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The Winslow mail. (Winslow, Ariz.) 1893-1926, August 12, 1911, Image 6

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Mrs. Anderson, who has been
in Flagstaff for some time, re
turned this week and has taken
rooms at the Downs House.
Mrs. Polly Williams and her
mother, Mrs. Clough, and the
former’s sister, Mrs. Nell Thomp
son, and children, left this week
lor California beaches.
The Ladies Aid society of the
Methodist church will have a
bakery sale, Saturday, August
the 19th, at the City Meat Mar
ket, beginning at 12 o’clock
Seethe Go-Carts at the Wins
low Furniture Store. 33 Y3 per
cent discount the next two
weeks. *
If You Want a Good Cigar
A mild yet satisfying smoke, that,
won’t tamper with your nerves, smoke
Dr Edward S. Godfrey, terri
tonal superintendent of the
Board of Health, was a Wins
low visitor this week, looking
over the local situation in his
line. He left for St. Johns, in
Apache county, on a tour of in
spection, and on his way back
to Phoenix will again stop over
in Winslow. Dr. Godfrey made
the statement that Navajo coun
ty, as much as he has seen of it,
is a good example lor other
counties of what can be done in
the way ol good work along
those lines with persistent ef
forts and co-operation with the
local Board of Health. He
praises the work done by County
Physician Dr. Geo. P, Sampson
very highly.
Attention to stylish dressers.
We received our new line of fall
and winter samples of Men’s
Made to Order Suit Fabrics
which consists of the latest and
most up-to-date goods on the
market. Come in and look them
over. We have two of the best
tailoring houses in the country
doing our work who guarantee
Mr. and Mrs. Gilpin of Kansas
City, Kans., are here visiting
with Mr. and Mrs. Riley Wol
cott. Mrs. Gilpin is a sister oi
Mrs. Wolcott. After a lew weeks
visit here the}' will return to
Kansas City, accompanied by
their son Eustice, who has been
here visiting lor the past two
N. Heymer has taken a con
tract this week for the building
of a residence for Mrs. J. I Krenz,
mother of Mrs. Spellmire, to be
erected on her property across
the street from the Mail office.
The building will be ol brick and
will cost in the neighborhood ol
Talk about your dry, arid and
dusty Arizona, we have had
enough rain here this week to
share a portion with our Iriends
in the east.
Mrs. Robert Pow r ell left on No.
10 Monday night for a six
weeks’ visit with her parents
and friends in the east.
F. Mulch of Gallup was a bus
iuess visitor here Tuesday.
Jos. Oldakcr, manager of the
Electric Theatre, was contined
to his room for a few days this
week with a severe attack oi
G. N. Hathaway came to town
this week from Ash Fork, having
resigned his position to take up
the life insurance business for
the New York Life Insurance Co.
At the present time he is in the
mountains rounding up a few cat
tle which he had on the range
here for years, having brought
them from Old Mexico, that
he intends selling to some par
ties here in town.
Mrs. Hibben, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs M. D. Todd, is a visi
tor here this week with her fath
er and mother.
Mrs. A. J. Ratelle and babe
left Thursday evening for a visit
in Los Angeles.
Chas. C. Stemmer of Flagstaff
was a visitor here this week.
0. B. Sutton and Pedro Arese
made up a trainload of sheep at
this city the past week to be
shipped to the Kansas City mar
kets, consisting of eight cars,
five ears belonging to Mr. Sutton
and three ears to Mr. Arese. The
total number of sheep amounted
to about 1,800 head.
A trainload of sheep consisting
of six cars passed through Wins
low this week from Flagstaff to
Kansas City markets, the ship
pers being Campbell & Francis,
of Flagstaff'. In all there were
j about 1,800 head.
It is rumored that the Bank of
Winslow has this week purehas
led the lots known as the Hanks
& Daze lots, occupied at the
| present time by the livery stables
| of Chas. Daze.
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Barsaloux
left for San Francisco and other
California cities 'to visit for the
next thirty days.
Dr. O. S. Brown, local Santa
Fe physician, was called to Los
Angeles Wednesday on account
of his daughter, who is confined
to a hospital at that city with
scarlet lever.
The Windsor Bar changed
hands this week, Mr. Yount sell
ing out his entire interest in that
place to Mr. E. A. Wing, who is
now conducting the business.
Mr. Wing needs no introduction
to the Winslow public, being in
the employ of the Santa Fe as
conductor for years and is classed
among the old-timers.
Frank Jay left this week for
San Fransisco on a visit.
W. F. Buck, General Superin
tendent of Motive Power for the
Santa Fe, spent a day here this
week, inspecting the local shops
We wish to call the attention
of the ladies of Winslow to the
fact that our Mr. Anderson will
leave in a few days for Cleveland
and Chicago to select a ship
ment of Ladies’ Ready to Wear
clothing which will be the best
the market affords this year.
Belter wait before purchasing
your fall suit and look over our
large assortment. Babbitt Bro
thers Merc. Co. f
Dispatcher Hargis and family
returned Monday morning from
the coast where they have been
for the past two weeks.
Mrs. R. T. O’Rourke and daugh
ters Polly and Mamie left for
San Francisco Sunday to visit
with relatives and friends.
Mis, J. B. Drumm, daughter
Alta and the babe left Monday
morning for Merietta Springs,
where Mrs. Drumm goes to take
baths for a severe attack of rheu
W. G. Kelly made a business
trip to Gallup last Monday.
Johnnie Drumm came in from
the hills this week where he was
on a few weeks’ vacation at the
ranch of Spellmire & Lyons.
C. J. Spellmire returned this
week from his vacation at his
ranch in the mountains where
he spent a few weeks on account
of his health. Mr. Spellmire
looks hale and hearty after his
outing and is again attending
to his numerons duties in the
mercantile business with re
newed vigor and energy.
Rev.J. Arnett made his regular
trip to Holbrook Tuesday to at
tend to his flock at the county
Six mail pouches were stolen
from the depot platform last
Friday evening at Flagstaff,
which were put on the platform
awaiting the east and west
trains. It is also reported that
the money drawer of the agent
was rifled the same night, dhe
robbery was not discovered un
til the arrival of the trains. The
theft was reported to the Santa
Fe officials along the line and
Capt. Greene, who was here at
the time, made a hurried trip to
Flagstaff. Up to the present
time there is no clue to the rob
' ~ :
FOR SALE—Young chicken
ry’s, W. A. Vaughan, near J. J
Tatum. Call at house after 5
p. m., or at Furniture Store
through the day.
LOST— Lion head watch charm
with brilliant setting. Finder;
return to Mr. Porter at Babbitt!
Bros Mere. Co. and get reward, j
lot oi new books, suitable loi
any library, including 25 vol
umes ol Alexander Dumas’
works. Inquire at the Mail
FOR RENT —Small furnished
house. Apply at this office.
FOR SALE —Three-room frame
cottage and two lots. A bar
gain. Cash or terms. SeeJ. E.
Dunn. J;
The Cigar Test is the Cigar Flavor
A strong cigar is a wrong cigar. The
‘nervousness” has been left out of the
Don’t forget to come to the
big dance tonight at the Opera
House. Three piece orchestra. *
All those who are in arrears in
payments upon lots in the Hicks’
Addition, are requested to make
settlements during August, as I
will have to keep accounts up
to date.
R. P. Hesser returned Satur
day morning last from Denver,
Colo., where he has been for the
past month. Dick left here a few
days before the 4th of July to
take in the celebration at that
city and upon meeting him the
other day we imagined he had
got tangled up with some fire
works or something of that sort,
but he informed us that it was
only another attack of that pest,
rheumatism, and hopes that the
healthful climate of Winslow
will put him in good shape again
in short order.
R. C. Jones, typographical ar
tist of the Mail, spent last Sun
day in Flagstaff with relatives
and friends. Dick tells 11s Flag
staff’ is getting to be a little
New A T ork.
Frank Raymond, of Tucsou,
was a visitor here last Friday.
R. J. Kidd, Jr., son of Probate
Judge R. J. Kidd of Coconino
county, was a business visitor
here last Saturday.
The County Physician informs
us that lie 'has the scarlet fever
cases, of which there were about
ten in town, well under hand
and expects to stamp out the
disease before school opens the
second Monday in September.
Mrs. J. E. Kleindienst returned
this week accompanied btf her
mother, from Washington, D. C.,
where she has been visiting with
relatives and friends for the past
J. C. Moore and mother left
this week for Los Angeles and
other California cities where
they will be joined by Mike
Moore son of Mrs. Moore, who
passed thru Winslow this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Stiles
left this week for San Antonia,
Texas, where they go to visit
with relatives and friends for a
few weeks.
Tuesday night the Winslow
Band gave their first weekly
public concert at the Bandstand
on Front street. Professo•• El
lis informs us that he will have
the boys out every Wednesday
night hereafter, from 7:15 to
8 p. m., for the benefit of the!
citizens and merchants.
The new building to be erected
for T. E. Dye, next to the post
office, for which Contractor N.
Heymer lias the work, will be
commenced sometime next week.!
$5.00 Silk Shirts at $4.00
4.50 Silk and Wool Shirts 3.60
4.00 Silk Shirts 3.20
3.00 Silk Shirts 2.40
2.75 Shirts, fancy assorted 2.20
$3.50 Summer Weight Wool at $2.80
3.00 Silk Lisle 2.40
2.75 Union Suits 2.20
1.50 Union Suits 1.20
1.25 Union Suits 1.00
$2.00 Underwear at 1.60
1.50 Underwear at 1.20
1.25 Underwear at 1.00
.75 Underwear at .60
$2.50 Pajamas at 2.00
2.00 Pajamas at 1.60
1.75 Pajamas at 1.40
All Straw Hats at Greatly Reduced Prices
Babbitt Bros. Merc. Co.
See the window display of soft
shirts and under wear ?.t Babbitt
Bros., of Mesh, Lyle and Gauze
underwear in two-piece and un
ion suits. Special 20 per cent,
discount sale. Better investi
gate. , X
Frank Raymond, a meat cutter
of Phoenix, has this week taken
employment with Babbitt Bros.,
Meat Department and Mr. Ar
thur C. Smith has again been as
signed to his regular stand in
the Geut's Furnishing Dept. Art
rather feels at home in his old
position, and says it beats sell
ing pork chops at two pair for a
Dr. C. L. Hathaway was called
to Sunshine this week on account
of the serious illness of Mr, S. J.
Holsinger, of Meteor mine fame
and shortly after his arrival Mr.
Holsinger passed away. Noth
ing could be done to help the pa
tient. Mr. Holsinger came to
this country a sufferer of tuber
culosis years ago and jt was
thought that the healthful cli
mate whould have a tendency to
help him regain his health and
although he has put up a brave
fight the end finally came this
week. He leaves a wife and two
sons to mourn his less who were
athis bedside at the time of his
Miss Pattie McAfee of Las
Animas, Colo,, has accepted a
| position in the dry goods depart
ment of Babbitt Bros., and will
assist Mr. Smith during the ab
sence of Mr. Anderson in the
east. Miss McAfee is a sister
j of Mrs. Sbanholtzer.
Mrs. Julia Fish of Holbrook ,
: was a visitor here this week.
Mrs. beenst was an outbound
| passenger Thursday evening for
Los Angeles.
j E. B. Sylvester has let a con
tract the past week to the \\ ins
low Construction Co., for a five- :
room concrete cottage, to be i
erected on his lots in the Camp
! bell Addition,
I Shop next to McClimang’ Carpenter Shop
Office at Dr. Sampson’s
R. Wiggin, one of Winslow’s|
popular plumbers, returned Fri-j
day morning from Long Beach,
where he has been visiting with
his family for a few weeks.
What do you think of a man
who will at the table, tell the
Lord he is thankful for the things
before him, but as soon as he
says “ Amen ” will begin storoi-;
ing about the cooking.
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A Distressing Thought.
Sir Oliver Lodge,the famous medical
scientist, Learned to play golf at St. An
drews some thirty years ago. His teach
er was Prof. Tait.
“You don’t play golf with yonr mus
cles,” Prof. Tait said to him one day;
“you play with your morals.”
“lint,” I hope, said Sir Oliver, with
hasty glauce rouud, “that uo oue will
consider my morals as bad as my golf.’
Jud Lathrop of Holbrook was
a busuiQss visitor here Thursday,
Aug. 12

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