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The Winslow mail. (Winslow, Ariz.) 1893-1926, May 02, 1908, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Great Men’s Signatures Alike.
"From my pile of autographs 1 take
me of a statesman, well known, and
lay it side by side with the autographs
of a great author and a great ecclesi
astic,” writes a British publicist. “All
three are very small, exquisitely neat,
very little slanted, absolutely legible.
Well as I kDew the three writers, I
doubt if I could tell which wrote
which. They were Cardinal Manning,
Mr. Froude and Lord Rosebery. Will
the experts tell me if, in this case,
similarity of writing bodied forth sim
ilarity of gifts or qualities?”
Mining in England.
The value of the minerals mined
and quarried in the United Kingdom
last year was £95,870,723. The out
put of coal was the largest on record
—236,128,936 tons —but the value was
only £82,038,553, as against £83,851,-
784 in 1904, when the output was 3,-
500,000 tons less. The total quantity
of coal, coke and patent fuel exported
was 67,160,045 tons. There was an
increase of 816,421 tons in the iron
ore output.
Lost in a 100.000-Acre Pasture.
Tom Johnson, the 14-year-old son of
John Johnson, who lives near Gates
valley, Atascosa county, went out
hunting one day recently and lost his
way in a 100,000-acre pasture. He
wandered around in the pasture for
three days before a searching party
found him. He was without food and
water during all that time. He was
35 miles from home when found. —Ex-
Notes Always Pure White.
The Bank of England refuses to use
color for its notes on account of the
fact that the authorities believe that
its whiteness and apparent simplicity
are the greatest safeguards against
forgery. The whiteness of a Bank of
England note is different to that of
any other paper, and is obtained by
using only the very finest linen rags
in the making.
Fashion in Brides.
The natives of the Sandwich islands
estimate women by their weight. The
Chinese require them to have de
formed feet and black teeth. A girl
must be tattooed sky-blue and wear a
nose ring to satisfy a South Sea
islander. Certain African princes re
quire their brides to have their teeth
filed into the semblance of a saw.
Long Sleep Brought Death.
There is a record in medical works
of a man near Rochester, N. Y., who
slept five years, neVer waking more
than 16 hours at a time, and that only
at intervals of six weeks or more.
When seized by the trance he weighed
160 pounds, and he dwindled to 90
pounds No treatment availed; he
Cut Out of a Sphere.
In the production of common watch
glasses the glass is blown into a
sphere about 40 inches in diameter,
sufficient material being taken to give
the desired thickness. Discs are then
cut. out from this sphere with the aid
of a pair of compasses having a dia
mond at the extremity of one leg.
Danger in Giving Up Business.
The man who wishes to live out his
allotted span of life, with ten or 20
years to spare, should never retire
front business. That is the opinion
of Dr. Scofield, an eminent physician
of London. He says there is a great
danger in any sudden change of an
vironment after a certain age.
High Time.
Mother (to daughter whose father
goes around the corner every time she
opens the piano)—Emily, you must
stop practicing. Your father’s nose al
ready shows signs of it. —Translated
for “Transatlantic Tales,” from Flie
gende Blatter.
Dr. L. M. Swigert of Swigert
Bros., Opticians will be in Wins
low and Holbrook again about
May 30th.(See exact dateslater)
If there is anything the matter
with your eyes or In need ofglass
es “ that fit right” wait for us.
This will be our last visit to
Winslow and vicinity until fall.
Have your eves attended tonow.
Insist upon DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve. There are substi
lutes, but there is only one ori
ginal. ‘D is healing, soothing
and cooling and is especially
good for piles.
Sold by Winslow Drug Store,
A. E. Gil lard. Prop.
Yorkshire Cakes.
Put two pounds flour into a pan;
mix in a small basin one pint of milk
slightly warmed, four ounces oiled
butter, three tablespoonfuls of yeast,
and two eggs; beat all well together
with a fork; make a well in the cen
ter of the flour, pour in the mixture;
let it stand in a warm place for 20
minutes, then mix in the egg and milk,
and knead into a dough. Take off
pieces, knead into rounds, then roll
out flat about one inch thick; put on
greased tins, set them by the side of
the fire; let them rise about 20 min
utes, and bake in a moderate oven.
Divide in the center, toast lightly,
then butter; put the two pieces to
gether, cut into quarters, and serve
on a hot plate.
Friend —is the biide you're working
for getting to be a good housekeeper?
Cook —T-’o, she hasn't learned to keep
out of the kitchen yet.—Detroit Free
Xf If] iijbjk sample Latest Model “R-tnger ’ bicycle furnished by us. Our agents everywhere are
‘ i j : V* 3 *; making money last. Write for full particulars and special offer at once.
iC c« >0 HUNEI KKQUIKGI) until you teceive and approve of your bicycle. >Veship
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mh iff WH p / fAj allow TKN UAl'B’ FREE TuiAL duiing which time you may ride the bicycle and
Ml \ I ilv Si, f v w r> ut t 0 any test you wish. Ii you are then not perfectly satisfied or do not wish to
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W ai SECOND 11 USD BICYCLES. We do not regularly handle second hand bicycles, but
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OnfICTCD D3/UTC S‘“K‘ wheels, imported roller chains and pedals, parts, repairs and
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Ivor two hundred thousand pairs now in’ use. • l x
DESCRIPTION: Made in all sizes. It is livcT. (
nd east riding.vet vuui able and linedinside with ffj
t special quality of rubber, which never becomes
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hr the air to escape. We have hundreds ofletters from satis- I If
,d customers stating that tiieir tires have only been pumped UR * A‘i P „
ponce or twice in a whole season. They weigh no more than )T •"*
:i ordinary tire, the puncture resistingqualities being given I® KoutTa as oTher
v several layers of thin, specially prepared fabric on the V9P make-SOFT ELASTIC ViS
end. The regtilar price of these tires 15J8.50 per pair, but for Tj KIDIVO aatl
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ickel plated brass hand pump. Tires to be returned at OUR expense if for any reason they are
1 satisfactory on examination. We are perfectly reliable and money sent to us'is as safe as in a
uik. If you order a pair of these tires, you will find that they will ride easier, run faster,
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Train on Northern Pacific Wrecked
While Standing on Bridge.
That trains may be wrecked even
when standing still was proven by an
accident on the Northern Pacific. Be
tween Wallace and Saltese a trestle
was built on a reverse curve. It was
about 300 feet long and reached a
height of about 80 feet. The night be
fore the accident a train consisting of
a snow plough, two engines and two
passenger cars, a caboose and a push
ing engine had been battling with the
drifts between Wallace and Dorsey,
making slow progress. At 4 a. m. the
“S” bridge was reached, and, the en
gine and train crews being exhausted,
it was decided to stop until daybreak.
All sections of the train were then
coupled, and the crews retired to the
caboose, with the train still standing
on the bridge.
About 7 a. m. a snowslide started up
on the mountain, and, gathering force
in its progress, swept down and over
the waiting train. The trestle of the
bridge was swept away, and the ca
boose, containing eight men, dropped
80 feet into the deep snow. Only one
suffered any injury at all, and he got
out of it with a broken hip. There
were eight or nine passengers in the
coach, and one of these leaped from
the window and fell 70 feet. He ax
tricated himself and returned unaided
to the coach. The other passengers
did not receive even a shock.
The Age of Artificial Beauty,
Writers on topics concerning wom
en's matters would fain have us be
live that the present is the age of
beauty. The fact is that never before
have *he arts of artificiality been so
widely advocated among all classes
as they are to-day.—London Opinion
Rural Delights.
Tired City Child —Mamma, I’m aw
ful sick of city streets.
Mamma—Well, my dear, next Sat
urday we’ll go to Central park, and
you can have a lovely time all day
long keeping off the grass.—N. Y.
X Maw j4/o;?
Attorneys at Law.
Notary Public
Winslow, Arizona.
W ill practice in all the courts of the Tei
W. P. Geary,
Winslow, A-tzona.
Will practice in all the Terri
torial Courts
Office in the BOOTH BLOCK
10 a.m. to 12 noon,
2 p. m. to 4 p. m.,
7p; m. to 8 p. m.
11 to 12 a. m.
2to 4 p. m.
Notary Public and Conveyancer
Abstracting of titles
promptly attended to
Office in Court House
Holbrook - - Arizona
Jeweler and Optician.
A Pine Line of Standard
Repairing a Specialty.
P« st Office Hours
Hereafter the post office hours
will be as follows:
Week days:B a.m.to 6:30 p.m.
Sundays: 12 m. to 1 p. m.
News Items
or advertisements to be printed
in this pnper must be handed in
before 12 o’clock of each
A moth destroyer and disinfectant,
Placed under carpets, or in the folds of
furs and clothing, it drives away moths
and worry. Twelve sheets in a packet,
carriage prepaid, 10 cents; six packets.
50 cents, if druggists does not have it.
Madigan Powder Works, Selec
tion 898 Clarksville, lowa.

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