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The Winslow mail. (Winslow, Ariz.) 1893-1926, January 09, 1897, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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r ' ' ' //.
Everything from a Dodder to 5
a Fa-iiejf Bali Programme "
% turned uat in the most
y artistic style. A
'% 9/
•1 H. BE,EE.D. U. Z. RAND.
Flour arid Mill Slut's,
Dry Goods,
Gents Furnishing,
Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes,
Guns and Pistols,
Drugs and Pat Medicines,
J Hardware and Tinware,
- Paints and Oils,
r Camp Outfits,
• Miners Equipments,
Grain and Hay,
' Leather Goods,
And Harness.
Our stock which is complete, consists of a
fine oi general mc-ichandise, in point, of
quality and selection second to none m tbe
Territory. Our aim is to please you. We
ask for your patronage, and we challenge
judgment on hquesfc treatment, lull weight,
and a heaping measure full.
Breed-Hand Mercantile Company j
Fraser, Dagg ob Co.
* . :
fv v r- i
j| j v ’ * ' ““* w ■ / I\ % How iiAiich i\ man la like old shoes!
1 f\\ l,\i \.\t \) All |I J For instance, both a sole (soul; may loose.
O A '-CT' V y V Both have been tanned and both made tight
ij. v By cobblers. Both get left and right.
'*'**' Both need a mate to be complete,
And both are macb; to go on feet.
- p With shoes the last Lmm.wh...
' j v> : l- • '// “The first shall be the last 1 ’! and when
' >(W»,-7r j£?: jy
fzp'jff*''): r‘s - , ... ~ The shoes wear out, they’re mended new,
/ When is'.en wear out they’re men dead too!
‘ /I? Both have their ties and both incline.
When polished, in the world to shine,
j .jJf "t€>£ c 'J§r •
* - i To be a man or be his shoes?
The best shoe old or n«w in the iown
T* la the kind with the stamp of “Hamil
ffli ®B# t MI *§Kl@irMg)B ilton Browu M
, fiOJW&IAn ffJSi/em Z3f
n n n MTi&R wo $Bl9 \
We are the exclusive agents.We don’t keep them ;
we sell them.
* < Finest Brands of Kentucky Whiskies t>
First National Bank
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Authorized Capital $500,000
* Officers and Directors.
IOS HU V REYNOLDS. President, A. A. KEEN, Cashier, A. A. GRANT,
\[. W. FLOURNOY, Vico Prosident, FRANK McKEE, Ass’t Cashier.
• - Uni tv t States Depository and Depository for Atlantic & Pacific and Atchison,
* Topeka & Santa Fe Railroads.
’ ... & * VJ
_ . •■ y _
y, v *^ k >w^
mye «;n.vr pntiU
Editor a:;d Pjjoi'Hietoh.
Entered nt the post office at Winslow, Ariz.,
us second eiass mail matter.
One year £3 00
Six months— .. t 50
Single copies io
pi-play, per inch per month, Si 00; reading
notices, per line, first insertion, 10 cents;
each subsequent insertion, 5 cents: per line
I per month, 21' cents.
iFromtbr surrounding country of local in
.eitst solicited.
i- " •
; Shingles or roofing tiles made of pa
per pulp are now being used in Nor
way, and are said to b 9 superior to any
other material for roofing purposes.
Insurance companies rate them as safe
and desirable.
A wise and humane justice of the
| peace in Chicago has decided that a
,;oostei that crows at night is a nui
sance, and he asseased a judgment of
$lO against a woman who maintained a
j fowl of that kind to the annoyance of
I her neighbors.
The advance agent of prosperity eon
, tiuues his onward march. Banks are
j succumbing to the stringency of the
1 money market. Business houses vhat
have heretofore been regarded as solid
concerns, are having their doors closed
by officers or making voluntary assign
ments to protect their creditors. And
the promised era of prosperity and re
j newed activity in commercial circles
j has but just begun.
j Tne permanent headquarters of the ;
I Republican National Committee are j
I now regularly open in Washington for
the transaction of business. Secretary {
Perkins is in charge and his terse state
ment, “We are in for the war for four i
! years, tells the purpose in view. The !
J committee will contmue to send sound
mouoy literature where it will do the
| most good. In the face of all this the
; republican newspapers are claiming
| that the free silver craze is a dead is
[■BPft -
Bulletin No. 20 of the Arizona Ex
; pe-riment Station is just ready for dis
tribution. It is a bulletin of some 40
pages, entitled “Arizona Weather” and
treats more fully perhaps in a scienti
fic way of the climate of Arizona than
any other publication yßt issued. In
j addition to the exhaustive tables upon
• the weather of Arizona there are full
notes in explanation of the tables and
comments upon temperature, hurnidi
i ty, etc., showing thßir relation to each
| other and how they affect the comfort
;of the residents of Arizona. It will be
I of value not only to those interested in
gene:;f4 meteorology but to all those j
: who are seeking a mild climate. It may
| be secured by applying to Experiment
Station, Tucson, Arizona.
Secretary Lamont has issued an offi- |
cial order directing the attendance of
I the cadets or the West Point Military
I Academy at the inauguration of Presi
dent McKinley, and a similar order to
j the naval cadets at Annapolis is ex-
I peeled from Secretary Herbert. These
cadets have not taken part in an inau
gural parade since President Grant's
second inauguration; when their expo-1
sure without overcoats to the terrible
! weather of that day resulted in several
I deaths and much sickness.
Since relative humidity is a function
! of temperature, it does not constitute
I a means of comparison as to the quan
tities of moisture actually present in
i the air at different places and times.
I However, it is not the absolute humid
| ity, but the percentage of saturation
1 which makes the extremes of tempera-
I ture most annoying to animal life.
; Statements of relative humidity, there
\ fore, in connection with those of tem
; perature, give information concerning
the comparative discomfort of life in
different climates.—Bulletin 20, Ari
zona Experiment Station.
Eugene V. Debs has left the people’s
party to become an out and out social-
I ist. In a letter in the Railway Times,
I he states he supported Bryan and free
silver, not because he regarded free
coinage of silver as a panacea for na
; tioual ills, but because it furnished a
‘rallying cry and common ground
against trusts, syndicates and corpora
tions, and once united, they could
press forward against industrial slav
ery. He says 80 per cent of the organ
ized wage-earners voted for Bryan, and
the result of the election is due tn the
fact that unorganized workers over-
I whelmingly outnumbered those who
; were organized, and who had been edu
; cated and drilled in the tactics of the
! enemy and could noc be coerced from
voting their own convictions. The bal
lot, however much it has been eulogized
has been beaten to earth by boodle, and
it cannot be relied upon to execute the
will of the people while they are in iu
' dustrial bondage. He believes there is
away out of the “labyrinth of tortuous
blinding and confus'ag ■ aze.” Lead
ers of the socialist army have throv-. n
open the door of hope to the toiling
masses. Speaking fur himself, he says
he is a socialist because he has become
convinced that the competitive system
is utterly cannibalistic. The issue is
socialism versus capitalism. He con
fesses no hope for the toiling masses
except by the pathway mapped out by
j the socialist. The election is really a
j flaming symbol of victory, because it
aroused the mind forces of millions of
Here is the kind an obituary that
a Georgia editor pu : up for a poor man:
“Poor Jidi clung b < earthly garments
on a iimb and « . : i the river yester
j day. He didn’t stc ’ hack because the
| water was cold, bu plunged right in,
, rose smiling and - uck right out for
| the other shore, w> •" the angels were
I waiting for him wuh a finer suit than
'he had ever vycra i: his life. Jim was
! a poor man, but he Led his subscription
to his home paper all paid up, and he
got there in good shape.”
A party of capitalists were taken over
the projected raiifoad line between
here and Globe, since the adjournment
of the Irrigation Congress, by W- A.
Kimball, of Mesa. 'Vhile not going in
td details as to the feasibility of such
a road, they are of the opinion that it
j will not be long before the move to
; construct wRI take tor m, it is believed
j that tbe gentlemen are interested in
the San Diego proposition, which was
: surveyed several years ago along the
Gila river and \va3 known as the San
Diego., Phqmix and Globe railway pro
ject.— Thcenix Republican.
A Printer’s Christmas.
Tho following is tl9 way the printers
of Phoenix spent Christmas, according
to the versatile pen of C. N. Stark, the
genius of the Phoenix Republican:
Asked how he expected to spend
j Christm one of the fraternity that
( depends on the prhit shop to “space
; out” that darksome gulf between the
! happy memory of childhood and the
- hope of immortality, said:
“We will pass the annual feast day I
as usual in the prin iug office ‘chapel - j
in fasting and in pn per. For the time
being we will withdraw the ‘profession
al proboscis’from the proverbial ‘space
box,’ wash our dilapidated ‘forms’ in a
lull of peperntrat: - b«n»r prove our
•galleys’ and punctuate our unfortunate
conditions with secular language, and
as the foreman yells ‘3o!’ there will be
a mad rush for the contents of the
‘paste pot.’ Those who get left will,
work the free lunches to a finish, strike
the business ollice for a loan on the
next ‘string’ or a letter of credit at the
chop house and spend the evening in
Poverty flat bv a one-candle power
light in a ‘Pabst’ burner, perusing the
book of Job and wondering when the
boils will break out. '
Origin of Santa Claus.
As for Santa Claus himself, he has
surely a guarantee of immortality, if
ever a creation of human fancy and
I domestic affection did so. He has a
history—much of it legendary, we must
confess —which of itself makes him a ‘
noted character. He seems to be a I
; composite personality, uniting the Boy 1
Bishop of old times in England, the j
Ohrist-kindlein of Germany—the Christ J
child who came down the chimney on ■
Christinas eve to fill the children's j
stockings-and the St. Nicholas of the - !
Fourth century, who, having inherited
a large fortune, devoted it to the re
lieving of distress, and sometimes the
necessities of those who in some dis
tress of evil fortune became embar
rassed, or reduced from wealth to pov
erty. The reindeerand the sleigh,must,
be of a far northern origin. Thus the
orient, Britain, Germany and Scandi
navia, appear to have each a hand in
creating a personality which is so dear
to us all because it represents what is
most simple, kindly and beneficent in
: the more intimate relations of human i
life.—Chicago Standard.
News Items in Brief.
A Missouri legislator has introduced
a bill in the legislature making foot
ball a felony.
In Russia people must marry before
80 or not at all, and they are also limit
ed to five marriages..
In some oceans, particularly to the
south of Japan, islands have away of
appearing and disappearing without j
Guv. Atkinson, of Georgia, says can
didly that he thinks the Nashville Cen
tennial exposition will more than equal
Atlanta’s big show.
On the Augusta Southern railway, at
Greenwood, eight miles from Augusta,
an engine turned completely over at a
switch, but the engineer and fireman
were unhurt.
It is feared that the famine in India
; will be the worst ever known there in
spite of the recent rains, which it was
believed would in a great measure re
lieve tbe suffering.
The pipe smoked by the new shah of
s Persia on state occasions is set with
i jiiamnnfls, rubies and emeralds of tbe
costliest kind, and is stated to be worth
as much as $-109,000.
A letter has been discovered in the
British museum which gives the origin
of the game of billiards. It was in
vented by a London pawnbroker, whose
name was Wm. Kew,
Some English painters have left great
fortunes, notably Turner and Landseer.
Turner l ift $700,009, while the value of
Sir Edwin Landseer’s personality was
A Kentucky woman bad a man ar
rested the other day on the charge of
her, and a Pennsylvania woman
is suing for divorce because her hus
band never kisses her.
i The Red Cross society has made its
j way into the Transvaal—the thiity
ninth power that has welcomed this so
j ciety, which is working so earnestly to
| mitigate the horrors o* war.
The heredity of genius is illustrated
by the Harvard senior class elections,
in which the son of Carl Schurz was
chosen as ivy orator and t'ue son of Jo
seph 11. Choate as class poet.
There will be held next year in honor
: of the sixtieth year of the reigu of the
queen an exhibition of 200 selected pic
tures illustrating Victoria’s epoch. The
artists are to be Englishmen.
One of the most prosperous farms in
Kansas is owned and operated solely by
women. It is located in Butler county
and is owned by Mrs. Ogden. She and
her daughter perform all the work.
Recent supposed supernatural and
ghostly phenomena have been explain
ed in a very commonplace way. In In
dianapolis it was an old cracked gas
pipe. In New York it was an old can
non in the navy yard.
The bushmon, or low grade Ilottan-1
tots, on the plains of South Africa, j
have a language which has been proved j
to be a close approximation to that of j
the higher apes. It consists of hissing, |
clicking and grunting sounds.
An eminent medical authority as
i sorts that getting up early tends to ex-
I haust the physical power and to short
en life, while the so-called invigorating
I early hours are apt to produce lassi
tude, aud are positively dangerous to
some constitutions.
Chitwood, Oregon,ha3 a rooster which j
came there in the pilot of a railroad |
'engine, and since his arrival has be-!
i haved properly; but before his advent
I there had made two prolonged stops in
! his progress along the line of the rail
road, and had run with a flock of sheep
and then with a herd of cattie.,
The value of resident property in
London is exemplified by the award of
$l,:]t)0,000 given Lord Fortman for 14
acres of ground required by the new
Manchester and Shenield railroad for j
a site upon which to build a station and
hotel. The property adjoins 46 acres I
of the Eyre estate, for which the same j
railroad was compelled to pay over sl,-|
The present royal crown of Great
Britain was made especially for the cor
onation of Queen Victoria. w r ho suc
| needed to tho throne June 20, 1837, aud
was crowned at Westminster June 28,
| 1833. To manufacture the present
| crown a number of old crowns belong-
I ing to the preceding sovereigns were
' broken up and the gems extracted for
use In the queen’s crown.
Quite in contrast with the material- 1
igtio temper of tho age was that remark j
once made by Prof. Agassiz, when of-!
sered a higher salary if he would re
move to another position than the one
he was so laboriously and faithfully
filling: “I can not afford to waste my
time making money.”
Ever since the assassination of the j
Czar Alexander If, the young emperor
of Russia, H ; s said, has carried about
with him a small revolver widen was :
given to him by his mother, the dowa-1
ger empress of Russia, who exacted the ;
: promise that whenever ha wa3 away |
from the royal palace he would carry \
it with him
Wild animals, such as bears, wild-i
cats and lynxes, are said to be unusu-;
ally plentiful in northern Wisconsin 1
this year. In the more remote portions |
of the state they are said to be so num- !
erous and ferocious that it is really un
safe for a person to be in the forests
unarmed after nightfall.
Recently some ingenious surgeons
were reported to have successfully
transplanted a section of a dog’s nerve
into a human subject, and now they
have removed the diseased pancreas j
from a Sen Francisco man, who was j
dying of diabetes, and replaced the or-!
gan w r ith a healthy one from a canine, j
At this rate the doctors will by aud by
be building up a composite anatomy
J not easy to classify,
Says the New Fork Sun: Issuing
; notes is not banking; it is commonly a
function of government. Instead of
| the government being in the banking
business, tue note issuing banks may
be said to be in the government busi
ness. How like a never-to-be-forgot
" ten paragraph in Bryan’s speech be
i fore the national conven
> ; tion. j" ro p cl V S
y of • • * • >
:■ •' -
Ladies, Misses ami (litas Floats ami oapes,
Lesser & Sawyer
Winslow ; : Arizona.
| {: CIGARS i
CO-'tlCfc'ii Oil TTKE
Fashionable and Popular Resort
"" ' " " ’■ .. I
------- :
Q-vC' —' v -' L
..... ......
|.' - |
Liveni, Feed
Sale Stable.
criwelu m
jHay &
Also Agents for
Crescent Coal Co.,
Safest, jggm&s L| Z hte9t *
simplest. mim&Mk Easlest
S*ror .'est Working,
T.;n i -V-' Accurate,
* p linger
■ i Receiver. Compact,
Most Modern and progressive
v,.r or information write to
‘ 5 t Nttv Haven, Corin.
:3sary ij
r n
l |
51 he Winslow Mail I
V ' *
k Devoted to the Interests of 'Winslow?
and Navajo County.
Ironclad Enamelled Ware,
Sheet-Tin, 7”.nc*
Galvanized Ibn, Etc,
Made to Order,
, Plulif of all Kinds, ’
Genera! Repairing, Etc.
’ wantedatOnce
Active agents for each county. Ex
clusive control and no risk. O ill clta
from 12 to 25 hundred dollars a year
Enclose stamp tor full particulars or
°sc for $1 sample. Big Rapids mineral
Water Co., Big Rapids, Mich.
\j\J v omer, to travel for responsible estnb
* * fished house in (here insert name of
vour state.) Salarj $730, payable sls week !y
an 1 expenses. Position permanent. Keter
exp-e. Enclose self-addressed stamped en
i veiope. The National Star Building, Chicago
Wanted-An Idea SSSI
Protect vour lipas; thev may bring you wealth.
Write J<?HN WEDDEKB&RN & CO., Patent Attot
nevs e Wasbington, D. C., for t&eir SI.BW prize oifet
; ani i list of two hundred iiiventioni wanted.
NO. 1

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