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City Official
■ Paper——
VOL. 2i.
Well Known Sheep-Man Meets Tragic
Death in Automobile Accident.
C.C. Hutchison, well known
sheep man thoughout Northern
Arizona was killed last Saturday
in an automobile accident about
forty mile 3 south of Seligman. He
was giving an orphan child its
first ride in an auto when the acc
ident occured that resulted in his
The funeral services wel*e held
Tuesday afternoon at the family
residence, 616 North First Aven
ue, Pheonix. The burial services
were conducted by Rev. William
Scarlett, dean of the deocese of
Arizona, and interment made in
the family plot in Greenwood
C.C. Hutchison was born in Su
tton, Vt., July 15,1852 and came
west in the early eighties living
in Colo., Texas and other places
until he reached Arizona about
twenty years ago. He married
Mrs. Ella Hunter St. Claire in
Flagstaff in 1908, and aside from
a cousin who , lives at Pheonix
she is his only relative living in
Arizona. His brother, W.A. Hut
chison, arrived from Oak Park,
Illinois Tuesday.
Mr. Hutchison was known for
his refinement and culture, and
as great reader and collector of
books. He belonged to all the Ma
sonic lodges of the York Rite in
cluding the Shriners, and these
lodges attended the funeral in a
body and had charge of the ser
vices at the grave.
car-une to be built IF
The applcation of James F.
Mahoney for a franchise to run
a street car system through the
streets of Winslow was read at
the last session and is at present
time is being looked over by the
City Attorney and his report is
expected at the next meeting
and it is hoped that permission
will be granted as a street car
line will sooner or later be put in
this town and the sooner the
better. The coming of the
new steam laundry, the new
moving picture show and the
proposed new schoool building to
be erected in the Klinedenst add
ition, all go to show that Winslow
is on the boom, slow but steady
and at the rate we are growing
we will need a street car system
so why not have it started now,
Let us all get togather and boost
this street car business along
when it comes before the people.
Hi Fuller and his boys left
last Wednesday in their autos for
Phoenix. They intended going
by Payson and take in the Roos-,
velt nam on their way to the j
Capitol City. From Phoenix they
will drive their machines to San
Diego or San Francisco and take
a boat down the west coast to
Panama. They -will irefftaln in
Panama for abouTWdays look
ing over the big ditch that Uncle
Samuel has just completed. On
their return they expect to come
back over the proposed Northern
route,arriving here May Ist.
W.H. Clark, of Holbrook was
a visitor in the city Thursday.
Mr. Clark feels very entheusiastic
about the future of Holbrook and
Winslow, and says that he will
render all aid he possibly can to
the Winslow Commercial Club.
: When the next issue of this
paper appears, are we right in
the midst of the greatest holiday
season this world knows and cel
ebrates; therefore we say again!
A Merry Chritmas to All. Old
Santa Claus will make his rounds
same as each preceding year; the
children hang up their stockings,
the grown ups wait eagerly for
a rememberance from their
friends and relatives and every
one is full of Christinas cheer.
Those who know not of Christ
mas in this world are few and to
be pitied, because at this time
the heart goes out to make others
happy, and be it ever so small a
present, none who has anyone
anywhere should let this Christ
mas time pass without giving
something to cheer the heart.
Christmas is the time of giving;
eager little faces see the shop
windows where Santa Claus has
his display; thoughtful grown
ups go about from store to store
looking for something to make
him or her glad and it’s right it
is so, because many a one gives
his last present and many a one
receives his last present this year!
Therefore, remember all those
you love and care for! Friend,
Mother and Father and sister
and brother are watching the
postman, waiting for what you
sent them with a cheerful heart!
It’s sad to be disappointed; sad
to see a face show grief, when
just a litte token would have
made them happy and glad and
blessed you. Don’t say none
cares for you, Friend, —there is
someone, somewhere, who waits
and thinks of you; wondering
what you are doing, wondering
if you think of them today, j
Christmas Day! Don’t let your
heart grow callous, don’t drift
away from your better self, get
busy and “Get the Christmas
spirit’’, get that happy gleam in
to your eyes, which speaks of
joy and Christmas cheer. You
won’t forget the moments when
you made someone happy. It ling
ers in your mind and you’ll never
miss the expense, beause it is not
what you give, but how you give!
It’s not to late today, if you per
chance have forgotten this great
festive time; get in, folks and get
the Christmas cheer! Let it be:
“Peace on Earth ane Good Will
to Men.’’ It pays handsomely,
because all year long will you re
member and be remembered;
what greater joy is there than
Christmas time.
—Carl Behn
P.W. Willet,atterney from SeA
attle, Washington was a guest
of Attorney A. Y.Moore of this
city Wednesday.
Mr. P.L. Cooper, Mr. William
'Dunlap, Mr. W. B. Fishe. (2), Mr.
Jno. Gregory, Mr. T. Burt Gates,
I C.C. Hajs, Mr. I. Johnson, Mr.
' James Miller, Mr. Leon Starr,Mr.
Chas, Strott, L. B. Walkes, Mrs.
Pedro Chacon, Tortino Calvillo,
Gregoris Cabrera, Felipe Ernan
des, Victor Gomez, Jose Malin
arks, Joaquin Ortiz, Ledndro Ol
quin, Julio Romo.
, LOST— A round brooch with
diamond in centre surrounded by
pearls. Finder leave at this office
! and receive reward.
> I j
I Judge Sapp and C.H. Jorden
, spent Sunday in town.
1 Chas. Braden returned from
Detroit Wedneseay morning He
» was called east about two weeks
ago by the death of his mother.
A report that has been circulat
ing for the last few days concern
ing a new moving picture house
for Winslow has materialized
under the management of J.
Stuar Christal. It will be opened
next week in the building former
ly occupied by Mr. P. B. Kiddoo,
an up-to-date, well arranged show
Mr. Christal is a man who
needs no introduction to the pub
lic of Winslow, and under his
management the motion picture
fans may look forward to a series
of entertainments that will be a
recreation as well as an amuse
The house will be furnished
with comfortable seats on a slop
ing floor, well heated, ventilated
and plenty of exits and it is as
sured that nothing but high class
licensed pictures will be shown.
Application for
Grazing Permit
Notice is hereby given that all
applications for permits to graze
cattle, horses and sheep within
FOREST during the season of
1914 must be filed in my office
at Snowflake, Arizona, on or be
fore JANUARY 17, 1914. Full
information in regard to the
grazing fees to be charged and
blank forms to be used in mak
ing applications will be furnished
upon request.
Charles H. Jennings,
Harvey Powell and Bob Benton
returned Sunday from a five
day’s trip to the Moqui Reserva
H. was in town Tu
esday from St. Joe on business.
I. Fuller, the sheep man, recei
ved a car load of bucks Monday
night and took them out to his
ranch Wednesday morning.
E.P. Con well went to Holbrook
Wednesday on No. 8 on legal bus
iness and returned in the even
Miss Margaret Con well and
Mrs. Sexton cf Holbrook, spent
Sunday in the city.
Mrs. Edith Foster leaves this
morning for Los Angeles where
she will remain most of the win
Michael Moore, who has been
visiting his mother and brother
in this city for the past month
left for Los Angeles Thursday to
visit his daughter.
Deputy Sherrif Trammel spent
Wednesday in Holbrook on pro
fessional business.
Art McClimas received a car
load of lumber from Flagstaff
Sunday which he will use in the
construction of some new houses
he contemplates building in the
near future.
Jonah Marley accompanied by
one of the Burkett boys left for
the Chaves Pass country last
Wednesday. While they are out
they will cut 500 cedar posts,
some of which will go to help
fence the Klinedenst addition.
The balence go to the Ketchum
and Bahbett. ranches on the river.
On their return they will bring
back a load of Xmas trees so if
any one wants to get small trees
J for the little folks party, would
. do well to see Jonah on his rerurn
about Saturday or Sunday.
An enthusiastic meeting of the
I Winslow Commercial' Club was
held in ths Elks’ building last
evening and many important
matters of interest to th City and
surrounding country were dis
cussed and a Constitution and
By-Laws were adopted. The next
regular meeting of the Club will
be held on Friday evening, Dec.,
26th, and all members are urged
to be prasent as much important
business is to be transacted. E.
P. Conwell was named for act
ing secretasy, and those wishing
to join may do so by calling on
him and paying the initiation fee
as it is desired that every busi
ness man of Winslow, and in fact
everyone who is interested in the
future growth of our city, should
become a member. Public ser
vice is a duty and a consecration.
Don’t wait for your neighbor to
act. Be a Booster yourself. Be
lieve in your own City. Join the
Winslow Commercial Club and
thus aid in accellerating the
growth and progress of the best
little city in the great south-wesL
We should have a
Y. M. C. A. here
A rumor has been going around
the town lately that the young
men and boys of Winslow would
call a general meeting for the
purpose of finding out now near
we can come to secureing a
Y. M. C. A. for Winslow. We are
certainly deserving of an instut
ion of this kind and we shonld by
all means have a public library
for we have just as good a town
here as any one in Arizona and
a whole lot better than some
towns the same size in the east.
The call for the meeting will no
doubt be issued soon and it is the
duty of every man and boy to be
present and help a good move
along. Winslow has been asleep
long enough, its time to wake up.
Brakeman W.B.Magill, of Will
iams spent Monday in town.
Attorney G. S. Cunningham of
Phoenix stopped over in town
Monday. Mr. Cunningham is
connOcted with Alexander and
Christy of that city and was on
his way to Pekin, 111. where he
will spend the holidays.
Joe Daze and several other
local boys are figureing to spend
Xmas and the holidays in Los
Angeles and other coast towns.
FOR SALE:—One new,baby
go cart and one heating stove.
Enquire of R.P. Kelly.
California Woman Seriously Alarmed
“A short time ago I contracted
a severe cold which settled on
my lungs and caused me a great
deal of annoy-ante. I would have
bad coughing speds and nu
llings were so sore and inflamed
I began to be seriously alarmed
\ friend cecommencled Chamber
lain’s Cough Remedy, saying she
had used it lor years I bought a
bottle and it relieved mv cough
the first night, and in a week 1 1
was riel of the cold and sorness
of my lungs,” writes Miss Marie!
Gerber, Sawtelle, Cal. For sa’e;
by all dealers. Adv. |
Are You in Arrears M
lon Tour tubecruotion ? You know
LiCt US ||F . .i—your" ■—
“You're uot afraid, Lizzie?”
“Not a bit of it, father.”
“All this talk about maraudin’ bands
and the like over in the next town
ship is probably a scare. I’ll have
mother and the girls back home by
ten o’clock. And say, Lizzie, that
thing you've set your heart on -an
j “Yes, father," murmured Lizzie, a
faint little pucker at her lips.
: “I'm going to look at one np at
Norwich tonight. If it's reasonable,
I may think it over.”
Old Daniel Bangs drove off in the
ricketty family surrey with slow pa
tient Dohhin attached. Lizzie waved
her band after him in a, forlorn port
of away. That word “automobile"
had touched a sore spot in Lizzie's
There was only one young man in
th° district whom Lizzie loved and
an automobile had parted them Ned
Dar - ow had been keeping company
with her for a year. His folks lived
on the next farm one-half a mile dis
tant and he tvorked in a garage at
Norwich. The charm of Lizzie’s com
pany brought him home regularly
every evening. There was a con
stant, companionship and consequent
Then the Bellows family did what
nearly all the progressive farmers
in the district were doing-—bought an
automobile. And then for three eve
nings Ned did not put in an appear
„ ance at the Bangs home. A gossipy
neighbor dropped in to tell Mrs.
Bangs of "the scand’lous doings down
at the Bellows farm,” Three after
noons in succession “that young Dar
row had come there to take out Miss
Olivo in the new automobile!'’
"Ts it was anybody hut Olive Bel
lows!'' Lizzie had said to herself re
sentfully, as she recalled that a year
previous Ned had been very friendly
with the young lady in question.
The fourth evening Ned came tc
the Bangs home, Mrs. Bangs treated
Fired a Shot In the Air.
him rather coldly and Lizzie went, up
♦o her room without seeing him, re j
porting a sick headache.
The next day when Miss Bellows j
drove by alone proudly exhibiting 1
her skill as an expert chauffeur, Liz- j
zie went straight to her father.
"We must get an auto, papa.’’ she
insisted. Everybody else is and we
don t want to be back numbers.”
Mr. Bangs, was indulgent and the j
result was that several salesmen j
from the town brought up their ma- ;
chines. Lizzie had several rides. The |
prices charged staggered, the thrifty. :
r- artful farmer, however, and no her
gain was consummated
Bo that evening, left alone to wait |
for the return of the family from a
relative's. Lizzie had some rather hit !
ter reflections. She was really j
spiteful because Miss Bellows could |
parade around in a new shiny four- j
cylinder. She felt resentful towards
her lover for a new reason
TTe had sent her a note chiding her
for declining to see him when he j
called. Ned added a, line saying that
he would like to make an explanation j
of some thißgs that his lady love had .
probably misunderstood.
Lizzie would possiblv have relent
ed and would have pent for him, but
not two hours since the Bellows ma >
chine had come whizzing down the
road, Miss Olive at the wheel and the
pprfidious Ned hv her side.
“I shall never speak to blm again!”
resolved Lizzie, as her father drove
There were no lights In the house
and she closed and locked the front
door. Then she went out into the
garden and planned to sit. in the rus
tic summer house, and wait there till
the folks returned.
County Official
That cherished spot, however,
j brought up poignant memories of
hours W’hen Ned had been by her
side Lizzie in a desolate, unhappy
way, w’ent way over to a corner of
the garden where a network of vines
Inclosed an old-fashioned tree seat.
The loneliness and seclusion led to
tears now. Lizzie fairly cried herself
to sleep.
It must have been an hour later
when the chug-chug of a machine
aroused her. »
“Its an automobile and it’s stop
ping here," she murmured. “They are'
strangers ana tney nave driven the
machine into the shadow of the trees.
Oh, dear!”
Lizzie shivered as she thought of
the reports from the next township
of a band of robbers who had raided
n score of farmhouses while the occu
pants were absent.
Two men silently and mysteriously
stole past the gate, glanced up at the
grim, silent house, went around to itj
side and then the affrighted Lizzie
beard a window raised.
“Ob, they are robbers, sure
enough!” she gasped “They hare
broken into the house. What shall I
A sudden inspiration came to her
mind as she glanced at the automo
bile. She did not believe she could
quite run one alone, but she knew' a
pood deal about its construction from
casual observation.
“I can creep under ihe fence, reach
the machine and they can’t see me,”
she planned “Then I’ll hurry down
the road and give the alarm.”
1 Lizzie reached the stalled machine.
She leaped nimbly to its step. For
only a moment, her hand was busy
groping over its mechanism. A little
flutter of excitement and satisfaction
escaped her lips as she slipped some,
thing into her pocket. Then Lizzie
sped down the Bhadowy road with
“ n h. dear! T wish I had gone the
| other way—but, then the robbers
; might, have seen me," she breathed, as
at a turn the first window iighi that.
1 showed was in tiie Harrow farmhouse,
a quarter of a mile away.
Lizzie halted as she came directly
:up to the house. There was a light,
in only one room and beyond its open
i sat. the only occupant of the
house. Tt was Ned, at a table, writ
ing Lizzie faltered. Then the urgency
of the occasion Impelled her to ac
tion. She ran into the full radius of
the bright lamplight, streaming out
into the garden.
“There's robbers at our house and
the folks are all away,” she cried out,
and Ned was on bis feet in an instant.
He was outside, a gun in hand, be
fore Lizzie realized It..
“Tell me all about it. as we hurry
hack,” he directed, and she thrilled to
feel the firm, steady clasp of bis hand
on her arm as he urged her to the
Lizzie could never toll afterwards
how she blurted out her story or how
she acted during that, wild run. She
lost all her resentment, once again in
that dear companionship.
"There they are," she fluttered, ns
they camp in sight of home and the
figures of two men were to be ob
served moving about the automobile.
The machine was loaded with plunder
they had taken from the house.
Ned shouted at them and then fired
a shot tn the air. That, was the last
of the robbers.
“I don’t see why they didn’t make
off with + he machine,” he remarked.
“Why, I had taken away the spark
key,” explained Lizzie, producing tii»
article in question.
"You wise little woman'” exclaimed
Ned admiringly, “Come back to the
old loving arms, darling,” he added,
"while I tell you a little story about
another automobile.”
And then he entirely satisfied Liz
zie that it was in the line of work
necessary and paid for that he had
been so much in the company of
Olive Bellows.
The robbers never returned to
claim their machine. By right of the
law of jetsam it became Lizzie’s auto
mobile, and Ned Darrow continued to
he Lizzie’s lover
(Copyright,^l9l3^by rv q Chapmen.)
Not Beyond Help at P
Sleep disturbing bladder weak
ness, stiffness in joints, weak,
inactive kidney action anc' rheu
matic pains, are all evidence of
kidney trouble. Mrs. Mary A.
Dean 47 E. Walnut St., Tou i
ton, Miss., writes: “I have pas
sed my 87 til birthday, and
thought I was bevond the reach
of medicine, but Foley Kidnev
Fills have proved most benefic
ial in mv ease oi kidney anti
bladder trouble.” | Elderly peo
ple w ill find Foley Kidney Fills
both tonic and strengthening,
and may be sure they contain
no harmful drugs Kelly Drug
Co. adv.
No. 36.

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