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Entered in the Postoffice at Winslow as
second-class matter.
Editor and Proprietor.
All subscriptions payable in advance
Every subscriber’s paper will be stopped at
expiration of subscription.
Publication Office: Mail Building.
For President
of Nebraska
For Vice President
of Indiana
For Delegate to Congress:
of Tucson.
Tucson, Oct. 19, 1908.
Mr. Joe Dillon,
Chairman Democratic Central
Prescott, Arizona.
My dear Friend:
Having yesterday received an
other wire from Chicago, urging
my presence in the national cam
paign lor Bryan, I have decided
to go and do my best for him and
for my country in serving him.
I am not unmindful ol what our
enemies may say r , touching my
absence, but let them say what
they will, my purpose is, regard
less ol personal ambition, togive
my verv best service to the cause
ol the“G'-eat Commoner,” whose
election means so much to the
common welfare and whose de
teat means the perpetuity’ol pres
ent hard conditions, ii it does
not further mean a last journey
to even a worse state ol affairs.
1 thank you for the great interest
you have taken in mv campaign
and the valuable service you have
rendered. I leave my future in
in the hands of my friends, while
I, in an ampler field, am striving
for my country as best I can.
Very sincerely yours,
Marcus A Smith.
R. C. Kauftman, more familiar,
ly. known as “Jack”, who has
been for some time past holding
the position of cashier in the
local Santa Fe agents office, has
resigned and can now be found
in the Navajo County Bank, hav
ing assumed charge of the books
of that institution.
By the resignation of Mr.Kauft
man, a series of promotions has
taken place in the Santa Fe of
fice, W. G. Code being the new
Rev. Father Connolly will be
absent for the next week or ten
days visiting at Tucson.
N* Y. Times Praises Work of Mark Smith
Great Eastern Newspaper Tells Interesting Incidents
In Congress That Prove the Ability of
Arizona’s Delegate
(Taken from the New York Times of
June 22,190<>.)
When, last Thursday, Mark Smith
stung Speaker Canuou into taking the
floor in bis own defense he accomplish
ed something that no representative
has been able to do
Mark Smith is not a representative;
he is a voteless delegate, admitted to
the floor in handcuffs. If Arizona ever
becomes a state in his lifetime, he will
be a senator; at present, he occupies j
the most insigniflcEut place allotted to j
auybodj- in the two branches of con- >
gress. For a delegate to make himself 1
beard, to achieve a high and respected
position among his more fortunate
colleagues, is well nigh impossible.
Mark Smith, however, has avcom
plished it by sheer force of character
and ability, and if bis territory ever
becomes a state she will enter the na
tional councils with one senator whose
position in the capital is already made,
and her voice will out-weigh that of
some eastern states—New York, for
When Cannon took the floor he was
wild with rage, and his face was red to
the top of his bald head. He had in
tended to flay Smith, but as he began
speaking he got cooler and realized the
fatal mistake he would make iu doing
so and his speech tapered off into a
simple defense of himself.
Smith had “got under his skin” as
no previous eiritie had evei done. The
savage personal attack of Shackleford
bad moved him not. iu the least. John
Sharp Williams’ criticisms had annoy
ed him, but bad not provoked him into
taking the floor. The reason for Smith’s
success was the extraordinary srtistic
nature of the trimming which thedele
gate gave. It is in this line of attack
that Smith excels, and there is no one
in congress who can match him iu it.
Whereas Shackleford and Williams
had attacked the speaker directly,
Smith never mentioned him. He did
not allude to the house machine, toMr.
Cannon nor to any one else. Heading
through his speech, no oue uninformed
about the progress of the statehood
bill would see anything iu it more than
a vague criticism ct persons unknown.
Yet the whole thing was a withering
denunciation of the speaker. That is
why it was artistic.
This is the sentence that lashed the
speaker to ungovernable fury and made
him leave the chair: “There is a law in
Arizona that if oue legislator trades
with another on legislation before that
body he is guilty of a misdemeanor,
and if the governor shall attempt in
The democratic candidates for
the variouscounty offices started
from Holbrook Thursda}’ morn
ing on a tour of the various pre
eints where they will hold meet
ings. The final rally will prob
ably be held in the Winslow Opera
House on Friday evening, Oct.
30th, when it is expected that
all the candidates on the ticket
will appear before the voters of
Mrs. R. T. O’Rourke returned
Saturday from San Francisco
where she has been for the past
three weeks visiting with rela
that, benighted land to influence legis- [
lation by promises of veto he goes to
the peniteutiHry, under the laws of the
That was all. Not a reference to
Cannon iu it, apparently, and he had
not alluded to Cannon in the preced
ing part of his speech. It was all strict
ly parlameutary. Yet not one of
hearers has the slightest doubt about
the point, which was that if Cannon
had done in Arizona what he had done
in Washington, he would have gone to
the penitentiary.
This ability of Smith’s artistic flaying
has been demonstrated often enough
and was demonstrated once before at
this session, when the state-hood bill
was jammed through the house. Taw
ney of Minnesota had been one of the
leading insurgents; had been in con
ference with Smith, and had assured
the frienes of Arizona of his undying
friendship. The speaker applied the
party lash to him, aud Tawney was
forced into camp. Hut it whs not
enough for the remorsless speaker that
Towuey should vote against his friends;
he must speak against them too. So
Tawney had ro gel up aud deliver the
best apology he could for his course,
and in doing so he again repeated his
protestatious of friendship for Arizona
Then Mark Smith obtained the floor
He walked down the floor asile until
he could look directly in the face of
the conscience-stricken Tawney, and
said iu a voice shaking with emotion:
“Aud Joab said to Amass, ‘Art thou
iu health, my brother'?’ and Joab took
Amesa by the hand with the right hand
to kiss him.’
j “But Amasa took no heed of the
I sword that was in Joab’s baud; so he
| smote him therewith iu t be fifth rib and
. shed out his bowels to the ground ”
I Tawney spread his lingers over his
face so that the frantically applauding
house might not see his expression; but
the deep red that dyed his face crept
up to his forehead and only disappear
ed at the roots of his Pair.
A delegate iu congress cannot vote
or make a speech except when matters
come up which affect his own territory.
There have been mauy delegates who
have lived their lives and disappeared
without leaving any record because of
their lack of opportunity. Mr. Smith
is an exception. He has shown great
skill iu his management of the fight
for Arizona. He has been back of
many of the moves made by more dis
tingushed statesmen. His heart is
wrapped up in the cause of Arizona,
aud he eats, dreams and sleeps Arizona
—Bisbee Daily Review.
District Attorney W. P. Geary
visited Jerome and other points
in the immediate vicinity during
the past week returning to Wins
low on No. 2 Wednesday evening.
Mr. Geary, who is a candidate
to succeed himselt, left Thursday
morning on a tour of the county
in company with the other can
didates on the democratic ticket.
The weather during the past
week has been decidedly wintry
frost being a nightly occurence,
standing water being covered by
a thin coating of ice during the
early morning.
Notice is hereby’ given that 1
will sell at public auction the fol
lowing described property’, for
storage charges:
Three boxes of household goods
weighing 310 pounds, belonging
to C. E. Everson.
Said sale will take place at 10
o’clock a. m. at Creswell’s ware
house Saturday, November 7th,
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