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The Tombstone. (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1882-1885, August 24, 1885, Image 2

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st ato.Y-
(War- to. v!! aatlir;
EaEwari ax jsr toiler city in
e "rjrfL "would' toltrate such
CW wi&TB-texenactetl in tlie
2S2-SSors jaew ua Saa Fsaneisco.
3T&eftir?r Baftir plaintiff now
peats a."gia'' sad threatens to
pwJrattefcKc opposition counsel tin-aeFis-lights,
aa she sees them'
SX9 -cessUxd. All fchi is-tolerated
3r3 column after column, describing
5-sctae3 aro published in the
5sSj press. No sympathy can be
expc39u tor btaron, one ot the-
pies eld wpeobates that ever lived
bui for the sake of the good same
9f the judiciary and humanity, the
"yrEele matter should be demurred
cut of eouri Of sours?, in the end
Sharon's million's will win and
irs Sharon be left stranded vrith
vaiahcpe of he alimony.
The "Western Christian Advocate
m opposing the desertion of their
churches by pastors in summer
time, asserts that "the de-vil never
tikes a vacation." It may be true
taat Satan has not enjoyed a rest
for a long tim, but when be hears
hat Mr. Cleveland lias gone fishing
he ma change his practice suffijent-
. ... .., . i . , t
y to keep inline with the leade
f his party.
Ir Auditor Chenoweth eontintaes
to spread himself much longer after
the fashion he has so far pursued
it grill be necessary to annex two
or three other countries to the
United States in order to provide
adequate room for the exercise of
his functions. He has already
gien notice that he proposes to
overhaul the affairs of the Smith
sonian Institution, a private cor
poration; and, as the weather grows
cooler, he may conclude to assume
general supervision of all our busi
ness, and project himself beyond
our borders in search of still wider
fields of usefulness. The wonder
is that a man of such comprehensive
parts was content to live so long
and quietly in rural Texas when he
must have felt in hit bones that he
was wasting his time and deprn ing
the age of the service of a most ori
ginal and potent reformer.
The Cooler.
'Massid Atrg., 23.
la Spain yesterday there 5, 104 nfw
cases of. cholera aad 1,644 deaths
during the 22 hours ended at midnight
Train Ditched.
Cisco, Aug., 21.
The east bound overland train was
ditched at Tamarich and two engineers
and firemen scalded. No passengers
vere hurt
i -
Western Export Association
Chicago, Aug., 23.
The "Western Export Association
held a meetiag here to-day. About
seventy-five representatives of distil
leries of the 2Torth were present. The
question of admitting California was
discussed, asd it was finally decided to
alwit the state prsrided an organiza-
$bu erfectttj.
ZfearrjBUEa, Aug., 23".
ItesEuM&QrreiAitd and "VtnT ha-v
BcstEiucacap MccMbaJy at Wiliia'
Sad- nine mite fro, the Prospect
HJocar,Tb Sitii&Mit'vwviojing excelU
afc healths
cslna.V9ry Caitttoaat-
St. Louis,. Aug., 23.
SVdevlopntmtiii.the Enijjhu of
JUboB trouble in the way of any demon
stration, occurred to-day . At the Miss
ouri PaciEcsbop'Jth-: siy they will
not handle- the Wabash, engine, Bill
Hagen an employe last night refused
to handle a. Wabaah aad was cfismiasecL
The master of the shop was notified
that Hagen must be reinstated and
paid for lost time, or a strike would en
sue. Under the orders, of the superin
tendent, Hagen was reinstated to-day
tod paid for his lout time. Both. Bides
are acting very cautiously.
Sacramento, Aug. 23.
The stttamers Modoc and Apache are
both grounded to-day upon the bar just
below th's city, the Modoc having been
there all night. It is almost a certain
ty that navigation will be entirely sus
pended n a few days. Mayor Brown
is to call a meeting of citizens to consid
er foe subject of keeping open the chan
ad, as the closing of the river will de
prive Sacreme&to of cheap freight, and
interfere seriously with the bringing cf
State Fair exhibits.
Minors Out.
Bottsvillz, Aus 23.
Four Hundred miners in Lentz,
Lilly & Co.'a mine went on a strike
yesterday, and the mines were ordered
mdefintitely closed by the propwtors
Several miners who wanted to surren
der were rosghly ha-dled in disgrace
fl fights and riots. Mare trouble
t .
Eloped With Child
Memphis, Aug., 23v
Geo. "W. Beckford, who has jat
been granted a divorce, has eloped with
a 13-year-old girl, whom he married,
first foging the names of the girk
parents to a written consent cf marri
Rich Hill, Aug., 23.
Four horses belonging to parties here
ridden to Shobe and left tied to the
hitching rack, were stolen last night.
A posse was organized this morning
and a trail struck ten miles north of
here by two of the posse, who soon
came up with the thieves asd horses.
When the thieves di- covered their pur
suers they opanod fire upou thi-m, but
without effect, although two bullets,
pierced the clothing of Lou Bradford
one of the posse, Firo was returned
and one of the gang was severely
wounded. The fight became so hot
that the thieves abandoned the horses
and took to the woods. At this writ
ing tbpy havo not been appreheded,
altheugh the horses were recovered.
Strange Fatality
Mabzik's Vaixet, Aug., 23.
Mrs. S. Truby, of this place, is an
aged widow. Her son John, aged 34,
worked on the East Branch Railroad.
Jason, another eon, aged 36, was an
employee in the slate quarries. Wyman
a hird son, 38 years old, was a miller,
They lived with their mother, having
no families of their own. On Friday
hut John, while running to turn, a
switch, fell into a cattle gaard and
r broke his neck. On Saturday norn-
ing before the news of John's death
reached home, Jason was drowned in a
pit in the quarries, reeent rains, having
filled it with -water. James Whittaker
arrived in the village at 9 o'clock oa
Saturday morning with ths news of
John Truby's death and net "Wra.
jJacksoBj-wbowMbMtinjUM tidus
of Jason' fate at the Mine time The
two walked together to the mill where
Vymau.Truby to break the news to
him fit at. There was a crowd about
the mill,, and as the two messengers
arrivei ca the scene men were carry
ing "VVyman Turby's body out of the
buil ling He had been suffocated in
a grain bin, Leas than twelve hours
intervened between, the death of the
first brother aud th last one. The
news of the de-itb of her tlisee sons so
prostrated Mrs. Traby that hr life
is de SDaired of. The three bodie3 rail
. be buried in one-grave.
Still Another.
Erffner & SUauchnesfy. the popular pro.
prietors of the BillUru parlor, on Allen tl.
harlot made arrantcrmimts with the prarrl
tort ot the O-ltWii'eU Suhilii: Milwaukee
beer, hare had a flue :cj ibel treetta ia
Ihlr .ilon and are now preureJ to serve
their numerous customer uilb tchojners
of thl celthrated beer on d: aught. Ice cold
Drop in tnd try it. a 4 tf.
ThB cocartne rhip heretofore sxillnr be
tween the unclor.'ianeil, under the rjrrc. nnmi
uid stjlc of Cad will & S'andford, Is tt:i ii.
diisolred by mutual consent A. J. Ritter
Iihi tLW d.iy been appointed ouraii-nt Jo cnl
lt-ctall clrims due taid firm, and to pay all
debts owin- by uuis. This 21t July, ISS5.
A. I. Cadwili.,
Ja. A. Smnthrd.
r All proas owinc the firm of Cadnell t
1 Stanford are hereby reqne-tca to call and
ii'ttle tne at nnie.othsiwi'e It-al proceed
int will be taken toenfnne the collet-lion
thereof. All person- Iiaviti 1 1 lims ai'uln t
said firm will Dleai-e tiresent them at onec Jo
I can settle parnc w. fit as fund ceres into
my hands for the purpose.
Tombstone, Arizona, July Slit, 1S53.
A. J. l'.ITTEK.
The Cattle ranch nar the Dra
goon mountains known as the
Lynch ranch together with 60 head
of cattle and all improvements.
For particulars inquire of Mr?. W.
E. Morris, Safford etreei, one house
from the foundry.
Constable' Sale.
oulof JustiieJohn Kit hard-on's Court,
.t No One Townhii. County of Cocli:e.
Tcrri ory of Anzoua, dated the 'JOtli d.iy of
August, 1S35, In a crrtain artiuu wherein
Arthur LaiuK, ils Hjlntitf, r covered jud.
nit lit :ii;.iinl W. B. l.-izaid, Defendjui,
the $.a day of Aisujt, li5.
I hve levieitupon the fvlloHaR descrlli
ed piopcrty, to -vit:
All tht- rijrht title and interest of the paid-D-fcnaiinl,
N B. I.nad, in and to the iniu
Ini; claim, kiinwu as and called the Marga
rita Mining Claim; s.iid InlyeM txinir an
unindiTided one half of ssid Mararila Min
insr Claim, Tomo-tone .Minim; Dirlrict, Co
chise County. Arizona IVrrltiiry. Said Mr
irarita Mining Cl.iim na located on the f.rt
day of Jauuary, liSi. and was n curded on
the fifth day of January. lS8i.in Kecod nf
Mines. Ciichife County Kieord.in B-.olcS,
page 813 tiaid Margarita Mining Cliiin tv
situ-iled about one rcili- and onehaif South
west of the city ol T"aliJc.ce, and ubout
one half mile West of the StoLenall mine,
and lies Immediately South, of tlie Kale
mine. Co nmeiicini; at this monument of
roi k where thi nitice is po-ted n1 run.
ninrTJO feeteterly and T.jO feet c5terly
to a monument of rock, with monuments
of rock on each corner of the claim. Sjid
one-h.ilf interest havttic betn attached ii
the 4th day of Mirrli,lSt5.aiid duly recurdsd
in Countv Recorder's H&ce ou titli day of
March, 1885.
Notice ia hereby triTen that on Tlmrsdiy,
the 10th day of September, 18S5. at 1(1 o'clock
a. m. of that day. in front o: Justit-e C. S.
ClarW'o ctlicc. County of CochUe. I ill sell
all the right, title and interest of raid N. B.
Lazard, In and to the above described prop
erty, at pubUr auction. for ci-h la.'fnl money
to the Mel eel and beet bidder, to salUf;
said execution and all cojtF.
Dated ai Tuinbstons the 20th. dav of Au
ust, 1M5. BEN J AXES.
Comet Saloon
Allen Street Between Sixth and
Seventh Streets.
Pasqual Nigre, Proprietor.
Would announce to the public that he has
just received an invoice of tine liquors; aUo
kods extra fine Martrll and Hennessey
Brandy, Port Wine and Holland Gin, and a
Iarce stock of Zintindcl and other imnorted
winea. In connectiod with the isioon is a
fine billiard table.
St. Julian,
The Best Meal in
Private -Parties a Specialty.
0.5. DIRKS, Proprietor.
Order of Court,
1 Otil'N V, It ZONATKltKiTOKY.
la tbe luitt r of t o Uorn.-r and it. II. I eter
os, who bent fre do .c bufiii ui.u r ttt1
firm nime aad hi Ici K r r & Pe .con, iti
aide am audi rriior. laeulte"! dibto(,
Le .KurieraiidB. II, P.t.rM-n, hub r, "d I'
ih -c urt, t e r p tl lon,itiedui;rd luvn or
li 1 a hency b whlcti it ap.w r. ta.it tLejf aie
HiSo tenn ebtore.th. .!d i.,oKinier and 15. II.
r.t.r u art uer byd c!ar-d tobIueulren .Tue
bi..rif he Oouii y uf CbiliUe U hertby 1 1
need to ake pOf.exi'Ujn of t be rt le teal
a d pro al o iheral.i LKoraet BLd u II
1M r-oi.. dbtn'. Hfapo.er or p-irinerliip o
pe toi.al cbamcti r t-icept nich as nw be by 1
exetnp". Uoiu rsecuiluu. and il ! tbelr djreds
vnu L i, t.o-kj uf aiiuu naid .aper',ai.d b
lui ) llio !n.c eute y un:il tne .iipolntrai m of at.
aclB n-ol theetite All perou r- 1 ibid
Uiuio.puva vleuulo tiw aid inm-Ufat r
it iTbt lb B. r i-i d livt-r anY pro, crly be
l.ii.gl g u li. .j. i r t.i yy i r on, firm or corpur
a om. e-.I...ti lu-iht-lriife. 'lliealaceb
irs a r heubi loiblddeu Vi tr.csier it d 1 '
any pr petty Built the fbrth-r crdir or lilt
VbUci, x ept h relt-O'ikrtd.
li it iuitli-r uid-r.it lLat all tte cred'tors ol
i dde''ttiii. b slid appat before toe Hnti.Wet
..erMree.J"d eittueCou ty Coun of lucMa
Ciiait), Arizona Teir lo y. In peu oo.t, at lb.
tourt loom ot H o- rt la the Ct? ol .oct'i
klit ecoi.t3iMid t ni o.v a u e.uid, ou the WtU
djy ot !-pttmKr l to, at 10 o'clock a. m, ol
Ut d-.y. to prjve tUeir d-n a ami choe ot.e o
in.iir a.luorS -f the etat I -aId eu.bt ir?.
Il I fmiut-r orrt art thai ibeorlr be puillin
edlu'Iiic losiw-t, , .a ly paper and a
uevfpa;ec ot .rutiul drC'Iitlun, Uld-b d lu
the . It. f Tomb n9 tn the county of UocuUe
atliTeiritorjr it Arlzo a. il ofl un- the tald
paptr In publlrbcd before tbe day net lor tlu
line I c of ere lions
Ai.d it is tut tin i orderlrJ that in the ni-atitira
all rtfiKvcuifegaasaiLPi tt.e .aid lu oUjuta be
siaje . WEUbTKK TKE I,
bated Acgul 1, liSj. County Judi;c
Office Fremont nntl 4th St. Next dooi
to PcBtoClce.
Diseases cf Womea and Children.
Anzom MM
IState fur Falrbatk. conncctiarr for e.tstern and wei-tern bound trains, on Southern Pacjiia
rnilronit leavr nt 9:15 o'dotl. a. m Staizo leavt-n ?alihank upon arrival of Sonora traia,
and Icuic- Tninbtone to conned "I'll trahl lo Sonora 11 1 '2 o'c-Rx-k p. m.
St.nre li-r KairbRiik bj w.iy of Cbarlcstou, leaves Tcmbstoue at J o'clock... 12., aua re
turn- upon arriv.il of Benson tiain.
6 1 aire for bibee leue ccry morning at 6 o'clock, except Sundavs.
406 Allen St. Under Occidental BcteL
Robt, Crouch, Proprietor,
TIii k5pn.e i.t JResei'Ted Ioa
Summerfiald Bros.
Having pu chased tlie Kollinrr Stotrk and Horses p
J, C "un"ba, also makmer many additional pxtcliases, 3
ii n 1.1 "v. pepaetl lo ofle to tiie Tombstone public tbe
Finest Turn-outs
Ever Broxiglit to tlie Terxritcwy,
. and on Keasonable Terms
Transient and Boarding Animals
Carefully Cared Per.
.Allen St.3Tbet., 3d and 4th.
A, T. Jones, z - - PrpprlttcHr.
, r
For Salel
One of he oldest aud best pflj.
ing lestaarants ia this. city will b.
iuld. very reasonable if called q3
within the aext two- weeks. Sick,
ness causes the present owner ta
ltavc the territory. For parties
lars-vH or address thia office, whera
full information will be given
Dissolutiou Notice.
The p-tr'nernhip heretofore eilt!ne cadrr Ida
Brro uameof U I). M mil S. Co, nd between
i. IJ.ilerrlll.T, . Kltnhali, and J II. Bl. ,
th lumber aa.l Bull ..tulriem. ha tM cv ..
LdKt-l.td b tamal con-eot, and txe bu.ia.u
ma ulun'Luiini m iuc lu-urc uy bum a Mer
rlU, uhj will collect all accoubta and piv ih Ui'i
0. 1). MauaiH.
Ca.-r'a Canysu, Hsacfcnea M'-untalu, Aug, 1
Co-Partaeship Noiicev
TT lheuderIgn-d, hae this day fntersdla
tnnciipnttn ruhip u der tne rtyle and bmdi u!
Blair A Me till, and w llenllect all bills aad j,,.
all indabtedne.s of the uld firm.
J. 11. Bm.
Can's Canyon. Huacab.cs MonntaJoi Ad, l.'St
: r
The undersigned will apply to tha Bnsai
of I'uidoiis noKin session, for the pardoaol
L. D. E.i reuce, convlcted-at the May trrra
ni the District Court of Cochise county W4
of nidiisljuishter. BEN OOODRICH..
Atto-nsv fopL. D. Lakxsje.
Tomb&tone August 24 1S5.
and Stags Liu,

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