
Court, exeep; as hireic ordered.
It is nit tbTr ordered tbat all tbe creditors of
said debtor, brand appear before toe Horj.Welv
ter atrtci, JnJ enftbeCosrty Court of Cocbiss
'nanty, Arizona Territory, ;n open coart, at tbo
ourt room of esid court in the City ot 'lomb
tnt.e, county and territory elorcrald, on the 10th
y of brptcmber 11S5, at 10 o'clock, a. , of
at day. to pnc their debts and ebcee one or
nort mnzn-v of th efctatc of iald debtjrs.
It is farther ord-red tbat the crier be publleb
d In The 'XoMEevoNE, a daily paper, and a
eurspnper u! uS-rMl Urculmfon, puT)l"bid lu
he l lu of Tombati nc in tbe countv of Cochln
kart Temtorr of Arizo-a, s ofunar the said
aper is pnblitbed before tbe day aet tor the
u.t-iii sof cretitors.
And it is fnrthei ordcrded tbat in the meantime
ill prorceoiDi'S against the caid inrolei.ta be
uia AetinBi i, io. vounty j udife.
A Clear Skin
is only a "part of Beauty;
l?ut it is a part. Every lady
may have it; at least, what
looks like" it. Magnolia
Balm both freshens ant?
- .-V K.
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