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The Winslow mail. (Winslow, Ariz.) 1893-1926, April 04, 1914, Image 3

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If cross, feverish, constipated,
give “California Syrup
of Figs”
A laxative today saves & sick child
tomorrow. Children simply will not
take the time from play to empty their
bowels, which become clogged up with
waste, liver gets sluggish; stomach
Look at the tongue, mother! If coat*
ed, or your child is listless, cross, fev*
•rish, breath bad. restless, doesn’t eat
heartily, full of cold or has sore throat
err any other children’s ailment, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Pigs,” then don’t worry, because It Is
perfectly harmless, and in a few hours
all this constipation poison, sour bile
and fermenting waste will gently
move out of the bowels, and you have
a well, playful child again. A thor
ough "inside cleansing” is oftimes all
that is necessary. It should be the
first treatment given in any sickness.
Beware of counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask at the store for a 50-cent bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs,” which has
full directions for babies, children of
all ages and for grown-ups plainly
printed on the bottle. Adv.
Out of Date.
"Isn’t she graceful?"
"Yes, but horribly old fashioned
rhe slouch is all the style nowadays
R. F. D. No. 1, Lucerne, Colo. —
“About two years ago my baby, who
was about four months old at that
time, was afflicted with eczema which
at first appeared on the back of the
Deck and kept constantly enlarging,
rhe eczema broke out in a rash at
first and it was small and rough and
very red. It itched and burned so
much that he could not sleep well,
oootinually turning and twisting his
bead as the eczema wis on the back
at his neck where he not get to
tt to scratch well. But in rubbing so |
much it became red and almost raw.
It seemed very painful as the child
fretted constantly. After some time a
ilmilar trouble appeared on the {
"At last a friend advised me to try
Cuticura Soap and Ointment I sent
[or a sample and this did so much
good I bought a cake of Cuticura Soap
and the Cuticura Ointment. I used
them according to directions and it
was only a month until the eczema
was apparently well and it soon en
tirely disappeared and has never re
turned.” (Signed) Mrs. i Carrie M.
Brown, Mar. 28, 1913.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free,with 32-p. Skin Book. Address posh
sard “Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston.” —Adv.
It Was Ever Thus.
Riff—What is your son doing thes«
Raff —Me. —Nebraska Awgwan.
Constipation causes many serious dis
eases. It is thoroughly cured by Doctor
Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets. One a laxative,
three for cathartic. Adv.
Reckless promises soon make a
man friendless.
The Price She Paid for Lydia
ELPinkham’sVegetable Com
pound Which Brought
Good Health.
Danville, Va.—“ I have only spent ten
dollars on your medicine and I feel so
‘"y;i much better than I
" when the doctor
i:.; was treating me. I
'J —B ; don’t suffer any
i|| bearing down pains
*«■ / . at all now and I sleep
Vh-. well. I cannot say
enou gh f° r Lydia E.
n Pinkham’s Vegeta
\l/o \ / I l|i ble Compound and
® I I A Liver Pills as they
l I i have done so much
■ ■ ■ * for me. lam enjoy
ing good health now and owe it all to
your remedies. I take pleasure in tell
ing my friends and neighbors about
them.”—Mrs. Mattoc Haley, 601 Col
quhone Street, Danville, Va.
No woman suffering from any form
of female troubles should lose hope un
til she has given Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound a fair trial.
This famous remedy, the medicinal
ingredients of which are derived
from native roots and herbs, has for
forty years proved to be a most valua
ble tonic and invigorator of the fe
male organism. Women everywhere
bear willing testimony to the wonderful
virtue of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegeta
ble Compound.
If you have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Piulcham’s Vegeta
ble Compound will help you, write
to Lydia E.PinkhamMedicineCo.
(confidential) Lynn, Mass., for ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman
and held in strict confidence.
|« Bat Cough Syrup. Tata Good. U«« Lj
pjj in time. Sold by DraggUfe.
11T nTifTTT'lTUrfli
Water Front of Buenos Aires a
Place of Wonderful Bustle.
Huge Ocean Greyhounds Are Stretched
Out at Full Length, With no
Sheds Between, as Far as
the Eye Can See.
Buenos Aires. —Not even London's
docks gwe such a picture of the vivid
bustle and whispering of the sea as
does the water front of Buenos Aires,
for here huge ocean greyhounds are
stretched out at full length, with
no sheds between, funnel behind
funnel as far as the eye can see. A
veritable street of nations is this water
front. Here a Royal Mail packet from
England—one of those aristocrats of
the seas which ewim up and down
across the tropics with music and folks
dressing for dinner —rubs shoulder
with a river boat just come down the
Parana river from Paraguay with a
cargo of oranges; there a Spanish
liner from Barcelona 1 , a Frenchman
from Marseilles, an Italian from
Genoa, a German from Bremen, loaded
down with champagne and aperitifs,
opera companies and automobiles, and
hundreds of hopeful immigrants from
all the countries of the old world;
ships flying the flags of every nation
of the world, and sailors joking in a
dozen tongues.
On every hand iteeems to the visitor
that he has been swallowed by a mod
ern Babylon. These docks and
wharves are the finest in the world,
and connect with over 20,000 miles of
railroads, reaching every part of the
Commercially and financially Buenos
Aires is the Argentine. It has 26 banks
which supply the republic with money,
big banks with splendid buildings.
Four of them have a capital stock of
$5,000,000, and the statistics of their
deposits, discounts, loans and clear
ings are amazing in their magnitude.
The Bank of Argentine Nation, which
operates 80 branches throughout the
country, show s a net profit of $4,000,-.
000 or $5,000,000 a year,
i As a social center Buenos Aires is
also the Argentine. Most of the
money made in the Campo is spent
here. The city has scores of million-
aires, nabobs who each own their half
Race Course, Buenos Aires.
million acres of land and who count
| their cattle and sheep in hundreds of
thousands. They may go to their farms
in the summer, but their winters are
spent in their palaces in the city,
where they give royal entertainments
and pay a thousand dollars f6r a sea
son box at the opera house. The
Buenos Aires Jockey club is supposed
to be the richest club in the world. Its
interior is certainly superb, and the
fittings and furnishings are of the
most costly kind. Its spacious stair
way of onyx is adorned on either side
with valuable statues, and its rooms
compare favorably with any million
aires’ club. Numerous art galleries
and literary, musical and scientific so
cieties eloquently testify to the high
standard of culture prevailing in the
Paris of America.
After His Terrible Gashing She Fells
and Takes Weapon From
Coatesville, Pa.—Abstaining from
intoxicating liquors for three months,
John Peace, aged forty-five years, an
electrician, became despondent and at
tempted to take his life at the home of
his sister, Miss Annie Peace, 367 Chest
nut street.
He slashed his throat and wrists
with a razor several times, but Mrs.
Graves, wife of Dr. E. H. Graves, a
next-door neighbor, rushed into the
house and, catching the infuriated man
by the shoulders, threw him to the
floor and took the weapon from him.
Arteries in both his wrists w r ere sev
ered and he bled considerably. His
condition is precarious.
Have Golden Wedding Ceremony.
New York. —Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas
Imma Immendt, aged seventy-three
and seventy-four, renewed their mar
riage vows at their golden wedding
Aldermanic Candidate Passes Candy.
Chicago.—Thomas Donahue, Demo
cratic candidate for alderman, passed
around 1,000 boxes of candy at a po
litical meeting.
Thieves Exchange Ducks for Hens.
Peekskill, N. Y. —Thieves who stoh
nine hens from Eugene C. Morgan, left
behind two ducks stolen elsewhere.
Special Attention Given to Moving
Household Goods and Furniture,
Safety Guaranteed.
Pabst Blue Ribbon
and “Budweiser”
"It's hard to teach an old dog now tricks,” and the man who
lias been using
“Pabst Blue Ribbon or
could never learn to drink any other brands. He would miss
that delicious flavor that pure malt and hops give to these
beers, as well as the delightful sparkle and invigorating
qualities that make them such a favorite.
The Winslow Livery, Feed
and Sale Stable
Grain, Hay and Coal
■ * ■■ " ■ ■ " ■' ■■ ■■ .-..i ■ A
Real Estate and Insurance
Agent for Resident and Non-Resident Owners
Office Opposite Post Office Winslow, Arizona
Wagon Making
And Do First-Class Work In
Genera! Blacksmithing, Horsesholng and Auto Repairing
J. R. PHILLIPS, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Received Every Morning
Phone 188. HARRY C. SHIMIZSU, Prop.
Cuban Metropolis Built by “Old
Chaps” Who Certainly Knew
Their Business.
New York. —You mußt leave Havana
Just after sundown to get her full
beauty, says a New York writer. I
shall never forget one night ten years
ago, we slid out of the habor in the
early evening, by grim old Morro
castle to the moon-silvered gulf.
I The long tree-ranked vista of the
Prado, ablaze with light, stretched
from the Malecon to Central park.
The piled-*ip masses of old Spanish
architecture, the color harmony of soft
In the Suburbs of Havana.
yellows and grays picked out in cobalt
blue, cerise a'nd red under the tropic
night, made a picture never to be for
| The old chaps who built Havana cer
tainly knew their business. They may
have been a bit stingy in the matter
of streets, but they put walls that will
stand till the crack of doom, and they
knew color.
I prowled for hours through the
gaunt old narrow streets, rarely more
than wide enough for two coaches to
pass. Iron balconies overhang nearly
to the middle of the highway. Side
walks there are none, or only a little
18-inch shelf. Frequently bright col
orded awnings are stretched across the
street from house to house. The heavy
doors of iron or oak are always open
*hrough the day and early evening.
You get glimpses back into dim patios
set with dwarf palms, frequently with
a naked baby rolling on the floor and
! somersaulting, a chicken or two —the j
feathered kind, of course. You get j
whiffs of garlicky cookery that make
you want to explore.
Being Sunday, Havana was taking
her simple pleasures. Up around the
middle of the town there is one of the
open-fronted cases on pretty nearly
every corner, and through the after
noon it seems that the entire popula
tion sit at the little iron tables sipping
their coffee or cognac and playing ,
dominoes. And what fun they do get j
out of dominoes! What a chattering
in soft Spanish and what a waving of
eloquent hands! And over it all there
is a constant spicy haze produced by
the famous all-wool cigarettes of the
On Sunday anyone who isn’t sitting
in a case walks on the Prado or on the
Malecon, the wide esplanade down by
the sea wall where the band plays all
the day. The parade from the lower
end of the Prado to the park will fur
nish samples of a whole lot more than j
57 varieties of Cubans. They are
mighty badly ..graded as to color, run
ning from pale lemon to patent
leather shine.
There!is always a scattering of tour
ists, but fewer this year than usual. I
wonder why. The hotels are good and
Havana is a fine place to rest, and if
one really wants a taste of feverish
tropical entertainment, it may be had
at any time after 9 p. m. Everything
else aside, Havana is worth a trip just
for a look.
Did I say that Havana is wicked?
Well, there’s the Zaza motion picture
show, and —and —oh, the Zaza motion
pictures are enough for any town.
Shovel Brigade Effective in Ending
Fire in Town Without Water
Albany, N. Y. — A snow shovel bri
gade did much toward saving the vil
lage of Berne, 15 miles southwest of
here, from destruction by fire.
After a hotel, a business house and
two residences had been destroyed It
appeared that the efforts of the bucket j
brigade to stop the fire would be futile
and many volunteer firemen turned to
shoveling snow on the burning build
The fire soon was checked. The vil
lage is without a water system.
Lives on Ten Cents Per Day.
Los Angeles, Cal. —Dr. Henry S.
Tanner, aged eighty-five, is living on
ten cents a day to show the way to
overcome the high cost of living. Doc
tor Tanner once fasted for 40 days.
Postmaster Resigns His Job.
Evanston, 111. —Mathew Larkin, post
master of Evanston for 12 years, re
signed because the pay of $1 a day is
too small.
111 t
© Sol ve^
—solved once
for oil by Calumet.
For daily use in millions of kitchens has
proved that Calumet is highest not only in
quality but in leavening power as well —un-
failing in results—pure to the extreme —and
wonderfully economical in use. Ask your
grocer. And try Calumet next bake day.
Received Highest Awards
Food Eipofitioa,
I Tan don’t no* money when yon toy cheap or biff-emi I
I baking powder. Don’t be muled. Boy Calumet. It's I
I more economical —more wboleaome—(tree best results. B
I Calnmet is far snperior to sour milk and soda. I
Testing Nephew’s Knowledge.
There is a certain old German of
Wilkeebarre, Pa., whose pride, like
that of many self-made men, leads him
at times into a sort of patronizing con
descension toward those things he did
not ‘‘have time for” when he was mak
ing his way in life.
Upon the occasion of the graduation
of a nephew, he asked:
‘‘Veil, Wilhelm, vot did dey teach
you up there?”
‘‘Greek and Latin,” said the boy,
, “and German and algebra.”
j “So, so!” murmured the old Ger
man. “And vot’B der algebra for po
tatoes, now?”—Youth’s Companion.
For sick headache, bad breath,
Sour Stomach and
Get a 10-cent box now.
Nc :„ids how bad your liver, stomach
or bowels; how much your head
aches, how miserable and uncomfort
able you are from constipation, Indiges
tion, biliousness and sluggish bowels
—you always get the desired results
with Cascarets.
Don’t let your stomach, liver and
bowels make you miserable. Take
I Cascarets to-night; put an end to the
headache, biliousness, dizziness, nerv
ousness, sick, sour, gassy stomach,
backache and all other distress;
cleanse your inside organs of all the
bile, gases and constipated matter
which is producing the misery.
A 10-cent box means health, happi
ness and a clear head for months.
No more days of gloom and distress
If you will take a Cascaret now and
then. All stores sell Cascarets. Don't
forget the children —their little in
sides need a cleansing, too. Adv.
When a girl jilts a young man she
may do him a great kindness —but he
doesn’t realize it until later.
Red Cross Bag Blue make* the laundress
happy, makes clothes whiter than snow.
Ail good grocers. Adv.
Some men reach the top and than
become dizzy.

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