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The Tombstone. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1885, August 22, 1885, Image 3

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They aie Sought out "by ui
Lively Keportfrs who
Never get Leit When
There is any news no Hatter
How Important To Be
Mr. L. Larrieu of Contention was Su towr
to day.
The bet California and ritnclic butter at
he Cash Store of Walcott iV Mxsici:.
If you want to find a friend go to the
Crystal Palace saloon, for he wilj be there.
Froh ejus alwajs ci hand at the Cash
Store of Walcott A Mi-sJik.
"O j, why should the spirit of mortal be
proud," when you can cer a schooner of iee
cola Arihati-er tiCJr drawn tlirou.'li the
patent German Fountain for 1"k eeins pei
schojoer at the Crystal Palace saloon.
Tombstone vim visiteil 'n?t evening bv
one of 1112 hciviest rnics of the seaot,
it having rained nil night.
Frank Walker returned from Tomb
ataje to diy, nltjch clap b reports it
booming. Gj izstte.
One of our lending bu$iass men will
tnke his departure fur Sib Francisco in a
few days, and ob liis return will be uc
compariicd by u blushing bride.
Colonel Dean will ssll pools this oven
ing at the Crystal Palace saloon on tne
raca between Igo's mare and Mtynard"
Fashion. He mil also se'l pools ou the
track to-morrow.
Two train loads of tea f.ml silk p:el
ftver the Alrii.tic & Pacific wad a fen
days since ou the w-y east. It was m-tk-ing
an avenge of twenty miles ptr hour.
If peoplo troubled vitli cnHs, wou'd
tnke Ayi-r's Cherry Prctnr.il belnre eoing
to church or placts of entertanini'at, they
would avoid coughins, greatly to the
comfort ol speakers and heirers. The
Pectoral wonderfully increases the power
and flexibility of the voice.
Two of the stage hoiscs sio'en in the
recent " hold-up" on the Black cmyon
route, came into Phcnis. this morning
and gave themselves np. They milked
straight to the stnb'c, but give no in
formation as to the whereabouts of the
other team or of the rendezvous of the
robbers. Qazet t e.
The oil used by the Mr.imnns to an
anint their convert, and also those mar
ried in tho endowment houses, is obtain
t-d irom the Gil monster. It is cssen
tint for these religious ceremonies that
the animal be caugh' by some bishop or
elder of the charcli, and tryed out in tun
ma le for that purpose. Bishop Slilner,
who oelits the Qrion Era, it i? said, was
iornierly a Gila monster catcher. St.
Johns Herald.
Jlr. Shaw, of Fort Smith, Ark., brother-in-law
of the late John M. McCorraac, arrived
in Clifton last neck for the purpose of set
tlinjr up the a flairs of the deceased and with
a view of removing the body. After consult
ing with friends, he concluded that it would
be impracticable to disinter (Le body at
present, but made the necessary ananjre
ments to have it done in the fall and for
warded to Fort Smith. Clarion.
The Journal and Miner of Prycott have
consolidited and row appear under the
name of the Joumal-.Mincr. Mr. Bcnh of
tho Miner who is extensivolr cnn:red in the
cattle business retire', and Mr. Martin or t le
Journal whois one of the belt known writrs
In tlii territory, continues a the publisher
of the Journal-Miier. Wo hope that the
aniiunt of Government castings that he will
accumulate in his newenterprlJC will enable
him tr become a Ballock Harrow, the simc
u our friend Charlie Beach has become.
Girl -"I will Icon at your hammocks,
please." Dealear " Yes, miss. How
there is something nice. Xot expensive,
bat at the same time pretty and strong ''
Gir! " It desen't look verr tmng."
Disler -" I will gaarantcs it to sustain
a weight of 300 pounds, mils." Qirl
"Let me see; 12aod 105 would be just
283, very well, I will take that one."
Bioger Commercial.
Sam Hattabaugh, the driver no the
north -b'nid coach which was robbed
Monday evening, says he nover met more
sociable people than tbe highwaymen
proved to b. They DresenteJ bim with
fruit, which they stale from boxes on tbe
coacb; told bim that they would take
nothing frosa bim, as they were not robb
ing poor man, and sent a request to
Well's, Fargo & Co.' gnt is this city
to send a key along with tbe treasure
b?xe8, in order to prevent the destruction
si tbe ;sme,--Gaiette.
A Model Sit oiv.
The street pir--.de th's morning of S
II. Binett's railroad shows was better
than ws esp-cer. The horses driven
to the forty chariots in the processioi.
ire firae looking animals, and me sho
within themselves to the loyers of the
riue triined animals. Three full bind
nid :i ctilliopj l'urnihed music lor the
i. splay. The Lleplmnt. cirarl:', drome
dine? and pnuie are ail in good urd-si,
tnd were the delight of the younger
population. T'lree lraiuer occupied h
many ciges ot lioni, tigers, and b ack
beiis, the siht of which made the cold
i liilis chc ctcji other h iig the sprc
tor spinnl marrow:, Ahile the mvan
ooking hshsis yi-ided wil jug ubedifiicc
the lush. Jlnm sirctt Wis crowded
ith sight.seirs from every pirt ol ti.i
ty and county, and it it a lufe Disunion
lint eire teat' of :hi"e vhu mtnvo-"
"tie p.-imde will sen all that a ijI tir vi
t-uy this af'ernoon and tn night. It ii
been often r mnrKed to-diy that Birrctt
liiip'.iy vas the lisi stud the most irJ-r
iy atel icapictable of s.ny ciicm p-ride
ihil has ev-r tiKt'ii pl-.ce in Sac Fiun
cic(. Sin FrjncUco Kviclug llmlitin.
0i Hui.tlrrd And IZigUlim.
An exprcM reporter in cocvirstmi
uli a gentleman who was burn in L.
AiispIcs some thiny years ago. spoki
bnut the escefaive hunt whic the lif
long resident: "Ilmve heard s Kpb'i
f peoplo say that this U the hottest
went her known in the history of the city
They are mistaken, however. I do no
remember what year it was, but r.bout
Cvff or six summers ago you iright talk
about heat, when Hie thermometer run
up to 113 la the sleiue.' Los Angeles
Asirect love s'.ory, with an K-iuch Ardeu
fl.i"or, cuRii'r. al! tlie way from Msrictla
Oliiji. Year a-ro. before the war, John Ad
kinsoii, wooed, moh uud ne'ld.'d I.ury Ab
bott. Whin the war canie John wnt to the
front, mid J.ucy rcuiined behind to mourn
and pray, better, at tlrtt frequent, pre
searce, and finally ceaed clto.'etlier, and
i.uey gave up John as dead. Then I.uri
-ufi-retl her joun heart to k" out toward
John i;even,ayoiinir merchant of Piker ;
bur, W Va., and the two beeatnc one. -lh't
union rculted in the lurlh of three children
and Mr. (ieveii fetching up in the inline
a.-ylum, where he died, itut Mis. Adkiifon
G(.en's heart wa Hill younr, and. again she
married, thU time Mr. Julm Collin-, or Caid
well, Ohio. This time ehe found Bhc had
in.idea rai-take. The two did no", livoluppily,
and Mrs. Adkin;oii-Geven-CoIlin( left her
husband md returned to her nmther'- hoint
in Marietta. Kiccntly rhe has rceeiud ii
letter from her nm hu'b.md, now living on'
ii tins fionticr. scd for v bom she ha' kept ,i
re-erve stock of affection. It peem- that at
the clo-s of the war he hoard that she mis
dead, and at or.ce enlisted in tbe reirular
army, where he ha lemaincd evtr s.nce.
Hearing of her en-tcnce and vicis-ltndc-'
he at onee wrote to her, and w hi go Eajt and
3!ain wed the dear wow an froi whom he
ln- been co Ion jr parted as soon a he can
find out which is her favorite month for jret
tmp married. The love the heroine bore l.er
fir?t husband i- bown iii the fact that all the
men she mar ied have been named John,
and it is understood that she ascribes much
of her raccctk in life to the fact that in the
matrimonial anie she has held three Jacks.
Indian Xeirx.
From 3Ir. S.aughter who tirived ir.
his city last night we glean the follow
ing Indian news. Ou Thursday a band
of Indians came in pretty close range o:
the Custom house and drove off the
horses belonging to Senor Don Etin, and
alio that belorging to the guards, and
immediately after they had done thif, r.
company of U.S. tr.-.or-s arrived a? ttc
(Custom house and exchanged shots with
the Indians bnt lhcy rode off trriap'.ian
tly waving their hands at the soldiers as
they rode off with the stock. The In
dians departed in the direction of the
Sun Jose moustains with the troopj in
hot pursuit.
From Mr. Gncn vho arrived in town
last night stated that ho was chased for
about ten miles fr.-.ni the Custom house
by the Indians and he farther stated that
if th" had continued lo follow him he
would have brought them clear to Tomb
stone but as bis horse was superior to
theirs, tbey abandoned the chase. It
looks as though tha Apaches did not caro
a continental for our troops as tiey are
getting bolder and bolder every day.
Great excitement In Turkey Creek, Shull
& Austin's eta;a from Alexancra, reached
Prescott lait evening, with 409 lbs of silver
bullion from the Tuscnmbia mill, a big bar
of bullion from the Peck and cheering news
fiom the- new and rich silver discovery is
Turkey Creek district. This news Is that,
yesterday Messrs Mogan ifc Powell took
?,W0 worth of sliver oat of their claim;
that other claims were, yielding nearly as
well. Tbe people are excited and the rush
for clai-sJ Is gredt. Courier, -
The Local Happening Of The
Livel y a own Of Charles
ton And Yi'Ul
Be "Edite'l By Samuel Mc-
Claren, Who -will Take
Subscription and make
(Thi3 column is edited by Sim Mi
C men at Churicstnn, and citizens of thai
Imujf who, know mi- it?rr' will plo-s
iinini them in to bim every d iy Lefoiv
ho stage It-ayes.)
Locnls ere a kimi ol i-circe to-day.
A It-rge loul of fiei'jbt srriverl tlii
nmrnijg for Ilerreri & M'.Ciure.
The tiger's tail is a good dot! stitT.-i
now than it vjbj last month.
Tiie town was rather dull last night
owing t- the heavy rains.
Tombstone should l:oei her boy9 n
'lonie hen they want'to go on a bust h
Cliar'cston is n very tcmpertc town.
Wo had a very heavy ra;c last rigli I.
ind from the looks ol the clsuds will
ii.yu more to-diy.
Everv mm cinnot g;t his nnmo in tin
pipers, to ciys Chcrlcs Gracville John--tou.
lteer ii cl'tapsr in Charleston than any
other place ;a the territory, being re
tailed lor T cents per bottle.
J. V. V'Ckrrs the genii! insurant
igetit of Tom'.s'one Tiited CW'c"r
ce'etdiy on busiacss with 'Herreri k
IcC'ure. AVe arealway3 pleaded to sei
Mr. Yickera ia this bt rg.
V.e tbe people of Cnnrleston would
eill the attention of the boird of super
visors to the con litioc of our bridg--inre
the lst storm. It is ia in unsifu
couditicn ami should be lep dred at once
We have been informed by Samuci
ICat7enstein postmaster of this plr.ee.
that the mail service between here and
Fairbink tins been increased from tl.rti
to si;; times per week. This shows the
importance of Charleston
We leirned from i gentleman who hi'
Just arrived from sbirshiw. that fjnit-. it
-eriou? 'Mtllculty ccourred rt that place
in Sunday last, it seems thsta .Mr
Dunn, who is forrmnn of the 15 ucnoe
nine at that p.lr.ce. hid got under thcia
Sucnce of tanglefoot aud weuttothe
mine mil said that he would kill the
iirst man that ciin: tip cut o! the mine
When tie cege cmie tip it contained
Mr. Mergin Davif, wha bad several
irilts on hi' shoulder ana IVino i::.mid
iately tried to carry his threat into esc
cution, when Davis thraw down tiicdrills
and taking one of them hit Duuu o?t-r
the head and knocked him down, gun
nj2 all and used him up pretty badly.
The physicians lead his frienes to be
lieve that Dunn's recovery is very doubt
fnl. John Dunn is very well known in
'his territory as ho wis at ono time fore
oian of the Pick raiac, near Prcscott.
He is pIso well knwn by all the old
CoraIocV.er's as he was foreman o( seve
ral mines In Nevada.
Eclov we irive a short sketch cf Charles
ton af a place ot br.slncf :
The stranger coming to this town is rather
poorly impressed with the rapiul city of the
San lVdro, and as a rule thej- have a com
mon wish to et out of it as soon as fut-t as
tbey (rot into It, as at first glance there i
apparently nothing worlbaMIe staying for.
The reason for thia is plain; our men are all
at work in the mills and smeller, but at
nliht a Iirelior camp cannot be found; but a
fctranger with a stock of cncigy and patience
looks over tbe tawn and Its resources and
find that tLclr first impressloss were wrons;
and go Into business and succeed in their
avocations. Every one of our business men
have coma here with net enough moi.ey to
build themselves z. cabin, bet through pluck
and perseverance they have all been success
ful and stand hlh in mercantile circles, and
all carry a stock of merchandise, such as is
not found in any store of double trie popula
tion of Charleston, and ia this connection it
will not be out of place to mention a few
of our business men, stating how they ar
rived and how they could depart if they to
desired at the present time.
Waffle Garlock,thc former tansbt school,
and the latter v.oiked in the Corbin mill.
Beth rce'jrned thiir situations and started
into the butcherlag buiiacss aud arc tow
Johif all the bu-Iness ot thU town, hiving
no opposition. Tie' also recently purchesed
the O. K Corral with Its horsea, rollIcR
.-took ar.d buildings from Mr. Sheirer, end
are do'nir a profitable bualtiets.
Six year; nyo Herrera it MeCIure esae to
this town, the former woiktd as a mill Land
ferashcit tine, and was then employed by
Hermann Welliieh, wLere Le had n splendid
orportniiilj to become educated In the mer
ehi.ndiug business. Mr. MeCIure was rt
that, time emplojed by the Government as
deputy i ustora bouss collector, -fter Her
rera liat JuQieletit kcowledt cf til mer
chandise buInes!,he and MeClire started
in that business and have becj doins; a pay.
inj; business ever since, and to any sre -ell
3ied and stand ANo 1 In tbU p'ace and also
with the vbolesile h-juses Loth east and
H-:rmins W-lliscb.one of the prominent
merchants of this plate, arrived in Charles
ton In Manh, liT9,wItli a capital of 1-100,
"lit'.b ha i...dncd ficim h.s salary fist
-ilesman, and at once bull: ufnall aduse
house ctd cemra-'ueed business and by i.;i,ct
ttentiou to buiiniss h cuceedid ia rak
uir a ncia'i 'ortune c-in bj fern, for elrvei.
months ilirr he ttarted la buims here lie
tool. trip to Lo.idvii and thence o 1'itn.
and from ther. trnielrd tlirouh nil the
(ilncipal titiis if Kurope, aiso visiting hi
i:;ed pa-ents where h had a lery enjoyable
nine. Four J ears . io Le returned and built
iiimself another lare adobe store r.id coiu
inenccd 1iie'.iiss again and U cow djiiijj a
j;ooj busli.ess.
tteouht to mention several other bui
icts men heie but a we do not like to lre-P-
upon the Chirh-Mon column, we will
alt until next Satiirdty, when we will re--ume
our busmesa men and .o continue until
i-erj basjne-s iaanin Charl:tna has ben:
J iK)ty Cvnit.
Hov. V.e3tr iznr.f.1, County Jud.-"
A.O. AVallac:: Cleik
'fi-rritery of Ar.zcua ex. rel. J-.. Krily vf-,
I.J P'lita et ji, judgmi nt for tbe df nJ
inn for cte.; stay cf cM;cuii.!i planted for
W. IJ Warrini'toi vj. L J. Gird- cac ect
for Moi.d.iy. September ", .or tiial.
t. B. Wt-e-j. J.. L-rrU-u; tiiat set for
Seplnnb.'i T
RidIcy Tilden vs. D. 1 Cooper; ccae set
lor Sei teiaber 7, for tii il.
Fordjie Koer ss. Gj:a Ke, on motion
Quelle Ho:i i iilit.tt:ted for defendant;
c set for Aui'U-t 27. for trial.
(Joi'M'v llecvrds.
The following instruments I.p.to been
tiled in the oilicc of the Couoty Hecorucr:
TAla It ell m.'isite, ntar Antelope
prings; J. i". 2Iniiison.
assign :i.N-r.
Wil.iam Rose to Cic.ssen Krothers, all
his right title and interest in the Home
onkc inino iu the Clnticnbua ::iium;
An eminent English physician ouottb the
other diy nll tint ho had known men who
iwK their siviy lumliieis of pumu per day
and seemed no t.Uat tin worse for tin- in
iiulr.:ncc. The tvu-iily-ouc lumbler niuu is,
or iied to be, a ominicn io.tuit of Irish
jnd Scotch coasiiialitv. Itosuell v.a-iupto
that. So was John l'hllj.ct C'urran, and
trsklne ea octa-ion, conitta-jjd Li two
ilozen hot todihe3. Then there waa a good
od soul died a few weeks, .ero in the Hue
Viviinne iu 1'ir's, in tLe hou-c
where Mr. V. Kaan for sme tune
e-tablis'ied the jHm:: cv'ctiiquer nf the Land
League. Tbli- celebrity wss .i retired ship
tin arent from Marseill;-, and the ditilj
dracght in which lie d.d prn trite comp-iscd
four bottles of 3-rguady, four of claret and
two t.t champajine, thi allowance being ex
clusive of Ihu "petits vcnc" ai.d occasions 1
The exirninition of C A Tuctter was
resuni-d in Justice Alvor'J's court this
Eon 't Fcrgot
All kiscs ui t.niorii. done. Clothes
made, cleaned ann repaired i.t the lows;
living rates at tl.c tailoring eetab.ish
meat of Chis. llnrris, ic Eauer's
Mock, on Fourth street.
After breakfast, to nuke yourself feel
happy, go to Asiimun & Walker's aud
purchase n choice imported cigir.
The Pioneer mills Hour. Sacramento, is the
best In the marVrt. For sale at the Cosh
Stoic vf Woi.oott . Mcssick.
jPublir ironiiij.
All persons art hrt; retl&ed pot to pur
chase a certain ict.pi..t.i.itincto be secured
by dinning and other consideration, at
Baunlns'a Station, County of Cochise. Terri
tory if Arizona, ni.d dated abont July 1st
ISSt.and suppascd to be in the possession of
A. Fortlouit or Cadwell fc Stanford of Tomb,
stone, as tbe same is void for want of cos.
sideration. W. F. Ban-xino,
BisstxG'a Station-. Auc. 11, 1SS3.
Arnold's Wood Yard. Coraer Eight and
Satford Streets.
Dry cord and swvs wood at lowest rales
Leave orders with Arnold's express wagon
Smca opposition to the wholesale
butchers bai commccccd, we notice
TMt improczicat ic the quality of meat
VTho cubacrihe For "The
Daily Tombstone" Be
cause it Alv.-ays Has '
The News From All Parts o;
This Prosperous County
As Well a? the Territory
The public nchool will re-opeq c the flrs
of next mjLth. '. .
The city ciuncil will meettc.uis:ht provld
inc thev secu-e a o.uo-um. '
CjI Miie Cray Is in from hi rsr.cV. at eld
camp lluek-r.
The hot wenther ha eviicstjy v.clshed es
the tU.-rn ometer regittersd ',C drgresi at
noon tc-d iy.
Thei-e bein'r no tpioruin at the board of
pol.ce coiami ".ioTicr'; mciinK this afternoon
this intet'ng will not ti-e t,l.ice uatll this
evening to elect a .v. .-j"6or to Frank Ryan,
Cattlemen have commerced to wits from
the Indi.iu territory '1 he time, uuier the
Presid.-ui't ordar, expires Septsmbjr 4th.
IJeiid the new adreitisemeot of Con
tallu sale that appears :a ancther col
umn. '
Don't forest Is attend the rsce at Dollng's
tiail: to moirow. Tha race v i'l b far
Suit was Sie 1 with IK- Clerk of the C;anty
Court to day by Thus. I) Sattcrwhlte vs. Pus.
male Ni.iri, to recover po e?lon of ccruiu
preuii'ii ii: 'lombjtone, and S1.C0J damaps.
Joe Manuel, Ccsirio pulpy , Sonora; 11
M.er. A'l Ilsain, Charleston; Thos Cora,
iluueliuca; V A Demartine, M G Faerie,
Fi'lrbmik; Tl.os W Ilenu de ZirZ.Charles'on.
.m i. ,;ntritd at Ihe Ootid' ut. 1 hotel.
Gi ..re P Cummings, bookkeepii for
Dlr X Iiildnlu of Benson, and u brother of
our frllov townsman I.. W. Cummins ar
rived in this city ihl aftirnooii.
A Pre'c tt -quad o' ihe Kiilvalion Army
vent through the curtonnry motions on a
r.'Cent e-.tn'.ns', and propose to give another
pcifur.iiauco ioun. Courier.
The dircetois of the n'.bl.c library will
srise np t-iitcrtl'e.ine'it for the binrflt of that
iii-titutlon some time net wtek. due notice
of which t.ill be siien in these columns.
There wis quite a.i interastli? scrappiny
inalcli in CIn-tjwn t!.I morning. During
the conflict 01 e cf the Chinr.rucn had his
queque cut ou" clo-e io bis bifid, ai.d as he is
nil influential curs, we may lookout for au
s.a in.itioa in Chinatown.
The ftin'-rsl of 'he late Peter Sciiwarts
took plain from hi late rcsid.-ncc on Bruce
street to-day. It vas hircrcly Jttended and
w.ir under the au3p!:ea of CochI.e Lodge
.Vo.r., I. O. O. F., of w Visit order deceased,
was a member.
.Tiids-e Fastican, riv-tora house arent for
this entintj, was tikt-n "iiib'eiily ill nielli
before la-t, and h'.- i:fe wa tiisp aired of all
diy ye-tird.iy, but we are plea-ed to stats
that the Jud.'c'.s cotis'uleicd out of danir-'r
to-day. The cause of lil .Uress is ftated na
c'uolcra morbus.
A man named F.ritun who was arrested
recently iu PhenK.oii a charge of murder
for kil n.g two eun-titbles in Mi-souri, made
iiise-iape from the oiHcers of that tityon
I htirsilay I.i-t. an-1 at the present wrltircU
itill at lare. There i- a reward of .$2,CP0
oiren-d for Lin c ipture
J.tiler U.ige is very proud over ths pos
-t'sion of ft ground tutt'e which has
ir.idn its appeirur.ee in the Court Housq
yard. How it got "over the garden
n-ili." i3 rue of tho;e myiteriea that no
mm cm find out.
In conversation with G. G. A this after
noon in rehrtion to the "srencral" receiving
the appointment for postmaster the cs-:ep-res8.it.itiro
ir formed a reporter that while
ha was in W.shlatrton h tnet Ifce "general,
aid was very lunch sjrpri-ed t's see the
-tron,- petition that the "CMaerai" had to
lie p-esident for the matslia!hip of this
tc-ritory and judB'mj from the pilirriir's ra-marki-
it i now certain thai ths V.'aii low.
i our pcstm.tcr.
After the races to morrow, drive fiown to,
the Kept an j well where you will find a pic
nic in progress that will last from 2 o'clock
in the afternaon until midnight. Hemcmber
that thera is a full moon to-morrow nigbt,
and as the weather has cooled orXdancing to
ood music is very pleasant.
Taere was an important arrest made thts
afternoon, and it-.s thiurrnt that before
morninjr tbrc will lie more made, but' for
fearthut justice might le defeated wc re
frain from publishirg the name of ths part7
arrested or of the crime committed, but ia
onr next issua will pullish a lull account o:
the affair.
i Oar morninr; contsraporiry statf s that wa
were the victims of a joke yesterday In an
nouncing that General Wardn-ell had been
appointed postmaster for this city. We.
aaln rcitarote the fact and tlvise. our citi
zens not lo bet any money against our ns
scrtioi as we arc ccrsonillj- in receipt of a
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